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Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: cainam_nazier on April 25, 2002, 05:31:20
A quick break down of life and scholls in the US.  

In general the schools in the US are behind most of the other major countries.  Our education level is average at best.  How ever if you do some research you can find some really good collages and universities.  But the coast can get expensive for people who are not locals.  That being most of them have two rates, one for in state students and another for out of state students.  And you are most diffinatly out of state.  You would also require I student visa in order to go to school here if I am correct.  And possibily a work visa as well to get a job for cash in flow while here also.  Things have become more locked down as of late.

As far as people, social life, and money.  Well things vary greatly from location to location on all of those subjects.  The best thing to do would be to look it up.  As far as money and social things to do.  As far as people I can only tell you about the places where I have lived.  California is okay, It is relativly easy for you to meet people there most are friendly but the cost of living is high.  As for Arizona it is okay too.  But we have a lot of crazy people.  You have to be carefull where you are going to live.  Travelling is easier is AZ than in CA any how.  The roads here don't get as conjested.  
But there is a large selection of kinds and types of people in general in the US.  You can most deffinatly find the perfect little place for yourself here.  I don't know anything about Australia.  Oh, one more thing.  We do have a large selection of bugs, animals, and wildlife here as well.  Many can be rather dangerous.  Specially the desert.

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Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: Tom on August 06, 2002, 03:22:06
Sweden sounds much nicer than where I live. I'm from Iowa. The weather is bad and the people are boring. I've heard that Australia is much nicer and the people are open minded.


Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: Fenris on August 06, 2002, 13:08:42
Hi ya Distant Bell

Ive lived in Brisbane Australia my whole life and frankly Im quite happy to live here the rest of my  life! The weather is fantastic in comparision to most of Australia and the world for that matter. It can get pretty hot in summer but since we have some of the worlds best beaches cooling off can be very enjoyable. Actually Im steriotyping just for the fun of it, while we do have wonderful beaches I havnt visited on for a long time (while we have a huge surf culture lots of people never even visit them).

Yes Australia has the most dangerous snakes and spiders in the world, but in reality unless your home is near bushland or you go bushwalking you wont see any snakes, and as for spiders I have never been bitten by a nasty one. I was bitten once by a huntsman but they are harmless, most people have never been bitten by anything. If you are living near any of the major universities in Brisbane I doubt you would ever see a dangerous animal (your in a city not bushland!).  

There are only three major univesities in Brisbane and they all have plenty of money and they are very much in competition. They are Griffith, QUT and UQ, there are some other smaller uni's aswell but these are the major ones and they are all world class.

I know I sound like a travel brocure but Brissy really is a fantastic place to live! Im sure Mobius will back me up!

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Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: Mobius on August 07, 2002, 00:23:23
Hi Distant Bell

Yes, at present I am studying at QUT, (Queensland University of Technology) & thoroughly enjoying it :

I moved up from Sydney about 10 years ago, as the traffic, the tension & environment started to seriously disagree with me. I have relatives who have all made the move up here to escape the hell & high prices in Sydney. They like me, know for a young person, your dollar wont go far in Sydney.

It's true we have the most dangerous spiders & snakes in the world here, but as far as snakes go, I happen to like them & used to find them inside people roofs all the time when I was a plumber, they get rid of vermin & lice breading birds from your roof & generally try to keep well away from humans. Sydney has the greatest population of funnel webs & red backs, but if you know where to look, there is no problem.

I personally have a bit of an arachnaphobia, but it is mainly the Hunstman & Wolf spider. They are attracted to me like a magnet, & I feel it's some sort of Karma payback thing happening on behalf of all Hunstmans. Much to my horror, up until I was about 4 or 5, I used to actively look for hunstmans, gather as many as I could in my little hands & then go & show my relatives, who would naturally either scream or turn white when they saw me pulling their legs off one by one & no-one could understand why I didn't get bitten. I'm trying to kiss & make up with the hunstman species & work with them instead of against them.

I was actually surprised to here about Cainam & Toms opinion of studying in the U.S, interesting.

If you live near a city Distant Bell, or the population where you are is more than 4 million, Sydney will seem like nothing, a tiny town compared to places in the states. If you prefer less dense populations, Brisbane is the go.

I will definately agree with Fenris, that this is the best Australian state to live in, as we have : Less population, less tax, less trafic lights, the best beaches, Islands to visit only a short drive away, the barrier reef, a climate where the top tempretures don't exceed Sydney's, even though we are closer to the equator, lower rent & house prices, & the highest job placement rate upon graduation from Uni out of all the states (which is 7 states) & the weather is just the best, it's winter at present, my favourite time of the year here in Brisbane, crystal clear days & tempretures that reach a nice T shirt wearing 23 degrees celsius, I just love it.

The downside? Australia is a VERY dry place compared to your country Distant Bell & Brisbane is one of the driest states, the soil here would look like a desert compared to your country, except for volcanic areas. A tinkle poor public transport system compared to Sydney & Melbourne.

Ok, I'll stop carrying on now, cya's.


Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: Tom on August 07, 2002, 01:54:00
Dry would be very nice. It is humid in Iowa. I have to take medicine (antihistamines and decongestants with some aspirin occasionally) year-round because of the humidity. Molds and pollens are everywhere. Arizona used to be a good place for people with allergies, but people kept bringing plants which didn't belong there. I want to live in Australia.


Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: Mobius on August 07, 2002, 08:10:19
Hi Tom

If you DO plan to move to Australia, whatever you do, don't consider "The Blue Mountains" as a posible destination or west of Sydney. The Blue Mountains is one giant pollen producing factory, almost killed me a few times & I never had that type of reactions when I was living in Sydney.

I was classed as highly allergic after a few years living in Katoomba, (nearly the highest point of the mountains) & the attacks would hit so swiftly that after the beginning signs of itchy eyes, itchy throat etc, My parents would have to rush me to hospital before my whole throat would close up & choke me. I got put on a desensitizing program of one needle per week in my arm, of the same stuff I was allergic to, to build up a resistance, like Homeopathy I guess, after a year of needles I gave up. But my immune system kicked in after a short while.

I've never suffered here in Queensland, except for a bit of sinus problem, so just a warning if you have allergies.

Good journeys



Title: studying in the US or Australia
Post by: distant bell on April 24, 2002, 17:54:29

I have thought about going abroad to study.. in the US or in Australia.
Perhaps some of you who actaually live there could tell me a bit about how the universitys work and how life in general is where you live. I would like to go to the south of the US or the north of Australia- perhaps Brisbane. I have heard that there are many really dangerous spiders in the Sydney area...

I would love to hear some ideas!!!!

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