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Title: Evning habits
Post by: Frank on May 03, 2002, 18:03:25

Not the music but I alway loved the "darkness" of the night sky. You sit there and maybe watch the moon, or whatever, and wonder.

I remember when I met this young woman who, after a few years, became my wife. We'd look up at the night sky and talk about the planets and the stars, and stuff. Our best times together are those moments of "stillness".

We imagine a "peace" of a nature that would one day encompass the whole world.

Yep, if only.

But we are happy and that's all that really matters.  



Title: Evning habits
Post by: distant bell on May 03, 2002, 18:15:10
Hm.. I guess I should clarify myselfe about the "music" ... the stuff
i listen to in the eavnings when enjoying the darkness is not the kind of tihng that most people would think of when the word music is mentioned..

Ambient is just slow drifting textures.. slow drifting sound scapes, not at al as anything that comes close to ordinary music.. so its more just like some kind of blanket of sound that really enchants the atmosphere...
slow moving subtle drons and some sampled nature sounds or ethnic flutes or sometimes drums..
Listening to ordenary music would probaly be quite different.
But real ambient creats a perfect environment for spiritual activity and meditation..

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Title: Evning habits
Post by: Ashfo on May 05, 2002, 09:27:14
distant, where do you buy your ambient music from? A regular record store? What are some good artists names?

I have an incredible sound system that brings the music right into my soul... its so crystal clear and incredible... I would love to experiment with ambient music on it...


- Ashfo


Title: Evning habits
Post by: distant bell on May 05, 2002, 11:16:59
Hi Ashfo!

I can recomende the best online store I know when it comes to ambient-    (both lable and store.. and they have a great forum too! I am there under my same name as here! If you have any questions on ambient, people will love to give you answers there!)

Some good artists? It depends on what you looking for!
If you whant music that is ethnic and has kind of an organic cermonail feeling to it, the Robert Rich, Steve Roch and Jorge Reyes are good pics.
Klaus wiese doese wery good ambient with tibetan singing bowle, but that
is WERY deep stuf- I love it, but Im not sure everybody would.  
you can find Wiese sound clips on

I suggest that you take a look at the hypnos page, and then perhaps writ a post an the hypnos forum... and youl be sure to get tons of replies!


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Title: Evning habits
Post by: WalkerInTheWoods on May 06, 2002, 10:41:57
I use to have a similar ritual, but I no longer have the time. I wish I did have the time but my life has become so hectic. I really need it to as I feel so much better when I can relax, meditate, and enjoy a peaceful night. Hopefully someday I will get a chance to do this again.


Title: Evning habits
Post by: distant bell on May 03, 2002, 17:08:09
I always spend the last hour before going to sleep, sitting
in my semi-dark room (only candle light) and listen to some
ethnic ambient.. or other relaxing atmospheric music.
This will usualy be somewhere between 21:00 - 23:00
I really need this meditative hour to unwinde, and think things
through. And I really love to sitt there in the darkness, and perhaps look
out on the moon or the sky.. and enjoy the beautifull stillnes.
Usually I sitt the last minutes without any lights at al- its
wery peacefull and beautifull.

Dose anybody else have this same habit?


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