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Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: richk01 on May 07, 2002, 18:57:09

Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: Fenris on May 08, 2002, 12:25:11
Hi there Bhikku

Firstly may I express my sympathies for your loss. You should not feel silly because your 24 and are sad about the loss of your cat. The idea that people should become less emotional with age is a social construct, and does not have to applie to everyone. Perhaps we should come to understand our emotion with age, but not bury or hide them. There is no weakness in emotion my friend.

Some people say that the dead will stay in the astral until the next moon cycle comes around, if this is true then I see no reason why it would not be the same for an animal. But I personily have no well built opinion of what happens on the astral when somthing dies, or how long it stays there (lack of experience). I do know however that sometimes animals seem to stay around for a while just as people can. I have a beautiful memory of seeing my old dog for one last time about a month after his death. A witches familure may remain attached to the individual in death and remain as a guide of sorts.

Ideas of what happens to aninmals when they die will be as varied as to what happens when people die. Personily I have not yet decided how souls progress, or at what point, if any, a soul becomes the embodyment of a more advanced organism, like a human. But I certainly do believe that an animal soul would reincarnate in some form. But since your question was relating to pets in particular then what I mentioned above about pets hanging around as ghosts must also be bought into it. But when the cows come home it is still only your belief structure which will determine your opinion of animal afterlife. For example if you are a christian the idea of a cat becoming a person is not going to seem plausable.

Perhaps you could email Robert with your question about projecting to see your cat again, or better yet post your question again on a more active area of the forum.

Best regards David

Veni Vidi Vici

Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: kifyre on May 08, 2002, 16:17:06
Hey! I'm sorry to hear about your pet. I think you might find this helpful:

(Read the first post by Robert Bruce in this thread.)

All the best,



Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: Bhikku on May 08, 2002, 18:42:50
Thank you all for your kind words and insights. My beliefs are not those on the Cristian path, so I do believe that it is possible for him to be reincarnated, possibly as a person. Fernis is right about my emotions, it's just that society doesn't expect a 24 year old professional male to be all worked up about his cat passing. I do honestly believe that I will be able to see him again, and hold him like I once did. I just take happiness in knowing he had a great life, and recieved lots of love and caring from me and my family. Thanks again to all who replied- you kind words have eased me.

"Look within, thou art the Budda"

Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: WalkerInTheWoods on May 09, 2002, 10:10:53
I grew up in the Christain religion, though no longer claim any religion. That is one of the biggest problems I had with it. I was taught that only humans had souls that would continue after death. I find that idea very arogant and close-minded. I find it unacceptable that anything that has a life energy would not continue after physical death. I know your cat is somewhere. Maybe some time you will get to see him again.
It is not foolish to be emotional over the death of someone so close to you, enough if it was your cat. I find it a terrible thought that someone that lost a close pet would not be atleast a little sad. Just because we get old does not mean we are suppose to become emotionless.


Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: Vallk on May 09, 2002, 15:06:03

I may have some hope for you. Here is a text in the Questions&Answers section of this Website about OBE :

14. Do animals survive death? Do they have astral bodies?
It only makes sense. We had a horse named Tonka that had died from old age. He was a very shy and gentle creature. A week after his death I was astral traveling over our field when I spotted him below, his head down as if he were eating astral grass! When he saw me, he whinnied (I swear I heard this!) as if he were happy to see me. This whole experience, however, could have been a thought-creation; I don't know. I do believe animals survive death, though. It would be a very unfair god indeed that would afford only humans this right. Robert Monroe has also reported something similar: In the out-of-body state he had once seen and recognized three of his pet cats that had died during the previous three years; they were hanging around just outside the house.


Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: Kirath on May 24, 2002, 22:45:41
I just want to add a couple of things.

Im a christian and I believe our pets have survive after death and I have never been taught otherwise. In fact in my home town churches hold meetings where pets are blessed.

My dog died about a year ago and out of the 7 nights that followed, I dreamed about him 5 times. He's out there somewhere and we'll meet again, until then he's happy and so am I.

Title: Will my cat be OK?
Post by: Bhikku on May 07, 2002, 18:40:36
Hello everyone- I've gotten some sad news recently from back home- my cat of 14 years has passed away. Now I know I'm 24 and shouldn't be as upset as I was about his, but this cat was the greatest. He was one of my best friends since I was 10 years old. I'm upset because I live on the other side of the country as my mother who had the cat, so I couldn't say good bye to him, and would like to see him again if possible in the Astral. Has anyone ever seen a past pet in the Astral? What, in your opinions, happends to pets after they die? Thanks for your imput.

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