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Title: Telepathic Ability?
Post by: cainam_nazier on May 15, 2002, 08:11:41
Okay what I have colected thus far.

You must be trhe active medium.  

Focus your mind on him soley.  Just as you would meditate to raise energy do so to focus your mind on his.  

Do not try to force your way in it is very difficult and requires alot which will cause you to be unsuccessfull.

I found it easier to speak to the person as you would normally, or normally to a person who is not paying attention.  Naturally this would be a thought not actually speaking.

You must ask for entry, and repeat yourself alot.  You do not need to be in the same room, or stair at him for long piriods of time.  This make people uncomfortable and they will close themselves off.

You share a blood connection which should make it easier but remain honest with yourself on your results.

There is nothing that I can tell you should you have a successfull attempt.  And should you have one you will know what I mean.  But the hardest part of it is going to be control.

I have often found also that when doing this you may catch random thoughts from other people.  Positive results can be gauged by voice pitch.  The voice should match that of your target, also with respect to images they should match also.   In the event that you catch something that is not from the intended target don't worry right away.  Just try to refocus you attempt.

I always feel the need to express this word of caution to all who do this.  If you encounter a voice that changes it pitch you must try to block it and stop.  Trust your feelings if it does not feel right stop.  When you begin to listen there may be many things that wish to say something or your focus may be too open.

David Rogalski

Title: Telepathic Ability?
Post by: jay jay on May 23, 2002, 10:42:50
Greetings Ashfro,

I empathsize with your situation and I understand your desires are of the best of will. It is possible to contact someone in this manner and I whole heartedly support your effort. However, like others have mentioned, sometimes the other contact is receiving the request but not responding. It is not as much to be taken personaly but subjectively. Sometimes I have to 'shut down' from too much activity and other times from a desire to be left alone. It may take time and needs to be approached non intrusively. Like a quiet knock on the door and lots of patience. I like to remember that this is someone elses sanctuary I am asking to come in to.

Peace be with you,

Jay Jay

Title: Telepathic Ability?
Post by: Ashfo on May 25, 2002, 11:01:29
Thanks very much for both your replies.

Well the tough poopy is hanging on and will probably live for another ten years before another stroke finally does him in :P

I havent tried to do anything with him yet as most of my visits are rather brief ones and often surrounded with other people. My guess is that he will get home eventually and when he does I hope to explore some of these things with him... He is infact a renowned scientist in the earth-science field and extremely intelligent and I feel he is probably more approachable with these topics than anyone else I know. No doubt he will be skeptical and will most probably just dismiss the whole thing but perhaps when he 'dies' I'll contact him with ITC and have a giggle :P

- Ashfo


Title: Telepathic Ability?
Post by: cainam_nazier on May 25, 2002, 11:51:20
How is it you plan to "converse" with him about this?  I know you can talk to him but how will you know if he is willing to give it a go?

But I do suggest that you get started on learning and practicing if you want to be able to do this.  One of you will need to be able to control things a little.  It can be rather bother sum at first when there is no control.  Think of it like some one handing you a carbonated beverage they just shook the hell out of.  You got to try and open it knowing that it all wants to come out at once.  
   The same is with the human thought.  We tend to think of several things at one time.  Only because we know our own minds can we filter things out and keep one train of thought going without being interupted.   Sharing thoughts with some one or reading thier mind can be difficult because the filter isn't there for that.  You need to make a new one.

I remember the first time I looked into anothers thoughts.  What a mind trip I'll tell you.  It was like hearing a thousand different things being said by the same person at the same time.  After a while I begain to be able to pick up on individual thoughts but it took some time and a lot of meditation at first.   But now it just kinda happens.  Some one will say some thing and it acts like a trigger and I see all thier thoughts on that one subject.  I still need sopme fine tuning but it does work.  

And a word of encouragement.
  This was something I developed, it did not just happen, I was not gifted with it.  I learned it.  Alothough I had to learn it on my own, I learned it none the less.

David Rogalski

Title: Telepathic Ability?
Post by: Ashfo on May 26, 2002, 00:41:41
Heh, thanks for the encouragement...

As for communicating with him... Well, it all depends on how far he comes in terms of his speech etc.

It's always daunting to start something that seems like such a huge task... but as Sir Peter Blake, perhaps one of the greatest explorers that has ever lived, wrote in his journal the day before he was murdered by pirates on the Amazon...


To win you have to believe you can do it
You have to be passionate about it
You have to really want the result
Even if this means years of work

The hardest part of any prject is to begin.

We have begun, we are underway, we have a passion.
We want to make a difference.
We hope that you and many of you
Friends, as possible will join us.

Seamaster log 186
Tues 4th Dec 2001.

The day before...

- Ashfo


Title: Telepathic Ability?
Post by: Ashfo on May 13, 2002, 04:22:12
My Grandfather recently suffered from his second stroke and is in terrible condition - just got home but cannot move without the help of at least two people, cannot talk, etc etc...

I know its a long shot, but does anyone here have experience with talking to people through the mind?


- Ashfo

P.S: Remembered correct terminology, changed subject :P