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Title: Sigils
Post by: clandestino on December 24, 2003, 08:57:45
Definition: The word sigil means a seal or device, but the word usually denotes a magical sigil, a glyph used in ritual or sympathetic magick as a focus. There are several methods of devising sigils for this use, usually involving special arrangements (planetary squares, Enochian tables, etc.) of letters or numbers, and tracing the desired word over this pattern to reveal a symbol (the detailed center of the Golden Dawn Cross is such a pattern), or reducing alphabetical characters into a single glyph.

Hi there trinimuslim !

I just copied the above definition from a website, as I hadn't heard the term "sigil" before..

In the context of this website, the "astral pulse island" forum is trying to accomplish a similar thing...anyone else got any thoughts ?

Title: Sigils
Post by: Risu no Kairu on December 30, 2003, 17:23:18
Maybe we here at Astral Pulse could create our own sigil? One for the purpose of assisting in having out of body experiences?

Title: Sigils
Post by: Ceriel N on December 30, 2003, 19:57:28
I think that's a good idea, but I have not got the slightest clue on how to do that. =)

Title: Sigils
Post by: Grigori on December 31, 2003, 08:20:47
Well something kind of along the same idea ... you can use computer cookies to put ideas, words of power, etc on peoples computers.

This link gives visitors the option to put a "cookie blessing" on their computer ...

As for sigils they are pretty simple to construct ... a simple one can be made by choosing the word or short phrase one wants sigilized ... turn the letters into numbers like in numerology then trace the sigil over a "magic square" (those things where columns and rows add up to the same number). Draw a small circle at the beginning and end and you have a sigil [:)]

Title: Sigils
Post by: Risu no Kairu on December 31, 2003, 08:34:31
Magic square? What?

I was following you up until there.

Title: Sigils
Post by: Grigori on January 01, 2004, 08:11:48
Originally posted by Risu no Kairu

Magic square? What?

I was following you up until there.

Oh imagine the following numbers centered in a 3x3 matrix ...

... these are the numbers 1 thru 9 and ordered in such a way that each Row adds up to 15 ... 4+9+2=15, 3+5+7=15, and 8+1+6=15. Now look at the colums these too each add to 15 ... 4+3+8=15, 9+5+1=15 and 2+7+6 =15. The rows together (3x15)=45 and the colums likewise (3x15)=45 and all together they add to 90=(2x45). Well numerologically 45 and 90 are both forms of "9" ...4+5=9+0=9 so this magic square is considered both potent and handy [:D]

Anyways, this is just one "magic square" but it works nice for sigils and all you need to do is map the alphabet to the numbers ...
... so it's kind of like drawing by numbers [:)] Just draw a little circle where you start and a little circle where you end ... oh and for double letters you can draw either an hour glass shape (like a black widows marking) or an "X" depending on your prefered method. It usually takes a few tries and a little tweaking to make  it look pretty but it's quite simple [:)]

Title: Sigils
Post by: Ceriel N on January 01, 2004, 12:10:42
...So this codes words into symbols through a matrix of numbers?
Intense. [:D]
Wonder what one could uncover by applying geometry to this?

I found something interesting just a short while ago:
Rose Cross Sigil Creator

Title: Sigils
Post by: trinimuslim on December 24, 2003, 00:37:27
Has anyone here experimented on presenting a sigil on a web site so that visitors of a high traffic site can see it?

This in theory would seed the sigil into the universal unconsciousnesses which would manifest the intent the sigil was constructed for...

Has anyone tried this? This intrigues me alot in that it becomes relatively easy to seed and manifest a sigil just by having a few people look at it.

Any thoughts?

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