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Title: Thought, reality, ego, and awareness
Post by: Ceriel N on December 25, 2003, 14:49:54
Tonight while laying in bed, half awake, half asleep, I suddenly had the most vivid flash of something organic, green, lush and lingering. Quickly, acutely awake I see the roof, but I was the roof, contemplation about it left out since thought and reality was one and the same. Everything had lost its borders and become one, and I was aware of it. My ego had faded and I could sense how my mind and reality were tightly interweaved. Having wanted to do so, I felt as if I could have changed the very nature of the cosmos.

It felt like it lasted for a long time, but I suspect it was just and instant. When I at length snapped out of it I could feel energy move around my body, pulsing and vibrating. I was hot and sweating, something I've noticed happens at occasion when I do intensive energy work. It seems I have progressed a lot further than I've dared suspect. [:)]

Anybody else here who has had a similar experience?