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Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Grenade01 on May 19, 2002, 07:07:48
I dunno
I cant smell anything because I smoke and have allergies.
Gonna quit though! =) lol

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Title: Interesting changes
Post by: junkie on May 19, 2002, 07:30:28
Hello Gerdon,

when I'm doing NEW (I've been practising for nearly a month), I work either on my hands/arms or feet/legs at a time. The funny thing is that if I start NEWing anywhere in my body, the energy starts moving everythere. For example, if I start stirring my left thumb, shortly after my whole body will start vibrating. (Not the "real" vibrations though, which I have only experienced once so far.)
My favourite (masochistic) way of doing NEW is to keep stirring and stirring and stimulating an area, until the sensations become almost unbearable ( = pain!). More often than not, I will feel almost nothing anymore, when I NEW this area on the following day ( = progress?).
I have to add that after 2 weeks of doing NEW I had an OBE (woke up in my realtime double the morning after trying to project the night before).


Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Grenade01 on May 19, 2002, 18:17:14
I did notice, right when I started new, that I had a large cluster of lucid dreams and obe's around that time.  More then I had previously or have now.

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Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Gerdon on May 19, 2002, 23:27:48
I must admit OOBE is what I hope to achieve from this in the end. But as of right now I am seeing other benefits from it as well. I plan on using this program from now on, no matter what the out come. But when I am doing the NEW system it is almost as if the energetic body feels lighter, maybe its just more energized. But I find that stirring the body parts etc. are almost meditative if you really get into it. Which is easy since your focusing down to just one point.

As far as doing NEW on a part until intense pain. I'm not sure thats a good sign. I have read other posts saying that you can burn out or damage the part purhaps thats why you have little or no feeling when you attemp NEW the next day. The posts said it takes some time to repair then you start feeling again. Not sure there are others who would know better than myself. But do what feels right for you.



Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Tia on May 20, 2002, 08:26:59
When you first start doing NEW, you dont quite know what to expect.  I was doing NEW for about a month with no unusual results, just the localised energy movements.  But then one day I felt energy surge up my legs, straight up my body -took me completely by surprise, infact it frightened me a little.  After that, I had many strange, amazing sensations - they all turn out to be normal.  The energy does start stirring in parts of your body that you are not working on, it will even start up when you are not doing NEW exercises.  Initialy I had side effects, moments of clairvoyance, strobing etc.,  It seems to stop after a while.    


Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Ides315 on May 20, 2002, 15:45:44
Hello all

I have been working on the NEW for around 6 weeks now, and will share my experiences/invite comments also. Once you get it rolling, it seems to hit places you are not working on. I have also found some serious damage to my energy body. We started this on realising we had been under attack for quite a few years. When I first started the NEW, I had been "severed" at the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders. It was also a lot harder to initialize my left side. (There had been a rather large entity attachment there.) There were also alot of "dead spots". particularlly in the abdomen, and small of the back.

Once I got the basics down, I have found the wrapping technique, or just sending as much energy as an area will absorb, and kind of probing and pushing works very well. I try not to apply to the point of resistaance, just until it feels "full".

I have also noticed that when drawing in energy, it has different "flavors" in different places. The 2 I really like are church, and nature. Also on these same lines, does anybody else pull in energy from there crown chakra and diivinity to increase? This has some amazing (for me) results. If I catch it in the right "mood" (mine) there is an immense amount of power there.

After the first few weeks, and in good relaxation I was able to activate my chakras. I have been "dabbling" with ceremonial magick off and on for years so these areas are not entirely new to me.

Well gotta go for now, good luck all.


Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Malek on June 02, 2002, 05:50:31
Hello all,
     First things first, junkie what you are doing is very unwise.  Overstimulation of your energy centers will cause them to expand un-naturally.  I get the feeling that you didn't read quite far enough yet.  All you need to do is stimulate them until you notice **any** energy movement sensations, then you move to the next area.  Please be careful as you may make your energy body weaker by pushing it too hard.  Think of it as a new engine.  You do not want to redline it or it may blow up!!!  Your energy body needs time to adapt to the increase in the flow of energy.  Take your time and be gentle and it will grow faster and stronger.  Don't take my word for it just keep reading either 'Astral Dynamics' or the N.E.W. tutorial.

     Next Ides315,  I have experienced drawing energy through my crown for several years now, but have only recently begun to focus my time on developing it and discovering what it is.  I believe it is Reiki.  I could be wrong but I have read a SAURA (self actuating usui reiki attunement) that induces that flow of energy by creating a picture in your minds eye.  Here is a link to the site.


Title: Interesting changes
Post by: distant bell on June 02, 2002, 06:26:08
I did some trance meditation yesterday in the eavning, and when in trance
the same kind of feelig comes as from doing NEW- but in the whole body. Here´s the strange part - after the meditation I thought I should sit down and do some NEW, but it was wery hard! I had to give it up again. I tried later that evning and some energy raising- but after a short while I started to feel "wierd" and stoped. I know I get sleeping problems after doing to much NEW. I dunno why..


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Title: Interesting changes
Post by: junkie on June 02, 2002, 07:19:18
Hi Malek,

unwise, hmm... I'm just experimenting. I like the feeling of massaging my "blockages" away, it feels right, really. Why do you tell me to read the book? I read it over one hundred times, thank you very much.
Okay, maybe you're right...
We wish you a pleasant flight.
And bon appétit!

Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Salubri on June 02, 2002, 08:54:41
Hi there,

Just a short comment:
I think you can somehow liken the energy body with for example the blood system. If it flows in your arm, it flows in the rest of your body too. If you stimulate your arm, the flows gets stronger and this stronger flow will probably go through the rest of your body. Probably clearing blockages too.



Title: Interesting changes
Post by: Gerdon on May 19, 2002, 04:18:08
Hi everyone. Now I'm new to the NEW system but have been doing it slowly over a couple of weeks or three :), and I have been noticing some interesting changes that heave been occuring. I would just like some feedback on if everythinks I'm on the right track. I also understand that it will work differently depending on the individual but with the number of people on here and such a diverse backgound there has to be some similar if not identical goings on out there.

Well get to things I have been slowly going through the NEW system since I don't want rush things. So I first started with my feet and slowly this week have been working with my legs and hips. I have just been doing the stiring and back and forth brushing action so no energy rising. But as I hae been doing so I have noticed strange feelings in my arms. Almost like energy movement but I'm not actually working on that area plus are the legs aren;t directly connected to the legs in any way that I know of.

ALso besides that I have been noticing that some of my sences have become more sensitive. The biggest being my sence of smell and hearing as well. I smell things nobody else can smell. But its there and the same with hearing. So does all of this sound like side effect of energy work. Just curious cause its just weird when you body starts to behave differently not scarey but you just want to know it okay. :)

Thanks for everyone whos responds input.