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 on: Today at 06:39:18 
Started by shineling - Last post by shineling

Imagine my surprise when I go to the Wikipedia on A Separate Reality and find my book referenced, Guardians of the Separate Reality. Pretty neat huh? If you are interested you can get it on Amazon Kindle.

 on: Today at 05:39:01 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by EscapeVelocity
“How do you know when you’ve mastered a track in GE”?

I’m not sure that’s the way to think about it. Do you master a hammer or an axe or a ladder? No, they are tools and they are used for various projects, possibly increasing in skill and complexity as you learn more about the techniques involved.

There is an obvious tendency to want to always move to the next Focus level; to go from F3 to F10 to F12 to F15 and on and on. Admittedly, I was one of those, of the same nature. Maybe I get nothing from the first few Focus level sessions, then suddenly I get an experience from a session in Focus 15, so I naturally increase my interest on that, but the next session is F18...and again I don’t get much of anything. This is the frustration we have to work through. Listening to the Facilitators at TMI, many people gain knowledge and experience from continued study of the various Focus levels. You can be proficient at working within the F21 and higher levels, but it is often beneficial to drop back and explore the F12 and F15 levels...literally, certain questions can be asked and explored at these levels where you get meaningful answers and yet nothing when attempting them at higher levels. It is literally accessing our higher/inner self from various levels and it can be remarkably different from person to person. There are no perfect expectations or answers.

 on: Yesterday at 23:05:57 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
The Gateway Experience series consists of maybe 30 sessions that offer a multitude of experiences that could involve many methods or points of access- Classic OBE, Phasing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing...etc. TMI doesn’t push any particular method and leaves it to the participant to discover what works for them. As you progress through the later courses, Guidelines, Lifeline, Exploration 27, Starlines...the technique of Phasing seems to become predominant; so in this sense, I feel that we move into the Frank Kepple Phasing method which is relatively the same as Monroe’s Quick-Switch method with minor differences depending on personal preferences.

So yes, you can. The trick is to be aware of both methods and go through the session observing how the experience unfolds and working with whatever sensations present themselves. For example- If you get vibrations or floating sensations then go with the Classic OBE exit; if the sensations are less physical and more visual, then forget the physical and follow the visuals as they develop.

It’s not that it’s that simple, but it is that straightforward a process. It requires repeated trial and error and certain factors like diet, rest or energy work can have effect on the results.

I was also doing project Elijah on obe4u's website but am taking a break from it.

Also, how do I know when I've mastered a track in the GE?

 on: Yesterday at 02:09:30 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Xanth
Great. That should get you to a lot of places; mostly sticky, probably.
HAHA  evil cool

 on: Yesterday at 02:01:45 
Started by PhaPriSpa - Last post by Xanth
I'll play devil's advocate for a second...
There's one big piece of evidence which suggests this world *IS* random.

But then, that answer also assumes you have a few certain beliefs.

The belief that we are all actually ONE and that ONE is part of consciousness as a whole and the goal of this consciousness is to become, as Tom Campbell would say, lower entropy (become better).
From that, there is the idea that your future has already been written.  I personally do not subscribe to this concept.
I've surmised that that cannot be real, because if that were true, then consciousness, in an effort to "become better", would already have all the answers and would negate it's "goal".  You can't progress if you already know all of the answers.

So to directly answer the question asked... YOU are in control of the little slice of consciousness which is your experience of this physical reality.

Anyway, take that as you may.  Smiley

 on: May 08, 2021, 17:39:38 
Started by GrumpyRabbit - Last post by GrumpyRabbit
I'm a little behind, so here are three different recent days!

5 May 2021


Jumble experiences this morning, possibly just weird lucid dreams, or some kind of combination, I’m not sure. What I do know is that I was at the very least lucid and *trying* to project. These are the only things I can remember:

Having some experience and then asking, “What was the place I was?”

I heard the reply, from somewhere (didn’t actually see anyone, it was just a response): “$hitty sleep.”

Like, OK, is that your cute way of telling me that I wasn’t actually projecting? This voice literally said “$hitty” sleep!

At some other point, I once again was asking about my mission, and was told: “Who are you to peek? To know the good you have to do, without having good to do it with?”

As in, you don’t get to know right now, you have to have a certain thing inside you to “earn” the knowledge of your mission; you can’t know your mission until you have what it takes to actually do it; until then, you don’t get to know.

And I’m like, yeah well maybe if I know what I have to do that might help me get to the point where I can do it. Kinda helps to have an endpoint in sight so you know what you have to work towards.

Then, another set of strange call and response from the disembodied voice in the dark:

“Take me to the memory of X” - I don’t remember what it was. There had been some strange experience/information about the importance of memories, processing memories, remembering certain things, etc.

Reply: “You should go to the memory of Y”  - some other thing.

“Who is that?” I asked of this disembodied voice.

Reply: “Your highest self.”

Well, that’s helpful! “Then take me to my highest self!” I said excitedly.

Reply: “That’s not going to work.”

Srsly?!?! My highest self is a smart butt.

“Take me to my highest self anyway!!” I insisted. I don’t think I actually got there, that’s all I remember.

7 May 2021


Another spate of jumble experiences this morning. Something about my me being “really” a bobcat inside, my helper seemed to be named “Eric”, and more about the importance of memories, and remembering certain things. Something about it being important for me to remember when one of my baby teeth was knocked out (false, this never actually happened); something that looked like a scene, as I was shown, on a plantation, where there were slaves being cruelly overworked (what does this have to do with anything??). Then at some point “Eric” seemed to tell me that I approach things/life with happiness. I talked to this helper about how I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to “stay”, because at some point I can’t keep the focus and I wind up back in my body. Then, my vision started to go. So then he injected something into the right side of my head (probably around my right temple), and I felt it there as well as in my right ankle. That was it, I woke up.

8 May 2021

Was having a dream, became lucid. As soon as I did, I decided to try to project. Asked to be taken to my spirit guides.

Felt myself start to turn/move in space. Usually during the transit I keep my eyes closed. But this time I started to peek my eyes open. At first, in the tiny bit one of my “eyes” was opened, I saw a massive, unhuman eye looking right back at me, right in front of my face. I opened my eyes fully and saw a funny little head. Definitely not human. The eyes were massive, skin pale. Small little thing (there were possibly two of them, I held one’s hand), like imagine something 18 inches tall. I was a bit startled by their appearance by told myself whatever they were, they were clearly helping me, and I said thank you to them (or it, if it was just one, not sure).

I was taken to a room in a house, it seemed. Furnished, homey. The room was empty. This was a room to wait in. I was asked, next time please make an appointment (if I want to see my spirit guides).

I have to...MAKE AN APPOINTMENT?! I thought. What’s all this? I’ve never been asked to make an appointment before…

Anyway, they/it told me the way to make an appointment was to write the appointment request on a piece of cardboard. The little creature gave me a piece of paper with examples of requests written in a few different languages/alphabets. None were recognizable. The little creature left.

Eventually, the room began to fill up with people - other people who were waiting. Probably already had appointments, ha! I saw a couple, Asian, but who seemed to be American, husband and wife. I asked them if they could translate/explain the written request system, that this was my first time there.

They tried explaining but it was hard to hear/understand. Soon enough, multiple people waiting in the room tried explaining it to me, but I couldn’t hear/understand.

Then, an employee of some sort, who also looked Asian, came in, and offered me something from a tray. I was clearly supposed to take one and do something with it. The things on the tray looked hot/warm and steaming. I couldn’t tell if it was one of those rolled moist towelettes you’re supposed to clean your hands with, or some sort of edible noodle!

Again, I explained that this was my first time, and told him I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. It seemed clear this was something I had to do before being admitted to see my spirit guides. He did explain but his voice was quiet and it was hard to hear him. Eventually, it seemed it was edible, I got the impression he wanted me to eat it, and that I was supposed to swallow the entire piece in one gulp. Like just open your throat and down it all at once (rather than chewing it up).

I was still a little flustered/nervous, because I didn’t really hear the instructions, and I was afraid I’d mess up/do it wrong. I didn’t want to make a mistake.

But, I opened my mouth to swallow it down, and as I started to do that I woke up.

 on: May 07, 2021, 06:55:42 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Great. That should get you to a lot of places; mostly sticky, probably.

 on: May 07, 2021, 06:14:49 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by EscapeVelocity
“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky at morning, sailor take warning”, a very reliable mariner’s rhyme.

Lumaza, what you get to see in the American Midwest, watching systems build into storms from 50+ miles away, grays and reds and yellowish tinges to pea green and purple...these are the beauteous forms as storms transform, sometimes into quite deadly things as LB came near in Oklahoma City, aka Tornado Central; I haven’t had the pleasure or fright of many of these...

In northern Virginia, I grew up sitting in a screened-in back porch watching summer storms build into triumphal lightning displays that would play out for ten to thirty minutes before the rain and wind finally came, chasing us inside. Sadly, it’s a much briefer show these years...but I remember the buildup and the energy!

About ten years ago, early in the morning, (2am-ish), laying barely awake in bed I could feel the static charge building to incredible levels over a couple of hours with no storm, no rain, no release...finally there was a single explosion of static discharge which was possibly the loudest explosion I’ve ever heard, it shook the house beyond anything I’d felt...followed by silence and then a gentle hours long rain. Neat.

 on: May 07, 2021, 04:18:03 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by LightBeam
She once told me that she thought I was sucking the intensity into me and that's why the storms went around us. Who knows? It definitely makes you question it, especially when it happens so often. A one of. I wouldn't give it another thought. But 21 years here in Minnesota and it happens all the time. Yes, you have to question that!  undecided

yes, one too many to be coincidences  cheesy

 on: May 07, 2021, 04:01:32 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by Lumaza
Ah, thunderstorms, how I miss them, as California hardly gets any. But they have a mind of their own and immense power. However, they are too influenced by consciousness, especially a strong one, and maybe Lu, when you and MJ are home, you stray it away from your home. When there is no observation with intentions or just neutral observation by other people, the storm follows its formed path. And sometimes if the fear of the observers is too great, the storm will get worse and crash on them, as fears also manifest.

I remember about two years ago I was in Oklahoma City on business. My hotel had a spectacular view with large windows from the bottom of the room, so basically the entire wall was all glass. I was sitting in the late afternoon in front of my glass wall, sipping tea and observing the beautiful view of the skyline. Suddenly, the sky became so dark and in the distance thick clouds started forming and lightening started shooting. I got so excited and the familiar energy charge feeling ran through my body. The clouds were moving so fast, getting lower and lower. I felt like they were enclosing on me and will crush the hotel. The feeling was amazement of the power of nature but at the same time I started feeling a little frightened. Then I remembered that the possibility of a tornado in these conditions forming was a big possibility and all of a sudden I felt exposed with my glass wall if a tornado should run through the hotel. I even called the front desk to ask where should we hide if a tornado forms lol. And just as about the storm to hit my area, it took another turn and I watched it move west. I got a good amount of thunder, lightening and rain for my thrill, but the heart of the storm did not pass over me and changed direction suddenly.
We had one time a few years back when the sky went purple first, then a pea green. Green means hail. All of a sudden the Tornado sirens started going off south of us. I was outside so I could hear them in the distance. Then the Tornado sirens went off to the North of us. As this was happening a hole formed in the clouds and the sun shone through it. After the storm was done, I went to the internet to find out how that could happen. The term used to describe it was the "sweet spot" of the storm. It seems to appear at the heart/core of the storm. None the less, it was very cool to see.

 I did question whether MJ and or I could have had anything to do with the constant veering off of the most brutal parts of storms. She can't be near me as a storm approaches. My own energy seems to ramp up to overload. She once told me that she thought I was sucking the intensity into me and that's why the storms went around us. Who knows? It definitely makes you question it, especially when it happens so often. A one of. I wouldn't give it another thought. But 21 years here in Minnesota and it happens all the time. Yes, you have to question that!  undecided

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