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 Since tactile imaging is effective for so many, people seem to ignore what strength lies in music.  Since all individuals develop energy differently - visualization, tactile, music, etc...I'm sure there exists other ways to expand and grow energy wise.  Anyway, back to my point - could you guys list the artist and name of either music sountracks, individual songs, etc. that get energy flowing throughout your system.

I cannot express that in any other way, it is a rush of energy, a filling from inside...when you listen to that music.  It creates a deep emotional/energy reaction.  I ask this, because I am trying to expand my taste in music, specifically "energy charged" titles.

Mine include - Chrono Cross/Time Scar, Bach/Air on G, Lord of the Dance (don't laugh)/Celtic Dream, Chrono Trigger/Time Circuits, Delerium/Heaven's Earth, and Enya/The Celts...just off the top of my head.

I look forward to your recommendations!


PS - is an excellent website to find all the songs...^_^

Hey all!

 Alright, this may seem a little "off center" but I have a favor to ask of everyone.  I'm a highschool senior (17 years old) and the one school I have an actual chance of getting in to (USC) *still* has not made any admission decision - so I'm a little nervous.  If any of you guys ever get a few minutes during the day sending any good vibes my way would I would GREATLY appreciate it!!  Just focus on this symbol, that way it will be linked to what I'd like to accomplish.  I AM very qualified to attend USC, but anything I can do to ensure my future, well - I'm going to do it! *grin*



Hey all!

 I'm rather bored so I'm going to share my funny story of the day with all of you.  Lucky people.  *grin*  I was in my AP Gov class, bored as usual, when I started working on my solar plexus chakra, gently pushing energy into it.  Since I was wearing a rather tight undershirt, my chakra started 'pulsing', and my stomach started THUMPING through my shirt.  It scared a few people, and I laughed...everyone kept asking if I was stuff.  



 Alright, I did post I had some issues with my energy development under another 'topic' but for my sake, and not having to search, I figured I would make a new one.  Moving on.  I have been blessed with an unusually strong energy body before starting NEW.  I have had numerous experiences with OOBE and it is relatively easy for me to project, that has never been an issue.  Recently, after doing the NEW excercises for about a month or so, I began to lose touch with my energy - which worried me.  Thus, my first post.  Well, I basically discovered that I severly burnt myself out, like Robert warned...oops.  So now my projecting is severely limited, which is a very BAD thing as I have certain...err...responsibilites, shall we say astrally.  A good friend of mine, did me a huge favor, by literally cleaning my energy structures, and portals...and I can once again utilize/feel my energy.  BUT, I am much weaker, but it is much more controlled...always a good thing.  So, here are my questions, directed SOLELY at those who are aware of this situation, have experience with it, and know what they are talking about.  :)  Not intending to offend anyone, I just want an effective solution.    

1)  What should I begin practicing?  Should I just start over?  Should I do the FBC?

2)  Will this damage my prior energy potential/levels??  

3)  How many mins/day would you recommend doing the exercises to avoid burn out?

4)  Any way you know of, to clean/purge my body of buildup?

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.


Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Chakra Work
February 21, 2002, 22:41:06
Hi everyone!  This is for Robert or anyone with advanced knowledge of deeper chakra development/work.  Does anyone have an specific techniques NOT mentioned in the N.E.W. system that cause a more direct stimulation of the charka sites and their overall development?  I'm making great progress with N.E.W., which in my opinion is amazing, but I'd like to start focusing on my primary centers, a bit more thoroughly.  So any suggestions, techs, etc. would be most welcome!  Thanks!



Round 2!

Haha jk



I find it interesting how you create this topic, very much sure of yourself, I mean look at your title - You guys can't be serious!  Right, and you don't expect people to have different experiences??  I'v already explained my position, and what I've encountered, and it is very much in conflict with what you've expereinced, and that's the beauty of's all subjective.  I'm just offering my 2 cents....

Furthermore, I usually have a specific task at hand when traveling, as defending yourself gets tiring after a while ^_^

I'm not going to enter into an ego battle with you, or anyone else, I only offer my limited view of the universe.

Take it or leave it



That's an excellent analogy....err...want a cookie!?  :)



I'm a little confused by your question but...

To me at least, there is a keen difference between certain creatures that exist solely on the astral (eg they cannot manifest their energy lines here, as they aren't compatible....well at least no directly), but they CAN directly affect you on the astral which can have serious reprucussions here (make sense?).  On the other hand, 'spirits', or at least your garden variety aren't too much of a threat (on this plane)...if you know how to work with energy threads at least...I'm not really sure.



What?  That's not true at all....many demons, when called by the inexperienced will just sort of stay/hide/invisible....I mean, you're not Faustus...your room isn't going to shake, etc haha.

You can learn a lot from demons, but I really don't think they are 'evil', just they like to screw with human's quite subjective.  And if you are truly stupid enough to try and control these creatures, well you deserve what you get!


I see....

Well, to begin with, if your gung-ho on fighting (and trust me, you'll get your fill if you look for it), you really need a good sturdy protection, at least that's what I'd recommend.

I've gotten to a point where I rarely, if ever use any sort of weapon/shield that actually *appears* on my astral form.  You can do many more effective things to stop the lil can remove their energy lines, shift planes, seal them, tie them off, unweave their base through like a power circle or something.....I don't know what Nita is talking about with this Higher/Lower (good/bad) vibration stuff.........O_O

I dunno, never really made sense to me/worked....*shrug* who knows


Umm, right...

What you should be doing is using your circles, separating, purifying, imbuing, and threading them back increase the flows.  Now THAT is a real protection, although I'm sure the white light...thing works too *laughs*....meh, whatever works, right?


Oh puh-lease!

The astral plane, is an extremely dangerous place, I don't know where you have been traveling.  Possibly, in the void within yourself, which is an *entirely* different harm there.  It is also where most people end up, as true traveling is a serious business.

Or maybe it's just my experience.  I've encountered entities as big as entire planets, and they move extremely quickly....if you can't weave multiple flows of energy *snaps* in an instant, well you're kinda screwed.

I have seen far too many people injure themselves to not be concerned when people make these comments.  As, I still feel very young experience wise on this realm, old abilities return quickly on the astral...I don't know what else to say.  My experience, but I would caution you to take either side too seriously, and it is NEVER a bad idea to have a good solid shield you can draw energy from, and weave flows with....*shrug*

Travel at your own risk



Heh, that or bash your head into a wall!!



Before I forget,

They have the Lesser Key of Solomon, all the sigils for those ....entities.  Wether you'd like to belive they exist or not, is not the point, do not try to *summon* them, ....and be careful when trying to call/communicate with them.  Proceed at own risk?  .....if only I could put up a disclaimer haha!



....or just do it, and find out ......what happens ha

Hehe, demons aren't anything.......wait until you stumble upon something truly horrifying.....*shudder* ....put me in my place!!



PS excellent site btw

Aren't astral sounds great!  Just a side effect of projecting, I suppose...I really haven't been able to trace where the sounds stem from though...probably just to distract you.  Wait, till you hear the symphony of screams....

But...but...goblins.....are real...


Like a dying fish suddenly thrown into the ocean......^_^


I'd recommend creating a durable long lasting all purpose psychic shield.  And, at least for me, having Akna'advae trying to rip through my barriers was quite real and definitely NOT something I imagined because I was 'scared'.  Frank, does make a good point though, we literally create our paradises and hell, but ...attack from outside forces is something altogether...not everything is in your mind.  Haha.  Or maybe it is, I don't know.  


I find a mantra that resonates loudly in your mind will quickly get rid of that nasty ever looping song effect.....I dunno.....I guess saying 'monkey' 50 billion times would work just as well, haha



You could always try projecting in the morning while your body is rested and relaxed, and you can concentrate......

Jason ^_^

Just keep at it!  Try experimenting, if that helps...?  You'll get there eventually, and I find that projecting in the morning works best...


Basically, what you put into, you get out.

Happy projecting


That really sucks, doesn't sound like much fun.......hmmmm, use this aggravating sensation to practice focus.  See how well you can control yourself (eg delay getting annoyed), and practice "blocking" things out.  Great skill for projecting....