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Over time, the vibrations that were common at the onset of projection have lessened to a point that they are very subtle. In the early days they were coarse and heavy and jarring. Now it's a smooth transition into the out of body state. I recall Robert Monroe speaking about this in one of his books but I'm not sure which. Has anyone else had this experience?
My newest video is a tutorial on how to have any experience you desire while out of body:

Quote from: Lumaza on March 20, 2022, 17:19:23
Thank You Vincent. I have enjoyed your videos!  :-)

Thanks, I hope they are helpful.
My third video is an astral projection meditation audio to assist in your projections - it contains deep theta binaural beats and guided affirmations to program the subconscious mind to produce an out of body experience - listen to it before bed but especially listen to it in the early morning, particularly when using the wake back to bed method I explained in my previous video. I've tested this myself and it's highly effective. Give it a try during your next AP attempt and let me know how it goes!
Here is the second video in the series. This covers methods for increasing and enhancing your awareness and lucidity while out of body. It works with lucid dreaming too!
Hi all, longtime member and astral traveler here. I decided to start a video series explaining what I consider the best techniques and methods for achieving out of body experiences, tips and tricks I've picked up over the years for improving and enhancing your OBEs, plus sharing my own experiences.

This is the first video in the series:
I'd like to share some reviews for the new book Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming - Spiritual Revelations and Out-of-Body Experiences in Higher Dimensions - A Complete Guide to Exploring Nonphysical Reality by author Vincent Field.

"Ive had the infamous vibrations since the 70s. Vincents experiences mirror my own almost to a T and his thoughts on what the phenomenon is and isnt does as well. I am not finished with the book yet but from what Ive read it is by far the best AP book Ive ever read from Monroe to Buhlman et al. He really spells out the layers of consciousness in a precise manner. My only issue is it seems Vincent believes in "demons" or at least as much as I have read do far. "Demons" are not "real" and are simply a manifestation of somebodys fear. Ask yourself this: In the creation of "all that is" were demons included in that creation? Did "God" create a "good vs. evil" paradigm of reality or did God create beings who are free to create as they wish? May as well go to catholic church if that is your belief! We are free to create as we will.! That includes "demons" as well which again are simply a manifestation of another entitys fear. Not sure Vince realizes this but I am not finished with the book yet. Aside from that this is the best AP book Ive ever read and Ive read dozens of the highest rated books! But....if you actually want to quickly learn the easiest way to project I would suggest you download the free book "The Phase" by Michael Raduga that gives easy techniques on how to "get out" by hovering close to the sleep/wake line which is where vibrations occur. I really love Vincents writing style and surely hope this isnt his last book. Also-it is difficult to find him on social media which may be a good thing for him given the strangeness of this day and age. Great job Vince! From a fellow traveler whose experiences mimic yours-again almost to the T I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It really is a great highly informative read man. Ill be sure to highly recommend it because this book whole heartedly deserves an A+! It really is deeply appreciated!"

"Some had suggested this book on another page earlier this week. I ordered it off Amazon and wanted chime in with my thoughts on the book. The author is enthusiastic about the topic and has the requisite OBE/Lucid Dream skills, intellectual curiosity and ability for self analysis to make for reliable reporting on this phenomenon. Easy to read and low on fluff, he jumps right in to the meat of his experiences. I would highly recommend this for people who are trying to reach this stage of exploration as well as those who have OBEs and want to enhance their success. (I picked up some ideas and I have been traveling for 35 years).

Although the author comes to conclusions about his experiences that are not the same as mine, I think this serves as a reminder that these are subjective environments and we probably shouldn't latch on to hardened perceptions about what we find since it may be filtered through existing beliefs, psychological history and expectations.

I think this is a welcome new addition to the topic and and could be very helpful to explorers who are looking for easy to digest material from an earnest, reliable and inquisitive experiencer."

"The author tells his experiences from his very first OBE and his development over time and it actually feels like you're having the experiences with him. It was great to see how his OBEs evolved over time and best of all he tells all his methods every step of the way. Some of his experiences are beyond what I thought was possible and I can't wait to get to that level myself."

"This is by far my favorite book about astral projection. I actually had my first out of body experience after reading this book and trying one of the techniques and it has completely changed my life! I'm so excited to follow this path and work my way up to get to the level that Field has reached. What's most incredible is it's all laid out.. all the methods, all the stages, all the possibilities. I'm so thankful for this!"
There's a new book on Amazon "Astral projection and lucid dreaming - spiritual revelations and out of body experiences in higher dimensions" by Vincent Field. It's probably the most comprehensive book on the subject that I've ever read. The perfect combination of techniques, experiences and theory. It's full of techniques for getting lucid in dreams, going out of body and doing things in these states that I've never even heard of before. And some of the experiences shared in the book are insane. It's got me thinking about my practice in a whole new way. Def recommend this and would love to discuss it with anyone else who ends up reading it. The best part is that its not just the same old regurgitation that you read in every other book on the subject but it contains some truly innovative and mind-opening stuff! I highly recommend it. Here's one really cool experience from the book...

"The next thing I knew, I was being launched from my body like a cannon ball! I was flying with a force unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was swept away by a feeling of divine love and joy more intense than anything I could have possibly imagined. This uncontrollably blissful energy permeated the very core of my being, and expanded outwards into infinity, comprising the entire universe around me. My consciousness was in an unprecedented heightened state in which I was consciously aware of my true eternal divine nature. I was in a state of remembrance of who I was as a spiritual being outside of the illusion of my physical life. I experienced my soul as an aspect of God, as I could unquestionably feel the divine energy of God within me and knew myself to be this energy. In this state of realization I also knew that the entire universe was of this same divine energy, and I experienced what it was like to be one with all of creation.

The environment was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. It was a sea of multicolored energy unlike anything of comparison in the physical world. There were beautiful large blue bubbles of energy everywhere. There was a heavenly music more beautiful than words can express that permeated the entire dimension. As I passed through this field of bubbles, I became so ecstatic that I began doing back flips as an expression of my elation. The energy of infinite joy, unconditional love, and divine bliss that was within me was no longer bearable, and I burst open in a way that is almost impossible to describe. My feelings instantly manifested into words that were spelled out in large, three-dimensional letters that seemed to explode out from inside of me. My senses took on a multidimensional quality that allowed me to perceive the environment in a unique and extraordinary way. Not only could I see the colors, but I could also hear them. I didn't just hear the music, but I could actually see it. And most prevalent of all was my ability to feel the divinity within every sense perception. I undeniably knew that everything I was perceiving was a manifestation of God, and so was I."

Here's a link to it, you can read some of it for free I believe...
528 Hz DNA Repair & HEALING Meditation Music - Theta Binaural Beats
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432 hz HEALING Meditation Music - Theta Binaural Beats - Access to Deeper Realms
These meditation tracks consist of the calming sound of ocean waves, one embedded with binaural beats and the other with isochronic tones.
Deep Meditation Music - Theta Isochronic Tones | Inner Journey to Spiritual Dimensions
Deep Meditation Music - Theta Binaural Beats | Peaceful Voyage for Healing & Self Discovery
This thread is dedicated to sharing meditation music, particularly the meditation music that I am personally producing. Every track is embedded with binaural beats and/or isochronic tones, which alter your brainwaves to achieve deep meditative states with ease.

I have been meditating for nearly two decades, both with meditation tracks and without, and I can say hands down that these brainwave frequencies make a huge difference. I've been making this meditation music not just to use personally, but to share with others and help them on their journey.

I hope you utilize and enjoy these tracks, and feel free to leave commentary, make requests for particular meditation tracks with custom sounds or music, or tracks for specific goals. I have the means to create it all and I plan on it doing so- guided meditations for various purposes, different relaxing sounds and types of music, and frequencies for achieving various states of mind. Requests will be immediately fulfilled.

These tracks are available on my youtube channel Awesome Life Videos:

I will be sharing individual tracks in future posts. Now let's get to meditating!
I heard something walking outside of my bedroom window in the middle of the night so I went out to see what it was (sometimes small animals roam around our house but this didn't sound like an animal) and I saw a little creature that scared the crapola out of me. I recorded it and uploaded to youtube, check it out and tell me what you think.

I believe the "reality", the vividness, the realness of a particular dimension, be it the RTZ, the Astral Planes, ect, is determined by the traveler's level of lucidity and the state of their consciousness, rather than attributes of that particular dimension alone.  I've had many astral projections which seemed to be much more "real" than physical reality, and I've also had many real time projections in which the reality seemed more dreamlike and less vivid.  I've had astral projections which were more dreamlike, more abstract, than anything relatable to the physical world, and yet these experiences have all been far more real than anything I have experienced in physical reality or the RTZ.  Experience has shown that the realness of any type of projection is a matter of the level of one's conscious awareness.
QuoteI just think it's important to separate the two for what they are.

But why is it so important if they are essentially the same thing?  I'm confident that the only significant difference between these two types of experiences is the manner that one enters them.  And don't forget about WILDs.. lucid dreams in which there is no break in consciousness from the waking state to the astral.  What's important is not what one labels the experience, but what one learns from it and how one grows because of it.

Regarding turning your lucid dreams into OBEs... In my experience, what this does is shift my consciousness from the astral(the lucid dream) to the real time zone(the obe).  I do not remember a time that I've had a more enjoyable experience in the RTZ than in the astral.  I usually regret making the transition, for my consciousness seems to have less limits in the astral(as far as movement and perception) than it does in the real time.  You will see in time that you were making a big deal over nothing.

It is a strong, experienced-based belief of many seasoned explorers, myself included, that most dreams, or at least many of them, occur in the astral realms.  This one fact alone should shed some light on the nature of lucid dreams vs. OBEs. 

You are way out of line. 

Like Don, I also post certain threads which I feel are important on a few different forums.  This allows for a broader range of responses and insights.  A thread which is quite dull on one forum may be alive and full of excellent responses on another forum. 

If you don't like this, you have the option of not reading the thread.

Swedenborg claims that our inner nature does not change.  Therefore, if your inner nature is evil, you will be destined to hell, and being that this inner nature is forever the same, it would be impossible to evolve into higher levels of the afterlife.  But then Swedenborg claims that he has witnessed retreivals of individuals being rescued from the Hells and finding a new home in heaven.  What is your take on this contradiction?
George Noory is now the host of Coast to Coast AM.  I believe Art retired back in 07.

I only found one interview of Robert Bruce by Art Bell on youtube, discussing his book Mastering Astral Projection.
This is an excerpt from the Our Ultimate Reality newsletter, written by Adrian Cooper.
It seems to be a perfect combination of the work of Robert Monroe, Robert Bruce, and Seth, combining key aspects of all three's core ideas. I agree with basically all of what is said. I would be interested to hear others opinions.

What people think of as the "afterlife" - the "place" where people "go" to after they "die" - actually does exist as a very "narrow", relative to the Whole, band of Energy at a massively higher Vibratory frequency than that of Earth, and which therefore cannot be measured or observed with scientific instruments. This does not make them "imaginary" in some way - it simply means that they cannot currently be instrumentally substantiated.

Even so, the "afterlife" - Astral Spheres of Energy - are still only, relatively speaking, just "beyond" 3 dimensional Universal potential, characterised by an infinitesimally low frequency of Vibration comparative to Source.

And this then is why the entire 3D Universe is measured to be of a substantially uniform ambient temperature throughout, originating uniformly "from the inside out", from a 3D perspective, not from some arbitrary "point" within a pre-existent 3D void of nothingness.

In describing the nature of "All that Is", I frequently make use of the humble Apple as a useful and familiar metaphor.

If we let the Apple represent the Entire, Complete "Universe" of "All that Is" - "All in Creation" if you prefer - then this then is what we may observe:
At the very "Core" of the Apple is "Source" Energy, First Cause, Source Mind, - Supreme Intelligence - the Only True Objective Reality - Existing at the very highest Energy frequency of Vibration, vibrating at such a rate that it can be regarded as static.

This is analogous to a spoked wheel - the faster it spins the less visible the spokes become, until upon attaining a certain speed of revolution, the spokes become invisible.

The physical Newtonian Universe of "matter" may be represented in this model by the very thin outer skin of the Apple, analogous to the point or moment at which Energy Vibratory Potential slowed to a frequency at which it achieved the Potentiality, but not the actuality to differentiate in to what humans now regard as "matter" - "frozen Light" as David Bohm metaphorically suggested.

Between the skin of the Apple and its Core we find the flesh of the Apple. The flesh of the Apple is analogous to the vast majority of "All Creation" - the Whole - the 99.99999%.... of Energy spectrum between the Apple skin and the core - Source Mind.

Let the flesh of the Apple then represent the Infinite Continuum of Energy, the fundamental characteristic of which is Vibration, with Infinite Potential, existing between the skin of the apple and its core, where may be found the Infinite and diverse Spheres of Life, Mind and Being far beyond the reach of normal conscious human perception and certainly of any scientific instruments.

Now again let me stress again that in applying numbers, limits, and even words such as "the" are in and of themselves fundamentally flawed, because ultimately we are referring Only to the Infinite. These words will however suffice in the interests of understanding, and in the complete absence of more appropriate language.

Most mainstream science, even today, denies the existence of these higher levels of Energy and Vibration, simply because they can neither be measured, substantiated or otherwise quantified by the physical instruments upon which their entire paradigm rests.

As previously mentioned, David Bohm was a notable exception. His thesis on "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" remains a practical conceptual model of all "Creation", taking into account Spheres of potential beyond the concepts of the Newtonian model of the physical Universe. Indeed Bohm later even takes into account Consciousness which, with Mind, is Principle, and without which nothing could or would exist.

Just under the skin of our metaphoric Apple then lies the Etheric Sphere of Energy - this is where people first find themselves after the change known as "death", and also the realm of the entities known as "ghosts" - departed human beings - who have become "stuck" for various reasons - usually due to some form of emotional attachment to Earth.

Just beyond the Etheric Spheres of Energy Frequency lies the Astral Spheres. It is to these Astral Planes of Energy that humans usually transition after leaving the physical body during the change known as "death". The Astral spheres are sometimes therefore more frequently referred to as the "Afterlife" or much more erroneously as "heaven".

Without becoming too deeply involved in our Apple metaphor, and beyond the scope of this discussion, suffice it to say that it is the destiny of all humans to commence the Great, Divine Journey at the skin of the Apple - analogous to Earth or other physical planet - and to Evolve through the seamless layers of the "flesh" of the Apple - representing Energy at increasing vibratory frequencies and resolutions - until finally, through the process of Evolution and Perfection, the Core of the Apple from Whence we "came" in the "beginning" is ultimately attained, and with it the potential to reunite, or "merge" with Source Mind.

This Evolutionary Process takes place as Experience assimilated by the Complete Spiritual "I", giving rise to ever increasing degrees of Perfection and thereby corresponding increase in the Vibratory Frequency and Resolution associated with the Unique Energy Field that represents and identifies Who we "Are".

Individuality, within the context of The All, is represented by our Unique Energy Configuration - our Energy Field - which continually changes in Nature and increases in Vibratory Frequency as we Evolve through Experience during the process of Perfection.

As Individual Energy Field Increases in Vibration, Transition automatically continues to the precise Sphere of Energy Vibratory Frequency, thus facilitating a seamless and automatic progression of Individual Evolution, which is always Perfect in Nature.

This then is the solution of the true nature of Spiritual Evolution, ultimately driven by an Individual, Subconscious quest for Perfection, a quest that is intimately incorporated in to our Unique Spiritual Nature, through Experience made possible by Individual Freewill.

Earth - indeed the entire physical Universe - may be regarded metaphorically as the "Kindergarten of Life".

The Etheric and Astral Planes are a very close extension of that same Kindergarten.

Why then is this necessary?

Well quite simply because only when sufficient Experience has been gained through cycles of physical "incarnation", is there a natural progression to increasingly more responsible and powerful roles within the context of the greater spheres of Life and Reality within the Greater Universe as a Whole, far beyond even the remotest comprehension of most Earthly humans, a role carrying with it massive responsibilities that can only be continued after the complete assimilation of appropriate Experience, characterised by attaining corresponding Vibratory Frequency of the Spiritual Body.

Allowing a human to "graduate" directly from Earth to such levels of responsibility - even if it were possible - which it is most assuredly not, would be akin to giving a 3 year old child the trigger of fully armed thermonuclear atomic weapon to play with, such would be the disruptive potential of the situation - in fact the potential disruption would be infinitely greater, because the very fabric and harmony would be compromised.

So the initial phase of incarnations of the Individuality of the Higher Self - experiential windows - on Earth and/or other planets is an absolutely fundamental and necessary process, wherefrom every Unique Energy Field - encompassing All Life whether "animate" or not, - must graduate before moving on to the infinitely, and to humans at this stage incomprehensibly, greater glories, powers and responsibilities.

Each phase in this process continually facilitates the progression through inner Spheres of Energy, Vibration, Life, Mind and Consciousness, glorious far, far beyond the consciousness and even very remotest comprehension of most Earthly humans. The Higher Self knows very well however, and will continually encourage Its fragments, or "representatives" to pursue graduation and experience of these greater glories.

This is also the solution to the metaphor of the "fallen angel" known as "Lucifer".
"Lucifer is a metaphor for the Human Ego Mind which "left or "fell from" "Source Mind", "Christ Mind" in the "beginning" , "cast down" to the physical Universe of matter. This was no punishment, but rather out of Divine Freewill - there is always a choice.

As previously discussed, it is the objective and indeed destiny, whether comprehended or not, of every Human Being to "reunite" with "Christ Mind" through the Divine process of Evolution and Perfection through the medium of Experience - thus fulfilling the cycle.

In theological or metaphorical terms, depending on your perspective, "Lucifer" reunites with "Christ" or if you prefer, the "Son" is reunited with the "Father". Of course there is no "gender" beyond Earth, so the concepts of the masculine are entirely erroneous.

This however is the ultimate meaning of "Life".

But again, this is no metaphorical "punishment". Quite the contrary in fact. It is rather a metaphor for Divine process chosen by each individuation of Source Mind - indeed all Life of every nature - and should accordingly be Joyfully embraced and never feared.

A word at this point about "Reincarnation" or the process of experiencing multiple "lives" on Earth or other planets.

Due to the physical nature of Earth, it is generally impossible to gather sufficient Experience to "graduate" in a single "lifetime" or even hundreds or thousands of "lifetimes".

The true, Evolving Self is generally known as the "Higher Self" - our Individuality - Who resides within much higher Energy levels - far beyond the Astral - but still only a relatively "short" Vibration way from the metaphoric Apple skin relative to the All as a Whole.

"Higher Self" is our Eternal Individuality.

Note: "Higher Self " is a recognised term which would be more appropriately described as "Inner Self". In absolute terms the concepts of "higher", "lower" even "inner are duality based and accordingly do not exist. They will however suffice for the purposes of gaining access to the considerations encompassed within these discussions.

Each "life" on Earth is experienced through and as a Personality of that Individuality.

The more Personalities our Individuality "sends to Earth", and/or other planets in the material Universe, the more Experience is returned to Eternal Individuality, and the more complete Higher Self - Individuality - becomes.

So Higher Self - Individuality - usually sends numerous "messengers" to Earth - or other planet - as both genders, all races, countries, cultures and circumstances, until finally a messenger attains the ultimate objective of Enlightenment while still in the context of a physical body.

This then signifies the end of this initial but crucial phase of Individual Evolution - "incarnational" cycle - where the Enlightened "fraction" of the Higher Self returns to Higher Self Who then assumes the Personality of the "Enlightened Incarnation".

So Individuality continues with its acquired Personality, ceases to be a "Higher Self" - there are no longer any aspects of Itself to be "Higher" than - to the next phase of the greater Evolutional cycle.

I must dispel another prevalent misunderstanding before continuing - that of so called "past lives".

Each messenger of the Higher Self - each Personality - experiences one single "life" on Earth, or other planet, only, and then, after the physical body "dies" - no longer viable as an organic vehicle - transitions to the Etheric and then Astral Spheres of Energy in most cases.

Enlightened or Evolved Spirits or Beings who came to Earth for a specific purpose or specific "mission" for humanity - for example the figures known as "Jesus" or the "Buddha" - are exceptions, as are Beings known as "Avatars" and also others, who simply return directly to the Spiritual Sphere of Energy from whence they came.

The Astral Energy Sphere is an environment where Earth people usually feel completely at "home" or even regard as "heaven", simply because they can experience anything they can possibly imagine at will, without the needs of "money", "work" and all those other typical trappings and dark and insidious instruments of control of human society.

The "afterlife" also seems much more "solid", "real" and "substantial" than Earth.
Astral residents will linger until they have fully satiated all materially motivated desires, infatuations, additions and ultimately concepts accumulated as a result of Earth experience, which experiences are eventually recognised and assimilated as the illusions or "delusions" they really are. The journey of the Personality to the Individuality of Higher Self continues with a unique package of experience contributing to the Whole potential Individuality that the Higher Self represents at that stage of Evolution, on the path of Evolving Spiritual "I" within the context of All of Universal Mind Principle.

This is why it is totally and completely erroneous to speak or think in terms of "past lives". There is absolutely no such thing as a "past life" simply because each "life" represents a complete cycle in its own right originating and terminating with Higher Self.

Equally as erroneous is the concept of "sequential" lives - in other words the idea that every "person" experiences a sequential series of "lives" or "incarnations", each at a progressively "later" period in Earth's history than the previous, thus giving rise to the erroneous notion that a "past life" took place for example in Ancient Egypt, or Babylon, or very popularly Atlantis and so on.

"Past lives" are invariably perceived as glamorous - never "hard" or "ordinary". Everyone likes to think of themselves as living as a "King", "Princess" or famous figure such as Jesus in "previous lives".

This is in turn responsible for the equally erroneous idea of "past life regressions" where, under hypnosis or other form of access to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind, a person is led to believe that they may "discover" their "identity" and physical "circumstances" and "lifestyle" during a "previous" incarnation, or "life" in Earth's history. Such "past life experiences" are invariably inexorably linked to the Ego.

In actual fact - all "lives" - Personalities - "incarnations" - take place concurrently,
and not therefore "sequential" at all. This is true because our Individuality, our Totality, our Higher, Spiritual "I" Self, resides on a Vibration far beyond the human concept of "time".

Higher Self knows precisely the nature of Experiences required in order to achieve the level of "completeness" and therefore of Perfection and Evolution required to complete this initial phase on the great Path, to facilitate moving on to greater experiences.

Individuality, Higher Self, therefore "fills in" experiential "gaps" in Its "completeness" by choosing, as far as possible from the range of possibilities, the circumstances that would best facilitate the opportunity for the gathering of specifics aspects of required experience to contribute to the Whole.

To this end Higher Self chooses the "time-line" relative to the concept of Earth "time", country, culture, circumstances and parents which provide the best probability of gaining that particular "packet" of experience.

Yes you chose your own parents, and your own children likewise chose you, so always treat each other with the greatest Love and respect, while keeping in Mind that "age" is utterly meaningless. Your own kids, while you may perceive them as "children", may well be far more Spiritually mature than you. This is particularly true during this Transitional Epoch where numerous Spiritually highly advanced children are being born to assist parents and humanity through their particular abilities, very often through the Arts, and any other ability with the profound potential to influence the human Mind and Vibratory Frequency, both through the senses, and through the Soul and Spirit.

A useful metaphor that may assist in the understanding of this process of "concurrent incarnation" is that of a wooden cart wheel, with its hub and outer rim connected by its spokes.

Consider then the physical Universe which is recognised as being constituted of "matter as the outer rim of the wheel, Higher Self as the hub, and with each Personality or "incarnation" represented by each distinct spoke in the wheel.

Even as you read this you, as your Higher Self, may be experiencing alternative concurrent "incarnations" as, for example, a Neanderthal women, a medieval gentleman
land owner, a teenage soldier in the trenches of the first world war, an Egyptian Queen, or numerous other such "role playing games" - all in the same Eternal Moment of Now.

You are not aware of this situation simply because each Personality experiences each distinct but related incarnation through the mediation of the individual Conscious Ego Mind, which actually represents only a very tiny subset of the "Higher" Individual Mind.

Each individual incarnation is "firewalled" from the other at the normal level of waking consciousness in order to prevent the possibility of any cross-influencing of incarnations, which would have the potential to compromise or even corrupt them.

The individual Ego Mind of each personality is bound by the current temporal experience as it relates to the human concept and perception of "time" and "space" which it chooses to subscribe to. Only Higher Self has a complete perspective over all concurrent incarnations, which, in any case Higher Self sees only as "circumstances" with experiential potential or opportunities, but never "ages" in the "history" of Earth or another planet. Higher Self is not concerned with "time", only Evolutionary Potential.

As each personality, incarnation, Ego concludes its mission on Earth, the organic body "dies" and the Ego, the Personality - the Soul - leaves the physical shell they once used and identified with on Earth, to begin the journey back to the Individual "I", Higher Self. Upon reaching Higher Self, the package of experience, to the extent it has been attained, is then assimilated to the Whole Self Individuality, Which thus expands and accordingly becomes more Evolved and Complete in the only objective of progression beyond the material incarnational process, and to attain a more Complete Spiritual "I".

So you see, if we are to progress, both on an individual and a collective level as the human race, it is absolutely crucial not to cling to false paradigms simply to remain in a comfort zone or to take the path of least resistance.

We are all here on Earth to Evolve through Experience. If you reject the challenges and our inner guidance then nothing of value will be gained, and you Higher Self will have no choice but to send another representative to do it all again - and that representative, personality will be experienced as you - there is no escape. Your Individuality, your Higher Self yearns to Evolve beyond the kindergarten of the physical Universe and on to much greater adventures, but cannot do so until complete in every sense.

The Individual Point of Energy and Consciousness Experiencing these greater adventures, beyond your current comprehension will be Experienced as You - Glories that if only you were aware of no effort would be spared in reaching.

There is no "past", there is no "future", there is only Now - Now is All That Is and All That Matters. Your Experience is Created in this Moment of Now and you choose that Experience.

Above all only listen to and follow your Inner Guidance - never ignore your Inner Guidance if it is outside your comfort zone - your Inner Guidance is always correct.

Never care "what others might think" - just be yourself. You are not here to live life for others - only for yourself - your Higher Self. But always help others and be of Service when appropriate. Service to others before Service to Self providing the Service is requested and does not violate your Inner Guidance.

This is Your Experience - do not abrogate it to others or to false paradigm.
I, as a multidimensional being existing in an infinite number of dimensions, am intimately connected to these other aspects of my higher self, which reside in these other levels of reality. Communication between these individual yet interconnected consciousnesses is always occuring, but usually unconsciously, or consciously in alternate states of consciousness, such as in the dream state, out of body, or during trance. This is known as channeling. This is usually initiated by a more consciously-advanced aspect of my inner being, and yet it most importantly requires my part in the connection, for I must be at a level of consciousness aware enough to be capable of receiving the energy, where as the more advance consciousness will usually always be at this level.

The purpose for this communication is the advancement of the consciousnesses of the individuals involved to new levels of awareness, understanding, and creative expression, this being the purpose for existence. This experience is not limited to humans, or my present level of consciousness. Just as higher aspects of my being communicate to me, these more advanced aspects receive guidance from aspects even more developed and aware than themselves, and this channeling process most likely continues into infinity.

Guidance may be received via dream symbols, telepathy, or sudden bursts of insight or new perceptions, and it is the syncronicity which follows these experiences in my physical reality which confirms the reality of this guidance and its source. Communication also takes place in levels so far removed from normal waking consciousness that recall is nearly impossible. There is usually a strong feeling lingering within me after such an experience, a feeling of knowing something extremely important, and yet not being able to verbalize or translate the experience to a physical level. In cases such as this, the knowledge will usually be unconsciously utilized in my daily experience.
Now the question is... how long before it is discovered to be a hoax? (Just like every other artifact that "proved" Big J's existance)
Welcome to Dreams! / WHAT THE HELL
February 24, 2007, 22:56:12
All I can say is wow when thinking about this dream.

It starts off in a camping type situation.  I am with some people I know.  Eventually we make our way to this arcade.  Suddenly, its like we are characters in an arcade game.  An arcade game of evil and killing.  I am killing off demons and there is a giant dinosaur trying to eat me.  Then I get to one place and its another game-type situation.  I have to chop this ladies arms off before they stab me with the knives she is holding.  At one point of the dream my brother is playing the game, and its a normal game of Sonic the Hedgehog.  Then the focus is taken off the game he is playing and it becomes the psycho real life game again.  It wasn't neccessarily scarey, but just strange.

Then I remember this dream that was even more gruesome.  It was basically texas chainsaw massacre, only I was in it.  The guy caught me and chopped my arms off and then hung me on a fence post.  Somehow I grew the arms back, and remember trying to escape.  Anyway, it was really disturbing having to witness all the violence.

I don't know why I am having the gruesome dreams.  I felt great today, however.  It was as if I was killing off bad emotions or somthing in the dreams.  Or maybe I was killing off my sickness.  I don't know, those are just some silly ideas.