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Quote from: fatfooty on August 04, 2021, 10:59:37
Oh I think you forgot the do the happy dance and the smile while you fart :P
I really hope life was this simple but I would look kinda silly if I were to try this in public. I live in a sad themed society and I am from a religious background as well. So I would feel very embarrassed and weird if I attempted such things. But hey thanks anyway...

Why are you being so snotty?  Seems you want the glory without having to do the work at all.... 
Quote from: Nameless on July 20, 2021, 12:07:15
Congratulations on hitting 25 yrs. This was a nice thread so happy to pull it up. :-)
Thank you!   :-)
Quote from: Alex77 on July 20, 2021, 00:32:46
Today tried jumping on trampoline/bed expected a real obe to occur, but instead of that felt my Etheric body bouncing inside my physical body(pinball effect) which lead me to internal laughing :lol: So I tried my method instead and got swift 15s entry, the experience continue 15m and then prolonging it with re-entry/deild eight times with average of 10m for each, quite an experience. :-D

LOL!  Nice!
Quote from: fatfooty on July 17, 2021, 09:05:43
The people around here obviously have no clue about these mystical teachings of astral projection or similar, that's why i said i feel stuck, so my only escape plan is that i could ask for help on the web T_T :cry:

Well, that's not very fair to say....   It's not up to others to do what can only be done by yourself.  It took me YEARS of DAILY meditation and just immersing myself in the topic to get to a trance state and have experiences.  I only had a few conscious separations from my physical, mostly I faded into a lucid state or found myself in a dark void and then went from there.  Don't stress out if you are not aware of the physical separation, you'll get to the astral one way or another.
How wonderful to see this again, thanks for pulling it to the top, Nameless!  I don't even remember this conversation. lol but nothing has changed, except I'm much more patient.  Still very happy after 25yrs, and I think my relationship with all my kids are really strong, so life is good.  :)

Quote from: fatfooty on July 11, 2021, 07:36:44
Could someone please pull my astral body out of my physical body? I feel like I am stuck here... Also I am not a big fan of jumpscares, so please be gentle :P

I am going to bed right now, I'll try and wait for a real experience :)

Next time you're trying and you feel stuck, ask someone to help you.  I did that once and was immediately grabbed by my ankles.  Of course I freaked out like a bonehead but I don't think I actually believed anyone would, it wasn't even something I thought about, it just thought, "help me, I'm stuck!" and someone did. I started yelling and kicking my feet and my husband said I was kicking my feet and making noise so he nudged me and brought me completely out of the experience.  I don't know why it scared me so, but there ya are.   :-P
Quote from: omcasey on July 13, 2021, 14:09:14
Why are people wanting to delete their account? rather than leave it active for the possible future. ????

I did it out of hurt and anger and I COMPLETELY regret it.  I basically journaled my experiences here, not realizing how much I would want to look at them in the future and many of my experiences were told thru PM's.. ugh, I soooo regret not being able to see those again.  The older I get the cloudier the memories get, so being able to read them would be nice.  I suggest to anyone thinking of doing this... don't. lol  

I found out just how easy it was to confirm that my heart chakra was shut down: I was at the Monroe Institute and one night a few friends wanted to do pendulum exercises on one another, so I volunteered to join in. When my turn came, I lay down on the floor and a woman held the pendulum still, over each of my seven major chakras. The pendulum swung in active, rapid circles over all my chakras showing they were all quite active, until she put it over my heart region, and the pendulum moved very slowly in a small side to side motion...this was a very telling moment for me. Fortunately I was able to address the issue with a healer the next day, directed it to leave me and became educated on the idea of the "protector". For me it was like a noticeable weight was lifted from my chest.

Wow!  That is wild!  I thought it was strange that my very spiritual bff could not feel spirits/energy and was told it was because her heart Chakra was closed, blocked, or whatever.. lol  and she did work on it and now is feeling energy! 
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Break Time
May 26, 2021, 12:09:23
Quote from: Nameless on May 22, 2021, 16:37:44
Hey Folks,

Got the doldrums?
Need something to clear your head?
Could you use a laugh or two or three?
A new idea, come creative enlightenment?

LOL!  I've seen this and thought it was hilarious and genius!  My dog keeps the yard critter free, thank goodness, or my garden would suffer.
My condolences to you.  Perhaps he'll visit.   :-)
Quote from: tides2dust on January 03, 2021, 13:29:53
Hi Naykid, thank you for the interesting question. I haven't a clue what the mosaic was, but that it definitely was. It's odd that I can't recall an emotion tied to it...
I used to fly by, "swimming frog style" through the air. One projection I realized I didn't need to do that and like you started floating instead. Phasing through bedroom doors was a fun thing to imagine. For me, sometimes the knowing is matter of fact while other times you have to rediscover a forgotten lesson. I wonder if the experiences aren't linear only because I hadn't trained myself enough, experienced enough in succession, or if that's just how it goes.
A part of me thought the voice was my Sufi friend. I have heard whispers and still don't know who they are. A part of my intention last night was asking if I could learn more about them, and like the Sufi discovery, I questioned if I was actually ready.

Very cool of you to share yours with me too! I LOVE all of this.  :-) *happy dance*  :-D

lol I do the happy dance too.  :-D  Going through doors, ceilings or walls amazingly enough feels just like you'd think. Well, at least for me.  I once stretched halfway into a tiny tv that appeared on my bedside table once and the feeling is exactly like that too.... stretching, but without pain or restraint.  Good luck with your future endeavors!
wow, nice! 

I would go with the gut instinct. I used to fly like superman, then I started floating whilst my legs were crossed about four feet off the ground. lol  So, what do you think the mosaic was about?  What did you feel when you looked at it?  Does it represent anything to you? Do you think it could have something to do with the, "Eric, remember to..."?

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Quote from: omcasey on January 02, 2021, 20:57:12
Let's begin a discussion, everyone step up to the plate. Why dream? why remember? - you tell me. Have you found the ( absolute ) importance?

What does dreaming have to do with "real life"?

Hmmmmm...  Why dream? When I was having six dreams, many lucid, a day, I was learning from them.  I was also meditating, so there's that.  After I stopped meditating I stopped dreaming, literally.   I realized later that it was taking over my daily life, I mean, I could sleep for 10 to 12 hours because I was doing something but that kept me away from my physical life, my real physical life and I do not have that kind of time to waste anymore.  I CAN'T sleep longer than 5 to 6 hours now because it is boring, no shite, completely boring. lol  I have little snippits of "dreams" right before waking but I don't count that.

I should mention that I stopped meditating mostly because every time I came out of my physical there was a very large shadow thing, scaring me back in.  I believe that was an attachment that I've recently gotten rid of and in the past couple months I've spontaneously exited a few times without the shadow, thus why I am hanging around here a bit.... it's getting my attention again, plus I believe that the veil is so thin right now because we are going through some kind of global, spiritual shift, that it's hard to ignore. :)

It's nice to see you again, you're one of the few ppl that would actually show a picture of yourself. lol It makes it easier on my memory. :) Thanks for the questions, I'm curious to other responses.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Human Behavior
January 02, 2021, 12:29:54
Quote from: LightBeam on January 02, 2021, 11:24:03
It just bugs me when I am not seeing the lessons learned in a timely manner. But, oh well! That's a part of the game.

Hehehehe   Perhaps patience is your lesson, like mine?  :-D How do you know that is happening?  Just because you are not seeing it played out the way you want to doesn't mean it isn't happening timely, or how it's suppose to play out.  I think this whole thing has been one giant control for a globalist nation.  *shrug* but, that's my reality.  
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Human Behavior
January 02, 2021, 10:32:34
Quote from: LightBeam on January 01, 2021, 22:13:04
I am struggling to understand now, what is the average person's perception of true love, meaning love towards family members. If one TRYLY cared and loved their extended family, or moms, dads, grandparents that are not part of their household, they would not put them at risk. Now in California, many counties hospitals are below capacity, setting up tents in the parking lots to care for patients. And all that because of holiday gatherings. No one obeyed the state order to not gather outside of own household. And I am thinking, how do these people perceive love. Because if they choose to gather, they knew there was a risk, and now hundreds of thousands of family members will not be at the Christmas table next year. What is it that people don't understand? Do they really not have genuine love and respect even towards their own family? I am not seeing light anytime soon, if this BIG lesson is not being learned soon. And this is across the entire world actually, not just in the US.

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

Ha!  Hot topic!  I have an opinion on EVERYTHING, it may not be right, but I have one and the way you worded your comment sounds like virtue signaling to me.  *shrugs*  has anyone even stopped to think about the people that CANNOT wear masks? I know both my husband and I can't and we don't hate our family or anyone else.  

This PLANdemic was just that. Planned.  IMO.  I wonder when I'm looking at yet another dance routine from a group of nurses and or doctors, are they really that busy, because I have no clue how they find the time.  

Since we're going down this road, I think Hilary was meant to win, and they were going to use the virus to destroy our economy, but Trump kinda threw a wrench into that.  Had his economy not been so strong, breaking records everyday, America would have been decimated and I'm not being dramatic. lol   I can tell you with 100% certainty that this "virus" has been out there for much, much longer because our youngest got sick his last year in high school and we could NOT figure out wtf it was, but then Covid shows up and it matched, to a tee.  

I'm not buying that this is a killer, because it's not.  The problem they are having is they are missing their key figure, Hilary, hence why they are trying and cheating to get Biden in there. They have the IRS, DOJ, CIA, FBI, the propaganda media, ect.. ALL behind them creating this narrative, but not having their main key figure has caused them to expose ALL of their hands.  Anyways, lol  Whatever happens is meant to happen.  I believe that everything has a reason and I will face whatever the cosmos sends to me.  It kinda sucks though, because under Trump we were doing really, really, really well.
I keep wanting to comment, then I delete to only comment again, but change my wording.   :-P

So, I'm not going to delete anymore. lol  When I was here a decade ago this was the same on going... I don't want to say argument, but the topic of passionate discussions and the common theme was a definitive thought that things had to be done in a certain manner.  I, of course don't agree because well, I think we all have different DNA and fingerprints for a reason.  Why not have totally different experiences that still lead to the same point we are all seemingly wanting to reach? Why not have different ways of getting there? I will say that I too was consumed by my ego at times but now it doesn't matter, how, what, why or when anymore. *shrug* there's a backstory. lol

Anyhoo, Reincarnation has been a love of mine since I was very young and when I was meditating on a daily basis I had many experiences which some I believe to be past-lives.  But now, I've been wondering about "merging" our past souls that might be stuck, as it were... like, what if in one of my past lives I had a traumatic death, like being stabbed?  What if that soul fraction isn't at peace, can I connect with it in some way and thus calming not only that portion of my soul, but this soul now?  lol   This is essentially what I've been tossing around in my head for over a year now. lol  Split personalities is another thing that I wonder is associated with past-lives and our souls just reconnecting.  I haven't meditated consistently for over ten years yet I've had more experiences with spirits and guides in these past years... *lightbulb moment*  Perhaps I am on a lower vibration and interacting with lower energies... Food for thought. 

Dolphin energy healing?  I have never heard of that.
Yeah, I think it's safe to say, everyone is different when it comes to the vibes.
I've never been to a planet, I guess because it never really peeked my interest.  But with you guys describing it, it sounds fantastic! I did see one giant red planet from what I call the training grounds.  I couldn't believe how huge it was. 
I've been thinking about this.  Perhaps people who have had spontaneous projections from a young age, have an easier time consciously projecting?  I say this because when I first came here I hadn't a clue of what all of this was about, and what I had been going through since a young age, but once I got some info and tried out some techniques, I had my first conscious exit within a couple weeks.  I mean it felt like a couple weeks, it's been a long time, but it was very quick for me.  Did you have spontaneous projections at a young age, Grey? 

Actually, I'd like to hear from everyone.  Did this start young or not?
Quote from: NoY on January 26, 2011, 16:26:27
he said the only person in this thread not the only person ever.  8-)


You guys and your spin.  It makes me dizzy sometimes.  :lol:
Quote from: David Warner on January 26, 2011, 16:06:44

Excellent way of putting it!

I am all for natural and have been consistent at projecting where I can pretty much close my eyes
and project. I do like *however* the studies and new technologies introduced to compare to the real
experience vs. simulated. Just because the device can help others simulate a OBE, it is also good to
experiment with those who are proficient at it as well.

It is all good.


Thanks, it's just how I feel about it.  I don't like the idea of anything that might alter my mind, causing me to not have control of my faculties.
I thought we weren't suppose to comment on here anymore?  And why is it that Xanth's attitude is never up for discussion?  He's been rude to many people over the months yet no one sees that as being disrespectful?

I don't see what Alan is doing wrong, especially when a moderator is allowed to do it, yet not be called to the carpet over it?  Am I really the only one seeing that this is one-sided?  I wish everyone would stop with the PMing.  Why can't this be discussed OUT IN THE OPEN???  Well, I know why, hence my comments right now. lol  I know there is no way in hell that Noy is the only person you talk to Xanth.  Unless you are telling me that in IRC chat and on your own forums you totally ignore EVERYONE else. 

So anyways, Zino, are you saying that the pain is in our minds? 

Quote from: Lexy on January 26, 2011, 13:12:24
Hi Alan

Instead of putting everyone down & being so mad...why don't you just say your truth? Just post your truth...there's no need to behave so superior. Just saying.  :|

Hey now, that advice can go both ways.  This has been an issue for some time now... certain people thinking that they know it all.  It does no one good to give out false information. And I know there are many of you who talk with Xanth off the forums and you feel a closer connection with him but it's only fair to call out both sides.  If this is going to work, we are all going to have to take our medicine and accept that we don't know everything.
I have felt pain in the astral, several times.   I have no idea what "body" I use to project, I really could care less.  I don't need to know the mechanics behind everything that happens to me, but I do realize there are folks out there that need to know. 

I stand by the belief that the astral is as personal as a fingerprint or DNA and there is no way we will all figure out what really, truly goes on.