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Welcome to Dreams! / Re: WHAT THE HELL
February 26, 2007, 02:00:55
Been playing games of this nature lately?  Or watching horror movies?  Of course the simple fact that you said you weren't afriad either could just be one of those dreams where your brain was letting you know that theses things don't bother you anymore.  That is partly drawn from you saying you ahve been in a good mood lately too.  People are typically more willing to deal with fears when they are in a good mood, rather than just run away from them.
Yes anyone can learn it.  It really is just about being more aware and noticing the signs while you are dreaming.  If you are on unfamiliar ground I would suggest starting with a dream journal to help get you thinking more about your dreams.  This may also help with increasing the frequency of your dreams because you are thinking about them more.

There is also the reality check system which helps a lot.  The most common is looking at your hands.  Frequently throughout your normal day look at your hands and ask yourself if you are dreaming.  Eventually, through habit, this will creep into your dreams and can trigger Lucid moments.
Yeah, some dreams are just because or just for the fun of it. 

Honestly though it has never really crossed my mind to ask some one why they are there.......I just talk to them and try to figure it out myself......Now I kinda feel silly.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Myspace?
January 31, 2007, 11:32:56
It's in my sig....


Well there are a few different reasons various people you know show up in your dreams and it really depends on what kind of dream you are having.  I would have to say that for the most part people you know show up in dreams because as your mind starts to fill in different dream characters it is easier to use people that you know.  There is no extra back story that needs to be created because, well, you know the person already.

The other main reason people you know show up in your dreams is because that person represents certain traits or causes a certain emotional response.  So depending on what emotion you are dealing with at the time you will see the people that help you to create that emotion in you.  This tends to be more the case with "famous people" because you don't really know them, you only know how that person makes you feel and what you think about them. 

Granted there maybe times when a person you know shows up in a dream because they are there to help you with something or for you to help them.  But I would have to say that is kinda rare. 

Of course the most basic answer to this is that durring some point of the day you had a thought, no matter how small, about one or more of the people that show up in a dream.   Basically the thought you had durring the day created the setting for the dream that night.
As far as what this entity is doing to you I don't know.   But here is my take on energy in general.

I personally do not believe that there is such a thing as "bad" energy.  Or I should say that energy, no matter the type, is nuetral.  However I think a persons or entitys energy can be bad, but only because of that persons or entitys effect on the energy and ultimately how it effects you.  Energy is but a tool, it is what you do with that tool that makes the differance.

Ultimately this applies to "good" or "bad" energy as I view good and evil as matters of perspective.  So any energy from a source that is in line with your beliefs and your own personal energy will feel good, or rather would effect you in a way that is congruant to your beliefs.  Any energy from a source that is at odds with your beliefs or energy will effect you adversly.

Specifically with sexual energy, there are many belief systems that encourage the use of sexual energy for meditation or alternatly use meditation to increase ones sexual energy.

It is all just a matter of perspective.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Legal Question
January 28, 2007, 01:25:33
Greetings.  I am hoping some one with some Law back ground can help me riddle out a situation I am having at work.  I don't know if it is needed but it may help if you knew about Arizona employment law. 

The basic question is about uniforms.  I know a company can tell you what to where.  But the question I have is wether or not a company can tell you where to buy that uniform.

The back ground.  Our director is some what new and is on a big "appearance is everything" kick.  He does not like the colors of our current uniforms and whats to change that.  However he has also mentioned bringing in a Uniform Service to do all the cleaning and such for that.  Now here is the kicker.  It has come down to this.

We either A) Use the uniform service where they pick up and clean all the uniforms, and we as the individual employee will pay for it.  Or B) can opt to purchase the uniforms ourselves but we HAVE to purchase them from the same uniform company. 

Personally I think that this is wrong.  Sure a company can tell me what I have to wear at work, I understand their need to enforce dress code so that everyone presents the image that the company wants.  However....I do not believe that the company can tell me where to purchase said clothing.  I am confident that I can get the same clothing at a different location for cheaper.

So there are the basics, I will resist the urge to ramble further.  The subject is a little touchy for me.
Okay I have already been through this.  And I continue to go through this because my relatives keep forgetting.

Ultimately you will have to just come out and say, and do so as bluntly as possible.  For me the simple "I do not believe in God." was enough to get everyones attention.  But how easily they forget.  But part of doing it is making sure that you accept them and thier beliefs but that their beliefs are not yours. 

But since I don't know your entire situation I would also excerise caution because you said you were worried about getting kicked out.  I would definately wait until you are capable or ready to "take care of yourself." 

Ultimately though I would have to say too that no matter what do not let this be a point of contention with your family.  Even though you do not share the same beliefs it does not mean that you no longer related.  Be there for family functions, even the religious holidays, and such. 

It sounds odd saying it, but if your parents can be adult about it, it may also be helpful to set some basic rules.  For instance there are two major things that I will not talk to my parents about, Religion and Politics.  More importantly I have told them this.  And if for what ever reason it comes up I tell them that I won't talk about it, unless they truely want to know what I think and are open to my opinion.  However if the conversation moves away from an "open" discussion I simpley tell them I am done talking about it and walk away.  It is a little rough to do at first but it is better in the long run and hopefully your parents will see that.

Anyway, hold out for now and good luck.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dreams inside dreams
December 26, 2006, 07:23:08
I have had the dream inside a dream experience only once that I can recall.  I had a dream where I was walking around in my house.  I knew I was dreaming but I was still really tired.  I thought it was kinda weird but I went with it like I do with many of my dreams, even the lucid ones, and headed off to find a place to sleep.  I went into my room which was different from how it was at the time and lied down and quickly fell asleep in my dream.  I soon found myself in a different dream which was also lucid, but this one was extreamly lucid.  It continued on for some time before I woke up.  But when I woke up the first time I was still in my 1st dream house and bed.  I didn't stay there very long before I woke up for real.  It some what felt like a false awakening when I woke up, in which case I would put the whole dreaming in a dream sequence as what happens before you have a false awakening.
1 - Have you ever encountered more evolved beings?

1.1 - If so, describe the place:
       what were they like:
       what have you learned from them:

Not so much more evolved but more spiritually aware and more aware of physical dynamics.  I have several in multiple LD experiences in several different enviroments.  Usually these figures are considerably calm even dispite some of the situations they have appeared in.  Saddly I can not point out any specific things learned through these experiences but I believe that the info is still floating around in my brain some place and helping me to develope.

Quote2 - What have you found out about life on other planets?


3 - What was the most interesting conversation you had? What did you ask/say and hear?

The most memorable experience was in a LD.  We were driving along a lonely, heavily forested road.  I was the passanger and some one else was driving.  We stopped in a small clearing in the woods.  The driver got out of the car and I followed.  He begain to head into the woods and as I started to follow he told me to stop.  I usually don't listen to Dream Figures when they tell me I can't do something, so I started to walk again.  Again he told me to stop and said that I could not continue as I was and pointed to a shop sink just sitting in the clearing.  I walked over to the shop sink and looked down into it.  When I did I started to cry and ended up filling up the sink.  When I looked back up he was gone.  That's when I woke up...still sad from the experience, even though I don't know why I started to cry in the dream.  I had the feeling that I could not continue carrying what ever burden was making me sad.  

Quote4 -  Describe 3 things/creatures that you saw there, but never saw here:

Well I have seen all kinds of things in my LD's that you just don't see in real life.  Including werewolves, the undead, giants, demons, and all manner of odd wisps of creatures.

Quote5 - If you've been able to read, what did you read about? How many consecutive words do you remember?

I have read several things to include signs, news papers, things like that.  Some times I don't actually read them as just know what they say.  But to recall I have picked up some very specific things like names and such.

Quote5.1 - Have you read words you haven't seen here before?


Quote6 - Ever learned special tricks to be used there?

Yes!  And several things that I am trying to learn here.  STuff that has lead me to beleive that it is possible here as well but there is still something missing that prevents it.

Quote7 - Ever received a solution to a problem?

Yes both personal and educational.  The solution to many things has come to me while dreaming.  I tend to learn lots of stuff while dreaming.  It makes me wonder just where the info comes from.  I have a couple of ideas but nothing solid given the way the info is resented.

Quote8 - Describe the most amazing thing you saw:

Nothing really amazing comes to mind.  Interesting maybe not really amazing.  Like one of the times I ended up in 3D blackness.  It was solid in a way.  For instance I could jump straight up and instead of falling I would just stop at the peak of the jump with the "floor" under me again.  That was pretty cool.  Played there for a little bit befoer I lost it.

Quote9 - Describe the most amazing thing you did:

Battle, which can be fun, to a certain extent.  But I have been faced with things that have been attachted to various family members and had to deal with them.  Those situations are always epic in nature.  For instance the ones involving my sister and brother in law.  Some thing was attachted to both of them.  I remember my neices being there as well and being afraid.  When what was hiding in my sister and husband had revealed itself I quickly delt with it.  One of the things that really made this experiance interesting was the change in the way that my neices acted towards me after that.  They previously were always a little stand-offish but after that it was like they were never liked that, always with hugs and hellos now.

Quote10 - Describe your most amazing validation:

See above.

Quote11 - Ever had your astral body malformed or defective? What was it like?
No, not really.  Got shot in the gut once and didn't die, dispite the big annoying hole in my stomach.  That went on for 3 days dream time.

Quote13 - Describe the 3 strangest sentences you heard:

Nothing really stands out.

Quote14 - Describe 3 things that you still want to try in the astral:

Space exploration would be cool.  And to remember a visit to the Records.  That's about it.

Quote12 - What interesting things have you found out about the Universe?

Things are not as mysterious as we make them out to be.

Quote15 - If you believe in a God, what clues have you gotten about it's existence?

16 - Ever been lectured on the process of Creation?

No to both of those.
I pretty much dream in color all the time, to varying degrees anyway.  Some dreams are dull but I wouldn't say black and white.

However while under hypnosis everything was pretty much seen in black and white but I could still tell what color things were.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Strange Dream
December 19, 2006, 01:38:16
Dreaming while you are ill can be real fun.  I have found that they tend to be a little more interesting because of the influences of being ill.  The getting up and then laying back down and going back into the same dream is pretty common when you are sick.  It is easier to do it then usually becuase being sick tends to cloud your consious mind.  That allws for you sub-consious to have a little more control of your thoughts.

Plus being sick seriously messes with the content of dreams, well at least for me.  A lot of times people tend to go about doing what they would normally do that day even though they are at home alseep.  Their brain gets so programmed into the work or school mode that if you are not doing these things you can tend to dream about them.  More so when you are sick or some thing because of the desire to be well and doing what you would normally do instead of being sick.
Keep in mind that I am just kinda throwing a couple things out there.  I do not recall experiencing actual taste in a dream but I have experienced some serious smells.  It seems to be some what the same as we feel pain in dreams.  The pain itself is not real but the body is mimicing the pain, usually based off previous experiences.  It could be the same thing here, just distored because it is some thing you are not used to.

Sleep walking as mentioned is also a possability.

There are also some pretty scary statistics on what we tend to injest while asleep.  Mostly due to things falling or finding thier way into our mouths.  Consumptionis an automated response to clear out what ever it is.
My only experience with it is being on the "patient" side of it. 

Mine was released by a hypnotherapist.  We weren't even really working on that when I was seeing her.  We just kinda ran across it and delt with it when it popped up.

So if you go see some one aout this it does not even really have to be a psychic.  You can look into hypnotherapy, but I would still excersise caution.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: What to do when lucid?
December 12, 2006, 02:40:56
I usually try to explore the location that I am at and try to figure out why I am there.  I also tend to look at the event in the dream that triggered my lucid state.  I usually do that with some of the stranger triggers.  Some times I just live the moment and react to the enviroment the way I would normally.  That has lead me to some interesting things.

I stopped trying to convince people in the dreams that it was infact a dream.  This is because I came to a realization after having a couple of discussions here.  When your mind creats a dream world it assigns a given personality to all the people in it.  And for the most part they do not know it as being any different from the real world.  They think and function as your mind has preset them too.  I have had difficulty changing that preset after becoming lucid.  There are those however in your dreams that are designed to know that it is in fact a dream.  Those people tend to be some kind of teaching tool created by your mind for better understanding.  But when your mind creats a hotdog vendor they tend to stay as one, only knowing about the hotdogs and very little else.

So I stopped trying to convince people and rather seek out those who were designed to understand.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: red bull
December 04, 2006, 05:15:56
I am caffeine immune.  But for those who are not.  Drinking things like soda, energy drinks, coffee, often tend to create these kinds of feelings.  It mostly has to do with the effect of the sugar/caffeine on the system.  It won't make you smarter or faster or anything.  It just gives the body more carbohydraits to break down thus creating a short term over stock of energy.  The more energy deprived your body is or the less base surgars you ingest the greater the effect of the above will have on you.
Interesting, I only recently started drinking.  Up until the age 28 I had never been drunk, I had never had more than a mouthful of any beverage.  But now, two years later, I can get ripped with the best of them!!

However.  Moderation is the key in all things.  If you want to have a drink, then have one.  If you want to get drunk, then by all means do.  Just learn when to say when and don't do it all the time.  Also, I would note, if you do it, do because you want to or don't want to, not because that is what everyone else is doing or saying.

As far as it attracting negative things.  I don't think so.  If a person is having problems with bad things happening to them when they drink I would have to sak why they drink to begin with.  I personally do not believe that it is the act of drinking, or in reality of doing anything, but it is the mind set that you have when going into it.  Heck, if you are angry at the world you could have a bad experience because of a Twinkie.  Would you blame the Twinkie or yourself?

Nothing happens unless at some point we make the choice to allow it to happen. 
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Find meaning in Dreams
December 03, 2006, 02:09:58
One of the reasons why when I am talking to some one about thier dreams I give them only possabilities, and usually several, so they get the idea.  It is usually better than asking, "What does it mean to you?"
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: US Federal Election
December 03, 2006, 01:57:55
That's interesting.  I can never find any of the names I get in dreams.

What was it about it that you did like though?
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Another dream came true
November 19, 2006, 04:21:19
That's pretty cool.....not thatthe snake bit you, but rather that you saw it comming before hand.  To bad you didn't learn from your dream thought  :-D
Dude, long time no see.

Well I could and have gone on for lengths of time about this, however i will try to keep it short.

I would have to say that on a whole there are very few bad forms of martial arts, only bad instructors and/or students.  This I believe holds true for the mixed forms as well.  There are a couple of forms that I am aware of that are banned in many places and finding a teacher for those arts is difficult at best.  However the only reason they were banned is because of the nature of those particular styles.  That being said any style can be twisted and turned into a bad form.  But that is the work of the teacher.  But even the most dangerous styles can be taught in a positive manner.  At least that is my belief.

The larger part of the puzzle is the mind set of the student.  If they are looking only for the negative aspects of a style they will find it.  On the flip side even the worst teacher can produce a good student.

As long as you have a clearly defined idea of what you are looking to get out of it then I would not worry about it.

Welcome to Dreams! / Re: body vision dreem
November 14, 2006, 01:44:07
Ahh, I know how that one feels being of poor vision myself, worse than 20/400(which is legally blind if uncorrectable) with out glasses.  I often use that as an indicator of what kind of experience I am having.  I have had several odd things happen to me in my room at times when I was not wearing my glasses, but I could still see fine.  I have noticed that that in my dreams and projections I am not wearing my glasses, as there is no need for them.  I have learned to use this as one of my primary reality checks for lucid dreaming.  Glasses on = probably awake, no glasses and still can see = definately asleep/possibly projected.  I would have to say that what ever the type of experience you were having you were not using your physical eyes to look around.

-side note-
I have also noticed that when viewing through eyelids the use of glasses is also not needed.  Again it is because you are not using your physical eyes.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: more odd dreams
November 14, 2006, 01:33:51
It is rather common for dreams to happen frequently at one location, even if you don't fully rememer being there.  I have a couple of dreamscapes that I visite regularly.  As far as the "litle red riding hood" character goes.  Do some thinking on what bothered you about it.  Although the character itself is a child and often considered innoscent, she is still hooded and cloaked.  Think about what the character means to you and how it was represented in the dream.
Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Page error.
November 12, 2006, 01:25:52
Hey moderators,

I just logged on and when I go the way I normally do, through

I got a page saying the site was hacked.

However by adding the "index.php" to the end I was able to enter the site.  Just thought you should know.