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I've had my Laxman for a little while now and I love it!  Just a word of caution, I wouldn't use it daily as it will give you a bit of eye strain, but nothing too painful. 

A few week ago I was using my Laxman while meditating and I fell asleep :roll: and went in a AP/LD environment but I still have my Laxman on and the mandalas are showing up in my experience  :lol:  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out why I'm seeing these shapes all over the place in my field of vision until I realized my body was sleeping!  Once I came to that realization though, they went away and the experience continued on.

Lately I have been using my Laxman with guided mediation mp3s on manual sessions and I like the results I get from doing it like this.  It works out so well that I am editing out the induction part as they don't seem to be needed since the device throws you into a relaxed state so easily. 

If there was only a way I could wear this to sleep and have it come on an hour before I woke up!  That would be a guaranteed non-physical experience every night! 
Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: DMT
October 09, 2014, 08:02:28
Two things..

1st, about the DMT, I really want to try it, but since I live in the US, not very easy to get a hold of.  That being said, I am going to try Salvia Divinorum (Legal in most US states) which is the next best thing as long as its used responsibly like all drugs.  Some prefer Salvia as it doesn't get you as sick form use and its sometimes easier to experience the non-physical.  The experiences are shorter though, 10 minutes from what I hear and your body doesn't shut down (sleep paralysis) so a sitter is recommended so you don't walk around and get hurt by something.

2nd, about Bashar.. I seen an interview on youtube with Darryl (not Bashar) and although he is his channel, he has some interesting perspective on who Bashar is.  He mentions that Bashar might not be an alien (he says who knows really) but it could just be he has an open door directly to his high self he it presents itself as Bashar or his second theory is that Bashar and him share the same soul or high self; this point sounds somewhat plausible since Bashar is ~300 years into the future or was that the past?.. who knows.  Anyways, fake or not, he message is what I am more interested in and there is nothing for me to have to call BS on when I hear it.
Quote from: 458id on August 09, 2014, 01:03:52
UFO's are not Aliens or smth, UFOs are Ex-Humans - Gods of the past, ei - Vishnu, Shiva, Zeus, etc.

...or they are aliens too, maybe also extra-dimensional beings, and/or many many other things we don't know about or understand just yet, and/or all of the above.  No need to limit to just a certain group of definitions and beliefs, the universe and multiverse are a very big place for all the answers and beliefs  :wink:
Funny, you're wanting to have one, while I'm trying not to have one every time I become Lucid to some extent.  I'm getting better and its not every time, I exaggerate, but when it starts I just can't seem to stop and lately in my dreams I am even saying the same thing to teases when they happen and we end up doing other dream things, so progress! 

Mind you, not that I don't want them, but I want to control them so when I meet a live entity in the Astral, I don't want to right away get frisky with them even if they are the hottest being in existence.  I mean how would that look if I encounter a being that nobody has ever meet before and I right away get frisky with them  :|

So like LionHeart says, its not a matter if you could, it's more of a matter if you should.

This is great story, I had a similar experience; my son (4) is sleeping in the bathroom and he was cold (projecting) so I put a sweater on him and grabbed his hand and we went flying!  He never spoke, but he had a smile on his face from ear to ear!
The latest piece of information I have on this subject is the follow:

Of course one can not really believe anything written unless one has experienced these events at the time.  However, from the years I have been following this subject and how much of a lot of this alien and AP correlates has me seeing it all in a new light.  If you read the above link, don't take it all as truth, especially what the alien says.  From my understanding, they have their own agenda whether it be good or bad for us, doesn't matter.. this is what we have AP'ing for, so we can discover these kinds of truths for ourselves.

Anyways, in that link in the early part of the interview it is explained how the greys are a mechanical biological being and how their civilization, at least the ones that exist in our universe, kind of posses the mechanical body when they need to do things in the Physical.

Again, good read if it is your thing to begin with..
I'm into the alien topic and from what I read, the grey aliens are a type of machine.  They are biological robots who has a soul fill it when it's needed (their true reality is not in our reality but they can travel between the two like we can in our dreams into their reality)  .. or so I read anyways.  This would seem to qualify as a civilization of machines to some degree.
...and I died humiliated, but apparently I deserved it  :|

Heh, kind of exciting actually, but I finally met someone in the NP (Jennifer) and this was a wild projection for me.  It was actually pretty long too, felt like 2 hours and I was worried (rightfully so) that I wouldn't be able to remember everything, but the actual time was closer to 45 minutes; I wbtb at 4 and got up at 5.

Anywhoo.. The setting is a party of some kind and then we are in the old west at a shooting range and lots of talking, but what stood out to me the most and what I recall clearly is a conversation about who I used to be.  She was explaining to me and then I kind of saw through my (Indian me) eyes what she was explaining my last moments of life I think.  I am in a hospital, 1960's (i think it was 68', but that detail is fuzzy to me now   :-() and I'm surrounded by family and neighbors.  Apparently, my wife found out about my mistress and on my death bed told everyone what I had been doing and shamed me in front of everyone!

I then went back to normal me and was amazed to find this out and then more talking and looking around marveling at this experience and even the place I am in, a very nice very white house which seems to be in some future setting.  So awesome, just thought I would share it with everyone, oh and for the record in this life, I just have one wife and no mistresses  :-P
I'm of the belief that these kind of things are very difficult for us as humans is that our ego gets in the way.  Look at dreams, your ego plays a big role on what you recall a dream to be, even though its you experiencing it at the time but when I go to recall it you remember things differently then you though when looking back on it later. 

Not sure if my point is getting across here as I'm still learning how these things work myself, but what I'm trying to say is everyone sees things differently and you and your ego are no different in this respect, so when given a truth, you or your ego changes what you were told when recalled because of different perspectives.
@Xanth haha, hopefully we get more them nine lives in the nonphysical or I'm doomed!

BTW, about walking on the sun, one probable wouldn't get a good view because the surface is in constant motion with wave miles high and one couldn't see from them being everywhere.  Also begs the question, how  bright would it be to be walking on its surface?
I've not been to the sun yet but in my latest projection I went to the moon!  Actually I may have obliterated the entire moon.. why?  Well, because I jumped to the moon from my house but and got to the moon in seconds and I could see the moon getting bigger and bigger until I crashes into it and I didn't so much forget to slow down as much as I wanted to see what happened to the moon when I slammed into it.  I was going so fast there was no way it was going to survive.  I actually woke up right away because my heart was speeding from the adrenaline and I  wasn't afraid of crashing, I was totally excited to even see the moon that close, best feeling ever!  I just wish I would have maintained my excitement so I could fly around some of the craters.

I do plan on hitting the sun though, along with Jupiter, Pluto, Beetlejuice, and the Milkyway's supermassive blackhole once i am able to get a better handle on my control of being in the non-physical.
I just want to say this method sounds great and all, but just realize it is not foolproof.  I had a dream where I did clarity now while because my dream started to fade and my dream self wanted to prolong the dream! 

And you know what it worked, the dream instantly became so vivd it was clearer then real life to my amazement and I was kicking myself for not becoming lucid at this either  :|

So yeah it works but one still needs to be able to become aware.
Yeah Xanth, I know they are the same, that was just my way of saying it (words getting in the way of meaning  :-P)..

Oh yeah, I hear that all the time, the term "from within", I just assumed it was something more esoteric.  Well this has the potential to make my understanding of some of these posts when talk of "within" comes up. 

Tanks Xanth!
I've been reading on LD forums that a popular thing to do is to talk with their subconscious.  In essence talking with yourself or another aspect of "the self", much like another aspect of our "high-selves".  Even though most LD'rs don't believe in AP they essentially do the same things, but this is not something I have read much on these forums.  I wonder if instead of talking with your guides asking for help to AP or whatever, maybe just communicate with your subconscious to help speed along process, of course this would be easiest to some degree within a LD.

This is a great experience!  Here is an example of something I had never considered, helping people who are still here. 

Thanks for sharing!
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: the Third Option!
January 31, 2014, 12:58:20
Wow, I honestly did not even think of buying this book.. Good call! I'll do just that thanks Szaxx!
Welcome to Dreams! / the Third Option!
January 31, 2014, 08:56:13
OK, so I had this awesome dream where I an my wife are Russian spies deep undercover in the U.S. (I believe this is somehow related to the show the Amerikans).

Long story short, at the end of the dream we meet the FBI agent's wife and she is crying that she just separated from her husband and as my wife and I are walking away she turns to her and says I would choose "the Third Option".

That part stood out to me when I woke up, so I went to look it up to see what if anything the Third Option is..  GET THIS!!  The Third Option is a book about a CIA agent and it gets better!  The Third Option is a kind of marriage counseling course couple take when they are having issues! 

Keep in mind that I have never heard of either of these two things until this dream as far as I know, so some Astral force is talking to me  :wink:

That totally blew my mind, mind you no issues for my marriage, so who knows maybe I am supposed to write down this dream for some of you readers  :-D  the universe works in mysterious ways  :-P

Anyways, I thought that was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me since I have started writing my dreams down!
I hear you guys, I suppose I did it to myself now that I think back on it.  What threw me off was the floating part and once I lost that feeling of control the rest of the experience continued the same.  Now That I think back on it, I should have let myself float off until I knew I had control instead of hoping to regain my control. 

I wonder if just thinking about having legs and then using them to move about would have been better in this situation, however, the floating was a good lesson in that I know I was using the wrong logic of doing what I wanted as far as movement goes.  Good lesson, now I need to go back and try it again  :-D
tldr version; 

1) Any advice on controlling direction of motion?
2) Do people we conjure up always act lifeless?
3) How can you tell if you are projecting when everything feels so normal?

Heh, didn't mean for this post to be so long.


Last night I was attempting a WILD and it worked out, I soon after about 20 minutes I fell into a dream, but knew it was a dream right away.  As I came to this realization I popped out of the dream and stayed motionless on my couch and dream scene was gone and soon thing cool things started.  First, I heard a buzz wiz past my ear (this is a first for me) and I thought awesome, great sign, then along came the vibrations, so far so good.. 

Now the weird, the vibrations ended and I thought I missed my window to exit, but turns out I was in and didn't know it.  I tried exit techniques anyways, first I tried floating out, nothing, then I tried just thinking of my front door as that worked before, but still nothing.  The weird part was I assumed since nothing worked I was just awake at that point and a little bummed and then I heard someone in my house behind me, but then I realized there can't be anyone here they would see me and freak out (thinking it was someone broke into my house).  At that point I knew I was in and I just needed to get out of the couch somehow.  Since nothing worked I just sat up, worked! 

The problem I have now and why I'm writing this post is to ask for some advice for next time.  I got up and since I knew I was in I just floated around, walking didn't even occur to me, but I think I should have made the attempt anyways, because I was not able to control any movement.  I floated upstairs to check on my wife and kids, they were fine watching TV and reading (although in real life they were sleeping) and I knew it wasn't truly RTZ just my interpretation of events.  As I floated into the room I kept flying past outside the house so I had to redirect my motion back into the room and then I popped out again on the other side of the room. 

I eventually ended up downstairs into someone else's kitchen.  I still am not able to control my floating, but I am able to at least suggest a direction to move in, I realize my real problem was stopping so I float in a circle in this kitchen and I reach down to the floor and grab onto it to stop moving.  Kind of funny actually, but it worked.  I try calling out clarity now a few times and I got no change and I am starting to feel I am losing it and about to wake up.  At this point I try sticking my hands through the floor of the kitchen, my left hand goes in easy but my right hand stops.  I force it anyways and it goes in.  I am still losing it so I think ok lets try something new, I feel around and I can feel the rocks and gravel under the concrete and I think ok lets do something cool before I wake up and I think lets pull up Angelina Jolie (don't know why her, just first thing that popped in my head at the time) from this kitchen floor.  Bam! I grab her pinky finger and pull her up, I over did it a bit because when I pulled her up she was too big so I shrunk her down a bit.  Not expecting much but thought it was cool that I could do it, I at least wanted her to at least react to what I just did, even knowing it was just my imagination to materialize her.  The person I pulled up was just as groggy as I was and then I woke up.
I had a pretty long dream last night, about 1,000 words worth that I could remember, but the cool thing about it was something about the dream.  In the dream I was in Bangkok visiting a friend who lives there (not real life friend, just a dream character). 

Anyways, and I know this is small and doesn't really mean anything, but I thought it was cool.. The cars in the dream are driving on the left side of the road rather then the right side as I am used to seeing.  I didn't even know they drove on the left side until I looked it up after coming to this realization about my dream. 

Also, this is my first dream of dreaming of a futuristic event, the cars in my dream where future looking small and NO Wheels, they kind of remind me of elongated egg shaped vehicles!  Heh, not a big thing, just something else that caught my eye about the dream.
Maybe we should change the word visualization to something more to what we are meaning for it to be here; like LionHeart just mentioned, maybe we should change it to simply "pretend"?  I can pretend all day long, I tell me kids all the time to pretend all the time when they are playing at home.
I've been lucky enough to have two conscious exits and have yet to SP.  As a matter of fact my first time out, I had just moved my arm over my head to get more comfortable and then got strong vibrations and then the exit.
Quote from: Xanth on December 29, 2013, 00:13:09
"That can't be an astral projection because it was a dream!"  <-- I've heard this kind of statement too many times to count.
It never ceases to amaze me at how some people really love to limit themselves in this way.

This is why the first step to learning astral projection is to pretty much forget most of what you've read or believe on the subject.  You need to free yourself from the very narrow and limiting box one usually puts themselves into before they've even had their first experience.

I hear you on this point Xanth, but for those of us who are new how do we know what is what?  Seems all I do is read up on this subject matter and already I am seeing a division and the funny thing is it seems both are on the same topic..

What I mean is LD folks don't believe in AP and AP folks classify LD as another phenomenon all together.  I just finished reading William Buhlman's Adventure out of Body and even he mentions LD as it is related but not really to AP when according to your book, in which I agree with, says they are the same.

All these differing points of view gets confusing, like everyone gets vibrations on forum but another forum will say that's not the case, can drive one nuts
Hi AstralSuzy!

From the way the most experienced people who can AP talk about it, they say it's always best to get some sleep first and so that is how i make my attempts.  From the way they talk about it I just never assumed to try and make an exit attempt, I thought it was just impossible that the body needed at least four hours rest to be ready. ... This is where words are more of a hindrance then helpful on this subject. ...

So with this new knowledge I will start doing exits!   I understand not everyone gets vibrations, but as I have had a few APs now I seem to get them every time so they are at least a goal post for me.  Heh, I just woke up from a successful LD with my family, but silly me ran to wake up my wife to see if she remembered anything and she thought I was crazy.

Thanks for the info AstralSuzy! 
I know it doesn't always happen, maybe in a few cases, but not really for beginners like me..  I wonder why it's the case that we just can't do it, even if we hit the sign posts, or like mine in particular, I can get the vibrations easy just before going to bed, but never launch; funny too because when I get up early to attempt I then fall back to sleep easily (but that is another forum post).

Is this just a mental block we have as a beginner or is there more to it then I realize atm?