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His "NEW" technique was and still is one of the most helpful things I have found in this entire practice here. I thank him greatly for that! I use it often! It is great for "deferring" pain! It also really taught me how to "hold" my focus and "target it", for a time being, on a single body part or any "object" in general.
 Yes, you are correct, some forms of "raw Quartz" are inexpensive. Polished, not so much, as evident in these links here. Yours is a fairly large size. It is a beautiful specimen. Polished Calcite can be costly as well.

 Yes, it is great being around so many likeminded. good natured people on a continual basis. Conversations on meditation, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, etc. are welcomed there. Each wellness show has a number of speakers on all different modes of Healing, Energy work and Meditative practices. There are all kinds of "Readers" there as well.

  Last weekend I started up with a new company that does Wellness shows too. Their name is "Soul and Synergy". The other company I have been vending with for a year and half now is "Bodylabs". I have some "Art in the Parks", other Art fairs and Renaissance Faires booked for this summer and fall as well. Some you have to book many months ahead of the actual show date. That gets to be pricey.

 My new Pyramid design is about 5 and half inches tall. I use only 20-gauge copper wire in the design. First, I twist a few pieces of 20-gauge wires together, then I braid them into the frame of the Pyramid. The fun comes when the Pyramid "chooses" the Crystal that it wants to amplify. After creating the first few, I went upstairs, sat in my chair and vibrated for a few hours. The energy of these Pyramids things is incredible.

 All of my wire wrap tree sculptures, Dragons, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Crystal Beings are made using 20-gauge artistic copper wire. I experimented for a while to find the right gauge to work with. 18-gauge was too hard to twist, in the bulk that I do. 20-gauge was perfect for the job. Teh copper is raw, so in time it will "patina".
Casey, for the last year and a half now, I have been a vendor at almost weekly "wellness shows" throughout Minnesota. I have many friends that sell all kinds of Crystals and I knows hefty price that accompanies the purchase of some of them. In one of your videos you spoke of how you came upon your awesome Crystal. You said it was in a rock shop in your locale. I showed your video to a few of my Rock and Gem friends and they said a Crystal of the size you have is quite pricey. Possibly into the thousands of dollars. Is that what it cost you? I have Crystals of all kinds. Many are unique and a bit pricey as well. But the ones I am talking about are about an inch to 2 inches long. Similar to the size of a small "Herkimer Daimond". You said yours was a form of "Calcite" Crystal. Is that correct?

 I have been working quite a bit with "Angel Aura Quartz". I place a double rutilated piece in the center of a new braided "Pyramid" design that I created, that was shown to me in 3 nights of Dreams. It has become a popular item in the shows I do. The design came to me about 3 weeks ago. I attempting to put a picture of that "energy device" on here right now. I don't have "Photobook" anymore. The cost of the account kept rising.

 With this happening on an "etheric level, I don't think there would be any noticeable changes at all. I have seen videos in the past done in "sleep disorder/study labs" where a person is full sleep paralysis, yet their physical body is not showing any signs of any disruption at all. When the subject awakens, they tell how they felt their body physically being bounced and vibrated violently all over the place.

 Now I so know that there is a measurable change in the brain activity around pineal gland and even the visual cortex while a person is meditation. Dr. Deepak Chopra was the subject of an experiment like this for the show "Ancient Aliens" in the past.
 Great answers Tak and Fowlskins.

 I find that the "I can't see thing" or "locked in the darkness scenario" occurs with me at the end of a Dream/experience that I am attempting to prolong. The problem is though, at that time, I have attained a bit too much of a "waking physical" awareness. This happens regularly just as I am about to wake up for the day, or to use the bathroom. It's basically a sign saying, "come back again at a later time! All of our Operators are busy, lol!  :-D
 I have thoroughly been enjoying the conversation on the "Mansions"! Thank You for that!  :-)

 I have found, (through many Mansion-like experiences), that the Mansion can be whatever it "needs" to be. I have seen it as a hotel, with front desk and bellhops to boot. I have seen it as a Magickal Palace, full of all kinds of unique Magickal items. I have seen it antique and even seen it as a newer, more recent Mansion. I know it is basically the same place because of the "feel" of it. That seems to be the one constant in all of my mansion experiences. You just know it for some reason. All and all, It seems to be a great "training ground".
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: hello
April 06, 2024, 15:15:00
Quote from: Suziefish on April 06, 2024, 01:26:11reminscent

slowly woke from a detailed dream

the above playing in the background

as it was way back then

yes, the chapters in our lives stay with us,

Thank you for link share. You have great taste in Music!  8-)

 I wake up to songs in my head as well. In quite a few of my LD experiences, I find myself up on stage playing with some of the great musicians of the past. It was very cool, especially because in this current reality here, I don't know how to play guitar or any other instruments. At least not good enough to be on stage that is, lol!  :-D
Quote from: alterdive on March 07, 2024, 09:53:33Any tips on how I can detach from the physical world and become just pure consciousness?
Hello Alterdive.

 You are setting the stage, per se. Now you need to look beyond the veil. Everything you have said above shows that you are at the Doorway. Now you need to find a way to go through it. Years ago, I created this thread here to do just that. It is called "the Doorway" and is based on keeping your physical mind busy until the "natural" shift in consciousness occurs. The Doorway technique has evolved quite a bit in the years since.

 Today I still utilize it when I do my "Phase soaks". A Phase soak is basically a Phase session while lying in my bathtub. It only takes a few initial "rituals" to prime the pump and get the process going. One of those is just simply running the water for the bath. I found the key for me at least is in consistency. Having certain "rituals" that do every time prepares your consciousness for NPR activity, before you have even closed your eyes.

 The Doorway technique is based on utilizing simple "geometric shapes, colors and even Mantras". These create "mental associations" that will jump start the visual portion of your journeys.

 I found it difficult to just turn the mind off or should I say "monkey mind" off while I Phased. So, I created more of "pro-active" approach. It has and still does work well today for not only myself, but many other people as well.!/the-doorway/
Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hello
March 05, 2024, 22:36:43
 Welcome to the Astral Pulse. Suziefish!  :-)
 My post meant that they were coming at it by using the "current Science" available to them. In my eyes. that is the
"most difficult path". They are and always have used "Scientific methodology" to attempt to prove that the NPRs do in indeed exist. Currently" they do not have the tools to do that. If you read Lightbeam's posts, she was talking about people on a Forum about Quantum Physics, which is more "Science oriented".

... and no, even we don't have it all figured out. We have found a way to experience. I always said, "just when I thought I had it figured out, it changes". I still hold to that today.
 Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)
 No worries Lightbeam. They will get it sooner or later. They are just coming at it from a different path. As we know, there are many paths that lead to the same destination. They have just chosen the most difficult one!
 Late to the show here, but welcome to the Astral Pulse athoward. You are amongst those that understand what you are sharing and going through. We have all been led to, or directed towards, following this new path of exploration.
Quote from: fowlskins on February 16, 2024, 04:54:46So not the exit I was aiming for but a interesting experience non the less
They all have their purpose! They all contain lessons to help to further your knowledge as you follow down this path!

 We don't always get what we "want", instead we get what we "need"!
 In the last few days, I have listened to a few of the fantastic interviews on the Fade to Black show with host Jimmy Church.

 The first interview was "ET" related and was about a lady named Sev Tok, She spoke about her "abductions" and "visitations" The reason I am sharing this video here is that her description of it sounds to us here like a classic case of an OBE or even very Lucid Dream. She even spoke that said that the event seemed real to her, even more real than this physical reality here. How many times have we said that ourselves? To this day I still haven't answered the question of what is actually happening, solely based on my own experiences compared to all of these people that speak about abductions. At first you are thinking she is misunderstood and that she is just having a classic OBE. After while of listening to her story, you see that there is so much more to it and once again are questioning "what really is happening here"?

 I have had non-physical experiences myself that are very similar to what she spoke of. The same messages were given as well, through "downloads" or some form of telepathy and that is that we needed to share and help others remember what they once knew or who they once were.

 The second interview was with Damon Abraham, PhD. He is a researcher in affective science and parapsychology and is the Principal Research Scientist at Entangled. He spoke on his own experiences with "non-physical exploration. He also talked about what other mainstream Scientists see this phenomenon to be. This is a great interview for people that want to know the "nuts and bolts" and "tech" of this whole process itself.


 Just to add a bit to this conversation that is already filled with a ton of useful information that is shared by all those "in the know" here. I found while reading both Monroe's and Frank's fantastic material was that both of them knew the "feel" of the Focus areas that they spoke of. That is why I began utilizing Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones years ago. At first, I used them when I attempted to project/Phase. After a while, I found that they were great to listen to just when you have a few moments to relax. I learned through the different brain waves or should I say "frequencies" what each individually one felt like. I found that to be extremely important in the Art of Phasing. Knowing how each brain wave, Alpha. Beta, Delta and even Theta felt like, aided me in realizing where I currently was in my process/session.
Quote from: Eddie333 on January 30, 2024, 17:08:59Well, now my understanding of a dream is that it is still a projection with a lower level of awareness. I always thought when you dream you are accessing your subconscious mind and all of the beliefs you have. Although since I started meditating and trying to consciously project more, of course my awareness increased during dreams and also it happened a couple times that my dream will play out exactly like that the next day in real life so i'm not so sure anymore that it's only your subconscious.
That, only the NPRs can teach you the truth. We can talk about it here until we are blue in the face, but some things you must experience for yourself, then come to "your own" conclusions. You are doing great. Remember it takes practice, patience and perseverance to succeed in accessing the NPRS while consciously aware of it.

 According to most Authors of OBEs, the most difficult way to access the NPRs is through a direct, known as Phasing approach. I beg to differ on that. The Phasing approach takes work, possibly that is why they say that. You learn more through your struggles. It is a whole different kind of "school" there.

QuoteI tried to do that a few days ago and I think I know what you are referring to. While I was observing myself go to sleep I paid attention to the blackness and tried to emerge myself into it and as few dream characters started popping up it was like they were in the blackness in different directions but I could not see them I could "feel" that they are there. And if you are referring to try to do this like from a lucid dream state I weirdly find that harder :)))) but for sure it's something I will try more.
Change that line to "I paid attention to the blackness and tried to emerge myself into it and as hypnogogic imagery started popping up it was like they were in the blackness in different directions but I could not see them" and you can see what I am getting at!  :wink:

 Hello Eddie. I have enjoyed your writing here.

 It seems to me that you are having all kinds of "non-physical" experiences, just not the ones that you are looking for. Before I go any further with a possible answer to your questions here I need to know "what do you think a Dream is".

 Volgerie wrote that fantastic thread about the "void" and I would read it at least a few times. There is so much great info packed in it.

 You are in great hands with all the advice that is being shared with you here. Sometimes you can go into "overload" if too much info is shared all at once.

 My key to "void" experiencing is learning to mentally move yourself forward into the darkness before your closed eyes. The darkness will almost immediately take on a depth. Moving backwards away from it can get really bizarre too.
In the Art of Magick, there is an adage that most live by and that is "TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE". All thoughts/prayers, wishes, desires, etc. created are followed by the words "With harm to none and only Peace and Harmony in the Universe, so mote it be so it is done". The thought/prayer, wish, desire, etc. is then released to manifest and never focused on again. If it is meant to be, it shall happen.

It is simple and to the point and "trust" is paramount to the outcome.
Quote from: Xanth on December 02, 2023, 16:19:26This is the precise reason for that "more than real" feel so many people state in their projections.  :)
Yes, and it is also why mere words alone, just can't be found to describe the "total awe" of it!  8-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Ancient Aliens
December 04, 2023, 18:08:08
Quote from: Volgerle on December 04, 2023, 10:02:08I think many of us here actually are, well, kind of.  :-)
Agreed!  :-)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Biological Children
December 04, 2023, 18:05:59
 Dolores Cannon spoke of this very thing when talking about the "3 waves of Volunteers". She spoke about the fact that many of the Volunteers or "Wanderers", will either not have any children or became separated from their families in one way or another. I too fit into that category.

 I wanted to share something with all of you here and have been awaiting a post that seemed fitting to do that. My wife, Mary Jo, who has transitioned to her next reality, had subscribed to a theme of the day site called "Heron Dance Art Studio". Every day, they email either a poem or some kind of inspirational words to MJ's email account. They are very uplifting, and I find that reading them in the morning when I first arise is a great way to begin the day!  :-)

 This one came the other day and it had "Astral Pulse members" written all over it. The words were written like they were made for many of us here. I am not going to copy and paste it because I don't want to break any copyright laws. I will give you the link to it instead. I am not up on what is acceptable on the web, when it comes to posting things written by famous Authors and Poets. If it is okay to post the words, I will do that here. for now, here is just a link to the site. The article is called "Magic Doesn't Like Living in a Box". Enjoy!  :-)  I did!  8-)  :-)
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Bashar
November 12, 2023, 23:17:41
Quote from: LightBeam on November 12, 2023, 21:06:32Wow, this is so cool, Lu! The art is maybe not only in one place but a web of frequencies from where many tap and exchange information, so endless variations of the trees are being created by all of you artists, each of you adds unique elements and others take the ideas, combine with their own, and t becomes a wonderful multiverse of beautiful trees.
Kind of like the "hundred Monkey" effect. I agree. We already saw last year here how a new member to the Pulse had created a technique very similar to my "Doorway technique". He had posted all of his info on Reddit. Unfortunately, he had a very combative personality and didn't last long here on the Astral Pulse!  :-( 
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Bashar
November 12, 2023, 15:10:57
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on November 08, 2023, 23:59:16I may have miscommunicated slightly; my bad.

My understanding of the rumor I heard was that the person claiming to channel Bashar was initially a fraud, but that he achieved a wide enough audience that some Non-Physical entity, with a genuine desire to communicate higher knowledge, expropriated the human channel, and began the Bashar communications.
Guilty as charged. We had this conversation a few years back. I like his messages, but don't care for the "theatrics".

 Years ago, (before you could pay for any bad press to be wiped from the Internet), I had read a number of articles and heard Guests on radio talk shows talking about the fact that he always was a good "actor". Supposedly, he and a few other friends were really impressed with the "monetary value" of Channeling. He then began learning all he could, including learning the Art of Hypnosis. From there his own practice began. Somewhere along the way, it seems like his words were being "Guided". That would make sense to me, for it's all about the message, not the "Messenger". If another entity could see the "value" of such a person, I could see them deciding to utilize this way to spread their own message.

 Like I said above,  "I love what he says". He has helped a lot of people find their way in life. There are some questions though, like "why does Bashar need a translator when he goes to other countries to do seminars and why does he not have a question answer/period in other Countries he does seminars in, like he does here in the USA and other "English" speaking countries? Surely an entity such a Bashar would have the ability to understand and communicate in foreign tongues/languages as well. Who knows, like I said, "it's all about the message"!
 When questioned about things like that, he just blows the person off.

 I do believe in Channeling. I channel when I create my copper wire trees. I don't have an actual design or blueprint in mind when I start a new tree. I just trust my hands and follow their lead. I always say aloud before I begin creating a new tree "My hands are your hands, lets create beautiful art together". My hands are outstretched with my palms up when I do it and after I say those words, I actually feel an energy, like a pulse moving down my arms into my being. I then thank my guest when the piece is complete.

 A few nights ago, I had a LD whereas I was in either Hawaii or some kind of Polynesian island. I went into a building and there were all kinds of unique Artistic creations, I guess, created by the Locals there. I then came across a row where on the shelves were copper wire trees exactly the way I make them. I thought "finally I can learn who it is I am channeling". But my excitement killed the experience, and I immediately woke up. I was very annoyed with myself. I lacked the control in that moment to restrain my excitement. Oh well, at least a bit of the puzzle is being unveiled.