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The short answer: Yes, it is possible.

The problem isn't noticing so much as your lack of awareness. The clicks or lapses you refer to means you are consciously not aware at those times. In order for noticing to lead to phasing, you must remain conscious the entire time. That is the difficult part. We all learn that when are bodies start to fall asleep, our minds are given free reign to roam (dream). What you need to re-train is your control over your mind and awareness. You need to control it so that when your body starts to fall asleep and exhibits the signs (hypnogagia, etc) your mind doesn't also fall asleep by drifting into unconsciousness. If you can maintain your awareness, you will experience what Frank describes. Flat blackness will yield to colors that flit across your vision, lights may strobe, images flash, scenes flick in and out, etc.

Eventually one of two things will occur: either the scenes will stabilize to the point that you can shift your focus on one scene and enter it (also called phasing); or the flat blackness behind your eyelids will seem to expand before you (becoming 3D) and you'll feel like you entered the blackness and are traveling down a black tunnel. If you experience the 3D blackness, you want to set your intent (what you want to do or who you want to visit) as you enter the tunnel. Then maintain that focus. If you have no thoughts, simply start moving down the tunnel and see where it takes you.

Regardless, the first thing I suggest you work on is maintaining conscious awareness. Without that, even reaching a stable scene or the 3D blackness won't last for long because it's very likely you'll lose awareness before you experience anything beyond it. Maintaining a high awareness/lucidity will also allow you to control your emotions so you don't get overly excited and instantly end the experience -- something very common when first starting out.
I don't have a technique I use. I never have. I'm really not the best person to ask about this topic (one of the reason's I don't post much in the OBE section). Unlike a vast majority of people who experience OBEs, I never experience any of the typical symptoms: no vibrations, no noises, no creepy sensations, nothing. For me, I am simply conscious at the time I feel my energy body loosen. I know it's happening because I feel light and floaty and somewhat detached. Then there's what I call 'the release'. It literally feels like a lever was switched and I am now seperate from my physical body. There is nothing jarring or startling. It's like a small string was holding my to my body and it simply slips free. It's a very smooth, peaceful process. Once I feel seperate, I simply roll over and out of bed/body and go through my bedroom wall. Then I phase to where I want to go.

I have never tried any technique to induce OBEs except for maintaining awareness, but I don't think that's a technique. Basically by just being aware of what I'm doing, when I'm doing it during the day, my awareness is strengthened and lengthened to the point that I remain as such when my physical body falls asleep. It also increases the quantity and quality of lucid dreams such that I can then phase from within them.

Hope that helps! If you need more info on techniques and such for OBEs, you may want to browse the OBE board or the FAQ section for some good techniques.
I don't think this should really be that surprising. Time is relative only in physical terms. In my experiences, time and space (meaning distance) have no real meaning in the non-physical.
All of these experiences are related to consciousness. In my opinion, the only difference between a dream and an astral trip, is whether or not your are lucid at the time. As for OBE's, I perceive them slightly differently, but it's still a function of consciousness. During an OBE I perceive seperation from my physical body. During AP, I skip the separation and floating sensation of OBEs and go straight to the astral.

I think one of two things occurred for you, but both occurred during a dream: Either you simply dreamed of having an OBE, or you were vaguely aware of your etheric body loosening from your physical and that floating sensation came through in the dream. You still dreamed it, but it may have been triggered by the OBE.

I think we all have OBE's and astral experiences every night. The problem is most people are rarely aware of them when they occur.

Hope this helps!
QuoteShould I just try to imagine a well-known phisicall location (a peculiar building in my hometown,...) and intend to go there?

Are you trying to visit something in the etheric plane (also referred to as the real time zone)? That area of consciousness is different than what I think of in terms of the astral plane. It's actually fairly easy to do if you are lucid enough. And your level of lucidity is key in everything you do non-physically.

If you get lucid in a dream and want to shift somewhere else, simply focus on where you want to go. This is why your level of lucidity is critical. Not only do you need to maintain focus on where you want to go, but you have to be very clear about it as well. It could be something specific, like visit a friend. In that case, picture your friend in your mind. Think only of them. When this happens, what I perceive to happen is that the dream scape drops slightly below me and begins whizzing past. After what feels like a few moments, the scene slows down and I gently lower into it. Looking around, I'll see the person on whom I was focusing nearby. This process will work the same for places too.

However, I've never tried to phase to the etheric from a dream. The only time I am in the etheric is when I leave via a traditional OBE. I roll out into the etheric, but I never stay there. I simply phase from there to the astral. So I know that this method works from the etheric to the astral, so it should work in reverse as well. I just never tried.

Oh, one last thing, when phasing from a dream, you MUST remain focused on your goal (who/where you want to go). If you lose your train of thought, even for a second, you will end up wherever your focus went. Sometimes, if I'm not real lucid, I'll catch something in the dream scape zipping past and all it will take is that one second of me going "hey, what was that?" Movement stops and I'm dropped right where I was looking. Good luck!
I'd have to ditto what Stookie said. All of what you are describing thus far occur at the beginning of deep relaxation/trance. You mention several times fear/apprehension holding you back. You are quite correct. Until you fully relax and let go, you'll struggle to get past this point.

You also mention a lot of audio, what about visual? Do you see or sense anything?

Keep going with what you are doing and continue to try and relax. It's amazing, but very few people are able to fully relax except while completely asleep. And far fewer can do it on demand (when they want to). It's all about practice.

One thing to keep in mind is that nothing you are doing is dangerous, so there's no reason to fear. Instead attempt to adopt a mild sense of curiousity. Don't focus on any one thing, rather be aware of them as if saying "hmm...that's interesting." Keep a sense of mild detachment and watch what occurs. There's a great post by Frank on this and he called in noticing. I was doing this before coming here and find that what he describes is almost dead on with my own experiences. It's also helpful to practice this during the day -- similar to mindfulness. With practice, this little thing called noticing not only enhances the quality and quantity of lucid dreams, but also allows one to phase, fully aware, from within a dream.

Good luck.
Shams and Mustardseed-
The previous thread was locked due to inflammatory comments similar to the ones starting this thread. Disagreeing on religion has been happening for thousands and thousands of years. In my opinion, it has also been the cause of more death than anything else. While here, disagree or discuss all points you wish, but do not attempt to 'start a war'. The Acceptable Use Policy of this site is one for all members to abide be, regardless of their religious affiliation.

No one is trying to assassinate anyone or limit anyone's freedom of speech on this site. And name calling is solely a negative response. Both are against AUP. The tone of these posts needs to return to a respectful manner from all members.

Everyone has different thoughs about what projection is and is not. The only thing you can do is form your own ideas based on what you experience and read and what makes sense to you.

As for projecting while pregnant, the thought of it being dangerous never crossed my mind. I have 3 kids and never had any problems with it during pregnancy. To be honest, I wasn't intentionally trying anything during those times either. But I wouldn't worry. If you are really concerned, then simply don't attempt to do it. And if you feel it starting, stop it. However, I don't think you need to go to that extreme. While I'm sure it's completley safe, this is just my opinion. You need to do what makes you feel most comfortable for you and your child.
I didn't use a hosting site. In the Personal Information section of the profile, I clicked on the 2nd option (upload your own picture). Then there is a browse button to select it as a file off your hard drive. I didn't have any problems with it. If it isn't working using a hosting site, try that too.
Hey Sarah!

I'm with you on the whole label thing. I also completely agree that there's a distinct difference between an OBE and LD/phasing experience -- for the exact reasons you describe. With a traditional OBE, I perceive a seperation from the physical body. The surroundings closely resemble my home. I rarely perceive colors though. To me, everything is pale and semi-transparent. There are some colors, but they appear muted and dull - like faded/washed out water colors.

Now, lucid dreams and phasing -- still struggle with this myself. I don't notice colors when non-lucid and dreaming. But I do when lucid and when phasing. So is it a function of my awareness that makes the colors brighter? Don't know. I have often visited my friend while I was phasing and she was dreaming. Upon waking our perceptions of the surroundings are always consistent -- so it's a verifiable link. With that said, does that imply that I phase into her dream? Or does she (and everyone else) dream on a level/frequency/plane/whatever where phasing occurs? In other words, do dreams and phasing experience occur in the same mental area/frequency/plane? That would explain the difficulties in distinguishing a finite line between the two experiences.

One poster said that our dreams are made up by our minds or we dream in our minds, or something like. I think everything is about mind/consciousness. So in that scenario, yes dreams occur in our mind. But I think everyone's minds are somehow linked/open/available to each other. Thus, if you want to visit someone, you simply think of them. This is how I 'call' my guide when I want her. I think of her or sometimes I simply say her name. When I want to visit my friend, I simply think of her and I'm taken right to her. Everytime I experience these, however, I do not perceive them as different from dreams. Some of them are, depending upon where my guide takes me or where I end up if I focus on the wrong thing. But the point is whether I'm dreaming, visiting another's dream or phasing, I use the same techniques and, for the most part, perceive the surroundings as dream-like -- although I don't like that phrase because it sounds 'not real.'

I do agree that a non-lucid dream is not an OBE or phasing experience. I say this because I do put a lot of emphasis on consciousness. I think if a person isn't aware, their mind tends to 'run-away' with things -- I'm sure I'm not the only one who can attest to that! To me it all boils down to awareness with dreams and phasing.

As for OBEs, it isn't uncommon for me to start with a traditional OBE, walk through my wall to the back yard and then phase somewhere else. That happens quite a bit. So I can start with one experience and choose to make it another.

I suppose, the VERY long answer to your question Sarah, is that I only perceive 3 distinct experiences thus far:

OBE -- classic seperation/muted, semi-transparent surroundings;
lucid dream/phasing -- no perception of seperation/bright colors/conscious decisions and movements
F4 (white light area) -- no colors what-so-ever here/no bodies/integrated minds

I don't know how to label them or what to call them, but I do perceive them as distinctly different from one another. Does that help, or confuse the issue even further!  :roll:
You may want to research alchemy; specifically the works of Franz Bardon. He does draw some parallels between hermetics and jesus -- or maybe those were parallels I drew on my own (forget now). Anyways, you can read it and draw your own conclusions. He wrote 3 books. The only one you need to focus on for your purposes is his first: Initiation Into Hermetics.
There is already a validation sticky that's been in place for awhile at the top of this forum. Below is a link to it. If you are looking for experiences/validations purely with incarnate beings, you can read what I posted on page  8 of that thread. Those were verified with living individuals.

As the thread above is already on this topic, I'm locking this one. Any other responses/questions on validations you can post to that thread.
We've never (at least not to my knowledge) done a poll on this. However, from the posts I've read, I would say that the bulk of members here fall in the no/few experience realm to the project inconsistently range. Probably the ratio would be 3:1 with no/few more heavily weighted. However, there are quite a few members here who can consistently project as well. It's just that they are in a minority relative to the types/quantity of posts this site maintains.

If you are looking for studies/evidence, you should probably PM member TVOS (The Voice of Silence). He has been trying to objectively study this for awhile now and I believe he's been collecting various types of data to track/measure this stuff. He has his own website too, althought I don't know what it is off-hand. He has links to it in his posts. So click on his name and you'll see the link to his site.

LOL @ Stookie!!   :lol:
This topic is already being discussed on the thread under this one. I'm locking this topic. Please respond/comment to the following link:
That was excellent Ben K. I had searched around for info on that and somehow missed that page (feeling rather dumb now).   :roll:

It's amazing. That explaination/description entirely consistent with my own beliefs/experiences at present.  Very cool stuff!  8-)
I used it a few years ago, but not extensively. It does help induce the trance state. Some have noticed vibrations and other sensations of seperation. I'm not the best person to ask about this, as I really don't have any 'signs' of seperations. I simply relax and eventually feel myself 'release.'

If you are still working at relaxation and mental focus, then the presets may help. I would suggest giving it a try and see what you experience. It certainly won't hurt you or anything. Worst case, nothing happens. Best case, you begin to reach MA/BA stage faster than before.

Let me know what happens!
A rundown isn't necessary either, although it is very helpful in the beginning. It helps pull your awareness completely away from the physical and 'inside' yourself. However, even without the rundown, if you can maintain a trance long enough, you will get to a point of seeing swirling colors, hypnogagic images, 3D blackness, etc. With the images, once they become stable, you can phase into one of them simply by thinking it. If you reach the 3D blackness stage, the blackness opens up and creates a tunnel type thing that you enter. Once in the tunnel, focus on a person/place -- also called placing intent. And the tunnel will take you there.

I think the run-downs and noticing exercises are very good though. It really helps you get more aquainted with your body as well as your mind/thoughts -- always a good thing!
I'm quoting what I wrote a few posts ago. I think if you practice this you'll get past this stage. Essentially, if you get to the point where you feel completely seperate, then you can roll out. The thing with OBE is that you do need to 'move' to move. Unlike phasing where everything is thought/mental. Try doing what I describe below. When you've isolated the amount of effort needed (as I'm describing below), then next time you feel like your completely out, use that amount of effort to roll yourself out of your body. Or you could simply sit up and out. The point is, you will need to feel like you are moving your ams/legs, but it isn't the physical body moving. It's very much the same except you don't need as much effort to do it, that's all.

QuoteIf you don't feel this 'release.' Then, once you are totally relaxed, begin by moving your arms or legs. Be careful not to move your physical body by mistake though. It takes a lot less mental effort to move your etheric than to move your physical body. One way to get the feel while still awake and not attempting OBE, is to pay attention to your muscles as you lift one arm. Just lift one arm like you normally would do when reaching for something. Then lower the arm to rest against something and repeat. You want to get to the point where you can isolate where in your thought command to "move my arm" do the muscles start moving. When you identify where that is, you want to stop the effort just before that point. This is all the effort it takes to move your etheric arms.

Let me know if this isn't making sense and I'll try to clarify.
I thought it was OK. I don't use it though. I played with it just to see what would happen. Didn't have a problem doing any of the exercises. I was turned off by RB's explainations/interpretations of his experiences as fact. That's probably why it sits in the back of my bookshelf collecting dust. I think the parts on energy and sensing energy are very good though. Just not for me, that's all. And I've never had an issue with needing to do energy work in order to OBE, but others may have different experiences.