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Just included to be humorous...and I didn't make it up, it's in common use on the net. lol
Communication Between the Communities by Winged Wolf
Date: 12/08/2006

"So, the reptilians landed on earth, and interbred with humans, and their descendents have been at war with us ever since".


The above isn't a real conversation...but it could be. What it is, is an example how communication between different schools of thought in magery and psionics OFTEN one or both parties involved in it. The biggest barrier between creating any sort of unity in the OEC (and the offline communities) has been the fact that these groups can hold wildly disparate views of reality. Some of them seem very mainstream, while others seem absolutely insane, or ludicrous...and everywhere in between on the spectrum. Every group is convinced that their view of reality is correct. Communications between groups rapidly break down when these views conflict, and the conflict cannot be moderated out or resolved. This is ALWAYS going to happen. So what is the solution to this problem, which has been not just a stumbling block, but a 50 foot glass wall in the road to trying to unify the communities?

Some 'newage' folks say, 'well, everyone is right'. I'm not going to toss out that cliche. I'm going to offer you a different perspective. Everyone is WRONG. You're wrong. I'm wrong. Psionics and magick do not work the way we think they do. The things we KNOW, and the things we perceive, are WRONG. Somehow, we manage to work effectively in spite of that. AND SO DO THEY--all of those other communities who have the whacky beliefs.


How's that for a novel concept? YES, it helps when people can share information between groups effectively, and in order to do that, they DO need some sort of common language or means of communicating. But it is NOT NECESSARY. We have SO many times made finding common ground the most important point, when in reality, we DO NOT NEED TO DO IT. When you demonstrate a technique for someone who is a different school of thought completely, they will not necessarily see what you think you are demonstrating. But they will see SOMETHING. And you have just communicated and shared information with them, even though you have no beliefs or words in common to talk about it.

If you want to work with people in other groups, on a regular basis, this is what you HAVE to do, unless you stick only to those whose belief systems are closest to your own. Doing that will shut you out from half the metaphysical world (if not more), and you'll have opportunity to learn a lot less. If this simple idea can be spread widely enough, it will become increasingly possible for different communities work on projects--from their OWN perspective, with their OWN language--and still share that information with others, and benefit everyone.

How To Listen:
First, you don't have to listen to it all. You don't have to fully understand another group's belief systems in order to talk to them. When someone from different system is demonstrating something for you, and you don't understand what you're looking at, of course you ask them to explain it--but you are not going to hear an explanation that makes sense to you. Don't TRY. Take what they are saying, and for a brief moment, assume that it's true--examine what they did, and how it fits with what they said...THEN see if you can understand what they did in YOUR terms. Don't attempt to EXPLAIN your outcome to them--it will make no more sense to them than their explanation did to you. It doesn't matter how much more correct you think you achieved your goal, which was communication of techniques, and you managed's the real clincher....WITHOUT ARGUING.

How To Share:
Someone from another group isn't necessarily going to understand any sort of verbal explanation you give them. If they're curious, sure...tell them. But if they start staring off into space, you know you've lost them. If you want to teach them something, then simply demonstrate it for them--if one demonstration isn't enough, try it a few different ways, more slowly, faster, whatever. Give them the simplest explanation you can for it, but don't leave out what you feel are important details. This is the surest way for them grasp what you're showing them. If they fire back with "Oh, well you're just doing THIS", and a long crazy-sounding explanation...well, just ignore it. It doesn't have to make sense to you--you know what you did, and it worked. If they can duplicate it, then you SUCCEEDED. Again--you did it without arguing.

So, What's A Fluff?
Yes, there are still people out there who pick up random ideas, compile them into a reeking heap, and spew them back out to others without testing them themselves. There are people who promote insane ideas as facts, and who don't have any ability or evidence to back them up. There are plenty of people who are absolutely sure that they are right, and absolutely sure that you are wrong. There are still fluff-bunnies out there. What you have to be EXTREMELY careful about, however, is labeling someone as 'fluffy' simply because their view of reality doesn't make sense to you, or sounds crazy. If those 'crazy' people can actually produce consistant results from their work, they are NOT fluffs. No matter how they sound. They deserve your respect for their accomplishments, if not for their beliefs or ideas. Extending respect based on results is the best way for the communities to begin to unify, and put an end to the continual squabbling so that we can all concentrate on progress.

Feel free to reproduce this document ANYWHERE, just leave credit for it intact.
c. 2006, Winged Wolf Psion
"Beginning Psionics: A Psionics Training Manual" is an introduction to psychic development which covers explanations on how psi abilities may function, basic preliminary skills and beginning psi skills in a step-by-step training program which is intended to be easy to follow and to build a solid foundation for future development.

"The Care and Feeding of Vampires: An Energy Workers' Guide to Real Vampirism" is an in-depth look at real modern vampires written for energy workers, magickians, occult and metaphysical students, and others who already have a familiarity with energy working and the paranormal. It explains what vampires are, how to identify them, causes of vampirism, cures for vampirism, how to safely donate if you so choose, and how to defend yourself from vampiric (psychic) attacks.

Both are available in e-book pdf format and paperback format from

Figured it was about time I put all this information in my head to use after all these years. <G>
I'd like to make an announcement which I also request be forwarded to any place you think might be remotely interested:  Charles Cosimano, aka "Uncle Chuckie", the famous/infamous creator of the psionic helmet and a man who's made tremendous breakthroughs in the field of radionics (devices which aid and amplify psychic abilities), is in the hospital with very severe pancreatitis.  His wife requests that all persons who care send energy, prayers, and healing for him, and spread the word as widely as possible.  If you know of any persons who are particularly skilled at healing (with others who can verify those skills, not just individual claims), have them e-mail his wife directly if they wish to help out.  She is also looking for a person who is local (or who can travel there) who is skilled in therapeutic touch.  The following is a message forwarded at her request.
Let's see if we can help out one of our own--the sweetest evil guy in the world, as his wife said. :)

I apologize if you see this many times, but it's extremely important.

--Winged Wolf
The Psion Guild

--------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 00:02:13 EDT
Subject: Dagger Update 9/3 READ THIS
Message-ID: <>

Dear Friends,

We all know the expression - too many cooks spoil the broth.  Well, today the
same happened to Chuck (Dagger) .  Someone- who is unclear to us at this
point, but we will find out - decided to take Chuck off his TPN- that high
calorie lifegiving fluid they are pumping directly into his veins, in an
effort to get him to have an appetite.  All very well and good- but they
didn't factor in the Insulin he is Also receiving IV- and made no adjustment
in it.  Chuck found himself getting groggier and groggier with an incredible
thirst...  He didn't make the connection, and he didn't immediately call for
help.  When the physical therapist tried to get him to do some exercises, he
got angry enough to become aware of what was going on- he got enough strength
to press the call button and beller that he was going into a diabetic coma.
In essence, he had to Dom the staff into acting- explaining what had
happened, and that he needed an antidote (sugars) NOW!

We almost lost our Chuck - if it weren't for the therapist coming in when she
did- and if she hadn't gotten him PO'd- he would have lapsed into a coma- to
what extent of damage, we'll hopefully never have to know.  Needless to say,
we are both unnerved, and quite angry about the events.    And once again,
Chuck saved his own life.

We both want to thank those who are sending him cards and other delightful
things- once Chuck got stabilized again today, he was very happy to read and
look at what he received today.
Once he's better, we have a LOT to thank yous, individually that will have to
be sent.  

Donna for the Daggers

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Ok, I've been gone for while....maybe it's my mood, or just a new perspective, but I really have to ask....

Why are so many people having so many problems with entities ('negs') and such?  A couple of months of daily work...and nothing arduous mind you....should be enough for the vast majority of people to learn to make shields effective enough to keep out all but the most skilled of entities.  And those are few and far between.  There's a lot of spirit fauna out there, but the bulk of it is the equivalent of squirrels and mosquitos, not pit bulls and alligators.

I mean, come on...running water?  Garlic?  Get a grip!  You fight energy with ENERGY.  YOU are a spirit entity, as much as they are, and you can use the same abilities.  You're also bigger and stronger than the vast majority of them, if you only take the time to learn how to use it.  Sure, a mouse can bite a cat on the nose if the cat doesn't know how to hunt, but the cat SHOULD be able to take out that mouse easily.  What I'm seeing here is the cat's trying to get the mouse off it's nose by tapping it with a piece of cheese, or putting pepper under its nose to make it sneeze.  

Use your claws and teeth!  It's simple, direct, and NOT that difficult.  Do some basic training--NEW here, even, will give you the energy control necessary to shield well and hit back, if you only apply it.

I just don't understand!!

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Any chance of changing it BACK?

I don't think I have enough time in each day to deal with this.  MANY people are using modems to connect to the internet--in fact, anyone below a certain income threshhold probably is.

MANY of us are using older computers, which may be running (gasp) Windows 95, often with minimal system requirements.  There IS no improvement in this new has, what, a java scroll bar?  Why the hell do you need that?  It'd be just as easy to change the text on the page if you wanted to post a notice.  And a survey?  Is any survey SO important, it has to be on every single page, forcing people to scroll down just to see what it was that they WANTED to look at?

If I sound ticked off, it's because I am--I really ENJOYED this board.  It actually loaded pretty quickly.  The only possible flaw--one that has NOT been fixed by this change--is that you can't move from topic to topic, you have to hit the back button and select each one seperately.  When the board loaded quickly, this was no problem.  NOW, it's a problem--a huge one.

I'm a parent...I get a few hours online each day, and sometimes not even that.  Now, I can no longer read all of this board, and when I do, I feel like I'm wasting far too much time for far too little.

I'm not nearly so equanimical as Qui Gon.  I don't care if others think the board is prettier this way.
The truth is, for what appears to be a good number of people, this change has rendered it anything from less to completely NON-functional.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Yeah, I agree with most of what you said, but I think you should have read what I had to say more thoroughly before digging at me and lumping me in with the "invinceable shield" crowd

The thing is, there are a lot of people who post on the board who have problems with very weak entities.....entities which would never bother to TRY to attack them if they had competant (not even great, just competant) shields.  And they don't just have problems once....they have problems repeatedly.  They don't learn their lesson after the first incident.  That's what I was complaining about.  I can't understand why anyone, after being attacked that way, wouldn't do what they can to start learning how to defend themselves.  It's like repeatedly walking through tick country without ever thinking to put on some Deet, then whining and complaining about all the ticks you picked up, and maybe getting some other person to pick the ones off your back for you.

We're talking tiny things, here--like 3 inch long leech-type spirits and such.  I just don't understand....

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
It can be difficult to tell what's caused by entities, and what's caused by other physical things.  For example, one person reported they had some minor aches and pains in areas where there were very small parasites attached.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
I'm there from 3 PM to 10 PM most nights, sporadically at other times earlier and later.  I'm not that hard to catch in the room. :)
Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Well, it all depends on what you are trying to learn, and what your goal is.
If you goal is to understand yourself better--that is, self-improvement as an ultimate goal, then sure, you'd want to do it the "hard way".  

If you goal is to learn psionics or energy working, though, what is the sense in taking twice as long to reach it?
Are you too corrupt to own a knife?  A handgun?  An automobile?
They are tools.  Psi is another tool.  You COULD use your fist to punch someone in the face as easily as psi-blasting them.
If you can't trust yourself that far, you probably shouldn't be wandering around loose anyhow.

I feel I already know myself well enough that I don't need to spend time on "knowing myself".  It's just not interesting to me.  I prefer to turn my attention outward.  Everyone chooses what to spend their time on...we have a limited amount of time in this life, so we can't learn EVERYTHING.  Not this time around.

As for all truths being subjective, I wouldn't call them truths, is all..I would call them viewpoints, at best.
And the one that is true, of course, is the objective reality.  It's just  extremely unlikely anyone has even a vague line in on that.  It's the TRYING to learn about objective reality that is a goal in and of itself, to me. :)

It doesn't bother me that it's not possible.  

I'm not entirely sure what Nita means by "making sure the energy isn't connected to you" in a post.  Her post has a "hide me" pattern in it, making her harder to track, but it's a recognizeable quality--it's not a blank post, and it could still be used to track her, if someone really wanted to it.  It does make it more difficult.
I don't figure there is much point in making it a challenge.  But, I'm confident enough in my own defenses that I don't bother to mask or hide my posts.  If someone with enough skill to take me on uses them to find me, they would have been able to if I had masked them, anyhow.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Fast learning?  Like, teaching someone how to make a psi-ball, that would be too fast, too?
It's not that difficult.  If someone's already capable of energy sensing and basic manipulation, they should be able to learn how to work at a distance relatively quickly.  
There's no way to make psionics training quick and easy, in general.  Some people may be able to charge their hand the first time they try it, others may take several days, even more than a week, to learn how to do it.
It all depends on the individual.  However, once a person has already learned several foundation skills, you can guage they are ready to move on to certain others.  
Yes, be careful who you trust, but if you are too paranoid to ever trust anyone, that's a problem by itself.
Has anyone said anything "bad" about me?  You may ask the others who have worked with me, and my students, if you like. ;)
And no, in spite of the conversations going on in this particular forum topic, I am not a psychic vampire.
If someone doesn't like the feel of my pattern, they won't show up to learn something I've offered to teach.
However, if I meant Kakkarot any harm, his pattern is already in his posts on the forum, and I wouldn't need to get him into a chat room to do whatever I liked to him.  Since I haven't, I think it's a safe bet I don't bear him any ill will.

You take a chance the moment you decide to communicate in a public forum.  I've yet to come across anyone with the skill (at least, who has chosen to exercise it) to completely avoid sending energy along with their posts on forums and mailing lists.  Some send more than others, but there is always a trace of the person there.  That is enough to give a skilled person a pattern-lock, and allow them to locate you psychically.  That is why there is no point in being too paranoid about having private conversations with energy workers online.  
Besides, I was only going to invite him to the public chat room for the Psion Guild--we have a practice room registered on the server for that purpose.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Kakkarot--learning distance work isn't that difficult.  If you like, I'll teach you.  The phone lines make great carriers for energy, it's much easier to learn with an internet connection than trying to reach straight overland.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Nope.  Because I find karma boring, and don't feel like doing your research FOR you.  I delved into all that 7 or 8 years ago.  Get yourself some REAL books--you know, written by people who are actually FROM that culture, and preferably ones that are old enough not to be contaminated by the Newage movement, and READ them.
Karma was never intended to be some sort of celestial punishment system where you get bad back if you do bad things.

As for House Quinotaur, I counter that with House Kheperu (
There are a lot of houses, all with different philosophies.
I don't think that anyone intended to argue that SOME vampires are nasty, rude, and harmful.
The problem arises when you paint all people of a type with the same brush.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
It sounds to me like your interpretation of what happened there is right on target.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
I learned psionics from an actual mentor.  Not from a book.  Books are inferior when it comes to learning about energy-working.
I own over 3000 of them, myself.
I've read up on several occult systems, of course not all of them.  I'm not particularly interested in reading up on all of them.  I prefer real observation to relying on others' observations.

I'm not interested in how you ACCESS energy.  I'm interested in what TYPE you are using, because different types work better if you handle them differently.   The only way to be sure of type is to hold it up and let a person tell you what they call that TYPE.  Assuming they have perception developed enough to tell the difference.  Why is it you seem to have something against that notion?  Are you worried that someone else might perceive something more acutely and with more detail than you do?

I can look back upon my life, and see absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support the notion of karma.  Nothing.
If it's different for you, that's great--but don't assume I'm either lying or blind because it's not true for me.  That's the sort of nasty religious thinking that has led to warfare and torture throughout the history of this world--the assumption that your way is the right way, and if others don't see it, they're fools.

Nature does not recognize "good" or "evil".  Those are completely subjective things.  The Universe has no morality, it does not care what you do.  

Scary are FREE.  Very scary.  No one will stomp you if you misbehave--no grand force will smite you if you do wrong.  You have to rely on yourself to police your own actions simply because YOU believe it is right to do so.......
Very scary.
Amazing how people want to give up that responsibility--the ultimate freedom--in favor of a dogma that equates universal punishment with misbehavior.

By the way....if you really think that karma is about getting bad back when you do bad, you don't understand the actual concept of karma.  Just the modern newage one.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."

No one's going to agree, clearly. :D

The ONLY WAY you're going to resolve this is to get yourselves into a chatroom or something, and play show and tell.  You hold up an energy type, and you let the OTHER person tell you what THEY call it.  And you accept that.  Then you tell them what YOU call it.
By the end, each of you knows what the other is looking at, and what they call it.
Go on, I dare ya.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Nita, you don't know enough about me, or my school of thought, to judge any "mistakes" I might make.  Your belief that your way is the "right" way is your most obvious downfall.
Nor have I ever claimed to be an alpha, really, that was Kristen's statement.
Besides, if you think the alpha does not need to declare it, you need to study behavioral psychology a lot more closely.  An alpha wolf continually declares his/her status.  As for's irrelevent, I simply made a passing comment based on that feeble attempt at an insult.

I am not a martial artist.  I know nothing about it, really.  I am not a magician of any sort.  I am a psion.
Anyone can attack people without warning.  In fact, if you really mean to take them out, it's best to attack without warning.
However, I'm not in the habit of making UNPROVOKED attacks.  And I'm well content with whatever consequences there will be for my actions, because I MEANT those actions.  (I do not, however, believe in the karma nonsense).

As for my "methodology of energy" having a lot of mistakes....I'm willing to bet beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can accomplish, with the system I was trained in, far more, far more quickly, than you can accomplish with yours.  Be glad to put it to the test anytime.
One of us would learn something.

And that's the whole point of it, isn't it.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
You most likely could have found a more effective way to insult a therianthrope than accusing them of behaving like their phenotype.

As for ki, chi, and kundalini....the words ki and chi come from two different cultures.  Using both of them to refer to two different things is far more absurd than using the term life energy, or soul energy.  

You have STILL failed to define what sets these energies apart from other types, where they come from, and what properties they have.  Just because they "feel different" does not mean they are different types.  I never said chi was fictional, I said the idea that energy comes through you from the universe, and that's what chi is, is fictional.  It doesn't happen.  Your body doesn't draw energy from outside unless you do it deliberately.  People who say they are using chi are using life, psi, or some outside-derived energy that they drew in.  But most martial artists--by OBSERVATION--use life energy.
Observation being a hell of a lot more important than what they choose to call it.  There can be no communication if people refuse to hold up something and say "we call this 'substance x', what do you call it?"

You seem to be insisting on using your own labels (even though they are hopelessly cobbled together from different cultures, and are not distinct from each other in an objective sense), and won't entertain the idea that they could be the same thing that someone else calls by a different label.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Psi energy is apparently produced by or associated with nervous system activity, and it can be used to do all of the above, depending on how you apply it.  It is light, static-like, tingly, and reactive.  The bulk of your energy field is made up of this energy.

Life energy is very heavy, almost solid-feeling, and may be slightly easier to use for healing or other things that involve amping up the body, but, like psi, can be used for anything, depending on how you apply it.

Most martial artists, because they are taught to draw energy from the center below their navel, use life energy.  The rest usually use psi energy.  Kundalini is PROBABLY life energy, but I'm not certain.  Chi is fictional, in the sense you describe it, because energy from outside does not normally flow through the body that way.  Most chi workers use psi or life.
Ki is usually life energy.

There are a wide variety of outside energy types used by magickians, in addition to one internal type, faith energy, which is apparently produced in the brain and dissipates rapidly--it may be ideal for probability alteration, but not everyone produces it (even those who have faith).

In any case, the energies you've described could very well all be the same type, just in varying densities and patterns, so I'm entirely unconvinced you can alter energies from one type to another.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
To first person:  pattern and type are not the same thing.  You cannot use outside energy types to "fuel" your body, only your psi/magickal work.  Saying that if people can't "they're just not trying hard enough" is incredibly ignorant.   Consider for a brief moment that you just MAY be wrong.  You're not a psychic vampire, and you have no need for any energy sources other than what you produce, so how can you possibly use your own experiences as a base for others?  Your faith bears absolutely no resemblence to the reality of others--open your mind and stop spouting dogma.

To the second person:  You have still failed to even attempt to define what the difference between "ki, chi, and kundalini" is.  As I said, as far as I am aware, they are all exactly the same thing, only the languages are different.
I'd like to see you try converting earth energy into soul energy, or something like that.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
I've been looking for someone who could actually convert one type to another for a long time, but everytime one of them tries to demonstrate it for me, it turns out they're just causing one type to emulate the pattern of another type, and not actually changing the type.

As for ki, chi, and kundalini....I don't really know how to translate those into types I am familiar with, in fact, I thought they were all the same thing anyhow.  Just different languages.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
Yeah!  If they take that loaf of bread, WHACK off their hand!

Ok, now that we've heard from the Dark Side of the Force, anyone else have any comments?  :D

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
I'm sorry, but now you're just being ignorant.
Most psy-vamps are rather GOOD at energy working, and they have already tried your suggestions for taking energy from various other sources, and they have rejected them FOR A REASON:  Because they did not work.  Not because they could not acquire the energy, but because they could not USE it in the way they needed.  They could use it to fuel other abilities, but not themselves.

They are not stupid, they are not lying, and they are not ignorant of how to do it.
However you wish to explain that is up to you, but do not make the mistake of assuming that every single one of them is lying, or completely inept, just because YOU don't think that's the way it's "supposed" to be.

Your retort of "well, _I_ can do it" is pointless, because YOU are not a psy-vamp.  You don't use the energy you take for the same purposes.
Your superior, self-righteous attitude is highly misplaced.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
I refer to them as garbage because they are not useable by the body.  I'm fond of the following explanation--if all energy were the same, you should be able to plug yourself into a light socket rather than having a nice bowl of cereal, or sunbathe in favor of chowing on an egg roll.  Obviously, all energy is not the same, and not all energy is utilized by the body in the same fashion.

It's more than "flavor".  Different types of energy require different handling to achieve the same effects, though generally speaking they CAN all be used to achieve the same effects.
Outside energy sources can be used to fuel magick/psychic abilities.  However, they cannot be used to fuel a person, the way life energy is.  (One type, soul energy, is life energy--the others are not--even psi is only necessary to the body because we have to maintain a certain level of it to keep our energetic systems functioning properly, not because we use it as fuel).

It's the outside energy that is a "quick fix" with no substance, and trial and error in the vamp community have made this common knowledge by now.  There is a REASON that esoteric systems that involve taking outside energy in generally tell you to ground it after you are through with what you are doing.
My school of thought never uses outside energy at all--we build up our own energy generation ability instead.
You cannot convert one type to the other, that would be like trying to convert heat to electricity without benefit of machinery.  You can change the pattern, but you can't change the type.  So, psychic vampires who require life energy can ONLY get it from living things, or spirits which contain it.  Those who require psi can get it from animals, some plants, or public places where people have shed a great deal of it.
Earth energy, ambient energy, etc etc, all of those are nothing but a "temporary fix", to actively uncomfortable.  Particularly for born-psis, whose systems are more specialized.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."
It may be true we have different definitions, but your categorization is off.

First, aware psychic vampires tend to be rather GOOD energy workers.

The reasons a person becomes one are generally one of the following:  most common, when their abilities were awakening, they dumped and drew energy randomly (ie, their abilities were out of control), and no one was there to train them.  They dumped energy, then figured out that they felt better when they drew to replace it, and so got locked into that cycle.  Eventually, their own capability to generate energy reduced dramatically, so that now, if they stop, they get withdrawel symptoms and cannot maintain their own energy level.

Next, they may have a parasitic entity which reduces their energy level, and forces them to draw energy to maintain it.

Third, they may have an injury or congenital defect of some sort which reduces their ability to generate or to capacitate (store) energy, so that they need an outside source.

And finally, there are some folks whose genetics key for very low energy production with very high ability and instinctive use of ability, so that they must take psi from other sources in order to fuel their abilities and maintain a normal level.

The above are psychic vampires.  People who use a vamp attack as a combat technique are NOT psychic vampires....that is just a skill.  Psychic vampires are defined by their need for drawing energy.

And no, they cannot suck up "universal energy", or "earth energy", or any of that garbage, because that is not the same type of energy, and they cannot use it.  That is why you can use earth energy to fend one off.

Nita is correct that some psychic vampires, mostly among the 'addict" types, will cause strong emotional responses in others in order to get their energy more easily, and because they are addicted to the added "flavor", and emotional high, that it brings.

However, as I also said, there is a movement in the psy-vamp community away from attacking people, and toward consentual behavior--asking for energy, and gaining consent before taking it.  Before you judge across the board, learn a bit more about it first.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."