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I'm sure the books are fascinating but it's still just one person retelling someone elses stories. Which are
heavily tainted with the original mans religious beliefs. Pity he didn't have any experiences himself to share.

Thanks Xanth, I'll give that go.
I was wondering if the OP had a more simplified version perhaps. :)
Quote from: Unabomber on December 12, 2010, 15:25:15
I raised more and more energy by pulling it in from my feet and up my spine and this would start kicking me out of body literally within less than 10 minutes.

Hi Tiny,

Can you tell us how YOU pull energy from your feet up your spine? Do you have a technique you could share with us? :)

The link doesn't seem to be working. Who is the author?
Tried again last night. But no luck so far. The image of the flame disappears too quickly even after 15 minutes of flame gazing.
Quote from: ridin0nthewind on March 16, 2010, 23:17:34
oh ok thanks CFtraveler, these spirits he mentions in the last video, he states that if you open your eyes, and look around after the star field, they are sort of moving around in weird positions. i think he meant opening your physical eyes, so this didnt make sense.

Yeah I didn't understand the eyes thing either.
On a side note: On 3 occasions within the last couple of weeks I've seen a human looking male figure (when I'm in trance) that is always posing strangely - Almost like Tai Chi poses. The last time I saw him it gave me a shock and I woke fully coz he rushed at me in a fighting pose. I look forward to talking with him one day soon.
Ridin, Frank Kepple talks about the 3d-Void here

A snippet:
"During the phasing process, people will pass through this state on their way to F3, but many people are unaware of it as they tend to flash through it so quickly. This is a shame since the FZ state is quite awesome in its own right. You can simply relax and float peacefully through the black void, just chilling out. Another thing you can do is to call forth any piece of music you care to think of and you will hear it all around you in glorious surround sound! You can also form 'astral windows' in this state, which will display any particular scene you care to think of in glorious high definition! You can use this as a jumping off point into F3 if you like: all you need to do is will yourself to step into the scene and there you go. There is likely to be plenty more to discover about the FZ state and further exploration is warranted."

I can't wait to see it :)

My partner and I tried it last night. Stared at the flame for about six to eight minutes which in hindsight was too short as the impression of the flame faded too quickly (same as you RidinOnTheWind) But it was an amazing light display before it faded, and an intense focus point indeed. Will try 15 minutes of flame gazing tonight and try to lock in on it. Will keep you posted.
Very interesting method indeed. I'm going to give this a try ASAP.
Thanks for the link. If anyone is looking for part 4 of his method its here on his other channel
I'm the same as you Fresco in that I get really close (vibes, shaking) and then freak out at the last minute (usually because it's dark)
I've been practicing nearly every afternoon and night for about 26 days using other methods but this post from PersonalReality has made all the difference for me.

Question: The other day I got the closest I'd ever been where I felt like I was covered in cling wrap and then noticed a wierd smell/taste at the height of it. I'm pretty sure it was the smell and taste of NOTHING (which we've never experienced in the physical before). When you think about it those senses are bombarded continually with all kinds of flavors every minute of every day, and when it's not there it's super noticeable.  Just a weird thing that I wasn't expecting. Can anyone else confirm this or am I hallucinating?

Hi Personalreality, on your blog you say you've been doing energy work prior to your obe's lately. Can I ask what you've been doing exactly?

Love reading your entires btw. And thanks for the tips in this thread - I've been getting closer to an exit with your 'non' method. :)
Focusing on the ringing in the ears really ramps things up for me...just gotta maintain that focus and not get too excited when the vibes kick in. I'll keep you posted.