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I know two people who I have learned a lot from that meditate in the astral. One of them loves japa and he said he likes to do it there, while his body is sleeping at night. They do other techniques as well. Most energetic practices and meditations have nothing to do with the physical body, and so if one is advanced enough in astral projecting and meditation then there is no reason not to be able to. Also, there are temples in the astral that teach higher meditations and teachings I hear.
To keep your motivation going I recommend adding some other things to your routine/ spiritual or mystical practices.. however you see these things.

One thing to have some fun with while trying this, which is easy to do is lucid dream. Just start keeping a dream journal which is quite necessary for both APing and lucid dreaming, and affirm to yourself before you sleep you will recognize that you are dreaming when you are in a dream. You can also use other techniques such as throughout the day checking to see if you're dreaming. This obviously isn't for your benefit during the day however when you are in a dream, by virtue of creating that habit you will also check in your dream if you are dreaming and then become lucid. Lucid dreaming is quite unbelievable. It feels like you beat the system...

Also, I recommend meditating.

For some reason I just got the urge to mention these things even though you have problem heard them before. Peace.
This is very interesting.

I have had 'sleep paralysis' many times, as a child, and onwards. Basically, I would be lying in bed and without falling asleep simply find myself unable to move my body in what looks like my room, though usually some things are a little different. When in this state lying on my bed, I hear the OOMMMMMMM, the loud ringing, and what feels like vibrations or buzzing as you say running throughout my body. In this state I have experimented. I have found that 'relaxing' and sort of just sinking into the vibrations (they actually can feel quite pleasant), the vibrations will increase and the ringing will get very very loud. This usually disconcerts me and then I will myself to wake up (a task very difficult when younger). I have tried to go out before, but usually the vibrations and ringing just gets very loud and then I cannot relax anymore though from reading what you said I realize I was actually focusing on the feelings in the body. So I will have to try differently next time. Either way, I could definitely see this working... to tell you the truth, I usually fear this state because of how scary it was when I was a kid experiencing lying in bed in a paralyzed body with nightmare forms playing around the room. I become stronger however, and I believe I could try this. Thanks for sharing.  :-D