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About a week ago, I found myself immersed in a vivid dream where I was diligently working on a challenging homework assignment. Transported to an otherworldly academic setting, my dream self was enrolled in a university, fueled by a burning desire to impress my enigmatic teacher, Mr. Robinson. The subject of my intellectual pursuit? None other than the creation of algorithms for astral apps. Strangely, this wasn't my first foray into the realm of dreams featuring astral applications—I seem to possess an uncanny knack for conjuring them up in the ethereal landscapes of my subconscious. Despite my lack of real-world expertise in astral app development, in the dream world, I was a wizard at it. Astral apps, I discovered, held the power to shape and manipulate environments, offering a myriad of functions that could influence the very fabric of astral reality.

In the dream, I successfully completed the challenging homework associated with astral app algorithms, an experience that left me intrigued and pondering its significance.

Fast forward three days, and my dream world adventures continued. This time, I dreamt of attending class and dutifully submitting my astral app homework, further weaving the fantastical narrative of my dream reality.

The climax unfolded just last night when the dream took an unexpected turn. Mr. Robinson, my dream teacher, summoned me to his office, where I learned that my approach to cracking the astral algorithm was hailed as nothing short of genius. Apparently, I had pioneered a groundbreaking method, becoming the first to crack a complex algorithm in a wholly unique way. News of my achievement spread like wildfire, turning me into the talk of the dream realm.

Enter a captivating moment in the dream—a mesmerizing encounter with a hot blonde, her eyes a captivating shade of green. She sat me down and explained the significance of my achievement, unveiling the revelation that I had revolutionized the execution of astral apps and the energy required to power them. Enthralled by her words and those enchanting green eyes, I was left both bewildered and fascinated by the surreal turn of events.

As I navigate this dream-induced drama, I can't help but be captivated by the possibilities that unfold. The prospect of delving into astral app creation full-time is a tantalizing one, mirroring my real-world passion for developing applications across various platforms—Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac. It seems that my dream self shares the same enthusiasm for creating apps, even in the celestial realms. How intriguing!
I had an interesting and peculiar NDE when I was in my 20's. I was very depressed at the time and ran away from home. I was just lost out there on my own and one night I stole and swallowed 200 sleeping pills. I had gone to the forest to do it and it was sunset. At one point I stopped being able to move and I felt so heavy and sleepy. I lay down on the ground and waited for the end.

About 20 minutes into it is when it started getting very strange. Just as I was about to loose awareness is when I heard footsteps coming toward me in the dark. I could hear them distinctly... someone was coming. And then I lost consciousness.

The next thing I know I am laying on my back in the forest and it is pitch dark. I had no control of my physical body but my body was moving by itself. I was like a passenger inside my head. I saw myself jump up off the ground like superman and start running through the woods. I still to this day don't understand how my physical body could do that. I was like a wild man jumping and running through the woods. Some part of me was in control but it was not my day-to-day self. It wasn't my astral body or a dream state because I was awake.

After awhile I lost awareness again and the next thing I know it's morning and I am coming back to my real self... except I am walking. It was like waking up and finding yourself walking. It was very strange. I looked around and I was about 10 miles away from the forest - in a Walmart parking lot. I didn't know what to do so I went into Walmart and asked if I could sit in the cafeteria for awhile. I was so tired. The employees knew something was wrong with me and were really upset because I could tell my physical body wasn't totally solid. It was really disturbing to the employees. It was about 5 am so hardly anyone was there. They gave me some food in some grocery bags and asked me to leave.

I wandered around the area for the next 2 weeks sleeping in abandoned houses until I remembered my Mom's telephone number. I made a collect call and she wired me some money and ...I went Home.
...keep waking up with scratches on my skin waaaay too often.  :|
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
September 20, 2023, 07:05:55
Last night, I had the most incredible dream that whisked me away into a world of magic and enchantment. It all started with a mysterious knock on my door, and when I opened it, ten rather imposing individuals entered, claiming to be investigators. They wielded astonishing gadgets that scanned every corner of my house and even ventured into the depths of my memories. Fear gripped me as they informed me that I needed to accompany them. Before leaving, they allowed me to bid a tearful goodbye to my Mom.

As they ushered me into a car and I glanced back, the unimaginable happened. My entire house transformed into a Disney-like wonderland, radiating a magical aura. To my astonishment, Mickey Mouse himself appeared, placing a "For Sale" sign in the front yard.

My journey took a mysterious turn as I was taken to a dimly lit room filled with other kids. Some sported Mickey Mouse hats with those iconic big ears. I couldn't help but ask what Mickey Mouse had to do with all of this, and the response was disbelief, "Don't you know where you're going??" Soon, the grand revelation came.

We boarded buses, and as they started moving, we embarked on a breathtaking journey through a realm of enchantment. The further we ventured, the more it resembled a Disney paradise, complete with all the magic Disney has to offer. Some kids on the bus were even performing magic tricks, and an overwhelming sense of joy permeated the air. The energy was so vibrant and colorful that I became completely lucid.

When we finally disembarked from the buses, we found ourselves in an enchanted land where young people donned costumes of magic Disney characters. It became evident that I had entered the astral version of Disney World, and to my amazement, I was destined to become an employee!

As I conversed with the other kids, it became clear that I was headed to a training camp where I would learn the secrets of magic and participate in a Disney astral show. Before reaching our dorms, we made a pit stop at the cafeteria, where the food offerings were nothing short of mesmerizing. Every bite was a delightful explosion of sweetness and flavor. The surroundings were regal, elegant, and bursting with vibrant colors.

In that moment, I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for being in Astral Disney World. I couldn't help but wonder if this was the official astral counterpart of Disney, crafted with the same passion and perfectionism. Whoever was in charge had certainly outdone themselves.

When I woke up, I was filled with an incredible sense of joy and rejuvenation. I eagerly anticipate the day I might actually visit this magical place or even have the opportunity to work there. This astral dream turned a terrible day into an absolute delight, leaving me with a heart full of wonder and excitement.
Very inspirational Tides2dust.  :-) I get messages through numbers too. For me 14 means: divine assistance, the boon, Help, Love.

What surprises me more and more is how close other people's meaning of the numbers matches mine. It's almost like we are all being taught the same scale of numbers. By who though? That's the interesting question.  :-o
Thanks for reading about my dream!  :-)
I had the most extraordinary dream last night. It felt so vivid, as if I were truly transported to another realm. In this dream, I found myself floating in the vast expanse of space, surrounded by swirling galaxies and celestial wonders. Suddenly, a radiant light appeared before me, and from within it emerged the higher beings of the universe. These ethereal beings, shimmering with energy, approached me with a sense of profound wisdom and kindness. They spoke in a language that transcended words, and their thoughts entered my mind directly. They asked me a question that shook the very core of my being: "Would you like to make first contact with a human civilization in the Andromeda galaxy through an astral projection?"

Overwhelmed by curiosity and excitement, I eagerly accepted their proposition. With their gentle touch, I felt my consciousness being lifted, as if my spirit detached from my physical body and soared through space. I journeyed across galaxies and nebulae until I arrived in the Andromeda galaxy, where I found myself in a bustling city on an alien yet human world. Amidst the fascinating scenery and alien architecture, I encountered a man named Teno. He had a warm smile and eyes that sparkled with intelligence. Teno possessed an otherworldly aura, and I sensed that he was an explorer of knowledge and experiences.

We engaged in conversation, sharing stories about our respective worlds. Teno spoke of the wonders of Andromeda, its diverse civilizations, and the collective wisdom they had gained over countless generations. In turn, I shared tales of Earth's history, the beauty of its landscapes, and the resilience of its people.

As our bond deepened, Teno suggested that we play a game to further bridge the gap between our cultures. He introduced me to a game called "Galactic Tetris," a cosmic variation of the classic puzzle game. The blocks fell from the sky, each bearing symbols and colors representing different cosmic phenomena.

As we played, the blocks aligned and vanished, creating mesmerizing cosmic patterns and releasing bursts of vibrant energy. With each line cleared, Teno and I shared knowledge and insights, exchanging ideas and philosophies about life, the universe, and everything in between. It was as if the game itself was a conduit for cosmic connection and understanding.

In the midst of our friendly competition, I discovered that Teno possessed an unparalleled talent for Tetris. His mastery over the game was awe-inspiring, and his fluid movements reflected a deep understanding of harmony and balance—a reflection of the wisdom cultivated by his civilization. Through the language of the game, we transcended the boundaries of language and culture, experiencing a profound meeting of minds. Together, we marveled at the wonders of the cosmos and contemplated the mysteries that lay beyond our comprehension.

As the game reached its climax, the universe seemed to vibrate with energy. We achieved a state of harmony and unity, as if our souls had merged in the symphony of creation. With a final cascade of blocks, we completed our game, leaving a trail of cosmic stardust in its wake. Reluctantly, I felt the astral projection coming to an end, as if time itself tugged at my ethereal form. Teno and I bid each other farewell, promising to carry the memories of our encounter in our hearts.

I woke up from this extraordinary dream with a profound sense of wonder and gratitude. Though it was just a dream, it reminded me of the limitless possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of our known world. Perhaps, in some cosmic realm, there are civilizations like Teno's, waiting to share their wisdom and experiences with us.

Until then, I shall cherish the memories of our cosmic game of Tetris, forever grateful for the glimpse into the extraordinary and the beauty of the unknown.
Something strange has happened. A few nights ago I was going to sleep. So I lay down and was about to drift off when I see this light from the corner of my left eye. I had my eyes close of course, but this light moved in a very mechanical way and just lifted off. That night I had a terrible nightmare. I had paralysis and I tried to scream out for help to my Mother who sleeps in the room next to mine. I couldn't get any words out. All I could feel was this black force pushing down at me.

The next morning I woke up and I remembered my experience. But I also remembered that after that bad dream I had a really good dream where somehow I had earned my freedom and been granted the choice to transcend this world when it was my time. But still.... I couldn't shake that bad dream that came first.

When I got out of bed I felt a terrible pain on my left knee. I looked down and there was a straight cut exactly where the pain is. It's been a few days and the pain has not gone away. Now there is a small scab where the pain is. It looks like a straight line as if of a surgical knife!

I don't know what to think! If the pain does not go away in a few days I may have to go to the doctor!
Thank you for your responses EscapeVelocity and Nameless. It's really appreciated. :) And it's so helpful.

I don't Ap that much anymore... I think too much of a good thing can be bad. I was getting a bit confused and ungrounded. So these days I'm just getting some good natural sleep and this has helped a great deal in bringing me back to the center.

Anyway, I'll try to report back once in awhile. I hope you guys are still here for a long time to come or that the website stays online.

It helps to know there are other people who are in the same boat.

Cya all laters!  :-P
Hi everyone, I hope everyone is dreaming well.

I know I haven't been active for awhile but I've been taking a break. I do have one interesting dream or AP to report that I found more than interesting.

It starts in a dark room where I lay sleeping on a couch. I remember feeling wonderfully comfortable with soft pillows and a warm plush blanket. Then suddenly I feel someone sit on the couch at my feet. I open my eyes and look down to see a young woman peering at me.

   "I guess we're the first ones here," she says.
   "First meeting in 40 years since the bridges went down."

   I'm totally confused but now I'm lucid and my mind is processing. More people start to arrive and take seats around the living room. I remember that there where about 30 people and then the television comes on and someone hits play on a video or dvd.

   The video was about a group of higher beings who had come to Earth to help make it a better place. They came to help the Earth but also to help themselves become enlightened. They where already pretty advanced but somehow this journey would serve like a test and acomplishement of their enlightenment if they succeeded.

   So everyone in this group where put into special wombs designed to nurture and advance their gifts with the right parents and environment. They where born and their lives began. This apparently happened about 40 years ago. But around year 10 of their lives something happened to them that was unforseen. Apparently a great negative power started to grow on Earth and most of them lost their connection to their enlightened gifts and to their Home which they had been regularly visiting in their dreams. In fact many important bridges and portals were lost and so these beings forgot who they where and why they had come.

   Anyway, now something had reversed that negative process and a great healing had begun reestablishing these bridges and portals.

   The video ended and I found myself in conversation with a group of my people who was filling me in on current events. I can't remember everything but it was like a great recollection for me and unlocked deep feelings of my spiritual self and why I had come to Earth.

   I don't know how much of it was a dream or if any of it was real but as I remembered it felt amazing to feel a new part of me coming back to life. Almost like if one of my limbs had fallen asleep and now had come back to life.

   The rest of the dream was involved in exploring the new 'healed' portal and bridge of my specific group. We first climbed into an RV and inside, at the back, the walls warped an disappeared into this bridge that led to a beautiful and colorful Japanese garden. There where people there that greeted us like we had returned home after a very long time. It was wonderful.

   I woke up and this dream has stayed with me for several days... this new feeling that I have a reason for being here. That I'm just not at the whim of karmic debts and was born willy-nilly but that I have a purpose and mission for being here. I also remember the feeling of friendship. They say we travel in groups... I certainly had that feeling with this dream.

I have also found some planes to have some rules like Lumaza said. One time for example I got into a fight with some astral bullies. Well... we were all marched down to the courtroom for judgement. There was a judge and everything. I was supposed to be locked up for 40 days but I woke up like normal and nothing happened. So... being that we live in a physical reality and have a wake/dream cycle maybe allows us some freedoms that override plane rulings.

I also remember one time my cell phone freaked out and started screaming, "Absolutely no technology allowed in this area!!!" Then it melted into a little tiny aquarium with a little fish.

I think it's common sense tho... I like what Prot said in KPAX. "Every being in the Universe knows right from wrong."  :-)
Are you kidding? Free will is more like something you develop and you can use it on any plane you want. That's the freedom a free and enlightened soul deserves. You can then visit the amazing planes just by thinking about them. On some of these you are usually given a gadget or some way to navigate the plane and it will create for you endless toys and adventures and games by reading your mind and playing concert to your thoughts. There really are heavenly planes out there and they are more common and easier to get there than you think!  :lol: Anything you want baby! Endless hours of fun. A never-ending bliss.
That sounds about right. I think it's still forcing it a little. The best APs, you just roll or float out of body. You look back, and there's not even a body. You're in the astral whole hog as they say.

Thanks Lumaza.  :-)
Well... tonight the hurricane came through. We got a direct hit but fortunately the lights stayed on (so far). I just woke up from one of the most intense APs I've ever had. The moment I woke up though the erasure guys started doing their thing on me and I could hardly recall most of it. Yet something remained.

I remember exiting but I exited in my old neighborhood. I remember going outside and there was another chair blocking the door. Stick with me... I think I finally have a clue as to what's going on with the crap in front of my door.

I went out and started flying. I remember I just got frustrated and started yelling, "I want to talk to whoever's in charge!" I yelled and yelled. Four beings appeared from above and floated down toward me. This is where the fog starts. All I recall is that they took me in and showed me amazing things. I remember meeting lots of people and them showing me and giving me this gift which I took home with me.

They dropped me off at my house and I went inside. To my surprise my deceased father was there rearranging the furniture. He was mad at me for some reason and I think tried to communicate that I shouldn't be APing. I just ignored him. It was that same attitude he had given to my astral and new age studies while he was alive. I think it confused him. Thanks dad... oh well.
I've only been at my new house for 4 months, so I'm still exploring my new home and neighborhood astral side. Unlike my old neighborhood, my new neighborhood always has some lights on the houses - like a porch light. Sometimes, when I AP at night, I used to get pitch darkness. Well, in my new neighborhood this has not happened yet. That's good news because utter darkness really scares me.

There is more to report and some of it is a bit strange.

When I exit my body, I get off the bed and go out of my room toward the front door. This is where it gets weird. In front of the door there have been things blocking me from opening it. One time there was my couch blocking exit to the outside. Then one time a chair. Another time a stack of paintings. It's as if something does not want me to go outside.

And once I make it outside everything looks normal but there are no people anywhere - in the streets or the houses. I've explored the houses and at first in the first few weeks of me exploring there where people. Lately however it's been creepy and desolate.

I really don't know what to make of these new changes besides keeping on exploring. Something tells me there's something off. Especially with my front door being blocked. I don't know what it is yet.

Besides that, my dreams have been positive lately. Will report back soon. Thanks for reading. :)
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
September 20, 2022, 22:34:56
I went to sleep and had a clean exit. However, the place I exited upon was not my room. I was in this dark room with many beds in two rows against each wall. On the bed where people sleeping. I got up off my bed and tried to find an exit. I bumped into this black man in robes. He looked at me and asked, "What are you doing out of bed? Go back to your bed." I asked him why and he said this was a place of healing and that I needed to heal from my recent sadness. I had been kinda bummed out lately. I went back to bed and fell asleep. When I woke up the sun was out so I went to explore.

I wandered around this world which seemed put together by a few different environments. There where people walking around and everything seemed super clear. Somehow, I wandered into a pleasure plane. There where these temples with big unrecognizable signs. I went in and one room I saw people with these little metal arms around their face. They where oohing and ahhing as if they where in bliss. One little metal arm had a light and went in their left eye. Another arm went into their nostril and another into their mouth. One of the people looked like Jennifer Aniston. In another room I saw sex occurring. Everyone had an earpiece where they where listening to commands that told them how to have sex. I guess the commands told you how to pleasure your partner for optimum effect. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. Finally, I went into a room with glowy rainbow walls. As soon as I was inside I started floating. Then some invisible force was massaging me all over. It felt incredible. I could see the walls and they where moving with ripples. I felt so good being massaged that I drifted off. I don't remember much after that except I woke up really refreshed.

The End
I know a good way of loosening up when you want to AP. I do it when I'm almost asleep or deeply resting to facilitate exiting. It's hard to describe but I'll do my best...

While your laying there resting you sorta "excite" your skin. It's almost like if you were raising the temperature on your skin and about an inch into your flesh.

This really helps me exit even when I'm not that asleep.

Good luck!


I lay down and tried to go to sleep. I really was not that asleep when I started hearing hundreds of voices talking. It really sounded like there were many newscasters reporting at the same time or like radio news. I remember thinking, "I can pick up radio signals now??"

Then I was ripped out of my body by this powerful force. I flew into the void! Suddenly I am flying at a great altitude through a storm. I could see the great puffy clouds and lightning lacing through them. The clouds were so detailed like an HD movie. I was also flying at a great speed. Next, I was traveling very quickly through these lonely snow covered valleys and mountains. They where really stark and cold and lonely but beautiful. And so detailed. I mean... it was like I was really there.

Then, I was in the upper atmosphere again and it was sunny with a breathtakingly blue sky. I was going through clouds and this is when I decided to take control. I looked straight down and what I saw was incredible. Way down below was this small black circle rimmed with golden light. It looked like an eclipse at its peak. I dove toward it and seemed to fall and fall for ages. As I got close to the ground, on the verge of collision, I woke up.

After I woke up I saw that strange visitor light on my left lift off like a ufo and disappear! This time this strange light I've been seeing right after I wake up was brilliantly blue. Strange...

I also want to mention that right after the light departed I was unexpectedly aroused. I ignored it and went back to sleep.

The End
Just a quick note in my journal.... For the past 10 days every time I wake up, just for a second, I see this bright bright yellow light disappear out of the corner of my eye. It's like it's watching my dreams or instigating them maybe. I've had some great healing dreams lately so I don't think it's necessarily bad. But I wonder what it is??
Well, the flood gates have opened... I APed three times last night after almost two months  of just dreams. I finally got a good look at my astral neighborhood at my new place of residence . It was fascinating.

It started by me falling asleep and entering my trance. I could then feel someone or something watching me and I became lucid and was able to perform an exit. I went out my new room and out of the house. Outside it was dark and it had just rained. There where puddles and the street shone with reflection. Many houses had their lights on so I headed down the street. I saw two motorcycles go right past me at full speed with their bright lights.

Outside of a home I found 5 people talking together. They where just sitting down on some patio furniture. I went up to the cutest girl and I said "hi".  She couldn't see me at first until I kissed her on the cheek and then she sort of woke up. I gave her a big hug and a kiss and she felt really good. Then I woke up.

I went to sleep again and was able to AP easily after that. I heard this little song coming from somewhere. I followed it out of my room into the closet at the other side of the house. As I opened the door it was not a closet but a basement! I have no basement but in the astral there is a basement in my house! I went down the. basement steps still looking for the song. As soon as I stepped off the last step it stopped.

I looked around the basement. It was no ordinary basement. It had tunnels leading away in all directions. I was a little scared although there seemed to be light enough. I woke up right after that.

The third time I APed some of my friends were in my house. We checked the closet and sure enough the basement was there. A lot of stuff happened next. We explored and explored the tunnels. We thought it might be a ghost network tunnel. We found a lot of abandoned keepsakes and a room that had a ledger with names all over it. My friend found a book that said that whoever had been here last hated "bigots" and that's who they tormented.

Great... my new house has an entrance to a ghost network. Lol.
Last night I exited in my room at my new house and was very surprised by someone suddenly grabbing my foot and throwing me against the wall. I quickly recovered but I was grabbed again and thrown to the other side of the room like a rag doll. The only thing I could think of was to get into my meditative posture and start meditating.

It worked for awhile but I could feel that negative power hovering around me... testing my defenses. It made me really tighten up on my meditative posture with a straight back and my eyes open... like a real Buddha. The background turned this red color and two nasty looking men walked into the scene. They started sticking scissors between my teeth trying to pry my mouth open. I knew then that this was some kind of test so I tried to enter that serene meditation. Suddenly they brought out a big sledge hammer and swung at my face! The whole scene shattered like a pane of glass!

Suddenly I was in this car. My father was driving and my mother was in the passenger's seat with me in the back. The car was driving through the air. Below I could see a beautiful lake with lots of trees and mountains. As we went over the lake the car descended toward an island. It was populated by giant oaks and a white house in the middle. There where so many big trees that the house lay nestled inside them in beautiful patterns of light and shadow. It was really beautiful and homey.

We got out of the car and went inside the house. I remember being so excited to be on this "vacation" that I woke myself up! Oh well... it was nice while it lasted.
Last night I had a lucid experience that's worth writing down. I went to sleep and woke up in another world. I was still me but I lived downtown in a beautiful city. Everything was modern and the buildings were futuristic. I was lucid but as this other me. I did my morning routine and then headed off to work. Apparently I worked at this astral company that made astral apps.

I walked into work which was called Stormfront Studios and I knew everyone there. It was like I had been given access to many more memories of mine and I knew everyone's names. It was more than that... I was actually familiar with all of them. I went into my office and worked on the app. It was an app designed to replace an older environment with new material... I think. I had a computer and some kind of terminal I could input and read data from.

I talked to many people and engaged in several meetings with these new people which were very familiar with me and which I counted as old friends.

I left work and got ready for my third date with this girl I had been seeing. Tonight I was planning to kiss her for the first time. We met and it was a great date. I walked her home and at her door I kissed her. She was shy at first but then she fell in with me and we kissed for real.

I woke up right after that! Darn...

It's nice to see myself or some part of myself living a nice life... especially when my Earth life isn't so spectacular. :)
Thanks Lumaza and Nameless!  :-)

Another big day today... went back to my old rental and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Tomorrow I get to REST.

Feels good to be home finally!  :lol: