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For the past three years, I have been experiencing out of body and astral episodes against my will.  I go through periods of time (ranging anywhere from a week to several months) where they are rather intense, and as someone who is extremely unfamiliar with such experiences, I am often frightened.  Things have been fairly calm since the end of last year (with the exception of the occasional OBE), but for the last week or so, I have been experiencing paralysis EVERY single time I wake up.  I know that this occurs when the astral body has begun to separate from the physical body, but I cannot stand being in this state.  Each day, the paralysis lasts longer and longer.  When I wake and find that I am "paralyzed," I have no desire to do anything but come back into my physical body and wake up.  However, this is not always possible.  Just today, I woke after napping in a state of paralysis.  I attempted to move my physical body, but it seemed as though my astral body was hovering just above my physical body.  Now, I have experienced many sounds and voices while stuck between the two worlds, but I have never experienced what happened to me today, and I am SCARED to say the least.  I had astral vision, and when I looked to the side, there was a man, lying beside me in bed.  I was TERRIFIED of him, though he seemed harmless enough.  Who the hell was he?!  I "looked away" immediately and began to pray for a safe return to my physical body.  This has always worked in the past, but it was not working today.  I raised my hand and clenched and unclenched my fingers in front of my face, BUT I could not see my arm.  I could feel that it was in front of my face, but I saw nothing.  I tried to move my head, but it wasn't "waking me up."  I started to slide off of the bed.  I figured that I might as well have an OBE, since I usually return fully to my physical body after having them.  However, my astral legs seemed cemented to my physical body, and I could not move them.  Finally, I came back to my physical body, and everything seemed fine.  I proceeded to sob for a good ten minutes, though.  I am scared.  Why do these things happen to me?  I've never meditated nor attempted to experience any of these things.  What can I do, and who was that man?!
Every time I lie down for a nap, I experience at least several vibrations.  It seems to be the scenario within which I am most likely to have an astral experience.  On Christmas, I decided to take a nap after having to wake up early to open presents.  I woke up after several minutes and stayed very still, attempting to have an OBE or some other type of experience.  I most like to experiment during the day, because I am extremely afraid of the dark.  While lying there, I started to experience the vibrations.  They were mild at first, and I heard several noises around me.  The loudest was that of a woman, but I ignored it and continued to concentrate.  I often get stuck at this point, so I started to repeat "I move to a higher level of vibrations" to myself as several people on this board had suggested to do.  Whenever I would say this to myself, I felt what can only be described as three intense vibrations, one right after another.  They were not like the typical vibrations.  They actually gave me an amazing sensation allover my body.  Slowly but surely, I could feel several of my body parts separating.  I was able to move my "head" and "legs" while my physical body stayed in place.  At this point, I had astral vision, and I could see almost everything around me, even though my eyes were still closed.  I continued to repeat the phrase, and I actually envisioned my astral body sort of catapulting away from my physical body.  Suddenly, it did just that.  That single jump landed me several feet from the foot of the bed.  I wasn't floating near the ceiling, but I wasn't walking either.  It was like I was gliding a foot or so above the ground.  I turned to look at my bed, but my physical body was not there.  I've given this a lot of thought, and whenever I believe that I might be having an OBE, the thought of seeing my physical body asleep in bed scares me quite a bit, although I am not entirely sure why.  Maybe I just don't see it because of that fear, because this is not the first time that my body hasn't been there.  This is where things get kind of confusing.  I "walked" to the door.  It wasn't like I was moving my legs.  I just had to think about where I wanted to go, and my body glided there with so much ease.  I walked right through the closed door and floated down the stairs into my living room.  My brother was standing near the foot of the stairs, and he had on a black sweatshirt.  My dad was asleep on his stomach on a couch with one of our dogs.  Unfortunately, I can't remember what he was wearing.  Our other dog was on the other couch.  My brother didn't acknowledge me, so I glided into the kitchen.  My mother was working at our cutting board, and she had on a pink shirt and thick glasses.  I actually said to myself, "I need to take note of what they're wearing so that I can find out if this is for real."  She didn't even look up as I stood in the doorway, so I started to head down our hallway, and suddenly, I could feel myself being pulled back into my physical body.  I tried to fight it, but it was useless.  I woke up in a sense of complete paralysis and struggled with several vibrations before actually shaking off all of the sensations.  I had to pray to God to ask for the paralysis to go away.  It doesn't scare me like it used to, but it's aggravating and frustrating, especially when it won't go away immediately.  Later that night, I told my parents about the "dream," and my dad said that he had fallen asleep on the couch with one of our dogs but that he was actually on his back and not his stomach.  My brother had been wearing a blue sweatshirt and not a black one, and he didn't think that he had been in the living room while my dad was asleep.  My mom had been working at the cutting board all day, cooking for that night, but she wasn't in a pink shirt nor glasses.  I don't know what to make of all of this.  I know that things sometimes appear different in the astral than they do in the physical world, but that leads me to question whether or not we're actually traveling or just dreaming.  My dad told me to stop reading into it so much, but I just feel like there is more to this than meets the eye.  So, was this an actual OBE?  Was I dreaming?  Or was it something else entirely?

I also have a question about an experience that my father had this morning.  He doesn't believe in any of this, so he would never come here to question it himself.  He "woke up" to see that there were two men in the room with him.  It was too dark for him to see them, but he was afraid.  He tried to throw something at them or speak, but he was paralyzed.  Suddenly, he knew that his father (whom has been dead for 30 years) was there with him, and he asked him for help.  His father made the men/women/people go away, and my dad woke up for real.  I'm wondering if this was some sort of astral experience or if he was really just dreaming.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Hey everybody!  I posted here when I first started having astral experiences.  They used to happen sporadically, and they were always by "accident."  I've never meditated nor tried to project.  I now find myself experiencing astral vibrations and "paralysis" several times a night.  It's become very frustrating for me, because I still have an intense fear of projecting.  Nothing bad has ever happened to me when I've projected, but I suppose it's my fear of the unknown that's getting to me.  Whenever I try to take a nap or wake up in the middle of the night, my body automatically tries to project, and I am always aware of it.  The other night, I was starting to project, and I SWEAR that I heard somebody open my bedroom door and come into the room.  Of course, I was paralyzed and couldn't turn to see who had come into the room.  Once I forced myself completely into the physical plane, I saw that nobody had been in the room after all.  A couple of days later, I was napping on my couch, and I started to experience astral sensations when I heard somebody come into the house through the front door.  I heard the keys and everything.  Nobody was there.  What's wrong with me? [:(] Nearly every morning, I wake up in the astral and don't even realize that I'm not in the physical world until I wake up for real.  I would feel much better if I could at least control these experiences.  Any suggestions?  I am under a great deal of stress and anxiety right now...might that have something to do with the frequency of these events?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated; thank you!
Hello! I just want to start off by saying that I ALWAYS dream in color, and I am very good at remembering my dreams. I've had many "visits" from deceased relatives, including many whom I have never met in the physical plane. I have also had premonitions in my dreams. Many mornings (and sometimes when I doze off in class), I wake up with a sense of paralysis over my entire body. At first, I thought that it had to be a medical condition, but after reading several of Sylvia Browne's books, I realized that it was due to the fact that my spirit had not yet returned from astral travel. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about a man who told me that he was my great, great uncle on my father's side. After talking with him for a moment, I felt the astral sensations, which I can only describe as an intense tingling. It is not a painful tingling like that of when the foot falls asleep, but it is very strong. The vibrations are so strong, in fact, I feel them lifting me right away from my body. That was the first time that I recalled feeling the astral sensations, but I knew what they were. I woke up after that. After describing the man in my dream to my father, he told me that it was most definitely my great, great Uncle Frank. I even recalled the detail that he wouldn't stop laughing, which my dad confirmed was very much something that Frank would do. This morning, I was laying on my side in bed, studying for an exam. I began to doze off, and I started to dream that I was walking down a flight of stairs. All of a sudden, I felt those familiar astral sensations, and my body was no longer walking down the stairs. It was gliding and then flying. It looked as though someone were in front of me, gliding as well. Although I could not see his face, I had a feeling that he was a young man with long dark hair. I also got the sense that he was a fighter or warrior of some type, as crazy as that may sound. Thoroughly freaked out, I woke myself up. As I dozed off again, I began to dream that I was driving on an expressway. I pulled over on the side of the road to sleep. In the dream, I was scared that another car was going to crash into me, but then I reminded myself that I was actually asleep in ,y bed at home and had nothing to worry about. (That was very odd in itself) A moment later, I felt the astral sensations again, but they were much stronger this time. The feelings were intense, and I knew that I had been pulled away from my physical body. Upon opening my eyes, I saw nothing but a bright "tan" light and realized that I couldn't move a muscle. Maybe I was stuck between the two worlds? Although intrigued, I became very frightened and closed my eyes once again. I prayed to God to please give me a safe return to my body. As I was praying, I heard several voices overlapping each other. The most vivid was of a whispering man, who was repeating my prayers after I thought them. I felt my spirit being sucked back into my body, and I woke up in my bed. This is so intriguing to me, but I am still a little scared and confused. I haven't even told any of my friends about it for fear that they'll think I'm nuts. Please help me out here! What happened to me? Why couldn't I see anything when I opened my eyes? Why was that voice repeatingmy prayers? Thanks in advance!
I was just about to create a thread about this very same thing.  I also believe that my lucid dreams are mimicking OBEs.  Is it possible to "dream" while experiencing an OBE?  The other day, I woke up and felt the familiar pulling that occurs directly before I go into "paralysis."  I allowed it to happen and began to repeat "I raise myself to a higher level of vibrations."  I've found that this is usually the only way for me to experience the vibrations and actually slip out of my physical body.  I felt my astral body sliding off of the bed, and I landed on the floor.  For some reason, my vision was obscured, and I was stumbling around (normally, I float around while having an OBE).  As I made my way through the closed bedroom door and down the stairs,  my vision became clear, and I was able to "walk" merely by thinking about where I wanted to go.  My entire family was downstairs, and I floated from room to room.  I started to yell at all of them, particularly my father (who is a nonbeliever), "Can you see me?!  Can you see me?!"  I even touched them and was frustrated to find that my hands did not go through them as they sometimes do with other physical objects.  My mother and brother ignored me as they always do, but my father responded with "yes" before proceeding to ignore me with my mom and brother.  Now, I know that he did not see me, so I know that I must have been dreaming.  It felt so much like a real experience, though.  My brother was complaining that his elbow was hurting him, and I held his arm in my hands and massaged the elbow; it was very bizarre.  I kept saying to myself, "I raise myself to a higher level of vibrations," and when I would say it, I would feel intense vibrations and literally float into the air.  I even flew around for a little while.  We have a large mirror in our living room, and I saw myself flying around the room.  If I were truly having an OBE, would I have been able to see myself?  I also saw a silver cord, but I am wondering if my mind created it.  It was thick: about two inches in diameter - and seemed to stretch into oblivion.  I tried concentrating on leaving the house and traveling to another spot.  The first place that came to mind was Florida, LOL.  I attempted to fly through the window but "woke up" in my bed.  Of course, I didn't actually wake up.  At this point, i went into a total dream state without lucidity.  In the dream, I went downstairs yet again and told my family about the OBE that I had just experienced.  They believed me, and this is probably due to the fact that I am desperate for their acceptance.  I feel like such a freak all the time, since they don't know anything about OBEs or the astral.  Anyway, I'm sorry that this was so long, but I just wanted to say that I completely know where you're coming from.  It is nice to know that I am not alone.  I will have to try the card trick as well, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between OBEs and lucid dreams.  Anyway, good luck!
I experience several episodes of sleep paralysis whenever I go to sleep.  I usually wake up in a state of paralysis.  I first became conscious of this paralysis three years ago, when I was a freshman in college.  Since then, the number of episodes has gradually increased, and now they are quite familiar to me.  I find that the best way to deal with them is to focus on moving a certain part of your body.  For me, it's my head.  I also find that flat out asking for assistance works the best.  You can ask God or your spirit guide to help you with a safe return to your body, and the paralysis should go away.  I experience sounds as well.  Today, I woke up in a state of paralysis and saw my brother kneeling at the coffee table in our living room.  He wasn't really there, so this was my first time visually hallucinating something.  The best way to deal with the sounds is to try and ignore them and remind yourself that there is nothing in the room that will harm you.  Good luck!
I experience "astral vision" a LOT.  In fact, I experience it more often than any type of projection.  You're definitely not alone. [:)]
Hey again!  I haven't been here in quite some time, but I had a REALLY weird experience this afternoon, and I wanted to ask for your opinions.  Let me preface by explaining that I actually have two "homes" and two bedrooms.  Most of the time, I live in my dorm at school.  The rest of the time, I live at home with my parents.  This afternoon, I was still asleep from the night before, and I started to experience the astral sensations immediately following a dream.  I felt my asral body being lifted out of my physical body, and it actually slid right off of the bed.  BUT when I slid off of the bed, I was in my bedroom at home, even though I was actually asleep in my dorm room.  Once out of bed, I looked back at the bed, but my physical body was not there (which makes sense, because it was actually 75 miles away at my school).  I tried to jump into the air and was greeted by the sensation of floating.  I found that I had to concentrate somewhat to keep my body floating or flying.  It often worked better when I closed my eyes.  I was able to push right through physical objects as well, and this was done with ease.  I floated downstairs and saw my mom, whom was heading back to work from her lunch break.  I tried to speak to her, and she completely ignored me.  I remember thinking, "Wow, she's not even looking at me, right in front of her face."  I then floated into my parent's room, where my dad was sitting down at the computer with what looked like a bag of chips.  I also tried to speak to him, but it didn't work.  He didn't even look up.  My memory after this isn't too clear, but I just remember being pulled back into my physical body and soon after, if not immediately, waking up in my dorm room.  I just called my mom, and I asked her if she had gone home for lunch.  She said "yes," so I asked her if she had been there at all while my dad was there.  Once again, she said "yes," so I asked her if he had sat down at the computer while she was there.  This is where it's kind of weird.  She said "no," but then she asked my dad, and he said that he had gone on the computer as soon as she left, and in my "dream," she WAS leaving to go back to work.  I told her to ask himif he was eating, and he said "no" at first, but then he said, "Oh, wait...I was!  I was eating cheese curls."  So, everything seemed fairly accurate.  I'm just very confused.  Once again, your input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
I totally know what you're talking about.  Many times, I will "wake up" repeatedly and keep projecting whenever I fall asleep again.  This happened to me just the other day.  I would wake up in what I believed to be the physical world, but I was half asleep.  As soon as I'd start to fall asleep again, I would project.  Then I would wake up in my physical body and fall asleep again, only to project.  I can't really describe it, but this went on for quite some time.
A quick question:

When I am fully awake, I can concentrate on the thought of my astral body removing from my physical body, and I feel VERY minor, gentle sensations.  Is it possible to project while awake?  I remember reading a book about ghosts and spirits that have not yet crossed over.  The author said that, in order to see thge spirits, one needs to be completely open to that plane and that we need to be at higher vibrations than "regular" people.  While attempting to achieve that state, I realized that I can cause those minor vibrations in my body.  Does this have anything to do with astral projection?
You guys are great! :D  Thanks so much for making me feel like there's not something wrong with me.  As I've said before, I can't tell my friends or family about this.  I tried to talk to my dad about it, and he told me that I was just sleeping/dreaming.  He doesn't understand it completely, and that's fine.  I can't really expect him to.  Now that I've seen that the astral world looks exactly as it does in the physical world, I'm not very frightened.  I believe that I can finally relax, and I hope to have some more experiences.  I am about to read up on techniques for projecting.  Thanks again to everybody, and I will be keeping you updated!

PS: Very interesting about the time, headlines, etc. in the astral.  It definitely explains why the clock was different!
Once again, thanks to everybody!  I really appreciate your responses...

alt, I am actually from Upstate New York, but perhaps we could chat online sometime.  I am probably quite far from where you live, as I am in the very Western part of the state.

Centa, the experiences that are scaring me are the images and sounds.  It's all been very fuzzy up to this point, and when things aren't clear, they can be very intimidating.  I will definitely look into everybody's suggestions, though!

I think that I'm making progress, though...

I had another experience today.  I tend to have them as I am just beginning to go to sleep, especially when I'm only napping.  I laid down for a nap slightly before noon.  I didn't write down my experience right away, so the beginning of it is not very clear to me.  The first thing that I can recall is feeling the sensations and praying to God for sight.  I usually just pray to return to my body in fear, but I decided to face that fear today.  After praying for sight, an image of what looked like a couch started to come in, but once I could see clearly, I realized that it was a bed with a navy blue and white checkered bedspread.  There is a pink bedspread on my bed, so I became frightened once again and "closed my eyes" before seeing whether or not there was a person in the bed.  I then "woke up" in my own bedroom, or so I thought.  After trying to move and discovering that I was paralyzed, I knew that I had not actually returned to my physical body.  I've gotten to this point before, and I'm never able to move.  I asked for movement, and the weirdest feelings took over my body.  I could DEFINITELY feel my body moving in the way that I wanted it to move, particularly my arms and upper body.  At one point, I almost felt as though my body were sliding right off of the bed, but my physical body NEVER moved.  Does this mean that I actually managed to project?  I still think that I was stuck between the two worlds, because I wasn't able to fully get out of bed and move around.  I really can't describe it.  I also recall looking at the clock and seeing that it said 1:55, which freaked me out, because I thought, "Oh no!  I slept through my alarm."  So, this experience was obviously very real.  I laid in bed for a few moments, struggling to move and feeling as though I was, but never moving out of the bed.  I finally became frustrated, and I immediately woke up for real and saw that it was only 12:05.  Freaky stuff!  What should I make of it?
First off, thanks so much to everybody for your insight and advice...I really appreciate it!

Okay, an update:

I am continuing to have "astral" experiences that I am neither attempting to have nor WANTING to have.  To be perfectly honest, they're starting to terrify me to a point where I don't feel comfortable going to sleep without a light on.  I know that I am only afraid of the unknown, but I'm just not ready for all of this right now.  I have never meditated, and I have never tried to project, so why am I fully conscious of these things?  Once again, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for making me feel like I'm completely normal, because nobody else seems to understand.
Thank you so much for the reply!  I had thought that the voice might have been my spirit guide.  If so, I am even more intrigued, because I have always tried to get in touch with him/her/it.  I really want to learn to project, but I'm pretty scared.[V] I was very tense and frightened throughout the experience, so my lack of sight could have been due to not being focused enough.  Thanks again!

Anybody else have some insight?