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Thanks for these words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me. I feel better now. I know I have the tendency to rush into things. To always try to push and accelerate the learning process without respecting the abc's. I would like to add a bit of background as to my energy work. I was blessed to manifest a group with whom I have been training pure energy (psi) work. We have successfully done telepathy exercises and other energy related tasks. Like moving someone with your energy and without touching them. We have learned about intake, grounding and centering. I have been also introduced to shamanic plant medicine work. I received the blessings of San Pedro ceremony and recently Kambo and Rapè.

To sum things up and give a better understanding of my purpose here, I feel the call to become a healer. A life coach of sorts that integrates practices and knowledge from all sorts of spiritual and energetic practices. I have been researching O.B.E, Buddhism, Taoism, shamanic, wicca, trauma work through inner child, shadow work and other mindsets and techniques to develop a way to better help my fellow brothers and sisters.

I appreciate all the guidance that can be given to accomplish this beautiful task.
First, I would like to thank the divine for manifesting this great community. I have spent over 6 hours between two days reading as much as I can. One thing to say is that I am very new at this. I have been practicing for a little over 2 months and I have already had 7 O.B.Es but only the first two where long and, for lack of a better word, amazing. The other ones where really short. I snapped back into my body after minutes of being out. I posted on the hot line to see if i could get any help in why I feel a bit stuck.

I want to contribute and be as active as I can on this forum. I think is extremely useful and necessary to us noobs on this subject. I do, however, wish there was a post explaining the acronyms and general obe talk. I get a bit lost sometimes. For example, what does NP stand for? (i told you i was a noob  :-D )

I would also like to have information on book reviews and other obe materials. Like  Dr Steve Jones. Is it worth the money? what do people think about it? etc. Maybe a sticky on resources like this.

Finally, I have been working with a hypnotherapist to induce obe with hypnosis. I have some really interesting stories and I am not clear as to where to initiate a discussion around that subject.

Once more, thank you all for all the treasure trove of information on the subject. It is invaluable for beginners like myself .
One thing that i have started noticing is that when I am getting into deep relaxation and the vibrations are starting to happen, i see blue shapes (while my eyes are close). these shapes kind of indicate that I am ready to come out. One time i asked for assistance and a very young Buddhist monk came to my aid. he activated my kundalini and the vibrations became really high frequency and i was out.
Manifestations are amazing!

This blog came to me at the right time and with that in mind, here is where I am right now.

I have been practicing OBEs for about two months now. So far, I have had 2 successful exits in which i was able to explore and even grow an extra finger (pinky) just for fun (it wasn't).

After the first 2 successful (in one of them, i asked for assistance and a monk came and activated my kundalini and puff, I was out) exits came 5 semi-successful ones. So, here is where i feel a bit stuck.

One night, i was doing the back to bed technique (i moved to the sofa from the bed) and I was using the rollover tech and got to about 80% of the way (roll) till i felt something like a sheet of plastic holding me back. It took an incredible amount of force to break through it and when it finally snapped (ripped) I landed face down on the floor. The thing was that it felt so real that I thought i had actually fallen from the sofa while sleeping. I felt the floor, the weight of my body, the effort to get up from the floor, etc. It felt so real that I felt frustrated cause i new i was coming out and instead i felt to the ground. So, i decided to lay down in the sofa again to try one more time and AHA! I woke up in the sofa with the covers on. So I did not trust myself that i was out.

There where other two instances where this same thing happened. It felt too real to be obe and I hesitated and eventually woke up.

Then I met a hypnotherapy guy and we started experimenting with inducing obes with hypnosis. The first time was actually very successful. I was using the rollover tech and got to about 40ish % of the way, but it felt so real that i thought i was doing it in this reality, so i gave up. After the session finished, I mentioned this incident and he reported that i never moved.

then 3 night ago, I was practicing again and managed to come out 3 times for about a minute or so. each time withing maybe 30ish minutes of each other.

I don't know what i am doing wrong. Here is a detail step by step on how i approach it.

I go to bed at around 9 pm
I chant Ohm and meditate until i feel extremely relax. There was an instance where i heard 2 pops coming from my ears. about 5 minutes or so apart.
After I feel relax, I start repeating (in Spanish cause it seems to not work in English) I am out of my body. I repeat this non-stop till i fall sleep.
then i wake up at 3 am an move to the sofa where I try again.

My attempts are lengthy. I once tried for about 6 hours. So, i am def putting in the time and I feel that i am ready to really explore, but i keep coming back to my body a few minutes after i come out.

Hot Line, this is code red. please help!