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Quote from: Lumaza on April 18, 2016, 05:25:21
Hmm, Perusing through your past posts here Gummgage, like I usually do before I reply to a member here, I see you asked a similar question back on June 28th 2014.;msg349045#msg349045

Did you not read any other replies from members then on this Forum? Those "stickies" I told you about in the link above do "answer" your question(s).  :? :? :?

Edit: Going back even further, you asked the question here as well. You even used the term "Mind Awake/Body Asleep" in the the title of your thread.  :? :? :?;msg296726#msg296726

You'll notice they are different techniques. One of them is about waking up and attempting and another is about going to sleep attempting it. This is something different.
Quote from: PsychoticWolfie on April 17, 2016, 23:15:38
That's a possibility but people need to honestly remember it's not like missing a bus :-P

You miss one chance to astral project, it's fine. No harm done, screw up as many times as you like. Retry and change the mistakes until you get success  :-D

Well ok but I am still none the wiser on what exactly to do here. Do I maintain awareness or not?!?!?
Quote from: Astralsuzy on April 17, 2016, 21:45:07
I use this method all the time.   It works but it can take time.   You have to be patient.   When lying down you relax more and more provided your mind is relaxed.   If you keep thinking things it can take longer to ap.  

The thing I am sort of afraid of is relaxing too much to the point where I am not thinking and my body is totally numb and I cannot feel it but yet because I am not supposed to really be thinking, then I will miss the opportunity or my cue to project because I would be too relaxedand unaware. I am hoping it just "happens" when I am deep enough but then I am thinking what if it doesn't and I have to prompt it to happen with my mind which could mean I risk breaking my non physical body awareness state and ruining my overall attempt.
I have been attempting this method lately although it does take some dicapline but does it generally work if you do it properly? the basic premise is to lay still on your back until your body goes numb enough to the point you simply do not feel it any longer. Maybe at this point vibrations kick in or something or other then you find yourself in the astral somehow.

I am eager to hear from anyone who uses this method and has had success and get some encouragement but does it really work that well generally? how do you generally know when to project?
Quote from: soarin12 on August 02, 2014, 05:36:48
I found that sexual encounters were a great way to become lucid in a dream.  Since my goal in projections is spiritual growth, I had to put a stop to it (sex) because I became addicted.  It was happening all the time and for quite a while I couldn't get it to stop.  Now I've programmed all thought form men to reject me.  It works great!  I used to basically just throw myself at them but that's hard to do now that they find me repulsive. Lol!

ewwwww your gross get off this thread!

joke sorry couldn't resist lol.
For those who are pretty experienced in projection. Have you ever been able to get information or input or answers from questions from your spiritual guides or higher self in the astral? tell of your experiences here please. What did you ask them? what did they reply? do you think it was real? pls tell.
why would fasting help one project? just curious.
K so bottom line is they can come in any position.
I'm a little confused at that you guys are saying. You mean if you go into the astral looking for something in a sexual nature you will wind up in a bad realm or something? I am not sure this really makes sense as I have heard other accounts of peoples sexual experiences in the astral with 'entities' etc and they did not sound bad by any means nor did they find themselves in any sort of lower realm.
Just wanted to know this. Do you have to sleep on your back to experience the vibrations or can it happen if you sleep on your side? does anyone who sleeps on their side ever experience the vibrations? is it basically the same?
Like whatever your ultimate fantasy is can you have it played out in the astral realms? have any of you pro's here tried it? does it really work?
I was thinking maybe if you laid on your back and kept still long enough and were able to relax enough you could have some audio maybe binaural beats or isochonic tones or something that can play sounds that would help the body enter the vibrational stage to project from after a time say 45 minutes or so.

Could they aid in this? seems most do not focus on this part. 

So can anyone give advice here on recommended sounds that could help here?
Quote from: AAAAAAAA on June 28, 2014, 19:31:33
I'm decent at it. The key idea here is to keep that state of mind. If you move a little bit, it should be okay. But the general idea is when you wake up, to astral project whilst being in that "cloudy" state of mind where you're ready to fall asleep again.

-You don't have to wake up on your back

-You normally do, but don't always have to wait for the vibrations

The thing is, you don't NEED to vibrations to astral project, it's just an indicator, but the transition could be so smooth that you don't even realize it at first. I like to use the vibrations because it feels good, and I can know for sure when I'm out of body.

Cool info but how can you guys be sure its not just going back to sleep? I usually don't dream or have lucid dreams so more than likely I will have no recollection of being asleep like most people I guess and will just find myself waking up.

If it works how exactly do you know your actually going to project and not just go back to sleep? and do you just think to project or think for vibrations first THEN to project? I'm a little confused at what to think providing I wake up remembering to attempt.

This technique should be easy as I find the Schumann Resonance so HOT!!

what is the general basis of this technique and how it works? you just wake up and not move? what do you do just think about projecting and it will happen? do you have to wake up on your back? do you have to wait for vibrations or not?

Anyone here good at it? how does it normally work for you and what are your experiences with it and how it works?
well this has skewed off.
I read it many places that you can in fact eliminate or reduce the fear of death if you are an astral projector.

Are there any experienced projectors that find this is true? how has your outlook on death changed since you have been doing this? are you totally confident that death is just another type of OBE experience?
Was just wondering what you people consider the best technique to use for separation is when you get hit with the vibrations during paralysis (or not?!) what do you usually do to get yourself to separate? what is your technique? a lot of projections I have read about that begin with the vibrations before the separation usually happen because the person simply wills themselves out of their body. Does it commonly work this way? is there a better more gaurenteed method?
Is it possible to get future glimpses when in the RTZ of things that are yet to happen? has anyone had these? what are your experiences with these? do you think its possible?

I only want to hear from experienced projectors also thanks.
Quote from: Lionheart on April 24, 2014, 21:52:35
LOL, who knows, maybe they will hire me!  :wink:

My views are certainly we are watched. They didn't build all those unique Supercomputers and large beautiful buildings for nothing.

That's okay though, we have nothing to hide. I don't go to the NP to spy on anyone or their business. So, I can still sleep soundly at night!  :-)

We are watched? I not trying to come across as rude or too blunt or whatever but come on just get real! do you really think they care? I hope the guy was joking too about cellphones- unless your a suspected terrorist or suspect I seriously doubt they would care. With them watching this the other poster has stated they are likely focused on illegal websites trying to nail child pornographers I just can't see them having anything to do with any paranormal or metaphysical sites or thousands and thousands of others. Lets try not veer down the road of "the evil government are watching us". That seems to be a huge craze these days and its getting kind of silly.
come on people get real I am sure the intelligence agencies have better things to do than hang around here.
Many people say the astral is wayyyyyyyy clearer and realer feeling than any lucid dream is this true? is that the best way of telling? is there any other way to tell the difference?

How can you distinguish usually between the 2?

This is only for experienced projectors please.

I had a real long night sat night and I slept for a full 11 hours today (Sunday) which is very unusual for me as I usually just am done with  8 or 9 hours sleep but I was feeling extra lazy. What I found interesting when I woke up was my dreams were more conscious/lucid than normal during my sleep and I think they seemed to happen at the later part of my sleeping and not the start or middle of my 11 hours. Does anyone know why this might be? is it common for people to have more lucid dreams the longer they sleep? if so then why?

I figured this could be useful if it happens again as I could use the low levels of consciousness to ask for "increased clarity" if I can and then if it works the consciousness can be heightened enough for a full blown OBE! what you guys think? but I mainly just wondered why this happens.
K I don't know why everyone stressing about the cure for cancer so much I mean it was just an example I really was meaning finding answers to huge metaphysical scientific questions like what makes the universe? is teleportation possible? is there a way to time travel? these kinds of things. Lets not all focus on the cancer example.