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Greetings all

      Would be interested to know why people project or want to project. I myself wish to advance on my spiritual path.
      I'd also be interested to know in what way those on a spiritual path had that spark ignited to persue there path,was the spark an Obe?

Regards Steve

Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Time Warp
May 01, 2002, 06:40:44
What's the time warp with the date,Jan wasn't a good mth for me,   aaahhhh,       Warp drive scotty, sector April
         Should the date problem be fixed before a reply, "I'm not an idiot", it did say January, "didn't it".

Regards  Steve

4 mths extra on ones life,     hmmm,    " LEAVE IT BE"


   Hi, my name is Steve and I was wondering if someone may be able to help with a problem I had whilst doing a visualization practice.
   I must first say that, "I have not projected as yet" ( not through lack of trying ) and  thought that some visualization exercises might help with my concentration.
    Well, I started of as I usually do as for an astral practice ,I'm laying down nice and comfortable ,I go through relaxing my body releasing any tension ,I do some consentration on my breathing, which appears to get me to the what I call the,"Just about to nod of level", and then I start to visualize.
     Well the visualization was going fantastic ,I'm in a forest,walking along a path which leads to a clearing where there is a small lake,I imagine there are little elementals there ect ect,ect. I was doing this for about 30 minutes when I started to notice that my breathing was starting to shorten,I kept visualizing ( because it is something that i've never really been good at) and the visualization was going great ,but the breaths kept getting shorter.It felt as if my lungs had started to close down,It was really strange because I was still visualizing ,but at the same time thinking I'm going to stop breathing, but didn't care. I continued for about another 5 min's then stopped. The crazy thing is, I can remember the breaths shortening and feeling as if i'm going to suffocate (die), but I cannot remember the point at which the suffocation stopped or dissipated .
      Well, "that's it", It would be interesting to hear from any body about what it may have been ?

Regards Steve

Hi All
   I was wondering what views ,methods or conjurations are about for dealing with negative Beings ,entities ,Demons ect in the Astral.
   I'm new to this forum (found it a week ago) ,new to computers ,(aaahhh) ,and new to typing(I think I'm classed as hen pecker).I think one might call it informtion overload.
    I have not projected as yet,I've been trying using visualization for a couple of months and feel as if I'm nearly there ,after reading some of the methods for projection on this site I think the Rope method may do the trick
    P.S Not wanting to sound naive ,but what is "profile singniture"

All the best


Welcome to Metaphysics! / Just when will it end?
August 06, 2002, 06:25:30
Greetings all,

I'm not sure wether I've posted this link before, if I have, well here it is agian.

If your intersested in comets, rogue planets ect the link to a radio inetrview is excellent. It's an interview with some blokes about "planet x". One of the best interviews I've heard on planet x.


You'll find it if you scroll down to     May 23 , 2002      about 2hrs

Regards  Steve

Greetings starider,

Thanks for your thought's, enjoyed the web site.

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

Like any energy raising involving the chakra's you must follow it through in way that you live to see the real benefits. Greg, your right about the sixth. I'm currently single and practice the sixth. It you have a partner and practice the sixth ( Sexual alchemy, Tantric sex ),  to achieve the true benefits it's important that ejacualation does not occur and lust should not enter into it.

The warning in link you provided should be taken into account, the sixth should not be practiced if your not going to complement it by travelling a certian path in your day to day life.

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

Frank,  I think the entity was trying to stop you from whatever path you were following. He cost me 10 min of my physical path :) .  And I haven't got a clue :)

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

Comus, I not know where the dumb bit come from, I'm 40 years old and your post reads more articulate and grammatically correct than most of mine.

regards  Steve

Welcome to Dreams! / Very complicated Dream
July 28, 2002, 01:52:52
Greetings K2sixx,

Sounds like an excillent dream / lucid. I've been keeping a journal for quite some time and it's great to look back through it and see over a period of months and years how the themes and content change as you devolop as a person over that time.

I keep a pretty complex journal, I journal the Date, Time ,was it transcribed after the dream, or on waking and then The dream content. I've also found it usefull to have a section at the end as to what might have attributed to the substance or feeling of the dream. I break this section into four areas.

1/ physical :  Things that are on your mind in the proceeding day(s) before the dream. ie: You haven't seen someone for years and all of a sudden you incorporate them in your dream(s).  I've found in this type of case, more times than not, If you do a little retrospection of the proceeding day(s) you'll find that they may have come up in a conversation, or something you saw ( might only be for a second ) reminded you of them.

2/ Past lives:  Write down things that have a cultural difference to your own, are you acting out a certian occupation, do certian era's in time occur. I've found that I have a great familiarity with Asia and certian asian building's and stuctures which I have'nt known in this life.

3/ External:    Write down any external physical influence's that may have added to it, ie: Did a partner sleeping next to you give you a nudge, did the doona fall of, did you eat to much before sleep,have you had any muscular or digestion upsets that day. I have a son that is very receptive to external triggers. Over the years his brother and I have great fun proding him whilst his asleep to later hear how he incorparated the physical proding into his dream.

4/ Diagrams. I draw pictures , diagrams and maps ect. I've found a lot of times when looking at a picture I've drawn and thinking about the feeling of the dream at that time, extra meaning of that situation arises.

I hope the above might help you with your journal, it's frustrating when you get the, " oh bugger, i'm sure i've had that theme before, I should've wrote the other one down".

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

One important note with meditation, what ever method, style or tecnique. If you set aside time for a practise, once you've ended it, come out of it slowly and carry it with you as long as you can. You will find the state of mind, or some might say mindlessness will stay with you a little longer each time. It takes a lot of practise, but it's well worth it.

Regards  Steve


1/      To comliment my spiritual path.

2/      In regards to nature,...Fish appear to do what there meant to do, Birds and other animals do the same,  WHAT the hell are we doing,  and why?

Regards  Steve

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Our Favorite Quotes
July 05, 2002, 05:57:32

     [To enjoy the beauty of the rainbow, there must be rain]

Regards steve

Greetings jimbo... welcome

You should be able to nut out what your looking for with the wealth of imformation and expierance that passes through these forums.

Robert Bruces, New system apears to give good results.

One thing with energy raising, no matter what you do, draw it in from here or there, move it from one chakra( centre ) to another, store it ect. You must compliment it in the physical if you wish to maintian and improve it.
You can get all your centres nice and balanced, but as soon as you get angry,lustfull, or over emotional ect, your energy system goes on auto and transfers it without you even knowing.

If one chooses to walk a true spiritual path, with hard internal investigations of oneself these gifts will come naturally.

James, could you expand a little further in relation to the lightning experiance.

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

[Robert] ,  PPSD sounds as if it has very good sound basic phycology as it's base structure. Your rather lenghty post ( I wish I had the skills of grammer and typing to do the same ) sounded logical and methodical to me.

I appriecate the fact that your work and expierance in these fields has led to the growth of these forums, which allows people to discuss these areas in a stuctured and positive way.

I see nothing ilogical or overly strange about the 1-10  recomended basic changes, although 1-9, I would concider good living and parenting practices, and no 10 , I would call  an actual Phycic self defence measure.

As I stated previously,  my original reply was not about PPSD,. I will take more care in the wording of my posts on these matters in future.

Regards Steve

Greetings all,

[Robert] , I understand what your saying in your post. I have not concsiously been to the astral and do not believe I've had any negative attacks in the physical. I have problems in the area of self defence. The problem I have in my understanding of it is, where is the line drawn between what is in us that causes harm as oppossed to what is external to us ,that may cause a phycic attack. What I mean is, I have personally helped people in the physical over the years to release themselves from many situations and habits that others would describe as neg attacks. I know one in particular, that if the idea of external attacks / attachments were entertianed. This person would have mabybe used this idea as a crutch.

I will be purchasing a copy of PPSD shortly, is this "whats from in" or "whats from out" line covered.

Regards Steve

Greetings all,

In relation to problem solving from  dreams, lucids and the astral, it can be rather difficult. The answers are often cloaked in symbolism. More times than not,  I've found that you find answers to things that you didn't think were of importance, things that you  think wouldn't be of high priority in your mind. When you do sit down and analize these things. It gives a good insight as to what is really on the mind.

When having a normal dream, it becomes quite easy over time to interpret what the subconscious is trying to tell you, as you go to lucids it becomes more difficult because our consciuosness (the part we think is so damn inteligent) has  a chance to have a run. Then theres the astral, this is where our"so togeather,according to us" consiousness goes into full sprint, and not only is it near impossible to interprut the meaning of the symbolism, from what of heard it's hard enough just trying to stay there.

If you wish to find the answer to a question, and that question is weighing heavy on your mind, in my opion your more likely to gleen the answer from a normal dream.

All the best with you business venture

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

My reply to uniderth's post was not written in relation to the context of Roberts book, I have not read the book, and uniderth's question was posed in such a way, it would appear that  1: uniderth has not read the book.    or 2: uniderth has read the book, and is still none the wiser. Given Robert's knowledge in these areas , I assumed that the book had not been read.

With the aforementioned been said, I made the statement in my post[In my opinion you dont need it] ( psychic self defence) ,I wasn't saying that you should not be aware of it.  I also stated , [I'm not discounting the fact that a person could come under a real psychic attack.],which infers that you may come under Psychic attack, and if so, it's reasons you would require some form of counter measure.

From my experiance from reading the posts and reply's on the Psychic Self Defense forum and others, my statement [But it's so blown out of proportion it's ridiculas sometimes. ] still stands within the context it was written.

I would assume that Robert's book(s) would be very helpful inregards to a real Psychic attack.

Regards  Steve

Greetings all.

Tia, l form a non expieranced point of view,  it read's  great, thanks for sharing it.   "congratulations"

Regards  Steve

Greetings uniderth,

  In my opinion you dont need it, every one to there own. It's also confusing, what is a psychic attack. Some might say if someone verbally abuses you in the physical,  it's a psychic attack. If things are not going to plan, they might put it down to a psychic attack. There own thought projections in the Astral may make some believe there under psychic attack. I'm not discounting the fact that a person could come under a real psychic attack. But it's so blown out of proportion it's ridiculas sometimes. If someone really thinks they need defence, thats there chioce. But those that say, you must do this, you must do that or you'll get in trouble, it's unnecassary.

If someone want's to drive a car and wear a crash helment all the time, and they think they have to for saftey, thats fine. On the probobility of the need for a crash helmit, I dont.

Regards  Steve

Welcome to Dreams! / First serious lucid dream
June 23, 2002, 07:38:39
Greetings Joe,

I found when having the lucids over a two to three year period they were great inregards to self improvement. It's very difficult though to work out the symbology of things.Most items,scenes and situations in a lucid I could account as to why they appeared .They came from memmory stock useually from the past two weeks prior to the lucid It was as if I'd gone to a phycologist and asked them to put me in a trance and tell me whats been on my mind for the past two weeks.

As for...... Does anyone have a way to contact or explicitly have a dialogue with one's subconscious through LDs? ..........I never tried it,and I would think from my expierances with lucids I dont think it would be possible.

It's like:           Dreams   :  your watching a movie
                     Lucids     :  your in the movie
                     Astral      :  your in the movie and can and ask director about movie via a 3rd party
                 Mental plane :  You can feel the directors presence
          higher planes      :  " I'd dearly love to know"

Regards  Steve

Welcome to Dreams! / First serious lucid dream
June 21, 2002, 22:26:36
Greetings Joe,  I know how you feel, in my twenty's I was full on with lucids. Every night I'd have about three, it was like going to the movies each night. Those around me thought I was crazy, If someone knocked on the door whilst in the middle of one, I'd get up, staying in a trance like state I'd open the door, go back and finish it off. I got sucked into lifes vacum and let the ability slide.  It's only lately that the lucids are comming back. It's hard to explian to some one how these things effect your physical well being, and it's free.To be excited about going to sleep is a great feeling. Thanks for the post, the wonder of your newly aquired tool shines through.

Regards  Steve

Greetings all,

"Old farts" , indeed, theres one advantage with age if used correctly. With it comes wisdom. So with that said, I'm hoping to become a "very old fart".

Altered states, one of my favorite   OLDER  :)   type of psi flicks

Regards  Steve  ( time for my afternoon nap )

Greetings all,

caniam_nazier has explianed very well the basics of introspection / self awareness. The problems most people face inregards to this is how do they find out whats happening inside, and when they do, how do they deal with it.
Mysticweb runs  online courses (see link below), one of these is a" self knowledge"course which gives you tools (practices) to study the inner self. If your new to the concept of" looking inside" the self knowledge course is a great start. Should you find the course interesting they have more advanced courses should you aspire to walk a spiritual path. There are no catches, the courses are free.

A good example of what the course covers, we've all been in the situation where for some reason or another you get the butterflys in stomach (solar plexus area), it may be before sitting an exam,your first date,youv've just lost your job ect ect. The reason for the butterflys is that inside at the time, your energys are located in the emotional centre (solar plexus chakra ).

People can spend a lot of time doing energy raising and such, which in it's basic's is shifting energy from one centre ( chakra ) to another. Like a machine, if the oils are all at the right level the machine should run consistantly. If your going to have the oil levels correct, you must keep an eye on them. You can raise energy, transfer it from hear to there and get it all nice and balanced. But as soon as you get angry, frustrated, be taken over by lust ect ect , the energy goes to the aplicable centres (chakra's). We humans think were in control, but were not. If your driving down the road and see an atractive person of the opposite sex and have a look and think, "hhmmm not bad at all", youv'e just transfered energy to the sexual centre (chakra).

Were transfering energy from second to second. Through self awareness / inner observation we can watch the centres and discover the energy being transfered( looking inside ). This is what the buddhists refer to as" being in the momment". It is impossible to discard that which is not known.

"The beauty of the walk is lost when consumed by it's destination"


Regards  Steve

Welcome to Metaphysics! / precognitive dreams
June 21, 2002, 09:29:45
Greetings all,

Had a strange expierance this morning, on of those small spooky things. I'm having a dream, and in the dream are some people that I know and were talking about this and that. In the dream the conversation came up about things you did when you were younger. For some reason ,Stones green ginger wine( cheap wine) came into the conversation. When I was younger we used to wait outside the pub(hotel) till someone old enough come along to purchase a bottle for us.

Well the dreams going "ok" and the alarm goes off. I'd set the clock radio a little loud and it gave me a jolt. I'm starting to loose the recall of the dream and the strongest threads of it were the, Stones green ginger wine and a particular person.  I'd jumped out of bed because of the radio and I'm thinking, why the stones green ginger, and why this particular person. I'm running it  through my head, I'm thinking, "I haven't thought of Stones green ginger for years.

Well I'm thinking about it and then I hear the end of a conversation on the radio (in the physical ) and the bloke says "sure you haven't been on the Green ginger wine", I just stood there and stared at the radio, "spooky".

Regards  Steve