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Below is a copy and paste form another topic I started on the Pulse. I think it's somehow related to your experience in regards to sensations of consciousness change of location and expansion.

"I started something new during meditation which triggers instant body convulsions and electric shock like through the brain. Can you guys test it and let me know if you experience the same reactions. I have never had that happening through the many years of OBE and all kinds of meditation and visualizations.

Sit in a comfortable position (you can do this as you are falling asleep as well) and relax all your muscles especially your forehead and face. This can be done in a minute or two. Then imagine you are sinking into the chair/bed (should take one minute). Then imagine that you are all around your body in a form of energy (exclude your physical body from the sensation). But it's important not to imagine you as a pint of consciousness somewhere outside your body. It has to be the entire energy field ALL AROUND your body in all directions. But you have to imagine it as being you, not some type of energy around you. It has to be you, feel you expanding, just not your physical body, but the energy you only. Then start expanding yourself quickly, like the big bang expansion through vast distances and dimensions. Through the multiverse. Tell me if during that expansion your body starts convulsing.

I bring back the attention to my body as soon as the convulsions start, but if I do this a few times on a row, it seems to subside and equalize.

Now, if you hold that state you can ask a specific question and the thoughts that pop into your mind are most likely the answers. But you need to have the conscious mind out of the way so it doesn't filter through your ego and character. It has to be the larger soul connected and your subconsciousness to receive it from a neutral point of view. You can request a full body scan to be performed and instant healing to be done by the larger soul/God. Let it happen. Observe only the sensations, don't judge.

Pay attention to all challenges in your life including body pain and illnesses, as these are messages about lessons. Ask what the lessons are in order to stop these messages from reoccurring. And take actions to change what needs to be changed in your behavior, thinking, beliefs, etc. The answers also may be given to you in your dreams symbolically. I have done that in the past three nights before bed asking a specific question and imagining my expansion and connection to the greater multiversal mind. I had the most straight forward dreams, very vivid and right to the point. I have made many realizations. IN one dream a snake became a monster and I cut off its head with a sword. IN another I became lost, but asked for guidance and found my way. I woke up and I said "I need to become lost in order to find my way. I need to ask and I shall receive guidance, but I must ask".
I thought I know it all lol, but there is so much more we still need to realize. I have also repeated before bed that I let go of all negative connections that may be affecting me from past lives, people throughout my life, or from my own lack of knowledge. I truly meant that and I forgave all and I asked for forgiveness if I have hurt anyone throughout my existence. I can tell you, the next day I kept exhaling like many burdens are being released from me and I kept feeling lighter and lighter, free of care.

And another interesting thing that I noticed is that more and more I am realizing that I am in a game. WE all know it, but for me it was just the knowing without actually feeling it in daily life. Like, you know that France exists but if you are not there, the knowing is just a knowing and not an experience. Now, I observe everything around me and all happenings as a true game. I was on the freeway today and there were some emergency vehicles on the side of the road with blinking lights. I instantly said "That's a signpost in the game. Someone has created it and placed it there. I looked at the cars, the sky, the hills, nature and my mind was flooded with the "programing" reason behind this scene. I perceive all people now as true avatars with their missions and set challenges. I know that all challenges even the most terrible ones are choices to pass to the next levels, to obtain something in order to remove obstacles and pass into the next level. My life phases change as everything in life is everchanging. Just when I know I have reached a good point of understanding, something happens and I discover more. I tend to not like change once I get to a comfortable routine, but I realized that if we are afraid of changes, life will start sending us messages to face the fear of the unknown and start moving, keep the game rolling. Go to the next chapter, and then the next. Don't get too comfortable in one place. Nostalgia was a big barrier for me, as I never wanted to leave my childhood, or my home, my friend and parents. I suffered a lot, but now I have let go, and I understand now that this life should not be taken so seriously. We have to keep moving and taking changes. Chop-chop, let's go and get though the game like true champions "
Wow, that's a true enthusiast haha. I just didn't understand if he achieved the desirable results.
Quote from: Donut on September 20, 2023, 18:18:11instead of just being that weird dude in the corner.

hahaha....We encourage all who read to interact, because that's how you feel one with like minded people, and it's very empowering, even if you just say that you like some one's post, and to encourage one another.
Your meditation technique seems very effective. I will give it a try. I experiment with many new ways to meditate. Thanks for sharing, and welcome :)
Quote from: lostsole on September 18, 2023, 15:10:38Thus, how would my brain have fetched info it did not know? 

I think our immediate baseline of experiences are based on what we know and believe, but we are able to observe more and make realizations along the way, which broaden our knowledge. The only constant in existence is change. Change and growth are inevitable. Our beliefs constantly change and expand, and so our experiences. It's a two way interchanging channel where both beliefs and experiences trigger change and expansion of one another.
The most memorable OBE was when I asked to connect to God. Link below. I experienced the Oneness, which is absolutely indescribable. It has to be experienced, and it gave me the ultimate answer to the question of the purpose of existence. I understood it completely and since then I have felt content playing the role of my earthly character with all of it's challenges. It changed completely my perception of who am, I and who all of us are.

Besides that, the endless adventures themselves have been absolute bliss to experience, and not only NP adventures, but I started looking on this life as adventurous and have manifested an exciting life. Overall understanding of my own power, the law of creation, my immortality, the knowing that nothing is ever lost, the meeting with my deceased loved ones to give me comfort here. The benefits are truly endless.!/i-asked-to-see-god/msg313858/#msg313858
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Invisible
September 18, 2023, 14:31:44
Quote from: LightBeam on January 12, 2021, 20:13:59Great replies, everyone! Just now another thought popped up into my head "Orion". This popping of thoughts happen most often when I am not focusing on finding answers. Usually when I am meditating and clearing my mind to receive info, exact answers are not received. The minute I start doing something like driving or watching TV, but without much paying attention on neither the road nor the program, then thoughts start popping. it really feels like a telepathic communication surfacing at these times. We've already discussed this long driving narrowing focus and letting other deep thoughts surfacing. Same when you are doing something that narrows your focus, but without you making an effort. During intentional meditation we have that expectation to receive information, but I find that the pressure of the expectation itself created barriers for information to surface. When I am not intending or expecting to receive information, then it happens out of nowhere. This is very intriguing to me. So, I guess my friend is telling me that he/she/it is somewhere from the constellation of Orion. I will keep encouraging this type of communication, hopefully more details will come forth.

Wow, no way. I am bringing this topic back because I was going through my historical posts to find something interesting for lostsoul, and I came about this post which showed an ET that came through for me when Casey did the crystal contact. Check the picture of the ET on the previous posts. This face is exactly what I saw on my visual from my recent post of the mosquito bites messaging. And then check the quote above from me on this topic in 2021. I mention Orion. This ET that came through Casey's crystal intended to show the connection to me is the same that gave me the messages through the mosquito bites of Orion's Belt and then sent me the message I posted about improving human DNA. I am speechless.
Hearing your name during refocus is common. I myself have experienced it as well. You have to understand that you are a multidimensional being experiencing many realities simultaneously. Just because your current perception oriented into this reality give you the illusion that your entire consciousness is here and now. Then you think when you project is at another place, and so on, being in one place at a time, but this is not accurate. So, the moment you start tuning into the multidimentional layer of your experiences, you can start hearing parts of interactions that are going on, or visuals of something that another part of your consciousness is involved with. Nothing to worry about and nothing unusual. There are many possibilities of the actuality of who and why is calling our name. When you AP you can ask to see that person and why are they calling you.
Quote from: lostsole on September 18, 2023, 00:13:23Yep, that's me!

So when you succeed, what you describe then sounds like your body is in a state of sleep paralysis,

yes, that is exactly sleep paralysis. Sometimes, when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I try to wake myself up a little. Then when I go back to sleep, I simply start imagining that my bed is swaying from side to side. I allow myself to feel the motion. That motion sometimes trigger shortly after sleep paralysis and you can easily project because your body has gone back to sleep but the motion kept your awareness awake. You can try setting up your alarm for 2 or 3 am to try this.
Quote from: lostsole on September 17, 2023, 23:50:07How do you differentiate that you are now ready to move an astral limb/open eyes, or whatever and can tell that you are at that phase, and not just moving a physical limb, or rolling your physical body, etc.? Even if I personally never exit that way, I'm still curious how you know?

I just know when the vibes have waking me up during deep sleep. I never question that I am ready, I just know it. Even if I try moving physicality I am unable to. There have been several frightening vibrations during which I have tried to wake up and move but without success. Then to stop the uncomfortable "in between" state, I just think of floating, or just think that I am standing next to the door, and I get "teleported"
When I know that my physical body is awake and I am just in deep meditation, the differentiation is difficult, at least for me. I do try in occasions to project from that deep state of meditation even when I feel mild buzzing, but I never succeed. My senses are still perceiving the physicals on some level and that prevents me from fully dethatching.
hi lostsole, for me personally I can never have a full blown AP/OBE without my body being completely physically asleep. in my teens I tried for 10 years to lay down, meditate and completely go deep into a meditation for hours, try to imagine floating, but all I ever achieved was some visuals and slight floating sensation. Until I read William Buhlman's books, followed his visualization. motion technique and within 3 weeks had my first AP. If you have not succeeded with your techniques for a long time, perhaps you can try something different. I would suggest to read his books. I have to do the visualization and imagine being someplace else, touching things, moving, etc, but it has to be as I am falling asleep and then allow myself to fall asleep. Do this every night for 3-4 weeks and then your energies will adjust, the vibrations will wake you up during the nights and you can easily get completely out and stay long out because your body is not being physically awake and it will allow your awareness to be completely independent, yet you remember it all. Full APs should feel like you feel now awake, completely mobile to fly, observe, teleport, go to different worlds and feel even more clear than feeling here in the physicals. You can walk, touch, see, smell, taste, feel like a point of consciousness or observe yourself with a body. whatever you wish. There are no limits. And it is not imagining AP, it IS truly dethatched from the physicals and being completely independent, and not being aware at all of where your body is or what position is sleeping.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 16, 2023, 18:01:45
Quote from: Nameless on September 16, 2023, 15:07:02After hundreds (no thousands) of years I think by now our (human) DNA should be damn near perfect. I would love to know what the problem is. Communication between them and us should be far better than it is.

Is there something we need to do on our end, if so what? If the problem is on their end, how can we help?

I think you may be in a prime position to ask these questions LightBeam.

I thought this will take long, but the moment I asked and closed my eyes, the following came through. I have to note that when I ask questions of any sort, I try to stay as neutral as possible and move my own perception of things out of the way, so I can receive as unaltered information as possible.

Message: Human body to be able to withstand diseases better. Improvement of immunity is necessary. When the worry of physical survival is removed, the creative power increases. The challenge of distributing resources equally will remain and humans will be tested to demonstrate greater compassion and better care for their planet. 
Quote from: Xanth on September 16, 2023, 17:41:56Ok, it's no secret I haven't actively consciously projected in a while.  It's been a good ten years or so.

I decided to give it a try again this morning.

Within a few minutes I started experiencing... the vibrations?!

When I was practicing before I hardly ever experienced them.  So strange.

Almost like I've been reset or something. 

All aboooooard :)  (vibrations yelling)
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 16, 2023, 10:34:23
Finally the answer to my third question came through last night in a moment of mind silencing. A stream of thoughts popped up that the message was on my body to indicate that human DNA is linked to Orion, and that it needs another round of improvement, which is forthcoming.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 15, 2023, 19:37:00
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on September 15, 2023, 18:29:35Maybe not Orion's Belt, but rather Orion's Bite? Lol

Haha, totally! You'd think they'd be more sophisticated lol
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Fear
September 15, 2023, 16:32:16
Quote from: omcasey on September 15, 2023, 15:35:09Bravo!

In many of my experiences I refuse to be afraid. It is almost an innate feeling of disdain I have for weakness. I tap into it. I am curious about the details of your experience, Lightbeam. Are you up for laying the situation out for us? Did it take place IRL or in the inner fields? Is there any more that has come to bear since it happened and you making this post?

It's to personal to share, but it happened in the physicals life and since then it never happened again. And even if I think of the possibility of happening, I feel no fear.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 15, 2023, 16:30:45
Quote from: omcasey on September 15, 2023, 16:12:45Goodness. Vacation? I sure do hope those WERE mosquito bites and not bedbugs ( ack ). The latter are notorious for biting in groups of three in a straight line. I had a horrible experience of this in Los Angeles I hope to never repeat in all my life.

Oh no, these were mosquitos. We could see them all around us. But the thing is that the three bites were not on a straight line. One was always slightly off from the other two and slightly at a longer distance. Just like Orion's belt configuration. Every singly grouping was mathematically identical angle and length of the third bite. And it was not just from one mosquito in case one liked very precise geometrical biting lol. They were from different ones and different days.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 14, 2023, 17:57:40
Quote from: Nameless on September 14, 2023, 17:24:57Interesting. Perhaps your new aquatic friend also had a random moment just as you and he is also wondering. Hmmm

I hope his random moment was as itchy as mine was lol. There could have been other ways haha
Quote from: lostsole on September 14, 2023, 02:30:07Free will vs non free will is the core of my concern.

I have experienced time after time in the physical and non-physical that change of my beliefs and perception change my experiences in regards of feeling free or feeling helpless and trapped. I came to the conclusion that we DO have free will even as characters. The perception of not having free will is an illusion that we create ourselves and trap ourselves temporarily until we realize the big picture, connect to all that is and see the purpose of our existence from way above the physical world drama. The point of fragmented characters choosing to isolate themselves from all knowledge is to learn in a controlled environment and try to make the realizations themselves. That adds tremendously to the growth of the oversoul (who we truly are in our entirety). During the existence as fragmented characters we cloak ourselves with the ego, which job is to protect the physical vehicle and ensure its survival. But the ego has a very limited perception, something like 0.0000000000001% of the multiversal knowledge. All these thoughts of ours about being trapped, not having choices or abilities to change our reality is the perception of the ego. Unless we lift ourselves above the ego and connect to our super consciousness, we will continue thinking from the limiting perception of the physical character. Request the ego and the super consciousness to merge and cooperate instead of keeping them apart and you will notice a difference. Then you will understand why the physical experiences are designed to be so challenging, painfull, with never ending cycles of tests and the perception that external source is controlling our existence. All that is an illusion and a part of the game that the oversouls design to create schools for learning. When you truly understand that, you will feel your free will. No matter what the initial set up the oversoul has decided for each character, that character has the capacity to change their path by realizing its power. Without realizing one's power, that power can not be used in a constructive way. The fears and doubts will create only more confirmations in forms of circumstances that you are powerless and have no freedom. Bottom line, whether we think we are free or trapped is of our own doing. Change your beliefs and you will change your perception, circumstances and experiences. I don't pay attention to any conspiracies out there, because if I choose not to make them a part of my personal world they will never be, I will never be bothered and I will continue live in my own bubble that contains only abundance, love and harmony. My non-physical experiences also reflect these beliefs. After death, I will continue with the feeling of being free, because there are no external forces controlling anyone. The belief of control creates that reality and traps one's soul until that belief is changed. Now, do you see how powerful we are, but that power to create can create freedom or a prison. The only responsible party is our own self. We can free ourselves up or we can imprison ourselves with our thoughts or beliefs. In addition, we always interact with other souls and characters and our creative power can also create the cooperation and love received from other characters, or we can also create allowance to be abused by other characters. I wanted to point that out, because here in the physical we feel controlled by government, the illuminati if you believe in it, controlled by parents, children, friends, managers, spouses, etc. But it is your allowance that triggered these circumstances, the agreement between all of you to experience all this for learning purposes. At any point each of the players can change the course of events as they grow and learn, as they realize what do they have to do to free themselves up. And this is the whole purpose of existence of characters, to achieve strength and realize their own power through experiencing very challenging circumstances set up by the characters on a higher level. Always ask, what is this situation teaching me. Listen and be accountable for your own false beliefs, examine your beliefs and determine if they no longer serve you, realize that they are false and the difficult situations will dissolve automatically and will be replaced by new situations that will correspond to your new beliefs.
Quote from: Xanth on September 13, 2023, 16:08:54Now I feel the desire... the NEED... the start again. 

APs and feeling connected to the entire multiverse makes this life so much richer and exciting. Truly like being in a game, seeing things from a very different perspective, and not taking life so seriously, to understand why everything happens the way it happens and to be able to step outside of the world drama. To see it as a necessity to be experienced because it is by choice. To understand this is to receive your freedom.
Not everything. But a large part is related to beliefs, because they are the creative force after all.
Why not everything. Because I have observed many similarities of various projector's accounts and experiences. So, it looks like there ARE some established NP rules if you will. For example, I have experienced and have heard from other projectors that if we end up in a place established by a large community of NP beings, that place has to look certain way and things can be changed only by mutual agreement of all occupants. I was in a mediaeval looking town once with a castle and a courtyard, people living there, going about their business, they have chosen to create such environment in the NP for whatever reason and have created the environment to look certain way. I tried to change something on the castle architecture an immediately found myself in a field outside of the town. I was kicked out of the town by some energy restrictions I guess.

But overall expectations of the character who is observing the NP strongly influences the experience. People who believe in evil will create it and interact. I don't, so I have never in 20+ years and thousands of APs encountered negativity. My vision of the multiverse if all beauty and love and my experiences are pleasantly adventurous and exciting. 
What I DO Know though is that the multiverse has everything that can ever be thought by any point of consciousness. So, is there a hell, is there a devil. Yes, but it was created by those who want to experience such things. They are not existing by origin. Only God (All That IS) is the originator of the creative energy. The separate points of consciousness choose to create after that whatever they think is needed to learn and grow. So, yes the multiverse contains it all, but the question is what each of us as fragmented points of consciousness believe to be aligned with. Which part of the multiverse? The good, the bad, the ugly? Because it's all there, but where do we want to go. Who do we thing we are? Our experiences physicals and non-physical are reflections of who we think we are. Now, who we THINK we are is actually very limited by the limitation of each character. Who we truly are is something characters have chosen not to remember for learning purposes. Therefore, who each of us THINK we are is just the character portion and based on that perception of us our environment is created. Our oversoul (larger being) contains all knowledge. IF we understand that, our fragmented character can draw from it and experience another level of physical and NP experiences. At the end, everyone is exactly where they need to be at the present moment and it is strictly related to learning needs.

Sorry, I branched off a little from the original topic  :-D
Quote from: Xanth on September 12, 2023, 09:05:13I'm curious, when you're doing your visualization/motion techniques are you lying down or sitting up?

Laying down in my favorite sleeping position, because I want the last thoughts of being somewhere else to be in my mind when I drift off. I have tried doing visualization during the day or longer before falling asleep and it does not work. For me this technique has to merge with falling asleep without interruptions of waking up or moving before the first phase of deep sleep. The visualization has to overlap by a bit with going into Delta. But to prevent falling asleep too quickly before you have a chance to visualize for at least 10 min I would suggest to go to bed 30 min before you get too sleepy. TV should not be on, phone should be put away, etc. NO disruptions between the ending of the technique and falling asleep.
To me everything is about lessons. We may interpret it as Karma, but if we don't learn the set lessons they keep repeating maybe a few cycles over one lifetime. If not learned in one lifetime, it will carry over to another.
On another hand, everything we think to do to other people in terms of harming them, we actually bring this intention upon ourselves, we create it within our own energy surrounding and it reflects back to us. On the surface people may think that they harm another to gain something for themselves, but all they do is bringing this harm and manifesting circumstances in their own life. These manifestations can happen within one life cycle or over a few. But there is no punishment coming from anything external. We do it to ourselves, but we have agreed on a higher level that we would experience the consequences of our learning process which in itself is also learning. Overall it's for our growth, expansion and benefits. There is no punishment of any sort.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Orion's Belt
September 11, 2023, 22:08:22
During my vacation, me and my family were at the sea cost for two weeks and there were many mosquitos in the area. We all got bitten multiple times. But the most interesting thing is that most of my bites were in groupings of three bites that aligned exactly as Orion's Belt. One group on my hand, another on my leg, then on my shoulder and then on my forehead. But they appeared one after another, not all groupings at once. The first one was on my hand. When I looked at it, I showed it to my sister and I said "Look, it's Orion's Belt. We also looked up the Egyptian pyramids alignment because they match it and the three mosquito bites on my hand were exact match. I thought what an interesting coincidence. I didn't think much of it, I dismissed any type of messaging. But the next day, two new groups of three bites each the same alignment appeared on my leg and on my shoulder. I instantly thought, ok, it's a clear message, something about Orion. But I didn't continue thanking of it. On the third day another group of three bites same alignment appeared on my forehead. Then I said out loud "Ok, OK, clear message, I am acknowledging it now. Tell me who is sending the message" That night when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I repeated the question and within a few minutes I had a clear visual that lasted for about 30 seconds. I saw an ET stepping into something like a clear big box which appeared to be a device through which messages are sent through the universe. The device started glowing when the ET stepped in. The ET was very interesting looking. It had a humanoid figure, but thinner, small face, but very big almost like a turban head that appeared soft and it was salmon/yellowish color. The hands and feet were larger and they looked aquatic, like the being could live also under water. So, this visual showed me who was sending me the messages. But now the next question I have is what am I to do with this awareness about Orion. What is it that the messenger wants me to do. I keep asking but there is no clear answer yet. I will let you know if it comes through. Definitely very interesting.
I just wanted to provide an additional input from my own experiences. I am most successful when I do any visualization/motion techniques right as I am falling asleep at night, for at least 10 min. Then I allow myself to fall asleep. Many people think that if you fall asleep you have failed, but I get woken up sometime during the night by finding myself floating or more often in sleep paralysis from which projection is very easy, just think that you are standing next to the door for example. Use your thoughts. But adjustment takes at least three weeks for the automatic wakening during the night to start occurring. So, if someone is just starting with this, consistency is key, give it a few weeks by practicing every night. I prefer this technique because it's faster and very successful, it doesn't require much time. In addition if you project during the night when your body is deeply asleep you stay much longer out and your experiences are very clear. At least for me.
Wow, I go away on vacation for a month and come back to a complete surprise :)
Very happy things worked out. If something is stuck, it will be shaken to get unstuck and force changes. This applies to anything in life. I can see how this scary at first but necessary change needed to occur for the Pulse. Forcing closure, but finding a solution in the end. I see a lot more discussions and new members taking interest. I am very happy :)