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Last night I had a realization during a dream that I was dreaming. Immediately I tested my hypothesis by trying to fly and I did. Then I took over the experience. I was enjoying the flight above beautiful fields. At one point I spotted a small circular object on the ground and it looks like inside the circle a pool of water was swirling. I knew that was a portal to another dimension. I wave of subtle fear came over me that this object was too small and I had claustrophobia to try to go through it. And I didn't know what was on the other side. But a thought popped in my head to face my fear and not be afraid of the unknown but rather be excited because of all the wonders I may discover there. I dove straight down like a bird and the moment I touched the object I found myself on the other side into another dimension. At first I found myself in a small circular room with water but the water was running vertically around the walls and the waves were splashing on the upper side of the walls. The water was sapphire blue and the foam of the waves was silver. Very vibrant and glowing colors. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. This room was small and I started feeling the claustrophobia again, but I said to my self not to be afraid. Soon a part of the wall dissolved and two beings entered. One of the said "Welcome to our world. We will teach you how to....." well, this is the moment I need to clarify that I have awareness that during the AP I understood everything from that world, but now after I have refocused in the physical I dont remember certain elements that in my view were so different that what humans are used to that even our imagination can not translate other parts of the multiverse and their elements. Our physical brains are way too limited to be able to translate. So, after waking up I tried soooo hard to recall what the beings looked like or what were they teaching me, what did the rest of that world look like, because I do have the awareness they showed me around and thought me something an I spent quite a long time there. And it's so frustrating now for this to be on the tip of my mind but I cant see it in my mind eyes. Hopefully at some point it will come to me, but I think it's the incredible difference between our worlds. I remember that one of the beings looked like a lady bug with human face and walking up right, but I distinctly remember the antennas on her head. The other being completely escapes me what did it look like, but at the time of the experience I did see it all and my emotions tell me it was an astonishing and magnificent world.

So, in conclusion, the multiverse is so incredible that our human imagination cant even imagine it. The diversity of types of existence, types of personas and beings is so vast, actually infinite. And that just blows my mind. It's a little frustrating because I want to know it all. And in some level I do, just like all of us. But if we stay in a timeless state of all knowing (from the highest perspective of All That Is) everything becomes static. There is no amazement of new discoveries. That is the reason All That Is expresses itself and cloaks infinite personalities in filters so it can keep rediscovering itself from infinite points of views and experience the emotions of amazement and exhilaration of "new" discoveries and explorations. 
The hominid were altered genetically to create homo sapiens, so all of us are hybrids. If you were born to humans then you are a human. All of us are also ETs and all other types of characters from all over the multiverse existing simultaneously. We are all star seeds in a way, we are everything, all that is, as we speak. But during focus into one character at a time linearly speaking we may chose to remember certain other characters of ours and their existence for various reasons. If I am not mistaken most here on the Pulse have expressed the same feelings (as the interviewee)  when we were children of thinking that were are not from here. We have chosen to leave a channel door open from a certain life/lives for information exchange and different reasons. ET is considered someone not born on Earth and truly knowing physically where they were born, traveling to Earth maybe even integrating among humans to live undercover for certain missions. The information the interviewee provided was scattered, hard to follow and she did not possess the vocabulary to explain things clearly. She did not answer many questions directly. Some of the information has already been available to the public for centuries. Some things are questionable and maybe strictly related to the girl and a part of her personal reality if she believes in control, manipulations, negative abductions, etc. Everything that she claims happened to her was from a non-physical stand point and we all know very well how our beliefs, fears and expectations can create instant NP related experiences.
On the other hand I think Linda and the Ancient Aliens production team need to expand their visions and accept that some things are strictly spiritual and not always related to aliens. Like they always say people speak and depict angels, dragons, light beings, but they always try to take this to the path of all this being ETs but interpreted in certain ways by humans. Why wouldn't there be angels (true non-physical beings that are not attached to any physical planets/characters), why wouldn't the human spirit have the ability to travel by its own will to anywhere in the multiverse without any ET involvement. This is what they need to tweak in their understanding to make their concepts more complete and not strictly push everything through the channel of ETs. And to truly understand why there is polarity, darkness and negativity. ETs are a product of the spirit consciousness, not the other way around. Pure consciousness is the creator of all dimensions and their inhabitants.   
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Precognitive Dream
May 16, 2024, 22:52:01
You are right, Tak, our energy practice enhances our inner perception. And funny thing I was thinking the same as you, what are we seeing if time is an illusion. Just yesterday I was thinking that we are seeing another now. And we are able to see many "fames" of a film all at once as suppose to one at a time like a projector does. We are in a sense the operators of the projector who can see the entire film and all its frames with one glance.
The trains derailing is a significant one. I ve'had precog dreams of mass disasters but they were more symbolic.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Precognitive Dream
May 15, 2024, 14:54:44
That's wonderful, Volgerle!
Today I had a precog feeling, which was interesting. Our executives rarely contact us 1:1, but for some reason today when I was in the shower, I said to myself "I have to hurry up, because XXX is waiting for me to appear online to call me." There was no scheduled meeting nor any reason as to why he would reach out to me, I just had that spontaneous thought. I didn't analyze it, I just accepted it as true, although there were no facts supporting it. As I logged in he immediately called me lol. It had to do with my departing colleague possibly me taking some of his work and moving into a new role, which would be fantastic :). So the precog dream did have relevance to me after all. This is so fascinating!
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Precognitive Dream
May 14, 2024, 23:13:23
The dream was super clear and it was the last before I woke up. The clarity of it made me question if this was actually going to happen in the physical immediately upon awakening.
I'm happy that you've had precognitive dreams as well. Tell us of the most interesting one. 
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Precognitive Dream
May 14, 2024, 21:54:26
Quote from: omcasey on May 14, 2024, 19:05:40I might suggestion you hone in on this while the energies are good. There is no telling what could manifest from it. What are your ideas?

Thank you, Casey! I do feel the energies are strong at the moment. I have peaks and valleys. Now the peak is at its highest. I am sensing greater than normal transformation period personally and collectively. I cant pint point what it is just yet, but something big on the horizon. It's exciting :)
Welcome to Dreams! / Precognitive Dream
May 13, 2024, 18:35:57
I've actually never had true precognitive dreams where what I dream exactly comes to pass without any symbolism. I've had plenty symbolic dreams where I get an idea of what is the most probable future but never exact occurrence until 2 nights ago. This was not an AP, there was no lucidity, or awareness, just a dream. I was in a meeting where one of my colleagues announced that he was leaving the company. This morning, this exact scenario played out in the physical. With his exact words, and other people and myself wishing him luck on his new opportunity. I don't know how this relates to me, perhaps it will be revealed later at work in the physical. I have many colleagues on my team and people rarely leave the company. The moment he started making the announcement, I was like "Wow, this was my first exact precognitive dream".
When I woke up from that dream 2 days ago I wondered if this could be happening in the physical, but quickly forgot about it.

Then last night I had a vivid dream that some invisible force was giving me paint to paint things in purple and gold. I saw images of people who's skins were all painted and glowing in purple and gold. I dont know what this is all about, but as you can see it is symbolic.

I wonder if any of you have ever had precognitive dreams where the scenarios played in the dreams exactly matched what you observed later in the physical?

During APs though, I have observed things that later I confirmed in the physical were as I observed them during the AP. For example about 10 years ago, my mom changed the covers on the couch. I saw them in red during an AP when I visited home and I thought "well, another mismatching thing between NP and physical". But 2 days later when we Skyped I saw the red couch. My mom said she changed them the week before. I was blown away.
When you said that you heard signals in the desert around Vegas, my first thought was signals coming from area 51  :-D . Vegas is one of the places where I sense high energy. Maybe I am picking up on the collective conscious feelings of all the visitors there. People go there to have fun and I can totally feel it big time. My sister and I had a blast one winter around Christmas. We stayed at the Luxor, being a pyramidal structure, unusual things happened while we were there. We felt supercharged. I wrote about it here in the Pulse back then. We won a lot of money from the machines. We wished for snow and shortly after it started snowing although it was not on the forecast and we overheard locals wondering where did that come from because it rarely snows. My sister and I looked at each other and totally grinned totally felt like we were masters of the elements.
I am planning next time I go to Vegas to hop on one of the area 51 tours just to get closer :)

You carpet experience disintegrating into quantum elements reminded me of Ant Man going into the quantum realm. Pretty cool. Imagine if a physicist observed consciously what you've experienced lol.
This session of Bashar is very interesting, but if you dont want to listen to the whole thing, at least hear the few minutes from 22:05 mark.  :-D

Hi Dontco, here is my personal view.
Lets start with the top -All That Is (God/the Source/the Force, etc). All That Is has infinite expressions that exist simultaneously. One of these expressions are human characters. All characters exist to keep rediscovering their greater selves from different points of view and ultimately who they truly are - God. The experiences themselves many times are set up in a linear fashion so the characters can experience a story, one film snap shot at a time. To experience learning, discovering, adventures, love, growth, excitement, bliss. But all these positive things would not be possible to be experienced in full force if polarity was not a part of the game programming. The overcome challenges make the reward so much sweeter. To make yourself forget what love is and then rediscover it, is absolutely exhilarating. Imagine infinite discoveries through eternal journeys and infinite emotions that cant even be described with human words. They have to be felt. I have felt what I have described above through my many astral adventures and through knowing that comes from within. And I share them here hoping others can get inspired to keep discovering wonders of their own and to feel that they are never alone in their journeys. That we are together as one.
Eventually we will come to that point. Progress is inevitable, regardless how slow it may seem. Many people are coming to this realization and soon they will outnumber the ones who are controlled by greed. At least I have that feeling that we are headed that direction.

If the story is true about the Anunaki altering the DNA of the hominid to become homo sapience, creating it in their image but less smart with more primitive brain in order to control and use them to mine gold. In a way it's their fault they created humans to feel fear, greed and act on survival instincts instead of giving them sophisticated brain and DNA. Just a minor DNA tweak to enlarge the amygdala and you got a very compassionate human. It's been studied that criminals brains have much smaller amygdala. The opposite, if larger than normal, people fall in the empathic category and usually get into the service field where they are drawn to help other people.
Great perspective, Tides! There are infinite things to discover and infinite ways to discover them. That's what makes existence truly fascinating! :)
This question often comes up when we try to analyze our experiences. Here is my understanding using analogies. Feel free to express your ideas.

-The "little" me is the version of my physical persona that I perceive myself to be in this moment/frame of this version of reality.  I am MVB born in the 20th century in EU, Planet Earth, linear version 100007654.                                                                                                                                                                                (In my view, there are infinite versions of every single point of consciousness existing simultaneously in the multiverse.)

-The "big" me is what we call the oversoul/the higher mind. It perceives itself is all personas all at once that it chose to express itself as and their infinite versions, including the "little" me. I am MVB born in 20th century EU, Earth, linear version 100007654 I am  a potato digger born in England in the middle ages Earth linear version 984557786565444, I am a roman soldier, I am the King of Scotland in 1398 AD, I am a member of the galactic confederation from Orion, I am  a blade of grass, I am an insect on planet  Mars, I am a stream of color in realm 18765 frequency, etc. I am all the above all at once without being confused. I am able to perceive myself as this large entity, not viewing myself as one character at a time linearly, but all at once as one being.                                                                                                                                                                              (In my view, the "big" me is the main programmer of the themes and experiences of the "little" us. But the "little" us have the power within their themes to evolve, learn, gain knowledge, expand, etc through situational lessons set up by the programmers, cooperation with other points of consciousness, tests to re-discover themselves from many points of view, testing their pre-programmed and acquired  beliefs within their enclosed game environments, testing how many self-imposed filters they can shed with each experience, choosing certain sets of lessons within each "life time", etc)

-The "all" me is All That Is perceiving itself as all versions of all points of consciousness and their infinite persona expressions including the "little" me and the "big "me simultaneously in one infinite moment. (In my view, the "all" me is the ultimate creator of everything". The big" me and the "little" me are fragmentations of consciousness. Each fragment though is never separate from All That Is. It just places filters/cloaks to block certain perceptions for the purpose of experiencing individualized story lines and expressions. All That Is is always in a state of becoming. It has no beginning and no end.

The best analogy (on a much smaller scale though, but you get the idea) to understand how the fragments perceive themselves and how can I/you imagine what is it to be the "big" me and the "all" me is the following:

-I am a child and I can not understand what it is to be anything else, although I am told by others what it is, I simply cannot comprehend because I am not within that other frame of reality (this is the "little" me)

-Now I am an adult and I understand what it is to be a child, but also an older sister, an aunt, a friend, a student, an engineer, a researcher, a mentor, a piano player, a karate master, etc. I can perceive all these roles as a part of me all at once without being confused or without the need to experience all these roles one at a time.  (this is the "big" me)

-Now, I am an adult and perceive myself being all these roles but in addition, I have learned how to AP and perceive parts of me that I never knew existed. I have the ability to perceive myself as ONE with everything. (this is the "all" me), and I am not confused, I am not lost within the infinite characters, no persona is ever lost or sees to exist, it is and always will be a part of the ONE, and the ONE will always know each "little" me as the ONE. Just like I am aware of my childhood, my adulthood, and I perceive both with the same validity, none is ever placed aside, both go in tandem of who the bigger me is, the same way no persona is ever "blended" or "dissolved" within the ONE. But all fragments perceive themselves as one entity

Conclusion: The only difference between the above various "me" is the filters that create the illusion of separation. To understand this and to know that at this very moment I/you ARE "All That Is" and to give the "little" us the ability to peel away more filters and within the enclosed game environment to actually see from far above and understand not only ourselves but all other personas and their purposes within our vicinity and collectively.
What comes to mind is that the mansion with its countless rooms is a blueprint/templates for physical world/experiences creation. I may be far from what you guys think of the mansion/house, but it can serve many purposes and show reflections of our physical personal reality as well. Or show us various possibilities for directions we can take should we chose different actions.
if anyone is interested, below is a link to a documentary called "That Sugar Film". IT really gives a perspective how BAD sugar is, but sugar is hidden in so many products and it has so many names. People are not even aware that they are consuming excessive amounts of sugar. This guy from Australia did an experiment and started consuming "healthy" food as many people think is healthy but accumulating so much sugar from them daily. he monitored his vitals, blood results, behavior and weight during the time he switched to this typical diet which kids also are fed. the film is very entertaining to see him switching, the way he starts feeling with sugar highs and crushes, he travels to America to confront the large companies that advertise products as healthy or do not acknowledge that sugar destroys people's health. Overall very entertaining, but it opens the eyes if anyone is not aware how people get deceived and brainwashed by advertising and government guidelines for food intake. This directly affects the brain, emotions, behavior, etc, and also overall physical health.
I found through so many experiments with eating and exercising that my optimal sharpness, awareness, increased downloads, increased APs, correspond with intermittent fasting, low carb diet, very nutritious food with lots of veggies, and daily exercising. The optimal of all is when I fast for 48 hrs. I typically do that once a month. I feel light as a feather, my mind is extremely sharp and clear. I feel like my brain is free to transmit.  I also drink dandelion coffee with several scoops of mushroom powder from Lion's mane, Turkey tail ( studies show that Turkey Tail kills cancer) and Reishi, and I add a teaspoon of matcha as well. 
I love how you have given names of your crystals :)
Every time I go to my local mall, I visit the crystal store. It's packed with giant crystals and art of all forms and sizes. I particularly like the ones that look like glistening snow. I just cant take my eyes off of them. When I put my hand near a giant crystal I immediately feel the pulling sensation. Not so much with the smaller ones. So, the mass of the crystals probably effects the strength of the energy. I imagine some day buying tons of large crystals and making a special room in my house all of crystals, to look like a different planet.
Hey that gives me an idea. I haven't thought of this before, but next time I AP, I will request to be taken to a crystal planet or dimension. That would be fun! Can you imagine the scene, the colors, shapes and illumination. And also communicating with them.
Quote from: Tak on March 17, 2024, 22:22:04the vast majority of people are too immersed in the everyday life problems, paying taxes, feeding their children, not losing their job, they don't have enough money... There is time to think about aliens? Looking at the stars on a clear night and think, is there anything more than this?

I have accepted a long time ago the diversity of this Earth school and the necessity of diversity. It's what makes it a school, and it makes the discoveries and achievements on individual level more magical.
But, I remember when I was little during the summer our family would sit out on the terrace every night and admire the stars and the Moon. My dad bought a very powerful binocular so we can look at the Moon up close, especially during full moon. I was fortunate to have been bourn to a family of very open minded people and despite the life challenges, my mom and dad never lost their sense of adventure and imaginative thinking. And one night, one of our neighbors stopped by. She was all about gossip, money, very earth drama oriented. My mom said, look the sky is full of stars tonight, isn't it beautiful, just to think how big the cosmos is. And the neighbor looked it her with puzzling expression and said "what kind of thinking is that?" and laughed at us and started telling us some gossip stories lol. I thought, OMG, I don't understand how is she not interested to know what is beyond our Earth? Back then I did not have that much wisdom and as I have now. But now I know, juts like I did not understand her, the same way she did not understand us. She had chosen to have a very focused human experience of a certain theme for reasons she had chosen on a higher level to learn something. We have all agreed to be co-existing in a  diverse environment to benefit form our differences in terms of learning. And I am thankful for the opportunities. In no way all of my observations imply judgement. I am just observing the dynamic of this school and the rate of growth, my own and collectively. My human part wishes everyone to be graduating with flying colors, but I know this is not how it works and to respect everyone's rate and choices of learning methods. Love to all precious souls who have chosen the hard road.
Amazing, Casey! Thank you for telling your story and contributing to the mass awareness!
Of course, there are many, many possibilities. No doubt there are many non-3D beings we make contact. But our physical cosmos must have billions of civilizations just as physical as we are, some more advanced able to travel fast through galaxies, some less advanced, some on our level. Just like people from different continents on Earth found how to connect with each other, just like this we can establish visitations and open interaction with other planets' intelligent inhabitants. As far as our growth, I think this is one of the main reasons more advanced civilizations do not want to openly contact us yet.
Quote from: tides2dust on March 16, 2024, 19:48:32I think the idea of mass contact can be interpreted in so many different ways. Some believe that such an event has already occurred, is occurring now.

To me mass open contact is ETs being among us to the public openly without hiding, speaking to us physically, talking interviews on the news, partying with us lol, landing their ships openly and getting out to the public to communicate face to face. Taking us on space ship rides would be cool. All that physical, ETs that are physical like us living here in this dimension, maybe some civilizations having abilities to shift from physical to non-physical easy and effortlessly, but still having home planets in our version of the physical universe. 
Wow, I dont know what triggered the experience last night, perhaps the focus on the above. This is the first time I am experience something of this nature, where in the experience I thought I am not in a dream nor I am APing. I thought it was real in the physical plane.
It was night time and the sky was swarming with all kinds of strange flying objects. My friend had no interest and said she was going inside the store. When I was left alone outside Infront of me appeared a thin woman with straight shoulder length reddish hair and very white face, not typical for a human. Everything else appeared humanoid. She said "Come with me". I said "Oh, you are an ET, aren't you?". Then I said, "but my friend will be out any time and she will look for me. Can you bend time and space and return me at this point in time?" She said "Of course, I can". Then she touched my hand and we teleported into her ship. At that very moment, I came to the realization that this was actually real and it was not a dream, nor an AP. That was my perception. I said " Is this taking place in the astral?" She replied "No, this is real". Then she said " We are going to enhance your vision and hearing". She put her hands in front of my eyes and and I felt warm energy waves on my face. Then she touched my ears and I felt a strong pressure and twisting sensation. That sensation cased me to wake up. MY ears were ringing like crazy, my body was buzzing and I thought, oh interesting. Then, instantly I felt asleep again and I returned instantly to the ship. I said to her "Wow, I just woke up in my bed and now I am back, is this real" She said " It is actually real, dont you know". Then she held with an instrument something that seems taken from a human body, it was small and covered in blood. She mentioned something about a child. I said " Oh, no, I dont want any children, dont do anything weird to me" She smiled and said "This is you as a child (it appeared that this was me in a form of a fertilized egg). She said "When we change the past and alter your DNA when when you were an embryo, it will reflect in your present".
That kind of freaked me out and I woke up again in my bed with my body buzzing. I did not return any more to that scene, but this was the first time I had an actual long conversation with an ET that I perceived as real and she also said it was taking place in the physical. I thought maybe this is what the people who report abductions experience.
This morning I am not noticing any changes within my vision or hearing. I've never had any issues, but I will monitor if I notice any enhancements. 
Quote from: tides2dust on March 16, 2024, 07:29:19It was raining. The first OBE I almost missed the chance by resisting that overcoming sensation(again). I get over that instinct to fight much faster now. I feel this wavy lullaby sensation and I start rocking my arms out from my body. I decide to stand up, success. I decide not to walk but to float- even better.

That's exactly what I observe every time I experience rain or snow in the astral. Not wet, not cold, but extremely pleasant feeling against my skin. And I've had APs underwater where I found I wont suffocate, there is no need of breathing lol. But while being underwater, the water felt like some pleasant substance, no resistance, just very pleasant surrounding my body.
I wonder if open, mass ET contact occurs, would most people expect the ETs to help us with various things that we have not yet achieved or discovered and to be expected from them to tell us all the things we don't know about the universe. How would people feel especially those in power since the ETs appear to be more superior with their abilities and technological advancements.

When I make attempts to make contact I send messages that I intend only friendship and love between us, and I would not ask them to help me in any way with my own challenges unless they feel they want to show me something. I don't want them to feel obligated to help because they are capable. But humans tend to get offended if friends can, but don't help or do favors. I am trying to picture the most probable scenario of a mass contact the way humans behave and think today. And if humans are ready. Or if ETs are waiting for humans to mature more.
The cosmos is so beautiful! Thank you for posting these images, Tides! And you are right, we as humans need various tools to assist with enhancing the inner experiences. I'm glad you are having fun with the app.
I dare not to use it too often, because I'm like OMG this is too good to be true. I dont want to jinx it. And I realize that is a type of fear. I wait until I feel extra extra strong desire to connect.