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Shineling, I would like to ask you, why are you so afraid of the darkness? Do you think is it the Void itself, the threshold that we all get into when we are making the transition in awareness? Or do you consider all this at a different level? If so, why? I am also curious to know why you distrust these shadows, have they ever done you real harm? 

If you are simply entering the Void, this state is also thought response, if one is afraid there, you will surely start to feel things that threaten you, but they are just a product of your own mind. Many years ago, when I still did not know of the existence of the Void, I considered this state the lower astral plane, and feeling fear and all kinds of negative emotions, many times they manifested themselves in unpleasant sensations, even attacks, but created by myself, now I realize. 

Remember that there is no good or evil as such, as this is just a human distinction, it is all part of the same thing to different degrees, the two poles, both sides of the same coin, a swinging pendulum between two faces of the same energy. That's why I like so much what Lumaza said, that in darkness there is also light. We also have to stop thinking what looks dark is bad and remove that symbology from our belief system. Immerse yourself in the darkness, open yourself to it, face it and you will see that you are invincible! That no one can hurt you. That you can transmute fear into love and darkness into light, you have the power to do that.

Many years ago, I had a non-physical experience with Master Plants, where I was outside of my body, completely aware and lucid, in a horrible place. In this place I could not return to my physical body even if I wanted to, and I was in a room completely surrounded by all kinds of vermin, snakes, lizards, frogs, insects walking on my skin and above all a huge toad over me, crushing me. I never felt so much suffering in my life, they stripped me of my body and also my will, since I felt I had no control over the situation. After who knows how long, two humanoid-shaped beings of light appeared holding a golden disc in their hands and told me that they would help me get out of there, only if I gave them permission, because they cannot help without consent, and with just a touch I would be back to the physical plane. I told them that I thanked them for their help, but that I wanted to take this as a challenge. 
They told me so, that then they would give me some advice, FEEL LOVE, LOVE would take me out of that horrible state of being and return me home. The solution was so simple and yet so powerful! Which was hard to believe. When I started to focus on feeling Love and not fear and suffering, everything faded away and I get into infinite ecstasy, where a huge golden snake returned me to my body. 

That experience was one of the most important and powerful for me so far, because I understood that we are the great transmuters of energy. Instead of being controlled by fear, take the reins and focus on feeling Love, transforming your world and not being affected by environment. Always carry the torch of Love very high and be yourself the light you want to find. It's my humble advice! My two cents. 

Thanks for sharing, Shineling. Always nice to read your writings.  :-)
Quote from: Kodemaster on July 07, 2024, 02:15:59Tak: Has your friend seen any orbs? I know that I see them around the house, usually at night. What about taps on the wall, or muffled, disembodied voices? Unexplained breezes or taps on the skin? (The latter feel like a bug on my skin, with no bug to be seen).

I am aware of ghosts (Earthbound entities) and can see the orbs, feel, hear and sense the ghosts. The orbs look to me like little sparkles of light, somewhat seen with the mind's eye and physical vision at the same time. I almost never see apparitions, usually just outlines, mists and orbs.

Nice Kodemaster, you really are very gifted! You must have learned to handle fear very well. I don't remember if my friend saw orbs, but she has had all kinds of paranormal manifestations. Her father and her children have seen orbs, but colorful ones, I have to ask her to tell me those stories again. 

I have seen once, I posted that somewhere on the Pulse, an etheric projection with the same teenage friend I mentioned. We saw a being entering and leaving my kitchen in repeated movements, for several minutes, a kind of semi-transparent white body, elongated and formless, but composed by thousands of particles that moved in different directions, like old TV' static. It was something really dense that could be seen in detail.  I didn't feel like it was anything bad, quite the contrary. We both saw it and it was the best shared experience I've had so far. 

I am one of those persons who loves daydreaming, I walk in a forest or the beach, but at the same time I am in my own inner world. I think it is in those "between" states, where I am in the physical, but far away at the same time, where this non-physical vision could take place, overlapping. People I met in my life told me how they saw ethereal shapes among the see waves or orbs coming out of plants, that's why I always thought they were elementals, but I'm not sure. Meditation is a good way to reach this state and perhaps many things can be shown to us.

Thank you very much Adrian for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated! Regarding the orbs, in many cases they are just dust. I have taken a lot of photos in a dark room with the flash on and hundreds of orbs came out, just dust reflected in the camera light. But this is not always the case, such as those you described with an intelligent behavior or maybe those with incredibly brightly colored auras. I suppose each case in particular have to be analyzed.

When I was 16-17 years old, I have seen many of these manifestations, semitransparent white balls of about 6 inches flying in a straight line, entering and leaving the walls. I saw this clearly, not as an optical phenomenon generated by peripheral vision or maybe a quick flash due to an eye strain, but very clear like any other object in front of me. Many times, I saw them come out from the mirrors, and the strangest thing is that I have seen small orbs enter my own body at the solar plexus level. 
But since last year I had some manifestations of these again after so many years. I have seen black ones with blurred edges, about the size of a tennis ball. And almost a year ago I saw the most incredible orb so far of about the size of a basketball, enter through a wall and left through the other side. It was a golden one with "static rays" spikes of golden light, it came slowly so I appreciated the details. I really tried hard to find the most logical explanation for all this with no results. 

I have read many things about orbs, but I am not sure what to think about. They could also be condensed thought manifestations themselves, as Nameless suggest. Maybe it is a blend of this and that and in each case, it could be always something different. At first this disturbed me a lot, but now I accept it as part of the wider reality.

Kodemaster, thank you very much for your response and taking the time to see the picture. I totally understand your point, this photo has been taken many years ago and my friend and her father have tried to find all kinds of possible explanations (and still) but they have not come to any "logical" conclusion. There were no windows behind, they live in a tall building so there are no reflections of cars coming from the street, no one else was in the room with my friend. There also was not painting behind that could be reflected. 

I know human imagination is huge and if we start to see damp stains on the walls and things like that, we will find a universe there. I remember a few years ago I saw an entire jungle in dried mud stains on a glass window LOL. However, what is striking here is that this is something that appeared and then disappeared. If it was just some dust or sudor located on that part of the camera lens, which momentarily formed that face, anyway, the result still seems quite amazing to me. Unfortunately, because this is not my photo, I cannot give all the details I would like.

Thank you very much again and all comments are very welcome  :-)
Thank you very much for your answers! 

Tides, sorry about that! I know it can be a little creepy. About the reddish color of the picture, I asked my friend and it is not lighting, the color of the photo is like that, I guess at that time some photos could be in that color, or it became that color over time, by my estimates, it have been taken at 60's. They do not have other photographs with this phenomenon, only of lights in the sky and some orbs, because like Dr. Greer does with his ET contact group, his father has also done this with a group and have seen the lights and orbs in their heads during contact meditations and have some pictures of that. They did not use Dr. Greer's methodology, but I suppose similar principles. I have so much to talk with him! But this took them by surprise and left them bewildered. 

Nameless, I like your feedback, we are not blind to think that it has to be an entity, it is good to read all kinds of possible explanations. Perhaps because we know that these types of manifestations are possible, we tend to think that way. In the case of the other story I told, the girl saw her grandmother, so the photograph truly captured "something", but in this case we don't know. It is very interesting what you say about mist being thought response. When I was a child, someone told me that there was a place in my country where people went on pilgrimage to Virgin Mary, many people took photos and saw similar formations, but of the Virgin, a woman with a white cloak in heaven and that kind of things. I always believed that it was the thoughts and devotion of people who formed these phenomena. I apologize if I'm offending believers, but perhaps this could be a possibility. So I understand what you are proposing. Maybe my friend's nostalgic feelings could form this in the air, through mist or who knows what, could be a possibility, why not. As I understand, my friend and her father tried to recreate all the conditions to capture something similar again and was not possible. 

Thank you! And we are open to all kinds of explanations. Feel free to give your opinion!
Hello everyone! This is a request for a friend. I didn't really know where to post this, but I would like to show you a phenomenon that my best friend captured in a series of photos some years ago. Her mother passed away time ago, leaving a framed picture of herself (the deceased mother) on the wall in her father's house. One day visiting his house, she took some photos of this picture on the wall, a sequence of three continuous photos, as we all usually do, taking the same photo many times to see later if it turned out well. Watching the followed images on her cell phone, she noticed a strange appearance, seeing how in the lower corner of the picture, a kind of white cloud began to form, which in the third photo clearly shows the face of a person, I think it's an old man. If this were some type of stain, dirt or optical effect, I think it should have appeared in all the photos at the same way, but you can clearly see how the image is gradually forming, a fairly clear image of what appears to be an old man. My friend and her father did not like this, nor did this entity give them a "good vibe." However, I don't feel anything negative about this, in fact seeing it reminds me a lot of how I see my Main Guide, an old man with a beard, similar to a wise man from ancient Greece. Although they did not like this, they kept the photos, because they are very interested in the paranormal and metaphysical phenomena. My friend is one of the few persons with whom I transparently share everything I experience in relation to OBEs and other phenomena, since she and her father have lived all kinds of paranormal experiences during their lives.

I would really appreciate if someone who is familiar with this, could clarify for my friend and I, what it is all about, who this entity would be and why these happen. 

Here is the sequence of pictures, from 1 to 3. If you find it difficult to see the photos clearly, make sure you are in an environment with not much light, since with a lot of sun in the room little can be seen. I have raised the brightness of the image a little bit, but that was all I did, so the shape can be seen better. I have cut the photo showing only the phenomenon that formed in the corner, for privacy reasons. But if someone would like to analyze it and needs the original, I can talk to my friend so she can give me permission to send it to you. 

I remember that in my adolescence, my best friend at that time had a similar phenomenon, where she told me that her little sister, who was only 4 years old, said that her deceased grandmother was in her living room. When she went to look, of course she didn't see anyone, but the little girl continued saying that her grandmother was there. She decided to take a photograph, at that time with an analog camera. When the photos were revealed, a woman in white came out, as if she were a winged angel, she told me. I didn't see the revealed photo, but I did see the negative, and it was just like that. The mother had the original and sent it for analysis because she was a parapsiology student. I would like to have that photo too, but I have lost contact with them, that was a remarkable story.

Interesting that beings or deceased people use these devices to communicate.
Thanks Casey for your response too, I want to tell you that I didn't feel the 2 hours at all, the talk was engaging! And like Biba says, your voice Casey, I have to say it's so relaxing, I can listen to you for hours!  :-)   

I would like to add that the best part of this mass contact whole history, is that we do not need "intermediaries" or a government talking on television about disclosure, publicly accepting that the phenomenon exists, etc. This happens in one's room, at night while we sleep, in an OBE, in a meditation, on a walk in the forest. Or maybe like you, through crystals. For those who are open minded and hearted to connect with other realms of existence. I love it this way! 
Hey Casey! I want to tell you that I have seen the entire video of the conversation with Biba, enriching as always. This fragment of the video you put here is especially notable, since like you, I do not think that Earth is a hell or a prison, I think that in most cases, it is we ourselves who create our mental jails, through judgment, hatred, differences, fights, desire for control, whims and disharmony with ourselves and others. Through AP I was able to understand that we are not tied to this physical plane, but that we have freedom of movement, not without some tests and challenges, but the possibility is there. And when I read the incredible experiences of the great mystics of humanity, who have transcended the Ego and live in perpetual communion with All that Is, and remained human... I think that the "graduation" and freedom of the Spirit exists here also in the 3D, now. It is our responsibility to achieve it. We never left Home. We can bring "Heaven to Earth" if we set our minds to it, that is, transcend Consciousness through the different "levels" until we reach the Core, our True Self. 

I really liked the part where you felt the energy of a Being, which turned out to be very similar to the one Biba's mother saw in her quantum healing session, that was amazing! :-o

Thank you!
Here a practitioner is reporting, who sometimes needs about three hours to induce an Ap, and she doesn't give up, Yay! :-D I only give up after 4 hours (I have a lot of patience, yep). 
But in general, it takes me between 1:30 and 2 hours. 

All the advice given here is excellent and I like to reread these things to reinforce them. I use the same method as EV for over 10 years, it's what works best for me. 

And I like so much Lumaza's soak method, I had never heard of anything like that before, very innovative for me, and it has been used for millennia apparently! I should try one day. In my case it's the other way, I'm short and the bathtub is big, maybe I'll slip and be completely underwater LOL.   

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all this, regardless of the method used, is learning to relax and induce the state between sleep and wakefulness, since in my case I need to not be too awake nor too asleep, a "middle" state and it is difficult to achieve sometimes. Waking up and going back to sleep, at least for me, is not always easy. Even if I've only slept a few hours, between 3 and 5, my body and mind run at full steam. Re-inducing sleepiness and calming the mind again is quite a challenge. Perhaps before starting a method, one has to "practice" entering this state between sleep and wakefulness, without thinking too much about the OBE. And once you've learned this easily, apply your favorite induction method. 

When I read that people say that they have been in bed for a long time and nothing happens, I think... they just weren't sleepy! A little sleep is necessary... In my case, if I try the method after having slept eight hours or when I go to sleep after an exhausting day, nothing will happen. You have to find "the point" and that is a variable for many people. 

Quote from: Beethoven2024 on June 30, 2024, 07:15:18I have often looked into the blackness and seen hypagogic imagery. This has sometimes been incredibly real and has led to lucidity in the past.
<<< You have found the trailhead  :-)

Go ahead!
Hypnagogia: This time I used a less dynamic and more passive visualization, I focused on breathing, visualizing myself on a raft floating in a beautiful river surrounded by nature, letting myself go with the flow, the flow of the mind and life itself, no interference, just observing my thoughts from the distance. To slow down the inner dialogue, I just kept silent as if waiting to hear what someone else had to say, giving space to that "other person" to manifest and express herself, attentive. Until the mind began to dissociate and answer on its own. Some nonsensical words were heard, until I began to see many very strong and beautiful geometric abstractions. So, I decided to "hang from the form" as if a train passed by and I boarded it, leaving the physical and thus changing focus. While I was making the transition, I felt a kind of "suction", a kind of "wooosh" in my ears, as if the focus of attention was literally being sucked "inwards" and I began to hear strange frequencies, at a different scale degrees, high and low pitched tones, a rather strange sensation.

Now I am in front of a grid of very thin black lines perpendicularly superimposed, some about 45 degrees, lying on a white background, and the distance between them was irregular, drawing points of greater density or tension in certain areas, thus forming a triangle in the middle. Suddenly, I felt that something in my brain's chemistry changed, I felt like a very intense brain pleasure, my brain turned to jelly, a torrent of energy soaking all my head, really beautiful... My God! But I got scared about all this and came back, so I induced another experience. I find myself in a black void, but I see that some strange fruits with colorful auras are falling from the sky like rain, and I grab some. I remember an apple and a pear with a blue aura and I said: Oh, how beautiful! does this have a name?! And when I said that, I heard my voice distorted, as if I were underwater and I woke up startled, so I got in again. I saw all sort of figures, especially irregular-colored polygons rotating and drawing chains, as if they were DNA. 

It really amazes me how we can feel so much peace and so much happiness just a tiny layer of distance between inward and outward focus, just "a few breaths away." How our physical reality, which we worry so much about, can just in seconds be completely "liquefied" and transformed into something completely different. All this makes me think about not taking things so seriously in life, due to the inconsistency of this physical reality among infinite possibilities and in relation to eternity. But also, it makes me feel that being here offers a miraculous and unique opportunity to grow in a very particular way and transform myself. And above all absolute respect for it.

I lose awareness but when I regain it, I am already out of the body, although in a crazy state, as if I was very drunk and didn't know what to do, I was a little out of control and confused. I flew everywhere, throwing myself against the furniture and going from one place to another, until I lay back down on the bed in the same position in which I was physically and I partially came back. But something strange happened, I began to feel like a cold, round, black metallic object, like a kind of flat funnel passed through my entire body and I couldn't move, as if it were scanning me, I also felt that someone was standing next to me, but I couldn't see who was there. I was a little scared to be honest, until I remembered that these things usually happen to me from time to time and that I just have to let it happen. I didn't feel like it was anything bad, on the contrary, that someone wanted to see that everything was okay with me, like a checkup. That makes me feel good because it stabilized my mind and I felt better, more aware.

I realize that I can now detach myself from my body again and I slowly roll to the ground. I have difficulty standing up, but I encourage myself to move forward and concentrate.  I'm also holding on to the furniture because it was difficult for me to get up from the floor, I feel a little heavy, but just for a moment. When I walk, I feel like I'm barefoot stepping on a carpet, something soft, and it makes me laugh that it feels like that, like walking on an energy cloud. 
At that moment I saw everything black, but when I was in front of the window, I saw it perfectly. I see the whole city through it and I felt that my awareness was very clean. I was convinced that I was in the etheric plane, but that was not the case. When I looked at the buildings it seemed to me that they were the real ones, but when I returned, I realized that they were not. I concentrated on going through the glass, and slowly I was pushed towards it until I was completely outside, but as I did so I could see that the city changed, everything was now full of medieval domes and castles as if it were Europe, but all painted in different colors, looking more like a Disney World theme park LOL. I started flying around the city, but very fast and in a somewhat erratic way, it was very fun! I continued swinging in the air until I remembered my last integration experience and that feeling separate from the environment is just an illusion, so I tried to do the same thing and wanted to enter the gray fog by rising the sky very high. I succeeded a little, but not completely, the attempt was unsuccessful and I partially returned to my body. There was a lack of real intention and my mistake was concentrating just on the feeling sensations. 

Once again, I find myself in my body, but without feeling it, it is like having my body completely anesthetized, I tried to roll but I couldn't do it, who knows why. So, I went "inward" feeling the strange frequencies and the wooosh again.

Suddenly I began to be carried by the Guiding Force, in a very soft and slow way. Already inside the landscape, I was bordering the coast of a beach town and I saw in an incredibly realistic way a construction over the cliff, they were like Gothic towers, but made of different materials, wooden domes and a white base with wooden trim as well, I really liked it, there were about 5. After passing that, a huge white mansion follows, it was incredibly beautiful!!! It has several floors, old roman architecture, full of columns everywhere and arch-shaped doors, balconies, plants hanging, more of a kind of palace perhaps, I was impressed by all the details and the exuberant construction. Then I realized that I was not alone, but that there were many people around me also being carried by the Guiding Force and we were about to enter into the forest... but the path was divided in two, those who wanted could enter the forest or go across the cliff. I decided on the forest, but everything turned black. When my vision come back, I am flying through a beautiful place alone being carried by the Guiding Force. It was a field full of beautiful trees of all shades of color, orange, red, violet, yellow, as when autumn arrives, but there is still a lot of green around. There is also a group of pink Sakura trees that catch my attention. A delicious earthy aroma surrounds the place, very freshy, and the sound of running water could be heard in the background, and I thought there was probably a small waterfall hidden somewhere. I looked for it, but I couldn't see it. 

When I'm placed on the ground, I lose awareness a little bit and the state is now semi-lucid. I am inside a forest, barefoot, and I am afraid to walk on the ground because it is all covered with dry leaves and there could be a snake hiding there, so I look for areas where there are no leaves and I can see the ground. I was also thinking, although I don't know if I saw it or not, that there also was full of bees, like a beehive hidden somewhere, so I was careful. However, I am stepping on many little stones, pieces of wood and irregularities on the ground that made my feet very hurt, I could hardly walk because of the pain and I complained a lot, ouch! I saw families with children passing by around me, who were enjoying and exploring the forest too, but they did have shoes on them lol. I arrived at an open area and climb a hill. I observed the beautiful landscape from above and then I returned.

A very peaceful journey, not much adventure, but very comforting. I want to tell you that despite having these very pleasant experiences, I am also having very different ones, full of challenges that, as has already been said so much here, are about mastering the Ego and behaviors so deeply rooted in human psyche, such as Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Fear, etc. I can't share all that here because I am ashamed of it! Sometimes I am surprised to find that I have behaviors that I do not have in my physical life or I do things that I would never really do and I don't know why, for example, going into an ice cream store or bakery and trying all different kinds of food, going to a shopping center and take everything I can LOL. Dressing like a queen (literally). Flying like crazy and breaking things, or maybe smoking a lot, which I don't do anymore, but I do it in LD. Sometimes I feel like old thought patterns are coming to light, as if I were a teenager again, it's very odd! :-P   

Sometimes it makes me a little sad to think that we can do so many wonderful things in the astral and we have an open door towards to those vast realms, but behaviors of human Ego "ruin" everything, delaying all the work. But hey, I have also a lot of fun knowing more about myself, all this is very normal and just part of the learning process. It's like I feel that consciousness is in the middle of a sort of scale, where sometimes it leans more towards the passions of human ego, and sometimes it leans more towards the search for true self.
Hi Tides, thanks for sharing! I always enjoy reading your posts, don't worry if you don't update all the time, the important thing is to do so when you really want to share from the heart. 

You have a very good level and have been practicing AP for many years, I think that perhaps you are having trouble remembering your dreams, because you are too tired. Try to rest well and have a healthy diet. Something that works very well is every night before going to sleep, look at your third eye with your eyes closed and repeat the intention "tonight I will remember all my dreams and they will be very vivid" or whatever you like, until you feel It's enough. Maybe you already knew this. Try it and see what happens! 

I always really liked your Peacock Angel initiation and all the physical manifestations about it. Sometimes it seems like there is a big gap between the physical and the spiritual, but that is not the case, just another illusion. One just have to be open and attentive to these messages. Our great spiritual adventure is happening now, at this very moment!

One of the reasons that led me to respond to you today is because I felt identified with what you said about being visited by beings. I was just thinking a lot about all this because the same thing was happening to me, but the month before. And it makes me think that big things are happening globally.

I consider myself a happy and stable person, but I have anxiety problems from time to time, meditation and breathing sessions during the day are essential for me. However, I have not always won the battle against anxiety and last month I had a pretty bad one. After that, the following days, for about 4/5 days in a row, at some point in the night, I was being visited by a non-physical teacher, who gave me some lessons and talked a lot with me about this life. I remember practically nothing about these lessons, because they were more on a subconscious level. I didn't feel like I was "in a dream" but rather in a trance state, because I was still in my bed, but looking at the black void while an invisible teacher spoke to me mentally, feeling as if he was speaking to me behind the back of my head. I was so happy to receive these lessons! The one who was receiving the lesson was another part of me, only the last few seconds my human conscious mind, so to speak, took place and that's why I was able to realize what was going on and then it was over. I was only allowed to remember a little about the last class. Sometimes I am not in the black void, and images could be projected, being more interactive.

E.g. I was shown a beautiful labyrinth of carved wood, and inside, little metal balls going from one place to another. The labyrinth was human life, and the balls were people, lost and sad, unable to find the way. My life was also represented there. The teacher told me to find the exit, and since I couldn't do it, I made my ball jump over the edge of the labyrinth to have a broader perspective and find the way. He told me that was great resolution, to broaden my perspective and I would find what I need. And that was all. The class was much longer and more complex than that, it's just what I was allowed to remember. 

Just last night I was thinking about how happy this fact makes me, to know that we are not alone, that there are so many beings around us watching over and anxious for our development, that is very exciting! Sometimes I feel like they have more faith in us than we do ourselves. Living and being part of all this is a true gift. I now know that we all receive these lessons or help during the night while we sleep, even if we are not always allowed to remember. It makes me feel cared for, accompanied and lots of strength to face each day. 
In my particular case, I don't relate this to extraterrestrials, I simply call them my teachers/helpers/doctors/friends... but I don't think too much about where they may come from. However, they have taken me to crafts, and I thought, what do crafts have to do with all this? Well, I guess sometimes it's better not overthinking and stay with what matters, knowing that we are not alone.

Thank you Tides for sharing this personal experience, I'm glad you feel better now and that you definitely know that you are not alone, because you are not, no one is! Come on! I am in another part of the planet experiencing something similar to you, isn't that great? And that is why I also believe that right now there is a lot of activity, a lot of work in awakening human awareness, on behalf of these beings, whoever they are, for those who want to listen and open hearted to receive a message. Thanks for that! 

Hugs and congratulations on the new apartment :)

To induce this experience, I remembered Lumaza's technique of visualizing himself playing basketball. So, as I like to knit, I decided to imagine the movement of a needle knitting wool, making knots and different movements, the colors, and all the patterns I leave when sewing. Meanwhile feeling my breathing and waiting for this mental movement to trigger the hypnagogic state's geometric patterns. I need to visualize something that has movement, so I don't get bored and my mind doesn't go away from the exercise. The good thing about doing things with your hands for many hours before going to sleep is when you close your eyes, I don't know if this has happened to you, but I continue seeing the movement, if it has been "stuck" inside the retina. And that is why I chose to visualize the weaving as part of the exercise.

Suddenly, different colors and shapes start dancing and making undulating movements in front of me, sometimes in a grid pattern. Little by little I concentrate on a particular shape and I get into it, I play with these shapes. I discovered that I can change and manipulate them in a certain way, that makes them grow, their colors and movements increase, they start out being very simple, to gradually become very complex abstract formations, huge and beautiful with thousands of nuances. I really enjoy this moment! Something that is catching my attention the most is that a few months ago, this state was somewhat weaker, that is, if I heard any sound from the street that distracted me, everything would quickly fade away. However, now I can hear any sound or move a little on the bed and continue seeing all this.

Then, I start to see a sort of very old walls carved with many Mayan or Inca style figures and symbols, I really don't know who they could belong to, because my knowledge on this subject is merely superficial. To recognize the symbols and gods, I would have to pay more attention the next time it happens. This is a pattern that catches my attention, why do I always see this, these walls of ancient civilizations. I am very attracted to all this, but it is not something that I look at so often to appear so frequently and that is why I think it could be something related to some past/simultaneous lifetime. I do not have ancestry from these cultures, otherwise I might think that it has remained in my cellular memory or something like that, but no. It's just something interesting.
Now into the scene, I see myself as a young man of that civilization, I am a hunter in the jungle with my friends, we are in a river catching fish. My friends started making jokes about a crocodile going to eat me and they laughed, I didn't like at all, and I was very angry and scared! I could see my feet through the clear water. It is not a surprise for me to see myself as a man, even if I am a woman, sometimes I dream that I am of a different gender, and this is not odd to me because I know we have been many things. Suddenly I began to be carried by the Guiding Force through the air and I saw a map of an ancient city, I got very excited and wanted to go. I focus on a beautiful reddish pyramidal temple, and I am now inside it, but soon everything faded away and saw many native warriors around me. I lose awareness.   

When I become aware again, I find myself floating above my body in my room, I did not detach myself this time. I realized that the room was all fluctuated, everything looks strange, the furniture is "liquefied" as if it were drawn and someone swipe a finger over it with the paint still fresh, like those Photoshop effects LOL, that was creepy and scared me a little. When I look at the window, I see behind a black wall and that the sun was filtering a little above it...
I go out through the window as always, but I don't see anything, everything is black, but I can feel the heat of the sun and hear the noise of the city. It seems very crazy to me to feel the heat of the sun in my energy body, or maybe it is my mind that makes it by knowing is a sunny day. I feel like I'm rising and rising and finally getting into The Void, but now everything is gray, more like fog and there are spiral formations with some black and white swirls, mixing with each other. I had never seen these spiral formations before, I remember reading about it in The Void thread last year, but it is the first time I see it, in my case they were small swirls about the size of a tennis ball and a lot of them, but the gray fog predominated.   

This is a threshold state I was in before (just gray fog) I could move into the etheric plane from there if I would concentrate, but at the time I didn't remember that. Suddenly, I feel something very particular, a vibrant sensation throughout my body, it is beautiful and revitalizes me... However, I realize that I no longer have a body! I thought so, but no. I am completely merged with the environment now, it is as if the environment around me were my body itself.  I have felt something similar before, that my energy body has no form or limit, but it's as if it slowly faded away and merges with the surroundings, without knowing where it begins or ends. But in this case, it is not the same, because there is no difference between inside and outside, there is no "my" body anymore.

I begin to move, but more like a point of consciousness, even so I can feel that penetrating energy around me, I feel contained and loved by all that warm vibration that surrounds me and of which I am a part of. If I don't feel comfortable with this, I have the chance to create the sensation of having a separate or human-shaped body, but it would only be a holographic mental illusion, because actually my body is the environment itself. I liked it a lot, so it wasn't necessary. As I move around, I feel as if I were in a huge baseball player field full of small electric balls that slide around me, I feel like friction, if this makes any sense and at the same time, I am part of them, because I am them. I don't see them, it's just a feeling. My mind did not feel any change, I still felt like an individual, since the sensation of fusion had more to do with my surroundings. But off course I could say I felt more integrated, expanded and loved. Strangely enough, all this did not surprise me and seemed like a completely natural state.   
I stayed there for a while, but I already wanted to leave... so with all my strength I imagined myself surrounded by a beautiful blue sky with white and fluffy clouds, but I don't go there! I am surprised because I know those dimensions are thought response, but sometimes I really try hard to think about something, and it doesn't happen, I don't know why, maybe I'm missing an "ingredient" in the formula. Then I decide to come back.

The truth is that I am happy to be able to gradually get out of lucid dreams more easily and enter more stable areas, since it is something that always took a little longer for me. I didn't try to cross the door again; however, I made another attempt to move beyond Lucid Dreaming simply by employing mental movement and strong intention with a promising result.   

Last night in a LD I decided to ride a bicycle and go downhill at high speed, and I began to say, take me beyond the hologram, take me beyond the illusion, take me beyond the hologram, take me beyond the illusion...!!! What happened next was the scene faded in front of me, and I started to see beautiful kaleidoscopes. Usually, these kinds of things appear at hypnagogia, but I didn't feel like I was returning to that state... I discovered that there were symbols hidden inside the kaleidoscope, but I couldn't read them because they changed so quickly (and I didn't understand them either). It was really beautiful and with many colors, so vibrant, especially green and violet. I kept repeating the same thing... until suddenly I heard a BOOM! As if something exploded inside my head, I got very scared, and suddenly both the kaleidoscope and everything around it turned white and gold, and I saw the outline of what I thought was the god Viracocha of the Incas (as I told you, they always appear, although I have no relation to this culture. Of course, I would love to visit the sacred places and learn more, hopefully one day).

I began to feel something very strange, I felt that I was making a transition in consciousness, I no longer had a body and I felt so much peace, I began to see and feel that I was entering a space with a grainy texture, a sandy sensation like when there is a sand storm very strong on the beach, but without pain, more like a massage. And at the same time it was as if I was merging into this sandy texture, but this time not only with my body like the other day, but something was happening to my mind too, to my consciousness, I felt that it was going to merge with all that graininess, I really started to feel something very strong, but pleasant. I knew that I didn't have to be afraid and that I should trust and let myself go, but I couldn't do it. 
My human Ego felt threatened by this whole beautiful integration experience, and I ended up getting very scared, since it was unexpected. I was also scared by the noise. Obviously, I regret it now. I feel like someone extended their hand to me and I let it go. I hope I have another opportunity to "cross over" But it is okay to be human and to be afraid of the unknown or the unexpected, it is normal. Sometimes is better to add drops gradually :-).   

All this also reminds me of what I said a few weeks ago when I visited the City of Light in that semi lucid dream, where I tried a fusion experience and that Guide told me that I was not ready, but I would soon. And now I wonder if it has anything to do with this. I don't even know what I'm really doing, I just let myself go by all this, following my intuition, trusting. For now, just taking notes.
I must say, as a person who experienced this since I was child, it has never been a surprise to me, but rather something that has accompanied me my entire life. I remember at six years old finding myself out of my body in my room and just saying "Oh, well! It seems like I'm out of my body" like the most normal thing in the world, it's like I've brought this built-in knowledge that all human beings are capable of doing this. I just knew I had to keep it a secret, I didn't think it was a good idea to talk about this.

For me AP is like holding a magic key to an infinite, new and unexplored world. Truly knowing that we are more than a physical body, in such a materialistic world that only wants our time and money, is a breath of fresh air. Knowing that the world doesn't end here, working eight hours and paying taxes and that's all. Rather, we are invited to be part of a wonderful and huge multiverse, to discover our true essence and find our own path. Feeling closer to "Home" although we never left it, it is just an illusion. AP and LD also stimulate the imagination and creative force, definitely. Especially for creators. And also, we never lose the sense of fun and adventure, you never know what is going to happen! Knowing that the answers we always wanted to know are always available, and the healing experiences... I have infinite gratitude!

AP has made my life broader and spiritually rich, there is not a day where I do not keep all this in mind. Just thinking about the infinite forms of physical and spiritual life that exist, worlds, dimensions, states of consciousness beyond human understanding, etc.  fills me with great emotion. And above all to know that I can be part of all this.
Welcome to the Astral Pulse, Traveler! I feel your passion, that's very good! I suggest as Tides said, try to develop your patience in general, for all aspects of Life, it will be good. Because of the society we live in, we are programmed to want results, progress, goals, productivity, NOW... in the fastest way possible. Maybe we carry this way of thinking, to our personal goals. But I think for this field in particular, we have to approach it in a different way and broaden the perspectives a little bit. We have to learn to enjoy the process and, as Lumaza said, to trust. Trust that whatever is coming to you is what you need. I trust that I am on the right path, at the right moment and time, and when I am ready to know or experience something specific, it will happen spontaneously, even hope it or not.

In fact, my best experiences have been spontaneous, and not when I look for them, including the presence of Guides or Instructors. These are like little gifts. My advice to you is: With that same curiosity as a little child who wants to learn, relax and enjoy! Like children who learn by playing, just enjoy and have lots of fun, progress will come on its own. You will see that over time, if you are consistent and really committed, you will probably have spontaneous experiences. Let yourself go, relax, enjoy, have fun and be happy, live in the present, and above all, feel open to the new, and something new will come. That's my advice.

Every night before going to sleep I do a guided meditation and then I start playing with the geometric shapes, colors and different scenes that appear in my mind's eye until I fall asleep. I do it just for fun, immersing myself in those abstract worlds that invite me to explore. Without thinking about any progress, just like a toddler with her toys. And without realizing it, I think this helps me progress. 

You are doing a great job! Keep it up.  :-)
I love these collective experiences/thought interactions! Delicious. A lot of energy moving around, huh? Sometimes I am stunned with these things, because I read your post here, and they are similar with my dreams/AP of the night before. In fact, I recently read Lightbeam's AP about that wonderful place she visited inside a portal, and coincidentally I was also in a very peculiar place, a "City of Light" where everything was made of the purest energy, everything was white, the structures, the beings and me. There were so strange things, impossible to translate, the only thing I remember is going up many elevators with a Guide and trying to merge between thousands of small light's particles, with the size of small pearls and trying to disintegrate in them. The Guide told me that I wasn't ready to do that, but my time would come. I don't even know what I was trying to do. I don't remember everything else because as you say, sometimes it's too much for the human mind. I was happy because I felt that the entire Earth was evolving towards it.

Also with Lumaza, who was in a futuristic scene and coincidentally I also had a lucid experience with that theme, walking through streets of the future, and looking to the sky I observed strange gas formations in the atmosphere in the shape of rings.

Thank you all for reading my Journal and my adventures. I love the Doorway technique, which I recommend to everyone. The time I tried it was incredible, I went through a multicolored fractal cave and literally opened a door, but then I don't remember what happened. I need to re-read that whole thread, because I didn't finish it. I still struggle with the "monkey mind." But I always use the visualization of geometric shapes and colors to "get in" this technique gave me the idea and is highly effective. 

Thanks a lot for this!

Last night I tried Kurt's technique, where he teaches the way to go from the Dream Zone to the Astral Zone, saying that you simply have to cross a door. I suddenly found myself in my dream remembering this technique, but I wasn't lucid, I was simply chatting with other people about the book I had read, when I suddenly realize that I am in a dream and this is the opportunity to try it. When I look around, I am in The Old Mansion, in front of a beautiful carved door made of reddish oak. The entire room is empty and is also made of oak, walls, moldings and floors, and orange lighting. I stand in front of the door and set the intention: "When I pass through this door, I will no longer be in the Dream Zone anymore, there will no longer be holograms. I will be in the Astral." I was quite nervous! When I open it, I find a hallway and exactly the same door, I set the intention again and the same thing happens, behind there was another door, but this time with black bars, I didn't like that. And so, the same scene was repeated about 7 or 8 times, doors and doors (it has happened to me before but not so many times). Until I said, okay! I get it... I can't go today.

And after saying that, I open the last door and enter an empty room, everything is still made of oak with huge glass windows showing a wonderful wild forest... I felt that those glasses separated me from that larger area that I couldn't access for a reason, because I couldn't get out of my dream...out of the holograms, and I was left admiring the beauty behind the panels, thinking that one day I will be living there. However, when I turned around, the room was filled with palm trees, trees, flowers...a beautiful forest was formed, so I didn't worry too much, and I started singing and dancing through the meadows inside the room very happy, accepting. Until my holographic body disintegrated... I began to float and returned to my body.

Also a funny thing that usually happens to me in these states is feeling a little drunk, I've read about this before. At that moment I felt like I had drunk a liter of beer, you know LOL I don't drink alcohol, but many years ago I did, and the truth is that it reminds me a lot of that state. I thought about how it was going to be possible to enter a more stable zone in that dream drunk state in which I found myself. Even when I detach from the body and fall to the floor, many times I feel that. I could also compare it with feeling sedated or drugged, it is very strange! How could I go to the etheric plane like that, I thought... since awareness should be even, as far as possible, higher than the waking state. Well, maybe it has to do with the brain chemistry in those dream states, who knows, sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. 

Anyway, I'm going to keep trying. I believe that the techniques must be polished. Or as the book says, continue working on the Ego and intention. 

I have read Kurt Leland's book and I just want to tell you that it has provided me with very useful tools for my exploration, I loved it! One of these things, which Escape Velocity has been talking to me about for months, are the famous "simulations" Twelve years ago I thought that if I was not having an etheric experience, then it was a lucid dream, I did not know that we could see the astral through personal mental images to translate this energy, nor did I know about our instructors' tests (although I already had them) dismissing everything to a simple lucid dream and perhaps discrediting my own experiences. So, this knowledge has been very useful for me.

The book also highlights the topic of controlling our ego, primary instincts and our emotions to be able to move from the Dream Zone to the Astral Zone, and not doing so can be a problem, it can condition our adventures a little bit. I still don't fully control my emotions, but there are days where I feel better in this area. Mastering lust, fear, control desire, adrenaline... I think it's very important to be able to do serious exploration, sometimes these things can be a distraction.   

Also, for 12 years I have dealt with the problem of how to go from a lucid dream to (as Leland calls it) "Otherwhere" and I really liked the technique given by his non-physical instructors, about simply creating a door... as simple as that. I have walked through many doors during my lucid dreams and on the other side there was nothing more than holograms. However, I think it can be helpful to set an intention. Lately what happens to me is finding myself in a dark hallway where there are hundreds of doors, it's difficult to choose one... and when I open it, something appears that I don't feel is a lucid dream anymore, therefore, it could be a simulation or well "Otherwhere". This has been very helpful for me, because I understand the hallway now as a threshold of states of consciousness, now I know that I must reach it and set an intention. I always get nervous when choosing one :-P .

Traveling via buses also seems like a good tool to me. In my lucid dreams I often become aware and I am already inside a vehicle of some sort, full of people... Lately these buses have taken me to beautiful areas where people go to rest. And I've also been on school buses but ran away kicking the doors... sad! Which still shows my resistance to learning and my desire to just enjoy. In fact, I told the driver that the day was too beautiful to go to school and I went to stuff myself with candy... and he looked at me a little disappointed. I so regret it! I'm not like that in physical reality, and I don't even eat candy. 

Everything mentioned about the Purgatory of Souls was very revealing, and I was also very struck by the use of the term "Shadows/Shade" or "Shadow World" for them. I didn't really understand why he use it and he didn't explain it either. However, I would like to tell some encounters, in which I think it was part of Afterdeath Zone and reminds me of the Shadows, I hope it's not bad to do so, I always try to tell nice things, because I'm afraid that someone who is reading feel insecure. The purpose of creating a Journal here is to learn and hopefully inspire other people to do the same thing, so sometimes I avoid talking about certain things so as not to create the opposite effect. But precisely my message is not to be afraid but to overcome and understand it, since we fear what we do not know, but once known, it is fine.

At 16 years old I had a spontaneous AP where I suddenly found myself floating in gray fog. At that moment I saw hundreds of beings around me, which are black shadows, their shape is partially human. From the waist down it looks more like a hanging cloth that fade and the upper part has more or less human features, but with suffering and haggard expressions, their eyes are completely white, they look like specters... Everyone was heading to a specific place, it was a huge crowd... At that moment I knew it was an AP and everything had an etheric feeling, not like being in a lucid dream/simulation. Somehow, I knew that they were people who had already passed away, and who were really going through a lot of pain, people who had really had a sad life and were full of darkness, a pretty grim landscape to witness. Even so, I wasn't afraid, but I felt very confused, I didn't know what to do or where to go among all those shadows. At that moment two shadows, one of them seemed to be a woman, approached me, along with a man (her husband?! I thought) She asked me if I was lost, because I looked confused and asked to go with them to make "the journey" if I was alone. It seemed that a great event was going to happen... All those shadows were waiting for "something" that was going to take them out of that place, it seemed that they would move on to a better area and that their time there was already over. I told them that I was not dead, I still had a physical body, but that I was very grateful for their hospitality. The shadow woman was stunned, as if to say, is that possible? and the shadow man said nothing, and they simply continued on their way. I decided to return to my body because I didn't like being there, a horrible landscape and a chilling sensation.

Another similar moment was last year (I shared part of this before) I suddenly became aware during the night and found myself in this gray fog, like a mass of formless white light, following a Guide, who looked like a formless mass of grayish-white light too. Here it was also full of shadows, which I saw in a very similar way to what was described above, black specters with white eyes and gaunt features, however, this time I did notice some more human characteristics. Two shadows passed by me and I felt a very intense wave of suffering, that shook my entire energy body, then I felt that I wanted to help them... I had to do something with those people. However, the Guide told me that I couldn't do anything for them and that I knew it very well (I don't know if because I was a newbie or because these beings are too immersed in their own misery). 
Anyway, I decided to try, so I approached a shadow woman, it was difficult to get noticed, as always, it seems that they don't see anyone around them. I saw that she was carrying an empty baby carriage, which was also made of this mass of spectral black light, did she die and leave her baby?! I didn't want to ask about this. I naively asked her if she needed help, and she said NO and left quickly. At that moment I followed the Guide a little more, we were supposed to be waiting for someone who would come, someone "higher" to him... because again "the great event" was going to happen that takes some shadows that are prepared to a better place. All the shadows gathered, and it seemed that they were waiting for the long-awaited arrival of (?)... I see a glow of white light and while I wait among the shadows, I practice some movements, since I started to feel "numb". But I couldn't witness it because I woke up, huh!

The feeling I get is that another part of my consciousness was in this Valley of Shadows doing something in particular, when suddenly my human consciousness takes over and suddenly finds itself there without knowing why and how. The question is, what the hell am I doing there?! I hope one day I can find out more, this place is not pleasant at all, but my desire to learn is stronger, this is how I have overcome fear, the desire to know more, curiosity. And I would also like to understand what part of the Afterdeath zone is about and why I see these people as shadow specters... and not as normal people. That's why I even questioned if they really are people, I think so, but being so immersed in their suffering made them take on that appearance, or at least that's how I perceive them. However, it is curious that many people around the world, both in their astral travels and those who can see beings from the physical plane, also see these black shadows here, with a description very similar to mine. Many say they are not people. I do not know what to think. I only once saw a huge shadow on the physical plane, but formless and no features, and several of my friends also saw them, my mother... And thousands of people claim to have witnessed through the internet. Even in the movies they look like that, and I think it's because they know something. I haven't found this information in books yet, but I still have a lot to read. 

The other time I encountered a similar being, it was also when I was 16. I had an etheric projection in my room, I was really happy... and I was just a formless mass of light. I wanted to explore the house and went to the living room, which was identical, there was no fluctuation, and I could say that my awareness was even higher than the awakened state. But I see a shadow coming out of the kitchen... exactly as I described it before, her white eyes are what catches my attention the most, a horrible specter indeed (maybe a woman?) However, just like before, I wasn't fact I wanted to get to know her better! (I am very curious) I tried to send her telepathic greetings, but she did not respond, nor see me or perceive me in any way, she simply continued on her way to leave through the balcony. I didn't want her to go, so I had a (terrible) idea to make her notice me... I merged with her!

I get inside the shadow... at that moment I felt like I was inside of the most horrible emotions I could imagine, I was completely disturbed and full of fear, I no longer saw anything but darkness and it was like being rolled over by a huge wave again and again without being able to get up and drowning in the deepest agony... I was very disoriented. But suddenly something happened, I found myself back in my room (I told this once) and there was my Guide, whom I saw next to my physical body as a huge mass of white light of about 3 meters... At that moment I was immersed in the purest and absolute Love, like I had never been able to feel in my entire life... It was overwhelming! A Love so intense that I (as Kurt also mentioned in his book) was starting to lose my identity. It was not Tak feeling Love, Light, Peace... but my essence was composed of that, there was no one "behind" that feeling, no specific personality, that was an illusion. It was the pure essence of Life flowing in the purest Love, not "someone" feeling that. I think he did that to cleanse me and rescue me from there, and as a result I got closer to my Divine Core. I couldn't be more grateful for having experienced that at such a young age, that marked me for life.

But all that was too much for me, so I decided to go back to my body. When I get in, I felt like I was going through many layers, and I felt that living in a physical body is like living inside a stone, something terrifying. When I opened my eyes, I felt that we human beings are truly warriors, for having left the comfort of the Love and Light of the highest Consciousness to immerse ourselves in the physical plane, where torment of diverse kinds exists. And being partially disconnected from our true source to learn lessons and grow... That takes a lot of guts! 

There were other encounters with shadows, but I just mention these.

I thought Kurt mentioned the deceased as Shadows, because he saw the same thing as me, but it was just a name. There is still much to discover! I just would like to learn more about the invisible worlds that surround us. I really liked his book a lot and the best thing was that it took me seven days to read it, and all seven days I had spontaneous lucid dreams every night.
Welcome to the Journals, Kodemaster! It will be great to read your experiences. I'm sure you have amazing things to share :-) I want to tell you that I really admire your courage and strength to face so many challenges in your life, you are a true warrior! (as many here). I am so glad you are on the path to healing and building a better life.

Light for you ★
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Precognitive Dream
May 16, 2024, 22:34:32
Lighbeam, thank you for sharing your precognition experiences, what you have experienced has been fascinating! I have had a lot of these types of situations, such as the town where I would live, about work, a friend who would visit me in another country, and very precise situations like yours. At the moment of dreaming, I rarely feel like it is something that is going to happen, but writing a dream journal, I can see how all this comes true sometime later...

The last time this happened was a few days ago, I was dreaming that I was at a train station taking a train, but during the journey, the train had an accident and derailed, I felt very confused and scared, however, when I looked around I saw that I was on a beautiful beach, where I had to follow the railway tracks over the sand to find my way home. When I wake up, the first thing I see on the news is that that same morning, probably at the time I was dreaming that, two trains collided and derailed near home, the accident was terrible!!! Perhaps more than a precognitive dream, was feeling the intense energy emanated by all these people, who knows. It's really the first time I've dreamed about derailed trains in my life. I also feel that there is a very strong collective force right now.

The ones that caught my attention the most were those visions during the hypnagogic state, at that precise moment I did not feel that I was seeing something that would happen in "the future" but rather, something that was happening at that very moment. So, it is interesting to ask, what are we seeing, if time does not exist and is simultaneous? Not the future, but something that was happening in the present as well, like overlapping time layers. I also think practicing OBEs develops our extrasensory perception, so to speak, even if we are not aware of this fact.
To start an out-of-body experience, I usually go through the hypnagogic state first, seeing many different scenes and different kind of abstractions. However, it is incredible, but sometimes by simply relaxing and emptying myself of thoughts, entering a meditative trance basically, I can feel "being loose." From here it seems that we are intimately tied to the physical body, as if it were an ultra-powerful glue, and that is not the case. Simply unfocusing your attention from the body and entering the mind is enough. The most here already know it very well. But we really don't need to enter such a deep state to get out, many times we believe that we are still on the physical plane and in reality, we are already on the astral and we didn't realize the great opportunity!

This was one of those cases. I wake up, go to the bathroom, go back to sleep and relax with my breathing, there were some random thoughts, but I realized it was time to go out. When I detached myself, I felt a very strange sensation throughout my body, it was not vibrations, it was like a magnetism sensation, like separating two magnets, as if what tied me to the physical body was a magnetic force. Everything was in slow motion, sometimes it happens to me that I detach myself from my body and it is like being in another frequency of time, as if my will were faster than the action and I try to move a body that does not correspond to the speed of thought, which moves extremely slowly and I have to use a high degree of patience and take it with humor. I never knew what it was and I hadn't read about it, but now that I'm reading the book Otherwhere by Kurt Leland, he talks about this sensation that he usually see in Sleepers, people who are not aware of being in the astral, they move in stop motion (I loved that term, since that's what it feels like) and they have fuzzy outlines. However, it happens to me when I am aware and detach myself from the body, but only occasionally, luckily. I suppose it is just one of the many sensations of this phenomenon, like vibrations, that may or may not appear. This is only at the beginning, then it goes away and I regain full mobility... Holy patience!

I also began to hear a loud, strange sound inside my head, as if I had hundreds of crickets echoing inside my ears, but I knew I should ignore it until it disappeared. I don't see anything, and all is completely black. It's very funny, because I start crawling around the room like a lizard, instead of walking or flying, I usually hit my body against the floor and crawl or start rolling. Sometimes I hide under the bed too, I don't know why, I don't feel like I'm afraid, but maybe they are still instinctive reactions that one keeps, like animals into unknown environment, especially if I don't see anything. If anyone sees me doing that it's sure to be a very fun show! I crawled endlessly, until I could see the tiles under my body, and I was very happy, so I got up and saw my closet, my furniture, everything as it was, without fluctuations... Would I really be on the etheric plane? However, when I see my bed, my physical body was not there, but the bed is unmade, as if my body has gotten up and gone. I jump against the ceiling and now I see that there are many elements of the room floating and rotating all together in a circle, making a round or a whirlpool, what is that!? The crazy fluctuations have already started. I decide banging into them to test the density, but they felt soft. As always, I decide to leave through the window, but I enter the Void and a state of confusion.

When I recover, I see that I am on one of the streets of my city a few blocks from home, going straight towards a huge avenue, the unusual thing is that it is completely empty, there are no cars or people, but everything looks just as it is... I feel a big adrenaline rush to see that large avenue that is usually full of cars, empty. So, I start running at full speed, it's something I love to do, in fact, I like it more than flying. Sometimes when I don't control my emotions very much in these states, I start doing some crazy things, and in this case, I take some dry palm leaves and different plants that I found on the ground and started singing and dancing along the wide avenue while I was shaking them LOL. But then I started to see a group of people in the distance, as if it were a tour, everyone dressed in white.. I wasn't alone after all! But I went to hide, I think I felt a little embarrassed.

The scene changes and I am bordering a silver lagoon and the most beautiful colors of the sunset bathe the sky, violet, pink, gold and dark blue... I walked a lot and relaxed under the landscape. There were many people playing, flying kites, enjoying and spending time with their families. When suddenly, I don't know why or how, I am taken out of this scene, and I am entering into an office. There are many people sitting in seats, filling out forms, I felt like they were other people sleeping and not holograms. When I look at myself, I'm in my pajamas and everyone else is dressed up, that made me really angry! But I decided that I was not going to change my outfit nor did I care, after all someone interrupted my dream and it was normal to be in pajamas and if someone didn't like, it was their problem :-P I sit in one of the seats and see who are in charge are two men with serenity and peace, who observe everyone and are the ones who deliver and receive the forms. One of them comes up to me and gives me a form along with a pen to fill out. But when I try to read it, I don't understand anything, they are strange symbols, I don't want to put my information there, much less sign, who was it for? Never sign anything without reading it first!

The signed forms were delivered by the people and the place was almost empty. I walked up to one of these men in charge and told him I wouldn't sign anything I couldn't understand, and he looks at me with compassion and tells me he'll translate it for me, and he told me that a Master Guide saw that I needed help in my practices and this gives the Helpers consent to do it, that's just what it was for. When I try to read it again, even though I don't understand the symbols, I touch the paper and absorb the concepts, I didn't know I could read like that, as if it were braille. I could also feel saying there in these papers, all the things I used to do in dreams, my strengths, my weaknesses, my likes, everything was being archived! On another occasion, I also entered an office and learned that all those papers filed information about my progress, I did not fully understand if they referred to my progress in this physical life, in my astral practices, or exactly what. That's why I call these people "The Archivists" a place where all my files are located. This disturbed me a little, but at the same time I had fun with the idea. However, I never needed to sign anything to get help, I always get help, there is always a helping hand, so I found it very strange that I have to sign a paper or give consent, I didn't like that.

I asked them who they were, and they told me a word that I didn't understand, I asked them if they were higher aspects of my own consciousness, and they told me NO. I asked them who are they so?! But they looked at each other as if to say, today's children ask everything! I kept insisting, but there was no response. Suddenly, a door opened behind them, emanating a very bright white light, someone was there in that light and was calling them, they had to leave...I wasn't sure about all this, so I apologized and left the form on the desk, but I flung the pen through the air! lol And I ran away. They were a little perplexed, but I wasn't sure signing anything, I didn't like it! I wonder what all that was like, it was very strange, but answers may take years to reach. I hope I didn't seem arrogant or ungrateful, because I'm always willing to get help, but I didn't like leaving my signature on a piece of paper I couldn't fully understand.

Then I went into a lucid dream where I had a little fun and returned to my physical body.
Hello Dontco, welcome to the forum! Nice to see you here. Our mods could not have expressed it in more beautiful and better words, I share that vision of the reality that surrounds us. I think we are here, above all, to find our true essence again, despite all the filters and human conditioning imposed. The polarity issue is interesting, and I think it is what I particularly came to work on most, accepting my own lights and shadows, as well as those of others, since only by accepting we feel at peace and not in crisis. And that does not means not working hard to improve. Understand that in the end, everything is a spectrum of the same thing to different degrees. I have trouble accepting the extreme violence that exists in this world, but I like to think that humanity is heading towards a more spiritual and less barbaric era...

In my non-physical experiences, as far as I got, is to experience that the Ego is only a tool, as said here, constructed to develop this human life, but that we all belong to a single and infinite mind, like cells into a huge neural network, connected from many different points. Individuality is not lost, but at the same time we are part of a larger living organism. I would love to experience it again one day. I can say firsthand that it is like that. 

I also think that the reason for being here can vary for everyone and one has to discover their own path.


Nice Day.
I enter into the hypnagogic state and see, as usually, many geometric shapes, as if they were little venetian figures, a mosaic, in the shape of a circle tunnel and also many colored triangular pieces. In a moment a beautiful golden petals flower, with white and pink pearl pistils forms, and begins to spin on itself, it closes in a bud and opens constantly again and again, like into a loop. At one point the flower disappears and I see a black hole with a gray background, and I go through it. And suddenly something strange happened, I saw the tiles on the floor and I had the sensation of being kneeling on the tiles, as if a part of me was in bed looking at the ceiling, and the other part was already separated on the floor, in these two places at the same time, which was very confusing. In general, this happens the other way around, once out of the body, I feel in the background that my body is still in bed. But this time being in my bed, I felt in the background that I was also on the floor. I spent a long time entering and leaving the hypnagogic state, seeing many beautiful colors, there were also black and gray concentric circles that rotated in the background and many colorful spots. And the funniest thing was at the end starting to walk along a rainbow path that makes different shapes, bending, going up and down... that was really fun! Sometimes my mind is a little crazy in these states lol.

The hypnagogic state goes away and I can see my room! I'm still lying in bed, but I already know it's time to get out of the body. The room is fluctuating, I see that next to me I have a plate full of delicious figs, I grab one and eat it, I roll and fall to the side of the bed. At that moment I thought about be denser, I began to think that perhaps I cannot go to the etheric plane due to a density issue, since I felt very "vaporous" so I began to concentrate on being denser and I began to feel a very strong tingling sensation through the entire energy body... but this made me start to fall through the floor, falling and falling... watching as my room became smaller from the distance, as if it were a holographic cube in middle of the infinite blackness. I thought about flying, but I couldn't do it, I was almost motionless, I felt hard and numb.

I decided to return to the body because I couldn't control the situation, but when I did, I didn't feel it at all! I didn't feel my limbs, anything, it was like being a floating head on the pillow, a bit strange but a fun sensation. I decided to induce another experience and I began to see in a deep hypnagogic state that I was inside a vehicle on a street and I saw enormous trees, very long and green, little houses, but at one point I felt a strange vibration in my head, as if someone had passed over me an electric shaver and I had a very strong spasm on my head, only on the front left side. That made me go back, it was not pleasant. I induce another experience and I fall to the side of my bed with a thud and it is very difficult for me to get up and move my body, I felt pain, I don't know why, like I was numb and hurt. But finally, I was able to get up and the pain went away soon. At that moment I decided to go out the window, first I took out one arm just to prove, because in general when I leave my house I enter the Void, unless I be taken by the Guiding Force... then I proceeded to put my whole body outside and when I came out I saw the terraces of the buildings, which were a little different from the real ones, but very nice. I was flying for a bit, but suddenly everything faded away and I enter the Void.

Now I am in a huge room, there are wooden stands where I see many people sitting around and they are projecting some kind of movie. I was very curious to see this place, so I ran inside, and I don't know why, but it took me a bit to do it, it seemed as if there was a magnetic field that prevented me from doing so, but I used a lot of strength and I did it. When I enter, I asked what this place is... The people present told me a strange word that I didn't understand. Actually, I realized it was an advanced class, it wasn't my class! Everyone stopped doing their things and was very amused by my presence, as if a little girl suddenly walked into a classroom at the university. They laughed when they saw me asking so many questions and seeing me so confused because they weren't expecting it, they told each other secrets and I looked at them trying to guess what they were saying. Somehow through the concepts, I was able to understand that part of their task was to supervise younger students, like me, and I felt a bit like the rat lab of the class, but at the same time I had fun with the idea.

At that moment I began to feel confused and wondered if I was really in an astral area, or if this was just a projection of my subconscious. In general, I have no doubts when I am having a lucid dream or if, on the contrary, it is anything else. Although I am very aware in the lucid dream, I know that it is a projection of my mind, but when I have doubts about what I experience, I begin to make questions. So, I asked them if they were individual beings or higher aspects of my own consciousness, at which point I did a test, and thought about them telling me that they were aspects of my consciousness, to see if I could control what they said, as I generally do with my dream characters. But to my surprise they said NO, but that they were individual beings. I asked them the same question again, to corroborate and they said NO again, they were beings separate from me. I was frozen, it even gave me chills and I decided to sit down for a moment to recover from the impact.
But they just looked at each other and laughed, like seeing a cute little girl. And while I was sitting, I asked them if they were completely non-physical beings or they were embodied in human beings at this moment. But they did not want to answer, they became serious now and most of them began to disappear, fading in front of me. Somehow, I was able to recognize the teacher present, perhaps because she seemed older than the rest of the students... and I thought that it was my opportunity to bombard her with questions and gain a little more knowledge. However, it seemed like the teacher had enough of me dismantling the class (as always :-))

But before I had the opportunity to talk to her, I don't know what happened, something very strange and confusing. Suddenly I was being taken by the Guiding Force very far from there... But this time it was different, I felt infinite well-being, an inexplicable happiness, an incredible feeling... I felt like I was healing and regenerating. I was through different places, parks, cities, seeing many people, etc. But through those scenes I could see a transparent layer, like a filter of a pink hue with green kaleidoscopic fractals. I was feeling so happy that I started singing a song lol and I felt so grateful. At one point we passed by a small park and I remembered that I was there when I was 7 years old, but I had forgotten it! I couldn't believe it... there I was again. Lately I've had a lot of memories during lucid dreams, things that I had completely forgotten, could be situations, past dreams or physical objects. The Guiding Force leaves me inside a room, and I no longer feel that beautiful regenerative elixir anymore, the healing ended, and I returned to the normal state, I felt a marked difference in states of consciousness. In the end I decided to get out of there and I am now in a kind of bathroom, I see a towel and an elongated yellow insect walks on it, it looked very real and its surface shone, I was surprised by such realism. I opened a door to get out of there, but when I do it, I see in front of me another door closed, it was exactly the same door, I open it and the same thing again, another door closed, exactly the same as before, it happened three times. I started screaming desperately no, no, this can't be happening! And when the last door appeared, I made the decision to open it differently and I was finally able to get out...

I was in a room talking with many people, however I forgot most of the conversation. At that moment it seemed to me that I knew all of them and that we usually go there, but now I don't make the slightest sense of it. At one point I explained to them that sometimes I am on Earth, in two dimensions at the same time, and if they were aware of that and one of them nodded in agreement. The meeting ended and everyone was leaving, a few of us remained, and I started to stop listening! I generally have vision problems, but never hearing problems, so I told one of those people to help me. He took out a kind of white silicone pencil from his pocket to check my ears, first he observed them as if it were a kind of flashlight with a microscope and then I felt a sensation of suction and a lot of relaxation. I felt that he had inserted it very deep and it was almost like a brain massage LOL, it took a long time and he did it in both ears. At one point I got tired and wanted to leave, but he didn't let me do it and pulled me by the arm, because he hadn't finished yet, that seemed very funny to me. When he finished, I could hear perfectly, and I thanked him.
I decide to go to another room and find a kitchen, I don't know why I turn on the faucet and let the water run while I watch it. I decided to put my hands in the water and concentrate on the fact that the water that wets me is frozen, at zero degrees... at first it was difficult to achieve it, it just felt cold, but I concentrated more and it was possible! I really like to experiment with these things to have fun and see how much realism I can create in my experiences. It occurred to me that I would like to become very small now and enter the water molecules, go to the microscopic world, and I began to get closer and closer until I saw the water around me as if it were rain, but that was as far as I got, that was not easy to achieve.

The scene was so confusing that changes, and I appear sitting on a bench in a park, a man with a beard and long black hair, great bone structure and very tall with long brown clothes approaches me, he was blind and carried a cane, he comes to say goodbye to me because he has to go now. I realized that there was also a woman sitting next to me, but I couldn't see her, she was invisible, it's like she was just in her energy body at another frequency, but we could both perceive her, she also had to go. I realized they were my instructors and that we had been talking for a while before, but I didn't remember it until that moment, nor do I remember anything about our conversation. The man says goodbye to me, looking at me with a huge smile and a deep look that radiated peace, although he was supposedly blind, that was not noticeable, nor do I know why he appeared like that. The woman makes me understand that it is also time for me to leave, but I didn't want to leave! And she hugs me tight and starts giving me lots of kisses, as if to say, you got it girl! And I felt so much love from both of them! It was a very sweet and incredible moment.

I enter a kind of hypnagogic state again, but I am in the 3D blackness. I see an orange-white luminous ray and also violet and green phosphorescent figures around me, like streamers making undulating movements, all of this is extremely fun. When I opened my eyes, I continued feeling this wonderful love and healing sensation that I received on this journey.
It's a pleasure to meet you Mustardseed :-) I always get very excited when the most experienced Apers share their lifelong experiences and all their learning, so thank you very much for that! Everything you say sounds nice. Another option to upload images without URL is, when you press the Reply button, under the white box, where it says "Click or drag files here to attach them" press and browse to the destination on your computer. The problem with this, it seems to me, is that only registered users will be able to see the image, not guests, I don't know why. I like to upload them to Pinterest and create the URL from there. If you are from a cell phone, you must go to User Actions/Reply. Since it does not appear in Quick Reply.

Quote from: tides2dust on April 23, 2024, 21:10:49I've watched the film and would encourage everyone interested in this thread to do the same. Truly heartbreaking to think we're the bad guys as a species. We've mastered anti-gravity in the 50's and we've created a matrix keeping the people fooled into thinking our energy dependency is reliant on fossil fuels. The alternatives they present aren't real alternatives, we have the means to utilize free energy with zero point systems. But greed has poisoned us, and although we have our own UFO's our controllers would probably shoot down any peaceful attempts at liberating the masses.

Dr. Greer says our time to get things right is coming to a demanding point. Either the rich and powerful devise a way to enter us into their new age, or they relinquish their controls and allow real prosperity and a Utopian relationship with the planet to flourish. It's sad because he says we have the means to end world hunger in 20 years, to provide clean water for all in 50 years.

The majority of us are taught to become mindless consumers, stuck in ignorance... But I'm ready for the change, I'm ready for ZPE and to become more involved in open relationships with our star brothers and sisters.

Revolutionary change is upon us. I only hope it's towards the real marriage of technology and spirituality. You can click the link above and spend $10 to purchase or, rent it for less on amazon prime video.

There's also a shorter version produced by the Why Files. Its episode basically goes into much of what is discussed in the film:
Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 1 | Free Energy & Anti-Gravity Cover-Ups

No doubt AJ watched the film and was inspired to do this bit above ^

Thank you very much Tides, for the recommendation! I watched Dr. Greer's movie The Lost Century. The hiding advanced technology and the great lie in which we live is not a new topic for me, a fake world, where the most painful thing for me is the denial of our true being and the spiritual world, a true Matrix. We are really someone else's toy, that while we work like slaves, laugh at us, speculate with our health, and do not see us as living beings, but as numbers, profits, statistical values... can they be so heartless?! Well... As long as the people do not react and continue to accept this way of living, they will continue to manipulate us.

But at the same time, it's not easy. Sometimes I feel very frustrated, I think about all these things and I say, what else can I do? It's getting out of hand. Whenever I can, I help those who need it, I recycle 90% of my trash, I have a healthy life... My dream since I was 16 was to retire from the cities and have an ecological house, with my organic garden, and live a simple life, in contact with nature. I still think about it and the beautiful thing is that I have met like-minded people with whom I can perhaps make this dream come true. I live in the city now and I feel a total misfit every day, and that it is not my place, I was very happy when I lived in a little town far from everything.

I think that many of the sightings I have seen have been probably hidden human technology... one of them, in broad daylight, was two crafts, one black and one brown, each of them accompanied by spheres, one green and the other one red.. It was not solid matter, but constantly changing shape, except for the spheres, all this seen in detail with excellent binoculars... in broad daylight and near an airport! Didn't the radars pick that up? Has it never been in the news? It's a joke? What the hell was that?!

I really liked the final message, which invites the people to really believe and feel in their hearts that a better world is possible, with full intensity. We all know that thought creates, and that what we think comes true. That is why I know that it is important to have an open and positive mind, to project this great dream of a free and healthy Earth, where human beings can truly develop their full potential, and be free. This is my biggest dream in life! I do not allow myself to succumb to sadness or despair, I know that if I am at peace, others feel it, because we are all part of a great and beautiful network.

I have found the others Dr. Greer's movies, I will watch them soon :-) 

Shineling, I really enjoyed reading your entire journal, I was really amazed by the quality of your experiences! And with the technique that has taken many years to perfect and control, you have done a great job! Each one of them is fantastic and as always, learning a lot from all the tips shared with you. I really like reading other people's experiences. When one practices alone for so many years, there comes a time when one wonders, what are others experiencing? How many things will there be in common and how many will be different? Something I see we all share is that we detach from our body and do not see the etheric plane immediately for the most part, but rather fluctuations and the path to a new adventure. For years when I didn't talk to anyone about this, I thought I was doing something wrong, but that's not the case.

I have really enjoyed each of your stories! And your dreams are also wonderful, you have a very nice way of writing, and I will soon buy your book on Kindle :-) Guardians of the Separate Reality. One of the things I like most about your experiences is that you have been able to have long APs developing the same story. In my case, many years ago it was also like that, but now there are many shorter scenes, I usually have up to five different dreams in one night, and in my LD and APs it is also like that. It is being difficult to maintain a long thread, but many shorter ones, I know with practice it will be possible again.

Thanks for sharing! ★
Inspired by some posts here at Pulse, related to AP and ETs, I tell you a particular one of my first experiences, from when I was six years old, at that age I began to have my firsts APs (spontaneous). It was very impressive to experience all this as a child and also a great gift that was always with me...

At that age, one night I was having a lucid experience where I was with my family at an amusement park and I decided to fly a little bit, until suddenly, I left the scene and found myself in front of a very particular creature... an alien! Why and how I got there I don't know, but when I saw him, I was completely stunned and I flew around him. It was similar to the gray ones, a huge head in proportion to the body, big black eyes, marked cheekbones and a deep face... the body was very thin, but he had different features, his skin was brown/coppery, somewhat shiny, as well as the shell of some insects, like cockroaches, and also his head had some protruding protuberances, just like the body. Although his physical appearance was quite intimidating, I was not scared by this. But, when I was close I could feel him... I could feel that he was emotionless, I felt an absolute coldness. 

Being in front of this being and feeling something so different gave me chills, I was really in front of a living, intelligent being, but one that was very different from humans. All his energy was different, the sensation is really not like being in front of another person, but with another type of body, it is something so different that surpasses my ability to describe it. That sensation made me go into absolute panic and suddenly I was completely paralyzed turning my back to him. Then, I felt him grab me with his hands, which were very cold and slippery/sticky like a reptile's. OMG! I thought I was going to die. I really couldn't believe that my short life ended like this, in the hands of an alien and in another dimension LOL. I felt so, so afraid... but then my body faded away and I entered the Void (because everything went black for a while) When I opened my eyes... I was back in my bed. I am very surprised that 28 years later, this memory is still as fresh as if I had experienced it yesterday, I had never let myself forget it.

At that moment for me the experience had been more than a dream and very real. I woke up very angry, damn! And I spent a long time in my room alone thinking about all this, I was truly terrified. But over time, I began to think that it was nothing more than a very realistic lucid dream of a little girl having her first experiences and not knowing how to deal with them. I would also like to say that the most curious thing for me had been that, as a child of the 90s, I had a very different concept of aliens, more trite of that time, little green men from Mars, with antennas and a fun or grumpy personality. Maybe more like Melvin the Martian or Gazoo from the Flintstones LOL. I didn't have in mind that image of the typical cold emotionless alien at six years old.

At 11 years old, I remember that I watched a documentary about the Varginha Brazil case, where in 1996 (the year of my experience, coincidentally) a UFO crashed in this town and supposedly an ET was captured by the authorities, when they showed the images of the ETs. ...They were 90% similar to what I had seen as a child, the only difference is that these ones had red eyes and the one I saw had black ones, but it was almost the same, brown body with bumps, etc... when I saw that, I couldn't believe it. I slept for a week with the lights on :roll: it was a remarkable coincidence. Another thing that caught my attention is that they usually describe that these ETs have cold and sticky hands as I felt at that moment, I had never heard that at that age, which increased my fear and I began to think that there was reality in what I lived as a child and it was more than a lucid dream. To this day I don't know what that was all about, and maybe I never will.

This little figure is actually very similar to what I saw, It looks very cute, but... :-D 

But something very curious happened when I was 19 years old related to this creature, I have had some very particular dreams, which I feel have been flashes of past lives that my subconscious has shown me for some reason. At times I lived them in first person, and at times in third person, I do not control this experience, but I am more like an observer, however, I feel what the character is experiencing. The feeling of these dreams is different, that's why I suspect they are something else and it has happened to me 4 times.

One of them related to this kind of ET was the following... I become aware and I am submerged in a green liquid inside a huge tube, they have me in suspended animation sleeping, suddenly the chamber is open and I wake up, guess what... on this occasion I am that ET! I am in the middle of a rescue operation, they are rescuing me, since I belong to a slave species, who works for "The Giants" that is what I called them, I don't know what those ETs look like, my memory is blurry, I only know that they are huge and they measure about 5 meters and I belong to them. They are really scary, I was very afraid of them and if we don't work, they kill us, as simple as that... and I didn't want to lose my life, that's why I worked incessantly. When they don't need me, they put me in that tube to sleep, a horrible depressing life.

We are not on a planet, but on a base floating in space. Those who are rescuing me are human like, they look very similar to the description of the Pleiadians, blonde men and women with kind expressions, I think they have tight-fitting white rompers. I can't believe that someone is doing that for me, a worthless slave, and I feel very grateful. I don't know how they found our whereabouts, or how they knew me, but I didn't hesitate to go with them, because they explained it to me, calmed me down and encouraged me to do it. Since I knew the base perfectly, because I was born there, I was able to guide them through the way to hide well and finally get out. The whole time I was very afraid that the Giants find and kill us. At one point I thought they had discovered us, and I felt so sorry! But luckily not. I guess that's why I hate all kinds of oppression and to feel free is an invaluable treasure for me.

We passed through many different places, many passageways, green and black metal structures and there is where I was able to see my body reflected in a metal wall and I saw that I was very similar to the ET I saw when I was a child, but this time it was me. And the most interesting thing about the dream was that at times I did not see with normal vision, but rather I saw everything in infrared and ultraviolet, like insects. I think I saw this way in the darker areas and a large part of the dream unfolded through this type of vision. It seems that this being that I was, was not as cold and calculating as the image I had as a child, there was some emotion and reaction, perhaps not to a human degree, but I was not a robot either. Unfortunately, the scene cuts before I see how the mission turned out, but I feel like it was successful, we could escape, and I had a better life. I know this sounds like an episode of Star Wars, but it was so real to me at the time, that when I woke up, I was quite shocked. In general, my dreams are not so adventurous, I dream everyday life things with some surreal tinge, I only dream these types of things when watching a movie or reading a book and that had not been the case. It felt very different.

If this was really a flashback of a past life, in comparison this life is heaven, despite the crisis we are experiencing as humanity, I imagine that there are worse existences, even if it is difficult imagine something worse than Earth. I think the biggest challenge we face as humanity is dealing with our own mind and emotions, and despite the darkness of the world, make our self-light shines brightly. I am so grateful for this life! The love and Nature... And I wonder how many things we have been, so many types of beings that we have already lost count. I don't know what to think about all this, nor if the creature I saw as a child is the same as the one in my flashback dream. I have also read about simultaneous lives and who knows? I don't feel now with the courage to delve deeper into this, but in the future, it would be interesting to know more.