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I want to know where to read more about phasing (books / terms to Google / podcasts [YouTube videos] etc..). The reason I'm asking is that in the few places I've read there's more than one type of obes/AP and that most people (at least IME) don't have the classical obe where they see their body. I know Robert Monroe's books especially his third and final talk about phasing. Any advice / help?

I want to know any scripts to do between life progressions. Also would this be a good audio to do it with.

I want to know where I can find data (databases / websites / encyclopedias etc...) of a possible past life.

I bought the kindle version of Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual for the Art of Retrieval and Afterlife Exploration and I also have a physical edition from my library. I want to know tips on how to voice record the scripts in the book? One of the reasons I'm asking is that I notice that certain scripts in the book are separated by other pages.

I want to know where I can find NDE visualization scripts? The reason I'm asking is that I want to simulate an NDE and can't find as many free meditations on YouTube.

I want to know if there is a mainstream book that's closest to Franks method's? It's been 15 plus years since I've read Monroe's trinity. I also read Xanth's free book. I recently found this book and might buy it.


I want to know any resources that tell how to mentally project to afterlife worlds and places in the physical on Earth? It can be books or online resources.

I want to know if people have used direct techniques (without sleeping/doing while fully awake) from adventures beyond the body to phase / astral project/experience non-physical consciousness?

I also want to know which section (or part) of the book mentions direct techniques?

I want to know if it's possible to phase (from Frank's posts/philosophy) using the Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute?

I wanted to know some tips on how to awaken during sleep while doing step 2 of the obe4u technique. I also sleep deep (usually weekdays from 9 pm to 9 am/10 am). What should be my last thought(s) when going back to sleep? How long should I stay up? How do I go back to sleep with the intention of awakening again?

I wanted to know resources online on how to convert a lucid dream into an obe.

8. Commitment Are you willing to devote the time and effort needed to achieve
your goal? Are you willing to commit thirty minutes a day for a month?

I don't understand what he means by committing 30 minutes a day is this practice or the actual technique?

The reason I'm asking is that I found this resource

and want to know any good books and free courses on how to communicate with the dead.

I'm reading a book called Navigating the OBE and I wanted to know if I should do this technique or just do progressive relaxation?

I'm on chapter 4 of the book and it this is a quote from it I typed up

Deep Breathing Technique
Good for: Everyone, but especially those new to relaxation techniques
Consistent full breathing has a tangible effect on the body, resulting in a
deep level of relaxation. It is the single most powerful way to relax and
relieve stress; therefore many of the processes I describe include some
degree of breath work. To begin to understand the relationship between your
level of relaxation and your breathing, here is a simple technique.

Step 1: Find a comfortable place and sit down. I recommend a posture
that you know you can sit in for an extended period without loss of
circulation or discomfort. While many people attempt to go straight into
the lotus posture or other yogic asanas (postures), this can be
counterproductive when learning, because if the posture becomes
painful, you will not be able to continue or benefit from what you are

Step 2: Now focus on your normal breathing rhythm. Dont try to adjust
or slow your breath at this point; just become aware of the natural speed
and depth at which you normally breathe. Continue until you feel
totally at ease and comfortable with this level of calm stillness.

Step 3: Now take a deeper breath and exhale naturally and comfortably.
Continue breathing in deeply and exhaling deeply until it becomes
second nature.

Step 4: Continue as in step 3, but now hold the breath for a few seconds
longer. Use this moment of stillness on the in-breath to imagine your
state of awareness growing and your tensions vanishing. Let the breath
out slowly. Continue like this, but begin to gradually slow your

Step 5: Find a natural, deep, slow in-and-out tempo. You may want to
count the seconds so that it is easier to gauge how long the complete
cycle takes. By counting in this way, you may also find that you can
slow the breathing cycle even more, with practice. If you find counting
a distraction, simply trust your intuition with regard to the length of the
cycle and slowly build from there. The goal is simply to reach a state of
deep, slow breathing, which will result in a deeper level of relaxation
and calm.

I need to know in regular English what these five steps are because the language / writing confuses me.

Last night I used the alarmy app to awaken me every 20 minutes and had to shut it off period because I was too tired. How many minutes at a time should I set an alarm to go off (after I set it afer 4.5 - 7 hours from sleep)?

I was in a psych ward. One day I had visualized a woman from top to bottom (normal visualization) and quickly inside my head (or mentally) it was like my mental sexual energy went crazy and I was experiencing mental sex (it's hard to explain) but I felt it all over my body. I don't know if it was anything to do with chakras or kundalini but I haven't been able to replicate it. I know it was at a time where I didn't have access to anything sexual (including masturbation even though I did that once in this place).

Any ideas / advice / help?

I wanted to know if there's a type of remote viewing system I can do by myself without a partner? The reason I'm asking is that the people I live with shun or look down on things like astral projection and lucid dreams.

I wanted to know where I can find info to read online about soulmates vs lovers in this life. The reason I'm asking is that the only thing I know about soulmates vs lovers is when in the spiderman comics Gwen Stacy dies and she is forever known as the soulmate of Peter Parker while his lover in his current life is Mary Jane.

Any info would help.

I wanted to know what anyone (or someone) thinks this means in obe4u statistics

For 1-5 attempts (1-3 days) - 50%

For  6-10 attempts (2-7 days) - 80%

For 11-20 attempts (3-14 days) - 90%

It's from a printout I'm currently looking at.

It's from the obe4u website.


I wanted to know how to become an exorcist without becoming a catholic priest? The reason I'm asking is that I can't go without having a mate (partner) and don't want to go through the hustle of dealing with the catholic church. I also want to have a business of communicating with the dead. I also can now to a very large degree tune into the akashic records.

Any advice?

If anyone wants personal details you can pm / dm me.

I found these three future life progression audios from YouTube I also have the William Buhlman past life CD which has a future life progression track. I need to know where to find CDs/ audios of future life progressions.

I wanted to know any good methods in order to access the Akashic records without a non-physical experience (astral projection / lucid dreaming)? The reason I'm asking is that I accessed the records before (last time was in 2014 / 2015) and was able to get information from it about alternating current technology. I was able to write down the information from the records without knowing what alternating current technology is. I have a basic math level and want to know a book or online resource I can use in order to access the records for learning things like math or English grammar.

I wanted to know if lucid dreaming is the same thing as astral projection/obe?

Please discuss the theories/evidence/ your experiences?

Hi, I wanted to know people's experiences with techniques from adventures beyond the body?

I've been doing it for two days and this morning I got two vivid dreams (I forgot what the dreams were about). I'm trying to technique from this URL.

The part I'm trying is named Visualization with Affirmations

I'm also rereading the book and am on chapter 3.

I wanted to know I asked this question on a group of FB but no one answered. I wanted to ask is it possible to go into area 51 but from the Akashic Records? An example could be I project (which I've only done once but it was unconscious and dreamlike) to February 25th, 1965 and then go into area 51 within the Akashic Records. I'm asking this because I know if someone tries to do it in real time they'll get caught. Would this work?

I posted a thread in 2016 about my experiences trying to obe with techniques from a site called I ended up listening to affirmations I made with a site called Within 2 weeks I was recalling 5 to 6 dreams a day and was having at least 2 to 4 lucid dreams a week.

I have obstructive sleep apnea and had a sleep apnea machine. My insurance took it away because they didn't want to pay for it. I'm currently in college and want to astral project (instead of LDing) because I want to learn how to get A's in college from spirit guides/spirits of those like Tesla, Ramanujan, and William James Sidis. I got good grades last semester. I also have some hemi-sync recordings. Also, I just got the obe techniques made by William Buhlman and have yet to listen to it. I also have both versions of Astral Dynamics (print) and have an obe book by Rick Stack. I even have two copies of MAP by Robert Bruce also.

I have to wake with an alarm named Alarmy. It's on the play store and it is pretty good at waking me up. I have four to five Android smartphones I use inside my house for listening to music and waking me up.

I want to know how to wake up in the middle of the night after doing the WBTB technique. Is it good to program myself during the week when not doing the obe4u techniques during the day? I want to use the techniques from obe4u to have an obe, not a LD.

I want / need to know once I astral project (still trying a book called Mastering astral projection which I can only do on weekends because of school) can I gain skills from reliving past lives?

The reason I'm asking is that once I spoke with a person in complete German for 10 to 20 minutes. I suspect the reason I was able to speak German was that it was unconsciously from a past life.

I need to know whether I can relive a past life and learn abilities from them such as math or computer programming?

I know it wouldn't be instant and I would still need to practice in the real world (I just got done reading a book called "the first 20 hours" I've been practicing the process from it and it's been good so far).

Also can I gain abilities from reliving other peoples lives (like Einstein or this guy

I want to know if it's possible to remote view within a dream? I don't know if it's (remote viewing) possible withing an obe / ap.

But I've always wondered if it's possible within a lucid dream.

If anyone has experience or a book / article / websource that can tell me more please let me know.

I want to know if it's possible to experience other peoples lives. Especially those who've lived in the past and are dead.

Would I be able to experience the life of this man in the akashic records?

He's one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century.

Also once I experience his life would I be able to practice math within the astral plane?

Most people who go to the astral plane while alive say that time is longer there than in the physical plane. I've heard that minutes on the physical plane is / can be hours in the astral plane.

Would I be able to practice math in the astral plane? Or would I have to practice it in real life?

I remember having a very vivid dream about programming and I could see the text clear on the computer screen. I remember typing on the screen and I could see the text clearly. I don't remember what it said but I remember seeing the text clearly.

I downloaded an app to my smart phone that lets the user experience binaural beats / isochronic tones.

The name of the app is Brain Waves - Binaural beats by minotechapps.

I'm in the process of reading a pdf called "astral projection a complete guide". I wouldn't be surprised if it was a plagiarism of Robert Bruce's online free work. But I like the way the text is presented and the order of the book.

I also need peoples experiences with meditation and body position and entering the trance state for obe's / ap's?

When I try / tried / quit doing meditation, I would either do it on my back on lying on one of my sides (could be on left side or right side).

I also have problems doing progressive relaxation on my sides. This is what I want to be able to do it in since this is the top / ideal position for me to do meditation / trance / chakra / obe exit work.

Also timing these each day?

I read a book on self hypnosis called instant self-hypnosis by Forbes Blair. In my opinion the book actually works. I just wanted to ask if anyone can lead me to a book or to online material for a self-hypnosis astral projection guide?

If it's an audio I don't want one with a voice (guided meditation) only just music (like binuaral beats).

I've read up to chapter 3 [of astral codex] and read a little after that. He doesn't give any actual techniques to astral project with only tips.

I googled "astral projection concentration techniques", and only got one technique that said to listen to the heart as you fall asleep.

Any tips?

I don't know if it's astral projection or a lucid dream.

It usually happens to me once a month to sometimes once a week a certain month or once every two weeks.

The last experience I had dealt with religious extremists arguing among each other then they either died or killed each other. Then I was in a scene where I was on a highway that connected countries around the world with each other (futuristic). I was then going to China from the US.

They usually happen when / either in a state of in-between sleep and awake. Or I'm a little or a lot asleep. It's always in the morning. But by the end of the experience I end up forgetting. I can never end up remembering the full experience.

Also it's very vivid like a real life emulation.

Thanks for the reply / information.
Yesterday (the 23rd of March) I did instructions from a book I read on ap. It says the three main steps are 1. physical relaxation to the point of feeling not having a body. 2. Silencing the mind. 3. Projection exit technique.

I relaxed my body just as step 1 says. As I was doing this I made my body feel like a statue. For step 2 I said in my head "mind awake body asleep". Then the vibrations came and I experienced them after this nothing happened.

What do I do to get past the vibration stage and to the point of my astral body exiting my physical body?

I posted a topic a little over a year ago. I shared my experiences about trying techniques from a site called obe4u.

I've been trying two to three days a week for the past three weeks and have had a few experiences. (Haven't had an obe or ld or ap).

I want to know if anyone has been able to access the subconscious during an obe/ ld/ ap?

Relaxed / tensed my muscles a couple of times (progressive muscle relaxation).

Then did eternal step visualization, then visualized fall into dark hole (this got a a weak to mid falling sensation).

Then did exit technique then my head felt like it was going forward while I had little electronic pulses throughout my body (like bouncing my head forward and backward).

Then nothing happened.

During the middle my whole body felt like it was being rained on from the inside, or having energy (electricity) run through it.

Is this how I'm supposed to AP?

What am I doing wrong?
I was in a hospital earlier this year because of mental problems. I remember one night that I woke up between 2 and 3 am and felt I was being raped (in the anus) by a spirit. It was through (or happened) through a masturbation technique I use. After I climaxed I felt like I had been beat up and had depressional feelings for days after that.

The second time I was in my bed at home and the same thing happened but I felt it was the astral body of a person I work with for my disability that was raping me (through the same masturbation technique).

Are there any good books on psychic / astral protection?

I know Robert Bruce has one.

I've been trying some techniques from the book called "the phase" on Over the last two to three nights (have to take a rest until next week because the books author says that you should only try to lucid dream / project two to three days a week).

These are my experiences:

I remember one night (could've been minimum a day to two days ago) that once I did a technique I felt a little movement of electricity going across my arms only and it felt like my veins were moving / shaking.

Also in the book they say that the best way to be successful with indirect techniques (which is an obe after waking up) is to wake up without moving your body. I haven't tried this yet because I usually move my body upon awakening and have to wait until next week to practice this.

Is it okay to try the techniques everyday or should I just stick to what they say in the book and try it two to three days a week?

Also the author of the book says while being a novice to only project two to three days a week.

I wanted to ask if it matters what body position I put my body in. When I lie on my back I can usually get my whole body still (into the trance state), but when I lie in another position it's hard for me to get my body into a trance state.

Also I've tried getting into a trance on a chair and it's even worse. Basically the only way for me to get into a full trance is to lie on my back.

I've been reading (and rereading) a book called Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. I'm reading the first edition (from 1999) for the first time in 8-10 years. Basically the process he says is:

1.deep physical relaxation.
2.trance state (started / sustained by a "falling" effect) - this is one of the most difficult parts for me.
3.projection technique and exit - I don't know a good visualization technique. I don't like / can't do the rope technique because I've never climbed a rope in my life. The same with the ladder version of this technique I've never climbed a ladder in my life before. I tried a technique after the "falling" effect was initiated / maintained. Swinging like spiderman. Another one I used is once the "falling" effect is maintained / entered I swung around a tower in the sky by holding onto a web like spiderman but swinging 360 degrees or in a circle.

For the trance state the best was imagining I was going down and then up some stairs.

Edit / after thought:
The first time I memorized / tried this I got what felt like small / medium surges of electricity going through my body after the second step. Then I tried exiting my body through going through at least 2-3 techniques. It kinda felt like my physical body was actually moving and I couldn't tell the difference whether it was my physical body or not.

More thoughts / replies after I get my first and / or more replies. Thank you.