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When I'm traveling in the void for a while -feels like kind of a long time -  it suddenly feels like I've been obliterated -or 'oblivion' or something.  These are the two words that come to mind to describe the feeling.  Almost like whatever I am mentally and physically (not that I remember having a physical form, anyway, in the void) just disperses like water turning into steam.  The first time it happened I was scared and felt like I was dying.    It only lasts for 10 sec. at most, and then soon after I click into a scene and it's over.   Kinda strange!

I have wondered if it's the same kind of phenomenon as when you ' lighten.'  Say if you look at your hands, they melt, and you fly upwards and you perceive you're now in a lighter body.  This doesn't feel like being obliterated, though, like the above.

Is this familiar to anyone?  Thoughts?
I woke up around 6 am and really wanted to project but I was so tired.  I was in a huge battle with sleep for 10 min. or so.  I sunk into a deep SP which hasn't happened to me for a long time.  I usually project with no SP or just a tiny touch of it.  I perceived that a person came and sat right next to me on the bed.  I could feel the bed sinking down right up next to my shoulder.  That's happened to me a bunch of times in SP and I hate it.  I asked it to leave twice and it didn't.  I finally said, OK just do what you came here to do.  It immediately flew right into me (or through me)  I could feel the tingle as it did so.  That's happened quite a few times as well. -A hypnogogic entity will enter the room, come toward me and go right into me.  It used to terrify me but I've gotten used to the routine.  I don't know why it always goes into me.  Anyone else experience that? 

Next I tried to exit and my arms and legs floated out but my torso got stuck.  I let myself click out for a few seconds and when I regained consciousness I was out and on my way.  I was in my house where I grew up -a typical starting place for my adventures.  I flew once around the house and no one was around.  I went to the pull up bar I used to play on when I was little.  I hung onto it and started swinging around and around like a gymnast would do.  I did all the cool moves they can do without a day of training. lol  It was really fun.  I experimented with changing my weight.  From about 135 lbs. -les and less to 50 lbs.  It was fun to swing being so light.  Then I noticed that 'someone' put a long 2x4 right where I was swinging in 360 degree circles.  My body went right through it each time I circled.  This didn't bother me until I noticed that the 2x4 was moving higher and higher with each swing, so it would eventually go right through my face where my eyes and nose were.  Not wanting to chicken out, I decided to just slow my momentum a little so I would have more time to concentrate on the beam moving through me.  It worked well, and I didn't get smacked in the head. lol

I left the house, then, and ended up in the void.  It was black with a little bit of grey fog.  I decided to ask to see an 'atom.'  My daughter is studying atoms in school and so it was the first thing that popped into my head to ask.  Immediately a dark bluish cloud  materialized and took shape.  It formed into many nebulous circular marble sized blobs-all in motion.  Their motion looked fluidic.  I couldn't make sense of exactly what I was seeing, and I'm certainly no scientist, but I suppose the display could have been atoms, or the parts inside a single atom.  It certainly didn't look like the model I saw in science class, though.  I said "Thank you" for the display and then asked to see some interesting galaxies.  I unfortunately phased back to the physical, though.  Immediately I projected again, wanting to go back there, but I ended up outside of some building looking at a beautiful red sun and a few clouds.  I thought, well I'll just go up into space and try to get back there that way, but I got distracted by a little scene to my right. 

There was a black adult rabbit and a white baby.  They were so cute.  I didn't know if I should allow myself to get distracted by them or not -If I did I might not get back to my galaxy question.  On the other hand, maybe I was put here (and taken out of the void) for a reason.  I picked up the baby rabbit and held it for a minute -which felt good.  Then I noticed a big bowl filled with water and ...rats!  Yuck.  They were a disgusting sight, but all the rats were under water and I was afraid they would drown.  I started to tip the bowl to pour the water out, but I then saw all the rats look up at me and I somehow knew that they were perfectly fine and didn't need to be rescued. 

I left that area and flew toward space in order to continue with my galaxy intent, but a force pulled me down again.  Once on the ground, I turned around and 2 young boys and their father were coming over to me.  I immediately felt a divine connection with them.  We exchanged smiles and love energy.  One of the boys said to me 'You're the boss!'  -  I laughed.  The father said "You're the height of..."  -something... I lost the memory of the last word.  I knew it was complimentary, though.  Then he smiled with love and said 'Now go to sleep!'  He seemed to be insinuating that he knew about my extreme struggle with sleepiness at the beginning of the projection.  I phased back to the physical, not wanting to leave them.  It felt so good to have that loving connection.  They were probably guides.

Sorry that was a little long winded.  Thanks for listening! 

In a projection this morning, someone was talking to me and when I tried to answer I was paralyzed.  I couldn't move my body, mouth, or speak.  I tried then to telepathically communicate but within about 8 seconds I was back in the physical.  This has happened several times before.  I assume that I'm becoming aware of myself being in SP even though I'm still fully in the dream scene.  Do you agree?  Is there another reason this happens that you are aware of?  Thanks.
The other day I projected to my childhood home (not by choice-just ended up there) and it was a beautiful sunny day and everything was just like the physical.  I assumed I was in the RTZ.  I flew around the property and noticed a blue bottle sitting the driveway.  I thought, great!  I'll probably get a validation out of that.  I then flew around the back yard and saw a large triangular shaped cement planter.  It had several  (7 or 9)  statues of women standing in rows in the dirt, and several bright orange flowers planted around the statues. I immediately knew this is nothing my mom would have in her yard.  I flew inside the house to try to find my mom and she came down the hallway.  I said -Hi Mom.  Can you see me?  She said -Of course I can see you.  I made a pass around the kitchen and said - Watch me fly!  She said -I've seen you fly a million times!  I reasoned that because she could see and talk to me, I couldn't be in the RTZ.  The funny thing is, her astral self HAS seen me fly a million times.  I meet up with her quite often in the NPR.  My next thought was that this was maybe a sub-conscious projection (which made me feel let down for a moment) and then without warning, I was back in the physical.

I don't know what to make of this type of projection, and I'm starting to wonder if it is supposed to mean something and I'm just not getting it.

Is this subconscious garbage?  A parallel life of my Moms?  Not based in any form of reality but given to me to show me something?

My lucidity and clarity were top notch, and it's hard to believe that this extremely intricate and interesting planter wasn't put there for a reason.  -to get my attention or to show me something.

Also I'm noticing a pattern in my projections.  If I'm trying to look for meaning or validation, and then something happens that I consider a little bit stupid, I have a momentary feeling of disappointment, and then I'm immediately transported back to the physical without warning.  Are 'they' trying to tell me I'm blowing it?

BTW, I called my mom afterward and no plantar, blue bottle, or memories.
For over 2 yrs. now, I've related one of my Out of body adventures to my husband just about every night.  In the beginning he listened with mild curiosity but before long it turned into him politely humoring me, and falling asleep (with snoring) within the first five minutes of my tale. As far as spiritual life goes, the two of us are worlds apart, and so I was shocked when he announced today that he had gone out of body twice last night.  He's never been remotely interested in trying it before, and last night he woke up during the night, couldn't get back to sleep, went into the vibrational state, swung his legs out of bed, and off he went.  He went throughout the house and through several walls, cruised through his child hood neighborhood where he found the colors of the foliage to be of a very special, vibrant quality.  Then he went back to his body but immediately decided to go out again.  This time he didn't bother with an exit technique (because he knew that was for beginners lol!) and went straight into the NP.  He went into a town, talked to a few people, and basically just flew all over the stinking place!  I said to him--Um...just like that?  A lot of people try for months before they get out and when they do, they don't tend leave their houses for a while.  He said --Well I don't see why I shouldn't be able to do it.  I've been listening to you talk about it for years so I'm sure I know everything possible there is to know!    :-D
In my last conscious projection, when the scene opened up, I was watching it in movie form.  It occurred to me that I should join the scene, but I didn't because I was just enjoying it the way it was.  The movie was this big, continuous scrolling screen moving from right to left.  I saw a plane crash, many beautiful vistas from all over the world--deserts, planes, water scenes, lots of strange symbols... it went on for about 10 min. this way, and then I suddenly heard and felt rhythmic footsteps.  I realized that I was the one walking but I wasn't really anywhere.  I wasn't in the scene--it was only a movie.  I was confused at first and wondered if I could be walking around in the physical.  No, that couldn't be it.  I just didn't know where my 'walking self' was.  I finally realized I was being prodded (I guess by invisible guides) to join the scene.  So as soon as I intended my 'walking self' to walk into the scene, I joined it.  I guess I was being schooled.  I've only had one of these movie type projections once before so maybe my guides weren't so sure I was going to be able to enter the scene by myself so they helped me out in a creative way!
I almost always project with SP.  Sometimes the SP only lasts for a couple seconds, but it's almost always there.  So lately, for some reason SP has gotten more and more illusive for me, and because of it I've only been projecting once or maybe twice a week.  This is very disheartening for me because I used to project almost every night.  It was such a big part of my life and now, not so much.  Something in one of the threads caught my attention.  It said we are already in the astral but can't see it because of the illusion of the physical.  So this morning I was still laying in bed after 10 hrs. of sleep.  In the past, any attempts to project after 7 hrs. sleep have been totally fruitless.  SP just won't kick in after that point.  Inspired by the idea that I was already in the astral, I decided to go for it.  I repeated to myself several times that I was already in the astral and my physical body is an illusion.  I expected to see the astral world and in about 10 seconds I did.  Kind of shocking that it worked that quick.  There was no SP, I was just watching images like a movie screen for about 5 minutes.  Then the scene surrounded me and I was off and flying.  This is more along the lines of what the visualizers do, and I'm pretty excited about it.  If any of you are feeling limited by SP, give this method a try!

Also for a number of reasons, I have the distinct feeling that this was planned for me to experience at this time by my guides.  So little of it has to do with us, and much more has to do with them, IMO.
I'm posting this neg. not to spread fear, but because it is similar or the same as many 'hell' NDEs I've read about, and maybe I (and others) could gain perspective on this type of afterlife phenomenon.

I was doing a conscious exit and experienced a few fearful thoughts as it was happening. (I sometimes have fearful thoughts if I'm very awake-not groggy-during my exit.)  When I crossed over, the first thing I instantly noticed was the energy in the place was rough, gritty, and uncomfortable.  I thought, 'yuck.'  Then, as best as I can describe, I literally 'became rage.'  My rage wasn't directed at anyone.  I WAS rage itself.  'I' as I had known myself was gone.  My will and personality just weren't there --at least for about 30 sec. or so--and then I would experience just a little of my old self and will momentarily, and then it would be gone again.  My 'rage' self was very primal.  I actually roared several times, as what I was just couldn't be contained.  When I did experience a little of my old self and will, my will just wasn't strong enough to try to escape my situation.  It was too weak to even try--just went along with the flow.  I once remember thinking, when I had a glimmer of my old personality back, 'This is what I am now.'

Then Things began to change when I realized that there was an entity clinging to my back.  His hands were around my ribs and were causing me pain in that area.  This realization somehow brought my will and old personality fully on line.  The rage self was gone, and I set to work trying to remove his hands from me.  For the first time, I was able to use my will to try to escape my situation.  Then I was back in the physical.

This experience was very much like 'hell' NDEs such as when a depressed person commits suicide and then describes her situation as 'I wasn't just depressed--I became depression.'  Also when people describe the hell they're in this way.  'The people in this place could leave any time, they just didn't realize it because they were so self absorbed.'  I feel I have now experienced what these people are talking about.  It is basically a loss of their will, and what is left over is some form of negative energy.  For those of you who have read Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, I see the similarity to his earth worm's eye view experience. --primordial, and loss of his will and personality, not realizing for a long time that he could escape his situation.

Experienced projectors, what are your thoughts?   Interpretation?  Why did it happen? etc.

Some more background info.  I'm not an angry/rage filled person.  I let go of anger easily--don't hold grudges.  I am forgiving.  I did lose patience with my daughter a few times the week prior to the experience. --a momentary 'snap.'  I usually am patient but I do remember that week losing it a few times.   And then there were the few fearful thoughts during my exit...

My afterlife beliefs--these are flexible beliefs--   probable life review with spiritual help and direction from our far as where we will reside? --like attracts like.  Then possible reincarnation at some point.

After this experience, I wasn't scared to project again or anything.  I took it in stride.  Before this experience I have had several that were the exact opposite where I became pure love.  The love experiences are dominant, and this one was the exception, so it didn't make me feel like I was headed for hell or anything. Lol.
When I hit that button it doesn't always show me all of them.  Someone replied to one of mine recently and I didn't see it for 3 days.  Luckily caught it when I was scrolling the home page.
I was flying outside somewhere that I didn't recognize and I came upon a garden.  The plants were in perfect rows and were all about 3 ft. tall.  Lots of perfect, healthy green leaves on each one and the most beautiful flowers I'd ever seen.  I flew from plant to plant admiring the different colored flowers.  I stuck my finger in the soil beneath a plant and it was very dry.  "Needs water!"  I said aloud.  Almost immediately I heard a rumble of thunder.  I looked up and saw the blue sky being replaced by dark clouds that were rolling in.  Then it started pouring rain and I got soaked.  It felt pretty amazing to get that wet OOB.  --Just a confirmation to me on how real theses experiences are.  The garden was now completely watered and the clouds parted leaving blue sky again.  I looked up and said "Thank you" for watering the garden.  Then I continued on my way.

I was standing in an empty room and saw spirits (see through people) walking across the room and right through the wall.  I've never seen people that were less than solid before in a projection and also have never seen them walk through walls. (although I go through walls all the time)  Anyone ever see that and know what it's about?
There was one woman standing still in the middle of the room and she looked solid.  I went over to her and enthusiastically asked her, "Are you my angel guide?"  I had had intent to find guides at that time and so just assumed she might be one.  She said to me "What do you need an angel guide for?  You having a national crisis or something?"  I was kind of taken a back by her response (now I think it's funny) and said, "Well, um, I just want someone to show me around and explain things."  She thought for a moment and said "Well... maybe I could help you"  I then had the thought that she was not really the kind of person I was looking for and then I was immediately back in my body.

I had intent to have love for everyone I met during my experience.  It worked and I ended up in a long hallway where I met a person.  I immediately was filled with a strong love for him.  He told me I was supposed to go meet "the African."  I looked down the hall and saw a black man.  I floated over there and the hall opened into a huge beautiful room with high ceilings with arches.  There were many people in the room.  Most were holding drinks and talking, and were all dressed really well.  At that point there were five Africans in the room and I didn't know anymore who i was supposed to talk to.  I went up to one of them who was talking to a blond haired man.  The blond man was speaking. He acknowledged me with a smile and a wave of love.  I returned the love to him. The conversation was very intellectual and  I didn't know the context of it but I did understand everything he said.  Just one word was lost to me-it was garbled- and a wave of disappointment came over me when I heard the garbled word.  The man noticed my problem and disappointment  telepathically, and spoke the entire sentence (long sentence) over again but in a different way so I could try and get it.  I did understand and expressed telepathic gratitude back to him.

This experience was a big step for me, I felt, because for one I was able to telepathically exchange this strong love when ever I wanted. (not an ability I have in the physical).  Two,  I understood very long and complicated sentences.  In most of my experiences the dialog is more simple and short which always makes me skeptical of the 'reality' of the people I'm talking with.  The only bad thing was that when I got back to my body I had forgotten EVERYTHING that was spoken.  Grrrr!  I'm sure, though, at the time I understood it and it made perfect sense.  I was fully lucid during it.

If anyone has any comments or advice for me I'd love to hear...  Thanks for reading! :)
Hello all.  I haven't been on in a while but have been busy reading the OOBE books I bought myself for Christmas.  Here are two I've finished...

My Descent into Death by Howard Storm. -- This is an old one from the 80's and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before.  Howard, a self proclaimed atheist, materialist, lookin' out for #1 kind of guy, had an OOBE while very ill in the hospital.  He found himself in the RTZ next to his body trying to unsuccessfully communicate with his wife who was at his bedside.  From there he followed some spirits to another area and had a very negative experience in which he tells most of the details but left some parts out because they were too painful to think about.  He was then rescued by Jesus and had a very detailed life review in the presence of Jesus and some angels.  He was able to ask many questions and get answers about a number of subjects including the probable fate of the U.S. if it continued in so much greed, and the different directions we can take after we die including helping out people on earth or living a lifetime on another planet.  This was a very loaded experience and I thoroughly enjoyed.  I believe it was sincere because I watched him tell it on U-tube and he cried when he told about the great love he felt during his rescue.

The Multi-Dimensional Human by Kurt Leland --Kurt shares a few of his own experiences in this one, but mostly teaches about developing your inner (psychic) senses.  If you develop these and use AP as a spiritual practice you will be able to advance to the higher planes, he says.  He seems to embrace Theosophy, and gives a description of each theosophical plane.  He says you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.  Generally speaking I agree with this, but as far as my own experiences go, I had my first on what he would call the Nirvanic plane, then a series of them on the mental plane, then down to the astral plane.  I went backwards!  (I don't know what that says about me, lol.)  So anyway, I don't think people should get locked into thinking a certain way about it.  You'll just limit yourself.  I found most of  his inner sense exercises mostly too complicated and I probably won't try them unless I feel 'stuck' with my AP.  I did like his spiritual emphasis on love and service to all, and although I don't put stock in all his words, I respect and identify quite a bit with his spiritual path.

I'm reading some Swedenborg books now. He's a OOBE guy from the 1700s. Interesting reading something from that far back. I'll report on it later.  :)
Welcome to Dreams! / Going home
November 19, 2013, 00:26:20
I had a very beautiful, simple dream last week.  I was walking down a narrow, dirt road that continued to the horizon way in the distance. Just open, spacious fields surrounded me on all sides.  The sun had just set leaving a beautiful pink and blue sky.  I knew that I was 'going home' but also instinctively knew that that didn't mean my physical home, and I knew home wasn't somewhere down the road, but it was this very moment.--the 'now.'   I then felt total peace, bliss, and freedom.  This lasted and lasted and I just basked in it until I drifted off again.  I love these heavenly ones!  It captivated me for days after.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Dense world
October 30, 2013, 17:54:02
Have you guys found that there are realms where you can't pass through matter?  I had a projection last week where I kept bonking my head against the walls, windows etc. while trying to get out of a house.  I know how to pass through things and have been doing so since I started APing 2 years ago.  There was one time I momentarily lost faith in my ability and hit the wall, but then I corrected my thoughts and went right through.  This time everything was as solid as could be.  Did I have a huge 'loss of faith' or are some realms just like that? 
What are your experiences of reading in the NPR?  Every once in a while I can read an actual word but always when I try to read it looks scrambled like this.   zxy rltxw zw yxituzl sri   etc.  ???
Welcome to Dreams! / strange dream -- interpretation?
September 18, 2013, 16:22:07
Last night I dreamed that I was in a house standing by a window, and a creature resembling a bat was hanging onto the screen of the window looking in at me.  He was kind of a cute little guy, and I stared at him curiously and fondly.  He stretched and refolded his arms/wings and seemed very content to be sitting there.  I have no idea why i did this, but the next thing that happened is as follows.  A base animal instinct came over me and I leaned in real close to him and hissed like a cat.  As I was hissing, the bat's eyes narrowed and his little ears went back a little. (I had no emotion while I was in this animal instinct mode.  It just came over me and I went with it.) Then he detached himself from the window and started crawling away very slow and dejected-like.  He turned his head to look back at me and he looked so sad.  My humanity came back to me and I felt really sad.  I couldn't believe I had done that to him.  In my mind I called out to him, 'Don't go!  I'm sorry!'  That's where the dream ended.

Anyone care to interpret?  Has anyone ever had any strange animal instinct experiences like that??
Last night I went into SP from a conscious state.  I had the usual loud roaring in my ears (which doesn't bother me).  Then suddenly my husband who was asleep beside me, started yelling and roaring loudly in a horrible demon voice.  I was scared for about 2 seconds and then was able to totally dismiss it as hypnogogia.  As soon as I lost my fear of it and ignored it, the demon voice turned back into the normal roaring noise and I then projected.  Such weird stuff, this SP!  I would of probably been more scared if the voice had come from somewhere else in my room, but the fact that it came from my husband made it actually kind of hysterical.  He's probably the last person in the world I would suspect as being possessed.  LOL!   I am glad for the experience.  Just more proof that if you loose your fear and just ignore the stuff it'll just fade away.
So last night I drank too much water before bed which woke me up around 4:00 AM needing to use the bathroom.  When I lay back down I fell into SP almost instantly.  I heard the familiar roaring sound and some creepy banging/rustling sounds at the foot of the bed.  I had no fear of the creepy sounds this time  (my recent proud achievement!) and decided to exit by sitting up in bed.  Then took flight out the window to my yard.  A few seconds of quick travel left me outside of a huge building with high ceilings.  It looked like a warehouse or machine shop of some kind.  I flew in and around and around near the tall ceiling watching the men working down below.  Then for some reason I landed right into the arms of one of the men.  He stared into my eyes with a look of complete shock.  He got teary eyed--looked like he was going to cry.  Then unfortunately I clicked out for a while.  Wish I could have figured out what that was all about.  After I clicked back in I was still in the warehouse but was getting bored and wanted to change locations.  I've never done that before from my own intent so I really didn't know what to do.  I visualized a beach scene for about 2 seconds and then said "take me to the beach."  Then I started being pulled backwards through space. (this backwards pulling thing has happened several times before.)  Then I entered earth's atmosphere. --blue sky and some clouds.  Then the sky turned dark and I realized it was snowing out.  I could see the snow all around me and feel it hitting my face.  All this time I was moving backwards.  I felt a little impatient and wondered if I was heading toward the beach or not. I tended to think not... I had a fleeting thought of my body and then it was over.

Should I have held the visualization of the beach until I just became part of it?  (that's always been hard for me to do)  Or do you think I could have been on my way there?  Maybe my intent wasn't strong enough?
P.S.  I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow (no internet) so may not be able to respond back for a week.  Thanks for your replies! :)
Had my first experience with being able to control and change auditory hallucinations during SP.  I was just entering SP when I heard my dog start barking.  It was 3:00 AM so I  immediately felt anxious that a prowler might be around but then realized I was in SP and thought to myself that the barking might be hallucinatory.  Empowered by that thought, I decided to try to intensify it.  The barking responded by getting louder and more intense until it became a long screaming sound.  It was a scary sound --sounded like my dog was being tortured, but I knew I had created it.  I then decided to end the scream and it ended right when I told it to.

This was a real break-through for me.  Now if I ever have a scary SP experience again (haven't in a while but the ones I used to have were awful) I will hopefully not feel so victimized and will have some tools to overcome.

In the NPR I rarely exert control over my circumstances.  I naturally have the desire to experience whatever comes along rather than to change/control things. --so my ability along those lines is low because I don't practice.  I can see where having skill in this area is important.  If I have bad experiences I don't want to have to wake myself up every time to get away from it. --just feels like failure.

Just thought I'd share.  --Maybe will help someone. :)
I fell asleep with a bad migraine last night and at some point went OOB.  It was a very long OOBE and one of my typical ones where I just flew around the countryside exploring. There was not even a hint of pain when I was OOB. The moment I entered my body the pain of the migraine immediately started pounding.  I have had regular dreams before where I have felt the migraine pain throughout the dream.  Not so with OOBES apparently. Just thought this was interesting.  What have you all discovered about physical pain and OOBES? --and also pain with OOBES vs. regular dreams?
Has anyone ever had an experience in the NPR where they were given information and then specifically told not to share it with anyone?  I just ask out of curiosity to see if there are secrets out there that only some are entrusted with.  Would be interesting to hear how often that happens. (I'm not asking what the secrets are, of course!)  I personally have not had that experience.    Anyone??
The retrievals I've read about on here are fascinating.  I've never done one, but recently I had a projection where I met someone who was in a really bad frame of mind and I was able to help the person.  It was a very satisfying feeling but in the end I don't really know if it was a real soul or not.  For the people who do retrievals, how convinced are you that you are saving a real soul?  Say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being I'm 100% convinced I'm saving a real soul and 1 being, It was a great test of my character but that's all it was, what number do you give your experiences?  For those who say a 10, why do you say so?  Just a deep knowing? -- guides tell you?---just too powerful not to be a real soul? etc.  Thanks!  I am feeling like I'm being tested a lot in my APs.
Welcome to Dreams! / healing dream with Jesus
May 29, 2013, 22:43:40
A few months ago my beloved pet cat was hit by a car.  There was a lot of blood and she suffered a long time.  I was there by her side and tried to comfort her with my voice.  When she heard my voice she meowed in response and tried to drag herself to me but I couldn't help her...  I've lost people and pets from my life before but this incident triggered in me a deep grieving and sadness not only for the loss of my pet, but also about how life can be so cruel and full of suffering.

I reached out to Jesus as I always do in the bad times.  I asked him to come to me--to meet with me some how.  Two days later my prayer had not been answered and my grief and depression were the same.  Then on the third day (night actually) I had a dream.  I was sitting at a desk in a classroom.  I was supposed to be studying but I didn't want to be there.  I didn't care about the class or the homework.  Nothing really mattered...Then the teacher walked into the room.  I never got a real clear look at his face but as he started to teach the class, I realized I was actually interested in what he was teaching.  In fact i was becoming totally inspired.  I started participating in the discussion and caring about learning again.  The teacher was so alive, caring and encouraging!  Then he paused and his attention came to rest on me personally.  He walked over to me and held my head in his hands.  An amazingly powerful deep love began to flow from him into me.  Then he held me fully in his arms and the love continued to flow.  I could feel it flowing from him into me and from me back to him.  For about 15 minutes I stayed in his arms and just basked in this powerful love.  The next morning when I woke up I remembered everything and was filled with joy!  I still missed my cat from time to time but the deep sadness and grieving were totally healed.  I'm so grateful for the amazing gift of this dream!

* The only thing i couldn't remember from the dream the next morning was what the subject matter of the class was.  I'm sure i wasn't supposed to remember that, though, because the whole classroom thing was  symbolic for "life".
This happened last year.  I have suffered from migraines since I was a kid.  If I take advil right away I can head them off but if I miss the window I'm doomed!  They last anywhere between 12 to 24 hrs.  Anyway last year one started up and got bad real fast.  I didn't take any meds. cuz I would have gotten sick.  I was starting to feel a little afraid and desperate.  I picked up a bible and read a scripture about the stone being rolled away from Jesus' tomb and he had risen.  I then lay down with a feeling that I would be healed.  In about 3 min. I started to get an extreme pressure in my head.  The pain was being replaced by pressure.  It really scared me!  I didn't know what was going on.  The pressure began to be accompanied by a blissful feeling of energy in my head.  I just lay back and basked in it for about 10 min.  Then the feeling just kind of lifted off and my head was perfectly fine.  No trace of migraine.

What was really neat was that the next 12 or so times I got a migraine, this same pressure/energy/bliss would automatically kick in and heal the migraine.  It was of a lesser degree than the first time, but still very obviously there. It would always scare me a little when it started up but I was very grateful for it! The "gift" eventually faded away and I'm back to taking advil again. 

I'm very interested in healing and even more so since I started OOBE/lucid dreaming.  If things manifest so easily in the NPR then they can manifest in the physical too.  It's just not as easy cuz it takes more time and persistence.  :)
So I decided to give up on WILD entirely because the hypnogogia was fierce and was starting to unsettle me to the point that I wasn't a happy peaceful person anymore.  I'm pretty sure I WILDed so much because I took naps from about 6-8 pm and went to bed at around 12am. I now follow the 6 hr. rule with naps.  I have to have 6 hrs. of waking time between my nap and bed.

Well, last night I messed up at little.  Fell asleep at 11 pm and woke up at 11:45, brushed my teeth etc. and went back to bed at 12 am.  I soon fell into a kind of very peaceful WILD where there was just this beautiful light all around me and I felt very happy and at peace.  I didn't even know I was WILDing until I hit that momnent where i instinctively wanted to wriggle out of body.  I then went on to have a RTZ OBE.

So my question is why did I have this very peaceful kind of WILD?  Was it my sleep schedule?  Just a fluke?  Thanks!
Was wondering if a W.I.L.D. (waking induced lucid dream) and phasing are the same thing.  I have spent some time recently looking at a lucid dreaming forum and the only possible difference I can see is that most people on that site believe that the experience comes from your subconscious (dream), and is never anything more than that whereas most people on astral pulse believe it involves both the subconscious and outside sources (other realms).  Any thoughts anyone?
This happened to me years ago but wanted to share it cuz it had such an impact on me.  When I was in high school I had a few experiences where right before I woke up I heard this amazing music.  Hard to describe but it was like one big musical chord with so much depth, resonance, and beauty.  Hearing it made me cry and I was sure that nothing on the face of the earth could make this sound.

Fast forward about 20 years later and one day I started thinking about the music I had heard so long ago.  I decided to pray that it would return cuz I really wanted to hear it again.  About a week later I awoke out of sleep and into an altered state.  My thinking was crystal clear.  A classical guitar piece started up.  Slow and simple in the beginning--actually the player hit a few wrong notes and I thought he/she was a beginner.  Then the piece just took off and became intricate, flashy and fast.  No more mistakes and the player was obviously amazing now.  The score of the piece was actually running across my field of vision so that I could watch every note go by as it was being played.  The piece was amazing and nothing I had ever heard before so I knew it was coming from an outside source and not my subconscious.  I listened amazed from beginning to end.  The piece was probably about 5 min. long.  Then amazingly after it was over, another piece started up.  It was a symphony.  Truly the most amazing symphony I've ever heard.--not in the style of say Beethoven or Mozart but more modern.  Not like those modern classical pieces that everyone pretends to like but really hates because it has no melody.  This music had such an amazing mix of melody and tension/suspension chords that made it so beautiful and gripping.  I didn't see the score this time but I had the ability to turn the volume up or down, go inside the orchestra like I was a player, or stand far away from it like I was hundreds of feet away.  Then in the middle of the piece, all the instruments stopped except for the french horns.  There were probably 10 or so french horns playing and this music was by far the most amazing thing I've ever heard.  All the horns had interwoven parts with lots of tension and release.  After the french horn choir ended the symphony faded out and I never heard the end.  Then I woke from the trance.  A few days later I heard a piano piece complete with score so I could watch the notes again--just as amazing.  Iv'e never heard the music again after that.  It was interesting that after I prayed for the music to come back, the music I was given was not anything like the original music I had heard in high school. --but just as wow!

Has anyone else heard music in an altered state or OOBE?  If so what was it like?
Hello everyone.  I'm new to the forum.  I had my first OBE about a year ago.  I knew OBEs existed but had no knowledge about how they happen and had never read anything at all about them so it was quite a shock when it spontaneously happened to me.  I got into bed one night and really wasn't tired at all.  I just lay there for a while with my eyes closed.  I remember hearing some strange noises, feeling vibrations, and then there was a feeling of being "sucked away."  It felt as though my body was going one way and my mind another.  Then I began to levitate straight up in the air.  As I was rising I saw the room I was in perfectly.  (It happened to be the living room because I had gone to sleep on the couch.)  As I was rising and looking around the room I was thinking to myself OMG I can't believe this is actually happening!!  I got about 6 feet in the air and then started traveling around the room.  It seemed natural to be able to just float anywhere I wanted to go.  I was pretty excited about what was happening and wanted to share it with someone so I flew into my daughter's room (right through the door) and saw her sleeping in bed.  I then tried to wake her up. --a pretty dumb thing to do in hind sight.  If I'd been successful she'd have been scared to death!  What actually happened was that when I shook her to awaken her, she sat up but it wasn't my daughter's face.  I tried to talk to her but she acted drunk and the things she said didn't make sense.  At that point I felt disappointed because I knew the experience was no longer based in reality.  Then I felt nervous that I should return to my body and so I did.  When I woke up I was astounded at the experience and went to the computer to research OBEs.  Amazing to see all the other people having the same kinds of experiences as I did.

The next morning I had another spontaneous OBE only this time when I separated my vision wasn't clear.  Luckily I had read about this in my research the night before and knew what to do.  I said "perfect clarity!" and I immediately could see perfectly.  This time I swooshed away up into space.  I saw the stars and some beautiful space gasses of some sort.  They were swirls of purple. Then I thought to myself that I shouldn't go out too far.  I could get lost!  So I stopped flying and was then sucked back to earths atmosphere.  I then soared over the tree tops.  I had a panoramic view of mountains and trees that was breath taking.  I've never felt so free in my life and I also felt so humbled and grateful to be having this beautiful experience.

What was interesting was that after these two experiences where everything just happened without me trying, the vibrations would come nightly, but I didn't separate.  I thought, what's going on?  Why aren't I going anywhere?  I finally figured out that if I wanted to go out, I would have to actually try to separate myself.  I learned from my research how to wriggle or roll out.  It was also interesting that about a month before my OBEs started I had been praying rather intensely to God (I'm Christian) every day that I would be closer to him.  Was this the answer to my prayer?  Did someone from the "other side" help me out those first 2 times?  I can't be sure but I tend to think so.  Thanks for listening everyone!  Your posts have been so helpful and inspirational!