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Over time, the vibrations that were common at the onset of projection have lessened to a point that they are very subtle. In the early days they were coarse and heavy and jarring. Now it's a smooth transition into the out of body state. I recall Robert Monroe speaking about this in one of his books but I'm not sure which. Has anyone else had this experience?
Hi all, longtime member and astral traveler here. I decided to start a video series explaining what I consider the best techniques and methods for achieving out of body experiences, tips and tricks I've picked up over the years for improving and enhancing your OBEs, plus sharing my own experiences.

This is the first video in the series:
I'd like to share some reviews for the new book Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming - Spiritual Revelations and Out-of-Body Experiences in Higher Dimensions - A Complete Guide to Exploring Nonphysical Reality by author Vincent Field.

"Ive had the infamous vibrations since the 70s. Vincents experiences mirror my own almost to a T and his thoughts on what the phenomenon is and isnt does as well. I am not finished with the book yet but from what Ive read it is by far the best AP book Ive ever read from Monroe to Buhlman et al. He really spells out the layers of consciousness in a precise manner. My only issue is it seems Vincent believes in "demons" or at least as much as I have read do far. "Demons" are not "real" and are simply a manifestation of somebodys fear. Ask yourself this: In the creation of "all that is" were demons included in that creation? Did "God" create a "good vs. evil" paradigm of reality or did God create beings who are free to create as they wish? May as well go to catholic church if that is your belief! We are free to create as we will.! That includes "demons" as well which again are simply a manifestation of another entitys fear. Not sure Vince realizes this but I am not finished with the book yet. Aside from that this is the best AP book Ive ever read and Ive read dozens of the highest rated books! But....if you actually want to quickly learn the easiest way to project I would suggest you download the free book "The Phase" by Michael Raduga that gives easy techniques on how to "get out" by hovering close to the sleep/wake line which is where vibrations occur. I really love Vincents writing style and surely hope this isnt his last book. Also-it is difficult to find him on social media which may be a good thing for him given the strangeness of this day and age. Great job Vince! From a fellow traveler whose experiences mimic yours-again almost to the T I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It really is a great highly informative read man. Ill be sure to highly recommend it because this book whole heartedly deserves an A+! It really is deeply appreciated!"

"Some had suggested this book on another page earlier this week. I ordered it off Amazon and wanted chime in with my thoughts on the book. The author is enthusiastic about the topic and has the requisite OBE/Lucid Dream skills, intellectual curiosity and ability for self analysis to make for reliable reporting on this phenomenon. Easy to read and low on fluff, he jumps right in to the meat of his experiences. I would highly recommend this for people who are trying to reach this stage of exploration as well as those who have OBEs and want to enhance their success. (I picked up some ideas and I have been traveling for 35 years).

Although the author comes to conclusions about his experiences that are not the same as mine, I think this serves as a reminder that these are subjective environments and we probably shouldn't latch on to hardened perceptions about what we find since it may be filtered through existing beliefs, psychological history and expectations.

I think this is a welcome new addition to the topic and and could be very helpful to explorers who are looking for easy to digest material from an earnest, reliable and inquisitive experiencer."

"The author tells his experiences from his very first OBE and his development over time and it actually feels like you're having the experiences with him. It was great to see how his OBEs evolved over time and best of all he tells all his methods every step of the way. Some of his experiences are beyond what I thought was possible and I can't wait to get to that level myself."

"This is by far my favorite book about astral projection. I actually had my first out of body experience after reading this book and trying one of the techniques and it has completely changed my life! I'm so excited to follow this path and work my way up to get to the level that Field has reached. What's most incredible is it's all laid out.. all the methods, all the stages, all the possibilities. I'm so thankful for this!"
There's a new book on Amazon "Astral projection and lucid dreaming - spiritual revelations and out of body experiences in higher dimensions" by Vincent Field. It's probably the most comprehensive book on the subject that I've ever read. The perfect combination of techniques, experiences and theory. It's full of techniques for getting lucid in dreams, going out of body and doing things in these states that I've never even heard of before. And some of the experiences shared in the book are insane. It's got me thinking about my practice in a whole new way. Def recommend this and would love to discuss it with anyone else who ends up reading it. The best part is that its not just the same old regurgitation that you read in every other book on the subject but it contains some truly innovative and mind-opening stuff! I highly recommend it. Here's one really cool experience from the book...

"The next thing I knew, I was being launched from my body like a cannon ball! I was flying with a force unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was swept away by a feeling of divine love and joy more intense than anything I could have possibly imagined. This uncontrollably blissful energy permeated the very core of my being, and expanded outwards into infinity, comprising the entire universe around me. My consciousness was in an unprecedented heightened state in which I was consciously aware of my true eternal divine nature. I was in a state of remembrance of who I was as a spiritual being outside of the illusion of my physical life. I experienced my soul as an aspect of God, as I could unquestionably feel the divine energy of God within me and knew myself to be this energy. In this state of realization I also knew that the entire universe was of this same divine energy, and I experienced what it was like to be one with all of creation.

The environment was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. It was a sea of multicolored energy unlike anything of comparison in the physical world. There were beautiful large blue bubbles of energy everywhere. There was a heavenly music more beautiful than words can express that permeated the entire dimension. As I passed through this field of bubbles, I became so ecstatic that I began doing back flips as an expression of my elation. The energy of infinite joy, unconditional love, and divine bliss that was within me was no longer bearable, and I burst open in a way that is almost impossible to describe. My feelings instantly manifested into words that were spelled out in large, three-dimensional letters that seemed to explode out from inside of me. My senses took on a multidimensional quality that allowed me to perceive the environment in a unique and extraordinary way. Not only could I see the colors, but I could also hear them. I didn't just hear the music, but I could actually see it. And most prevalent of all was my ability to feel the divinity within every sense perception. I undeniably knew that everything I was perceiving was a manifestation of God, and so was I."

Here's a link to it, you can read some of it for free I believe...
This thread is dedicated to sharing meditation music, particularly the meditation music that I am personally producing. Every track is embedded with binaural beats and/or isochronic tones, which alter your brainwaves to achieve deep meditative states with ease.

I have been meditating for nearly two decades, both with meditation tracks and without, and I can say hands down that these brainwave frequencies make a huge difference. I've been making this meditation music not just to use personally, but to share with others and help them on their journey.

I hope you utilize and enjoy these tracks, and feel free to leave commentary, make requests for particular meditation tracks with custom sounds or music, or tracks for specific goals. I have the means to create it all and I plan on it doing so- guided meditations for various purposes, different relaxing sounds and types of music, and frequencies for achieving various states of mind. Requests will be immediately fulfilled.

These tracks are available on my youtube channel Awesome Life Videos:

I will be sharing individual tracks in future posts. Now let's get to meditating!
I heard something walking outside of my bedroom window in the middle of the night so I went out to see what it was (sometimes small animals roam around our house but this didn't sound like an animal) and I saw a little creature that scared the crapola out of me. I recorded it and uploaded to youtube, check it out and tell me what you think.
This is an excerpt from the Our Ultimate Reality newsletter, written by Adrian Cooper.
It seems to be a perfect combination of the work of Robert Monroe, Robert Bruce, and Seth, combining key aspects of all three's core ideas. I agree with basically all of what is said. I would be interested to hear others opinions.

What people think of as the "afterlife" - the "place" where people "go" to after they "die" - actually does exist as a very "narrow", relative to the Whole, band of Energy at a massively higher Vibratory frequency than that of Earth, and which therefore cannot be measured or observed with scientific instruments. This does not make them "imaginary" in some way - it simply means that they cannot currently be instrumentally substantiated.

Even so, the "afterlife" - Astral Spheres of Energy - are still only, relatively speaking, just "beyond" 3 dimensional Universal potential, characterised by an infinitesimally low frequency of Vibration comparative to Source.

And this then is why the entire 3D Universe is measured to be of a substantially uniform ambient temperature throughout, originating uniformly "from the inside out", from a 3D perspective, not from some arbitrary "point" within a pre-existent 3D void of nothingness.

In describing the nature of "All that Is", I frequently make use of the humble Apple as a useful and familiar metaphor.

If we let the Apple represent the Entire, Complete "Universe" of "All that Is" - "All in Creation" if you prefer - then this then is what we may observe:
At the very "Core" of the Apple is "Source" Energy, First Cause, Source Mind, - Supreme Intelligence - the Only True Objective Reality - Existing at the very highest Energy frequency of Vibration, vibrating at such a rate that it can be regarded as static.

This is analogous to a spoked wheel - the faster it spins the less visible the spokes become, until upon attaining a certain speed of revolution, the spokes become invisible.

The physical Newtonian Universe of "matter" may be represented in this model by the very thin outer skin of the Apple, analogous to the point or moment at which Energy Vibratory Potential slowed to a frequency at which it achieved the Potentiality, but not the actuality to differentiate in to what humans now regard as "matter" - "frozen Light" as David Bohm metaphorically suggested.

Between the skin of the Apple and its Core we find the flesh of the Apple. The flesh of the Apple is analogous to the vast majority of "All Creation" - the Whole - the 99.99999%.... of Energy spectrum between the Apple skin and the core - Source Mind.

Let the flesh of the Apple then represent the Infinite Continuum of Energy, the fundamental characteristic of which is Vibration, with Infinite Potential, existing between the skin of the apple and its core, where may be found the Infinite and diverse Spheres of Life, Mind and Being far beyond the reach of normal conscious human perception and certainly of any scientific instruments.

Now again let me stress again that in applying numbers, limits, and even words such as "the" are in and of themselves fundamentally flawed, because ultimately we are referring Only to the Infinite. These words will however suffice in the interests of understanding, and in the complete absence of more appropriate language.

Most mainstream science, even today, denies the existence of these higher levels of Energy and Vibration, simply because they can neither be measured, substantiated or otherwise quantified by the physical instruments upon which their entire paradigm rests.

As previously mentioned, David Bohm was a notable exception. His thesis on "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" remains a practical conceptual model of all "Creation", taking into account Spheres of potential beyond the concepts of the Newtonian model of the physical Universe. Indeed Bohm later even takes into account Consciousness which, with Mind, is Principle, and without which nothing could or would exist.

Just under the skin of our metaphoric Apple then lies the Etheric Sphere of Energy - this is where people first find themselves after the change known as "death", and also the realm of the entities known as "ghosts" - departed human beings - who have become "stuck" for various reasons - usually due to some form of emotional attachment to Earth.

Just beyond the Etheric Spheres of Energy Frequency lies the Astral Spheres. It is to these Astral Planes of Energy that humans usually transition after leaving the physical body during the change known as "death". The Astral spheres are sometimes therefore more frequently referred to as the "Afterlife" or much more erroneously as "heaven".

Without becoming too deeply involved in our Apple metaphor, and beyond the scope of this discussion, suffice it to say that it is the destiny of all humans to commence the Great, Divine Journey at the skin of the Apple - analogous to Earth or other physical planet - and to Evolve through the seamless layers of the "flesh" of the Apple - representing Energy at increasing vibratory frequencies and resolutions - until finally, through the process of Evolution and Perfection, the Core of the Apple from Whence we "came" in the "beginning" is ultimately attained, and with it the potential to reunite, or "merge" with Source Mind.

This Evolutionary Process takes place as Experience assimilated by the Complete Spiritual "I", giving rise to ever increasing degrees of Perfection and thereby corresponding increase in the Vibratory Frequency and Resolution associated with the Unique Energy Field that represents and identifies Who we "Are".

Individuality, within the context of The All, is represented by our Unique Energy Configuration - our Energy Field - which continually changes in Nature and increases in Vibratory Frequency as we Evolve through Experience during the process of Perfection.

As Individual Energy Field Increases in Vibration, Transition automatically continues to the precise Sphere of Energy Vibratory Frequency, thus facilitating a seamless and automatic progression of Individual Evolution, which is always Perfect in Nature.

This then is the solution of the true nature of Spiritual Evolution, ultimately driven by an Individual, Subconscious quest for Perfection, a quest that is intimately incorporated in to our Unique Spiritual Nature, through Experience made possible by Individual Freewill.

Earth - indeed the entire physical Universe - may be regarded metaphorically as the "Kindergarten of Life".

The Etheric and Astral Planes are a very close extension of that same Kindergarten.

Why then is this necessary?

Well quite simply because only when sufficient Experience has been gained through cycles of physical "incarnation", is there a natural progression to increasingly more responsible and powerful roles within the context of the greater spheres of Life and Reality within the Greater Universe as a Whole, far beyond even the remotest comprehension of most Earthly humans, a role carrying with it massive responsibilities that can only be continued after the complete assimilation of appropriate Experience, characterised by attaining corresponding Vibratory Frequency of the Spiritual Body.

Allowing a human to "graduate" directly from Earth to such levels of responsibility - even if it were possible - which it is most assuredly not, would be akin to giving a 3 year old child the trigger of fully armed thermonuclear atomic weapon to play with, such would be the disruptive potential of the situation - in fact the potential disruption would be infinitely greater, because the very fabric and harmony would be compromised.

So the initial phase of incarnations of the Individuality of the Higher Self - experiential windows - on Earth and/or other planets is an absolutely fundamental and necessary process, wherefrom every Unique Energy Field - encompassing All Life whether "animate" or not, - must graduate before moving on to the infinitely, and to humans at this stage incomprehensibly, greater glories, powers and responsibilities.

Each phase in this process continually facilitates the progression through inner Spheres of Energy, Vibration, Life, Mind and Consciousness, glorious far, far beyond the consciousness and even very remotest comprehension of most Earthly humans. The Higher Self knows very well however, and will continually encourage Its fragments, or "representatives" to pursue graduation and experience of these greater glories.

This is also the solution to the metaphor of the "fallen angel" known as "Lucifer".
"Lucifer is a metaphor for the Human Ego Mind which "left or "fell from" "Source Mind", "Christ Mind" in the "beginning" , "cast down" to the physical Universe of matter. This was no punishment, but rather out of Divine Freewill - there is always a choice.

As previously discussed, it is the objective and indeed destiny, whether comprehended or not, of every Human Being to "reunite" with "Christ Mind" through the Divine process of Evolution and Perfection through the medium of Experience - thus fulfilling the cycle.

In theological or metaphorical terms, depending on your perspective, "Lucifer" reunites with "Christ" or if you prefer, the "Son" is reunited with the "Father". Of course there is no "gender" beyond Earth, so the concepts of the masculine are entirely erroneous.

This however is the ultimate meaning of "Life".

But again, this is no metaphorical "punishment". Quite the contrary in fact. It is rather a metaphor for Divine process chosen by each individuation of Source Mind - indeed all Life of every nature - and should accordingly be Joyfully embraced and never feared.

A word at this point about "Reincarnation" or the process of experiencing multiple "lives" on Earth or other planets.

Due to the physical nature of Earth, it is generally impossible to gather sufficient Experience to "graduate" in a single "lifetime" or even hundreds or thousands of "lifetimes".

The true, Evolving Self is generally known as the "Higher Self" - our Individuality - Who resides within much higher Energy levels - far beyond the Astral - but still only a relatively "short" Vibration way from the metaphoric Apple skin relative to the All as a Whole.

"Higher Self" is our Eternal Individuality.

Note: "Higher Self " is a recognised term which would be more appropriately described as "Inner Self". In absolute terms the concepts of "higher", "lower" even "inner are duality based and accordingly do not exist. They will however suffice for the purposes of gaining access to the considerations encompassed within these discussions.

Each "life" on Earth is experienced through and as a Personality of that Individuality.

The more Personalities our Individuality "sends to Earth", and/or other planets in the material Universe, the more Experience is returned to Eternal Individuality, and the more complete Higher Self - Individuality - becomes.

So Higher Self - Individuality - usually sends numerous "messengers" to Earth - or other planet - as both genders, all races, countries, cultures and circumstances, until finally a messenger attains the ultimate objective of Enlightenment while still in the context of a physical body.

This then signifies the end of this initial but crucial phase of Individual Evolution - "incarnational" cycle - where the Enlightened "fraction" of the Higher Self returns to Higher Self Who then assumes the Personality of the "Enlightened Incarnation".

So Individuality continues with its acquired Personality, ceases to be a "Higher Self" - there are no longer any aspects of Itself to be "Higher" than - to the next phase of the greater Evolutional cycle.

I must dispel another prevalent misunderstanding before continuing - that of so called "past lives".

Each messenger of the Higher Self - each Personality - experiences one single "life" on Earth, or other planet, only, and then, after the physical body "dies" - no longer viable as an organic vehicle - transitions to the Etheric and then Astral Spheres of Energy in most cases.

Enlightened or Evolved Spirits or Beings who came to Earth for a specific purpose or specific "mission" for humanity - for example the figures known as "Jesus" or the "Buddha" - are exceptions, as are Beings known as "Avatars" and also others, who simply return directly to the Spiritual Sphere of Energy from whence they came.

The Astral Energy Sphere is an environment where Earth people usually feel completely at "home" or even regard as "heaven", simply because they can experience anything they can possibly imagine at will, without the needs of "money", "work" and all those other typical trappings and dark and insidious instruments of control of human society.

The "afterlife" also seems much more "solid", "real" and "substantial" than Earth.
Astral residents will linger until they have fully satiated all materially motivated desires, infatuations, additions and ultimately concepts accumulated as a result of Earth experience, which experiences are eventually recognised and assimilated as the illusions or "delusions" they really are. The journey of the Personality to the Individuality of Higher Self continues with a unique package of experience contributing to the Whole potential Individuality that the Higher Self represents at that stage of Evolution, on the path of Evolving Spiritual "I" within the context of All of Universal Mind Principle.

This is why it is totally and completely erroneous to speak or think in terms of "past lives". There is absolutely no such thing as a "past life" simply because each "life" represents a complete cycle in its own right originating and terminating with Higher Self.

Equally as erroneous is the concept of "sequential" lives - in other words the idea that every "person" experiences a sequential series of "lives" or "incarnations", each at a progressively "later" period in Earth's history than the previous, thus giving rise to the erroneous notion that a "past life" took place for example in Ancient Egypt, or Babylon, or very popularly Atlantis and so on.

"Past lives" are invariably perceived as glamorous - never "hard" or "ordinary". Everyone likes to think of themselves as living as a "King", "Princess" or famous figure such as Jesus in "previous lives".

This is in turn responsible for the equally erroneous idea of "past life regressions" where, under hypnosis or other form of access to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind, a person is led to believe that they may "discover" their "identity" and physical "circumstances" and "lifestyle" during a "previous" incarnation, or "life" in Earth's history. Such "past life experiences" are invariably inexorably linked to the Ego.

In actual fact - all "lives" - Personalities - "incarnations" - take place concurrently,
and not therefore "sequential" at all. This is true because our Individuality, our Totality, our Higher, Spiritual "I" Self, resides on a Vibration far beyond the human concept of "time".

Higher Self knows precisely the nature of Experiences required in order to achieve the level of "completeness" and therefore of Perfection and Evolution required to complete this initial phase on the great Path, to facilitate moving on to greater experiences.

Individuality, Higher Self, therefore "fills in" experiential "gaps" in Its "completeness" by choosing, as far as possible from the range of possibilities, the circumstances that would best facilitate the opportunity for the gathering of specifics aspects of required experience to contribute to the Whole.

To this end Higher Self chooses the "time-line" relative to the concept of Earth "time", country, culture, circumstances and parents which provide the best probability of gaining that particular "packet" of experience.

Yes you chose your own parents, and your own children likewise chose you, so always treat each other with the greatest Love and respect, while keeping in Mind that "age" is utterly meaningless. Your own kids, while you may perceive them as "children", may well be far more Spiritually mature than you. This is particularly true during this Transitional Epoch where numerous Spiritually highly advanced children are being born to assist parents and humanity through their particular abilities, very often through the Arts, and any other ability with the profound potential to influence the human Mind and Vibratory Frequency, both through the senses, and through the Soul and Spirit.

A useful metaphor that may assist in the understanding of this process of "concurrent incarnation" is that of a wooden cart wheel, with its hub and outer rim connected by its spokes.

Consider then the physical Universe which is recognised as being constituted of "matter as the outer rim of the wheel, Higher Self as the hub, and with each Personality or "incarnation" represented by each distinct spoke in the wheel.

Even as you read this you, as your Higher Self, may be experiencing alternative concurrent "incarnations" as, for example, a Neanderthal women, a medieval gentleman
land owner, a teenage soldier in the trenches of the first world war, an Egyptian Queen, or numerous other such "role playing games" - all in the same Eternal Moment of Now.

You are not aware of this situation simply because each Personality experiences each distinct but related incarnation through the mediation of the individual Conscious Ego Mind, which actually represents only a very tiny subset of the "Higher" Individual Mind.

Each individual incarnation is "firewalled" from the other at the normal level of waking consciousness in order to prevent the possibility of any cross-influencing of incarnations, which would have the potential to compromise or even corrupt them.

The individual Ego Mind of each personality is bound by the current temporal experience as it relates to the human concept and perception of "time" and "space" which it chooses to subscribe to. Only Higher Self has a complete perspective over all concurrent incarnations, which, in any case Higher Self sees only as "circumstances" with experiential potential or opportunities, but never "ages" in the "history" of Earth or another planet. Higher Self is not concerned with "time", only Evolutionary Potential.

As each personality, incarnation, Ego concludes its mission on Earth, the organic body "dies" and the Ego, the Personality - the Soul - leaves the physical shell they once used and identified with on Earth, to begin the journey back to the Individual "I", Higher Self. Upon reaching Higher Self, the package of experience, to the extent it has been attained, is then assimilated to the Whole Self Individuality, Which thus expands and accordingly becomes more Evolved and Complete in the only objective of progression beyond the material incarnational process, and to attain a more Complete Spiritual "I".

So you see, if we are to progress, both on an individual and a collective level as the human race, it is absolutely crucial not to cling to false paradigms simply to remain in a comfort zone or to take the path of least resistance.

We are all here on Earth to Evolve through Experience. If you reject the challenges and our inner guidance then nothing of value will be gained, and you Higher Self will have no choice but to send another representative to do it all again - and that representative, personality will be experienced as you - there is no escape. Your Individuality, your Higher Self yearns to Evolve beyond the kindergarten of the physical Universe and on to much greater adventures, but cannot do so until complete in every sense.

The Individual Point of Energy and Consciousness Experiencing these greater adventures, beyond your current comprehension will be Experienced as You - Glories that if only you were aware of no effort would be spared in reaching.

There is no "past", there is no "future", there is only Now - Now is All That Is and All That Matters. Your Experience is Created in this Moment of Now and you choose that Experience.

Above all only listen to and follow your Inner Guidance - never ignore your Inner Guidance if it is outside your comfort zone - your Inner Guidance is always correct.

Never care "what others might think" - just be yourself. You are not here to live life for others - only for yourself - your Higher Self. But always help others and be of Service when appropriate. Service to others before Service to Self providing the Service is requested and does not violate your Inner Guidance.

This is Your Experience - do not abrogate it to others or to false paradigm.
Welcome to Dreams! / WHAT THE HELL
February 24, 2007, 22:56:12
All I can say is wow when thinking about this dream.

It starts off in a camping type situation.  I am with some people I know.  Eventually we make our way to this arcade.  Suddenly, its like we are characters in an arcade game.  An arcade game of evil and killing.  I am killing off demons and there is a giant dinosaur trying to eat me.  Then I get to one place and its another game-type situation.  I have to chop this ladies arms off before they stab me with the knives she is holding.  At one point of the dream my brother is playing the game, and its a normal game of Sonic the Hedgehog.  Then the focus is taken off the game he is playing and it becomes the psycho real life game again.  It wasn't neccessarily scarey, but just strange.

Then I remember this dream that was even more gruesome.  It was basically texas chainsaw massacre, only I was in it.  The guy caught me and chopped my arms off and then hung me on a fence post.  Somehow I grew the arms back, and remember trying to escape.  Anyway, it was really disturbing having to witness all the violence.

I don't know why I am having the gruesome dreams.  I felt great today, however.  It was as if I was killing off bad emotions or somthing in the dreams.  Or maybe I was killing off my sickness.  I don't know, those are just some silly ideas.

Welcome to Dreams! / Why does it burn
February 19, 2007, 17:26:14
Last night I had a dream which I have had many times before.  In the dream, I had to go pee really bad.  So I started to go, but it burned reeaaally bad.  Usually I can not feel pain in dreams, but in this case I could.  It felt like glass was coming out.  I have had dreams in which this occurs many times before.  It always burns really bad.  One time tobacco came out instead of pee.  It felt terrible.  What could be the reason for this?
I had a few dreams last night that I have trouble understanding and interpreting, so if anyone could shed some light it would be appreciated.

1.  I am watching a rugby game.  It might be on the television, but I am seeing it like I am right in front of all the action.  Two players are near the bleachers.  One of them tackles the other, and his head lands on one of the bleachers and his neck twists around, breaking it.  His body starts going into convulsions.  Then, a discusting liquid starts shooting out of his head and neck.  I woke up with a sickening feeling, for that was a truely horrid sight.

2.  My mom was very upset with me because I forgot her anniversary with my step dad.  I realize I had forgot, and felt very bad.  However, I soon realized that her and my step dad had broken up a long while ago, and she was now with someone else.  I cannot remember if I explained this to her or not.  I do not understand the meaning of this dream.  I have some ideas, but nothing that really connects with reality.

Thanks for the help
This morning I became lucid during a dream, so I decided to have an OBE instead.  This led to a series of OBEs, Id say I had at least three in a row.  But the last one was somthing special, and I'd like to share it with everyone and see what you guys think.

I was still in my body, but my energy body was very loose.  I called out for a guide, and felt a small hand in mine.  It pulled me up and out, and I was facing a small boy, probably about eight years old.  I just knew that this boy was special to me, so close to me, I could not resist giving him a big hug.  I was talking to him, and although I can not remember the exact dialogue, I know what was discussed and what answers I got.  After communication, I discovered that this boy was actually me, when I was his age.  Somthing happened that caused him separate from me.  I cannot remember the incident or incidents that caused this, I just know that he was me, he is me, a part of me that was previously lost.  He then presented me with a box.  In this box were some objects.  They may have been books, but I only glanced in the box so I am not completely sure.  But I understood that these items inside the box represented this boy, and I knew I needed to read or examine everything in that box so this boy could be a part of me once again.   

At this time, I noticed that I was with another boy as well.  My awareness of the first boy became faint, but this new boy began talking to me.  He was worried, because the thought that if I were to unite with the boy who pulled me out, either he would not exist anymore, or I would not be able to be with him anymore.  However, I knew that this was not the case, although I was not completely sure who this new boy was, I also knew that he was special and close to me in some way.  I hugged him, and told him that nothing bad would happen, that everything was for the best and we would always be together.  It was very emotional.  So I looked into the box, and all of the items were gone!  Just then, I knew that whatever it was that needed to be done, I had done it at that point.  I felt that I did not need those items to unite once again with that little boy, but it already occurred, possibly simply by the act of comforting the other boy and accepting what had to be done.  It was very emotional for me, I felt such extreme joy it was indescribable.

Here is my analysis of the events which occured.  I believe that an aspect of myself which I had given up, lost, when I was a little kid, came to me and for some reason it was time to reunite with him.  I believe that the second boy who came was possibly my old self, after the initial separation from the aspect which was lost.  He was what was left of me after the one aspect was lost.  I beleive that he was afraid that if I was to join with the old aspect of myself, he would not exist anymore, for he is what I became when the aspect left, and he thought that with the return of this aspect brought about the demise of himself.
I allowed him to see that this was not the case, so he did not fear the reunion, and it was able to take place.   

Any further thoughts would be appreciated.  This seemed monumental to me, I really do believe something amazing happened.
The Christian faith is based on the belief that the Bible is indeed the word of god. If the Bible cannot be shown to be inspired, then the Christian faith could be said to be false and no more than a farce. If the Bible cannot be shown to be inspired, then Christianity can be said to be the same as any other religion that has been devised and practiced by man. 

The Bible story of Jesus is a contradictory and confusing account. The Bible shows that this Jesus fellow spoke and taught many absurd and foolish things, and often believed he was having a conversation with devils. If one will read the entire Bible, one will find tales of ignorance, murder, sexual perversions, mass insanity, idiotic laws, and even cannibalism and human sacrifice. It staggers the imagination how anyone in his right mind could read the Bible and believe that it was written by a wise, just, and loving god. Christians have found biblical scriptures telling them to burn people at the stake, to justify slavery, to oppress and persecute others, and to kill and commit war in the name of their god. Unfortunately, there are some even today who would have us return to the teachings and laws found in the Bible. 

We are taught in our culture that Jesus is the divine hero, but other cultures have different saviors. Religious beliefs are a function of the culture in which one lives. If we had been reared in a different culture, we would have heard the story of a different savior, instead of the Jesus story. Upon comparing the stories of the different saviors, one finds that the similarities are so striking, it is beyond a doubt that they are more than just a coincidence.
Now, let's take a look at the facts.
Jesus is called the lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world. Talk about an old concept.  Vitually all the ancient religions in the world had a lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world. The buddists today, an ancient priesthood far in access to christianity,  have a religions leader called the Dali Lama...whos names translates to god's lamb.   
Some examples of past religious leaders such as jesus being represented with a lamb, dating far before chrisitianity,
as depicted by ancient statues and artifacts include the ancient turkish god and the lamb, the ancient greek god and the lamb, and the ancient roman god and the lamb.  (Sorry I have left the photographs out)

Amen Ra is the egytian god who represented the sun. He had an adversary, named Set.  Sound familiar, such as Jesus and his adversary Satan?  The resemblances between Jesus and Ra, and all of the other saviors of mankind, are just too many. Let's compare these famous "sons of god."  Well compare Jesus,  Horus of egypt, Chrishna of Entia, and Buddha of the Orient.  Just keep in mind that Horus, Chrishna, and Buddha were created far before the story of Jesus was.

***Horus was baptised by water by anup:::Jesus baptised by water by John
***Annab the baptiser:::John the baptist
***Horus born in Annu, the place of bread:::Jesus born in Bethlehem, the house of bread
***Horus the good shepherd with the crook upon his shoulders:::Jesus the good shepherd the with lamb or kid upon his shoulders
***The seven on board the bark with Horus:::The seven fishers on board the bark with Jesus
***Horus as the lamb::: Jesus as the lamb
***Horus as the lion::: Jesus as the lion
***Horus as the black child:::Jesus as the little black bambino
***Horus identified with the tat or cross:::Jesus identified with the cross
***Horus 30 yrs old at his baptism:::Jesus 30 yrs old at his baptism
***Horus the krst:::Jesus the christ
***Horus the manifesting son of god::: Jesus the manifesting son of god
***Two mothers of child Horus who were sisters:::Two mothers of child Jesus who were sisters
***Horus the sower and Set the destroyer in the harvest field:::Jesus the sower of the good seed and satan the sower of tares
***Set and Horus contending on the mount::: Jesus and satan contending on the mount
***The star, as announcer of the child Horus:::The star in the east that indicated the birthplace of Jesus
***Horus the afflicted one:::Jesus the afflicted one
***Horus as the type of life eternal:::Jesus as the type of eternal life
***Horus who comes to fulfill the law::: Jesus who comes to fulfill the law
***Horus who came by the blood, the water, and the spirit::: Jesus who came by the blood, the water, and the spirit
***Horus of the two horizons::: Jesus of the two lands
***Horus walking on the water::: Jesus walking on the water
***Horus entering the mount at sunset to hold conversation with his father::: Jesus entering the mount at sunset to hold conversation with his father
***12 followers of Horus as har-khutti:::12 followers of Jesus as the 12 disciples
***The secret of the mysteries revealed by taht-aan:::The secret of the mysteries made known by john
***Anup and Aan the two witnesses for Horus::: John and John as witnesses for Jesus
***Horus the morning star:::Jesus the morning star

***Buddha was born of the virgin Maya who concieved him without intercourse::: Jesus was born of the virgin Mary who concieved him without intercourse
***The incarnation of Buddha was brought about by the desent of the divine power called the holy ghost, upon the virgin Maya::: The incarnation of Jesus was brought about by the desent of the divine power called the holy ghost, upon the virgin Mary   
***Buddha was visited by wise men who recognized in this marvelous infant all the characcters of the divinity::: Jesus was visited by wise men who recognized in this marvelous infant all the characcters of the divinity
***When Buddha was an infant, he spoke to his mother and said, i am the greatest among men::: When Jesus was an infant, he spoke to his mother and said, i am Jesus, the son of god
***When Buddha died and was buried, the coverings of the body unrolled themselves and the lid of his coffin was opened:::When Jesus died and was buried, the coverings of the body unrolled themselves and his tomb was opened 
***Buddha ascended bodily to the celestial regions, when his mission on earth was fullfilled:::Jesus ascended bodily to the celestial regions, when his mission on earth was fullfilled
***Buddha is alpha and omega, without beginning or end, the supreme being, the eternal one:::Jesus is alpha and omega, without beginning or end, the supreme being, the eternal one
***Buddha is to come upon the earth again in the latter days, his mission being to restore the world order and happiness:::Jesus is to come upon the earth again in the latter days, his mission being to restore the world order and happiness

***Crishna was born of a chaste virgin:::Jesus was born of a chaste virgin
***The moment Chrishna was born, the whole cave was splendidly illuminated::: The moment Jesus was born, there was a great light in the cave
***Chrishna was adored by cowherds who prostrated themselves before the heaven-born child:::Jesus was adored by shepherds who prostrated themselves before the heaven-born child
***Chrishna was born when Nanda, his foster father, was away from home, having come to the city to pay his tax or tribute to the king::: Jesus was born when joseph, his foster father, was away from home, having come to the city to pay his tax or tribute to the governor
***Chrishna's father was warned by a 'heavenly voice" to fly with the child to gacool, across the river jumna, as the reigning monarch sought his life::: Jesus' father was warned in a dream to take the young child and his mother, and flee into egypt, as the reigning monarch sought his life
***The ruler of the country in which Chrishna was born ordered the massacre of all the children of the male sex born during the night of the birth of Chrishna::: The ruler of the country in which Jesus was born ordered all children in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, to be slain
***One of Chrishna's first miracles was the curing of a leper::: One of Jesus'  first miracles was the curing of a leper
***Chrishna was crucified, represented with arms extended hanging on a cross, Jesus was crucified, represented with arms extended hanging on a cross
***Chrishna after being put to death, rose from the dead::: Jesus after being put to death, rose from the dead
***Chrishna, although born in a state the most abject and humiliating, was of royal descent::: Jesus although born in a state the most abject and humiliating, was of royal descent

Is this a coincidence? There is a lot of similarity and syncronicity going on for it to just be a coincidence.

Lets go back 10 thousand years before Jesus and look at the 16 other men who claimed to be the son of god, who were born of a virgin mother, whose mother had the name of Mary, or a dirivative of the word Mary, who were in the temple teaching/scoulding their elders by the age of 12, whose ruler of land tried to put them to death,  who were asked by someone greater than they to move from the land they were born in, who began their ministry at the age of 30, and ended it at 33, and were killed on the cross.  These events happend in 16 different events prior to jesus.  Here is a list of these men who led the same exact lives:
Chrishna of India, 1200 BC
Hindoo Sakia 600 BC
Thammuz  of Seria 1160 BC
Wittoba 552 BC
Iao of Napal 422 BC
Hesus 834 BC
Quexalcote of Mexico 587 BC
Quirinus of Rome 506 BC
Prometheus 547 BC
Thulis of Egypt 1700 BC
Indra of Tibet 725 BC
Alcestos 600 BC
Atys 1170 BC
Crite of Caldia 1200 BC
Bali 725 BC
Mithra of Persia 600 BC

Time and time again, we have to look at these simliarities. You can look up any of these men up, and will find their lives are full of syncronicity and similarity.  We're not dealing with myth, belief systems, or faith.  We're dealing with facts, historical data. It is there, you cannot set it aside.  Jesus had the same life, and did the same things, as Chrishna, Buddha, and the above 16 other men. 

So this leads to the question... who have we been worshiping? Or what?
What or who have we been living for?
And most importantly, what or who has man been killing man for? 
Remember, religion has killed more human beings than any other force on earth.

The answer gets plane and obvious upon taking a close look at the new testament.

I'm going to make a statement that many people in denial will not want to hear, but i will prove the point soon enough.  The bible is nothing more than a retelling of the most ancient story ever told, which is why the bible is called the greatest story ever told.  This story is the story of the zodiac. Astrology. The bible is nothing more than the greatest astrological story ever told. It is pure astrology, based on the zodiac. It is astrotheology, the worsihp of the gods heaven.

In ancient times the air was divided into 12 equal parts, just as it is today by the 12 months. Each part is called a zodiac, or a house. The sun travels through each house of the zodiac, which is why the son of god had 12 helpers in the Egyptian myth, and 12 disciples in the Christian myth.  The zodiac is then broken into 4 equal parts, forming the shape of a cross.(hmm where have i seen this before?)

In the book of John in the New Testiment 14*2 , Jesus said... "in my fathers house there are many masions."  This was not correctly translated, as were many other scriptures in the king james. This translation makes no sense.  It is actually, "in my fathers abode, there are many dwelling places."  Well of course, there are 12 houses(dwelling places) in the heavens that we know of, which are in "my fathers abode." 

In Jobe, chapter 38*31, god says to Jobe.... "canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?   
Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?"  What are we talking about here?  Pleiades and Orion are two astrological symbols of the zodiac.  But wait.. I thought astrology is the devil?  It's that "new age" stuff?  Yet it is right here, in the bible.  From the King James bible, the word mazzaroth means the 12 signs of the zodiac. Therefore god is saying, "can thou bring forth the zodiac in his season?"  Were talking astrology here.

Lets take a look at the "end times" of the bible.  From Mathew 14*17, Jesus fed his followers two fishes.  These two fishes are the symbol of pisces.  Therefore gods son, that comes up in the morning, feeds his people of two fishes.  This is why fish are such a symbolic theme of chrisitanity. You will find this symbol on mostly all churches.  The "birth of Jesus" was the begining of the age of pisces, and Rome ruled the world for 2 thousand years under the age of pisces, and of course we all know Rome is where chiristianity was born.  When gods son leaves the age of pisces, he goes into the age of aquarious. This age is symoblized by the man with the water pitcher.  From Luke 22*10,  when Jesus is asked where he will begin his new kingdom, he says, "when ye are entered into the city, there shall be a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water, follow him into the house where he entereth in."  A man with a pitcher of water? OHHH you mean aqurarious? Symbolized by the man holding a pitcher of water.  Gotcha.

Mathew 28*20.. and surely i am with you always, until the very end of the age
Mathew 12*32.. the holy spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come
Mathew 13*39.. the harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are the angels. as the weeds are pulled up and burned in the first, so it will be at the end of the age
Yes, the end of the age.  That is what were talking about here.  The end of the pisces age. The last days, of the pisces age.

Mark 10*29.. and in the age to come, eternal life 
Luke 18*30.. the kingdom of god will fail to receieve many times as much in this age and, in the age to come, eternal life.
Corithians 6.. we speak a message of the wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age.
Revalations 15*3.. god almighty, king of the ages.
What were talking about here is ages.  The old age of pisces, and what were looking forward to is the kingdom to come, his will to be done on earth, and that kingdom is the kingdom of the man with the pitcher of water(luke22*10), the new age of aquarious.  when you hear Christians talking about the end of days, the end times, what it really means is the end of the age of pisces, and the begining of the age of aquarious.

So where does Jesus, Chrishna, Horus, or any of the other 16 "saviors" fit into this? They represent the sun, the sun in the sky that comes up every morning and sets every evening(hmm perhaps that is why Amen Ra's enemy was Set).  The ancient Egyptians believed that as long as the sun came up every day, there would always be life on earth. Therefore the sun represented eternal life. so quite logically, all religions feeature the sun as its principle and most important feature.  Or as the religions say, the "son" of god.   

The Egyptians saw that on their sun dials, in winter(winter represented the coldness of death) as the dial moved south,  it reached a point in its movement at the time of sunset, and did not move further for 3 days.  Therefore the ancients said the sun of god dies for three days.  It was said that the son of god dies for 3 days, and is ressurected after those 3 days, once the sun begins its anual journey back to the northern hemisphere.  This anual date is December 25.  Therefore, it is said that the son of god is born on this date.  These ancients believed that the sun was everlasting life, for it supported life on earth. As long as the son had risen, there will always be light and life.  All earth life systems require the sun for life, use the suns energy, and therefore they said the sun was giving up its life for us.  Of course, not in the literal sense, but sure enough it was translated that way.  Do you ever wonder why the sun is in so many religious pictures, espeically those of Jesus?

In revalations 1*7, it says "behold he cometh with clouds, and every eye should see him."  Well of course. There is only one light of the world that every eye can see. The sun.
Jesus walked on water. Well have you ever seen the sunset on a body of water?  Seems like it is "walking" on it, doesn't it?
Jesus died with a crown of thorns. These thorns actually represent the sun's rays.
Christ will rise. Christ has risen. Christ will rise again.  We all hear that in church.  But how strange, isn't that what the sun does?

The sun orbits throughout all of the constilations.  When the sun enters a constilation, it enters it at the 30th degree.  When the sun leaves that constilation, it leaves at the 33rd degree.  This is just simple science.  But doesn't it sound familiar?  How about, god's son begins his ministry at 30 years old, and dies at 33?   

Lets discuss the cross.  Many crosses are displayed having a circle in the center. The circle is on the cross of the zodiac, and represents the sun, the sun that comes up every day.  Over the ages man referred to this as the sun of god, and then it became the son of god.   

The ancient cultures of the world started their calanders in virgo, which is symbolized by the virgin.  Therefore, they said the son of god was born of a virgin.  Which simply means, born in virgo.   

We are told by Chrisitianity that Astrology is evil, and of the devil.  Any institution of authority that does not want you to look at somthing, whether it be a set of facts, or a book, must have somthing to hide.  They know the intillectual mind of the human cannot grow if it is not allowed to look at all of the facts.  It is quite obvious here that they in fact did have somthing to hide.
Welcome to Dreams! / Craaaazy dream of the future
December 16, 2006, 14:05:58

I can't remember ever having a dream in which I am not myself.  however, in this dream I was an old man. Probably 85.  I am at the doctors office with my wife.  They diagnosed me with Prostate cancer.  They said I did not have much longer to live.  My old wife started crying, and I hugged her.  However, I did not feel sad.  I did not feel any negative emotion at all actually.  Because I knew where I would be going, how amazing it was going to be, everything I had learned during my life on earth was soon going to be realised.  I am not sure whether I was a completely different person in this dream, just some old man, or if it was me in the far future.  Either way, there was nothing different about me except my age and appearance. So maybe it was me.

I just happened to stumble upon this website. I was blow away. The source of this information was an aprentice to a shaman for 13 years and attended and worked with Robert Monroe. He not only validates Robert Monroes and Bruce Moens information, but has a vast amount of information on everything you could possibly want to know about. I'm convinced this guy is the real deal. And the information he gives makes so much sense. He learned this the way we all learn.. from experiences. The same way Bruce and Robert learned the things they have learned and shared, this man has done the same. But it seems he has learned much, much more. Everyone should check this out. Im buying the books asap.
I have been reading this website Beyond 2012, which gives about 40 different pieces of evidence that support the shifting of consiousness in 2012.  It is amazing how so many seperate things can support this one future occurance, although most of them do relate in some way, mainly in the fact that something about them causes a finger to be pointed at the year 2012.  Realizing that this is a very probably event makes me excited, and causes me to want to further my spiritual/higher consiousness quest even more. It also allows me to look at things from a different perspective even moreso than I alreay am.  So I ask, are you going to prepare for this shift of consiousness?  The fact that you are all on the board is proof that we already are in some way, were one step ahead of the game. But what exactly do you plan on doing, or what are you already doing? 

What Im doing is:
Exploring my different levels of consiousness through Gateway and OBEs
Living life with a higher perspective
Feeling and sharing love with others, even when some would say they don't desirve it
Realizing that 90% of things humans consider important mean absolutely nothing
Making out with fly hunnies
The last one was a joke
I had a dream last night that I was in the Army. We were in a battle. I just assume it was against Iraq. the battle field was so weird. It was a nice little valley with green grass all around, and a huge building was separating us from the other army. We were launching huuge missiles over the building. But there were enemy troops on our side too, in this crawl space type thing. And there were troops on my side who had allied with the enemy in this crawl space, so I had to be careful not to get killed by one of them. Eventually I was the only troop on my side left, so I ran without a weapon into a backyard and hid in an enclosed outdoor shower. But they found me! So I grabbed a knife from one of the two enemies and stabbed them both and hid again. But this time all the troops found me, so I ran down this allie. I knew I had to escape, and somehow I realized I could shoot a web like spiderman, so I shot my web and flew up to a building. Then I realized if i could do that, I could fly, and the dream became lucid. So I was flying from tree to tree, and I realized I should just have an OBE. So I immediately was back in my body getting vibrations. But it seemed like I didnt have any energy left, I just got done sleeping like 10 hours, and I was only out of my body for like 2 seconds and it was over.
I do remember one part of the dream that seemed like a test tho... I was taking a tinkle in this guys allie and he saw me. It was actually George Kastansa's dad from seinfeld. He seemed like he wanted to hurt me or chase me at least,and usually I would run. But I had courage this time, because I remembered that some of my dreams were actually tests, so I was brave and he came at me, so I started tinkling on him and he ran away. Then I ran at this lady and starting tinkling on her too, for what reason I do not know. But I have dreams where Im chased quite often, and Im probably never going to run again.
Welcome to Dreams! / Demon came when I woke up!!
November 26, 2006, 15:31:25
yesterday morning I was dreaming.. suddenly I was woken from the dream hearing a terrifying growling. I was on my bed, and I looked at the door and Knew the growling was coming from the other side. Then my door opened, and i knew the thing was coming for me. So I woke up again before I got a chance to see it, this time on my own will. However, upon awakening I felt a strange buzzing, an energy that is not usualy felt upon wakening. I was thinking, perhaps this entity was real, that I woke up but was not in C1 consiousness, and after forcing myself awake I still felt the energy from this thing because it was in faact real. What do you think???
So I wake up from a dream this morning. A very important dream. In this dream someone is telling me somthing. Something very important. Something that has a vast amount of value. Somthing that can only be shared in a state of consiousness beyond the physical.   

However, as I think about the dream, it becomes more and more vauge, the more I think of it. I knew that just five seconds ago, I was told somthing that might have changed my life. I know this because that is how I felt while it was being told to me. Waking up, i remembered this feeling. However, i totaly forgot what was said. It seems almost as if maybe its impossible to understand it in waking consiousness. But i want to know!!! How can I remember??

This has happened before, waking up feeling like i was just informed a knowledge of great importance. But I can never, ever remember what it is. Any thoughts or ideas?
I woke up after about five hours of sleep last night and figured Id have an OBE. So I stayed up for about 40 minutes, then went back to sleep. But i didnt go back to sleep ha ha. I had two OBEs:

OBE#1: I vibrated as usual, and rose out of my body. I was in my room for a minute, but it was very dark. I thought of my nanny who died years ago, and suddenly Im flying through space. Stars and wizzing by me. I look at my hands, and they are basically pure energy, no physical form about them. I Dont remeber too much about this OBE, the next one was way better. I faintly have an idea of communicating with someone but it was a dark OBE and memory isnt too good of it. the next one is better.

OBE#2: I went back into my body, and slipped right back out of my body. This time, I didnt really get much vibrations. Somehow I managed to get out of my body, I was next to my bed but it was dark, and I couldnt get myself to see. So I started spinning, around and around about 20 times. When I stopped I could see! So i floated out of my house through the wall. I felt the wall as I was passing through it. So Im outside, and its dark, as usual, even though its light out in real time. And I look up in the sky and my breath was taken away(I didnt actually have a breath lol). I saw a moon, and it was soooo big and beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever see acutally. The moon, if it was the size of our moon, was about 1/5 the distance our earthly moon is. When I looked at it, a feeling so strong filled up in me. A feeling of awe and of love, the strongest feeling I have ever felt in my life. About 10 times stronger than the greatest feeling one can feel in the physical. So I flew through some trees and looked at the horizon, and there were 3 more moons! For some reason I think I may have created those moons, I have a faint recollection of thinking wow what if there were more moons, then I saw them. At that time I went back into my body, my little bro was makin noise, that punk. This was my most memorable OBE yet, I may have had longer ones but none matched the feeling I had during this one, even if I did have those feelingsin others, I did not remember them quite like this one.