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Silvia Hartmann says that instead of trying to raise Kundalini, one should have it "fall" from the top down in order to light up the chakra system.

She mentions it in this article

I have had interesting results with this technique.


probably if i doesn't hurt it is okay. there are many number of sensations that can arise from energy raising.

Welcome to Dreams! / Side effects???
October 22, 2002, 15:57:11
not sure but i'll offer this, sometimes you can over energize parts of your body and they can remain that way for days.  i believe i read somewhere that chocolate is supposed to ground you.

well ,if you could see images in your 3rd eye ,when you get to the vibration. All you have to do is to focus in it and try to recall it if it disappear. that what  works for me !,

Good Luck!
Alaa Murad