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I have been having some issues lately with not being very lucid during some projections and I suspect it's at least somewhat related to whether or not I experience intense vibrations prior to exiting.  I'm wondering if anyone has advice for dealing with this or similar experiences.

It seems when I experience intense vibrations or other exit sensations, the fact that it's startling forces me to become much more mentally alert, so upon exiting I'm more likely to be lucid.  However, the more times I project the less I experience the vibrations or they have gotten much more mild over time.   

Since I'm usually unconscious just prior to waking up in SP, it seems like I'm significantly less likely to be very lucid without those intense exit sensations that might startle me into becoming more alert.  I'm also more likely to slip into unconscious and lose a lot of the memory because I don't often wake up right away in these instances.  Basically, it appears that my separation process has become too peaceful / uneventful to the point where there isn't much to help raise my level of alertness at the start of the projection. 

In the past I used to hate the vibrations since it was frightening at first and I probably chickened out of 50+ attempts because of it, now I'm interested in experiencing it more often.  What sometimes but not always helps is affirming something like "clarity now" or spending some time focusing on a small detail after separating.
With phasing is it necessary that your mind remains awake throughout the entire process?  From what I understand so far your mind can't lose focus too much from noticing while your body falls asleep but this could be a problem for me.  I have very little trouble achieving AP when I want to but the issue is that I'm almost never conscious through the entire process. 

My normal method is to just interrupt my sleep, set my intention and repeat some affirmations, maybe meditate for 10 minutes, and then I fall asleep and after a period of unconsciousness I suddenly get exit sensations.  It sounds like phasing could be difficult for me if it requires awareness the entire time for the noticing exercise. 

When I try to project if I attempt to keep my mind awake for too long I just get restless.  Perhaps my restless mind is what wakes me up later after setting my intention at the mind awake/body asleep stage after being asleep for a little.  Is there a way to phase instead of project when at the SP/exit sensation stage?  I'm tired a false awakenings and getting stuck on exit with AP which is why I would like to learn phasing.     

Any ideas?         
This is a broad topic but please post any general tips on how to improve the quality of projections like improving lucidity, focus, control of movements, energy, memory recall, duration, senses, raising vibrations, and tips on how to deliberately do what you want and experience less dense areas like focus 27.       

This topic is very important to me because I have been able to easily project for a few years, but I want to have more deliberate control over my projections.  I'm very interested in learning to consistently access focus 27.  I've had some very lucid and amazing experiences but I often have problems with lucidity, maintaining focus, and I wish I could be more deliberate about what I experience.  It usually seems like I have little control over my projections.  In most of my experiences I usually do things like floating around, flying, walking through objects, and testing my senses.  I haven't quite learned how to deliberately move between different areas and accomplish things that I would like to do like contacting guides and creating whatever I want in f27. 

Here are some tips that I can think of:   
-Focus, remain calm, and in the moment. 
-Realize that the law of attraction is in effect and your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can instantly manifest around you if not controlled. 
-I think it was Frank that said to be a passive observer which is something that I need to work on. 
-Monitor your thoughts so you don't get distracted. 
-I read on to pry your eyes open if you can't see, I tried this the other day and it worked surprisingly well. 
-Don't think about your physical body.
-I usually don't stick around my room long because I often experience a magnetic pull from my body when I'm close.   
-Repeating the phrase "clarity now" helps me sometimes. 
-This is very hard to explain but actions seem much more like mental actions than physical actions.  Sometimes it seems that rather than trying to perceive the nonphysical environment you have to allow perceptions to come to you.   
-Sometimes it helps me focus when I look down at the ground. 
-Take it slow at first and don't try big movements or actions like flying off.
-Robert Bruce said to come back with a strong emotion to improve recall of the experience. I rarely remember to do this but it works.