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So being I'm off work and have some free time I thought to myself why not do some projection/OBE self affirmations throughout the day. I have heard they can be effective in helping you get to the state to project when you've spent all day or most of the day doing them.

I'm not exactly sure of how I want to try to project eventually but I think maybe getting to the right mind awake body asleep state at bed time may be worth trying. If I do happen to find myself indeed mind awake and body asleep when laying there at night, I can perhaps take it from there with which exit technique to attempt if I do feel it will be successful. What do you guys think?

I am hoping to get some advice on what to self affirm to myself through the day to prepare me.I understand it's not guaranteed to work still but it's worth a shot. I thought of perhaps repeating something like saying "mind awake BODY ASLEEP" every so often. Would this help pre-program myself do you think? Also for anyone who's attempted this, how often is a person generally supposed to re-affirm themself with a line like above is it once every half hour or 10 mins or hour or?!

Would like to hear about your luck with this method if anyone has had any with it. Thx all.
I don't mean totally drunk off your face but maybe mildly or maybe just after a casual beer. As a rule I'm sure it benefits nobody to drink before attempting to project but has anyone ever projected intentionally or unintentionally after some booze regardless if you were very drunk or could barely feel the effects in your system. Just curious.

Kind of an awkward question but I think its something many likely have dealt with during their OBE attempts especially when waking up after a nights sleep and trying a method but if you wake up and could benefit from going to the bathroom but want to use the opportunity to try to attempt a technique to go into 'mind awake body asleep' to project from, could you still actually 'get out' of your physical body whilst still needing to go to the bathroom and find when 'out and about' you are still just as capable? I would assume whilst 'out' the feeling to go to the bathroom would not be a factor anymore and would appear once back in the body. I also should add that I do not mean when you are absolutley bursting to urinate, obviously the sensible thing would be a bathroom visit but I am referring to the point where you could indeed benefit from it but its not too much of a strain for the time being.

Excuse me if I am grossing anyone out talking about levels of refraining from calls of nature but I am trying to see if its distration and disruption can be overridden so to speak.

First up I get that AP/OBE techniques work differently for everyone and that the amount of success varies between people. Some people are naturals and can get OBE's frequently and others can struggle and seemingly never have any regardness of what techniques they attempt but I thought it'd be worth asking if there is a general known method that has good success for people on average attempting to 'get out' ? I am talking very generally. Was there ever any surveys done or poll's on the best AP technique people use? I'm sure there would be a couple that would appear to be effective for many who attempt. I was really wanting to know what it was if there indeed is one.

Anyone know anything on this? thanks.
I see so many people mention this and its basically supposed to be the records in the form of a library or maybe a cinema of supposedly everything that's ever happened at anytime ever since the beginning of known existence.

Anyone managed to get to these in the astral? what happened? any awesome memories of perhaps immersing yourself in this? I am a little skeptical to be honest but experiences are interesting to me if anyone has indeed been there.
Am curious to hear from anyone who's experienced in AP have you ever had an experience where you might have 'lived' or 'existed' in an alternate reality in the rtz or out in the astral where you were gone for minutes and whilst out there it was more like years?  I've heard of these types of things happen.
Anyone had any experiences when doing this? any progress when fasting? some people say it helps a lot for some reason but I am not sure why.
I have come across myself consciously when asleep suddenly in the black zone just awake in darkness I assume this is the 3D blackness people talk of. Quite simple; how do I project from here please?
You frequently hear in Astrap projection experiences of people travelling through space and timeffort and asking entities all sorts of educational questions. Is there anything you have learned in your astral journeys that perhaps sheds light on some of the mysteries of the universe? Do parrallel dimensions exist? Are there other vensigns of ourselves out there? Is the universe infinite? Are there alI ensure?  The list goes on. Anybody had any luck with these sorts of age old questions?
I think this only really works well on your back but is there a way of utilizing this tecnnique of laying as still as possible on your back until your body goes numb and just doing your best to relax whilst listening to soothing music or something. I feel there could be potential has anyone had any luck with this?
Has anyone been able to 'act out' any in the astral realm at all? have you tried? is it possible? just wantred to ask as i've heard the idea thrown around.

I am not trying to project simply to perve but I just got curious since hearing 2 people elsewhere talk about their rather interesting experiences.
Have thought myself about testing possibly if one could go into the future by say a day or week in the etheral realm. Has anyone tried it somehow? what test could you try?
I have had it on my mind to be "mind awake body asleep" moreso than normal these last few days and this indeed did happen.

I 'woke up' whilst I was sleeping and was conscious within my own mind sort of awake half in a dream and half in just a black consciousness in my mind but I was not projecting. After a time I didn't really know what to do and felt myself thinking of waking up which was a mistake because that's exactly what happened not long after. What do you think would have been the best thing to do here to attempt to astral project? I know the mind awake body asleep state is very useful for projecting many say but once you are in it although you are conscious you may not to be able to think as clearly as normal if although still close enough.

What would the experienced projectors have done here?
in astral or OBE what is the best experience you have had to date? you don't have to be that descriptive but please include:

how long it lasted and roughly how much time in the real world was it

did you learn anything?

was consciousness very high?

did you want to do anything specifically whilst out there and if so what?
I have read here and heard about this technique before Its basically a method to pummel into you're head to astral project when you go to bed and goes like this: make a recording for an MP3 player saying "I will astral project tonight" or something along those lines. have headphones on you throughout the day (or whenever you can and when you arn't at work) playing the same sentence repeating through the audio every other minute or something. The basic idea is to just drum it into you're mind/subconscious.

I was listening to my recording almost non stop for about 3 days until I started having really lucid dreams when I was asleep but not lucid enough to be called projections but certainly more lucid than my usual dreams and that can't just be down to just coincidence.

Give it a little more time and I KNOW I can work with this! I just have this feeling I will have a full blown projection soon. I can't promise anyone anything with this method but its certainly worth a shot. Anyone tried it before? any luck here?
This is more for the seasoned experienced Astral Projectors here.

I did have a very brief OBE some years back and it felt realer than everything i've ever experienced whilst asleep but at the end of it all I did find myself questioning the "reality" of the experience. We all know how powerful such things as drugs can be in he way it alters our perception and everything in it. The majority of science would sum up OBE's to be nothing more than an inner psychological experience and nothing more and this basically means none of us are entering alternate dimensions or meeting entities or spirits or really spying in the RTZ. ITS SOLELY ALL IN THE MIND but I can't help but think there is more to this. Validations seem to be the only real proof it seems they are rare and open to debate (and yes I have read the long validation thread here).

Is there ANY seasoned projecters here who can say without a shadow of a doubt that what they are experiencing out there is "real" in terms of going into other dimensions and such. I know you have to find your own proof but even if I was able to project more I would still be asking the same question regardless of how real the experience felt.

Please don't reply with questions like; "what is real?" you know what I mean.
I am referring to people who have specifically used a mantra throughout their day or days even to project from a lucid dream or maybe to induce vibrations.

How long did you use the mantra and what was it and how well did it work to project from a lucid dream or to cause vibrations etc.
Many speak of using a phrase throughout their day such as "increase clarity NOW" or something along these lines so when they are in a dream they find themselves saying it and wind up in a very lucid dream. I have had some success myself with this and was able to enter much more lucid dreams than normal but I know they were not an AP.

I got thinking you think maybe if you did the same thing and instead of the "LUCIDITY NOW" or whatever similar thoughts and chants throughout the day for when you go to bed, do you think something like "VIBRATIONS NOW" might actually get you into the vibrational state during sleep and allow you the chance to project outright and this way you get to bypass a simple dream or lucid dream?

Anyone tried this? I am thinking maybe its not a bad idea in theroy.
Weird question but I was curious .....would you be able to smell things that are in the real world if you were to go there via the RTZ? I guess an easy way to conduct an experiment would be to have someone light an unknown type of scented candle or something a mile or more away from you then you travel there in the RTZ and take note of what you smell then after you have returned to your body you would confirm what type of scented candle was lit whether it be lemon or mint or whatever. Simply in theroy and could offer some pretty solid proof if confirmed.
This may seem corny or desperate but I have some idea's on a career change seeing as I am unhappy in my current line of work and want to train/learn to do something else but there are so many people doing so many courses these days for so many over saturated markets. I really don't want to go back to college to waste time in course to learn skills for jobs that are just redundant and over saturated now.

I was thinking if I can get into the astral I could contact my spirit guide who may be able to point me in the right direction here but would this really work? perhaps they would peer into the future and say what might be worth trying to do in the future. I have been to regular career councillers and they all just say the same thing about what I can do to gain the education for it but NONE of them can tell me whether its really in demand anymore or not.

Like so many others these days I really don't want to try to get work in something that is really not in demand anymore.
This is an interesting idea and am wondering if anyone has ever tried to do this based on their own mindset of how their own dream perfect man/woman should look and be like and I think everyone has a different idea of this. Although you may not be be able to create it dead on exactly as you want it in terms of how they look and their personality I expect it could come close if you are able to concentrate and focus enough.

Anyone who is experienced ever tried this at all? what happened? I curious to hear about this.
For experienced projectors ONLY: I mean have you ever tried to find out the answer to something or seeked enlightenment or information on a subject in the astral about something here such as math for example or whatever...and been filled with information on the subject?
I have tried other methods in awake state without success so I want to try and change my tactic a bit. I think attempting from a dream or lucid dream may be an avenue worth trying but its pretty difficult as it seems most of my dreams do not have a level of clarity I can actually work with. I think most people would agree that you only really know when you have been dreaming when you wake up after but during the actual dream state you are very much not 'not there' and just asleep with something like a 1% or less degree of awareness or consciousness which is impossible to work with. I can have lucid dreams but even then they are not brilliant but the awareness is improved slightly but its really nothing you can actually do much with at all.

There is methods I have read where you repeat to yourself for the whole day every few mins or so 'awareness now' so you become so used to saying it that out of habit you end up saying it in your dream without even realizing or being aware of doing so and this hopefully or in theroy will increase the level of awareness in a dream/lucid dream and you are meant to repeat it until it gets better each time.

Is the above method anything anyone here has tried? I am hoping there might be some promise here as long as you have the 'awareness now' drummed into your head long enough. This work work better on a weekend as you would have less things on your mind such as work and other commitments.
Has this ever happened to anyone? you have maybe passed out through some reason maybe even intentionally and had an OBE/AP?
what was it like? are they generally a lot shorter too? I ask this as people who pass out are only out for less than a minute or 2 on average but so many here say that even 30 seconds unconscious can be something like an hour or hours in the astral realm. Is this true? 
Can you get any types of 'empowerment' from OBE's? I have read in another forum and other sites of people getting senses of better clarity after OBE's, in this world after seeing the hyper realism of the astral world and a better sense of enlightenment. Another guy was able to shoot lightning bolts from his fingers too apparently (jk sorry lol).

Has anyone else here been able to bring back any types of special things from OBE's/AP's? maybe even things you wanted. (realistic things of course)
Whats your best ever RTZ validation? perhaps through cards or something like that. (for experienced projectors)
so I stumbled across a video about techniques on how to get into sleep paralysis while conscious from which to project from. The idea is to lay down awake and mimic how you breathe when you are asleep. If you get it exactly right you will trick the body into thinking you are actually asleep when you are not and your body will go into sleep paralysis while you are still awake. You would have to record the sounds of yourself breathing while asleep a previous night to study the exact pattern and depth so you can get mimic it right when trying it awake.

It all sounds interesting but is it all just hocus pocus? these particular video's is where they talk about OBE techniques a lot so its nothing to do with trying to sell some product to help you do it which gives it a little more authenticity. Anyway here is the whole vid if anyone wants to see it (it has other techniques also) :

I know I can only try it myself to see if it does really work and I will but I just was seeing if anyone else has tried this and had any luck with it.

What you guys think?
for experienced projectors: when in the astral what sort of questions have you asked your spirit guides? perhaps ones about yourself or the world or people you know? and what sort of answers did you get?
This is meant for the people who are experienced and have had their share of AP's. Quite simply; what have you found is better about your life since you have been able to experience projection? maybe you have been inspired in some ways or taught lessons from the astral which help you better understand you as a being or maybe have done some other general cool stuff out there that gives you confirmation or reinforces belief somehow. Just some idea's. So why?
I mean I thought maybe if it is indeed possible out there you could become the main character in your own videogame perhaps you could get a scene or level from a videogame you are fond of and sort of 're create' it in the astral somehow. Maybe the 'sprites' could be small elements of your subconscious somehow I dunno.

Could this happen? anyone tried to do this? should not be too hard at least in theory. What you guys think? be hella fun if it worked hehe! imagine creating and roaming round your own huge Minecraft landscape or being in a mission in a FPS game like COD or something. Cool eh?
I been trying to think of ways one could possibly use Astral Projection in an attempt to view future events. Granted I know its not easy but I believe it can be done but I really am unsure how one could do it.

I thought if you went to sleep and projected you could go into the RTZ and then into the nearest newspaper shop 12 hours from then when its say 9am or something in the morning and see all the headlines in the front pages of the papers but then it occured to me that newspapers show things that happen the day before and subconsciously we may already know about those events. How I mean by this is you may hear about an event that happened on the radio or seen it on the news the day before and have subconscious knowledge of it before its splashed across every newspapers front page the next morning. So therefore it would not be confirmation of a premonition. I guess you could go a few days with no TV or radio or outside contact but that would be pretty tough.

Does anyone else have any idea's how it can be done? I trying to think of a way.
Someone told me a technique which I figure could work as it worked for him but you need to be able to have a mildly lucid dream for it to happen.

Basically you go throughout your day repeating in your mind "clarity now". You don't see it every second but every few minutes or something so its drummed into your brain and are used to saying it frequently.

That night when your asleep if you have any flicker of mild consciousness in a dream you'll have the "clarity now" thing engrained in your mind and will be saying it still but of course the meaning of it will cause the dream to very slowly and gradually get clearer and more lucid until you have it clear as an OBE where you can go out further.

I know people use the "clarity now" comment a lot when they are in lucid dreams but by using this method you can potentially train your mind to get clearer a lot more frequently in a dream which leads to a fully conscious OBE.

Any views on this method? maybe someones tried it.
So on the method where you project from a lucid dream you are supposed to sleep for approx 5 hours then wake up for around 15 mins or so then go back to sleep for another 3 to 4 hours where the lucid dreaming is expected to be most clear.

The Q I have is would this still not work even if you woke up for say a few seconds and went straight back to sleep in a matter of seconds and not bothered hanging around awake for 15 minutes?

What would be the general process to use hypnosis for astral projecting? is there anything online like hypnosis video's which caters for anyone trying to astral project? has anyone used hypnosis to project? if so how did you do it and what did you use? thanks.
So I may have a new technique which allows me to enter theta brainwave state. I do this while gazing with eyes open while sitting at my computer like now. I am figuring I can go into theta (deeply relaxed) and gently apply an exit technique but I feel my eyes would have to be closed for this part which I am worried will disrupt things if I suddenly closed them after 20 or something minutes of  deep relaxation. I could also try phasing out but this would mean I would have to close my eyes for that also. So the q's I have are these:

- if I suddenly closed my eyes deep in theta to attempt an exit technique would it disrupt my state of mind and progress?
- can you actually OBE with your eyes open?
- does anyone do deep relaxation with their eyes open then shift to eyes closed when it comes time to attempt to seperate?

Thx in advance.
Many techniques require you go to bed then wake up then go to bed again and attempt a technique somehow. Is the reason for this because lucid dreams happen more during the later stage of sleep which increases the chances of having one and projecting from one?
So last night when asleep I seemed to awake into blackness. I was conscious and could hear myself breathing so my physical body was obviously asleep and dissociated from my consciousness. I was not fully conscious more like bout 60% conscious. I did not really know what to do once here I had heard of this before where others have "awoke" into this void which is black. So my question is simply how do you project from here?  thx
whenever I attempt to project I always try and invisage a place first, a real place that meant a lot to me as a kid and for most of my life, a place of course which is real and exists. I hope when I do finally project I could find myself out of my physical body in this place where I have always felt comfortable in and felt peace.

Would my strong desire to be in this place whether it be for real in the RTZ or a minds re-creation, actually end up me leaving my physical body and somehow finding my astral consciousness there somehow?

Has any person here tried this in an OBE attempt? what happened did you actually leave your body and find yourself there somehow?
I am hoping to hear from users who use Binaural or Isochronic beats to help get to the right mindset to attempt to AP.

So its like this; I been using Binaurall, Isochronic tones. I find they do relax me but there seems to be something bugging me whenever I use them and it seems to be enough to hinder my attempts to get to the right mindset to project. How exactly would you know when its the right time to project? my attempts get hindered because a part of my mind springs back to wondering if I am supposed to try and "get out" now. This mentality does not help at all and does not let me get as deep in alpha/theta as I want to attempt projection.

I UNDERSTAND that Binaural beats/Isochronic tones only are meant to take you to right stage of relaxation/alpha/theta to project and do not do it all for you on there own.

I am confused at what stage you are supposed to attempt to project. So for anyone who uses these things or maybe anyone who does not but knows what to look out for when you know its time, please fill me in here. Thanks!

Many say its easier to wake during sleep paralysis when you sleep on your back. For me this is a problem as I NEVER sleep on my back its just never a position I sleep in as I am just not used to it so I always sleep on my side. Would this make it harder for my chances to get into the mind awake body asleep thing and/or during paralysis? has anyone who has had good luck when waking on their back during paralysis found they just cannot do the same thing if they sleep on their side?

Its kind of bugging me and I want to see just how much it matters.