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hi folx

I remember that about 5 years ago there was a cool chat in this website. I'd like to know if there is some astral chat alive currently. I still have good memories of those times. may be you can recommend me another nice irc chat or whatever, related to this stuff..

regards from Spain  :-D
the most spectacular and historically documented case of bilocation was that of sor maria de agreda. she was the abess of a convent of agreda, spain, century XVII. the spanish jesuits (1620) received the visit of thousands of indians jubaru in new mexico who asked for baptism. they had been hostil and this fact greatly surprised the priests. they said that a lady un blue had preached them about christianism. she was sor maria de agreda.
she wrote that she travelled out of her body, she saw the earth like an astronaut and she arrived in america and bilocated.
her life is carefully documented and she never moved from her convent of spain. she was counsellor of the king phillip IV and their mail is conserved. her body remains uncorrupted.
the blue bonnet, symbol of texas, is a memory of the flowers she left as a stele.
do you know michael newton books on regressions to the life between lives? theyre amazing
look at  its amazing, a website about regressions to the life between lives by michael newton and other therapists
im andronico from spain.a friend of mine tells me she has woken up on the astral, she was very depressed, and then she saw black sheets taking out from her and going towards the walls of the room,and all  very murky. she doesnt know why this happened, if it was because of her state of depression or why. can somebody give us an explanation? thanx
Welcome to Metaphysics! / the shroud of oviedo
April 06, 2002, 03:24:44
this is more important than it seems. in oviedo town of the north of spain is guarded since century 7 a shroud which allegedly wrapped the head of jesuschrist after his death. the scientist have investigated it and theyve taken the following conclusions out:
-the shroud has the same facial points, the same spots of blood, the same kind of tissue and the same grains of pollen (from orient century 1) than the sheet of turin. hence surely it wrapped the head of the same person.
-that person was crossified before wrapping with it.

Welcome to Metaphysics! / look at this sites
February 21, 2002, 13:00:49
a revolutionary system of astrology the human design  //
a fantastic book of michael newton about regressions to the life between lives //

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Life between lives
September 25, 2004, 17:10:45
Well i'm skeptical of anything that relies heavily on hypnosis, but some of the ideas mentioned on that site echoe my own. It certainly is very interesting and i think i'll be looking into this in more depth soon. Thanks for the link, josemi.
Looks like the same sort of setup as that deathclock site.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / regressions
January 14, 2004, 12:10:46
Wow thats pretty cool stuff... I totally believe in it. I have always had this thought, that after this life, we would be reincarnated, and before we get a new body, we would like choose... just like what they were talking about in a part of that link. Whoa, I guess maybe I am alot more spiritual then I thought.
One thing, you should put more info in your opening statement, otherwise not many will look..
I want to go to one of these people and do a regression. But none live close to me, and Im a poor guy...
Obviously, this is only text from the first chapter, but I think he's wrong about a lot of that. I hope people don't read these things and believe in it just because they find it nice and comforting. My common sense and personal experience tells me that a lot of what he said is not true.

"The time that I have spent on this Earth was an era in which the simplicity of Truth was not understood and was rejected by many."
I am not sure but this might be the reason.

For some reason or the other her solar plexus chakra might have been stimulated and must have started taking in and giving off energy in large quantities. Thus large amount of energy movement might have produced the magnetic pull sensation as felt while making Ki Balls.
From what I understand this is a common experience, and no, it isn't really a specific "dark plane." What happens is occasionally one exits without developing astral sight.

Usually a quick fix is to basically will your sight into existance. It may help to mentally ask for it or affirm that it will begin to work.

One other thing - if she's projecting in a dark area she may have sight but not realize it. Solutions are for her to leave a light on while she projects, project during the daylight, or will a torch or a flashlight or even a ball of energy into existance so that she can see with that.

It reminds me somewhat of Seth Roberts' the education of oversoul7.

Hola Josemi!

You could ask from your local IAC office" border=0>
(0034) 93-232-8008

(0034) 93-232-8008



Gracias por contarnos ese experiencia!  ::smile:::

Just thought I would practice some of my spanish speaking skills, since it's been locked up in me for so long.

Keep smiling,

Jeff Mash - Jokes and Humor
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / destiny of souls
September 24, 2002, 23:21:16
I particularly enjoyed "journey of souls" though never finished destiny. what i find curious about newton is that he excludes the existence of negs and the dark side in general. some aspects of his work are fascinating, while others give me a feeling of limitation (small soul groups, grades of being, etc)- just my thoughts.


Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / destiny of souls
September 15, 2002, 16:13:42
I read both books.  I like to think that we all made the choices we are living now, even down to body type and parents.  I would love to do a past life regression.  Fascinating stuff.

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Holy Grail
August 05, 2002, 22:29:35
The way I heard it was that the Grail had the blood of Jesus Christ in it. I thought it was when the spear was put into his side and blood and water came out that the Grail was used to collect it. As for uses of the Grail itself, that was not clear. What is the use of the Grail now? I assume the blood is not supposed to still be in it ...

G,day Josemi,not sure if you had seen an earlier post I made on
an extract from Laurence Gardiners new book "Blood lines of the Holy
Grail".I,ll put it up again anyway since you posted a topic with
that heading.

Or use     & scroll down to the Holy Grail story.

I started out with nothing & I still have most of it!

Good journeys