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Topics - Euphoric Sunrise

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Renewed enthusiasm
December 30, 2004, 06:15:29
I haven't posted in here for a while, but due to this christmas just passed i feel ready once again. I'm not exactly sure what happened or why it happened, but i do feel differently as a result of whatever it was. I feel more.... peaceful and slightly more mature and wise. I think perhaps it was the time spent with my family. I usually dread christmas with the family, but this year was fantastic. My eyes were opened to the magic that they provide, thanks particularly to my little second cousin. I have only just started to feel her warmth and happiness. She reminds me that life is beautiful and we are all innocent. I know that sounds all fluffy and cheesy, but it's the truth.
Perhaps the very thing i used to dread (family, especially kids) is the very thing that has allowed me to grow just that little bit more. I still have a lot of growing to do, but i feel this christmas was very important for me. I have a rekindled enthusiasm for spiritual exploration, and a slightly different seat from my last trip.
I've just finished writing a metaphysics essay on the relationship between mind and body and a couple of questions arose while i was writing it. I'm new to this kind of thing so please excuse my ignorance.

Is the body people astral travel with actually energy? I've heard it isn't, and that it's ether, but i wanted to make sure before i submit my essay.

Secondly, if this body is actually energy, does it have anything to do with the energy system (chakras etc.)?

Thirdly, i just have to make sure that the energy body is physical. Since i have done energy work and can actually feel the energy, and energy undoubtedly exists, i have stated that the energy body is part of the physical body. I just need to make sure that's fact.

Thanks [:)]
Hi, i don't know where this topic should go so i will just post it here for now [:D]
I am interested in any information in the form of stories, websites, books or just your own knowlede of people being able to see through objects, if any exists. Thank you in return!
Unresolved issues should be dealt with. Heard it before?

It's a simple phrase, and powerful, but often hard to know the meaning of. Are there any relationships you're having problems with? Like, friends who don't seem as kind as they once were? Or perhaps friends to whom you have been less kind to? I know that personally, when I would hurt someone for seemingly no reason, simply because i felt justified, and not because any logical thought made it so, it would plague me and tug at the back of my mind until I set it right. These days, trying to stay on my own spiritual path, it's much easier to catch myself doing such things and correct them before I get too far past them. Maybe one day I'll be able to correct them BEFORE opening my big fat mouth.

Is there someone you despise? A person whom every time you think of them, you shudder and get angry? That, too, I've dealt with. A gay person (not that I mind, except...) who is the only one who thinks he's still in the closet. I honestly would have no problem if he didn't act so superior all the time, as though every day were gay pride day and everyone else was lower than he because of it. That's what I told myself anyway, but as it turns out I was hardening my heart against him and not judging him objectively, and based upon what? A few snooty comments? A couple of out-of-line remarks, and suddenly it's alright for my anger to boil for hours at a time? It took a long time for me to realize and get over that one, but I eventually did.

The (main) idea I'm trying to express is that these are the sort of things that you have to actively look for in your daily life. Chances are that sitting there thinking about it while reading this post, it won't really come to mind. But if you do experience yourself doing these things, stop and realize that you're above them. You're a human being, the finest (or lowest; your choice) life form on the planet. I don't subscribe to the theory that love overcomes all; in fact, I think it downright silly. But holding grudges and regretting the past will bog you down and create the metaphysical sludge.

Hmm. That went on for longer than expected. I really, really hope it helps.
What would u say if you told this to a Christian says to you that you know the truth of God because you have it in you deep in your heart. (that's the answer I always get when I can you be so sure?)

nice little essay:-)
Euphoric Sunrise,
I read your post carefully. I read it twice! It's good information. I enjoyed reading it, and I couldn't find anything you may have left out of it. [:)]
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Automatic Hand Motion
April 10, 2004, 17:02:01

Hi ES,
You reminded me of something I was told last year.  When I am running group meditations I get the circle to bring up the light energy and push it around the circle to build up the power... this was an idea from previous lives that I remembered.  

After one particular group session with 26 people I was told that during the meditation my hands were moving in circles.  I wasn't aware of this at first, except at a sub-conscious level.  I knew it was happening because I needed to keep the power up by pushing the energy around during the time the group was focused on their 'seeing'.

Now I find that I am fully aware of doing it and understand that for me it is because of the need to keep that energy building up around the group, as it provided heaps more energy/power for the people to use in their focus/journey/meditation.

I learned that it was also something that some of us with previous lives as Wizards/Druids etc did/do now.  Maybe this could also be behind your discovery ?  Anyway, I hope this helps a bit.

Love Always.[:)]
I'm sorry, but this isn't proof of an afterlife.  As the guy has repeated his experiements, it's obviously something paranormal is going on here, but it's not proof of the afterlife.

Since the mediums are talking to spirits, it could be a demon (or any ole spirit) posing as the spirit of the deceased one, that happens to have knowledge of the contents of the persons house.

This is pretty much proof of the existance of spirits, but not of the afterlife.

You may ask, doesn't the existance of a spiritworld mean that there is an afterlife?

We tend to assume so, but that doesn't mean there are.  Maybe our spirits when no longer connected to our body dissipate into air around us and we lose our consciousness.  To actually prove the "survival of the consciousness" as they put it in the article, they'd have to find some way to detect our spirits, and come up with some way to uniquely identify each one.  Then, when called forth by a medium, check to see if that is in fact our spirits.  That is the only real way to prove it.  Anything else can be faked by a spirit that has enough knowledge

Some further thoughts on the matter:
Another reason why this doesn't prove the afterlife is that it doesn't even prove that we have spirits to begin with.  Maybe we are just like computers in a sense, and these spirits are actually like higher level beings talking to us via "telepathy".  Another reason why the existance of a spirit world doesn't prove that we move on to this world after death.

Btw, just to clear things on the matter.  I DO think that it's good that scientists are exploring the spiritual world.  I DO believe in the afterlife and that we have spirits that move on.  I'm just pointing out that this isn't proof.
The only other physical symptom I can think of here is a random muscle twitch  in your chest, but you usually know what they feel like pretty quickly. I'd say you've reasoned out what it is pretty well. It does sound a lot like energy activity around the heart and throat chakras.

What you've described fits well with the pre-OBE type vibrations you can get from an active heart chakra. When you really get that chakra going it can feel like you've got a small two stroke motor running inside your chest.

If you become aware of it while meditating, try consciously drawing more energy into that area, and see what happens. It certainly won't do any harm.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / The Magic of Music
January 28, 2004, 10:48:28
it's a good idea, imo. i've been thinking of trying something like that for a long time because i've felt the same thing happen: when singing certain songs, everytime i hit certain notes i'll feel a rush of emotions or feelings. i'd been thinking of trying to catalog them but i guess i'm just too lazy ^_^ .

i'd never known about the dna thing before, but i did learn in physics class that everything physical does vibrate at certain frequencies and full multiples of that frequency, so i guess it's just a simple step from there.

music can indeed be a powerful thing to a human being, but not always. i find that i don't feel those emotions or feelings (no matter how perfectly i sing the notes) if my heart is closed when i sing/hear it. but the more open my heart is, the more affected i am.

a while ago, when i was thinking about possibly cataloging the musical notes that moved me, i was thinking about what kind of song i'd make out of them and i figured if anything i'd make a song that took a person's heart through a journey of sorts: first some calming and casual music to put them at ease and to relax their heart, then move on to some slow and sad, but stirring, music, as though a loved one had been kidnapped away and the listener is lamenting it. of course i'd then bring about the person's heart from sadness to passion, a strong desire to win back their love. from there a journey to find their opponent and then an emotional equivalent to a climactic grand battle (cause everybody loves great battles), and then on to a hard won but infinately worthy victory and finally to happiness. i'd love to hear such a song played out one day, but alas, as i said before, i'm too lazy to do it myself ^_^ .

i'm interested though, what instrument will you be using? or will you be using more than one? (i've also notice that in myself the older instruments like the piano and the violin cause far more of a stir in my heart than any guitar or whatnot, but that might just be me [;)])

good luck with this euphoric [:)]

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Squared Vision
January 19, 2004, 07:20:06
Sounds wierd, im not sure what exactly you mean see squares.
Some times when I was younger and I was afraid I would start to run, and my vison would like zoom in, and I could only see the tiniest bit of the road in front of me. Not sure if its anything like that or not.
Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Intent & Belief
January 13, 2004, 19:23:47
From what I've learned so far from my own experiences, it seems that belief and intent often work together.
I've often wondered about the relevance of a lot of ceremonial practices myself, and though is all that messing about really necessary?

IMO, it is your belief that puts you in the position to consider doing something in the first place, but the ceremonies focus your thoughts on achieving the goal, and that is the intent, kind of like a lense that focuses the powers of your belief.

The flip side is that your intent could be to make something happen, but if you don't really believe it, chances are it won't happen. I wonder if this is the case sometimes with shuch things as the exorcisms you spoke of.

Just a small part of what you were talking about I know, but I don't have any comments I feel worth making on the other subjects.


Welcome to Astral Chat! / The Mothman
December 23, 2003, 01:06:55
I can't add anything to the site you posted above, but I found a site for anyone interested in other mysterious beasts that've been sighted.

This site is where I first read about Mothman. A couple of other weird beasts listed there are the Loveland Frog and the Dover Demon, which have pretty neat stories to go with them. That page is actually part of a bigger site, and if you look around you can find a lot of information, but how much of it is true is something that you'll have to decide for yourself.

Euphoric Sunrise -
After finding out more about Mothman, what do you think about the movie you saw? Does it stick to the actual pretty closely story? Is it worth the time to go out and rent if I already know the jist of the Mothman story? I wanted to see it but never got the chance, and I've heard a couple things about the movie but I can't even remember what they were. Lately my memory has started to crap out on me with so much nonsense running through my head.
I agree with the first point. If the sky is green to you, then it is green. It can't be blue if you're seeing it as green, can it? This is why i consider dreams and OBEs to be realities. They are different realities to this reailty, but they are still real.
Sounds like you're as close as I'm getting.  Keep it up, don't lose faith!  Draw encouragement from the fact that you're so close.  You can do it! [:)]
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dolphin Pendants?
December 07, 2003, 23:25:25
I don't have time today to read your links, but even though this is slightly related it seems like I should reply. The Dogon in africa have stories of meeting fish beings that came in a spaceship, maybe they are the dolphins on the pendant? I don't exactly remeber where the fish were from but what was notable about the Dogon was that they knew that sirius  had star that revolved around it that was not observred by scientists until telescopes became advanced. I think this was written about in The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple. Tom Robbins used this in one of his novels which is where I heard of it.
The image won't load. :/ AT least not for me.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Favorite Lyrics!
July 11, 2003, 21:40:53
Ah music, is there anything greater?
I'll share just one song. It's from a progressive-rock/metal band called Dream Theater. It's on their release titled "A Change of Seasons" which consists of a few live cover songs from their favourite bands and one 24 minute (i think) epic they recorded in the studio. It's one of my favourite songs ever.

[Music by Dream Theater]
[Lyrics by Mike Portnoy]

[I. The Crimson Sunrise]


[II. Innocence]

I remember a time
My frail, virgin mind
Watched the crimson sunrise
Imagined what it might find
Life was filled with wonder
I felt the warm wind blow
I must explore the boundaries
Transcend the depth of winter's snow

Innocence caressing me
I never felt so young before
There was so much life in me
Still I longed to search for more

But those days are gone now
Changed like a leaf on a tree
Blown away forever
Into the cool autumn breeze
The snow has now fallen
And my sun's not so bright
I struggle to hold on
With the last of my might

In my den of inequity
Viciousness and subtlety
Struggle to ease the pain
Struggle to find the same

Ignorance surrounding me
I've never been so filled with fear
All my life's been drained from me
The end is drawing near...

[III. Carpe Diem]

"Carpe diem
Seize the day"

I'll always remember
The chill of November
The news of the fall
The sounds in the hall
The clock on the wall
Ticking away
"Seize the Day"
I heard him say
Life will not always be this way
Look around
Hear the sounds
Cherish your life
While you're still around

("Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
(Old Time is still a-flying;)
(And this same flower that smiles today)
(Tomorrow will be dying")

We can learn
From the past
But those days
Are gone
We can hope
For the future
But there might not be one

The words stuck in my mind
Alive from what I've learned
I have to seize the day
To home I returned

Preparing for her flight
I held with all my might
Fearing my deepest fright
She walked into the night
She turned for one last look
She looked me in the eye
I said, "I Love You...

("It's the most awful thing you'll ever hear")
("If you're lying to me...")
("Oh, you dearly love her")
("...just have to leave...)
(All our lives")
("Seize the day!")
("Something happened")
("Gather ye rosebuds while ye may")
("She was killed")

[IV. The Darkest Of Winters]


[V. Another World]

So far or so it seems
All is lost
With nothing fulfilled
Off the pages and the
T.V. screen
Another world
Where nothing's true

Tripping through
The life fantastic
Lose a step
And never get up
Left alone
With a cold blank stare
I feel like giving up

I was blinded by a paradise
Utopia high in the sky
A dream that only drowned me
Deep in sorrow, wondering why

Oh come let us adore him
Abuse and then ignore him
No matter what
Don't let him be
Let's feed upon his misery
Then string him up for all the world to see

I'm sick of all
Your hypocrites
Holding me at bay
And I don't need
Your sympathy
To get me through the day

Seasons change and so can I
Hold on Boy
No time to cry
Untie these strings
I'm climbing down
I won't let them push me away

Oh come let us adore him
Abuse and then ignore him
No matter what
Don't let him be
Let's feed upon
His misery
Now it's time for them
To deal with me

[VI. The Inevitable Summer]


[VII. The Crimson Sunset]

I'm much wiser now
A lifetime of memories
Run though my head
They taught me how
For better or worse
Alive or dead
I realize
There's no turning back
Life goes on
The offbeaten track

I sit down with my son
Set to see the Crimson Sunset
(Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
Many years have come and gone
I've lived my life, but now must move on
(Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
He's my only one
Now that my time has come
Now that my life is done
We look into the sun
"Seize the day
And don't you cry
Now it's time
To say good-bye
Even though
I'll be gone
I will live on
Live on"
I think this is a very good question.  Its actually something I have thought of myself.  

I dont think a parent should force metaphysical beliefs on their children.  I think a person has to come to it themselves, or else its a belief more than "knowing".  

I want to think about this for a while, but i think its an important question.  Ill come back to just not in the right frame of mind to do it now.
Welcome to Dreams! / A dream within a dream?
March 01, 2003, 18:18:27
If you knew you were dreaming you were lucid.

I have this sort of thing all the time and most of the time I don't even care if I control the dream environment or not. The essential bit is that you consciously realize you are dreaming. What your body does or whether you are aware of it or not is irrelevant imho.

I once had 3 level lucid dream with false awakenings that almost ended inan embarassing way. I'll post soonish.

2cents & L&L
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Space Whales?
February 21, 2003, 07:51:22
I am 99% sure that is some sort of joke.  I mean Space Whales.  I think the way it is capitolized it might just be publicity for some kids BAND!  Sure you should research it if you are interested, but, look at the kids name, Andy Christ? Anti-Christ? Joke?...