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The names Atom, ive used W.I.L.D. for over 10 years, and am starting to get into Astral and OBE's.

last night was an experience all in its own....sleep....awaken two feet above my body, i spend a long while feeling out the sensations and taking in the sight of my body laying on the bed....(not aware yet but im guessing this wasn't an OBE because of what happens next)....nose,ears,and eyes start bleeding onto my pillow....i assume i m dying due to the fact i am out of body. this frightens me and i try to re enter my body but find it impossible....fright turns to fear and i feel a ripping/pulling sensation from the back of my neck...i am torn into a darkness as vast as imaginable. this place holds a few beings who tug and throw me around amongst themselves stretching out my arms. one being carves two rows of symbols into my right arm, at this point  i cant read it. my left arm now is being carved with a single row of symbols that i later find myself able to understand these as a representation of the word terrorist or terrorism....after the branding i was forced into a reality or setting of a classroom, i fee very confused nd extremely scared. everyone around me knows me. i am freaking out feeling lost. the teacher is trying to calm me and everyone is trying to figure out why i am scared. finely the teacher comes up with a way to settle me..she tells everyone that she will now ask me a question, a question that i could not possible know the answer.. i look at my right forearm and now read the top line of symbols as the word authority backwards. (i dont remember the question) i knew the answer without a doubt in my mind and i was right....i frighted the teacher by knowing the answer and she asked me how i could possibly know what i knew...i said i know the answer because i am 25 years old (im only 24)...she acted as if i lied about my age when i said that then re-asked the question...she then realized that was the problem. she said that i was not supposed to be here yet and kicked me out of the room....

then i felt the onset of the old familiar lucid dream.

this my be long or in the wrong place but id like to join this place and hope for some feedback.  :?