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Welcome to Dreams! / clarifiction anyone?
February 05, 2010, 13:23:38
Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with this statement in my head.
"Imagination is the etherics interpretation of ideas and data"
I tried to wrap my brain around this yesterday for quite some time. I am not a real intelectual person but what I think it means is; ideas and information from the physical or 3D is sent to higher dimensions and sent back to 3D in the form of images and feelings that we use to create.
Any other thoughts on this?
I would be interested to hear others opinions on these books. You can learn about them at,
In the dream I was walking with an old friend, we no longer talk but thats a another story. Anyway we came up to this lake with a little bay about 30 feet across, the water was crystal clear and about 4 or 5 feet deep. We instantly dove in to swim across. When we got out we started walking and I looked to my right and I saw this big long tunnel of snow, it went on for as far as I could see and there were other tunnels going off in different directions, I was amazed at the size of the tunnel. When I was looking at the tunnel I became aware that I was dreaming so I said to myself " I'm dreaming". I wanted to induce an obe. So right when I said this everything went black and my head was buzzing loudly. It was like I was standing in a strong wind blowing on the back of my head and past my ears. I tried to focus on the buzzing while at the same time tried to feel myself floating up. I could not catch the floating feeling because I was laying on my side and then it all faded away and I realized I was now awake.

So I am seeking any advice on what to do if this happens again. I am real excited about this because I have been using affirmations when I go to sleep telling myself that I will wake up in my dreams and this is the first time I actually woke up in a dream and was aware.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
I will try not to make this to long so I will leave out a lot of details.
I have not had a conscience obe yet but I have had several dreams of leaving the body over the last few years.
I will start by saying that I have not been practicing lately because I have been in a somewhat negative state of mind and do not want to have a bad experience should I succeed.
Two nights ago I was dreaming I was in a bed at my grandmas house where she made me sleep in the upstairs attic room. I allways slept up there as a child. Grandmas house had what she called a poltergeist. There was a lot of activity in the house. My mother, sister and I dream about this place often and there is allways a negative presence there in our dreams.
So in this dream two nights ago I was in the bed there in my dream and I felt this negative presence curl up by my legs and was grabbing me. I decided to ask for protection and felt and saw myself fill with white light and instantly the presence left and I woke up.
Now to last night.
I was in the attic again in the bed in my dream. I wanted to have an obe but was afraid because I could feel this negative presence there watching me. I was very uneasy so I remembered that I could ask for protection and fill with light. As soon as I did this I filled with this HUGE force of energy and felt this incredable almost over whelming power an I was expanding up and over this negative presence and I could feel it was frightened by my power. I kept expanding and found myself floating to the ceiling. I went to the ceiling and stuck my head through the roof and then back to my body. I decided I would try spinning out of my body. I started spinning at a fast speed counter clockwise and could see through my eye lids the trees and leaves all spinning and I was thrown out of my body up into the trees.
I wanted to fly and was having trouble. I figured out the best way to fly and soon was flying all over the place. I won't get into all the details but in the end I met up with an old friend and told her I had to get back to my body. As soon as I told her this I woke up in my bed here in the physical.
So after having several of these obe dreams I am really curious as to what is going on. I feel, smell, hear and see everything in great detail in these obe dreams.
Has anyone else had experiences like these? 
First off I send a thank you to Escape Velocity for some info on another post that led to the Frank Kepple resource.

So I went bed, made some affermations and directed my conversation to any guides or helpers that might be listening. I spoke to them saying that I would like to meet them so that I could learn and grow and these sorts of things.

Ok, after all that I did my usual body relaxing and energy bouncing, I just went to noticing anything that showed up on my mind screen. After catching my mind drifting off a few times and bringing it back a scene formed and I willed myself into it. I just walked in, but just after I walked in I lost all awareness. Well this went on for about an hour, in and out of scenes. I would come back to awake, watch another scene form, step into it and loose awareness. The last time I woke my body was vibrating not real strong but kind of rummbling or rippiling and I felt that my hands were floating about 6 inches above my physical hands. I told myself to relax and not think about the hands and step into another scene. Well I was kinda facinated with the floating hands and lost focus on my mind screen and soon found myself wide awake. So I gave up and went to sleep. I also want to say that the whole time this was going on I felt a warm presence with me or behind me the whole time and I felt like I had communicated with this presence but could not remember anything.

What was cool was this was the first time I tried this technique and it seems to work for me. So I am wondering if anyone here has used the phasing technique and any tips they might have.

Hello everyone, I am new here so forgive me if I am bringing up something that has been talked about but I could not find the subject.

I have been working on projection for about 2 years now, not consistantly but off & on. Anyway the first time I tried I had fallen a sleep for a short time and as soon as I was waking I used the rope technique and I felt my heart pounding out of my chest and I felt like I was expanding so much that I felt like I was filling up the whole room. At the same time I was going up & felt huge. Well I got so excited that I came to and woke up physically. That was the closest to having a AP I ever had since.

Over about the last year I have had my dream self project about 4 times. This is strange because I am aware of myself as 3 different consciousness, me dreaming, me in the dream projecting and I am also watching from a distance my dream self projecting. I also feel the projection. So I am wondering if anyone else has expierenced this or any thoughts on this.