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G'day Adrian,

What do you think about migrating the old forum content ( to an archived board over here? There was so much really good content on a number of things, and it would be valued by many of the members who came across, to be able to review the old content, if Dave would be OK with that.

If you're snowed under with other stuff, I could help with scripting the data into the Snitz message tables, based on whatever rules are needed.

Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Nice....
April 15, 2002, 19:42:58
Adrian - nice work. The new content looks good mate. I haven't noticed any of the download problems that others are having, although I'm on DSL so not a good example. However, IE has GPF'd twice on me already when moving between pages (once when trying to post) and I'm using IE 6.0.2600. Haven't noticed any bugs with the menus, although we had several problems with brothercake dropdowns a short while ago during testing - maybe new version is OK? The only other small thing is that poll took 3 page hits after answering to go away.

But other than that, sweeet.... I know the sweat it takes to bring it together, so well done mate." border=0>


In order to make contact with more spiritually-developed entities, you must first gain a reasonable degree of control of your own Astral experience.

At first, people tend to flit here, there and everywhere, releasing all kinds of emotions to the extent where everything becomes a whirl. Once you realise the basics, and learn to put them into practice, you get to the stage where you can remain still, both physically and mentally.

Then it is merely a case of looking around you to see what is going on. If there is no-one about then I found that becoming mildly curious about something around me is normally enough to attract a helpful entity who can explain things. That's how I met Harry. He started out by showing me "emotions" and their effects.

If I am in a populated area then I try and interact with the locals. That is, if they are open to me. Sometimes you find the residents are as equally curious about you, as you are about them.

As for your idea regarding affirmations, and so forth, prior to sleep: you explained it in a nutshell. In fact, that is basically how I began around 20 years ago.



you bet, it is the best way to learn to relax and to go with the flow of life. If you do take up tai chi then you will need to spend the rest of your life perfecting it, it is that deep and meaningful. As for kundalini / chi, it is there for you to learn about. I started astral travelling after 6 months of tai chi, so there is hope for you too.

I certainly recommend tai chi / dao yin chi kung as the path to enlightenment, but it costs, time and effort. Good luck with your development.


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The marriage of the ancient arts of astrology, taoism, tantra and the modern science of psychology."
Welcome to Dreams! / First serious lucid dream
June 21, 2002, 22:26:36
Greetings Joe,  I know how you feel, in my twenty's I was full on with lucids. Every night I'd have about three, it was like going to the movies each night. Those around me thought I was crazy, If someone knocked on the door whilst in the middle of one, I'd get up, staying in a trance like state I'd open the door, go back and finish it off. I got sucked into lifes vacum and let the ability slide.  It's only lately that the lucids are comming back. It's hard to explian to some one how these things effect your physical well being, and it's free.To be excited about going to sleep is a great feeling. Thanks for the post, the wonder of your newly aquired tool shines through.

Regards  Steve

I have only read RB's article once so maybe I did not get all of it but this is how I understood it. Basicly there is one "God" or "consciousness" or "spirit", I do not remember what Bruce called it. But at the highest level there is just oneness of all minds, just one. From there we all descend down until we are individuals with individual thoughts. We carnate on the physical and live our lives then move back through the levels back to the oneness. So really we are all one. We are all reincarnations of each other, or rather of the one. At the highest level, there is no time. But this one has carnated throughout time, so has really experienced everything already. But to us, being on the physical plane inside time we can only see linearly.

From the article I see it as saying that both thoughts are correct. We do stay in the afterlife, yet we are reincarnated as well because we are all one. In a way linear reincarnation is easier to understand, but it is not entirely true and it not good for those that seek to understand the truth. If what Bruce wrote is the truth.

"Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses will every word be established"- I ike that, isn' that from the Bible?

Hey Focus, where have you been???

fides quaerens intellectum
I can wait. This time I want a signed copy. Do you think those will be out soon? I almost got another copy of Astral Dynamics in addition to the one from a nearby book store just to have a signed copy.

Ay there buddy!

I meditate before I begin my evenings NEW action. A part of this routine is that I preform the LBRP in my mind in a special place I have created, a virtual temple of sorts (but for me its in a nature setting). Basicaly I move my awarenes into this place and just take in the seenry and relax for a while. Then I perform the LBRP, I find that because Im already in a place entierly created by my imagination it is simple to visualise and put the energy into perfect pentagrams and 'see' the ritual actually work. Even though Im not using real vocal cords I have found that I can vibrate the words even stronger by using  my imagination like this. I am still aware somewhat of my physical body (light trance i guess) and I do feel vibrations going through it as if I were actually doing the ritual in person- but even stronger.

After finishing the ritual I go back to just being in this place and then I let the image of the place fade away and just go back to blackness where I am more aware of my physical body. My body feels notably different after the ritual- even more so than if I do it in the flesh.

However I would not recomend this to someone who has not done the ritual, well like your ment to for a little while- just so you can feel it better in your mind.

I know I have not related this to NEW" border=0> (I mean did you expect better?) but I thought it is something you might like to play around with. At least for me I find it better in the mind-but I have done a lot of work with visualisation (imagining things).

" I'm just a NEW newbie (sorry) at the moment" - why apolgise Joe, I mean me all suck at some stage right? Or was it for the pun? Because I was pretty much planning to ignore that" border=0>

best regards


Veni Vidi Vici
Hmm, it opens up an interesting idea of Astral Time that I'm sure has been thought of before but only just occured to me.

Aside from going into the definition of time and such, does anyone know if Astral Time and our perception of it corresponds with "Real Time"?

- Ashfo

Greetings Joe!

I believe you make a good point here.

While people talk about possessions and other attacks by various entities collectively known as "negs", we should never forget that psychic attacks can and often do originate from the physical plane by, e.g. black magicians and others up to no good. This is even more the case recently with the availability of these so called "Radionics" devices, which anyone can abuse if they so desire.

It also depends upon your definition of a "psychic attack". In my view, any attempt to subvert the free will of another person, e.g. to make a member of the opposite sex attracted to the person attempting this, is a psychic attack.

The most powerful defense is to create a psychic defense shield which not only deflects attacks, but also warns you of the occurence of such an attack as it happens, providing the option identifying its source, of deciding what to do about it on a case by case basis.

The thing NOT to do is to pro-actively retaliate (in my opinion of course) - in other words launch a seperate counter attack. Reflecting dark energy directed at you though is a different matter.  We should (again in my opinion) work FOR the light and not against the dark. The forces including those of Karma will always prevail in order to bring about balance.

With best regards,

Welcome to Metaphysics! / End Times?....
April 16, 2002, 02:28:29
I have never really gotten into much about phrophecies and the likes but I used to have a little interest in Nostradamus (spelling?) and was expecting the world to end sometime during 1999 or 2000 I think it was...well not end exactely...just more of a holocaust thing.

I do however believe that the future is not truely set...that is why we have choices...and if enough people choice a path then that path will be the one that gets followed.

If i do however see four horsemen riding past one day however I probably will run inside and start to pray like nothing! hehehe

-- Muzza
Yeah, I do some mantra's maybe I can post some soon and you could do the same. Whats namajapa?

Welcome to Metaphysics! / Dejavu in dreams
March 15, 2002, 02:01:04
I have deja vu pretty commonly nowadays. The other night I had a dream where I felt that deja vu feeling in the dream. Now, I don't remember if the deja vu I felt really had come from a previous dream or if it had been created by my mind for the current dream. It messed with my head though.

bitsmart -
information illumination - -

Hello Joe; my brother.

interested in harming us, yet angels as our friends, guides and spiritual beings offer no defense to the defenceless. To my way of thinking, even on Earth when a small nation is invaded by a greatly stronger (evil) force, an equally strong ally will step in to help.

They will not interfere with the person's free will.

If you want their help; ask for it. Many time I would have been harmed or killed if it were not for my helping spirits.

This is why I tell people to spend time in prayer and meditation to strengthen their aura.

Doesn't God have anything invested in His children? Would He not take offence at such gross violations of His law (I certainly would)?

God (Great Spirit in my vernacular) sees us as children that have to learn and grow. A child does not learn to walk unless it falls down a few times.

practical note, is it possible to enlist the direct aid and participation of angelic entities in combat with demonic entities? Even deities? Not in the sense of "prayerfulness", "divine names"

Absolutely! I have had much success with my totem animal, and called on the Akua such as Pele or Kanaloa when I encountered very powerful entities. that I could not handle on my own.

that is subject to a horde of fallen angels, whilst a horde of their opposite numbers sits and watches the action. I really would like to know if you have experience that shows that to be false...

I can only speak from MY experience. most of the negative entities I have encountered; are people unwilling to cross over because they are attached to posessions, drugs, or afraid of being punished. They deserve out love and respect to raise their vibration and help them make the transition.

THis is why I am so opposed to the "christian" and "catholic" habit of casting them out into darkness where the bad enties are and making them more angry and negative.

Two Bears

Aloha nui loa
Received the title "master" 8 times and still trying to master myself.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Negs over water
February 18, 2002, 03:03:16

Good leading questions....

This is a bit theoretical, but I can't help wondering about some aspects of the theory that negs can't cross water...

1. Does the barrier have to be very close, or can the water be several levels down? ie. if I were on the 3rd floor of a building, would the water mains below street level protect me?

This is uncertain, but so far my field experiments (the only way to travel) show that any free roaming (within the real time zone) neg wanting to get at you must first find a way to get across the water mains below you.  However, keep in mind that while some negs become trapped behind running water pipes (earthbound spirits and etc that do not have the knowledge to overcome these barriers), higher order
negs usually only manifest 'near' their target.  They move from lower astral realms directly to the target, in much the same way as instant OBE travel works. This works 'around' the running water problem.

Negs can also travel over running water by hitchhiking with susceptible humans, piggy backing over it and using their temporary hosts as shields.

Strongers types of neg, like demons, can cross running water, but tests show they will not do this lightly. It drains them of energy and could be said to burn them.

All this leads me to think that any neg manifesting close enough to the physical dimension to affect humans becomes bound to the surface of the earth, and takes on 2 dimensional properties.

2. Does the general theory mean that no neg can travel between countries that are separated by water? ie. New Zealand to Australia (God forbid!)

In post modern times, yes, this would have formed a formidible barrier to lower order neg spirits.  This is much like how earthbound spirits become bound to particular houses and castles.

3. Why couldn't a neg travel "over" or "under" a barrier?

This is not possible for negs. For all we know about spirits, the very idea of spirits, one would think that they could float around wherever they like. But my work shows that they have serious limitations, and that these limitations can be used against them. Btw, I have asked many channelled spirits about this, via their respective mediums, and totally dumbfounded them. But my experiments have proven running water to be a very important factor indeed.

4. Do other "good" or even "amoral" entities suffer the same weakness? ie. elementals, nature spirits, etc.

Sorry, I have no information on this. All my experiments have been with attacking neg entities. But this is a very good point and one I definitely plan to investigate further.  This may be why, as is well known, metaphysical practices work much better when done out in the country away from cities...away from water mains. This may be a closely guarded secret, who knows, that 'any' spirit manifesting in real time is affected by running water.

Take care, Robert.