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Last week, i was waiting for the bus and reading messages from the spirit world in the medium of license plates of cars. A car came by with license plate LST-*three numbers*. I interpreted this as "listen". Just behind this car another car came by with license plate AWZ-*three numbers*. I immediately recognized the name "Aiwass". Just behind this car, another car came by with the plate AWS-*three numbers*. I said to myself; "ok, what about Aiwass?" Then i realized i had to fight this demon. As soon as i realized this, a car came by with the plate GFG-*three numbers*. I interpreted this as "Good Fabrizio Good". This was a reaction to my guess that i had to fight Aiwass, and, apparently i guessed right. I remained skeptical and said to my guides; "ok, we will see". That same night i had a dream where i was lying on the couch with my legs on my mother in my old home who was also sitting in the couch. On the table there was a computer screen with a "brainy alien with red glowing eyes" on it. His head was big and i could see his brain. Suddenly he attacked me telepathically. He was making me kick my mother violently. Then he stopped. I looked at the screen again and this head was now in mid-air above the screen. He attacked me again with his telepathic control by putting me upside down in mid-air and smashing me violently against the wall several times. Such force! I resisted by closing my eyes. I could still see Aiwass and i used my right arm by putting it in front of my field of vision, transforming it into a snake. Everything was moving, like we both were avoiding each others attacks. Then, when the demon came in front of my snake-arm i shot an energy beam and i hit the demon. Then i woke up. It was in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep anymore so i went downstairs for a cigarette. After sitting in the kitchen for a while, i looked at my watch to notice the time. Now, my watch is of the brand "certus". Then i realized that it is an anagram for truces. I realized that it came to a truce. I lighted another cigarette and heard a voice saying "you have done well". I felt a rush of energy and decided to write a book. I immediately set to work. I always wanted to write a book but there was some energy holding me back. Now the words come out fluently. I finished the introduction yesterday. I can finally work in peace!! A revolution in my thinking, truly.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Silence
August 25, 2015, 13:45:50
I've developed the ability to see in the astral while awake during the years. I see spirits and they show me symbols. I know that these entities represent neurological processes i.e. states. But i believe there's more to it. Most spirits i encounter are of a positive nature, but most of them tell me to shut up when it comes to expressing my experiences. I was wondering what the importance of silence is. I know it's very important but i'm having trouble to shut up when talking to my psychologist. I explain to her the facts about causing neurological change by combining these perceived symbols, but the twat tells me that this cannot be accomplished. What i just typed here presupposes the idea that the spirits just want me to shut up to the psychologist. But i remember a time when these signs of silence were conveyed to me before i even talked to a psychologist. What is the importance of silence? I know that words can have occult effects, and i experienced negativity when expressing my experiences, but i don't know if these effects are related to my expressions. I just asked one of the spirits why i have to shut up and they showed me a thermometer. What's the significance? Temperature? Energy?
This experience consists of two parts. In the first part i was in an usual dream state, but it had a certain  "astral feel". The second part was a full-blown projection.

So, i was flying in the air a few kilometers from my old house, but i was kept in the air by a black female, because i tended down like a feather whenever she released me. I had black helpers (my own created thoughtforms) who underwent this same experience. The female spirits were just trying to keep us up in the air, but we (me and my helpers) kept floating down like feathers. When i reached the ground after "the angels" left me to try on my own, i had the impression that we (me and my four helpers) were too many because there were only two or three "angels" and i had the feeling they were just manipulating us. Then i found myself and my helpers just outside the window of my parents bedroom on a roof. The window was open and a helper went inside. I followed him. Suddenly there appeared the "angel" on the other side of the bed. There were long sticks on the bed. The presence of that "angel" felt like a negative presence. So i said to my helper: "Take the stick!" and i handed it over to him and i grabbed one myself. I went back outside but it was a bit dark. I was furious and i used the stick as a kind of conductor to shoot lightning. I aimed in the air instinctively and activated the lighting. I destroyed one of the "angels" who "helped" us previously. It went down. Again, i was furious and it felt like i was some kind of fighting spirit. I then aimed at the chimney of the house and after a rush of energy i shot the top off. One of my helpers said: "you're crazy!"

After that, i found myself in the bedroom of my parents lying in bed, with a girl who was lying next to me in another bed. I talked a bit with her, asking; would you like to have sex? She said; "yeah sure". At this instant, i felt loose from my body. I rotated clockwise out of my body and could perceive my own aura; it was predominantly green but also a bit blue. I decided to float upward and through the roof to the outside and so i did. I passed the roof of the bedroom and continued upward. The attic seemed out of proportion but i continued upward until i finally reached the ceiling and passed through it. So now i was outside but it was dark and there was snow. I flew over the garden in a curve and decided to activate my flashlight. I thought of my eyes as functioning as flashlights and it worked. I examined the garden below and saw something little on the snow. I flew closer to it, around a tree and i noticed that it was a flask of eyedrops. When i saw this, i realised that my vision was blurred on the sides of my field of vision. But i didn't take any measures, because i saw enough. I thought then: "what am i going to do now? Fly to the stars? No", because i remembered another experience that went wrong when i tried to reach the stars. Then suddenly i found myself again in my body, but still in the bedroom of my old house. I decided to call the goddess of wisdom to ask how my next day would be like. I saw the face of a spirit in the ceiling smiling acknowledging my wish and then i saw an eye in the ceiling. It seemed friendly and showed me an image of a bird flying. The image or vision was situated more to the left in mid-air. Then i decided to go out of my body again. I floated upward but this time i had the feeling that i had to remain inside the house. I thought:"allright, i have to shoot some negative spirits" so i floated to the door of the bedroom. I saw the picture of my grandfather hanging on the wall with an artificial candle lighting the hallway and the photograph. It seemed like i was in a kind of house of horror. I thought: "load weapons, now!" and two machine-guns appeared in my hands. I flew through the hallway and here i woke up in my bedroom

All of this felt like i was being trained.
One thing i found out is that a sense of balance is a very hard thing to achieve when one's oscillating in high frequencies. I realize that equilibrium is just an ideal, meaning that it's just a thing to strive for, but a general sense of balance is important. At times it's very hard for me to maintain this sense of balance. For instance, paranoïa is an issue. I experience this phenomenon occasionally but my ratio explains the elements away fairly quickly after the occurance. Does this mean i'm in control and that it's just a side-effect of spiritual evolution?

I don't know what to make of this experience, but i hope someone will point me to some possible explanations.

I went to sleep without the intention to project. I doze off, and suddenly i found myself flying in the night through the clouds. It was dark and the atmosphere was moist, but i could identify some "mist" and concluded i was in a cloud high up in the air. I stopped and hovered in that mist. I knew intuitively that i was somewhere above an ocean or sea. Suddenly i heard a noise. I didn't knew where the sound was coming from. I wasn't conscious though. In one instance, i flew downwards in a curve back upwards and i found myself in the cockpit of a plane. All of this had a military air around it so i thought "i'm in a military plane!". The electromagnetic nature of my astral body penetrated the control panel. Suddenly i saw sparks all over the cockpit and i heard one of the pilots yell: "The panel is malfunctioning!". Then i teleported to somewhere in the distance just above the water of the ocean and i saw something like a fireball coming down crashing into the ocean. Then i woke up eyes wide open and wondered. I think that "the greys" programmed my body or so i don't know although this thought can be just "analytic overlay".

I don't know if this was real or not. I could not verify anything because these things in the military don't reach official channels. What happened really? I would appreciate some viewpoints.
Two days ago i had an interesting experience.

I went to bed with the intention to project. I used the method of ignoring the urges to move while lying on my back. After the images that came in my mind i found myself lying in another room. I heard the voice of my stepfather asking something in an agitated way to my brother somewhere on the outside of this room. Then i saw the image (like a ghost on fire) of my brother and his friend while still lying in this same room. I heard the friend of my brother saying (with an echo): "Do you still have it?" I immediately thought: "They are smoking a joint". Then i saw the black sky and stars and found myself flying at high speed towards a constellation. While this was happening, i still had the impression that i was still in my body. It was like a part of me projected, and another not. While flying towards this constellation i had the impression that it was all made up in my mind. I had the feeling that it was like a computer simulation. I did not reach the star where i wanted to be, instead i slowed down and flew to another star in another constellation which was closer. Upon entering this star, i felt a shift in dimension and i found myself in a disney environment. I saw goofy and mickey mouse in 2D. Then i woke up in my bedroom.

I still don't know what to think of all this. During the whole experience, i had the feeling of amazement. I didn't consciously choose to go to this disney environment. I just found myself flying towards a star. In all my OBEs i always fly to the stars. Maybe this is because i integrated the term "astral" which means "relating to the stars".

In another experience, which occured a week ago, i found myself flying in the night. I was fully conscious and decided to fly to a constellation. I looked up and saw stars forming a bow. I had the impression this was the saggitarius constellation but i may be wrong. As i moved upward, i found myself accelerating towards these stars. The stars became brighter and colorized. I realized i was getting closer. Suddenly two enormous beings appeared next to this constellation. One had the form of an enormous grey and the other had a square shaped head. They started shooting at me with some kind of weapon, but i saw no projectiles of some sort. When they started shooting, i unconsciouly mimicked the action of the grey and after this i woke up in bed.

With this experience, i concluded that the star system was guarded. I can't explain the mimicking action though. Maybe i wasn't ready to visit the system, i don't know.