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I had been up and wide awake for hours this morning when I suddenly felt what I thought was something biting me on the top of my left hand, and looked down to see nothing there, though I felt an itching pain work its way up my arm from the "bite" area, seemingly headed for my heart (or, more exactly, my heart chakra). I pled the Blood of Jesus in the form of standing beneath the cross with my head bowed (not out of reverence, but because I physically could not bring myself to watch Him suffer); and I felt and saw the warm splash of His blood drip onto the exact spot where I'd been "bitten" by the unseen thing, and watched as a transparent, glowing, ghostly-looking "insect" ran out of that spot and out of sight! It was so real that I began frantically slapping the spot to try and kill anything that might yet be invisibly crawling out or around the spot, but nothing was there, including what had moments ago been the small swollen spot on my hand, which was now completely normal, including my arm. The thing that had exited looked like you might imagine the ghost of some sort of exotic insect might look, except that this did not look like any Earthly insect, and it felt evil, and I instinctively knew that it was a negative "critter"—sort of the equivalent of a demonic bug—and clairvoyantly knew that it had been sent by a more sentient negative entity to attack me on its behalf; it had burrowed into my flesh to cause that pain, and it ran like hell when the blood of Jesus hit him, and probably to his own demise. All of this (and like attacks)—and the cure for it—because I've categorically decided not to let the Matrix tell me who I am.
Can someone please answer these questions for me? Are "Belief Territories" (the various "Heavens", etc.) really quantifiably undesirable places to be once one crosses over? I mean, what if one believes in such a territory, yet is cognizant of the truth that the Belief Territory in question exists only due to a collective belief in it and that it is only one of the realms available to experience? Would one then be able to come and go from that territory as one pleased? Aren't these particular rings created for the purpose of refuge from the chaotic, unpredictable drudgery and misery of reincarnation (and even the Hell realms), and thus a good thing (at least for those who wish to avoid being reincarnated)? Why is it that Robert Monroe implied that these were undesireable places to be and thought of them as places people were trapped in and needed to be retrieved from? How are these rings of existence any less or more valid than any other? What's so wrong with choosing to go to Heaven, especially if one is interested in communing with the like-minded (and being in the presence of one's beloved deity)?
In need of a special sort of guidance lately, while awake I called out to all positive entities in the Cosmos, requesting a visit from a "guide" or anyone who could help, and the next morning, while still in bed "asleep", I felt/"saw" a light from "above" shining just behind me as I lay on my side in bed facing the opposite direction. As I realized that the light was actually a person/entity, the entity (which felt like a very gentle, loving male) said (in a non-audible voice) "I'm always happy to find a Friend of the Dead", and I immediately "woke up" and turned over and around to see it/him (the light entity), and the light was gone/not there in the physical.

I Googled "Friend of the Dead", and all I could find was mention of the Egyptian goddess Nebthwt and the Egyptian god Anubis, both known for their retrieval work; I suppose I should have known that this was what he meant—I'm not sure why the first thing that came to mind was a medium (as in someone who regularly sees and/or communicates with ghosts, which I am not), especially seeing as though I generally have an inexplicable sense of taking part in retrievals even though I can't remember them.
This is a post for beginners, by a beginner. Most of what I've learned has come from this forum, and the highly experienced Travelers here who selflessly dedicate their time to teaching others. Thank you to the members who have long ago mastered this practice yet who stick around to work as the hands of the Universe to spread their knowledge and wisdom. If I have misunderstood anything or concluded wrong, please correct me!

1. People Who Astrally Project Have Learned to Leave Their Bodies

Perhaps the biggest misconception, even among astral projectors themselves, is that learning to AP is the practice of attempting to leave one's body. The truth is that dreams take place in alternate realities and different dimensions. To get to those places, your consciousness must travel. For it to travel, it needs a vehicle. We don't remember most of these travels. The snippets of them we do sometimes remember are usually vague, fleeting, conceptually distorted. This so-called astral projection is simply a practice of remaining conscious as that journey begins, thereby remembering it clearly; it is not the natural process that changes, but the skill of remembering it.

2. Dreams are Just Organic Illusions Manufactured By the Brain

REM sleep is the scientific observation of brain activity during, but it is not an observation or explanation of the phenomenon. Dreams are not merely a product of the mind. These interdimensional travels do not take place in the regular physical world, though. That's a RTZ OBE (Real Time OBE), but they both involve one leaving one's body, and this happens naturally; sometimes you sleep in your astral body with it floating just above your physical body. Sometimes it gets up and invisibly moves about here in the physical world. Sometimes it phases into other dimensions. Sometimes one is aware and in conscious control, and other times one is not.

3. Astral Projection is Unnatural

Astral projection is a naturally evolved ability. Human beings are curious animals. And, like all curious animals, they learn things. Sometimes they learn how to remember things. Everyone is already having adventures and explorations and relationships of which they're unaware; we have another life – a double life, if I may – and our duel existence is a linear continuum by which we have a dual set of memories and skill sets. Strengthening the natural ability for lucidity and memory is no more unnatural than strengthening one's concentration or intent or any other skill, mental, spiritual, or physical.

4. You Are Vulnerable to Possession When You AP

The common misconception that one's body may be "stolen" or "possessed" by some discarnate entity while one is APing is based on the aforementioned misconception, that astral projectors have learned to leave their bodies. The physical body is not an empty shell while one is APing. That is, rather, the description of a corpse. A living person "out" in their astral body is just as connected to their physical body as when not having an OBE. Think of the astral cord as merely an extension cord. The physical and astral bodies are always separate, even when aligned. There's no difference when the astral "double" pops out of the physical. So we are no more vulnerable to attack while APing than during our waking life.

5. Negative Entities Are to Be Feared

I broke my fear barrier concerning so-called "negs" some time ago. Not through courage, but by knowledge. I've learned how much more powerful human souls are than these pesky little shadows. I know for a fact that there is nothing "out there" that can hurt us. The weird thing about it all turns out to be that the only power that these natural, antimatter based animals have to affect anyone – or anything – is to scare people...the reason being that this is merely their natural way of hunting their food, because they eat fear. They are harmless pests: annoying, gross, but not dangerous. No one has actually ever been harmed by one in any way, physically, mentally, or spiritually. So take a deep breath and relax. They don't even exist for me anymore because I used Love on them once the way one might spray for roaches.

6. OBEs, AP, LDs, Remote Viewing, and Conscious Projection Are Inherently Very Different Things Involving Radically Different Processes

This misunderstanding may have arisen due to the vastly different ways, methods, and degrees by which these sorts of things happen. Though categories may be helpful sometimes, in truth astral projection, OBEs, Lucid Dreaming, remote viewing, and conscious projection all fall under the umbrella of the same phenomenon. Such as with meditation; many techniques and many states. Both the physical realm and the Wider Reality are illusory projections within the Void (fuzzy 3D darkness), the only thing that really exists. Our environments change around us, but (our) awareness, First Child of the Void, is our one constant.
The other night I entered the state boarding sleep and began to phase into the physical in some other location, suddenly floating before a group of hispanic men. But then to my horror, they could see me (my astral form), and began shouting "Diablo! Diablo!" not in fear, but to rebuke me and send me away, as it were, and I panicked and phased back into my body.
Hello all. I'm new here, and this is my first post. I'm very glad to have found this forum, and am eager to share the account of my first conscious AP a few weeks ago. I welcome and will appreciate all comments and feedback of any sort.

Sometime before dawn on 12/1/15, I laid down on my back and affirmed my intent to travel out of my body, to remember the experience, and to be aided in this process by any beings who could help. There were no vibrations present, so I began to will the vibrations, and then began to feel them in my hands. After a moment, I willed the vibrations to spread and increase, and felt them cycling through my body, though not nearly as intensely as I had felt them during previous attempts that had at first seemed more promising yet had yielded no results. But then, as had often happened during previous attempts, I began to feel sleepy and decided to abandon the attempt and surrender to sleep, and turned over onto my right side and promptly lost consciousness. I'm not sure exactly how much time had passed before I woke to feeling the vibrations again, but I found my body engulfed by them, accompanied by a loud "whooshing" sound in my ears. Before I could even ascertain what was happening, I suddenly heard a "pop" that was almost like a note or "ping" sound, accompanied by a simultaneous all-encompassing "whoosh" of "air" and felt myself rocketing forward out of my body with great force. Utilizing the momentum of my ejection, I instinctively moved upward in order to not be sucked back into my body. As I moved upward, I felt so light and so pleasantly sensitive, the fringes of my second body tingling with the tickle of the air, and felt an indescribable freedom like I've never (consciously) known, as if I were escaping from a form that is, in all actuality, a prison. I moved back down toward the floor in front of my bed and instinctively prayed to Yahuveh and Yahushua for protection (but not out of fear, just as a calm and joyous precaution of some sort). That's when I noticed that everything was a fuzzy, faded black. I immediately willed my vision and saw the windows in front of the bed, and the light of early morning, and the treetops. Everything looked just as it does when seen with my physical eyes, except that the colors were almost/slightly monochromatic. Upon seeing, I was elated because, for some reason, activating my vision was an additional/greater confirmation that I had succeeded in leaving my physical body. But inherent in knowing that I had left my body was the actual thought of my body itself, and upon thinking of my body I immediately I attempted to halt all thoughts about my body because I instinctively knew that this would cause me to be drawn back into it, but it was too late, and I was sucked back in from behind. Without any lapse in awareness, I found myself back in the physical, and still on my right side, remembering that I'd fallen asleep that way, feeling overjoyed not just to have had an OBE, but to have exited the physical while on my side, as I'd heard that it was easier to achieve release while lying on one's back. I would have been grateful for just that relatively brief OBE alone, but then, the vibrations having still been present upon my return, I heard the ping-pop and was out again, rising up blind as before. I willed my vision again, and again saw the scenery beyond my bedroom windows. At this point I lost conscious awareness of the experience (i.e. I cannot remember what happened next and don't remember returning to my body) and "woke up" later as if from regular sleep.

Upon waking I felt many things. First, I was more grateful for this experience than I have ever been for anything in my life (I am still overwhelmed with gratefulness and often spend long periods thanking the Universe and my Higher Self and my Guides for the grace and generosity that allowed for this experience, which amounts to a mantra of thousands of repeated "thank you"s; I suspect/speculate that someone/something else initiated my projection for me, as – like I mentioned above – I had given up and gone to sleep, the vibrations stilling the moment I moved). Secondly, I felt guilty – both because I felt as if I had "cheated", as I had not been trying as hard or as often as possible, and because I know that others have tried harder and more often than me with no success. I did not experience any confirmation of the existance of consciousness existing apart from the physical, because I needed no such confirmation, as I already percieved the existance of my soul as a fact. I did, however, find confirmation of the writings of Robert Monroe, such as that vision is not always or immediately automatic, and that in the "second state" thought does not precede action, as my action and intent were one, my will and my doings synced and synonymous in such a way that at first seemed baffling and conceptually wonderous upon reflection but, upon further reflection, now seems "normal" and "natural" compared to the thought-action paradigm of the physical, which, by contrast, seems crude, unnatural, and equally baffling. I am also charmed by my seeming omniscience in the out-of-body state, as I seemed to automaticaly know what to do, as I apparently experienced the totality of my Self for the first time since I began this current incarnation.