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Welcome to Astral Chat! / Avatars
December 14, 2023, 15:40:30
I was wondering if one of you could make me an avatar. I'm feeling a little naked in profile.

Old Lady
Grey hair in a bun
Holding a spatula
Granny gown even, lol

I really don't want to misrepresent myself.  :-D
Welcome to the Healing place! / Little Vinny
December 12, 2023, 20:52:24
Little Vinny is my newest grandchild, less than 2 months old. He had heart surgery today. He did well. That was a few hours ago. His parents have been called back just a few moments ago. He took a major turn for the worse and his arteries are shutting down. I don't know what the plan is for LIttle Vinny but God does.

All I ask is that if you have it in you please say a prayer for comfort and strength for this time. The parents sorely need that right now. Thank you.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Biological Children
December 03, 2023, 19:08:42
I have a question for Pulse members. I would like to know how many of you have biological children. I know a few of you do but it appears most don't. I could be wrong about that as we don't usually talk about kids on this forum and I'm certainly not asking anyone to put anything out there about their kids they don't feel comfortable sharing. But I am curious.

I have 3 biological children.
Hi All,

I have used many techniques (very successfully) since coming here to this forum. Thank you to all those who have shared their personal techniques, what an amazing bunch of people you all are.

I thought it high time I share my most effective meditation techniques. This technique (for me) has always led to the most purest and most amazing insights.

My technique is in simply doing. Not sure you can even call it a technique.

Instead of imagining taking a walk, go take a walk and while your at it, let your mind roam free. In short just let your mind go where it will while doing tasks that require little to no input. Most of us can walk, wash dishes, sit in the garden or backyard, stare out a window, fold laundry, pet our pets, swing, go fishing and hundreds of other tasks a day without thought. So while you're at it let your mind go where it will.

Think of it as daydreaming if you will. Children do it easily, especially when they are bored. We all do it easily, especially when we are doing the most mundane chores and leisure activities.

When you find yourself staring, lost in thought, gently bring your focus to your thoughts, just enough to maintain some awareness.

For example; you find you have been staring at something for quite some time, say a tree or a picture. Stay dreamy but take a closer look. That tree or that picture or whatever it is was communicating something to you or you to it. What?

The point is and especially for those who have trouble imagining is that you don't have to. You can just do it.

Well, that's it in a nutshell.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Karma: The Big Lie?
September 02, 2023, 11:43:04
For me, there is no question. I do not buy it. So what prompted this topic?

EV ( @EscapeVelocity ) and I had a long conversation in which karma became a major topic of discussion. He encouraged me to share my thoughts here and in the end I caved, lol.

But first let me say that I am not talking about day to day karma. Sure that is real, as in actions have consequences. What you do in this life (here and now) most certainly carries weight, consequences (karma) that can and will affect not only your life but those around you.

What is in question is cosmic karma that carries down through the ages. That whole concept makes zero sense to me. This karma (theory) hinges on a belief in re-incarnation. The point of reincarnation it seems is to clear our karma and karma hinges itself to that very thought. I see this as a flawed theory. For if we have to spend each consecutive lifetime correcting our flaws of the past we will surely never be free. And, I see this as the trap and the reason for this idea that we live on a prison planet.

That's my thoughts in a nutshell. I understand I am going against centuries worth of dogma. Many lifetimes have been devoted to this very subject and it makes me weary of approaching this subject even now but I feel it is time to break another link in the chain.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Szaxx - Please Read
June 07, 2023, 20:36:55
This post is for Szaxx, one of our much loved, respected and admired members. Szaxx may be having trouble signing in to the forum but I don't know this for a fact. I'm posting this in the hopes that perhaps he will see it if he visits.

Hi Szaxx, still thinking of you and hoping all is well. The forum doesn't see much activity lately but that's okay, the information remains and many of us check in quite often. I understand 'shutting down'. I've done that myself, it's necessary sometimes. Just know you are missed.

Love and Hugs,

(If anyone would like to add a greeting have at it)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Mother's Day
May 14, 2023, 15:58:08
Just want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there whether you have children or fill that role in some kids life. Thanks

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Let's Talk Rescues
February 23, 2023, 13:51:35
On this forum we have talked a lot about rescues but there are many ways we can provide help and comfort. Keep in mind we are NOT angels. We may sometimes perform the roll of an angel and may occasionally be called angles, but angels we are not.

Angels are their own breed of being. Angels have their own defined place in existence. They are not us; we are not them. However, we and them have the same ability of being able to perform as the other when we are called to do so. I have much respect for angels. All of them, the healers and the killers alike. They answer to a different call, but it is my opinion we all answer to the same caller.

Having said all that I just want to point out there are many ways we can help. Sometimes we help rescue the lost (living and dead) but sometimes we are called to comfort. Just the laying on of a gentle hand or a firm hand. A shoulder to cry on or a prod in the tush to get someone going. Sometimes we are called to stand between two forces as a wall of protection. Sometimes to teach or bring a new thought.

Rescues aside often I meet those stuck in limbo that simply need to wake up (wokeism aside).  Once awake to their own situation they typically figure it out for themselves.

Side note: Please overlook any typos, I am working from a keyboard smaller than I am used to so keep hitting the wrong keys. Plus this propensity I have for a couple words I almost always seem to spell wrong  :lol:
Yes, it was, that or I sat on a frayed electric cable.  :wink:

Hi all. Hope you all are doing well.

A few days ago as I sat reclined in my chair and took a long stretch it hit me. Just to the left of center of my back, a bit above the hip (in that little dimple area) above the buttocks. It zinged like a warm mild current up and down the left of my spine several times. It felt WONDERFUL. It lasted a full couple of minutes and kept going back and forth, up and down my spine. Then it very gently left me.

I don't know where it came from or who sent it but THANK YOU. I wasn't meditating or doing anything in particular when it hit. But someone knows my pain. I humbly Thank You.
The forum is way too quiet so I'm gonna stomp around a bit and see if I can raise some dust. I'll even toss in some np doo-dads. It is what it is.  :-)

A month ago, mid August, I went to the Er with a horrible pain in my pain thinking I likely had a severe kidney infection of some such or maybe covid since 2 people in my house had been diagnosed with it just the day before. Since they had back aches too I thought, well maybe.

Turns out I didn't have covid or an infection. What I had was an abdominal aortic aneurysm and needed emergency surgery.  :-o 

Two days later (I think) I came to and felt a great need to apologize to the entire hospital.  :? I don't know what actually physically happened, if anything. The nurses said not to worry as I had already apologized to everyone at least twice. All I know is half the doctors were aliens of one sort or another, the other half were the actual doctors. I actually watched the actually doctors hands being guided. It was very weird. But what had me fighting mad were these particular entities that kept trying to get me to do something on the ceiling. Looked like they wanted us to make pizza. What? Anyway, my perfectly sensible human physical brain just knew that pizza oven would fall on us and burn everybody, so I went into fight mode to prevent the doctors and nurses getting burned.

Well, the doctors and nurses all came through just fine. Me, not so much but I'm recovering and doing fine now. I've spent the last 3 weeks just healing. Been listening to quite a number of healing mantras and binaural beats and stuff on yt as suggested here and there on this forum. Thanks Ya'll!

The other night I had an interesting obe. I was in a limo with one of our otherworldly entities. She was telling me all kinds of stuff about what and why I was going through this and why I had further still to go. It was a very intellectual conversation, of which I don't remember most of the specifics. If you're curious this being was what most people are referring to as the tall blond nordics, which happens to be the same type I ran into in my physical life twice now. I wrote about that somewhere on here but I'm too lazy to look it up just now.

Well that's it for now. Now surely some of you out there have something going on in your lives as well. Make a post, talk about it, share your world.

Okay, okay, you don't have too but it might make for some entertaining reading.

Hugs and Love Ya'll
21st Century Earth: Humans and Aliens Meet for the First Time in Recent Memory

Life is as we now know it, albeit a bit friendlier than our current situation: Humanity is about to take a sharp turn into a wildly but weirdly fantastic new direction.

Somewhere high above the city in a new apartment complex atop a high-end mall a family (a nation, a world) is about to discover a new thing.

Static everywhere, the lights pop and buzz, the televisions and billboards crackle and go dark. The aliens have landed but no one witnesses the landings. Suddenly doors begin to pop open of their own accord.

THEY are here. 

They have landed and they are prepared, weapons in hand. The shooting, the dying begins. But wait, where is the blood, where are the bodies? No one cares as everyone runs screaming in terror. One man is examining the apartment bathroom when suddenly he is locked in and all he can hear is his wife yelling for him to STAY THERE. She throws open the door handing him their son, she retreats quickly to grab their baby girl from the realtor holding her. As she does so the realtor pushes her back and runs away with her, the wife follows in hot pursuit. The mother-in-law turns to warn the father and grandson. The three slam the door of the bathroom and the father points at the shiny new tub/shower combo, INSIDE, he yells. Ahhh, a walk-out onto the balcony surrounding the inner mall. Wonderful. They race out the doors and down the stairs as the aliens chase after.

Must find the rest of the family but wait, where is the grandson? What is he doing? He's grabbing what looks like a child's big blue plastic remote control off a tabletop. Water sprays from tiny holes along the edges and as it touches the aliens they disappear.

They run through the mall shooting and shooting and shooting until the grandmother can no longer hold back her tears. She's laughing madly as is another man standing in the middle of the chaos. The two seem to have lost their minds.., but only for a moment as others realize the truth of what is happening.

The aliens are shooting the humans with red water pistols turning them into aliens. Humans are shooting back with blue water pistols turning aliens into humans. Within minutes, often only moments the Earth, that fantastic little blue planet has met their long distant neighbors and like kids at a picnic they have all run off to play the world's best game of Cowboys and Indians it has ever seen.

13 minute astral adventure into what could be.

Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Proximity
July 29, 2022, 21:24:37
I have noticed many times that my psychic talents are strongest just before, during and after contact. Or, it could be from simply being within a certain range or field. For me, this is obviously due to the higher frequency range of the contacts and my own rising frequency which happens in order to make contact more possible.

At times I go for long periods with no contact and I find my talents weakening. This makes perfect sense to me. So I'm wondering what others have to say on this subject.

Does contact increase your psychic abilities? Have you ever thought about this as a possible source of your success or failure when you attempt astral projections, out-of-body expeditions or other psychic adventures?
Part One:

Hello again, I'm back with part two as promised. Part One dealt with alien/et abduction experiences in a bit of a nutshell. This part goes back in time to when I was three and is likely to be much harder for me to share as it deals with family. Well, here goes and if I find I can't continue I will come back soon as I can to finish. BUT I intend on getting this out there in one go.

3 yrs old, I wake one morning and realize immediately that my world has just changed. For one, I am distinctly aware of being a unique and separate individual. I had only just arrived in this little body. I sat on the side of my bed drinking in this new existence. It was so different and very dull compared to only a few minutes ago. A few minutes ago, just before waking I had taken the plunge and agreed to inhabit 'me'. I had and still have no idea WHO I was prior to this. I don't know where that other person (?) soul (?) went. Back home I suppose.

I hear my brothers and my parents and my grandmother in other parts of the house and take mental notes. My brothers' names are ____ and ____, my grandmother is ____ and my parents are ____ and ___. The man is my daddy and he is getting ready to go to work, grunting as he puts on his shoes. Grandma is also getting dressed for work and my oldest brother is getting ready for school. My other brother and me aren't old enough to go yet.

I can see lines like energy cables connecting us all to each other. Though colorful they look so dull with these eyes. I am literally sitting there trying to make sure I remember what I learned about this family (my family) such a short while ago. It was like I had studied a portfolio rather than lived with them for 3 years. I knew all the important stuff; things like my oldest brother being a smart-butt who like to scare me. But for the life of me I could not remember what we, or I, had done the day before. I had absolutely no memory of my life before that moment. I did have all the information I needed though and that was something at least.

The next few days were really tricky as I had knowing but no matter how hard I tried I just could not get this little three-year-old body to make sense. In other words, I babbled (like a 3-year-old).

Finally, I was able to get Mom to understand me a little. I simply wanted to know what had happened the day before. As in, what did I do yesterday? And she did tell me a little. But darn-it I knew all that and yet it was NOT a memory for me but an account I had read prior to shifting here.

Shortly after this (just a few weeks) my life turned upside down. Here is where I am just going to keep this as simple as possible. I witnessed my mom's attempted suicide and got shipped off to live with grandparents I didn't even know, while she received treatment. Part of me was just a scared little girl, the other part knew mom was broken.

So what happened here? I still don't know or maybe I do but it's just too much to take in. What happened to the old me? Have I misread this and perhaps I had a case of extreme empathy that foreshadowed coming events? I came to terms with these highly unusual thoughts and feelings a long time ago but I am still seeking answers.

This event seemed highly evolved and very spiritual. I don't think it involved ETs per se but maybe. I would very much welcome your thoughts on this.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Come on Guys
May 23, 2022, 17:15:56
Can we get a little encouragement here? I need a little encouragement. What about you, do you need a little encouragement? No problem, I got lots to offer.

Get off your butt
You got this
You know it's all up to you
Now get out there and save the world
Stop whining
Aint got no time for your arguments
No time for your self-pity
Life aint bad, it just is
No time like the present
Caint never could so can is all you got

Wish I could bottle all that and sip it everyday. LOL
I am inviting anyone lurking around to come on in and make yourself at home. Of course, everyone is welcome to join this discussion. IF we can get it off the ground.

I'm curious as to why people want to project (no matter what form) in the first place. I suspect, though admittedly I could be wrong, that most people want to project because they have done so already, and the experience left them curious or wanting more.

So why you? What do you hope to gain or lose as the case may be?

And a side question, do you really want to project or is this something you feel you should or have to do? (this is actually an important question)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Family
March 24, 2022, 14:56:48
Hi my friends.

I've just been thinking about family lately and wondering how all of your families are doing. It was brought to my attention that 'far as we could tell' I might be the only one amongst us, at least the core group, that has children. So I wonder, is that true or is that a misconception.

I am not asking anyone to put their families on the line here, that wouldn't be right and might infringe on their privacy. I'm primarily interested in children, we all have parents and grands dead or alive somewhere.

I know I have talked about my children from time to time without mentioning their names or personal info but I don't see much or anyone else doing so.

My bigger question is; if you do have children how do they fit in with your astral travels. Do you and your kids share any abilities and so on? Do you see any family or genetic traits, per astral travel, among them?

I'll start simply because it isn't fair to start a topic and not share.

I have 4 children (3 of which I gave birth).
#1 I birthed (his dad and I divorced soon after)
#2 I did not birth but raised (his parents divorced before he was a year old)
      I married #2s dad which gave us two children combined
#3 I birthed 13 years after we married
#4 I birthed 2 years after #3

So in effect I have 2 sets of children. 2 are around their 40s while 2 are in their 20s.

I've had a psychical connection with all my birth children. My first child began playing around in my dreams around the age of puberty and continues to do so. I don't have this relation with no 2 but we have a tight waking connection so we both know when the other is in need.

The last 2 and I often connect on a dream level and have shared a number of psychical/astral experiences. The coincidences and timing are amazing. We connect both on a subconscious (sleep) level and on a conscious (wake level) in many ways. I see a strong connection in our family genetics and if I think too much about it it almost gives me the willies. But it has opened me up to searching for our family make-up on and astral/other level. It's mind blowing really.

So it's those connections and seeing or at least beginning to see and understand these things that has brought me to asking about your families. I could go on but this is enough for now, just want to see if this type conversation has a resonance with my fellow travelers.

Hugs to you All
Welcome to Astral Chat! / My Experience by Nameless
December 05, 2021, 20:41:52
I am over the need to prove aliens exist. I know they do and not being a researcher per se I feel no need whatsoever to 'prove' the validity of my own experiences. This is my story. If you on the other hand still need proof there is plenty of proof out there, go find it, do your own research and draw your own conclusions. This is my truth and I have no doubt reflects the truth of many.

My experiences began (to my knowledge) at about the age of 8 or 9 when I went through quit a hair raising bout of sleep paralysis (something I had never heard of or experienced up to that time).

The experience without going into detail left me with visible bruises and an implant. The largest bruise began at my navel and circled around to my back. I had three smaller bruises on each of my upper arms towards the front inside. They were small and round. I also had a swollen right jaw. My jaw was inflamed and stayed that way for several days. I could feel something inside. It felt massive at the time but as time went by and the inflammation went down it became just another part of me.

After this my world view began to change although indeed it had already shifted at the age of three. I will get into that later in part 2 of this document if I am able. For now I am focusing on the alien side of life.

It would be many years before I encountered a true alien in any form that I could comprehend. This was a woman. I was 16 at this time. I spotted her in a parking lot and knew immediately that she was not a true human. She did appeare perfectly human with nothing to distinguish her as 'other' but I knew and that was I believe her sole intent.

However, this left me in a great state of wonder. Till that moment I had never even contemplated the existence of aliens, not even after my first sp/abduction experience. I had in fact in my childish world view decided the devil was real and for some reason of his own choosing he was after me. But I knew even then that that thought was incorrect.

I saw this woman again nearly 20 years later. Many people at that time saw her and all were left with a kind of wonder at what they had truly seen. But there was no doubt that she was real and that she most definitely was not like us. She was something more and offered me one of many validations on my journey.

After the first sighting in the parking lot I went on to have three more of those horrifying sp/abduction experiences. The next in line occurred in 1985. This was when I decided this would never happen again if I could help it. I was wrong. The next experience occurred approximately 3 years later. By this time I knew what to expect and developed a plan to thwart them.

I can't say for sure but I believe I escaped the abductions on multiple occasions. However, I may only be fooling myself. These encounters left me feeling paranoid at times, afraid and alone and even cursed but then I began to use my rational mind. I began to think. Although at that time I had no 'time' to actually put into this being a mother of two young children and working to make ends meet. I did begin to pay passive attention.

I noted witnesses and listened to what they had to say although I shared very little. My thinking was small at the time believing this was 'all about me'. I now know that is only partially true.

Since those terrifying days of physical or metaphysical abductions I have come a long way. Downloads, upgrades and side trips are common but no longer do they come with the embellishment of a fear-based mind.

Yes some of the experiences are still a bit scary but no more so than crossing a rope bridge, something that terrifies me. The bridge is not evil or good. The bridge does not care. Keep that in mind as you travel your own journey. But be discerning for while the bridge does not care the place you are heading may be friendly or hostile to you. But like the bridge the place does not care.

Now I only look to what I can glean and how to fit that in with what I want to be true. We are all part of a Living Matrix. A matrix which grows, shifts, forms and reforms. Within that matrix there does exist all manner of sciencey things. Things like electrical, magnetic and other energies. Things that are physical and things not physical and on and on. Also within that matrix there exist all manner of Beings.

All of these Beings are living and learning, growing and changing. Some are more ethical by comparison to us humans. Some not nearly so much. Some study evolution as it applies to this matrix. Some are utterly good as we define good while some are utterly evil by comparison. Yes some are light-years ahead of us in all things while others most certainly are not. Yet others are ahead in only a few fields.

But as we have seen and most of us have experienced right here on this beloved Earth's physical plane there is always one thing that always seems to come across clear as day. It is not love but rather it is respect. We must respect 'their' place and ours in this Living Matrix and with that we can all grow.

Hi My Lovely Pulsers,

Hope you are well and thriving. It's been a bit wonderful and bit rough around home the last week or so. The rough bit is that the 25th of November was/is my brother's birthday (he passed last year sudden heart attack). My husband's BD was the 22nd and he passed roughly 2 years ago after being sick and bed ridden a long time. Mom's BD was the 18th and she's been gone a long time.

But the 25th besides being Thanksgiving and my brother's BD was also what would have been our anniversary. 2019 would have been 36 years for me and my husband. Thankfully my kids didn't seem to notice or at least not in a big way. That was actually a blessing for me as this year it hit me kind of hard. But enough about that, don't want yall crying for me or any of that nonsense, they are all better off now.

Onto the strange dreams. I have had a plethora of what I will call 'family dreams' the last couple of weeks. All of them involve family and memories. Some are totally dream memories of how 'whatever' happened. Others seemed to be alternative memories while at the same time following the event/s as I remember them. Different house, different clothes, different location that sort of thing but in every single one the dream event really did happen in this here and now.

I have had dreams like this before of course and we've discussed this on the forum many times. But wow, night after night, nap time too. Even before I actually fall asleep. It's like look it's my baby picking a spoon up off the floor or what a great dog he was and so on. And every single one of these dreams has been pleasant/happy moments.

Anyway if you guys have missed me well apparently, I've been hanging out in the astral more than usual. I've also apparently been living a better life than I have sometimes thought I was. Especially when you combine all the time lines.  :lol:

So what about you guys? How have you all been getting along the last few weeks or days? I hope you all have received some blessings and some challenges to keep your hearts warm, especially if you live in colder climate.

Stay safe, stay optimistic and know YOU ARE LOVED.
Welcome to News and Media! / Pyramids
September 19, 2021, 20:09:44
I was listening to Coast to Coast on youtube. The programs are from the radio broadcast and not current. However many are still very relevant. The one I listened to today was regarding the Bosnian pyramids.

`So anyway they were talking about an ultrasound energy beam being transmitted from the top of the pyramid and speculating on the purpose. It's a 28hz frequency (think I got that right). They were saying how crystals and other ceramics inside the pyramid resonated with that frequency and it got me thinking.

What if the pyramids are not transmitting  signals out into space so much as absorbing signals from space. Perhaps absorbing those same frequencies Tesla talked about. Absorbing frequencies from all around and connecting them around the earth literally as a power source for the entire planet. Would have been a neat and much needed mass energy supply for the construction of an entire planet. Leaving them in place as ongoing generators (if we ever figured out how to tap into them).

Oh well, those are my thoughts today.
Everybody wants to project? Or do they? Everybody wants that major life changing experience. Everybody wants to meet their guides or higher selves and of course the ultimate, God.

Seems when people visit this forum they either have or come to this idea that all it takes is a wonderfully exciting adventure out of body where they will magically run into the ultimate maker of all creation and have a sit down where they are given all the answers to every question they ever had.

Unfortunately most of us (including myself) don't have a clear understanding of how that works or if it does work how to go about making it happen.

But I have gleaned some insight as to why we have such a hard time getting where we want to go and it all boils down to this...
Our 'Talent Box" or 'Gift Bag'

What's in your gift bag? What talent have you been naturally gifted?
Are you using those gifts you naturally posses? Are you keeping them oiled and in good repair? Are you ignoring them seeking something better?

I will tell you this you can find the same answers, enjoy the same exciting trips everyone else does by using the talent you were naturally gifted as anyone else using any other talents.

What are these gifts? Many but here's what comes to mind for me at the moment.
Lucid Dreams
Dream Walking
Clairaudience (and all the other clairs)
Out of Body
Astral Projection... and more

Now look at that list. I tell you ALL of those particular tools will take you to the same place. Where is that you may want to know. All of them will take you on an adventure in Consciousness.
Then next thing to know is that you may have one or more Super Talents or Gifts but have no talent at all with the rest. Don't sweat it. Do what you were born to do and revel in that for no one talent is greater than any other.
If I were to ask you a question and you could go out and get that answer and bring it back to me would it really matter how you found it?

Anyone would of course love to hear how you found it. Did you project all the way to the top of creation? Did you take a dream walk with a guide through a forest? Did you phase and tap the Akashic records?
So enjoy what you can do, work it, become your own master.
Then if you have a little time left explore the other possibilities. Learning something new is how we keep our gears running but don't you ever beat yourself up because one technique or the other doesn't work for you.

What are your natural gifts?
What are your lesser talents?
What would you like to learn?
Think on that.
Sometimes a short video can say a lot. For more just click the "Show More" below the video.
Welcome to Magic! / Let's Work Some Magic
August 17, 2021, 15:01:11
Of course we all know it isn't magic but hey it is magical.

I want everyone here to picture hearts in the clouds. Just ask for hearts and looks for hearts in the clouds. Every time you look up or out your window think of hearts When you see a heart cloud say Thanks and smile (show your love).

Let's see how many hearts we can get up there for the world to see. Show the world we love it, even if you aren't feeling very loving, just do it.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Crisis of Consciousness
August 08, 2021, 17:10:33
This Earth is an incredibly wonderous place. Upon its surface and below as above every single organism knows what it was designed to do. Plants know, animals know, fish, mammals, insects, birds, they all know. Even dirt knows. The wind knows, fire knows, water knows and earth itself knows as do the moon and stars and sun. They are all intrinsically connected. They all carry out their function and they do so without a mummer of complaint I would dare say.

It's been discussed many many times throughout the ages what it is that sets man apart from all other beings. My simple observation tells me the answer is that WE of all creation don't know. We don't know ourselves, we don't know our purpose and we aren't hooked into the same system as all the others. Or perhaps we have been disconnected and if that is so the question becomes, why?

From THAT perspective it becomes clear to me that we humanity are indeed not a part of the overall design of this creation. We were therefore dropped here or perhaps created here as a separate entity. A uniquely disconnected entity. If all that is so the question then is again why.
Are we here to rip apart the fabric of this world?
Are we here to explore it and learn its secrets?
Are we here to fight an ongoing spiritual battle unseen?...

Seems a large conclusion on the part of many is that we came here to explore ourselves and what makes us tick. I would venture that we are here only to explore and discover HOW we might connect to this wonderful environment. An environment where birds know when to fly south, dogs know when to eat grass and insects know where to spread contagions to reduce populations to make way for other populations.

Without us I do believe this world would function absolutely perfectly from now to the end of its time.


If indeed we (humans) are a natural part of this creation then what happened to us? We are undeniably disconnected. Is it that we alone evolved conscious thought? If so then it is obvious we are a work in evolutionary progress and our fate is not yet decided.

If we are not a natural part of this creation then the answers become much more muddy and far more difficult to ferret out. But seems to me regardless the answer we can either rail against those who created us or found us and dropped us here or we can master our existence here.

I vote for mastering this existence and connecting or maybe reconnecting to the grid this planet obviously operates on as a first course. There is a lot of implication to that statement.

We talk here at the Pulse and elsewhere all over the world about our non-physical explorations 'out there'. But that to me is like trying to connect to the internet without first inventing a computer. If we can not connect here what chance of connecting 'out there' do we have? We've no more idea how the animals communicate across this grid, or the plants or fish and yet it is they who have mastered the skill conscious evolution. It is they who have mastered the 'knowing'. They who immediately know their friends from their enemies. They who recognize the beauty of life and death and the  cycle as it perpetuates.

Then again there will be those who argue that we have lost our connection because we are evolving to something other. Could that be true? Perhaps.  I make no claim as in truth I don't know and am very wary of experts who only have opinions, thoughts, ideas and make finalized statements as though they have discovered the truth. Where is the evidence?

I know this, if we were indeed put here to learn and have dominion on this planet or to fight a spiritual unseen battle then we have miserably failed. We have failed because we have yet to even connect ourselves to what is right in front of our eyes.

Forgive my need to use this platform to 'vocalize my thoughts. But here is where I find mature individuals willing to go out on a limb and state their honest thoughts. Here is where I find explorers although no doubt they exist all over the world. I am deeply grateful to you all

Add anything you like. I am interested in your thoughts and where they lead you whether you want to disagree, agree or just twine your thoughts with mine or others.
Welcome to News and Media! / All Tomorrows
July 29, 2021, 16:05:18
Hi guys, here's a video that boast nearly 3.5 million views. I can see why. My son introduced it to me which means I was a bit reluctant to watch, haha. But I am so glad I did. It's weird, freaky and out there but it fits with the basic theme here on the pulse in a uniquely artistic way.

You may have seen it already but maybe not since it only posted about a month and half ago.

Story written and illustrated by C.M. Kosemen
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Bringing It Back
July 22, 2021, 02:01:19
Just thinking of a general conversation we might all enjoy. So I'm wondering what your experiences have been with bringing things back with you from your astral adventures. I'll share some of mine and hope you all will too. If your lurking around reading feel free to jump in and offer up your own experiences. If you aren't a member sign up.

1 When I was a youngun, around about 8 or 9 years old I brought back dirt one time. LOL. Apparently I was in bed sleeping but also out in the yard playing in dirt pile with our pets. Well it wasn't me rather it was a projection of me. BUT.... my feet wore a fresh coating of dirt. Puzzled the heck out of my mom.

2 A few years ago I came back with wet hair from a swim in the ocean. If I didn't smell the distinct smell of the ocean in my hair and on my pillow I might forgotten the whole experience. After that, no way I'd forget.

3 Sometime later I woke up with a full blown recipe for a decongestant in mind although not the actual paper.

What about you guys, anything you can point to?
What do you guys think about using the term 'realities' as in multidimensional NP experiences? After all we have no proof one way or the other of what we talk about here. Not saying it aint so, hey, I've been 'there' myself. But reality? Is it? I mean it is to me but wouldn't a psychologist just call us all nuts?
From time to time I come across posts and people asking about time and how they can increase the length of their non-physical experiences. The answer to that is that you don't need to. By focusing on physical world time you are loosing out.

In the NP (non-physical) time is completely irrelevant. A second of physical time can be quite lengthy in the non-physical. You don't need a time frame at all. You can spend hours, days and sometimes even a lifetime in the non-physical only to discover but a moment or a few minutes have passed here in the physical. Do not be afraid of this. You are not going to get stuck out there, in there or over there. You will return when the experience has ended. People around you (should this happen while you are with others) may or may not only notice that you looked distracted for a moment. While you may have just taken a hike across an entire galaxy.

Comments welcome.
Welcome to News and Media! / A New Perspective
June 29, 2021, 00:21:48
I was just listening to a guy, Tim Alberino, on youtube. Yes he has a book and yes there is a plug for the book in the vid. Just skip past and listen.

He makes sense to me and very well may be cracking the code, so to speak.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Break Time
May 22, 2021, 16:37:44
Hey Folks,

Got the doldrums?
Need something to clear your head?
Could you use a laugh or two or three?
A new idea, come creative enlightenment?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Quote Yourself
April 25, 2021, 14:00:44
You know how we (meaning pretty much everyone on the planet) loves to quote others?

Maybe it's just me but I've always found that to be rather peculiar. LOL! We quote people who may or may not have been the first or only person to say something we find worthy of note. But I think we do that because these people have either put pen to paper or music to melody or some other form. It's just a silly thought that has always come back to me.

I remember sitting in school and the teachers or students quoting various famous people. Sometimes with awe on their faces and for some reason I would find it funny. I would be sitting there thinking something like well if you like that one you should hear what my grandma says. :-D

So I wonder why don't we quote ourselves or people we know. Surely the people we know have wisdom to impart. So this is just what's on my mind today, nothing serious. Just wondering if you have any funny or serious 'family' quotes to impart.

As my mother once said (forgive me mom):

"As above so below but someone needs to tell those bleached hussies"  :-D :-D :-D
I remember my first conscious OOBE, I was 19 and if I had ever heard of such I had surely paid no attention. To me everything we talk about on this forum was woowoo. But the day before this event I had overheard someone talking about OOBEs. I can't remember if it was on television or where.

I had work that night and did my shift getting home around 8AM. I changed into shorts and tee and running shoes and headed out the door. I usually ran but sometimes walked a 5 mile stretch then jumped in the river to swim back to my side of the river. I lived temporarily with my parents at the time. I swam back across the river and walked the short stretch home, shoes hung around my neck and clothes and hair drying in the wind.

I changed and went to my room. As I stretched out on my bed what I had overheard the day before came back to me. I remembered all the strange events I had been through ever my entire life and wondered about this OOBE stuff. I thought it was pretty silly to think you needed a body of any kind to go exploring in the other places. I had done so since I was a kid and didn't need a body but maybe...

So I turned over and said okay, let's do this and out I went. And this is what transpired that day.

I looked up at myself floating near the ceiling. I was wide awake. I was also looking down at myself lying on the bed fully conscious of both perspectives at the same time. I thought okay let's go outside and out I went. I left my body lying on the bed and turned to the window floating out easy as pie. I looked around and everything was exactly as I would expect it to be. The sun was out shining brightly, everything was in place so I floated up and began cruising around and just seeing everything from a different perspective.

I thought, well this is fun so where do I go from here. I know I'll go to England. No particular reason it was just the first thing that popped into my head. I flew over land and lot of water and found myself in England. There was a beautiful bridge there so I went closer. I saw a man beneath the bridge smoking a cigarette. I wondered if he could see me like I had seen myself back home.

I think he did sense my presence but am not sure that he actually saw me. I watched him a bit. He was wearing light colored clothing. I remember thinking underneath bridges might not be the best place to hang out and that he might should leave. I studied the water which was somewhat muddy and the stonework of the bridge. Then decided I should probably get back home and get some sleep. I returned home and found myself lying just as I was when I left.

I was impressed at seeing myself return through the window and impressed at seeing myself lying there casually waiting. I rejoined my physical body and lay there for a while thinking "how amazing".

After this experience I tried repeating it a couple times but honestly didn't know how it happened in the first place. Of course life happened after that and I soon moved on from even thinking about it. I was not to have another experience quite like it until after I joined this forum some 30+ years later.
Welcome to Healing discussions! / A Healing
April 02, 2021, 17:25:43
Hi Everyone, Nameless here,

There are many things I don't particularly like posting about and one of them concerns my own health issues. However I realize often it is those very subjects we shy from that could possibly mean the most to someone else. How my experiences might help you I don't know but if they can then who am I to keep silent.

So here goes:

I have a blood deficiency commonly only referred to as iron deficiency. That's the short of it, seems I can not produce or hang onto iron and yes I have come at this from both a medical and healthier diet angle along with what exercise I can manage. My poor little blood platelets look like the are starving for TLC and my body is in near constant pain. But enough of that as I'm sure you get the gist.

Of course I have tried to 'heal thyself' as we say and I've prayed and I've even gotten some help from healers on this forum. Thank you to those wonderful and generous people. But the effects do not last, why I don't know.

So in a recent conversation with our own EscapeVelocity I was challenged to do more, ask more, try again...

Well I did try again and the following is my latest experience which I've simply titled "A Healing".

I meditated and got honest with my self deciding whatever will be will be. Of course this took time and effort. Some time in the night I found myself lying on a bed with a doctor in attendance. I was very groggy and loopy as though I had been given a particularly potent pain killer/sedative. I couldn't tell what the doctor was doing, was only aware enough that he was doing something to me..

Another doctor wearing a suit and tie comes into the room and snatches me off the bed, calls the other doctor a fool (or something like that). They argue. The new doctor holds me very tightly to keep me from falling. I am sitting astraddle his knee. He is standing with his left foot up on a box. He was holding so tight I wondered in my foggy state if he was going to squeeze the breath out of me. He didn't. In the meantime 2 or 3 other people enter the room and huge argument ensues.

I was still very loopy, couldn't focus and so sleepy I would have fallen asleep had I not been disturbed. Suddenly the argument begins to get physical. The doctor sits me on another bed, this one a hospital bed. He takes only a moment to make sure I wont fall over and turns into the fray. I don't actually see what happens, I just know they are getting really loud although I don't really hear them either. I just could not open my eyes much at all, only a peep. Then I feel myself falling and only a split second before I hit the floor I am able to keep myself from falling too hard and busting my head open. I briefly thought 'damn they are going to kill me before they cure me, lol.

Then it's the next morning, I am home and making my bed as I normally do in the morning. My kids are there and they are talking and glad I'm home and better. I'm wondering as I fluff the sheets what the hell just happened.

So I wake up this morning and notice after a while my legs feel better. Nothing specific, just better. I went for round 2 of my iron infusions today. On the way there I am thinking today they will only stick me once (instead of the multiple times it usually takes).I'm thinking today it will take the normal hour and a half instead of the 2 and half or three it usually takes.

Guess what? 1 Stick and done in only an hour and half. But it gets better.

After finishing I left and walked all the way across the parking lot to my car. I didn't have to stop one single time. I didn't stand there hoping no one would notice the tears as I waited for the pain to subside. When I got to my car my legs felt like they had had a little workout but not like I had tried to suffocate the life out of them. When I got home I was able to walk up the steps like a normal person. And now I sit here and type this and then I'm going to go walk around the house like a boss, LOL.

I unashamedly feel plumb giddy!

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Who We Are
March 17, 2021, 21:49:01
Hi again my astral loving companions. I still keep thinking about the things we are missing. I've decided one of those things is context. Who are we, who are you, who am I?

I know we have probably all written a little something about ourselves probably in introductions or in posts long since buried. And over time we leak little details about ourselves and our lives so maybe it's just me feeling this way. Anyway I thought it might be fun to just talk about ourselves for a bit. It's kind of weird that I have all these ideas about who you all are and realized those ideas come basically from your np experiences, lol.

So it's probably only fair if I start and any of you want to follow along and tell a little about yourselves please do so. No pressure.

I am female and in my 60s. I was mostly happily married for almost 36 years until my husbands' passing in 2019. We had 4 children - 1 his, 1 mine, 2 ours. The kids are all grown now. Whew!!

I'm tall although probably shrinking by the year. I'm also a bit overweight but no longer care. My eyes were once hazel (blue/green) but these days who knows, haha. My hair is somewhere between faded ash brown and silver grey. Health wise well I am 60+ and life has basically been tough so sometimes (most of the time) I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet. (Now get that smirk off your face) :-D I'm a survivor of many tough times and it shows.

I love herbs and flowers and all things that grow out of the ground. To my horror I totally suck at gardening. I'm a damn good cook although I don't do much of that anymore. I'm a careful person. I can be insensitive but I've devoted my life to overcoming that and sometimes I succeed.

I'm a little selfish these days but feel it's time I devote time to me. And it actually felt better typing that than I expected. Guess I'm speaking truth. I also have a great sense of humor although these days I'm finding I get more blank stares than laughter. Hmmm :?
Reckon this younger generation just don't get it. My kids do though so reckon I taught them well. Or maybe I just like to brag on them although I respect their privacy so won't say too much about them online.

Oh and just because I want to paint a complete picture and don't want to leave you hanging in the wind - I have big feet and no teeth.  :-D :-D :-D Well, I do have teeth but they are a lot less painful in a jar so only wear them when I need to impress someone which almost never happens.

Well can't think of anything else so there you go. Hope I've least given you all a chuckle and now it's your turn.

If you dare...
Welcome to Astral Chat! / One Step at a Time
March 11, 2021, 21:27:07
Ever have a facepalm moment? I had one the other day.

I'm pretty sure I've stated here and there how as a kid I never had the vibrations. Matter of fact I only joined here after experiencing them for the first time.

I had a sudden epiphany and realized I actually did indeed experience vibrations many times as a kid. But my mindset at the time pointed to something different. I remember being terrified of the 'thing' that visited me at night. I tried repeatedly explaining it to my mom and dad and grandma. I told them it felt like a cat was on the bed walking up and down beside my legs over and over again. It always freaked me out. I thought something was actually there and was the reason mom and dad often found me flying between them in their bed.

Then suddenly the other day it HIT me. It was the vibrations. OMG sometimes I just feel stupid, lol. That's one mystery solved.
:-o :-o :-o
*will be back*
Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Let's Talk Blood Type
January 28, 2021, 02:01:54
I know I stuck this in Quantum Physics,  :-D

But uhm, we don't really have anywhere else I think it fits.

I'm just wondering if blood type might have something to do with what we do here.

What do you think? Maybe?
Welcome to Dreams! / Playing in NP is Fun but Risky
January 24, 2021, 11:33:29
Early this morning just before waking I found myself shopping in a little store. I purchased a little booklet or photo album or something along those lines. Walking out the door I run into a police officer, a friend, who asks me to come along with him. I shake my head no, get in my car and drive away.

Out on the highway I see him behind me and he pulls up beside me at a red light and motions for me to follow him. I nod and as he turns on his blue lights and makes a U-turn I simply turn on the cross road and continue on my way.

I go to the school where I find myself in a room looking at the little booklet when another friend enters and tells me our other friend, the officer is waiting for me. She asks if she can come with me. "Uhm, no, I'm not going with him"  I say with a smile. I leave and head home.


This was a very lighthearted experience. The officer was jovial and did not attempt to coerce me in any way. I was in a great mood and simply enjoyed the cat and mouse game we played on a friendly level.

But for those of you who don't see it (imagine most of you did) I passed up a wonderful opportunity.

The friendly police officer represented a guide. I was given several opportunities to follow him but chose not to go. I kind of regret that as my decision wasn't a hard no, I just felt like playing a bit and obviously this guide was up for the game and also seemed to be enjoying himself. I had already made up my mind to follow him soon as we were back in our cars but life did what it so loves to do and woke me fully and I lost it. Darn!!!

(also had a tiny event I will put in the group journal and will copy this to my personal journal as well)
Welcome to Dreams! / Group Diary
January 11, 2021, 09:33:40
This diary is to be used for all experiences no matter your method that involves any other member (past or present) of this forum.
This may help us understand where all this exploration is going and show things we might not see otherwise.

Of course no one is required to journal here. If you like and have had a past experience involving another member/s those are welcome as well.

I'm interested in what interactions might be taking place between us on other energetic levels. Can be dreams, LDs, OOBEs, AP, Phasing, Visions, Cognitions, whatever your own talent is. We are all talented in a variety of methods and actions. So if I have forgotten your particular talent feel free to post your experience anyway.

I will thank all of you in advance as we get this show on the road.
I'm opening this thread for any and all members who would like to engage in a group activity. Notice I did not say experiment. This is not an experiment. I would like to ask EV = Escape Velocity and Casey = OmCasey to come on board and give us some direction as to how we might go about conducting this activity. I would like ask Lu = Lumaza to offer his expertise in technique where and as needed.

And I want every one who is interested to step in and add what comes to mind.

The Purpose is to see how we connect to each other here on this website in our NP experiences.
I know I don't do this enough but I would like to recognize and thank those who have helped me along the way as best I can. So often I have no names for these individuals. Many of them come and go at random and I know there are probably more than I will ever remember but I want to thank them openly here to the best of my ability. Don't worry I'll not fill up reams of paper as the saying goes, just a brief description and a name if I've got it. I know they understand and of course for our little community here on the forum feel free to add your own thanks anytime you choose.