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I came across this video and just wanted to share with others here.  It's 90 minutes long so make some popcorn!  Linda interviews a Star seed that claims to be an Anunnaki Hybrid.  There is a lot of information presented here from downloads of Physics, different ET races, agendas here on earth, reincarnation, the New Earth, etc.  I found it very interesting.
Welcome to News and Media! / Project Stargate
October 22, 2023, 16:14:03
I really enjoy the topic of remote viewing.  I have listened to the audio book 'The Stargate Chronicles, Memoirs of a Psychic Spy by Joseph McMoneagle and loved it.  I came across this video that was very good.  It is an interview with Joseph McMoneagle and his remote viewing of Mars over 1 Million years ago.  This is a documentary part 3 of 3.  I haven't watched the first two parts yet.

I have also been shown in a dream that there was a civilization on Mars back when Mars was a blue planet like Earth is today.

About a week ago I received a message in my in between states of wake/sleep.  I heard that I would be learning about different Astral environments.  I recorded this in my journal.

(Last night)
I really did not have much dream recall during the night other than a couple of dreams where a white cat was in them.  At first I thought it was my cat from the way he acted but had realized that my cat had passed away a few years ago and he was not white!

(In between states of wake/sleep)
I was seeing imagery.  I than started going done a spiral tunnel.  Everything was green (imagery and tunnel).

I was lying in bed with my eyes closed.  I had a very subtle feeling through my body which also included some visual aspects associated with this feeling.  It could have been vibrations but not sure.  I have felt strong vibrations a couple of times in the past but normally I don't feel anything.  I waited a few seconds for it to fade.  I wasn't sure if I should attempt rolling out and didn't want to open my eyes as I knew that would end the experience.  I felt the cat jump on top of me so I knew I was in the Astral.  I crawled out of bed without opening my eyes.  I asked for Astral vision and could now see.  I looked at my hands and could see the blue energy in them.  My awareness was not sharp.  There was a strange entity/girl standing there moaning (Fear factor).  A woman came into my room and grabbed me and told me to follow her quickly.  We left the area out a door.  We were now in a public area and it was crowded with people.  I struggled with my awareness and kept saying 'Awareness Now, Clarity now'.  I followed her and we sat down at a table.  She started talking to me as she picked up a pen and paper.  I picked up a pen as well and was going to write on a napkin or something.  (This felt like it was lesson time).  I said to her that I finally got out but it was difficult (meaning that it was hard to tell if I was laying in bed in my Astral body or my Physical body).  I said it was the cat who reminded me I was in the Astral.  I told her I wanted to practice my NVC.  I was fighting my fluctuating awareness and I ended up waking. 

I was lying in bed again.  I was holding the pen that I picked up in the Astral.  I was thinking 'Wow...I brought back a physical pen from the Astral.  The cat came and jumped on me again.  I than realized I was still in the Astral.  (LOL!).  I rolled out of bed again.  I asked for my Astral vision and I could see my energy hands again.  There was nobody in the room this time.  I headed to the same door we left out last time but things were a little different.  I tried a couple of doors before I found one leading outside.  My awareness was fluctuating back and forth as I struggled trying to stay focused.  I seemed to be in what looked like a crowed Asian Market.  I was walking around and had my cane with me.  I thought this was strange and knew I didn't need it here.  I was going to put it down somewhere.  I walked past a small boy who was looking at me and saying something.   I faded out back to the physical.

I was lying in bed.  I felt the same sensations again and waited a few seconds for them to pass.  I wasn't sure about trying to exit again as I was sure I was still in my physical body.  I felt the cat jump on my bed again so knew I was good to go.  Keeping my eyes closed I asked for Astral vision.  I could see again and looked at my hands.  I got out of bed and went out through a door.  I was outside in a new environment.   There were some some teenagers hanging out on the corner to my left.  I didn't want to interact as I was struggling with my Awareness.  I looked to my right and a football came flying in my direction.  I was feeling a very foggy so didn't catch it.  I went and picked it up to throw it back to the boy who through it at me.  It was very slippery and I had a hard time getting a grip on it.  I tossed it back to him.  I told him it was very slippery and he agreed that it was.  I kept walking.  I faded out.

I was lying in bed.  I felt the same subtle body sensations.  After a few seconds I felt the cat jump on my bed so I asked for my Astral vision and when I could see my hands I got out of bed again.  I went out a door.  I was in a new environment and I was following a group of people who seemed to be walking in a single file.  The environment seemed to have a bluish tint to it including the people.  I woke up. 
Welcome to Dreams! / Self Imposed Limitations
March 24, 2021, 18:59:56
I assume this dream has something to do with some lingering fear, doubt or insecurity.  I wanted to share it as I thought it was very well put.

I had been sleeping next to a Bear as well as some other large wild animals in a room.  The animals were getting hungry and I kept pushing the Bears head away from me.  I finally got up and let the large animals outside as well as some house cats.  I locked the doors. It was cold outside and I could see the cats at the door wanting back in.  I let them in but left the large animals outside.  

New scene:
(I was now getting a commentary as I watched).  'A man is gathering some barbed wire and uses it to keep the animals out which helps protect him.  This simple piece of barbed wire now 'defines' him because it 'confines' him'.  

I thought this was an excellent description of a self imposed limitation and how they can hinder your progress. 
(AP - 7:30 am)

I was underwater and picked up a gun from the bottom.  I looked inside and could see a white fish was in there.  I moved a piece of the gun slowly to get the fish out.  It seemed like this was the home for the fish.  I than started firing the gun.  I adjusted something on the gun and fired again.   This seemed to adjust the fire rate.  I finally decided I was underwater long enough and was looking for the surface.  I wasn't having any trouble breathing but went to the top.  I came out onto a sidewalk and was in a city.  I looked down and was barefoot.  There were pieces of copper wire on the sidewalk so I tried to manifest shoes.  Nothing happened so I just started walking.  The streets were bustling with people.  Off in the distance I could see large downtown buildings.  I tried to be closer to the large buildings by moving my focus but nothing happened so I started walking around.  There was a lot of concrete everywhere.  I didn't see any vehicles or any greenery and everything just looked a little drab.  I was reading all the different signs outside the shops and was trying to remember what they said.  (Didn't bring that info back).  There were vending or bank type machines out on the street.  People were walking everywhere just going about their lives.  I walked past one street where there seemed to be a flood.  People just walked around it.  I came across one spot that looked like a ramp heading up to another level.  There was a wall of water coming down in front of it but you could see thru.  The sign said you needed to have a helmet if entering this area.  (This was the only sign I remember what it said).  Looked like a few workers wearing hazmat suits at this location.  I turned around and kept walking.  I was thinking I could spend days wandering around here exploring and was thinking that this may only be a few minutes in my AP.  I Started thinking about this and how other members here on the Astral Pulse have spent days or even much longer in their AP's and than I awoke. 

Note:  I have had a few of these kind of drab and mundane type of AP's where I seem to be in some type of astral city.  It felt like it was some type of consensus environment.  I feel now that had I entered the ramp thru the wall of water I may have entered a new environment.

The question I have is:  Are you able to manifest/manipulate in these types of environments?  I tried to create myself a pair of shoes and tried to move my focus closer to the downtown buildings I saw but I had no effect in this environment.  I don't have a lot of experience yet in these environments so was just wondering if I am bound to the rules in those environments or do I just need more practice?
Welcome to Dreams! / Dream One-liners!
February 17, 2021, 20:38:02
I was listening to an audio book recently and the author was talking about writing down all those messages that you pick up where many of them seem to be out of nowhere just as you are awakening.  I went back thru my journal over the past year to see what I had written down.   Here is what I found. 

  • The hidden room - Chapter 2...the story continues.
  • I love you

  • Way out there
  • A soul who's hand...
  • You better call Saul (maybe it was Soul)
  • Junior Level
  • There's a way to come back
  • I need to change things up a little
  • Getting explanations of energy and perceiving it as separate or as a whole
  • I earned a mark on my stick
  • Peace
  • Dreaming about inter-dimensional beings
  • New Power, Knowledge
  • Forgive
  • Everything is connected regardless of space and time
  • Just ask for your personal access
  • Nothing in physical reality is real
  • Frank's Story
  • Jesus was real
  • There are civilizations under water

Anyone else have any interesting one-liner's than feel free to post them.   :-)
After a long drought to any Lucid NP experiences (about 7 months) I finally had a great experience last night.  I will just give you the shortened version of it.

I was standing in front of my Salt water aquarium and noticed one of my fish had died.  I removed it with a net and disposed the remains.  I had been questioning whether I was dreaming but was convinced this was too real.  I than went back to the tank and noticed the fish I just removed was back in the tank and alive.  Thinking that I must have now awakened I was sure I just wasted a great opportunity to become lucid. 

Do over: (I was given a second opportunity)

I was back standing in front of my Salt water aquarium and noticed a pair of jeans at the bottom of my tank.  I now realized this was a dream and became Lucid.  I grounded myself and felt things sharpen up.  Since my tank is in the basement I decided I wanted to go thru the ceiling joists to get upstairs.  I've gone thru ceiling/floor joists before and it is a unique experience.  I floated up and ended up in the living room of a previous house I lived in.  I ended up going thru the coffee table and a cactus plant sitting on the table as well.  I definitely felt the prickly texture of the cactus.  I than decided I wanted to go outside and figured going right thru the closed living room window would be the quickest.  I pushed myself thru the glass but had difficulty as the glass felt like I was trying to go thru a rubber membrane.  I pushed harder and made it thru but was not outside.  I was now in a large hallway I didn't recognize.  I noticed a couple of toys on the floor but the large white doors at the end of the hallway was my destination.  I could feel that something greater was waiting for me on the other side.  I went thru the doors and saw a woman sitting in the room cross-legged on the floor.  I went and sat on the floor in front of her.  I asked her name and she said she was Jonette which I could hear and understand but than she started talking to me and I had trouble hearing her.  This was kind of the where things left off for me about 7 months ago where I needed to practice my NVC.  I tried to tune into her and tried to speak to her telepathically but nothing was working.  I noticed that her mouth was moving as she was talking so I was very confused on what to do.  I than sensed a young boy walking up behind me and called me by my first and last name.  I turned around to see myself at the age of 3-4 years old.  I was so excited and gave him a huge hug.  He came and sat on my lap.  We talked to this woman for a few minutes although I still had difficulty with what she was saying.  I just felt so comforted to be holding onto this younger version of myself and I didn't want to let him go.  I think he must have been some lost aspect of myself or my inner child that I made contact with.  I than awoke in the physical but was on an emotional high all day.   :-D
I have been sick with a cold for the last couple of weeks and all NP experiences basically stop for me.  Likely due to taking cold meds, etc.  My dream recall basically goes from 6-10 dreams per night down to 0-1 dream recalls if I'm lucky!  Meditation is difficult when you have a persistent cough!  Anyways, I'm not looking for sympathy...HaHa!  Just wandering how cold's affect other people here?  Do your experiences stop as well?  Do you have any tips that may help in the future?

I was averaging about 2 LD's per week but they stopped completely while I was sick.  I finally had one a couple of days ago after nothing in the last month.

A couple of nights ago I received my first lesson on NVC during an LD.  I was speaking with a Dream character and was having trouble hearing him.  He put his fingers in both of my ears and demonstrated by tuning in and out of different frequencies like tuning into different radio stations.  Hopefully I will remember to practice this next time. 

Does this come naturally to everyone when you are communicating with others in LD's / AP's or do you mentally and consciously have to tune into others each time you are interacting?
I just want to check if anyone else is having trouble receiving notifications from this website? 

About a week ago I stopped receiving notifications for PM's as well as topics I start or post to.  I have checked my account profile and nothing has changed.  I am still set to receive notifications and my email is working fine. 
:? :? :?

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Happy New Year 2019!
December 31, 2018, 22:37:02
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and successful 2019 for all your AP'ing, LD'ing and Spiritual Growth!

Welcome to News and Media! / Hemi-Sync Holiday Sale
November 12, 2017, 18:05:18
Hemi-Sync holiday sale is now on at:

If anyone has been wanting to buy the Gateway Series or any other Hemi-Sync title now is a great time to buy.  You can use their promo code they provide on their homepage and save 20% at checkout until Dec. 31.  This is how I bought my Gateway set last year.  I bought myself the digital downloads and was able to start listening almost immediately.  You can buy either the digital downloads or CD set.

Anyways, just wanted to share this for anyone who may be interested.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / The Discovery - Movie
October 30, 2017, 21:27:45
I watched a movie on Netflix on the weekend called 'The Discovery' - Science Fiction/Romance with Robert Redford and Jason Segel.  It hasn't gotten great reviews but I thought it fit in very well with this forum.  It is about a man who has a scientific discovery of the Afterlife resulting in the deaths of millions of people who decide to cross over.  It deals with a death of someone who ends up stuck in an emotional loop and ultimately the retrieval of that person.  It was rather a slow movie but I thought it was worth it because of the subject matter and the fact that people are producing these kinds of movies which in turn gets more people talking about it.
So I've been in a bit of a dry spell for about 6 weeks.  I've even had trouble remembering any dreams where normally I record about 5-8 dreams nightly on average.  I finally started remembering them again this last little while.  Two nights ago I had a very strong intent before going to bed that when I started dreaming I would remember that I was dreaming and that I wanted to be shown what the next thing I need to learn was.

...I was on a dirt path.  I bent down to look at something on the ground.  I immediately became Lucid.  There was a wooden flower in the ground.  The flower looked like something that someone would build in their garage to sell for peoples lawn's etc.   In the centre of the flower was a stop sign.  The petals went around the outside of the stop sign.  On the ground next to the flower was what looked like a bicycle chain and it seemed that it was in the shape of a question mark.  Than I noticed a pair of legs standing in front of me.  I knew that the legs belonged to a guide of mine.  I stood up to greet the guide.  A woman was standing there and I said 'It's nice to meet you.  Can you show me something I need to learn?'.  She just smiled at me and I lost my Lucidity and was back in a regular dream.   I than woke up frustrated that my Lucid dream ended before it got started.  This all happened in about 15 seconds.

Thoughts:  The flower stop sign, the bicycle chain in the form of a question mark.  All I could come up with was how 'Question' was like Quest'chain'.  The question mark representing asking a question.  Took me a whole day to get the Obvious! 

STOP asking questions!

I was shown what I needed to learn and I ended up asking a question at the very end which ended my LD.  FAIL!  At least I got it now.  For anyone who have read previous LD's of mine I asked a lot of questions.  In my physical life I listen more than I ask so I guess I need to do the same in the NP.  Next time I am going to really try hard to just OBSERVE!


(Yesterday evening around 6:30 pm I had listened to a Hemi-Sync title called 'Inner Healer'.  I also listened to some of Tom Kenyon's audio clips right after.  I than went to bed at 10:00 pm.)

I was in a very plain looking environment.  Nothing really stood out.  It almost felt like I was in an underground parking structure without the cars.  There was a woman sitting on the floor in front of me.  From the right side of me just outside of my peripheral vision a man said 'Isn't she the most beautiful woman in the world?".  I focused on her face and I said "Yes, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  I must be dreaming!".  As I said this I became Lucid and my awareness became very sharp.  I would have to say that this has been the highest awareness I have experienced so far.  I started asking her many questions. 

"What is your name?" I asked. 
"Ida", she replied. 
"Is that your real name?", I asked
"No", she said.  "It's the name I use here."
"Have I met you before?", I said.
"Yes", she replied.
"Are you a guide and/or a helper", I said.
"Yes", she replied.
"Are you a separate entity or are you an aspect of myself?", I asked.
"Does it really matter?", she said.
"No", I replied.  "I have met my Higher Self or an aspect of myself in a previous experience and I was just curious.  "Can you help me with a healing session?"
"What kind of healing?", she asked.
"I need help healing my bowels.", I said.  (I suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome)
"That sounds like a big job.", she said.  "Things can be ugly and hairy down there.  You may need a transplant."
I chuckled.

She went to another room and than came back with some sort of medical device.  It had a claw like appearance with finger like projections on it.  At the ends of these finger like projections were beams of light.  She took the claw and put it on my face and forehead.  She started poking and prodding me with the fingers and was shooting light beams into my face like a laser gun.  She started to point out areas of my face including areas around the bridge of my nose and in the centre of my forehead between the brows.  As she was pointing these areas out I could actually see my face as if I was looking in a mirror although there was no mirror present. 

I said "I do get headaches there once in awhile." 

She kept poking and prodding me with the light around my face and forehead and finally she was done.  I never thought to ask why she was focusing on my face and forehead but I was thinking maybe my illness is all in my mind.  Heal the mind and heal the illness!

"Thank you very much!", I said.
"I have another scheduled client coming.", she said.
"Do you look after the same people every night?, I asked.
"No", she replied. 
I got the perception that she was one of many guides/helpers and they took shifts helping people.
"How many helpers are there?", I asked.
"There are thousands", she said.
"Have you helped me before?", I asked.
"Yes", she replied.

A second person whom I was not aware of was now sitting at a table and said, "You sure have a lot of questions!"
"Yes, I do", I said.  I was not able to perceive this person's gender.

I returned my focus to Ida and said, "Maybe I will try and come back after your other clients".

At this point I was feeling very good and very alert and was feeling like I have been in this Lucid dream for about 30 minutes now.  I was thinking that this has been the longest I have been Lucid and I became concerned about trying to remember everything that I was experiencing.  I started to focus on everything that had happened to me and was trying to get things straight in my mind.  As I was going over all the events in my mind I was feeling the urge to get things written down.  My sister showed up and I told her that she is sleeping but I have been awake now for at least 30 minutes.  I asked if she had some paper?  She gave me some and I started writing down my experience.  More people started showing up and sitting down next to me.  I was now loosing my awareness and I was quickly slipping back into a normal dream.  I seemed to be using a barrel tipped over on it's side as a table.  It was covered in sawdust and I was getting it in my nose.  I than awoke in the physical.  It was 12:30 am and I was thinking everything I was just writing down was in a dream and I have to rewrite my experience again.  It took me a good 20 minutes to write things into my journal but it was worth the loss of sleep!
I am curious to what other people do.  I have many Hemi-Sync meditation titles that I enjoy listening to.  I find them very relaxing but haven't really had any NP experiences from listening to them although I find that I do 'Click Out' off and on.  Maybe I'm just not aware of my experiences.  Regardless, I enjoy listening to them.  Tonight I listened to a Hemi-Sync title 'Connecting to your inner guide'.  This title really affects me while listening.  I have listened to this title about 1/2 dozen times without anything to report until this evening.  I thanked my guide for all the guidance and assistance I receive during my experiences but I really wanted to meet them face to face.  I quickly 'Clicked Out' and saw a man standing in a hallway.  He looked Spanish/Hispanic with shoulder length dark wavy hair and he said the name Anisto.  I was than back in the physical.  I was very curious about the name and looked it up online.  The name Anisto appears to be Portuguese.  I have never heard that name before tonight so I don't think I could have made it up.  Anyways, I have thanked him very much and hope to meet him again.   :-D
A few nights ago I lied down in my bed to go to sleep.  It generally takes me between 20-30 minutes to fall asleep.  I'm not sure what happened this time but within a few minutes I was somewhere else.  There were 2 women standing there smiling at me and they said 'You did this!'.  I than awoke thinking I would sure like to do this more often!  Was I able to phase that quickly into the Astral???    :-D

I started my dream journal just under a year ago.  I'm very grateful for the documentation I have done.  I finally noticed that I have had a few dreams with Bears in them.  I was than researching dreams about Bear's and their meaning and how it related to my life.  Let's just say 'a perfect fit!'.  I than did a search thru my dream journal and found a total of 16 dreams about bears in only 8 months.  I had no idea that I had recorded that many bear dreams.   I was very curious about spirit animal guides and have concluded that the bear showing up in my dreams quite frequently was there helping me.  In one dream I was walking thru the forest and was being followed by a bear.  The next thing I knew, I was in my bed under my covers and the bear was on top of me bouncing up and down with his front legs trying to 'AWAKEN' me!  Again, a perfect fit with my life!  So, things get better as I do more research on the Bear, I decided that I wanted to honour this animal spirit guide.  I found a very nice painting of a Bear that I fell in love with on eBay and decided to buy it.  Once I got it in the mail I took it to a local Frame shop and had the painting stretched and framed.  That evening I hung it on my wall above my bed.  That night I had my first LUCID Dream!  I had become aware a couple times previously but was easily distracted and lost my awareness just as quickly.  This one was very special to me.  I started off in a typical dream.  The first few details are left out but I was than crossing a valley that was solid pine trees.  The trees were so thick that I was crossing the valley by walking on top of all the trees. I was thinking whether or not there were any bears in these woods?  When I got to the other side I was standing in front a bear.  The bear was me and (I/There) was wearing a bear costume.  (I than became LUCID).  I was very excited that my awareness kicked in.  I was trying to control my emotions as I didn't want the experience to end.  From all the books I've read on the subject I asked (I/There) 'What do you represent?".  (I/There) thought for a few seconds and said 'All of your complexities'.  I was very emotional and got a bear hug and said 'Thank you for everything!'.   The lucid dream continued on for a bit but I was starting to loose my lucidity.  I remember getting a second Bear Hug and I fell back into a regular dream.  This was a very special experience for me!
Welcome to Members Introductions! / My intro
March 25, 2017, 13:31:16
Hi everyone,

I am Male, late 40's and living in Canada.  A little history of myself: I had my first classical OBE in the very early 90's.  I was in bed sleeping.  At some point I became aware, exited my physical body what felt like out of the top of my head.  I walked around my condo and than crawled back into my body.  This felt very natural but didn't really question it at the time as I just considered it a dream.  Approximately 5 years ago I was sleeping with my physical body on my right side.  I became aware and felt my energy body which was positioned on my left side, roll over and align with my physical body.  Maybe I was entering my body after some adventure.  This felt very strange but I really did not question what happened.  Finally, last year I came across Robert Monroe's books.  The topic caught my attention.  I listen to audio books and downloaded his first one.  Thus, my spiritual journey began...or maybe it began a long time ago but my awareness of it finally began!  Since than I have read/listened to many books from many authours including Monroe, Buhlman, Leland, etc.  I am currently reading The Multidimensional Human.  I started off with my Dream Journal almost a year ago now.  I have since learned a lot about myself.  I could write a book!  Dream interpretation certainly requires a skill!  Extremely difficult at first but I think I am getting better at it.  After 3 months of documenting, reading and experimenting I had a more profound OBE while sleeping on the sofa.  Started off as a dream, became aware for a very split second that I was dreaming and than felt the vibrations and was again out of my body.   I have also had a few lucid dreams now as well.  Things I will share in other posts.  Anyways, I have been visiting this forum for about the last 6 months as a guest.  I have read many post/articles here and am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge, experience and insights from the members here.  I have finally decided to join and say 'Hello!'