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Anyone here read the book of Daniel Estulin about the Bilderberg Group?
Its and amazing and very sad thing! In his book he talks about something real: a group of people (politics, millionaires, etc), well known from everybody, that every year has a kind of secret meeting where they talk things that we will never get to know. The meetings are real indeed, that can be verified by anyone. What one may ask his if what Daniel says is real: that the group is like a shadow government with intention of controlling the world by creating an economic unbalance in the world. This way there would be (like we can see in many countrys) two classes: very poor people and very rich people. The poor ones would be like slaves so to say, sustaining the economy and way of life of such people.

If you think well and observe around you, thats what happens :-(

What do you think?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Pure Land Buddhism
February 23, 2010, 13:20:45
I dont have sure if i should post this here.

Recently i´ve been giving more attention on Buddhism. Buddhism speaks on many things about our existences. For example, it says that after death, the thing we call "i"/"i am", or soul if you prefer, will reencarnate/rebirth again, life after life. Buddhists believe that the laws of karma (cause and effect) will influence our new rebirth.

We may rebirth as a bird, or an ant. Maybe we will get lucky and come back as humans, or worst, as ghosts. We can even rebirth as other forms on other planets or dimensions. For example, buddhists believe we can rebirth as demons or inferior beings suffering in Hells for eons and eons...but if we accumulate lots of good karma, we can rebirth on celestial realms and have a joyful life for some eons. But eventually, even on that pleasurable life we will die and rebirh again on lower realms. We are on this cycle, the samsara, for eons and eons, never ending our suffering.

So, buddhists think that the relief for this is the Nibbana, the ultimate state of existence and non existence, a state with no more cycles of birth, life and death. Something far away from words. Buddha was the first of our era achieving that. There was other Buddhas before, maybe in our planet, maybe on other dimensions. If we get lucky enough and if we work enough as good monks and good persons, we may develop the luck/karma enough to rebirth as high ranked monks that MAY achieve the Nibbana. But this is a very burden and long way to do things.

Recently I found a Buddhist school that was completely unknown to me: Pure Land. According to it, there was once a Buddha that created a dimension/place whatever, a place called Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss or just "Sukhavati". That Buddha his called Amithaba, or Amida, or Amituofo (Depending on the language). That pure land is a place where everybody can go (like an heaven) after death. That place is special, it's the meanings to an objective, not the end. It's the place where you can learn directly with Buddha Amithaba the path to Nibbana. Once you reach it , its guarantee that you will never fall back into the samsara and that eventually you will reach nibanna (even if that takes eons of time).

According to Pure Land, you can reach that place if you practice the nembutsu: the recitation of Amithaba name, with your mind completely pointed to that recitation. Daily, one should recite "Namo Amithaba Buddha" or Chinese version "Namo Amituofo", or maybe other similar version (by the way, Namo is like paying respect). You can do it loudly or silently in your mind. Why is this? Because you are training your mind very much for the most important thing: right after death, if you recite his name and wish and vow to rebirth on Pure Land, it is said that Amithaba himself will escort you to his blessed realm and you will be our of samsara cycle of suffering once for all.

Pure Land adepts says that after years of practice and by really vowing to reborn on Sukhavati, one may get signals of the eminent rebirth: maybe one will get to know the exact time of death, maybe one will see Buddha, maybe flowers (lotus) coming from nowhere, etc. Also, right after death, if you succeed on your rebirth, people may get signals of your achievement: flowers raining from the sky, amazing lights or images, beautiful sounds coming from nowhere, the body may not decay for many days and may even exhale sweet smells, etc. But not always that may happen. It seems that one may find some relates about that on internet but that's hard to find (I think that in Chinese there are many things).

According to Buddhists, the Pure Land teachings were given to us by our historical Buddha many times (and in fact I saw that there are some sutras dedicated just to Pure Land). Also, the teaching its so important that the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha, among other names) told it to his followers spontaneously. I mean, most of his teachings were told as an answer to something asked by his followers, but this one was so important that he told it with anyone asking it. Buddha himself warned that such teaching is so amazing that it will be very hard to believe for many people, but it's a true teaching.

If this is true or not I don't know. I would like to believe that yes. But I feel the obligation to share it because, we never know, if its real, maybe some of you may achieve the ultimate state of existence because of it.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / hello to everyone_APproofs
February 21, 2010, 18:44:46
Hello people! I dont visit these forums since a long time ago!
How are things here? Do you guys still project? lol

Or, more seriously, anyone here tried to do a wish that i had: proving that AP is real?
I will never do that i think...i never really succeed with projections, only a few not controlled attempts, but i always had the wish to see AP experts more dedicated to such important achievment.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Kazbadan bye bye
September 30, 2008, 15:57:41
Hello old APforum members! I dont know if some of you still being here...

Well, its just to say...good bye!! I am going to marry right this week! :)

Also, i think i will get without net for months (or more probably).

It was a pleasure  to be with in your company!

A special big hug for Nay :)

This topic was created after reading one related topic, created by Manuel (a member on this forums). I need something too, like him, but not just "vacations". Thats why i created this topic, for hearing your advices, any one.

I feel very tired and loosing my old capabilities to look at things with a refreshed mind. I dont know what is happening with me. I feel myself loosing energy, vitality. I feel my spirit being drained.

I am becoming a zombie of society. Why is this happening? For my sadness i dont know the reason and i am starting to not care about it! And thats even worst!

In part, the problem may be related to my job. I am a teacher. In Portugal, contrary to what some people believe, teachers (speccially like me of 1st grade to 6 grade) have looooots of stress and work. Often i work lot more (MUCH MORE) than what i am paid for (and no one pays me for the extra work that I AM OBLIGATED). We must deal with thousands of papers and burocracy, we are facing a new and very stupid revolutionary system on education, we are facing new things that will crush down teachers... In one word: we are in the middle of s***!

That & the fact that Portugal is starting to get like Brazil (no jobs, money flowing from poor/medium people to rich people, assaults, robbers, a tirant government, etc....) is getting me sick and tired of everything.

Notice that i am not exactly depressed, sad...i am more like having no feelings, or better, with the feeling of suffocation and no energy. Even the things that i used to do to increase my energy and counsciouness, i am not able to start to do them! I am to "lazy" , i am to much depleted. I am not able to start any meditation, to feel pleasure when i go on bike, to feel the "magic" and fresh air in a forest, i am not able to go on a nightclub and feel the very powerful energy of some good electronic music (dnb, trance, electro, etc)....I mean, the solutions that i used to have are not working or worst, i cant start to do them because i am to tired for trying it!

I need something!

Do you have any good advices? If your advices includes the reading of some site, ebook, etc, give me links to it.

thanks guys!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Where is Nay?
November 11, 2007, 14:55:26
What happened to Nay?

I know that she is not a member anymore. Why?
I have a recurrent problem and i want your opinion about it.

I dont want:
- a clinical opinion because i understand that what you guys will say, its just a simple opinion
- stupid opinions saying ridiculous stuff like "you are being chased by Greys"
- opinions that only serve to provoke or show to other people that your guys, are amazing

btw, the 3 points that i said should be apllied to every topic on this forums...specially the last one.

Now, the problem is not dangerous, its nothing special, but it happens that its common with me.
I wake up in the middle of the night and i dont know where i am. For example, last night i woke up suddenly, completly scared without knowing where i was ( i as just in my bed). I got up from the bed and even walked for some while, scared....really scared because i could knew where i was. Then i tried to find some light. I know that there was light near (the lamp near my bed). By using my tactile senses in the dark, i found the lamp and turned it on. Then i realised that i was in my room. When the lamp turned on i think that i got completly awake and realising where i was. I could feel my hearth pumping fast yet, due to the  situation. I calmed down and went to sleep again and i got into sleep state fast.

On other night i woke up and again i didnt knew where i was. Moments before waking up i was dreaming with sewers or the like and when i woke up i got myself wandering, in the dark, if i was in the sewers! Then i saw the red dot light of my TV (turned off, in stand by mode, with the typical red light that you can see in any TV on stand by mode). So, Since that light was the only one and i was completly scared for not knowing where i was, i started walking slowly to the tv. At the same time that i was scared i start to scream, calling for help. i cant remember exactly but i think that i was calling for my cousin or my father...i dont know. My grandmother and my father woke up from the bed because they were hearing my screams. Then, when i hear their voices i realised that i was in a dreaml like state and i was in my room afterall. I got calm and went to sleep again.

These kind of episodes are frequent on me. Sometimes i just wake up witouht realising where am i, but i realise quickly that i am in the room. Sometimes, like the descriptions above, it takes time.

What the hell is this??

I dont like because it scares me a lot when i have it.

thank you
Welcome to News and Media! / SuperVoid on Universe
September 07, 2007, 07:02:31
Scientists found a very big empty region of space measuring something like 1000 000 000 light years diameter. The distance to Earth is something between 6 000 000 000 000 to 10 000 000 000 000 light years. So huge and so far away!
You know, i am starting to get annoyed with stupid morality towards psy powers...lets  suppose that i have the ability to predict the numbers of some toto lottery. Why shouldnt i use that power to get millionaire? Why is that immoral?

Isnt stupid saying "ohh! i will not use my power! its not fair"

bullsh**** its what i say
IT seems impossible to beat James R.

Even a guy with PK powers cannot win the 100000$ because simply they are lying (see the video)

Tk powers are not real...

I wonder about OBEs....TK, obes, etc etc etc...the more i look around me, the more is are to believe on OBErs or guys with tk powers.

whats your opinion
Recently i created a topic about possession but my case is not related with that case (of a friend).

Ok, during sleep paralysys (SP) i feel many times that i have a spirit trying to possess my body...could that be just a mere hallucination?

Then i meditate and it will disapear but i always get curious about those spirits trying to possess my body: are they real or just begs? or maybe simple hypnagogic hallucinations? Today the spirit was very real...i really listened to a voice speaking to my hear so clearly that even now i doubt if it was an hallucination or real. The spirit said that he wanted to possess me but cause no injurys on me. I felt that the spirit was lying to me and i fought by meditating. Then he was gone.

What do u think about this ?
Hi guys! There are many experienced obers and many sage people used to the paranormal life. These guys that i speak about are so good that they do not accept everything, every theorie. And even if they use paranormal as explanation to a lot of things, thay still use scientific explanations first, if thats the best option. Thats the kind of people that i need to this thread, and another similar that (if i have the time) will create later. That thread, will be related with this one, but 1st i need you guys to honestly answer this question (later i will explain the reasons for the question, maybe on the second thread):

1What are your beliefs about demonic possession? How do you see it?
2IF its a paranormal stuff (demons indeed, atacking people, etc) how do they  happen and why?
3Is there any real protecyion against it?
4what about people that are attacked while meditating (i read that somewhere)? is that possible?
5do obes help or do worst against possession? how can you help someone with that?

this is not just simple theorical questions. I am trying to understand what happened with a person that i know. Thank you (my sedond thread will be about that specific case...not crazy stuff like movies, but something to wory about)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Merry Christmas
December 23, 2006, 08:04:55
Merry Christmas!!!

This is a nice time of the year to be with old friends and with your family.

Its a good oportunity to be at the fireplace with the loved ones, to have nice and cozy meals
with your friends, and to say "i love you" to everybody :)...thats more important than the presents
or Santa Claus!

A big kiss to all of you (that are women, lol) and a big hug to all the guys here (and women too if you want! :D)!
Enjoy the Christmas!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Randi vs Uri Geller
November 14, 2006, 17:30:00
I just downloaded a video on internet, about Randi "destroying" some people with psi powers, like Urigeller.

you know, whta he says is very correct and if you the video you wil understand lots of tricks

the way randi speaks seems to be honest and he tries to show the truth

so, maybe he is not that bad....

An interesting reading about obes and brain:
Welcome to Astral Chat! / AP forums Hacked?!??
October 29, 2006, 18:14:41
1st i think that is strange the fact of no one here speaking about that.

second, is there anyone able to explain what happened here?!?
I think that 2012 will be another fake like 1999 was.

If you study carefully, there is no famou prophecie (with a date on it) that ever was fullfilled

Nostradamus or whatever...these guys are fake.

why do u think that 2012 will be different?
Another plane crashing on u really believe on accident? 11 of October?!

I remember that in the year of 2002 (i think..maybe 2001) another plane crashed in NY in day 12 (the month was somewhere between September and November). I remember too that the day was a "off day " (don t remember the english word for the days where people dont work because of somethin important). That off day was a good option for an attack..and it was near the day of 11.

Thats too much planing falling down on NY for me to believe on mere accidents...i dont see the same problem on London, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris...big cities like that.

What do u think?
Where do you get your inner strenght and happyness when everything goes down? What do you do when the world collapses?

What does it mean "leet"?

Below my "number of posts" instead of a number i only see that word..."leet"
This is poll to see how do you classify your obes.

Do ou think that they are more real than reality itself? Or more like a dream?

Do u feel it like if you are really leaving your body? or more like entering into a waked dream?

I made this question in the past, but not with a poll! :)

This is a thread for tetsing things if you want, just a silly idea.

I need to test how poll works, so the need for this thread (at least for me :)...)

btw, vote on my stupid poll!  :-D

(i tried to attach an image but an error ocured: "the uploader is the admnst."...what the hell is that ?)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Nazi website
July 03, 2006, 15:13:45

which is your opinion about it?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Soccer World Cup
June 12, 2006, 16:27:08
The Soccer World Cup just started at a few days ago!

Who do u think is going to be the winner?

Funny: in Portugal everybody thinks that Portugal will win comments, now i dont believe on that. Maybe Brasil as usual or any other team, but Portugal...hmm, i dont think so.
Do you trust on your partner (husband, wife, etc)?

These days i see so much cheating that i find hard to trust anyone.

Anyone on his life, sooner or later will cheat the one he she loves. Thats what i think.

What do you think about this?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Beautiful music_listen
February 09, 2006, 15:46:24
Once i tried to post some musics without sucess but no wi think i did it. I was making some experiements (with uploading musics) in the bug reports section, and now i have my files posted on that section.

Please, click on the next link and then listen to each music (3 musics...each one in one post).

They are not complete musics, just parts (so thats not illegal)

Tell me what you think about it.

I read somewhere that there is a Vedic tecnique, for dreaming, that is very useful:when u go sleep, you start to think on what you did before (edit: there was a mistake in here) wenting to sleep, and then what you did before that, and so on, seeing your day backwards 'til the moment you woke up on that day.

That is useful because your mind wont take anymore, during dreams, about things that happened on that day, and so your mind will be free to have more clearly visions/dreams/lucid dreams, etc.

So i have now some questions related to this:
1) does anyone here pratice that or heard about that techique before?

2) does it work?

3) isnt it better to: think about everything you did, after woke up, instead of thinking in from front to back? And what if, after that, u think a little (just a little) about your problems on that day and some possible solutions just to clean even more the mind (i would this only if i could get sure that after thinking on the problems, i was able to forget them a few moments later).

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Merry Christmas!
December 24, 2005, 15:49:54
Just want to wish you, all of you guys: Merry Christmas! :D

I hope we can still say this to each others for many, many years.


Now i must go, i am gonna eat, eh eh!
Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / test
November 15, 2005, 16:59:16
quick teste, sorry guys
Welcome to Astral Chat! / MSN Messenger: The end?
October 30, 2005, 16:00:07
Have you heard about any future changes on messenger (MSN)?

I heard something about changes, like paying and/or having a max limit of 20 friends on your list..and so on. What do u know about that?

Again (if truth) microsoft is trying to win money. Free services? Whats that?
Tonight i had a dream where i was flying (typical in my dreams).

I have in my room (in real life, not in the dream) some cards facing up, waiting for an OBE from me to see them (and have -or not- a proof).

In my dream (the details are not important i think) i thought "Hey, i am flying, let me go to my room and check the cards!". I must say that i was not lucid, i was not aware that it was a dream. For me, flying was a normal thing and so i did  not realise that it was a dream.

Anyway, after that i saw the cards and memorize them and then i said to myself "Time to go back to my body", and that happened. Now, instead of waking up in the body in my dream i wokep up paralised in my real body. After some seconds paralysis was gone and i went to see the cards, but none of them was correct   :roll: least it was a dream, i think.

Why i did woke up on my real body paralised? Sometimes, dreams and OBEs mix themselves, but if the dream was a real OBE, i think that the cards should be the same as in real life.

Whats your opinion about my dream?
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Am i right?
October 19, 2005, 16:09:22
So many readings about how to obe that now i got confused. Lets see if i get: basically, what you need to do to have an obe is just close your eyes and try to achieve a sleep like state of the mind and body, but keep your conscious alive. For example: you go to bed, and lay down on it in your back. Then you just wait for sleepness to come, but try to maintain your mind alive (meditate, whatever). Then, after some time, your body is a sleep or you have a sleep paralysis. Then you must feel yourself going out (from my spontaneous obes, i think that this is is the easiest part).

Am i right? Is all that i need to do?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / amazing website
October 15, 2005, 18:45:03
Check out this web site and the amazing pictures in the gallery section:

check the image called "spoiled" in the "jade" section (to the left you will see different names for different areas of the gallery). Very, very erotic and beautiful!
Since AP forums are "dying" i wanna give some suggestions:

1) We could create lesser forums and meld them. For example: Energy development and psychic self defense could be one forum. All Metaphysics forums should be one too. And so on. With less forums threads would be more "concentrated" more "dense" and would giv e (i think) more activity.

Let me explain: with 20 forums for example, people would be posting sparsly but with 5 forums, the same threads would be less sparse, more sense and with more people reading it (for example, i never read metaphysics, but if the same forum was integrated in other one that i read, maybe i would start to post on metaphysics threads because i would be looking at it).

2) Change the homepage for AP or AP forums. The homepage its publicity to Adrians book, and probably thats a good marketing idea, but many people search in internet and google for AP stuff and if they face adrians book only in the main page, probably they will not give so much attention to the site.

There should be something more atractive. A different design with more colours, more beauty and with a different organization. For example, the sticky posts and FAWs, etc should be converted in a webpage. We could put it like some webpages that teach things (whatever it may be that they teach). So, the homepage would have an atratcive design and a very good and organized (and little) index that would guide people through the site and explain how to learn AP.

As part of that design there should be a link a to AP forums, a link explaining that AP forums are the best way to learn AP (n fact its where you share experiences).

These are some ideas, and i have no idea how they could work. Lets help AP forums and make it a better place, with more dynamic and activity. Give more ideas. These are just my first ideas. If i knew how to make webdesign i would help doing a different homepage, but i dont know how to do it.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Astral Survey
October 14, 2005, 17:46:36
I intend to see what things do you use most for AP. What works best for you, so i have some questions for APers:

1) What is your favourite technique for APing?

2) What is you favourite time of the day for APing?

3) How many times per/day/week, etc do you make volunteer APs?

4) How many times per/day/week, etc do you have spontaneous obes?

5) How many hours do you sleep?

6) What kind of things do you eat?How would you define your meals?

7) Do you pratice meditation/yoga/energy devlopment (apart from AP)

8) Do you pratice sport? With which frequency?

9) How would you define you obes (from 0 to 10, being 10 "very real like in real life" and 0 being "stupid like a weird dream, with a low lucid mind")


If we collect many answers we could make a statistical treatment of the information

EDIT: lol, question number 8 has a 8) on it because if you want to insert that smile, you must write a "8" plus a ")".
Ya, i was about to post something but 1st i need to now how to upload it...i thought that i could upload things with ease, but now it seems hard. How can i upload just a small part of some musics (dont worry, just a part of it, no illegal distribution of music here).

At some months ago that i see AP forums with little activity. At 2 years ago, or so, Ap forums were much more active i think.

What do u htink its happening?
i still have the hope that somesay there will be anice matrix 4.

what do you think?

what characters do you think that there should be or how it should be the story?

Morpheus and Neo are a must in the movie. About Trinity, i dont care that much.

Mr Smith its like main character...very nice.

Now, the story should be more imaginative, and deep. Neo could find that he can dodge bullets even in real life. Why? Whats happening? maybe they are inside another matrix, maybe something deeper its happening.

Anyway, i think that the action should be like in matrix 2 (the best one in what refers about action).
In google i find so much things that i dont know which one could be the best. Maybe you are familiarized with this topic so maybe you could say which one its the most credible and better website.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / EPR paradox
July 08, 2005, 17:31:54
Have you ever heard talk about "EPR Paradox"?

Basically it says that if you "pick up" a particle (be it an electron, neutron, whatever) and divide it apart in two or so, then some nice things may happen: for example, if you seperate both particles for a long distance, with no possible conections between them, then if you move the particle One into one direction, the Particle Number 2 will move too (dont remember if will do the simetric move or the same move).

This is my very rude way to explain EPR paradox. Now my question, for guys that may understand about these, is: was this EPR paradox been prooved? When? How? I never heard that there are physical proofs or evidences that EPR paradox is you?

btw, i was to post this on a science forum in which i am a member, but due to some problems it is impossible to post or read posts.