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I was reading and listening the teachings of E. J. Gold
He claim is an experienced astral traveler.

Please, watch this short video where he says that in the
afterlife there is no mind.

Is that truth? When we are out of boby only have the body of habits
but no mind?
Hello. I want to know if anyone here is a member of the CTP Club
or has made a course there.

This is the site:

Watch this video:
Does anybody know the astral travel device invented by E.J. Gold?

Look here:

E.J. Gold wrote several books. This is his personal site:

You tube channel:
Hello everybody. I want to ask you about something that here in South America is well known. It is about the so called Space Doctors. I do not know if you have heard something about it. The theme is so. There is a spiritualist temple in Brazil called Tupyara. So people who need to be healed of some disease must send a letter by post to the temple. Then they answer you back the letter telling you the day and time of the surgery.

You must prepare your bed with white sheets and lay in bed and stay quiet on the given date and time. At this moment some nonphysical beings that have been doctors when they lived in the physical will practice you a surgery.

Here in South America everybody knows about de Space Doctors and many send letter to the temple. And there are many testimonies of people that have been healed in this way.

My question is: Is it possible for a nonphysical being to affect a physical body? Can a nonphysical being that inhabit in Focus 27 to practice an "astral surgery" to a physical person?
Somebody know the Lucidology Method by Nick Newport?

He put a quick start method for free.
You can download it in this page:

The complete course costs $35

If someone has tried it just comment the results.

I just read what Bruce Moen says about earth changes in his book Voyages Into The Afterlife.

Here are two passages of the book about this theme:

Can you give me any information about the Big Plan for the Earth? You know, near future stuff?"
"In general the earth's near future is preparation for large population reductions. This will reduce human impact on the Ecosystem. There's been a steady build up of too many time/event line crossings which are driving toward Ecosystem collapse."
"What makes these population reductions necessary? Isn't there another way?"
"First, let me say the reductions are due to many forces coming together which by their nature lead to such reductions. Don't get the idea that someone has decided to exterminate large numbers just because it would be better for the Ecosystem. But, ecosystem recovery will be easier since there will be fewer resource consumers. Humans are by far the biggest consumers, so population reductions in that segment will have the biggest Ecosystem benefit."

"Information from my first contact at the Gathering indicated that the Big Show, as Bob Monroe called it, is an alignment of the Earth Core Crystal with a very distant object. I understood this intergalactic alignment would make a connection which would bring the energy of this distant object into the earth's nonphysical environment.
...the energy this alignment brings in will be the energy of Love, Pure Unconditional Love energy."

So here are two things: a large population reduction and the flowing of Pure Unconditional Love energy.

But when will it happen this event?
Is this related with all the 2012 stuff?
Or they are two separate things that has nothing to do?

Has anybody abtained some information at Focus 27 about this theme?
I have noted that Frank Kepple and Bruce Moen have different points of view about reincarnation.

This is what Frank said about it:

"The concept of "past lives" is an interesting one. Problem is, once you step outside of the physical "time", as such, doesn't exist. So there can be no past or future outside of a physical-system linear time construct. So to fly directly in the face of the zillions of mystics who claim otherwise, none of us can possibly have a "past" life. It's just that these people do not realize that we can, of course, merge with other focuses. But our other focuses are not us, as such. We can merge with them, but we are not them. We have never been them and we will never become them.  They are making the basic misassumption that they were once the other person. They are making the mistake of assuming their lives are occuring in a linear time framework. i.e. occuring in a sequential manner. In other words, that each life proceeds one after the other. Nope, all your focuses are living simultaneously and every one of your focuses is a different person. What "connects" them all, if you like, is they are a focus of the same Primary Essence within Focus 4 of consciousness and that is what makes it possible to merge with them. Past Lives" is a belief construct that is gaining popularity. But within subjective reality there is no such thing as linear time. You DO have other focuses that you can merge with, but they are NOT you. You are you and they are they. But people are SO transfixed with the notion of linear time they cannot think beyond it."

Now, Bruce Moen says in chapter 5 of his book Voyages into the Afterlife that in Focus 27 there is a place called Reentry Station.
And he describes how people reincarnate from this place.

Now, from what Frank said I supose that all focusses come from Focus 4 of his model. Not from focus 3 (focus 27).
If reincarnation occur from focus 27, then there is one self with multiples lives.

Can anybody clarify this theme?

Hello. I am new here. I have read in some posts that Frank Kepple wrote
several newsletters.

Can anybody tell me where can I find those newsletters?

Thank you.