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I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year here. It's been an amazing 2022 year here at the astral pulse. Much love, energy, and reiki from everyone. I hope all your dreams have come true in the astral plane and beyond. Shout out to my boy Xanth for holding this joint down. Love the new layout here. Really digging the plain retro vibe look.

Santa Clause said he'll be out of town after Christmas visiting the astral machine elves in DMT hyperspace. Apparently they've been really busy ever since Joe Rogan mentioned them on his podcast.

Shoutout to my guy the Buddha, I saw him about a month ago on his cell phone 3 dimensions away from nirvana ordering a pizza for him and his followers. He said he wanted one with everything.

Wanna give another shout out to my man, Jesus Christ. I ran across him in the astral plane, Upper realm,  somewhere between Bob Monroes and Frank Kepples inner dimensions. I saw him fishing. I told him he should use better bait from Bass Pro Shops instead (I use to work there). He said he hopes Russia and Ukraine doesn't get out if control otherwise he'll have to return and rapture a bunch of Christians kick Satan's butt and then rein and rule the earth with an Iron Septor for 1000 years.

Ok all jokes aside. Hope you all had a great Christmas!! Happy Travels!!
So from what I can gather we lose our free will when we die but are there other dimensions outside of this psychical dimension we can exercise free will in as a individuated unit of consciousness?

This question is for avid astral projectors with some first hand experience. From my research that I did many years ago I found that it is true, that the astral is linked to the afterlife, but my girlfriend doesn't think so. So I'm trying to find out for her. I like to out source my truth for things I don't know and understand. Just as I call a plumber to fix my piping, or and electrician to fix my electricity.  So I would especially love to hear from you if you had both a and NDE and a projection experience.  Any anecdotes would help a lot as well. Thanks.
I've been following the rapid breakdown of the Afghanistan government and military and now that the taliban has taken over practically the whole country, I have been saddened by this whole thing.  I can't get the whole thing out of my head.  We promised the Afgan people that we would be with them side-by-side through this, we spent and a trillion dollars helping Afghanistan and to just see it all crumble so fast is a huge loss for freedom lovers around the world. Women are now at risk of being subjugated and so much more, to put it lightly.

What does astral projection teach us about Islamism, war, and foreign policy if anything?

I don't care very much about the personal opinions here as I'm sure there will be some disagreement, but only what if anything astral projection may teach us about it.
A good friend of mine died. His name was Jay. He was a good man, a man of integrity, a man of his word. Even though he was as addict he lived life to the fullest. He didn't take crap from anyone, and he stood up for his friends, including me. I didn't know him a very long time but the time I did know him he was always friendly, always invited me into his house, and treated me with not only respect be treated me as family. His passing is a milestone in my life because that changed the course of my life. I know he's off into the astral now, and a new beginning for him has come, one of reflection, and one of understanding, and one of well let's admit it fun flying around.  :-D

In all seriousness though RIP Jay.
Hey everyone I've heard it said that we sometimes reincarnate to learn thought control. I'm wondering though does that mean the ability to stop our thoughts? Or the ability to control your thoughts? Or both?
Hi everyone, I've been thinking lately on how I can relate my taste for dark heavy music to the spiritual. Is there any place or reference for dark heavy music in the spiritual? Or there is no place for it? For instance I can listen to some types of old rap music and use that as a reference point for a life separated from the God for a lack of truth. Not to say that is the only way to view rap. I can enjoy it for what it is too. Anyway..

Note most of the songs I listen to are chill and laid back. But I do occasionally listen to dark music.

This is the song that inspired me to create this thread.
Verasect - Catch Your Breath (Ă˜fdream Remix)
I recently had a conversation with Xanth on facebook and he said we can't control. (Probably thought it was an illusion or something.) But then I promptly asked the question - well do we have free will? He wasn't sure and felt it was a loaded question. But perhaps some of you can have thoughts on this. It's an interesting question because I've heard from meditators and astral projectors often in the past things like all we can do is let go. And control is just an illusion. While many also believe in some form of free will.

When talking about controlling our thinking, the question of free will, and taking control of our destiny comes to mind. I also get the sense from meditators and from astral projectors that it doesn't matter if we can control our thoughts and our destiny because we are all going to the same place in the end anyway, which I disagree with.

But I'd be curious what your thoughts are.
So I got this idea. It's that in order to get the type of next reincarnation you want you must support for the things you want in your current incarnation to have them in your next reincarnation. And you must work against the things you don't want in this incarnation so you don't have to deal with it in your next reincarnation. Is that true? I mean I can't see how it would be any other way really. We reap what we sow. Am I missing anything? Thanks.
Before I get to this let me say that this post is connected with this previous thread.

Brother Just Died Of Alcoholism, Is He OK?;msg372034#msg372034

The report came in my brother died of alcohol/ethanol poisoning. Only 6 people a day die that way, it's really unfortunate that this happened. The good news is that I think he died relatively painlessly. Meaning it wasn't like he was wasting away in a hospice for years on end.

I don't want inflated answers I just want the truth. I know you's say that in the afterlife/astral there is no way of knowing if the person your talking to is a projection of the subconscious or someone real. So is there any way I can KNOW that I have found my brother after I died? Is there anyway I can contact him?

I know what yous will probably say, but I just need some assurance that he is OK. But at the same time be honest and let me know if any of you think that he could go to a lower vibrational dimension because of the alcoholism.

The thing that sucks the most is that he was only 35 years old, he wanted to live, he just found some vodka of mine, poured 2-3 cups and now hes dead. Everyone is shocked. It's believed that he died of a heart attack alcohol related, they are doing an autopsy.

Obviously forgiving ourselves and others at the energetic level, and psychological level is important.

But the Bible seems to portray a different level of forgiveness The Bible says:

Matthew 6:14-15 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

How do you think this works?

Personally I think that this scripture could work like this. Let's say there is a boy that is rapped as a child. And the boy doesn't overcome the trauma by it and which causes him to be unable to succeed in life. Then when both of them die the person that rapped the boy will get a worser reincarnation because the boy couldn't forgive the perpetrator and make something of their life. But if the boy did forgive the rapist and was able to overcome in life regardless of the trauma then then because the consequences turned out more positive then God will forgive the rapist by giving the rapist a better reincarnation for healing.

This is the only practical way in which this forgiveness thing could work I tend to think. Thoughts?
OK so my brother said that he might listen to an audio book about astral projection. He's a very smart guy and has his bachelors in computer science. He's a no non-sense kind of guy believing the material world is all that there is. What audio book about astral projection would be best for an atheist, naturalist, materialistic kind of guy like himself?

On a side note he tired lucid dreaming years ago but felt himself falling and he got scared and came back and never tried it again. But he might be willing to try it again.
So I want to get married and have children. Like I have a very strong instinctive urge to do this. I want to teach them how to astral project. Do you think it's fair that I require them to learn how to do it? Thanks.

EDIT: When I say require I mean pushing them to practice. I wouldn't force them to do it if they didn't want to. after all we push and even require our kids to do all kinds of things including eating their broccoli. 😂
Hi everyone, so it's been a long time since I've astral projected. And this if the first time it felt so complete. But still because it wasn't as vivid as I thought it should be I wonder if just maybe it was a lucid dream. So I was in a dream in a store and I saw a truck outside with a camera on it. I flicked off the camera on the truck because I don't like surveillance. Then I walked toward the door. And two black men walked up to me and one of them shot me in the neck. Some fear came over me. I fell to the ground. Not like a brick but slowly. As that was happening I felt like I was literally dying. I wasn't sure what was going on other than I felt my whole body and being phase inward. Like the astral projection reflex was triggered. I felt a calm buzzing come over my whole body as I phased inward. It felt so natural. Like I felt myself my consciousness falling inward. Never felt anything like that in my life. Then I felt my astral body physically leave my physical body at this point. I found myself in the astral. Not in the real time zone, some place else. And I got up and flew to the other room. It was dark outside. I saw a cat which we don't have a cat. Then I jumped out of the window. Then I flew to some high rise buildings. As I was flying around the high rise buildings I started becoming conscious of my flying abilities and so I started to doubt and my ability to fly slowed down. Then I just focused on flying normally again and it happened.  And I went inside one of them and saw people walking around in a this mall. I saw the tellers. The place was brightly lit. Then I thought wait a minute. What if I actually died. Then at that point. I thought of my body and phased back into it. Like fully and completely my whole consciousness phased back into my physical body. I couldn't believe it when I woke up. I was so happy that I woke up everyone in my home and told them about it.  The whole experience felt like I was far away from my physical body.

Note I just recently switched up my sleeping medicines and so now I am much more energetic and feel much better. And my pre-diabetes is clearing up from this medicine switch. And as a side benefit it seems that now I am now astral projecting.

Could this have been a lucid dream? Personally I am pretty damn sure that it was an astral projection if not for any other reason than my death and return felt so complete and real. But at the same time I felt like it could have been more vivid like the details of the astral projection. Or maybe I just don't remember that. But I've had lucid dreams before and this didn't feel like that at all. If this was a lucid dream this is the best damn lucid dream of my life. Thoughts?

EDIT: In case someone wants to try the combination of sleep aids that caused this astral projection it was a double to triple low dose naltrexone, and vitafusion sleepwell.
I know recently there was a thread talking about how people are not using forums like this and Xanths astral projection forum that got shut down. But lo and behold I found on facebook there are a ton of people signed up to different astral projection groups. It seems that many new people have just moved to FB to share their experiences.
I have a cousin that died by a large bomb in Iraq, nothing left of him, and I want to know if he still lives on in the astral. I think the best way to answer that is to see if someone who had an amputated limb still has that limb in the astral. So please if you can honestly answer this question I would appreciate it. Either way if he lives on as a full embodied being in the afterlife or is a part of the cosmic dust once again. I just want to know the truth. Thanks.
Is it possible to do something so wrong against your own self or God or higher being or all of them or whatever that you will be disowned on some level by some higher source?
Matthew 12:32
Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

I tend to think that this scripture has to do with a higher being(s) helping someone throughout their whole life or family throughout their whole life only to have the most important lesson not only rejected but to cause more suffering to others. Not only that but there was an agreement made before their incarnation that they would overcome because of the help of higher beings, then it all just gets destroyed. What do yous think of this?
High Skies - The World Forgotten
I am considering this option for myself. My family lives at the poverty to low middle class income level. Would taking out a high life insurance policy for my family for 10 million dollars then committing a peaceful suicide in 2 years later once the suicide clause exuding suicide in the insurance policy expires, would that count for a good karma? It would be like dying a martyr wouldn't it? That is dying for the sake of others that they might have life more abundantly. A very noble altruistic thing to do wouldn't it be? It would be totally legal. IMO it would be good karma as long as it was a peaceful death and done selfishly, and if I lived a good part of their life, and did most all that I could while here. Which is about where I am at.  :-)

EDIT: This is about giving my family opportunities not money just for the sake of money.
I got a new theory on reincarnation. Every new incarnation should generally be better than the last. Reasoning is simple. Evolution, evolution creates new and better forms of life and beliefs with each new generation. Many think that things are getting worse but if you look at world famous academic Steven Pinker he shows that violence has gone way down generally speaking. We use to fight over land and religion and resources for many years but through evolution of science and beliefs we have lowered war dramatically. Since developing nuclear weapons we don't fight each other, because the world powers know that if they get into a direct war that it would be assured mutual destruction for all parties involved. Which is why we only fight each other through sanctions or proxy wars. And the number of people living in extreme poverty has gone down world wide. So be glad that you have lived this long to endure this BS so far.

Anyway so yeah things should be better next time around for all of us.  :-)  :wink: Now I just need to solve the mathematical P versus NP equation that hasn't been solved yet. LOL
Not only do I get dreams of hell but I can often feel it's texture, it's very stuffy, and dense, and dark, with lots of sorrow and sadness. In the dream I either feel like I am going to hell because I deserve it or that I'm in hell. I know Tom Campbell said that we should look to our dreams to see how we are or something like that. I do know that a while back ago I got PTSD and I believed I deserved hell at that time. I went through an emotional breakdown that took it's toll on my soul. Even though I've healed a lot since then I feel like my emotional baggage is coming back to haunt me. I think my PTSD probably has caused my current recurring dreams of hell. I hope when I die I don't go to the bad lands. Thoughts?
How do I reincarnate into a family members child?
BTW I ask these kind of questions because I trust astral projectors generally speaking on spiritual issues because you's have the most experience astral projecting. I have a lot of fears around coming back and reincarnating. But I trust some of my family to be able to accept this, to accept that I might be able to reincarnation through their kids. Anyways would doing this be a hard or easy task to accomplish? And how could it be done if done at all? Considering I would be dead by the time they want to have kids. Thoughts? Thanks.
So I heard Tom Campbell talking about the larger consciousness system, and how this system is still evolving. So my question is do we tap into this system? Like can we devolve or evolve based on where we are in this larger consciousness system? Like is this thing objectively out there and we are somewhere on this larger consciousness tree?

EDIT: I guess what I am really trying to ask is does a highly evolved being have better access to this higher consciousness system than a lower evolved being? Like are we someplace on the consciousnesses system scale? Or do we all have equal access anyplace on this consciousness system scale if given the chance? As you can see I have a hard time explaining what I really am asking. Put I hope you understand.

It's gotten to where I can induce vibrations while trying to astral project. I get twitching in my eyes, the vibrations go all over my body, I feel myself expand a little, sometimes I get hypnagogic images. It's all very stimulating but I've never consciously astral projected from there. I can even induce vibrations while meditating awake with eye's open. LOL I am guessing I just need to keep practicing and eventually learn to move beyond the vibrations and actually separate by moving inward more. But I want you's thoughts on this one. Any advice how I can kick this up a notch? Thanks!
So I was reading Robert Bruce's book called "Mastering Astral Projection 90 Day Guide To Out-Of-Body Experience."

In speaking of Deep Physical Relaxation Roberts book reads:
"Deep physical relaxation is the foundation upon which everything else in this program will rest."

"If you do not thoroughly learn this essential skill, you could waste a lot of time and effort making projection attempts with little chance of success."

Now I have constant tension in my right foot. I can't stop it by even going to sleep. It's always there, even when resting. Would this really be a hindrance to astral projection? Should I wait for my foot to heal before I continue?

I don't want to get into politics per se, but I take great pride in the fact that I can and have changed my belief systems based on new information and I listen to different political and religious views.

I don't really find senators or presidents persuasive in arguing and debate, they don't really hold much sway for me politically, but I do love to hear the critics, I love to hear big picture arguments. I've learned so much listening to the critics on both sides. Host Dave Rubin is great at doing this, and it's so rare and valuable IMO.

This not only holds true for politics but also religion. I can listen and enjoy atheist Richard Dawkins one minute then enjoy Hindu Deepak Chopra the next. I can listen to conservatives Ben Shapiro and troll Milo Yiannopoulos one minute then listen to socialist Richard D. Wolff the next along with feminist Laci Green the next. I must say the only thing I refuse to seriously consider at this point is Islam and feminists that don't debate. But I do listen to alternative views of Islam like sufism for Islam.

Some people might think this is wishy washy way of thinking, and that might be true if I didn't have a relatively stable opinion, but on the contrary I've learned to find the middle ground. Also it makes my belief system much more complex and robust because if some piece gets taken out, I can take another route very quickly. I become like a branch that bends with the wind and doesn't break when a little hardship comes along.

I know in the past you's have flamed me for not getting what you want me to get. But that was only because of the format it was presented in.  :-D

Do you listen to opposing views politically, spiritually or non-spiritually?

I encourage you to embrace radical open your mindedness whenever possible through dialog, debate, and listening.
After you's told me that having kids wasn't required to have a good reincarnation I am rethinking my whole value system. I am in college right now and now I am questioning whether it's worth it to go for all that schooling right at this point. I am wondering if I should settle for something less ambitious.

So let me ask you what values do you think are the most important to live by here in the physical for a good reincarnation? Thanks.
This has been bugging me a lot. I am 34 years old I am am running out of time to have my own kids. I feel like if I don't have kids and pass on a positive legacy of some sort, as in leaving this world a better place than I found it, then I don't feel worthy to have a good reincarnation, is that true? I've heard mixed things on this. I feel like for some people it doesn't even matter because successful people have contributed a lot of good to this earth. But I feel like if I don't have at least one child of my own to raise on good ethics and morals to pass on, that I won't be worthy of getting a good reincarnation.

On the other hand I feel like just because we are here and have to endure the BS as a life as a human that we deserve to reincarnate into a slightly better reincarnation regardless even if we mess up in this life because things are slowly getting better here anyway. Thoughts?
I've heard William Buhlman say if you die a bigot you will continue to be a bigot in the afterlife. But skin color isn't much of a thing on the astral is it? Or are there still racists on the other side too?
We now know that genetics plays a big role in intelligence, intuition, emotions and many other traits. And yes I am sure that astral projection too can be passed along. Even if you had to learn astral projection there should be epigenetic changes that would make your children more likely to astral project from those epi-genetic changes. So would you donate your genetic information to pass along those astral projection traits to those looking for them?

Personally I am seriously considering getting an egg and sperm donor to make my children. And so the thought of being able to get this kind of niche genetic information for my kids is luring. Though I doubt that I can get such donors very easy. Certainly the genetics of natural astral projectors (people that have been able to astral project since childhood without training) would be very valuable thing to some people. My guess is that those that naturally leaned to astral project without formal training would have a different type of nervous system and physiology giving them the natural advantage of astral projecting. Though I am pretty sure even just learning astral projection and changing your physiology should change epigenetic markers for astral projection too. So would you like to do that and pass on your astral projection traits to a new generation?
I am reaching whole new levels now. Thanks to L*o, the guys name I can't even utter, because apparently he's banned here, LOL. Understanding is greater than truth. I love that. I never seem to plateau in my understanding of truth, because my understanding of truth is so decentralized at this point, and because it's so decentralized it's very very powerful, and can adapt to pretty much anything right now at this point. I will pass down this understanding to my kids, kids, kids, kids and so on then I will reincarnate through them if at all possible. It would be like having sex with my beliefs over and over again. Hahahaha Did I just say that. Oh that is too funny. LOL And no I am not on drugs right now. :wink:

Do you understand why understanding is greater than truth?
I just wanted to take some time and say Merry Christmas to all my friends here at the Pulse. I appreciate everything you's have done for me here over the years. Including Xanth!  :wink: With a special shout out to Szaxx.  :-)
Meet the guy that became enlightened without meditation or astral projection.

<removed link>

I will say no more, as the video is  self evident to those without an agenda. To those that have hears let him hear.
Since getting into astral projection recently again thanks to Szaxx, I've been wondering. What are the main over arching types of astral projection techniques out there? Like what types of techniques are there generally speaking? IDK how you would break them down, but there has to be an underlying theme that each astral projection technique has. Or a link to this subject would be fine too. I did a quick google search and couldn't find anything. Thanks.

EDIT: I think there has been some confusion so let me make my question clear. I am asking what are the broad categories for the different kinds of common astral projection techniques?
If you think Astral Projection is great I suggest you check this out. As it could be infinitely more important in helping you understand yourself in this world. Meet the guy that became infinite in 15 minutes. Also note that Leo has been doing tons of meditation, self inquiry, consciousness work for a good long while now. And he said something like all that other stuff he was doing was nothing compared to the insights he gained from this new experience on his journey to self exploration.

What Is God? - Leo Becomes Absolute Infinity (Aka God) - All Of Reality Explained

In his next video he tells you how to do it.
I wonder what you all think of this video. I know years ago I would love a video like this. I use to watch stuff like this and I believed it so much. Note I find it interesting that when he left his body there was a bluish tint, kind of like the astral. I actually use to read books by Mary K Baxter, which is the same thing he was reading up on, she is really extreme. Supposedly Jesus took her out of her body and showed her hell and heaven.


Thoughts please?
Hi everyone I recently lost a guy good friend of mine I had for about a year. We were good friends. I think it's caused both of us a lot of stress. Nothing too bad yet though. I am wondering how do you's pick your close friends, not acquaintances? What are some disqualifiers and what are some qualifiers?
Hi I was wondering if we could have a better format for PMs? The current way it's set up it doesn't allow one to follow the conversation very well through multiple PMs. Eg a better format would be like an email format, where one can start a new thread/PM and keep all the PMs of that topic and person in one place. Right now it's just scattered between inbox and outbox. I've wanted to go back multiple times to read through my PMs but it's hard to follow a topic since my reply their reply are scattered and are not in chronological order. Thoughts?
Pretty straightforward question?