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I hope it's ok if I start my own thread. I have so many APs that it wouldn't do to start a single thread for each one I want to share.

Well ok, I'm 44 years old this year and I'm finally at the point in my APing where I can AP whenever I want. That's to say, if I feel like going out I can always get out of my body without problems. This has been about a 25 year journey for me because I started reading about astral projection when I was around 18. It's so cool to be at this point and be able to explore and experiment.

My best advice on how to do it is to watch yourself falling asleep. The more you do it the more easy it gets. You'll begin to feel heavy and then misty as the lights slowly dim in your brain. The trick is to keep watching yourself fall asleep. Otherwise, there comes a point where lucidity will just stop and you veer off into the void.

So while you're watching yourself fall asleep stay aware of the threshold for exiting. At some point you'll know you are enough asleep to exit. It's good to be patient and relax instead of forcing it. Forcing it can sometimes be painful and you'll just end up with a headache.

I do all kinds of things when I AP. Just today I took a nap and had an AP. My bed is right next to a wall so I usually roll out of my body and exit through the wall instead of my front door. It's easier that way. Once outside I floated above the neighborhood and could see all the houses from about 100 feet in the air. My guide took over then and I started flying down the street faster and faster. It was dusky yet I could see every house and trees in prestine detail. Sometimes I like to do everything myself and choose exactly which direction to go... but sometimes I let the guiding force take me away.

I eventually made it to the city proper and like most of my APs it was a completely new location. Usually my APs start at my house where everything is familiar and things gradually change into new vistas that are completely different. I saw a beautiful grand church approaching as I gently raced toward it. It had arches and towers and steeples and was completely detailed. That's where the guiding force gently put me down right in front of the big wooden doors. I opened the door and went inside.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. I could smell incense and candles burning. It's rare for me to see open flame but sure enough the anteroom was full of purple candles and smoke from incense holders. When I looked into the church I could see lots of benches and the inconography was intense. Above were pictures of Jesus and Bhuddha and some Indian gods too I think. They where so detailed and beautiful I thought that this place had to be more than a dream. There's no way my imagination was this good.

I woke up a little after that with that incense smell still lingering in my nostrils. That's was just today though. I won't post all my APs here, just the good ones and the most exciting. Sometimes I learn a big lesson from an AP... I'll try to share those too.

Thanks for reading and please also share with me your techniques, APs, any advice or whatever...  :-)
So I'll just be honest and say that I probably jerked off a lot and had sex too since I was a teen.

But now that I'm maturing I am finding out that dropping those baser emotions have really improved the out of body experience. I find myself lucid in the most wonderful places doing the most amazing things. And I think it all started when I took control of my libido.

In the beginning I used to have aps about sex much like Monroe described. I had an uncontrollable need to find astral babes and have sex. It was lots of fun but maybe not worth it once I found the upper fruit.

So, I started shutting down that part of my body. And it worked... I don't jerk off much more.

Two years later I still find astral babes in my travels but there is none of sex. It's just cuddling and deep kisses but without any sexual dimension. It's totally deeper... cuddling in the astral without sex is probably the funnest thing I like to do.

Without sex I feel tall and I am standing up my head through the clouds... I think it's a journey we all have to make at some point.

That's all I got...   :-)
I had a very lucid experience the other night...

I'm not sure when it started but I was floating above a great series of mountains. Instead of peaks though they where huge Buddha statues carved out of the mountain. I think there where like twelve Buddha figures and their heads touched the sky where thunder rolled with the beginnings of a storm. They where massive! I've never seen statues that big.

Below the mountains that where Buddhas was a medium sized town with lights that shown in the dusky light. I could see that the town was sorta built below the big Buddhas and traveled up the cliffs into the heights. I floated down to this city and landed in front of the gates which where made of great carved logs. I went up to one of the doors and knocked. It creaked open by itself and I heard a voice say "Enter initiate!"

This is where it gets really interesting. A monk was there dressed in red robes. He talked to me about the "stations" up the mountain and walked me to the first station which was this beautiful temple with a sign I couldn't read. He left me there and another monk, this time a female, came and led me inside. She led me into the center of the temple where a pool of water was. She said to look deep into it and concentrate on quieting my thoughts.

It got so quiet suddenly and everything disappeared. But even though there was pervading darkness I felt safe. And the silence instead of being empty was full of awareness. Even though nothing happened it built to a great crescendo. It was like hot and cold at the same time. And then pow! A moment of pure... Everything!

I think this first station was an introduction the the nature of Mind. Even though it's empty it's completely full! Full of me and the Spirit. It was so beautiful... such a singular sensation and yet there was nothing there! Lol.

Anyway, I hope to visit the city again someday and try station number 2! My introduction to the nature of my mind was an eye opener and I wish I could describe it better. It was totally thrilling. Too bad these type of dreams or astral experiences don't come around that often for me. I've read some Buddhism but haven't touched it in years. This intro makes me want to pick it up again. It was so real.

OMmmmmm.  :-)
When I first started APing I was attracted to all the lovely astral girls that would appear before me in my travels. We would end up kissing and sometimes there was more. But astral kissing is different than normal kissing on the physical plane. Skin is interesting in the astral... on the lower planes skin is much like physical skin with the same textures or misty if you can't settle it down. On the higher planes skin takes on the surreal almost slightly rubbery/plastic texture. I like kissing astral girls but be warned... in the lower planes the astral girls have a taste. It can be bad unless you like that sorta thing. It's a bitter slimy taste like swill. I couldn't get used to it so I stopped kissing astral skanks. But on the higher planes kissing a sweet babe can be quite intoxicating full of depths and sweetness. The taste sorta becomes its own sorta space between you and your partner. Like you're both kissing with a candy between your lips.

If you're not sure if you're on a lower or higher plane a good way to tell about it and it's inhabitants is to kiss a girl. If she tastes normal or sweet you're higher up than if you taste that bitter swill. Just a theory... tho it stands to reason higher girls won't be hanging out in the slums or bad lands.

What produces the taste you taste in the astral when kissing? It's a good question... I guess it comes down to karma and your actions as an astral being. Or maybe hanging out in the wrong side of the astral seeps into your astral body.

I for one am probably going to stick to the nice clean astral girls from now on... lol. I'm sure they have good karma.  :-D
Anyone ever encounter any kind of astral technology?

I visited a place where everyone had a device much like here on Earth. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one and it was a silver gadget with email that zapped right into your brain without a screen. Also I think there is some kind of universal internet that anyone can use. The astral version of the internet? It's interesting to note that some planes of existence use technology quite heavily and some do not. And it's just not devices but astral technology. I remember a place where you could get your astral body charged up for free. It was like a metal detector, you go in and press a button and this light washes over you. Then you can fly ten times as better and faster and feel wonderful. A civilization with free energy is a wonderful place indeed.

I guess this could count as astral technology: There appears to be a network of gateways that can be accessed by anyone with the right access. Some are public or appear to be and some are only meant for the astral's higher-ups. You can only take the gateways to the higher Light planes if you're one of these elite. Or maybe you have to know somebody. Anyway, I think I've inadvertently accessed this gateway network in my journeys sometimes. I think they are ways in which souls travel the astral. I think they exist because there are laws that limit how an entity can travel in the astral.
Has anyone ever had a "Home" or house ap? I've had three so far and they where so wonderful. They're not like when you exit into your room. These are like deams of your home in the astral where everything feels good and shiny and safe and heavenly.

I found myself lucid in one of these and my house was huge. My room was enormous and sparkled and had all the new hitek astral appliances like a 3D projector and quantum super computer. I instinctively knew how to use them and their systems. It's almost like when you ap the memory block of your double, or your dreamer, is available. Anyway, even the bathroom was gilded in gold and had a waterfall shower. I went to explore my new home and found that I had a Mother! And she was cooking dinner! She was nice and all and pretty but I asked her about the house and if this was my home? She said we all need a place to call home after "transitioning" and that not to worry because it would always be here in one form or another. I told her I was living a life on Earth too, she got kinda disgruntled and said, "We don't talk about that honey." It's almost as if the astral and earth life are kept separate so that we can go on with our normal lives and not freak out. There's a filter of sorts and I think that's why it's so hard to remember aps and dreams.

So anyway, I've had other house aps and my homes always make me feel safe and nurtured and happy. The one thing that's sticks out is how shiny and sparkly and real ap homes are. Swathed in light. It gives me hope that when I do transition I won't have to wander the astral realms untethered (which is kinda scary to me). I'll have a home where I can be safe. Go on adventures and when I tire just go home. I hope that's what it's like. I remember reading that Buddhism says that the afterlife is very much like our dreams and aps. Hope so. Something to look forward to for everyone. A place to call your own.   :lol:

It constantly amazes me the lucid ap state. When it's not fully engaged things are murky and unclear and if you completely let go you wake up or go into the dream state. But when it's truly engaged to it's fullest we can see how precious this state is we are experiencing.

Full lucidity is a state of rapture where the astral is layed out completely before you. And it's colors! I've never seen a blue sky more blue than in the astral. Things are crisp and clear and lighted from within and without. One time someone gave me a cigarette in the astral when I was fully lucid like this and it was the most real and enjoyable cig I've ever had.

This gives me hope that after death this state is the natural state because it would mean that there really is a life after death.   :-o
I got to experience this finally last night.

I rolled out of my body and went outside. My door was open and this is usually a good sign from the astral gods that everything is ok. (Sometimes it's locked and that usually means I have to be careful for meanies). I looked at the houses on the street and one had a light on which usually means there's someone waiting for me in there.

I went into the house (they're always unlocked) and there was a beautiful girl with blond hair and gorgeous face and body. "I was waiting for you," she said and then motioned for me to sit down at the table. But my astral vision went dark right then. I was so mad. I couldn't see anything! So I did my old trick... looked for my hands. I put my hands in front of me and concentrated. Finally, snap, my vision came back. As it did the girl threw herself at me. She was naked and I suddenly realized I was too!

Now, I've tried to have astral sex before but I failed every time. I would wake up too soon because I was so excited. But this time was different. Everything worked like clockwork and it lasted for like ever!

It was amazing! Better than ordinary Earth sex. It was so detailed and extremely exciting! I seemed I had superhuman vigor because like I said it lasted for more than an hour it seemed. Finally I got to climax and this is the first time that's happened to me! Success!

In the middle of the sex at one point I asked her name and she said, "Beladina."

Man, lately my aps have been really taking off and this is as far as I've ever gotten as far as sex. I recommend you try it at least once until you succeed. This girl was an absolute goddess!

Well, it's finally happening! I'm APing awake!

This is happening during my normal waking hours. Usually in the later part of the day. Strengthening as I head for my bed at night.

For example, it's 2 PM. I'll go outside and sit in my favorite chair. I close my eyes. And it's there! The astral! Huge beautiful vistas in Teknicolor!

In some ways it's better than APing at night. I can leave my body while awake and fully lucid in the waking mode. That's the difference! I can use my right brain to examine and observe and interact with the astral while I am still in waking mode. It's truly awesome!

It's like this. I will close my eyes and gently tug my arms out of their physical counterparts. I can touch them together in the astral (my astral hands) and then unglue myself fully.

I must admit that there is a difficulty in letting go. The awareness of my physical body remains strong but as I deepen my trance it does fade more and more.

The beauty of this system is that interacting with beings is much more fun! I can actually speak to them in full control of my intellect and this serves to cause some of the most interesting conversations!

But the actual clear and crisp Teknicolor quality really good APs have remains. There is so much Light during the day as well. There is a vitality to the whole experience that is truly intoxicating.

All I can say is... what's next?

Last night I had a cool AP. I exited and found my way into a classroom of Astral Kung Fu. I was emmidiately put to the test against one of the new students like myself. I had a natural knack said the teacher.

Two opponents stand off and then the fighting begins. Astral Kung Fu is different than physical fighting. A lot more goes into it. It's more mental and feels like a chess game but with energy. And it happens at lightning speed. Each attack is defended against with its own counter move which involves drawing on all kinds of feelings and awareness. It's like two awarenesseses clashing... There is an attack and a counter move which happen bodily, mentally, and energetically. It's difficult to describe.

I was very humbled by the teacher, who I could tell was a master, and by my teammates. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I finally came across a group of people who I could respect. Their discipline was masterful and they understood mysteries to awareness that I have barely began to scratch the surface of.

It ended with me signing up permanently. I had gotten my first lessons in Astral Kung Fu! Most all the participants were of Asian decent which was interesting.

It's so cool how to know to defend yourself up there in the Astral. I can't believe there are schools we can go to for this education. It's inspiring isn't it?

Last night I made some irregular friends. Although good ones.

Have you ever heard of TV Show BSTs? Apparently the theory is that a tv show becomes so popular that it becomes its own BST... Or a sort of commune where people's dreams go. They inadvertently astral project to this place and find other people who are also great fans of the show. I think these tv show BSTs form themselves completely out of the mass awareness of all the people watching them.

Anyway, I had downloaded all the shows from Dawson's Creek (yeah I know but I like it) and was watching them while I worked (I work from home making video games.) Somehow watching the show guided my astral body to the show's BST that night when I went to sleep.

It was awesome! I was in Capeside, the town where Dawson's Creek takes place and all the familiar haunts where there. I was completely lucid for the experience and kept on checking myself to see if it was just a dream or a real BST in the astral. I'm telling ya... It was as real as can be.

The best part was that I got to hang out with the cast, Dawson and Joey and Pacey. But the wierd thing was that they didn't act like the characters on the tv show...they acted like the actors giving their real names to me and explaining that they where also asleep.

The way I met them was that they came after me kinda in an angry way. I was walking down one of the streets when Dawson and Pacey sorta were sneaking after me. "What are you doing here dood?" They wanted to know who I was. Sorta as if i had intruded into a special club or VIP BST. Once I introduced myself (with my natural astral charm) we became friends and they led me out to one of their safe houses where the girls where waiting. I guess they were all kinda curious about me for some reason as if I was some sort of VIP myself.

Meeting with the girls Katie and Michelle (Joey and Jenn) was awesome. It was one long astral projection and i got to go on dates with both of them plus hang out with the guys some. We did a lot of talking... and the thing that really threw me off was that they were regular people. Not the characters from the shows but the actors. I had a conversation with Katie where she told me she projects on a regular basis. She said she hangs out with a lot of the fans in her dreams. I asked her if she was real and she smiled at me and pinched me. "Are YOU real??"

I still don't know for sure what kind of astral projection or super lucid dream this was. But if it was a dream and not an astral projection I couldn't tell ya. I tested my experience over from different angles and I'm more prone to believe that tv show BSTs are for real.

I remember Katie saying, "When you get to our level there's just so many people you can hang out with."

And yeah, she was still smokin hot.  :-P

What I'm thinking is that everyone has an astral version of themselves hanging out in the astral all the time. Maybe Katie wasn't really asleep and APing but I still met her soul... which was hanging out in the BST. Kinda wierd huh? I don't understand it myself. And the AP was crystal clear man. I was there. Makes me want to think that APing is just nothing but dreams. And we make it all up. But then again... I've never seen a dream behave like a real person with real information. Maybe there is something to a TV Show BST.  :-o

(yeah, I got to kiss the girls)  :wink:
Last night was really amazing. I decided on a long trip... A journey "out there". I got out of my body and started flying. Straight up I went for like what seemed 15 minutes. I saw space, and stars, and galaxies. I kept going and going with the intention to find something beautiful. Then... Bump... I found it.

Out of the mists appeared a mountain. I flew above it looking down at the most charming mountain village. It was sizable though with pretty little white washed brick houses with pretty little red roofs. Toward the center of the community rose some really modern looking buildings that contrasted yet complimented the town.

I flew down toward the building and found an open window. Some lady greeted me with surprise and invited me inside. She was friendly enough but was really surprised. In a matter of minutes they came to arrest me. I was taken down to the town and processed. They asked a lot of questions and I told then that I was just exploring the Universe when I found them.

They weren't mean at all. I think they were shocked to see me as if they hardly get any visitors. My astral body was given a medical exam and I was given a few injections and some kind of energy treatment. Afterwards I felt really good. They gave me a uniform and eventually someone picked me up. I had been assigned to one of the processing stations. My boss was some dude or other that explained to me that their little town surrounds a hot pocket of some kind of energy they mine.

This had all taken a really long time and I just wanted to wake up but I couldn't. I was starting to get worried. The way they acted was like a didn't have a body waiting for me back on Earth. They had no idea I was just projecting. To them I was an outsider that miraculously had found them and their little operation. I was processed and made part of the community.

But I still couldnt wake up. I started thinking maybe I had severed my connection with my body somehow or they had.

Still, this wasn't the worst place to land. Everything looked clean and bright and everyone looked really attractive. After the tour of my job I was given quarters and some free time. I visited a gorgeous little park with lots of friendly and happy people. They were flying around, having picnics, dancing, and enjoying themselves.

I remember thinking that my astral body had never felt so good and healthy. Whatever they had done to me at their hospital I felt great. I felt the awareness of not just my astral body but other finer bodies beneath that. I knew for the first time that astral bodies are just one of finer and finer bodies we all have. And like our physical body sometimes they need to be maintained. Anyway, i also projected this afternoon after I got back and took some time to checkout my new healed astral body. It feels quite good.

So anyway... I was at that park when I had to go pee. But astral bodies don't pee right? That's when I realized that the feeling had been creeping up on me from Earth where my physical body needed to urinate. I concentrated really hard and I was suddenly in my bed. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

I was back but I felt really different. The physical world almost seemed like a dream. I was sure I was back but not 100% sure.
I've had lots of astral experiences but I still don't know where I'll end up after I die. I've been to the lower planes where the permanent residents where ghouls and hungered for vitality by chasing me down. I've been to the higher worlds where soul groups gathered in communes to learn and practice the Light.

And I've also experienced my own nirvana where I lived in my own beautiful world with a magic house that saw to my every comfort.

So I wonder where we do end up after we die. Can we choose? Can we have it all? Explore the universe and then recess to our own dreams of heaven.

I've also heard if our karma is ripe enough we can achieve the highest heavens and float inside an ocean of pure Love next to God.

Also, I've always wondered why some souls end up in the trenches of the lower planes. How did they get there? What do you have to do to end up like them? If I knew what not to do I would feel safer in my astral explorations.

Is it as simple as having choice where to go? Or is there something that limits us from achieving certain existences? What is that?

How does vitality fit into it? I've seen some beings that are dark and without Light and life. Again, how did they get that way? I've seen angelic beings that could make me laugh hysterically in bliss by splashing me with pure Love. How did they get that way?

What do you think?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Quick exiting
February 24, 2012, 03:45:22
What I wanted to write is that my ability to exit my body seems to be increasing. I can just lay down, calm my mind, and in 5 minutes I can force my astral body out of my physical body. I don't even have to be halfway asleep anymore. I don't know if it's healthy to do it this way but it certainly gets me to the other side and quickly. It feels like I'm stretching something... Something that needs to flexen more and more. Eventually I hope it becomes more comfortable so I can exit without being half tranced or asleep.

So I am wondering if this is healthy and a good idea? It's a little painful to push myself out of my body so quickly. But it works! I don't have to worry about accidentally falling asleep on myself. This is cool because then I can project any time I want but it definitely feels forced somehow and I'm just a little worried.

But isn't that what we're all trying to get to sorta? It would be cool if you could just lay down and exit in less than 60 seconds.

Today I had a very strange AP. It's remarkable only because I got to talk to someone and extract some value information from the astral.

It started with me slumbering on a afternoon nap. I entered the AP world within minutes.

I found myself in a big gray building flying from floor to floor in amazing lucidity I found an exit and made it outside. The first thing that came into view was a park in maybe... Chicago? I stopped next to someone with an RC plane and went up to talk to him.

"Can you see me?" I asked.
"No," he replied quickly.
"So how do you know I'm right here?"

He just smiled and I moved on. I asked several other people if they could see me and the answer was always no. Were these real people?? Who where these astral beings in this beautiful city?

I found an outside cafe and sat down. The waitress came over and I ordered the menu. That's when it got weird. The hole restaurant staff started going crazy looking for a menu. They where almost worried I would find them out. I moved on.

I found this beautiful girl sitting on the grass in the park. I sat down next to her and asked her if she was Ok. We started a long talk about the nature of herself and the city. She said "We are Negatives. And this city is called New Saint Claires."

"What is a Negative??" I asked. She just smiled. I started kissing her then and it was lovely. All except for that familiar swill taste that all Negatives carry. They taste like a little bitter on the mouth. Some much more than others. I said goodbye to her and lifted into the air. She stood up and waved at me for the longest time. They where all so nice... even if they where "Negatives".

This AP sorta scared me because I could not wake from it. I would wake up in my bed only to be plunged back into the AP world immediately. I could not wake back up! Finally I awoke in my bed and I realized that there was a presence that was vibrating me asleep. It was there on the edge of my awareness. It was like a pulsing green star. I could of been lulled back to sleep and back into the AP world without a second thought if I hadn't forcefully gotten out of bed and shaken myself from my wild experience.

The Negatives huh?? What the heck??? More like the Phantoms!  :-o
I had a really bad projection a few nights ago. Tonight I had the best one on record. Ever!

The thing is... I don't think I came back from it! It's still happening whatever it is...  :lol: ...and I'm awake! Did I come back? Oh oh! It happened again didn't it?

I projected and was immediately dragged into some kind of drama with some souls trying to do something to me. I think hurt me...

But once they found out I couldn't be hurt and I was actually flying and creating beautiful dreams in the astral they gave up and I was free.

It this projection I was in the Astral World but not everyone was as free as me. There was something wrong with 99% of them... they probably had Bad Karma is my guess.

Anyway... I was just flying. Raibows lights were coming off me and everything.

I went into this restaurant and saw my old friend Steve who had tried to beat me up in high-school. He was a waiter there. The first thing he said to me was... "I owe you lunch." Then he was gone to serve a customer. I said "Steve!" "Steve!" cuz he's still my friend and I wanted to talk to him. But he couldn't hear me.

So everyone around me is going about their busines but hardly anyone can fly... or be free more accurately. They just have no raibow colors on them.

Then I see this old woman who does have some rainbow on her. She is free and flying trying to get some steak from the pantry. We don't even order at this point we just grab stuff off the shelf. Higher ups and all.  :lol:

So I go up to talk to her and she turns into the most beautiful maiden ever. And we start dancing.

I thought! I thought! I knew what Love was.  But this dancing was so out of my experience. I turned into a cirlce of soul and so did she and we fractalized together and there was the most beautiful music that orchestrated itself around us. So beautiful!

Too bad I woke up! Oh too bad! Because I really thought I was dead.

Upon waking up my Mom had come home from work and I heard her in the kitchen talking to someone "I could of done it too. Just because I'm not so beautiful" she was saying or something like that. I hate when people turn into phantoms! My Mom dood! Ugh! Everything that was happening in my astral dream was still happening while I was awake. The TV was talking about me. The cat was looking at me like "what did you do to deserve it?" You know??

Anyway... Exiting Planet Earth... alive and well. WHHHHHOOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!! CHZZZZZZ!
Holy cow.

I had a death rehearsal last night or something.

I got out of my body as usual (through astral projection) went out into the street and things started changing as usual morphing into other dreams.

It wasn't long before the Game started and I was off.

This time I found myself in one of the Hells. Probably the higher Hells from what it looked like. Still awful awful awful!

I found myself in one of the chain gangs walking around in a line of people. We never stop. Just go from one horrible place to another tired as dogs.

We were directed to go down into a pit of complete darkness at one point and that is when I came to my senses and bolted. I broke my chains and squeezed through a grait in the fence and I was off.

I had to get out of this Hell! It was bad bad bad. Trash everywhere. Dead things. Yuk.

I started exploring and found myself in this dark corner next to some old machine garage. It was boxed in with these three shelves full of old old books. I started looking through some of them and they where all the home-made satanic books God had collected from all the bad bad people. Probably the worst ones. They where awful!! Later on I realized this was my first test. If I would of stopped there to read those books I would of stayed in that place.

I quickly climbed the shelves of books and made it to the other side where a huge cliff stood. I looked over the side and it was abyssal. It was the highest cliff over a desert I have ever seen. I ran and jumped off the cliff.

Fell for like 30 seconds and landed gently on my feet on the first level above Hell. (I don't know why it was below Hell. I just know I made it out of there.)

It was full of intoxicated happy people taking baths everywhere. That is their thing. After hell I guess taking baths is the thing to do first! [:D] Oh how I wanted to get into those pools. There where big ones and small ones. I started looking around and finally asked someone if I could take a dip in one of them. "They always ask." is what I heard one guy say. Haha!

So there I am enjoying the water. It was relaxing and I tried out these massage chairs as well that vibrated as water splashed all over you. It was nice... but the place isn't Heaven. It's dark and a little creepy still. I knew this is not where I wanted to be.

So gently I asked my friend next to me, a big guy that was cracking crude jokes, how to get to the next level. He gave me directions on how to find the "Elevator" and I was off. On the way... I asked myself why doesn't everyone just take the Elevator? I was about to find out why.

I asked around a few times. There was this small kind little alien or elf that tried giving me directions but quickly fell asleep. Finally found the elevator after reading some signs.

It was a big room like a subway station but with three dark holes in the middle. Every so often a huge Elevator from different levels comes by and I figured I'd have to hop it to go there. You never know which of the three platforms the Elevator is coming up and it's a pain getting to the other side before it goes up so you only have one chance to guess at a time.

So I'm waiting... and waiting!

Finally I hear a rumble and one of the Elevators comes down. It's the one I need to catch but I'm on the wrong platform. So I have to wait again and again.

Finally I catch the Elevator. It's not the Elevator to the next level though. It's one back to Hell!

There are these great dressed devils in nice suits smoking cigarrs with a girl in each arm and babes sitting in cushions that are so hot and tight dressed that anyone might just go with them. Another test.

The girls come off the Elevator and try inviting me to go with them.  I'm like no way!! Not going back there. They all then start making fun of me and rediculing me. Finally the Elevator goes down again and I breath a sigh of relief.

I'm not the only one waiting around for the Elevator. There are a few crazy guys waiting too. One in a cowboy hat is running from platform to platform constantly. I guess he really wanted that Elevator bad.

I'm about to give up when the Elevator from above finally arrives. And I catch it! Phew!

I start talking to the conductor and he says this Elevator is shut down for maintenance! Great. He said there is only room for a few people and those seats are taken. I had time to engage the conductor in a conversation. I asked him if meditation would take me to Heaven quicker. He scratched his head and said Geez! I'm not sure!

So he's about to take off to the next Level and I see an empty seat. I think about it and actually sit down on the chair. Then though... I think about it again and stand up. Good thing, because there is a mean mean devil alien looking thing who the seat belonged to. I take it as another test passed and head out to explore the Level I am on.
Forget the Elevator!

I start thinking that if I just keep working on trying to get to Heaven I probably will eventually. It's easy as long as you don't stop. And God it seems is with me the entire way ! ! ! Testing me at every turn !

I'm definately convinced that there is life after death. It's just not what we think. God's souls are tested every step of the way. That is why I am thinking that even normal everyday life here on Earth is a test.

Why so many tests... I guess there are no words for explaining those things. But I found myself weeping when I understood this silent conviction.

Good luck all!
I ask because I have one too.

I didn't know what it was until a few years ago. It kicked in when I was about 22. I'm 35 now.

When it first became active I started getting all these sensations in my left foot. I went to the doctor and he said it was probably RLS (restless leg syndrome). I did my research but it didn't sound like anyone else's RLS.

The sensation is a very deep beautiful buzz of love. And it's right in the sole of my foot. I thought it might be kundalini but it was too isolated almost like a particle of Heaven. It's a little tough to describe.

I inspect it once in awhile when I am in my astral body. It is a bright, bright, little star in my foot. So tiny but so powerful. It's yellow and makes me smile involuntarily everytime I look at it. :lol:

I went online one day and found all this information about etheric implants. The technology comes from the Sirians. A race that lives near the star Sirius. They are very technologically advanced. There are all kinds of etheric implants and it's taken me awhile to learn how mine works. It has all kinds of "features" and "functions". One of them is that it can organize the world around me in special ways. It can communicate not just through the sensation (because it's directly attached to my nerve endings it seems) but it can commuincate through messages it organizes in the outside world - some would call them omens or moments of synchronicity. It's language is mathematical and it uses numbers to key me in on special higher awareness principles. There is a whole language I've learned because of it.

I am a scientist firstly and foremost so I've used the scientific method to debug my experiences. I guess you would have to experience it yourself to believe it. But... I think it can manipulate reality itself!

Anyway... there is so little information about these things that it made me curious to know if anyone else has one.

I hear there are negative etheric implants that other negative alien races implant into hosts as well. I've thought long and hard about my implant and it's definately benevolent. I just sit there on my bean bag sometimes and just communicate with it. It's constantly going zzzzzz on a super high frequency and it feels so good almost like an opiate.

I wonder if this makes me a Sirian? Does anyone have any information on the Sirians and their etheric implants? I'm so curious to learn more. I for sure know that I'm on some kind of astral school and this is like my laptop.  :-D

Thanks for reading.  :-)
I talked to my Sant Mat teacher a few days ago and he told me the places I've been visiting are probably the Lower Heavens.

The Lower Heavens are the places 99.999% of people go to when they die. All the Higher-Heavens are protected by gateways who are protected by Guardians. Before entering the Higher Heavens for the first time you'll need to be tested. It really helps to come with a letter of recommendation. That is why I'm into Sant Mat. Their whole philosophy deals with the mechanics of Heaven. A real Sant Mat teacher will absorb your karma and show you to these gateways. He does this by "picking you up" when you are asleep or meditating. It takes a Master undoubtedly.

Anyway... I've been visiting the Lower Heavens while I astral project on my own sometimes at night. They can be beautiful. Everything shines about 2 or 3 shades lighter than where we are here: this cruel physical reality.

They have cities, and subways, and music clubs, movies, and things to do instead of eating, and tons of different amazing wacky stuff you can't imagine! It's a fun place to visit except for a nasty little game they play.

You see... everyone on the Lower Heavens it pretty much stuck there. Most of them eventually last a few years, many a century, before they drift back down to a physical reality and are born again. This is good and bad. While nobody wants to leave Heaven - even a lower one - being born again allows us to work a lot more on our spiritual development. Physical reality is REAL as in things go "bump" and this is where most progress can be made on our spiritual progress. YOu can do this in the Lower Heavens but it's a lot more difficult. Things change so much... it's not a really stable place to practice.

So these nasty games they play in the Lower Heavens... When a "higher-up" is seen in the Lower Heavens everyone wants to steal his key or magic. It's almost a primitive instinct. The techniques to do this are on an amazing complexity by now. It's very sick in a way.

So if you find yourself in the Lower Heavens best thing to do is try to scampper off to a deserted area so you won't attract attention. Definately don't use your magic or you will attract people to you. I've done this numerous times believing I was in a dream of my making (but wasn't) and ended up being hounded and taken in to their facility for dealing with "higher-ups". They are interrogated etc. It's a digusting process I had to endure once. It never goes anywhere and you eventually just wake up from the exhaustion of being poked, proded, and pulled.

It's still a fascinating place to visit. I sat through one of their movies once and was awed. They have the same stuff we do but much better! At least in an eye-candy kind of way. If it wasn't for me being so shiny I could of stayed longer and blended in.

Anyways... I guess my motivation to write this is for someone here on Earth to read it and get a Sant Mat teacher. I know a few religions... but this one deals exclusively with Heaven. It's the closest thing I've come to a real spiritual practice. So hopefully you can find a Teacher too. He can take you all the way Up. So when you die you'll be able to pass the gateways into the Higher Heavens where the real beauty is. Oh... it's so beautiful. And not get stuck in the Lower Heavens... which although 2 or 3 grades brighter than our world are still problematic and full of mean selfish people.

I've been getting so good at this. The past year has been full of amazing adventures. Not just in the astral but in the real world... as my dream life reflects through.

With these new abilities I spent a lot of time wandering and trying to copulate with pretty girls in the astral world. It was very rewarding in it's own way. Kissing is definately more intimate in the astral realm especially when your partner is into it as much as you are.

Anyway... I grew out of my sexual phase and glad I did.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I was able to go back in time to when I was a teenager in highschool. I phased out, sat on the floor in my room and meditated on my old life. I was there in a few minutes.

I ended up in my basement where I slept. I sneaked into my room and there I was asleep. Everything was just like I remember. So vivid and nostalgic.

I looked at the body lying there and felt it was not me. It looked like me but it was "empty". At least it felt that way.

I knew this was my chance. I slowly sat down on the bed and there was this bardo moment. Like I was making a decision that would change everything.

I lay down and slowly rolled into my body.

At first I couldn't make the connections. It was life trying to fit on a suit that was 1 size too small. But then it clicked. I could feel all kinds of processes taking place. Sensation in my toes was the first thing I noticed and then it sorta traveled up my body to my head like a zipper.

I could tell that this sensation was important. I was wiring into my body. Into my younger body.

As this sensation got to my my third-eye I encountered a strange kind of struggle. As if a lot of connections had to be made. Somehow after a while it clicked and I woke up!

I opened my eyes and I was awake. Really awake. Really really awake! And I was in my old room back in 1992.

I moved my hands and wiggled my toes and they were mine! I took a breath of fresh air and noticed it was cold and felt like winter or the air-conditioning was turned on high. I felt a little dizzy like I was on a boat though. And then... something so strange happened. My third-eye started hurting so badly. And then I was expulsed out of my body. Immediately I woke back up in my old body 18 years later.

Now... I think if I keep trying I will succeed in traveling and staying back there in time. I know I can do it. It's just a matter of bonding to my new body. Maybe I can become immortal this way. Maybe other people are already doing it. I remember watching The Timetraveler's Wife and wondered how they got such a cool idea!

I've been able to AP everytime I want to for like 2 weeks now. I started on the journey about 15 years ago... fumbling through my projections. I think I've finally made it... become a permanent citizen of the astral world.

So here are a couple of cool things I've learned.


One of my powers is lighting! When I get angry or need to defend myself in the astral, lightning starts flashing down from the clouds or the sky. It surrounds me, imbuing me with highly charged energy. Then I can like sorta expulse it at anything or anyone who might be attacking me. Haven't had any fights yet... I just sorta played with this white lightning making it take forms and shapes. Very cool. Feel very ticklish between my fingers and toes.


This is a new ability I learned a few nights ago. You start running down the road or a path - a highway will do. And then you lift your feet off the ground. Then you use your hands like a jet engine. You sorta suck air through your left hand and propel it out through your right hand which is pointed backwards toward the back. The more "air" you take in through the forward pointed hand the more you can project toward the back... like a jet engine. I saw many other travelers on the road doing the same thing. They looked like they where on speedo bikes but I know they where doing the same thing. You can get going SOOO fast! Fun.

What can you guys do in the Astral? Anything I can try next??

This is kind of a funny story so I thought I would share it.

Usually, I OBE during the day when I take a nap. Getting out of my body at night isn't so frequent for me until the last few weeks. It's been happening about 3 or 4 times a week just when I go to bed.

So... I've been going out and walking the neighborhood.

There is this really cute girl a few houses down that is about my age. We've seen each other a few times but never talked or anything.

So lately, when I phase out of my body, I go to her house, open the door, and sneak into her room. It's so funny why in the OBE world doors are never locked!  :-D

The first time I visited her she was laying in her bed asleep. She was so beautiful just laying there. I sat on her bed but then unexpectedly woke up.

The next time... I sat on her bed and nudged her a little. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me and then I said "Hi. How are you?" She smiled shyly and said "HI....!"  almost like I was really familiar to her. 

The next time I went to her house she was in her room "awake" and she was spraying something in her room. I have no idea what it was... We started talking and she said she was spraying for bugs. I think she was in the middle of a dream of hers or something. Anyway I sorta pinched her waist and she popped out of her dream into mine. Then just like that our hands found each other and we started kissing and hugging. Her hands were all over me. Her kisses tasted very normal and sweet... which means she is a good person. I've kissed "bad" people before and they taste awful!

So a few days later I see her pull into her drive way in her car. She gets out and looks at me and just stares a little too long as if SHE KNOWS that I've been going into her room. I hope it's true and we both shared these experiences.

The next step of course would be to go and talk to her for real... lol. Still working on that one. But I'm going to keep visiting her and see where this astral relationship goes... if it's really happening at all.  :-D
Something strange happened to me last night... well it's been happening on and off for years and I don't know what to make of it.

So I lay down and I'm trying to get to sleep. It's about 2 AM (I'm a night owl).

I'm not even drowzy or half-asleep yet when I sense something in the room. All of a sudden I get flooded with intensity. It was like a dark piece of space that just got louder and louder (if you can imagine that.)

This thing or power in my room got so intense that I started getting scared. Suddenly my energy body becomes lucid and starts sticking up for itself. I rise from my body to meet this power head on. It was tough because it had me almost pinned down in paralasys.

So I'm finally out of my body... I start looking for the source of this thing. I can feel the space around me charged with the heaviness of intensity.

I looked all around my room but couldn't find anything. Then something starts spinning me around. I look down at my left arm and there is this white orb kind of stuck to it. I tell it to go away! But it's not really attacking me or being negative. It's just there spinning me around almost in an impersonal way.

Finally I wake up back in my body wondering what the heck that thing is.

It's happened to me before. Sometimes I hear this thing making animal sounds when it comes for me. Like a duck, like a squirrel, like a chirping. I don't know what it is. I don't think its bad because it's helped me many times jump start my astral travels when I've been energetically drained. What is it you think??
Are the worlds we travel into during an OOBE or AP real?

I ask because I always thought that everything that happened to me in my lucid dreams was a projection of my own mind. I also ask because I can be an obnoxious dreamer and I sometimes play rough with my dreams... playing funny tricks on my dreams to amuse myself.

If I knew for a fact they were REAL... well... lol... that might change my mind about tossing and pushing people around in my dreams. I know it would...

So what is the real story??

I'm in my 30s now. Single. Been OOBeing since I was a teen. Everytime I've had a partner my spritual life just went zap. So I figure everyone is alone really... just gonna try to shine my little magic ball as clean as possible while I'm alive so I can catch a nice plane of existance whence I kick the bucket.

Ok... so I've traveled. Went up high for a few years, went out far, and went down low too.  These days I just stick around my neighborhood and area.

The thing is (which I could never perfect until now) I've gotten really good at finding shiny people to play with. I don't know if they are dreaming or oobeing but they are fun to play with. Older ones like to talk and stare into my eyes. Adults like to make love. Teens also... and I was once "attacked" by 5 year olds on a kissing spree.

Now I'm not sure about the morals of being kissed by 5 year olds until you have to run away... but is there some kind of OOBE moral law that says its wrong to kiss and make love out there?

Don't get me wrong... I'll initiliaze the love making half the time. Most always everyone just starts kissing back. It's like click!

I've kissed ghouls and aliens and they taste horrible! But shiny humans seem to sorta like it when another shiny human kisses them.

So... Is there something wrong with making love with your neightbors in an OOBE?  :-D

I still have some down to earth sensibilities so I know how I might sound. But I'm just wondering.  I remember when I was young I would dream about hooking up but was always disappointed because the lack of my skills.  I would just wake up too fast.  But I've been in the Light and been some really dark places too.