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I lack it. Any will power I have for anything is obscured with familiar thoughts and feelings. For you? ... For me? I dont care. I dont feel like it. I dont want to with a side of the daily distractions + me falling for all of it. Ill make another post delving into that, but there is importance of this undertaking I am taking (?) in this life. And that, my friends, is learning about the self and how to change.

This is not the usual informative post, but some food for thought. I was just excited to type so here I am.

What do you have willpower for?
In my experience, I would have willpower for something and keep on willpowering my way with that something. It would dwittle down and I eventually stop. Whether it be not me having the energy, or realizing the energy im using is for unfit reasons, or just not caring to.. that part. The cycle of doing and not doing came and went, and the less I used my willpower for. At times I would do things just cause I enjoyed it, and one thing I regularly fall into for a moment is me being aware of my thoughts. It excites me and Ive done it for that alone. I would sometimes make myself do it cause I think that would be helpful. "Wait, the only thing im willing to use willpower for is this" I realized. Is there significance behind that? Is it concrete progressive action I can take?  Thats kinda my theory- If you have willpower for 1 thing, it is one of the best things to have it for.

Incase you came looking for how-to willpower. (I suggest delving into what it's for, why, etc.)

Use willpower for ANYTHING you can use it for. Eating a bite of food with your non dominant hand. putting your shirt on first. Basically anything that is from your normal habits. Using it till exhaustion might help too. Its all just an educated guess from my end. Good luck
Title. This has been happening more as I'm doing it more often, but I'd randomly remember a snippet of a dream I had years and even over a decade ago. I don't try it just happens occasionally. It's a nice dopamine hit when it happens though and curious what else I might remember.

Anyone else have something simalar?
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Intent itself
November 17, 2022, 01:30:38
Usually I would practice this for a while and see how the experiment holds, but here I am.

After typing and proof reading, I have decided, due to excitement, me describing what intent is not will be deleted. And I hardly know how to describe saying what it is.

Doing "intent" excites me. And when I do it, I become more aware of myself and thoughts mainly. It is almost like super meditation IMO. Not superior to, but the amount of focus I can use is consistent and easy . It especially helps me with not falling into my Distractions. I dont label or conceptualize what im doing any further than "intent". I know it's simply me vibrating in a specific way a, but at the same time i dont know what exactly is going on.

Now, why. What are the benefits? I usually have a good list of that, but I believe it is something for you to discover. Ill say because there is some mental connection or understanding of intent, it is a good substitute or stepping stone for "be".
I believe there is similar qualities and benefits as the same as be, but in its own way perhaps. a specific type of being...?
To add, intending is a visceral part of you. It doesnt matter what beliefs you have, what you feel, etc. It is something the DEEPEST part of you does. Like walking. Its dam near invisible ; that you that puts forth the walking, but it's there. And intending (especially consistently) is like you being over and over. So ill say it's a good self discovery tool.
And we all know the general power of intention itself, so I can see this only helping out manifestations and what have you. 
And ill go out on a limb and say the benefits are similar (for me) to the ones I mentioned in Why breathing is one of thee most OP techniques  also bonus+ intent is paired extreamlyyyyy will with the intent to breath. It can probably serve as a stepping stone in finding your own way of intent-ing

I would love to hear where this practice leads you one day and for you to describe it once you have been doing it for a while.
Ill update and let you know where this takes me. I got a feeling its taking me exactly where I want to go. And no, not that "you are exactly where you need to be at" type of thing. I mean literally-everything-I-ever-wanted-whatever-that-is type takes me. Just a hunch  :wink:

Edit: I would like to add, finding something that you can KEEP intending OR doing seems important to say. So there's that

: totally exhausting your willpower, if that happens, is also good for its own reasons.
We know how to breath so it is simple and reliable.
You become more "heart centered" naturally. The space where you can connect to the higher vibrations. ; You become less reactive and tangled in lower vibrations
You naturally let go.
You naturally become more aware, and awareness is one of thee most powerful concepts of all creation.
You become more self aware which is a catalyst to change and realizations
You practice with masculine energy/intent. For those who are passive, tis a good practice to exercise the other side of yourself
Funny enough, for those who are feel you use too much masculine effort like energy, this is a great balance to become in a lower effort receiving state. Ties into letting go
Similar to dancing, you can breath how you want and feel your own tune.
Probably some scientific health benefits
People use it here to AP. It works imo because you wont get too distracted with your thoughts. You have enough intent to be alert, yet be relaxed enough to let your senses relax and be swooped into another place.

For something so simple, it really does a lot.

Edit: OP = overpowered. Gamer lingo  :wink:


I've been doing my thing, self awareness, feeling, 'being', letting go, breathing, that part. And one thing that always seems to happen is my mind wanting to know "how did i get here? what did i do?" For example, ill be in a certain state of being and it has to know what was the last thing to get there. Was i letting go? Was i giving up? etc. Basically trying to get a grasp of some technique.  There were times I tried to convice my mind that I dont need to know, but it doesnt hold onto that idea well.

I've cycled through the same types of heigharcial ideas , varying in different statuses. As in, what is the most important word  I NEED to know. Is it breath? is it... So one week it would be this , another week it would be that. Then this again. What are the top 3 words.  But it would always need to find ONE. ONE i could always fall on so to speak. Something I can do. A technique.

And with every idea, there are exceptions. Especially because it usually takes intent to execute. If im focus on one technique (to achieve my goal- a state of being), it can leave less room for other things to hold my intent. I.E if im focused on breathing, it will be harder to execute dancing, playing games, conversing, etc. So all in all, for one idea to rule them all is near impossible. Even if breath helps in a thousand ways, its not the answer my mind can keep. To each their own.

Now, the only idea that my mind has (and will) keep at all times seems to be the word Trust.   This has been there at #1 before but it didnt grasp. It is a hard thing to 'excecute' for lack of a better word. And 'Trust what? '  mind says. And a reply could be any word, once again.  Breath. Let go. Feel. Do nothing. etc.  But it did help me waiver less in doubt. So time passes, and recently I finally am able trust. Mind doesnt say Trust what? Not even Trust trust. (although that may be what is happening, my mind voice doesnt hold onto 'Trust trust' but simply 'trust')

With an experience I had, I know to vibrate not-trust brings an experience that is less wanting. And what idea can really counter Trust? Its not something I really need to execute as more so something I need to remember. I know what it is like to be in tune with that word. To vibrate closer to that word. What actions I need to take. It's like a guied of sorts. This allows more flow than other previous ideas. Important to note, its not that I am trusting a certain action to take. Its that I simply trust first and the action i need to take comes out. Whatever is expressed while im in tune with that word is going to be what I want. If i agree or not doesnt matter too much. I dont judge what i do. I dont know what roads will lead to what, but i beleive something out there 'higher self, etc' does. I believe im connecting to a knowing-ness and that knowing-ness guides me through the word Trust.

My mind is at peace with this word, and so am I. It takes no willpower to trust. I wont be exhausted. Other things do for me do since it takes constant focus and intent.
If i flow into a natural expression, it shouldnt take as much willpower as anything else imo.

Tis been only 2 days of latching onto this word only, but it sure does feel good. Good enough for me to post it and not worry about having a new revelation that trumps this (like a new word as #1)

Edit: HA. Funny thing, the last post I made also said this is the word for me. Forgot all about that. Funny how I strayed from that path again! Sorry for the repeat. But hey, this is proof that it is something that is deeper than one would think! NEVER AGAINNNN
I enjoy this site and want it to have its place. There is a lot of good experiences and information here. The navigation could be better, but it's great for what it is. That being said, in the recent thread I seen some responses that could lose participants and readers. I'd like to remind you all this is a public forum and the readers are people who all generally want to grow.

If it's my own thread i post, im more lenient on what i say. but if i respond, i try to keep it nice and sweet. A lot of deleting and noticing how i feel when i post. I actually was going to post this in a existing thread that wasnt related to the topic until I vibe checked myself.

If you are trying to convince/persuade/ or help someone, there are do's and do not's to achieve that goal. one way is try to see from thier perspective and go from there. If you have someone super logical and sciency, saying "Just trust God" isnt going to get through. You need to explain a lot more than that! Have a link prepared perhaps, or your own word document to share. In addition, it's ok to debate and try to convince someone through thier own logic, or even your own. I like having someone who can challenge my own beliefs against me. It's beneficial for me.  Do use with caution. That is more for DM's. At least verify with them before posting publicly if this is your route. 

In addition, notice how you feel when you post. what expressions are navigating your fingers? Some posters seem tired that anyone isnt getting it, or some that seem slightly frusturated, or ones with a ranty vibe. I get wanting to vent, but do that in DMs or on your own thread.  Whatever you are feeling/vibrating can exist withen your posts and readers can see that. It ironically comes off as YOU dont get it. Saying 'this is the answer' is YOUR answer. And it may be THEE answer for a time period. Or it could be a big part of a solution. But know that people have to go through experiences that are different then your answer to eventually come to your answer.  Change is constant.

How you say things is important. People receive information differently; they perceive vibrations differently.  Same vibe, different take on it. So hone down on the vibe you have when you write.  Thats all I would simply recomend everyone to do before they post. As long as you are aware of how you feel and etc. before you post then I dont see it as a problem. If you are frustrated, know it, and still post it, that's cool. Just know it is all Im askn. thanks.

Curious on peoples input. I understand vibrations are key to manifestation/creating, but what underlying concepts are 'stronger' at this?

Also note, im going off the basis there is an equal 'amount' of both. 50/50.  So light verses dark. 10% of light is 'stronger' than 90% dark. So even though there is an equal amount, light wins.

Densities: I believe the density/dimension of a being effects manifestation process effort. 3rd densities humans vs 6th densities beings.

thoughts: very low for creating, if at all. It depends on who perceives the thoughts, and perhaps one could start beleiving in it. But chanting affirmations with no belief in it, emotion, etc, is p weak imo.

Beliefs: Pretty good at passive creating.

Perception/mind:(what sparked this topic and curious on others input about this)  Not sure where to really put this. You have the mind and you have the heart in retrospect. I believe this is weaker than the heart. Not exactly if beliefs are tied to this aspect of the human only. People view me as awesome and such, and i did feel like that at one point. That part might still reside, but I have not acted like it or felt like it. I do believe im healing the lower part of myself so im not connected to the higher part, but I assume its close enough to still create that reality where people see that in me. 

Just viewing it in a simple manner, if I feel like im not acting awesome, but know that I am, I would think people would view me as what they see. Thoughts of 'i hate myself' arise a lot, but as im not really attached to that idea, it doesnt effect my reality it seems. I do beleive the mind is attacted to this though, and im viewing through my hearts perception. So depending on where you reside changes on whats manifested.   If im transitioning to heart, and only reside 10% mind, all it's beleifs are 10% strong for an example.

Emotions: Hard to lable it separate from beliefs, but it's more pure so to speak. If I believe danger is to occur, but vibrate the emotion of protection, it will be able to over-ride.

Knowing: Hard to say if stronger than emotion, but stronger than belief imo. I think it's just a vibration that sticks. Like a foundation of what will be experienced until changed.

Intent: For me, Intent is pretty up there. It can over-ride beliefs. So if the two ever seem opposite or contradict, intent will be the winner. I also PERSONALLY beleive it can over-ride just about everything, or everything when it comes to what will be manifested. Or at least create the illusion of such. Example: I know I will live life with great financial abundance.  If i intend it not to be, such can happen. Also, intending to not know will create that experience, even if temporarily.

Awareness: It's like a nullifies/healer/completer vibration. It's a key aspect to duality. If one would bring their awareness higher, any aspect of vibration is subject to change. To say it is stronger than intent might seem misleading, but if ever there was a being who had as much intent as possible to bring negative emotions and such to a being that was aware as possible, or even 1 below aware as possible, the intent may manifest at first perhaps. But awareness would 'complete' the manifested things eventually, and at a moment this intent wont work as well, if at all. As i believe the default nature of reality of this universe is completion going from lower to higher vibrational scale. Ill leave it at that. It's up there and kinda wonky.

Self: Being:following you heart: It's like awareness. Also like instinct. You will be lead in a direction no matter how strong a vibration exists with-en you that might go against this.
Quote" [.....] if you follow your heart, your heart is connected directly to your higher self and soul. And your soul knows better than anyone, for you. It knows better than the wisest, or longest living entity in this universe. Because it IS you, it is part of you and it is what you need. So follow the heart and you will never be lead wrong. -Treb Bor Yit NE

Now, I say this is generally true, but can be subject to change if you want it to. Yeah, maybe not as a human, but if conscious can create any concept, idea possible, then you can create a reality that the higher self doesnt know whats absolutely best , for example. That's what I want to experience eventually. Think the universe would love to see that play out :)

I think that's close to the order of it all. I dont think it's important for me as im going with the heart for now (subject to change) but it's entertaining to think about.

Hey all!  :-D
FINALLY made a HUGE milestone I was waiting for. It deals with the mind and it's habit of latching onto something. I will also note some things it does that people should be aware of.
And this will lead to the importance of practicing self discovery and awareness. i've touched upon those topics before so ill try not to repeat.
I say importance because the mind influences you. And you want to experiance certain things. Knowing more about your mind and self will help you make choices to experience what you want.

TL;DR at bottom

I presume we are aware of how the subconcsious effects us.  And its no longer sub    when you are aware of it. Now, i will say the subconcious is a form of latching. It's stuck on an idea(s)  It is also like invisible thoughts.  When i say that, its kin to this:  The definition of the. Its allusive but we know what the means. When you talk, you dont have to explain every word and your brain doesnt have to have a lengthy process interpreting it.  Its all jammed packed into an energy signature: It vibrates in a way you understand.
It's something you just glance at instantaneously. The Sub can be considered to have the same effect. (i just feel there is a difference with invisible thoughts than something being subconcious. essentially the same though) An everyday thought you really just glance at. For example:
I would always get my hair cut becuase it made me looked/felt more handsome. Growing my hair out was something I would like to do, if i could skip the ugly phase and do it instantly. I never thought about it like that, but as soon as i knew i was scared to look less cute, and that was the/a reason preventing from me growing my hair out , i was shoked to say the least.  To feel those uncomfortable emotions was what i was running from i deemed, so i started to grow my hair.  P.S i tried in highschool, so it wasnt in the spur of the moment change. It's always been like that.

Now, another big thing about latching: What, when, how, etc.  The biggest for me what 'whats the best thing to do' and 'how should i do it'. The mind has a very diffictult time doing something that isnt the 'best'. The 2nd best isnt ever enough it seems. Work on that.
As far as i've gotten, i still kinda was influenced by invisible thoughts OR aka very very VERY quiet thoughts.  If yo practice self awareness, you will be able to notice how some thoughts are quiet literally louder than others. Like there are layers or something  :?

And i didnt notice it, but my mind really had trouble figuring out a word to describe what im doing.  It would be simply vibrating at a certain energy in short, but I could never say 'what is the best thing to do'. What would I tell someone else in any situation? Something short, like one word short.
There would always be a counter argument that i agreed with any time I tried to answer that question. Going with the flow? there could be something better. Awareness? maybe they arnt ready. Be happy? They might have to be sad.. the list goes on.  My mind would struggle to find an answer, but the meditation i was doing made it to where it kidna stopped that process. Like blocking it out to an extent. After a while,  i would teeter totter between how forceful i would be doing this meditation. It helped me find a flow that didnt make me go back and forth so much, but it was like an all the way or nothing. Kinda exhausting. And I wouldnt want to do that mediation all the time because it just makes me detached from everything. I wouldnt be typing if i sat in this mode.     So even the mind wasnt really satisfied with that being thee answer.

And i figure many of you might struggle with this when it comes to more allusive things like mediation, chakra, projection, channeling, etc. what to do how to do it.
(Deciding less imo will help with this)   This is just the mind teeter tottering, latching onto an idea and then the next. Mix it with some doubt and you are all over the place and can never really settle.

In my experience, ideas that make you more fluid and 'let go-y' are good ones to latch onto. MY personal favorite, which helped me unlatched from the deepest of ideas is MY way is the best way for ME  mixed with the fact that Do i KNOW?!   For example, working with chakra. Everyone could say that's a benificial thing. Sitting in your lower chakra, do some visualiztions, send light, etc.  So when i mediate, i struggled with working with it. I didnt really feel like it but i forced myself kinda. But is that the best thing for me to do right now?
It's a safe choice, but maybe not the absolute best. (from a minds perspective).   And the fact that i dont know reminds me that it's just my belief for now. The fact that I know that somewhere in myself, in which i have the ability to connect to more strongly, is the best answer.     So ive stopped all trying to do chakra work, AP, channel my higher self and such. I have all the answers i need for what i want.

Still, the mind goes.  Now, im not saying it ever needed to latch onto something, but it always tries to. You can be unattached and watch it go, never attaching (whatever that may mean to you). That may be your goal, but for most, we deal with it attaching to an identity, or playing with that idea. irrelevant for me.
And all this time, the answer i/ it's/ we've been looking for has come. Something that cant be argued with. It has latched onto the word trust.
And man, i've preached about this a lot, but i guess i never latched onto it itself, or in this way. It usually became trust this or that or what is and so on.   But even trusting what is- is an idea.  And ideas are like concepts, and what is can be a concept.  To see beyond that is near impossible from the mind's eye.
So instead of trusting something being the answer, it's just trust.

I can feel a sense of peace that has been heightened 100x (still small, but compared to others HUGE). I go with the flow way more easily. Everything is just smoother, and following the path of least resistance is breezeful. Even habits are easier to overcome, as my mind wont latch onto an idea that tricks me into doing it. I just latch onto trust, and walla. I still may indulge in them, but not because of a reason made from my mind. I realize , more and more, that i dont want to do the habit. It's just influencing me to partake in it.

So yes, it's an answer I can tell anyone when they say 'what are you doing?'.  It's something i identified with, and the deepest part of me. It resonates with me and gave my mind the peace its looking for.
It's a vague answer with no real details, but it still has it's own signature that filters any action that one may do. Universal to all and can be different for all. Flexible and stable. It comes with peace, or rather, unveils the peace within you :)

TL;DR   When your mind is figuring out something, or wanting to latch onto something, say the word trust. Think the word trust. And know that is the answer it needs. (well, for me it was) and the only answer that can top that is one that cant be spoken with thought.  Perhaps you could associate a word with it, but the world will never be the same as what it is trying to identify (like emotions).
Practicing this will work wonders. I hope your minds can find what mine has found. PEACE    \/ :-D
This is my field of study. I have been working with it and revolving my belief around it for quiet some time and many interesting beleifs can come from this:
All you have to do is be aware.     Also sorry if a repeat. I think I've talked about this before but tidying it up all on one topic.

Ill speak of this more, so ill try to keep the main points of having this beleif.

What you do is throw EVERYTHING into supporting this belief. Gain w.e facts, logic, emotions you can to support it. TRUST is a crucial one, because if you dont trust it then you wont try to be as aware. AT THE SAME TIME once you have this #1 beleif it teaches you to trust other things rather than to cling onto something 100% leaving no room for other things to come in.
It teaches you to FLOW - which can mean a number of things
. Also it teaches you ACCEPT what is.
It enhances SELF REALIZATION - such as what you do or react to. It shows your inner workings more so, such as how your 'subconcious' (what you are unconciously thinking/doing) is. and at that point, its no longer subconcious.    [For example, i would practice with awareness and I always was shown my big distractions, what i reacted to. Games was the deepest thing just about]
And finally it teaches you how to LET GO which is harder to describe. You will be more PATIENT and wait for action to rise NATURALLY.
What im saying is...
When you know what to do, yet dont do it WILLINGLY, a peace comes with it. Like being ok with distractions. Being ok with eating that icecream even though its all kinds of bad for ya.
Imagine a god, having the ability of god things but NOT using it. Youd be at PEACE knowing you can change it at any moment kinda thing. Thats what this beleifs bring more of.
It teaches TRUST in many ways.
It CREATES and HEALS. Such as putting awareness on your chakras to stimulate, or traumatic memories to release/heal
Anything you do can be done WITH awareness so its ALWAYS THERE FOR YA. It's your best friend.
You'd rather be aware than not aware at all (for most people). That means youd rather have awareness then be a millionaire, or have anything material happening really.
What you want is a connection to something, and to also be AWARE of it, somehow, to something.

The only thing that I can say that puts up a fight with awareness is... I rather be myself than be aware. Funny wording as I can only conclude that i am awareness, but i dont think its black and white. More of a mix, but who knows. I rather be this character than simply awareness, so it kinda ties with the #1 belief which is good. Thats what i've learned. I dont care what happens or what I experience, I know that I want to be who I am yet something more than what I am  over ANY other desire.

I view reality as layers. All you have to do is remove some layers to get what you want. The PERFECT life is already laid out, and all you have to do is be aware of one layer(s) at a time. You love and appreciate everything. You are grateful for everything. You just arnt aware of it yet. Its always there for ya, and you just have to remove the blocks to get there.    The illusion is you adding layers to create a new expereince, when really you are always removing layers and actions naturally arise to where it seems you then create it. Thats how i like to look at it.  The only time you add a layer is by not removing it :D
Ok enough word games.

Now I would like to warn this isnt for everyone. Some lives may be to hard to be aware of so better keep on droning on as if its not happening lol. But really, if you do put this as your #1 beleif  then awareness will show you what you need to be aware of. It WILL get you there. At some point you wont be able to stop believing. You might come to a very erry feeling of doom ' what if i been wrong all this time'  and old ways will come back ready to influence ya.  And when it does, be aware and release those old ways.

I apprecaite those who've read, and for those who havnt, rot in heck haha jk love yall either way. peace
Welcome to Astral Chat! / what would you do as god?
January 26, 2019, 07:19:54
I prefer if you took time before answering. Really think about it.

Some might want to do the 'well we are god' so the answer would be to do what we are doing now for the easy way out.

Just curious because everyone wants to do something. But when you answer this question and dig deep down, it seems you wouldn't want to change too much. That's how it is for me. I would have to feel like I earned it before I did anything for one. It's like starting a game with all the cheats. More satisfaction if you worked at it. But let's say i did earn it. What would i do with all that power....

perhaps connect to someone that wants to play. Play what you ask? how? who knows. But whoever it is, i cant KNOW them in a sense god might. Id have to not know.                              Then id delegate my power to the great sky and let it do it's thing. fall where it may. 
Oh, and make sure i give myself 1 million $ at least. id prefer 500 but hey, ill work with that small loan  :-D
Welcome to Metaphysics! / intention with no doubt
October 03, 2018, 19:58:51
I come across needing to feel/think some type of way in order to beleive i am intending in the right way. For an example

I would intend to send light to the earth. I visualized some specific thing and had a specific feeling that made me feel 'im going it right'
This was slightly annoying because i had to keep super focus on those specific things. Someimtes i felt that i wasnt really intending at times either.
I realized that doubt was making it hard so i did an excercise that really helps in multiple ways.
1. helps you realize how much doubt if effecting you
2. makes EVERYTHING else you do with intention so much easier (as long as you beleive you are doing it right)
3. helps you realize you barely need any intent at all! as in you dont need to have 90% intent.  Any small amount of intent is as good as any big amount. It's all actually the same

So i suggest simply doing an exercise and be somewhat aware of yourself to identify what is making you feel the intention isnt "right"

This is what I did. I simply just intended to send light to the earth. I didnt even close my eyes, in fact i did it whilst doing other things. during that time i realized that even when i get distracted for a moment or two, i become aware that my intent is still there. Or it re-appears automatically.

Additionally, when i closed my eyes and had more focus, i knew that even though some other visualizations came up that i quickly automatically went back to the intent without forcing it

Also if i ever saw a visuilization of light or the earth it was good enough. the feeling didnt matter. and vice versa.  I could have some consistent feeling and the visualizations didnt matter. I knew it was all intended for the same purpose.   

I no longler cling onto the form my intention takes nearly as hard as i did. So now when i use intention i feel it's working 10x smoother than it used to and easier! i dont tire myself out or lose motivation to keep it up. I guess you have to practice to see where im getting at. take care!

Hello all! Here again with more spam.

Philosophy is such a fun idea to play around with because it is up to interpretatoin. You really cant prove it but it makes so much sense you dont need to. And man, do i love things that are unprovable. So here is a nice idea that i just thought of. I honestly dont know if i already posted something like this but o well.

The idea is to take a line, or a couple and see what you can do with it. How can you interpret it differently. What other ideas flow with it. It's like meditating on a specific set of words over and over. After time, more will come. It's similar to another game i played which is 'pick a last word to trust' 

I wouldnt mind even if people would post or sticky this and type a line! I beleive someone is doing like a quote of a week thing so thats also good too!
Ill start off with a line that inspired me to post this.

Peace among worlds

Example: Peace among multiple worlds. Earth and others. 
Peace among 1 world, which has multple views. Multiple ways to see the world from person to person. We are on the same world but I wish to have peace within the way you view it and I.

When you do this, you can perhaps see other beleifs you wish to adapt. My family only thinks there is 1 earth in the most basic sense. If they think that statement is wrong then I simply point out the more figurative side of it. So that statement will always be true to an extent. You can go on and on with that line, make a book out of it. Or poem. I can simply go on and on about it if i wish, and it all starts with 3 words. It is really interesting to me! It helps me re-train the brain or w.e to view things differently. Such as seeing signs from the universe. It's simply a sing, but if you view it as a SIGN FOR YOU then you can really do something with it. It simply can just be the support your looking for, which is all that is really needed imo. It helps you trust the decisions you are making, or perhaps it helps guied you to make different decisions.

Anywho thanks for reading. Peace!

Honestly didnt know what to title this. Still learning a lot exponentially. One day ill make the book! lol. (tldr section as usual on the bottom)

So one trick ive noticed is I would change what i listened to.
I played around with viewing the body as different (meaning mind of its own)
Same with my thoughts. I would lable thoughts to other people even, as if they were actually in my head. did this to an extremity and kinda was scary but handled it.
Same with the things i say out loud.

Now, i know how to operate better. Or operate like myself or the self i wish to be. And because I CHOSE this, i get to see the chooser the more i choose differently.
Like choosing a habit to break. Choosing a habit to hold onto. Etc. Ill give a simple example, in hopes that you see the same information in a different light

When i talk outloud, my thoughts dont neccissarly dont agree. So there is conflict when i dont lable myself as anything. Or lable myself as a chooser only. Doesnt matter what you lable yourself as but not labling yourself as anything really pushed me to the limit.
So, I watch what i do. I analyze myself.

Thoughts: ill go outside to chill.
Feeling : that feels like a nice idea.
Me: i operate off mainly feelings so let's go with that.
Me: i control, or body controls me to go outside. It seems effortless. I very much enjoy effortlessness.

So im outside. I see i pick up a rock and start making circles
thoughts: i wonder why im making circles
me: i think perhaps body wants to show me something
then i notice an effortless path, in which i clap and give myself a thumbs up.
me: ah, it seems that I recievie information and then get to choose to use it. So if i view information differently (such as body having own thoughts) i have to ASSUME it wants to show me something.   Assumptoins seem important. Like a blessing and a curse.

I wait. Watch my thoughts. Basically i get to watch 'my thoughts' meaning the thoughts that sound like you.  I then identify that as Karxx thoughts.

Oh, what is dis-identifying with my thoughts? I dont really care. I prefer just to watch.

So, all in all, when you re-read things in a differently light, you have a chance to learn something new. And learn who you are. Tis an important method for self discorvery which i hold high, and assume many of the spiritual community is down a similar path. This assumptoin has lead me here.
I can never KNOW, but there is a knowingness.

Bonus: brain struggles with needing proof and having questions answered. Well it used to. When you have enough proof, it settles down. So in essence, ive been training my brain and it has been going wonderful!
This is a good way to view if you wish to train your brain or yourself to work with you. To see reality in a different light if you wish. Thank you for taking your time :)
TL;DR If you had some questions for the universe, what would they be? I would like to know. I wont answer them here though. The only answer I can give is trust and perhaps patience : )

Feel free to not actually read most of this. skim through if you please.
Finally, my friends, I am done.
I am not where i excepted, but where im at seems to be a goal achieved worthy of making a book.

Im not sure what the title will be, but i know what it will revolved around. I might also just have a website too. I will give all my information for free so dont worry about it ;-)

For real though, I would like any questions posted that you have. Slightly scared to do this but i can , BASICALLY, assimulte your question and hypotheticals into , lets say a simulation, into my brain and play it out.    It was a curse, cause my brain wouldnt stop! lol. But now, I feel like I could put my perspective in anyones life and figure out the 'best' path to go.  Suggestions that help in multiple ways, instead of just fixing 1 real specific problem.

I prefer to get a FAQ type thing going, where i perhaps wont answer them.

Just throw out something(s) you would like the universe to answer. : )
I feel like i can answer 99% of how to go about things super simply. enough to fit into one book. Perhap 2

I guess, the actual goal of the book revolves heavily around self discovery. But it doesnt HAVE to be about that. My book teaches why doing something bad is good. And why bad things are good, and how to take advantages of your weakness. It can get real complex and hard to keep up but once you get the feel of how to be, then you can drop many many hold habits. Because this book also teaches you how to change.
And everything I have done has been the blessing and curse of doing things the most efficient.

I might give a sample text on here one day. I guess this will do for now

Temporary name
Hello. Lets skip right to it. Here is the index.
Then i say something about my expeireince. my proof. why proof is not needed, but it helps brain.
probably will be confusing on purpose, maybe typos. Actually i would give some riddles to help you change perspectives. O wait, I could do that now. Ahem.
I will demonstrate how I am learning. AAAH. You know what guys, i already got a document for yea. Ill sumarize the game im playing. perhaps that will be the 'sneak' peak of my book. It WILL demonstrate fun, as it is an essential way of being for me. For it is something i heavily identify as.

(insert game)
uh... we will go with this

W h a t d o e s t h m e a n ? : )

There will be an answer to this. You might get it. But notice how you didnt get it, then did. Thats a hint.
Another hint is that you cant get it unless you can forget it.

For example, this is all I would have on my computer. That little section of words. Each time i learned many things, i would have to pretend as if i didnt remember any of it.
Man, my brain still hurts. But eventually, main lesson here cough cough, is that trust was an essential ingredient. Right next to let go as well.
Thats all i will say.

What I have learned by this game, i have learned things about me , such as how I trust to operate. I will give my conclusion. Many can be different

I have a 'system' in place that helps me let go. Or that lets me help to face the WORST case senerios. all of them. And i had no clue how to play this game. I just made it up and MADE myself play it. As if i were trying to do it for a reason beyond why I knew. And i slightly got it each time the more i played. Got an answer, and once i did, i tried to solve. It took many things to take in that was hard, but TAHNK THE LORD we have came to a conclusion.
That for some reason, changing perceptoin is benifical. Not to anything forever, but simply to anything NEW. something stayed the same... so the thing that makes things mean things is something i tried to look at. Perhaps i might again one day.

For example, you can take this literally or figuratvely. You can make something mean more than just words. You can use numerology perhaps. You can use your imagination. You can guied yourself simply by feeling which things you like the most. Who cares if you know its wrong, but what did it feel like? what would it feel like if you beleived it? Are you curious or interested enough? I am personally. And as long as it is fun or funny, im all in really.     

(you could possibly put this in a different chat. im fine with that :)

Just saying thank you and goodbye.
Im doing something and i guess i came to say i feel like
1. i can express myself to the degree i can accept it
2. just answer about any question. But honestly, i might be biased. i try to relate it to trust here and there. happens when you ride the flow of trust. cough cough. 
It simply is just a super useful tool. And i could go on and on but!

Just saying goodbye. only here to just reply to other people. The only time i ever will put up a new topic if is i completely have a different perceptoin. One that will only post if i made a book. So i guess my next thread topic post will be my official book IF i make one. Interesting. that would be cool.

Any questions? ;D
Hello. Short post.
I noticed that i have been 'self' experiementing in an interesting way..

Either way, after learning much about trust, i guess i decided to really put it to the test?
Anywho, it nearly goes to simply trust my last thought. This brung about more realizations. Such as really finding what I keep running back to. what beleif to i keep cling too.
Like 'man, this isnt how im supposed to do this'. That was a tough one to get over. I tried and tried.( Anywho, I swear i will make a book that is easy to read lol.)
Anywho I kept , in a way, meeting my problems. These same beliefs kept come back over and over. I felt like i was learning SOMETHING new each time, at least making some progress. But recently, i guess i have been dealing with that problem? going in a loop round in round. Facing the same problems. And i found an easy way to overcome it. I KNOW it deals with trust. yes. trust. always lol.
And after that, it deals with trusting yourself.
And that is hard to get used to. You say 'univserve show me the way'
but what about you showing the way yourself?
So in this case, apparently I 'pretended'. Such as pleadians watching me on a show. Or pretended 'what if this belief where true?'   And got so good at it I could find beleifs i currently have to change how I am.
The interesting part is that I did it. obviously. im controlling my fingers and such. But i realized I can convince myself because I end up typing messages that seem to come from a source i trust. Such as using CAPS or using certain language. Without thinking bout it. Just feeling.  So yes, you see how it COULD be real? Putting yourself in that is a task itself.
Now the important realization I had when I kept trusting the last thing is that 'i' obviously stay the same. awareness. so if you can REALLLLY get yourself involved into something, and then switch perceptoin.
Similar to letting go.
And then trying to percieve everything as new. What you do, is trust what happens. Make it wild as you can. Talking outloud or somehow just seeing what is inside you by expressing something helps.  But if you did what i did, and then trusted something, you see fears and such coming up. You see what beleifs that stuck to you when you made the switch. from Ex: forgetting all the problems you have. Now what do you want to do?      When you remember something you can latch onto it. Not saying it's bad, but something does. I tried to get rid of it but it persisted haha, so i guess im finding away around that. And when you switch perceptoins, something stays the same. And it seemed the moment i realized that, i chose to go deeper. Kinda cool.


I guess a trick to help see things differently.

Remember when i said

QuoteI KNOW it deals with trust. yes. trust. always lol.
And after that, it deals with trusting yourself.
And that is hard to get used to. You say 'univserve show me the way'

Ok. Most just read by this, but let's use this as an example, mwahaha. Lets say that is the answer.
Now here comes the intepretatoins. the many you probably might have.
If you have multiple, then test this 'ok, what if the messaged meaned this?' and sit in that energy. usually something pops up
Now after a while, you probably till go out of that fantasy land. but try to go back, yes? really pretend 'the message means this'.

Now here is what im trying to go. Do that, AND somehow figure out how to look from the awareness perspective that stays still. or what pops up when i do it. So far, anything i am trying is helping me see and beleive new things. As a bonus tip: here isfundamental beleifs I now have. The things I take when I let go. Perhaps the things im scared to be without.

1. I can do this

(spoilers. this meaning anything i deem this, and i can do this to achieve what i truly want)

Ha, did the trust technique thing again. Works like a charm .
Let go and after you can accomplish that, here is the next task

QuoteAnd after that, it deals with trusting yourself.

For those who feel like you can really let go, and dont know where to go then id say let go in this direction. It's amazing the things you will do to trust yourself haha.

hello ladies and gents. Just was watching some gangaji and very much enjoy her messages. She touched upon a topic that dealt with an obsession. A spiritual one at that
'how to i ___'  Let's say thats the obsession. Figuring out the how
I think his was how to stop (be still) or to keep doing that as much as possible because that is the best way
when this TRAIN of thoughts link up, it easily leads to "im wasting my time doing anything else for the most part"  or at least some type of aggitation. Word it however.

So one moment you think 'jesus, i need to be still'
but AS SOON as you see this, you now 'try to be still'. All you need to do is stop. When you are stopped, there is no 'i need to do this or that'.
Further explaining the significance.
That thing that is trying to search for the answer doesnt exist, as that is not you per say.
You are the stillness/awareness/stopped thing what have you. The thing that always is there.

So once you have a bad habit, and want to stop, it SHOULD be easy to overcome the whole mind going 'bad bad bad, you arnt stopped'  because you are always stopped.
so it's ok to investigate that, but always knowing where you are makes things a step easier. Ill give an example of my brain when this informatoin came upon me

lets say you have a different obsession. cigarettes. and you REALLY want to quit. So each time you smoke, you are ticked let's say. The goal is to accept it however you will.
once you do that, you arnt being so harsh on yourself and FORCING yourself to do anything as much. Or not judging yourself for 'failing'.

Simalar to the 'worrying about worrying' concept i suppose. And just simply worry instead  :wink:

Baby steps are ok. smoking forever is ok. It is something that disagree's with it isnt 'ok' with something

'ok, so you dont HAVE to be still.'  Sweet. i really feel like typing. I know that isnt me.  
Now im figuring out it is ok to act out upon a feeling that isnt me, you know? You can also say somehow it was allowed into your awareness as well.   Im not sure if awareness itself can choose, or filter, but im sure it has some special property. Such as being.   Which can lead into the being in the NOW which is a very wanted state of being to be in.

Hope that made sense. chow

edit: the video i watched with gangaji. If you are interested
I just had some interesting questions I feel like asking.

What do you do if you feel you dont know yourself?
What should you do?
I assume you 'do what you feel like doing' would be a popular response.
But if you dont know yourself, then you questoin everything. 'how do i know i feel like doing it'? How do i know that is 'my' feeling

Aight. here is my answer to the question.
Then it can go two ways. you cant know/dont know or you just know.
I think it is important to practice being in that 'know' personally. It's weird to just know something, but when you feel yourself, you know you are there when because we are self-aware.

I would have to call the 'thing you know', if i HAD to label it, trust. It's an important lesson to learn. How to even trust and where it comes from. It's also just another feeling but it leads to truths, or some type of peace knowing if you trust you will be taken care of 100% then you are at more peace. like a safety net. but enough about me

Here's a practice I just made up. Creds-alan watts
When you feel your hand on a table, what feeling do YOU have? There is some definite feeling. It feels like me, but somehow I am aware of that. So Perhaps explore the sensations YOU have. Or explore the awareness. I should say AND just to shift between the two. Sounds good to me  :-D
Hey, just a discussion for fun. Indeed this site does talk about mostly ap and such as last topic stated so here's something that I thought about.

People talk about alternate realities. timelines. All that. Ill try to ask some questions and answer it in my own perspective.
In everything I answer, i will state it as at least 80% true as I dont think anything is really ever 100% true. Except maybe RARELY. perhaps only 1 thing.

But who is being effected by what?

I understand on mass of consciousness deciding how reality is. Like WW3 is experienced with a group of people together.
Do you think it's possible to escape what you have agreed upon? To somehow REALLY change realities?

If you are friends with someone and you decide to slightly change reality, are they being effected? Do they also switch because there is some agreed upon connection to stay tethered? or perhaps 90% tethered?

And your friend, are they experiencing what you are? It all seems everyone has the same perception of things, but it's strange to assume everyone you see is actually experiencing what they seem to be.

I guess if I had to give my opinion of it
hmmm... let's say there are realities
A - Z  with a scale 1-9
Essentially the closer the numbers and letters reside to one another, the closer you connect with people near your placement on the number/letter scale.
And the it is also easier to co-create. You can say that a certain aspect of someones soul is easier connect to. (adding some complexity)

Let's say my soul is within all parts of the scale. Im simply focusing on a certain part in group at any moment. It resides in A1 and has easy time traveling through A1-A1.999
That is where my actual awareness exist as we do not operate multidimensionaly in this group  :lol:

Now, whatever I do in A1 can be translated into anypart of the scale so others can see it. Perhaps the further down the scale the less it becomes translated. 
So in Reality Z9, they will have a .01 connection with me, and they will only see .01 of my intention/action translated.
Everyone in A1 can easily see 90+% of what I do.

So what about people exactly sharing a section? Perhaps you and a friend agreed upon sharing the same reality/space/timeline. So how will this work out if it is possible? It is harder to explain with numbers/letters. We have to perhaps start thinking about wavelengths.

1. way is they simply can connect to eachothers awareness location perfectly.

More complications coming.  We will just call my awareness wavelength Karxx. WK
WK is a human that only experienced WW2 which falls in Group A.
It is a combination of many numbers within Group A1 because WK  shifts moment to moment from A1-1.9    (although it can always go beyond. this is generally where it resides)

So in one moment, I was born in A1.01  then the next moment is actually in 1.012  Then after a while it goes back to A1.01   The awareness that stays consistent is the culmination of experiences that have been in the Group A1-1.9 timeline in this case.     WK is the unique signature you experience at all times. Your awareness.

This is stated because perhaps in Group Z I am an angel. That part of my soul can never be WK SPECIFICALLY.    WK can merge into the angel but then it is no longer exclusively WK

So anyone in 1-1.9 I can really have an easy time connecting with them as I can shift close to their reality or be exactly on their reality.

Lets say everyone In A1-1.9 shares the same space. Or the same Earth. Same presidents, same what have you.
I dont experience what someone else does but it is in the same space. We have different wavelengths but same space. Just like how reality seems to be today. The twist is when something outside of A1-1.9 comes in. Thats when things are not as connected or as 'fully' translated.

Now as stated before, somehow everything IS connected so there arnt 'fake' people. Everything is real but when the Awareness is on different parts of the scale then co-creation becomes either more/less effective. I havnt fully went through with everything but I will give a explanation of how thing can be with all these added up. And feel free to simplify and tidy it up  :-D

So my awareness (wk) is in A1 currently. My friend J is in A1 but not their awareness. They are in WJB2
Over time I really get to know this aspect of his soul and the connection becomes greater and greater. BUT it isnt where he is currently at. This means that if I decide to manipulate my reality, he can be changed to a certain extent too. 
   So I was reading this story where A lady moved into a neighborhood and all the neighbors said to not go to the old grumpy mans house. She still goes, gives cookies, says high, and she perceives him differently. He isnt grumpy at all. Not sure what exactly he starts to do (like go outside more) but eventually the neighbors start to have a different view of him. Or another 1 where this guy would go through documents of these imprisoned people in his prison. He would wish them well or meditate on it or what have you. The people in his prison start behaving better and start being happier.
   So back to WKA1 who is friends with JA1. I can change a certain aspect of him, or rather simply percieve a part of him that perhaps I couldnt perceive before due to my own perception.  Like in the story. They say a part of his soul that others didnt, and once that connection was made others where able to see it as well. Kinda muddle explanation with wholes but the idea is that is also how co-creation can work fluidly.

   And with strangers perhaps it is easier to change them as you havnt labled them to be a certain way yet. But let's say it is easier to change an aspect of the soul the further the awareness is away from a timeline. or vice versa.

I could and will go on later or in anther post, but this is enough to take in for now. Want to hear others thoughts about it.

Hahaha. Hello my friends. It is I, the great Karxx here to slap some more useless rambling info.  :-D   

As usual, you can skip most of this but I find myself very interesting. At the very least go ahead and read just for pure entertainment! You all get to see the truest form I have to offer. A rare deal most humans dont get to see the side of me  8-)

Many times I will post some milestones and etc that will later change in my life. I always get too excited to not post something on here, but since the last post I reframed myself from posting on here till I 'hit the milestone' and then try to live for a while with the new knowledge/change.   
Old ways of being have changed since the last time I posted, and does it feel great.

I dont have much credibility as of yet, BUT credibility isnt relevant when it comes to things that resonate with you. The only credible thing that I can say that occurs rapidly is coincidences with numbers. I follow the neurological described by kryon as that has been the most accurate
(      and )

So I was in bed, doing my thing and I reframed myself from posting. After a while I had a change of heart and wanted to tell my friends how awesome I am and some 'useful' information to go with it. And guess what? The last thread I made on here had 777 views. This has also happened with one of my other threads (dancing into yourself)
Not only that, but the thread topic 'how to live in the NOW' had 7707 views. I've even taken a picture of it. So maybe this guy is onto SOMETHING. Im just saying  8-)

Alright, now onto the information. What is the gate? Shout out to the anime watchers I stole it from Steins;Gate and left out the Steins. So it doesnt really mean anything. Not to most, but to me it does.
It represents what your brain really cant grasp  It represents what the brain really cant grasp for most. It's even harder to describe. It falls into that weird vauge realm of non-conceptial ideas. Such as enlightenment. Yes, I can write words to evoke some feeling that points to something hard to conceptualize. The key is to not attach a bundle of ideas in a pile and say 'that is what the gate is'. I can give you a bunch of technique to get you closer to the gate, but to actually reach it will take something I cant teach.

You can know something but not understand it. This takes trust. This looks at the doubt and realizes tis but just a feeling of doubt. This takes sooo much more than you think. And once you do sooo much to get there, you virtually have to do nothing to get there.
Let me ask, if you knew yourself 100% would you be so indecisive? Would you know what works for you and what doesnt? Ima gamble and say thats more true than not. So then, why does anyone ever follow procedures line for line, techinque for technique? You could be doing something that doesnt work for you but yet you hold onto this idea for dear life. Or maybe you are doing exactly what you should be doing and just doubting yourself. It is really hard to figure out which is which by yourself. You can always talk yourself out of something. That's what brain does.    Most of you know this very well. If everyone knew this, I still would post this because I know I want to do this. Perhaps I dont know why im doing what im doing at times, but I dont questoin myself very much anymore. As you get to know yourself you can say 'oh, I guess thats why i decided to do that thing'.      Let's shorten the ramble.

If you are here to learn some 'new technique' to get you where you need to go then go ahead and read all of my other posts as well. Some might be less true for me, but more true for you. Take any information you want. They are all in the spiritual evolution post (i believe)

Fine >.>     Ill recap some key points so you dont have to. but I wont explain everything!
It goes like this, anything that comes into your awareness has to be dealt with. If you dont feel like you dont have to deal with it then great (until you do  :evil:)
The most basic way to deal with something is feel it. Really feel it for as long as you need. Then simply observe it. 'Oh, that feels like this' then to accept it.

How to Accept- think that you got into trouble for something you didnt do. You are in jail for 15 years. You can be mad and blame the guy who framed you every day, sure. But if you accept it then you will be 'well it is how it is'. You wont waste time latching onto a emotion you do not desire.
Also, perhaps you will 'think' you havnt accepted something. 1. when you observe you are telling yourself you accept it anyway. So be ok with taht. 2. You can accept the fact you dont accept it.     Brain can be tricky, so you dont have to FEEL like  you accept something. If you ever tell yourself 'i accept this' then the intent is all you need. You can keep feeling and observing all you like though.

The second part that is important is the whole 'feel what you want to attract'. IMO 80% of that involves feeling. idc about the thoughts or visualizations really. But simply evoke an emotion you want to experience. It can be multiple ones. One that includes a couple of different emotions. Ones based purely off of instinct. W.e.
Also whatever you act OUT of is important. So if you are 'scared they might find the truth' and act in that fear to mask it, then no bueno. Find a different feeling first. Get yourself happy or w.e THEN act. You might do the same EXACT thing but because you did it perhaps with different intent and feeling then it will bring more of that.

ok, onto a beleife that will help you notice what you need to work on. ANY emotion that I felt someone else might be feeling I remember 'my outer world is a reflection to my inner'. I honestly believe it is more complex than just that but the belief helps you target what you may want to work on. Here's an example

So Billy made a mistake that involved a friend Sam. Brain gave all the typical scenerios. What sam might do/feel/think. Then once you beleive-ish these things you react to imaginations that only exists in your brain. So now you feel bad, you think you wont be close to Sam unless you do something about it. You think frantically on the words to say and the actions to do. In essence, you are acting out of fear. In this case it was a genuine mistake and you genuinly apologize. Sam might not feel the same but that isnt the point. First breath before you act. YOU are projecting something onto sam. You dont have to pinpoint out what exactly. Once you realize this then choose the proper emotion to be in.   In this case, Billy accepts the possibility of Sam not forgiving him. There is nothing he can do. If he is honest with himself then what more could he ask.
'If sam doesnt understand me then so be it. I will apologize and simply explain it was a geniuen mistake that I do not wish to commit again. I wont try to CONTROL what happens by meticulously choosing words and doing things that will win the friendship back if it doesnt come from the heart'     

It's not a book people. Just a rough, unedited draft. Im going to work on that one day so if you have any questions or are lost and want  a better explanation then i will take my time to do that more thorough. tis not really my style on the first go around to be so clear.

And ofc my favorite thing to preach, awareness. I have a post more with more details but being aware is going to help. If you are daydreaming of something unpleasent, it will go unoticed until you are aware of it at some point. It will help you get along with discovering what you need to work easier. Patience also goes a long way. 

There are more things that may help but that gets complex. Basically when you experiment with 'trying' 'concentrating' 'being conciouss' 'being aware' You can notice on what to do and not to do when it comes to 'hack into the gate'   I feel that being conciouss is different than being aware for example. What is teh difference? how can you tell YOU are doing it right?
Well once you try to do something over and over and over again to no avail you may give up. even for a brief moment. Many times I would experiment with 'myself' *wink**
and try to figure out what to do. It felt good to give up. Then I TRIED to give up and felt that i was TRYING, which isnt giving up. then I tried to not try.   With each technique that involved around these things I was doing SOMETHING right but I couldnt lable it. I felt it but I confused myself on what to do. Rabmle.

One bit I DO suggest to do is do something you wouldnt do. Or perhaps switch it up. Perhaps you really feel that a technique is working. At one point you will latch onto it. Then unlatch and do something else. This latching and unlatching helps. trust.

OK! Now, once you practice these simple things you can now conquer the technique a lot easier. Here it goes!

QuoteInsert _____ here 

And that's how you get into your Steins;Gate.
I hope one day that will make sense. Once it does then its a good sign for you. Then you can drop the "instert ____ here" part out completly one day.

Ok ok, onto the part that everyone is actually looking for. Another technique to get closer to your zone.

Get into w.e position you want. eyes open or closed.  All you have to have is intent. Thats it. You dont need to lable the intent for your brain to understand. It's better that you never accept any idea 100% through but at first you might have to. You can ask 'who am I' one time and thats it. No need to ask for 1 minute for really feeeel the intent and emotion that goes with it.

Go with intent and then notice what happens.

Now what comes? what do you do? What is the first thing you do? Do you feel the need to send intent again? Do you not trust what will come? Do you feel like you have to do something about that? Do you observe? Do you try to oberve yourself observing? What happens? What emotoins comes up? Are you scared if you dont write that idea that popped up in your head down that you may not remember it? Do you not trust it will come again? Is it time to be done? Are you doing it not enough or too much? Are you worried about how to manifest what you want?

You know how to deal with whatever that comes your way. You might be motivated to do x y z and really have your dreams come true!  For me, it was just easier to drop the whole manifestation thing out and ignoring what form it comes in. Perhaps I needed the form to be more struggle so i can learn quicker. I intened once and let it go. I do enjoy feeling 'what would it be like to have x y z in my life' but I dont cling on the needed to HAVE to do it. Once is more than enough for ME as I trust. Once you trust, all the worry and doubt go away basically. So those 'lower' vibrations are no longer resonating and I dont have to counterbalance it with 'high' vibrations or w.e  Ill leave it at that.

Ill describe what MY zone is and what happens.
After a while I can see my thoughts. Like where it originates from. My forhead has pressure. My awareness AUTOMATICALLY goes there mostly. It will drift off and I will honestly notice. I wont force my awarness back to my thoughts either. Somehow, whether I slightly intend for it to go back subconsciously or not it does go back. I dont care EVEN IF I DID force it back (before I did, as I felt like that technique of letting awareness roam wherever is best). I realize you may have to do multiple things to be in your zone.
When my awarness is my thoughts and when I notice of the pressure in the forhead, the awareness might hone onto the forhead more.   There is a difference between the awareness itself and you noticing (or being aware) IMO. My thoughts usually stop and enter a more 3rd person dialog. I still feel like its me doing it but seperate. I beleive seperateness is just a feeling as well but irrelevant. I dont need to know if its ME or MOSTLY me or what have you.
And once that happens, I notice that 'buzz' that keeps me going astray. More lables on how to come back to the gate mostly. Trying to figure out how im doing what im doing. I kinda just let that be and im aware of this zone. I cant lable it. I feel fear/exileratoin. Like a rolercoaster ride. When in fear, you dont breath. Going on a rollercoaster is 'scary' but its more exilerating. So anytime I feel fear it automaticaly becomes exileration. It acts as a signle like 'this is good.'  Facing fear is what the fear is trying to tell you. It wants your attention.

So yeah, thats how it works for me. I know being in my zone is good, but when i notice im not in it I dont panic and TRY to get back in it, espeically out of a panicy mode.

Extra things (dont want to duble post)
I jumped the gun a little bit but i KNOW i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close. In the past I will feel like im getting closer and yet feeling further away at times. But man, Im experiencing something I cant really describe. New thought patterns and beleifs are coming in.

I even dropped the whole ENLIGHTENMENT thing. Its still the only thing I want but I just inteded it once and mostly let go. I have my weak moments still  :-P   
I convinced myself that my whole side mission (apart from raising the vibratoin of the earth) is to be an example to every being that will exist (at least on earth 100% sure).
And not everyone will become enlightened in 1 swoop. Some people experience higher states of being and cant get back into it.

Believing that helps me be ok with dropping enlightenment. How to be ok as a less self aware person. You know, for the newer souls they wont have as much experience as the older ones  :roll: I feel that I will greatly help old/new souls achieve what they truly want. And how to deal with the tricky part that makes a human a human. How we operate and what we operate from. Conquering the brain! The soul! All of it. It can easily all translate to finding your true self which is something I've always wanted to help people do. Kinda forgot about it as I was simply focused on myself. I havnt even been trying to figure my true self out as that is just way too hard to lable what is me. But I feel that im super close to discovering who I am which is a nice little bonus.

Keep beleiving in yourself! This is a dream, and in a dream you can make any rules you want. Any physics you want. Anything you wish. Im pretty sure we believe anything is possible, so really act out of that possibility! Your thoughts and emotions will align with that eventually and will help you through the process.

Ill see you guys on the big screens soon  8-)
Hello all. I enjoy posting somewhere as I dont really share my internal-ness with others. One day perhaps they will go through all the messages here. Anywho, this is going to sound weird but I honestly didnt think there was an alternative way of living besides enlightenment for me. The second best was just living in the highest state possible (such as thinking of things that get your heart going) and processing all of negative emotions out. That and observing. I spent a lot of time trying to find my flow. I was tired of battling myself on how I should be, what is natural and so on. But today I hit a massssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssive milestone.

One way of living that just always apeals to me is having fun and I wouldnt jepordize doing that over being of service of others. Just didnt feel right when my brain thought 'what if you have to sacrifice fun to help others'. I love helping more than anything, but helping yourself first is most important to me. Ofc you can do both, but I really didnt like that thought. STILL I put being satisfied with myself over having fun so I was willing to let go of anything to be at peace.

Anywho, sometimes I laugh without knowing. I kinda sorta barely get the jist but I could never put it in words 95% of the time. It happened mostly when I became aware that i was being unaware (such as daydreaming) and wanted to practice being aware. Each time I would just smile big, like a huge half grin   =J     something like that lol. It felt llike it was another part of myself that I wasnt really connected to.
And now, I feel like I am more connected with that part because I am finally choosing how to be. One idea that I had was to first channel my higherself so I can know what to do. I would really ignore my thoughts and concentrate on my heart/feelings 80% of the time.  bleh, ill shorten this up. Ill get serious about making something understandable soon enough.

So back to having fun, I found a way to have sooooo much fun just about all of the time. I finally said 'ok, ill try listening to my thoughts now'. Ive done this in REALLY short spurts. like 1 minute but I always talk myself out as doubt in that decion came in. Now dont get me wrong, you should be in a good state of being if you want to do this. Also you have to be in tune with yourself to know which thoughts are good enough to follow. With all thoughts there is a certain energy behind it, so if you can figure out which thoughts feel like what, and how you feel about that yourself then you are gucci.

They are making me get butterflies on tasks they say! Sounds crazy when I say they lol. ill give a dialog. Ill call the thoughts my team and me-me.

Team: do jumping jacks
me: I do them
Team: push ups
me:i do them
Team: now go hug your mom
me: gets butterflies as I dont really just hug my mom but I know she will love it oh she's outside. I can do it later
Team: go outside
me: goes outside. Oh shes down the road with her friends, im shirtless and dont have my glasses, ill do it later.

And i start to realize I keep making excuses and such! I would always do some type of meditation or w.e when I didnt know what to do.

me: what should i do?
Team: clean your room
me: uggg. ok ok   
I get interupted or distracted and later come back in my room
me: Man, i am really dodging this. why?!
team: cause you a bish
me: lol. Really? Im the one that keeps on making these lesser good choices? I feel like im the ego i was trying to get rid of to be enlightened!

later on
me: what should i do
team: (they tell me to do something crazy)
me: no way!     hahahaha, oh yeah. i remember a vid that said to not just do things because 'pleadians told me to'. I get what yall trying to do
team/me: yeah, you also have to be ok with making your own decisions and being ok with it.

With my whole letting go of things, im pretty flexible of anything happening. I would do things I didnt want to do at some point just to switch it up, and i ended up fine ofc.

Anywho, I couldnt make this sound less crazy haha, but it's so weird. It's just like any other day but im contiously a little bit excited for the future. Im having fun and that vibration is going to bring more fun. I couldnt have asked for a better outcome. This is better than just doing a mediation then becoming enlightened. It's a challange! It gets me out of my comfort zone. The excited is the butterfies. Some interpret that as nervous too.     Imagine dancing in front of your friends? It's that type of feeling. You have no reason not to. It's perfectably accaptable and no one cares what dance moves you pull out. People will smile at your weirdness and you will feel good for going past your boundaries. Yet somehow you talk yourself out of it.

I challange thee to do it! how short or long; how professional or goofy; how plain or unique. You can just bop, fist pump, side to side, it doesnt matter. Then see how you feel. notice your thoughts.

It's something to push you past your comfort zone! If you think you done it all, and on your path, and accept who you are; If you think 'i wont do it because its not me. its not something i dont want to do' then you fooled yourself!

Reality is nothing but a big ol dance party. 

Stay groovy  8-)
Hello all! Spamming once again  :-D

(extra commentary) This whole dancing into yourself thing has REALLY helped me personally a lot. Coupled with other 'techniques' I use during it. Really just listening to my heart the best I can without my head. Anywho, this idea has came up but fell out and been forgotten as most things tend to do. But im glad it came back up. As a rule, I dont write down anything when it comes to things 'I should do'. I will keep on forgetting, switching it up, etc and over time, I will resonate with certain things more so rather than following a technique for a long time just because I liked it in the moment. No doubt most journeys would be 'shorter' if you remembered to do x y z such as laughing first  thing in the morning, or getting connected to your heart center by thinking of things that make you smile and etc. I just felt my brain was tired of methods I 'need to do' rather than finding my own flow.
    Over time I SHOULD come across things I need to do and I trust I will find my way and the universe will find her way to me. So, I was doing the dancing thing (3rd time I did it even though it's a technique I SHOULD be doing more. might actually happen to do this more frequently finally  :-D)  and I remembered about dropping my desire in a sense  If you were god and could do anything, I assume you would still want to do even though all if perfectly well. It's a different type of desire.. more so expressing yourself or simply wanting to experience something. Being.
 Anywho, my version of dropping this desire is to be the way I would be if I were (in this case rich and enlightened).
 I wish I could explain the the subtle-ness  of using this as a technique vs not. I may feel more likely to acheive my desire by dropping them in this way, but im not thinking about manifesting it anylonger with my mindin the same way. I guess you could say I simply want to express myself and it just so happens to deal with this process of dropping desire EVEN THOUGH I still want these things to manifest. Kinda like letting go to get what you want. At one point, you just really let go and you might know that this technique works. At the same time you have let go. To actually get to that point .. I mean wow. To realize how to let go(enough)? It's different than I used to imagine how it was.
  The reason why I want to drop my desires is becuase 1. I felt that was the right call. 2. after that call, I realized how much I rely on being different through a state of being which I am not in yet or cant get into at a moments notice. I would say 'Ill be this way / do this thing when im enlightened' (for those who dont know, I was enlightened for a couple of minutes, so I know how I would be 'if i were enlightened' for the most part)
For example, I know I wouldnt care what people think of me to the extreme. So perhaps when im in the mall one day, listenting to music, I would break out and dance for the entire song. Or perhaps send a loving message to someone. Or hug a friend randomly. "it's too hard to do at the moment so ill just work on becoming enlightened and then ill be able to do the things I want"  Funny statement right?
I know some people awaken for a moment in some kinda way and want to get back. Why? Simply because it feels good? Because you can do more metaphysical/'supernatural' things? For me, that is the case but also I dont want to deal with the way I am now. Im looking into the future more than focusing on my present. And when focusing in the present I keep remembering how im not really in the present moment as I wish to be and that thinking only makes it more difficult for being in the present too.. Working on being Ok with even that. With being ok with whatever your present is. To be ok with not being ok.. that helps me be ok instantly. Rambling  :roll:
Onto the technique!  :-D
Really, I can only explain the feeling. A sign(s) to let you know you have let go just a little bit more. It's more complicated than 'dropping the desire to x' because that desire is more than just desire. You have to work on your beleifs first by figuring out what you really believe/feel. Why you want the desire. What would be the differences. What 'problems' would go away.  And after working into that direction, you honestly may drop it knowing you truly want something else. Sometimes you might not truly know why you desire something. But you feel drawn to it for reasons.
 For example, I want to be rich. At first, it was for the obvious reasons. I can buy what I want. Live where I want. Donate to people. NOT WORK! Over time, i worked with all the problems I had revoling around it. One was thinking about how much fun I would have if i were rich. How money would make that so much easier. Now, people have fun without being rich. I just wanted to supply with everyone the things they want therefore they would be happy and having fun with w.e. Like having a big house party like a millionaire. You can see problems with this, and you may think of your own reasons so no need to go further. But 1 KEY reason why is to have fun. Now my beliefs are not aligned with me because the amount of fun I would have being rich vs not is vastly different.  I dont really beleive in that UPON REALIZING that's something you could say i believed in. I operated like that statement were true.  

So what I do is 1. work on all the things surrounding my belief. This is just one part of the belief and there are many invisible ones attached to the desire of wanting to be rich.    NOT WORKING! I had to deal with the feeling of work and all the things it came with. Now working isnt bad at all to me. You can see what I'm getting at.
 Now, who knows why I truly want to be rich. Maybe I have never really found the reason. BUT, even though I keep on working with all the problems/invisible beliefs and such, I still resonate with being rich. The desire is still strong but it's different now. Im not AS attached in the same ego-minded way. Perhaps before you came into this life your goal was to spread information about (insert all things we ever talked about in the pulse  :-D and more) and the easiest way to do that is by being rich.
Perhaps I want to show people that you can create any reality you want so ill create what most people want to prove it's possible.
  You see, there might be a reason you resonate with something and that's why it is VERY important to check in how you feel. What gives you joy. Your mind might not ever know why but somewhere, you know

Oh. And to explain on how it feels to let go of something.
QuoteYou'll know

Peace  :-D
Hello all
So I noticed that music really helps me get the feeling I want.
This also ties into the 'dancing into yourself' to an extent.
For the dancing a tune was finding me you could say. I would dance my way into this feeling. This is more aimed at choosing your own feeling.

When you listen to certain songs, you experience certain feelings and there can be that one song you can dive really deep into on the heart level. This is important because it gets you out of your mind level and everyone who knows anything about the heart, its very stressed upon on how you should perhaps think something that could make you happy/smile or what have you to get that heart going and just staying there.
Sometimes it's hard to project the energy you want to experience in reality and Music helps for 2 main reasons.

1. When you are listening to music, you can easily focus on the heart. Even if you listen to frequencies it can help you not be focused on the thoughts going in your head. I'm pretty good at maintaining in the heart but the mind is CONSTANTLY going. And it can be a slippery slope, going downhill to a more concious state before I literally can realize it.
If i actively try to keep my awarness in my heart and do my thing, music helps me stay like that. The only thoughts I will have will just be an echo of the song or some visualization.

2. You dont really have to imagine as much as to the feeling you want to feel. Some songs really speak to you on a level, and if you can capture a feeling in maybe a certain chorus in the song, you can maintain it throught more than likely. Also, throught the day you might just re-think that chorous and can capture that feeling again. It's only been one day, but a chorus would keep staying in my mind and I can just keep emmiting that frquency that I want to. It's like re-programming my brain to think of something actually useful lol.

Bonus tip: using 'what if' helps when trying to imagine what you want to experience.  It bypasses the ego saying 'well I dont have x y z' when you say 'what would it feel like IF i had x y z'

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Appreciation Post
March 28, 2018, 07:14:57
Hello all and thank you all.
I just wanted to say I finally found my tune. I know what to follow I guess you can say.

It's been quiet a journey to get to this place and this place has helped me a lot. From the day one members to the one day members  :-D
And this place is the only place I felt comfortable enough to express myself and just write down whatever I want because everyone is so open minded and accepts the fact that one persons experience doesnt mean its like that for another; the world can be anything.

There is always support, and a big thanks to the mods to answer the same questions that have been asked again and again :-P

There is soo much useful information on here and the format is pleasent and personal. It's not like other forum sites that seem more distant, and that really adds je ne sais quoi ('it' factor) I wouldnt want this site to ever go down, and I'd buy it myself in the years to come if it came down to that!

Thanks for being the support group for my spiritual journey that I never had in real life

E> E> E> E>  :-D :-) 8-) :lol: :wink: :roll:
Love making clickbait threads xD

But really, here's an excerices I would like you all to try. It might be hard to get into, but once you do it's soooo wonderful. It makes me feel good.

I first got into this by not really dancing. I would try to relax a little and just move my body. You can imagine if your body had a mind on its own, finding your own flow, what have you. get creative if you wish or just take a dance and mix it up yourself.  I didnt really think too much but I might swing my arms, do a really stiff motion in the beggining, then I get into a different mode. When I move from a position I have been in for a while, such as stepping side to side, and do something else, I feel this energy. And if i play with it, I can ususally do moves that bring this energy up more.
Afterwards i might sit down and chill, meditate for a bit and then get back up if i feel.

One thing I notice is fear of someone walking in on me, seeing me with headphones in, eyes closed, doing horrendous dancing and it compelese me to lock the door. Which is fine, but being exposed is something humans shy from it seems.

Dance like nobody is watching you. Lock the door if you have to. Put on some kick@** anime music or classical and let your imagination flow. You dont have to do it for a specific reason except to have a good time by yourself for a couple minutes. I imagine this is how people feel when they are embracing something. Like playing the violin.

Just something I wanted to share. I personally like to imagine im dancing with the universe and with my soul, having a couple of 'solo' moments where all I notice is me.
Get to jivin folx!  :-D
Just making a thread for information I want to save. Also it could help others.
My playlist. The only version of spreading information that Im really comfortable with to ANYONE. Believer or not. I think everything else I explain on here is covered in these videos so no need to read the rest.
  Feel free to watch other videos that are by these people and others. The order doesnt really matter. And the first video is aimed at people who are not into 'these things'. Helps you open up to pondering on how things actually are or what they COULD be. To do more of thier own research. But for the pulse, not really something you have to watch to get the rest since we are all pretty open. Still interesting to say the least

Also, I can debate if need be or clear things up. The thing is it will take so long to explain that this post will be a couple of pages long. I just give enough to make you ponder upon it. Not to think to yourself 'this isnt how it exactly works, some things sound wrong'. I simply dont feel like explaining everything thoroughly.   

Some things I would like to add are some of my truths. It doesnt matter what is true or not, It's how I resonate with it. For example, i resonated with other beleifs I HAD but now dropped. It helped me get to this place even though it wasnt all really as true as I thought. If it's 80% 'true' or if i resonate with it at that level at LEAST, then I will play around with it. I might find flaws in a beleif but that isnt as important as you think.

Understanding yourself will help you so much with everything else. If you dont know if you resonate with something for example, it will be more of a proccess in deciding what you want to do with life.

So desires are a big one. Why do you desire it? To escape your reality? To control a situation? Because people NEED help? For happiness? Keep questioning your desires, ask why and ask why again. explains Also just helps figure out your beleifs, and invisible ones you dont think you have.

Another thing is the power of observing and noticing has helped me SOOOO much. You can find tune on how you do it, but trying to play with it has helped me a lot. Science behind mindfullness.

Pleadians talk about sublte frequency a lot and i've played with it. Such as when Im doing x,y,z I notice my thoughts, sensatoins, feelings, etc. In one state of being I kept getting more frustrating thoughts. In another I got positive thoughts. I never TRY to think about something, I just let thoughts come in.

A good thing to practice is thinking about a memory that made you smile. Or think 'what would if feel like if.'  When you say 'i am happy' but arnt, there might be more resistance because your not. So when you word it differently 'what would it feel like if' it's easier to embrace that feeling.

And lastly, one of the most important ones for me is learning patience. I didnt realize how important it was but having little patience really effects everything else you do, because you can always be impatient about it until you get that validation or gratification i should say.

OH! Trusting yourself is a good one to remember.  :-D

These are the tools I use to become different, and experiance reality differently. And to 'manifest' something else. But along my journey, all the things I thought I actually wanted became something else. I feel more whole. The same but more whole. The playlist has many things that helped me click everything together. I might have missed somethings I wanted to put in but you can venture out and find more material by the people.

Honestly, I feel like I went through a lot in a little amount of time. Lets say there is some type of 'acenion' process. Basically a way to become you best self. And all of that process to get 95% there is what i've been through in a short time. Im SO close.
My mind went through a lot. One of my qualities Ive had is perfection. Or just doing the MOST efficient thing I can find. Such as, what is the MOST efficient emotion I could have? I would spend 95% trying to figure it out and never being at peace with any one that I've picked because I have that nagging mind thinking 'is this the best? Should I do something else'. And with that mindset in general you do A LOT of research. You watch video after video looking for that something.. taking notes. Well im done with the searching and at peace with everything that I beleive in, that I am. Im not 'there yet' but im at a place to where I am comfortable enought and trust myself enough to get there without any other knowledge that I know. Or knowing 'what should i do next? meditate? process emotion? observe?'. Im past that as I know myself more than before.

Again, here is the playlist. If you feel like it's too lengyh, there is a setting that can allow you to watch the video in 1.5x speed or 2x. Bottom right. You have to use desktop version if you are using phone.

Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Search engine
February 25, 2018, 20:44:57
Just wondering if there is a way to search by username only.
Like if i want to look at all karxx gxx THREADS or Xanth's or ... ?
Would be cool to add that but pretty sure adrian has to be the one to do that.
Hello all! On my self discovering journey and in the midst of establishing some beliefs that would be exciting,fun, beneficial to have or be influenced by.
Just curious to hear some of your personal beleifs, whatever they may be. Or perhaps you want to shoot some beliefs you dont really partake but would be cool to have if it helped create your reality.

Ex: My Beliefs shape my reality. There is unlimited everything. There is nothing I HAVE to do in this lifetime nor any lessons to be learned anymore. Reality will change within my lifetime into something exciting and surprising. Knowing myself empowers me to create my reality easier. Observing as the awarness helps with any situation. Observing my energy helps heal/balance it out dramaticaly. I will be world renowned if reality is how most people perceive it to be (Imagine how you think of the world). Hoping this is all some joke and will be over before I grow old!  :-D     

Ill end up posting basically a self biography so keeping it short. But yea, just curious to see what the pulse has to offer :-)
Before I begin, I would like to preface with this. All truth is truth. It is all relative. Even I dont get it much but I now know that's true. So everything I say, dont take to the absolute. I say it's all 80% true. You could argue and say 'well if you say this and that, then you contridicted yourself here'. This is why langueage is so hard to deal with. You have to talk relatively with words. This is why so many beings say it would be easier to just telecommunicate it so you can furuther understand. So just take it in. If something is confusing, i will explain if you are curious. This is my belief. And most of know that reality is effected by You, Beliefs, Feelings, and Knowledge. So I said to myself one day 'what can this hurt if it can only help?'

Hello all. If you read my most recent posts, it's out there. I felt like I would lose some information that I couldnt retain and I just posted whatever, knowingly it could leave quiet the impressoin.
But I digress. I'm going to post just a little bit at a time and wait for a response or message. All of this WILL come out eventually, but I'm relaxing and still organizing this informatoin in the simplest way possible, so lets start simple.

I trust we all have similar beliefs here,  or know it truely can be true. Or true on some level of reality, etc. So By your own belief, maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is some informatoin here just for you. Specifialy. What you are searching for. This is more true the more you believe in coincidences.

Ok, still digressing. So for those of you who keep searching for fulfillment, and feel almost there but far away, i suggest you listen up.

As said before, it seems everyone is influenced by Knowledge (idea, thought, etc)   Beliefs (which you can say is information you make sense of. how you interpret the information. I feel iffy by this definition but if you believe in something against any logic, the belief remains. ) And feelings. AND you which is a lot more tricky and hard to define.  You are who you think you are. But all along you have been raised by an outside source and influenced in many ways. You feel you have choice so you give power to choice, therefore it exists. Sorry for the complexity. No need to wrap your head around this yet.

So now you read this. What do you do? What is your biggest influences? For most, it is trust. When you trust yourself, you trust the decision you make. You always seem to follow trust in some fashion. As a kid, you trust your parents so you are influenced by them. You might not trust what they say, or do, but you trust them, therefore you tend to follow it. And you can say you trust yourself to make that decision.
My friends, when are you not more influenced by trust? I guess I could say, what beats trust? doubt of course. What else? Usually its negative emotoins. doubt isnt really influencal. If you doubt me, it will be easy and you will be on your way.

Ok, so what else? I'm not saying this is all absolute truth, for it is relative. BUT, In my opinion, FEAR is what will influence you more than most emotions. If you are about to die, you bring in that emotion and react to it. You say 'ok, I dont want this. I dont trust this, I will take action to prevent from feeling it'. You can run from it, observe it, play with it, cherish it, and so forth. But what do most people do? Run or Face it.

Once you face your fears, you can say you changed. You changed from being a person that would have usualy run from it to someone facing it. At that point of change, YOU literally change as a person. Your personality grows. You can say 'it was always in me. i just nevre acted on it' well then you were a person that didnt act on it.

So if you know that you keep being influenced by outside sources, where do you go?
My friends, one answer is observing. Assuming you want to change as a person.

And I could go on to tell you where to go, that's another topic. You choose. But the thing is, what are you basing your decisoins off of? Yourself. You trust yourself.
So when you say 'Ok, i surrender. I know I dont feel this way, beleive this way, think this way, but i throw myself towards trust.' If you trust yourself to trust something else, it WILL come back. That's a promise. If you go back to your old ways, you could say you never TRUELY trusted. This is why I think it's important to get to know yourself. If you are fearful that you cant trust yourself, you will look to another for information
'Man, I cant Astral Project. I dont think this will work. I trust it MIGHT, but i trust INFORMATION will get me closer.' And usually, if you trust information will bring you closer, you KEEP LOOKING UNTIL IT DOES BECAUSE YOU DONT TRUST WHATEVER IS HAPPENING. A lot of people do that, which is fine. People look to gurus for answers. They give them answers. They will either know how to trick you into beleiving what they say until you find your own truth, or you will half/whole heartedly believe them.

I cant settle for anything thats less then 99% truth. I dont want 100% because if  I did, I would be basically god. And once you are god, you cant experience life the same. A god cant experience being a human without being human. He can have every single emotion, thought, pattern in place 100%. But if he know's he is god, I would say he can never experience what it is like to be like most humans. He would probably just observe everything, knowing it's all right. Idk. I can only speculate as a human what he would do. The thing is, if he knew, he couldnt fully embrace the experience. So what does he do? He forgets he is god.
This is probably why a lot of crazy people and people who are india (who are more accepting of the idea) 'OMG, IM GOD' 'OMG IM JESUS REINCARNATED' 
All they did was kinda remember they used to be, for we all used to be, for we all came from one source, for we are all interconnected. For time is an illusion on some lever, for everything has happened. Well, not to you yet. Not to anyone. Not even to awareness. Because awarness would have to come into this plane, of time, and it might know 'this happens, that happens' it hasnt happened yet. So technicaly, on this plane, not everything has happened yet. It's such an interesting Idea. I digress...

So you have a similar trait god would have if he wanted to be a human. I'm not here to convince you, but this will give me some credibility because it make's sense. That's all im trying to do is influence you slowly but surely to trust yourself. But HOW? I dont want to control you 100% and say 'you know' even if i could. That would be taking more and more freewill away. It will still be there, but you are more me than you if i automatically made you experience what I did in a flash. That's no fun. If i did that to everyone, this would be boring to me. And I operate off certain beliefs. If you are curious, It goes like this.

0. Everything has free will
1. Everything will be experienced exactly how you want to.
2. If you dont want to experience what you want. If you want to somehow be a paradox, That is cool too. Trust will automatically come back. If you give yourself away and say 'I am going to LITERALLY experience something I dont want. I hope someone does help me. I have nothing else to do but trust'
And my friends, we are compassionate by nature. By being. We didnt choose it, but by default we act in that way for the most part. At least 1 person will, and that one person can save everyone because he cant take it. You need non compassoin for compassion to exist. And you cant blame someone for just being.
We have no choice but to take away some of that free will. To say 'OK, i cant take it. You were literally suffering for no reason and I couldnt bare to watch. Even though you wanted to experience this, my PERSONALITY ended when too much pain, when too many emotions were influencing. I KNOW and BELIEVE you dont want this. or you can say i KNOW and BELIEVE you do want this. But I dont. What do I do? I either help you because (insert reason) or dont. Either is fine.

So lets say you help that person.
crazy far out dude: "omg , I said i wanted to experience something I didnt want to!"
person who helped " I couldnt help it! I was just being me! I know you may be mad, sad, w.e. But you really cant be mad at ME because I was just doing what I do"

And that seperatoin is what allows connection, interaction. You are able to surprise yourself. To surprise yourself, you cant know. A lot of fear comes from not knowing. But so does surprise and many other things.

So now you say "ok, im picking up what your putting down. I'm lost, where do i go?"
There are infinite amount of answers. I can only say what has helped ME find MY truth. I can only pursuade you now. You might try some things out and see results. You will trust the syetem more and follow that trust because you want change essentially. When you want change, you change.

I will give some tid bits and leave it here for now, for I want you to find out for yourself. So I will leave with some closing notes that are fact.
YOU have ALL the answers  WITHEN yourself. If you think you are one of the people who fear 'omg, what if i am that crazy far out dude that didnt want to experience it? HOW? DO I WAIT? WHAT DO I DO TO GET MYSELF OUT OF THIS?' Chill. Breath. You have this. The only thing you can do is create. Create an experience to get yourself out. To contridict yourself right now and change. That is the power of free will. Your personality no longer wants this. You know this. Now, ask yourself where does power lie?

If you think it's others, you give them power. You are praying to be saved. That will work.
If you think Feelings, Beliefs, and Knowlede has power to change your situation, it will.
If you think you are forever doomed, you MIGHT be, until someone saves you.
So work with what most humans work with my friends. Feelings, beliefs, and knowlege. For they all influence each other if you believe they do.
You say 'what should i believe?'   
On the top of your beliefs put this
'I'm experiencing I want' If that's too scary, face it or run. Either is fine. Put another belief you might beleive more in and trust.

hmmm.. 'I trust myself'
not bad. or 'I will eventually believe in this system to work for me'
cool. And out of that arise new feelings and thoughts. And they might influence you to drop those beliefs.
If you are tired of being influenced, you can also do this.
Observe any thought and feeling that go againts your belief. Watch it. Once you watch it , you think it's not as you as much. When you think that, you give them less power, for you give power to what you believe is you.
You might get rid of  1 single thought and say 'ok that was my subconcious.' And once you do that, you dont trust it. Which is good, because you change you are making progress. If you stay the same forever, you dont change. If you dont change, then you POSSIBLE cant progress or digress. But you are always being influenced, so you change. And if you believe in evolution, that in 1000 lifetimes you will get better, you will. But you NEED change. Once you stop changing, and being influenced, and not reacting, you are changing at a slower rate. If you are fine where you at, you accept reality as is more or less. You are 'comfortable'. But sometines you have to do crazy excrement. Something you wouldnt do. Why? Because the more that is not aligned with who you think you were, the bigger chance you have for change. If you make a big change, you can either change for the better by a fast rate, or worse at a fast rate.

IF you believe it's worse, that's worth it. Why? NOW you know what NOT to do. So by process of eliminatoin, you find truth. If you do everything you can think of, you will then say 'ok, that is DEFINATLY not it. But I dont think any of what I did is it. But i did EVERYTHING? Because I dont trust that system FOR SURE, i trust everything else  just a LITTLE BIT more'

Do you see? Trust  leads to truth. You might go up, down, back up, back down, etc. But you will EVENTUALLY be knowledgable enough to not go back down again. UNITL you do EVERYTHING again.
Let's say you did and nothing worked again. Now what? Where does your trust go? You know nothing works. You keep trying and keep failing. If you distrust everything equally forever, you cant change.
REJOICE! for you are where you want to be. This is the 'experience what I dont want to' for a lot of people. You are getting what you ask for. But i said you have the power to break that?
O trust me, you will. Humans will eventually trust something , and trust will lead to thier truth. So dont worry. But now some might fear 'what if i die, what if i keep doing this over and over and over'?

If you TRUELY believe it, know it, feel it, you cant do anything. Someone else WILL help you, because we dont want to experience watching you do. at last 1 soul in the universe doesnt. Thanks to you, we know who we are. Thanks to that crazy guy, we know where our personality is. Where we are just being. Where we know, feel, and believe "I am taking away something he doesnt want. He doesnt want help, he decided"
But we cant help but to help. Because we know that if we watch you forever, suffering, it's because we chose to. And the pain is unbarable for most. For at least 1 person. And you will have NO CHOICE (aka, free will gone to a SMALL extent, but none the less, you wont have a choice) but to be helped. You can do it again, and the helper can wait 2x as long. 3x as long. 100000000000000x as long. But eventually, It would choose not to observe. To interact.

That is important. If we all came from 1 source. Why? WHY? To experience? SURE! but WHY? IS THAT ALL? No.
My friends, it was to play with ourselves. It was to interact with ourselves. We needed something to do, so we are doing. It's so boring to just watch forever. If you dont change, you are dead.

"what about awarness?! its always watching! what if we ALL are experiencing something we dont want. Then what do we do?"

This is where you can do nothing but make the best of your situation. If you wont get help, then you HAVE to help yourself. If you let that belief make you sad and such, you are giving power to that belief. There are MULTIPLE ways to save yourself. Know what has power and make best. Even if it's something you dont want to do

But I say this, that's a lie. As we change, we are changing awareness. If we are chaning what is observing, we are influencing it because it has new information in a sense. It's complicated. But it loves watching. It loves it, therefore we influence it. If it watches forever, It would have nothing other to do but do what it did before. Seperate from itself. SOMETHING will arise out of it, and if this is true, and goes on forever, SOMETHING HAS to change. Out of that is hope. Hope influences. I mean everything comes out of it, but if you BELEIVE what I just said, then there is the hope you are looking for. Pray, or do what you think you should do.

And again, another belief. I dont beleive in eternity. That's so lame. If something is forever, why even be that? I dont want to be dead. Dead on the inside, or outside. I dont want to be a computer. I refuse.
I could be wrong, but it seems I change when I have certain beliefs, and it has been working. Just my experiance.

If you really want to know my beleifs, then ask. I dont really want to influence that much. I trust that you will find truth if you want it. Trust in yourself to find it. Then trust in something isnt you to find it. It's easier to start withen, and trust you arnt everything you think you are. Well, it's easier when you keep looking for answers outside and not ever finding it. If you been doing this for years to no avail, you start to give up and trust much of outside influenced but yet you keep searching.
WELL SEARCH NO FURTHER. You found it. This right here. The next step is either to work with this and work with 'yourself' or keep searching. Keep following trust. Keep facing and overcoming fears. Fear is a good thing if you let it be. Dont want to spoil it though for you want to be suprised at how true this is  :-D

Ok, Ill give one hint. I will list my top beliefs. I couldnt help myself lol. Or top rules as a god. Not a hypothetical one. No. As a god that experiened exactly what I have. As a god that doesnt go *snap* and money appears. As a god with a lot less power than what most of you would call 'god'.

0. Everything has free will
1. Everything will be experienced exactly how you want to.
2. If you dont want to experience what you want. If you want to somehow be a paradox, That is cool too.
3. I experiance number 1 and number 0.
4. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. (inserts something that follows rule number 4.)
6. (see 5)
7. (keep doing this until I want to see how reality reacts)
Hello all. I dont like giving advice unless i confirm and know it works 100% but i've been getting so much repeating evidence that I feel it's ok to share at this point. I've been getting mainly synchronicity numbers out the butt. All of the numbers 0-9 and repeating 3-4 times. Not to long ago I seen 0-9  repeating in one day. such as 00000, 111, 2222, 3333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 8888, 999. It's the thread that makes me believe in what im doing cause without some sign, i'd probably give up 20 more times, on and off, and make slow slow progress. 
This year I've been up and down the spectrum completely. Got confidence, broke down, beliefs change, then broke down, etc. But I'm at the point to where I've settled into what I will do to reach my goals. Ill keep it short. After I practice with other things ill add.

For kundalini. Only been doing it for 3 days but it's the best for kundalini that i know of in my opinion. Not a fan of it but he beleives in himself so much that I do to. And me getting these numbers makes me think I might as well try.  (comments section has the guide so you dont have to watch whole vid. A lot of pauses)

shows how powerful connecting with heart is and how your brain works better when your heart beats more harmonious. science behind it. Breathing slow is the main thing Im pretty sure. putting awarness on my heart while breathing helps activate it imo. I do this before I do any other practice or decision making even.

more science on how crystals work. Or at least organize crystals. Just got one myself 2 days ago.

knowing the traits of the ego is useful. This is a great integration practice. I would pass of the emotions like 'eeeh, i dont really feel like that' but try more and find out there is something there. Nice self discovery. I probably have to deal with this before I can get to w.e my next step is.

And awarness of your thoughts and self is what lead me to a 2 min enlightment. I have other things to deal with probably so it didnt last and havnt got another one since.

Testing on full body awareness and saying ' what is the best feeling i can feel for me'. My whole body feels densish but if i keep it up , putting forceful focus on awarness..? Hard to know what it is or how to use or explain how to until you do it for a while.   I usually get vivid dreams or ap eventually more consistently when I do this at night.

These are the only things Ill be doing from now on till further notice. I dont like having a lot of things to worry about and this is already a handful considering you can also use awareness during all of this :P

I'd suggesting looking at some videos in this playlist if you want science behind all these new age stuff or just other cool tidbits of info, along with their website. The power of beleif is strong so stacking it with science helps me more.


So I came across moojiji on youtube and did his meditation. He was talking about disassociating with the identity and gave a quick how to. I made it more difficult than need be; It wasnt as passive as this was. I had a battle more so with my mind than just watching the battle I guess you could say. Kinda how you force yourself to not think which becomes a thought. So I was battling on how deep I was observing myself. (Oh, that's not me. That 'me' that said "that's not me" is not me, etc. gets confusing) Anyways, a feeling came over me..

I dont want to give what sensations I had to prevent expectation.  There is another mediation I made up that gave me the same symptom. Like how you vibrate sometimes before you AP. Not required, and you dont always AP when you do vibrate, but it is a symptom for being ready to AP.

A week ago, I was doing this on my back for about 1-2 hours. Then I went on my stomach and continued. After a point im more relaxed when on stomach. Anyways, I was DEDICATED on not giving up this battle. No matter what thoughts arose, I stuck to it. Then randomly I felt weird right when I heard/felt these lyrics from a kendrick lamar song. "Fill a pool full of liquar then we dive in it." lol. I immediately started to dive DEEEEP, like losing myself type dive. I completely let go of this mediation INSTANTLY, more spotaneous than almost anything I've done, no thought about it whatsoever. It was like an extended spontaneous moment. It kinda felt like an astral projection to an extent, in the sense that your senses can be heightened and you feeling yourself moving in a direction. (Note: you dont need to project to get this taste of being 'awakened' demonstraions of some who got here without it. Dont limit on how you can achieve this folks!)

I went searching for the souls of my two best friends like "HEY! WHERE YOU AT IM!? IM FEEEEELIN IT" in the abyss and then woke up. Whoa, when I did, my reality felt completly different. Ill try to explain how it felt.
It was like seeing sunlight for the first time.. I just looked at things, staring. (I've done some meditations where I would like enjoy looking at things, like my hands, clothes, etc. Not on this level)
It felt like a low level lucid dream. Like how you wake up from a dream at night, and realitys tarts to settle in. The moments before it does. But on a higher level
I have a dog with the MOST annoying sharp bark ever. I'm always positive, but this bark just drives me mad. She does this when left outside and wants in. But for some reason, when I heard this bark I felt more alive. Like I was in jail for years, randomly woke up in my bed and just thankful im hearing that bark.
Something you see in movies typa feeling. Like how at some point towards the end, theres a character just walking down a street on a sunny day where the conflict is resolved.

I'm not exactly sure how long this lasted, maybe some hours, half our, idk.  but since then I havnt had that level of being awakened. Lets say we are all at a 1. That state is a 10. I would sometimes feel like a 2/3 tops OCCASIONALLY. And since then, I really am trying to get to that place again. Thankfully I ran across this particular guided meditation, just did it, and feeling good. I'm at work so didnt have full devotion but im feeling some sensation that's new.

Anyways, Im going to spread this to as much people as possible. It's not just some feeling that is really good. Like being extremely happy.  Even happy feels artificial in comparison. Not taking away from any feelings as artificial doesnt mean bad. This is just more.. liberating. It's the missing piece that people try to find IMO. It's actual fulfillment. Maybe it's true peace? Cause anything could happen and I would be ok with it.

You can dream any dream, do anything let's say. If you have it from the perspective as we usually do, I cant think of anything that will fulfill me anyways. Dream sharing, astral adventures galore, virtual reality headsets where you can be in a game, all the money in the world, peace, love, happiness throught the planet, UNIVERSE. Let's say I am the sole cause of that in the perceptive we probably most humans live in. As Karxx Gxx. "wow, I did pretty good. People are having a blast in this reality I caused." Even after that, struggle, be evil with no consequences, experience the duality of reality. I cant fathom something that would quinch my human thirst.  I would LOVE to do all of that, (aside struggling and such. doesnt seem interesting. Maybe being evil..  :evil:)  but I would have to do it twice. Once without that fulfilling realization/awakening and one with. And right now, I've had my 20+ years of without, so for the rest of my life I will become what I've experienced cause honestly, anything else I pursue is a waste of time.

I dont know if this is for everyone. Maybe there is other ways to be fulfilled. I just never hear about it through practical means. This is just MY fulfillment.
I hope this helps someone find what they are looking for. Take care!

TL;DR   I felt fulfilled after doing a non guieded meditation of his. Practicing disassociating "Me" as anything that arose in my mind. Ex: Thoughts..' thats not me. Hmm.' More thoughts 'not me.' Noticing myself noticing myself Hmm, interesting thought. Not me.. Thats not me 'Thats not me'... lol
I suggest doing the guided meditation. I just got lucky. Did it so long that something was bound to happen  :-P

P.s And if you do try this for some time, go ahead and post some feedback! It would boost my motivation and others as.
OH! IMPORTANT WHEN DOING THIS. Dont fear your own thoughts. You might face resistance. It seems like it happens with other people in his seminars to where that it's a reoccurring theme. Like your mind wants to stay. Just keep going on. Probably similar to an astral projection fear tests.
Hell, you might feel like you will literally die. Like chest exploding or some sh!*. Trust me, you wont. Maybe the identity you have of yourself will in a figurative sense. But no, you wont go crazy or anything either.  Take it as a good sign. You are making progress!  :-D
So I went through a phase learning all I could about this. Visualization boards, affirmations, etc. And even though it seems obvious, it's really just ways on mustering up certain feelings.
I've heard gratitude is the best way to get what you want. And when it comes to spiritual/metiphysical things, I'm pretty picky on finding THEE most efficient ways to do things. I want really 100% into visualizations or stating 'I have $10000' or a new car, better job, more friends, etc. because I would always think   "this the best thing for me?." I say I know what I want but am scared of asking anything specific or even vague because if I became rich earlier this year, I may have not learned so much that I would have. If I had a new car, maybe I woulda wrecked. etc.

So the easiest thing for me to do is first, trust in the universe/higherself/something else that would know what I want more than me. No outcome in sight at all. The only idea that I have is being the best at something, world renown. Tis my dream. So occasionally I feel that feeling of 'world renown.' Which is at least the in the top most efficient feelings for me to feel. The others being gratitude/happiness/believing which I have a hard time with a little.

The last one is a mixture of multiple feelings. I cant really put a finger on it and dont want to. One day I sat back, relaxed, and thought "what is the best feeling for me highself.." but didnt use logic. I just tried to see what I could feel, and grasped it. Y'eah, thats it..'   So I need to trust it, which helped me believed (believing always helps in the process IMO)

TL:DR So IMO, when it comes to manifestation the 'best' thing for you, relax, and if you want you can ask yourself, soul, body, whatever or whoever to help you feel 'it', the best/most benificial feeling for you, and just practicing feeling 'it' whenever you can wherever you are. No thoughts needed  :-D
*Everything I type is something that works for ME. When I say 'you', im not really saying you. These things work only becuase of how I think. There is never only one way to go about anything.
I will be editing the title to make it the last date I updated it. Admin feel free to move this post, or suggest a title for me that can fit in this section, or a section.

Underline = Things I want you to read. Not that you should only read the underline text, but they are you guide on where you can skim to and just important things.
Slash = something you might want to look up online yourself if you arnt well verse in it.
* = on 'herbs' while typing.[/u] (I usually edit these to make more sense to everyone else after I sober up :-P)
at the bottom I'll organize all my links I suggest.

Trick post #1

So recently I ran across this    It's honestly a real good find. Almost a turning point in how I am pursuing my dreams. Sending it to people close to me actually helps me acheive my dream. 10/10 Will put this in the list of things I would share with the world once I make it to the big screens  :-D

I've made this painting. It's in my room right now. Now, I want to do a lot of things in life, and the easiest way for me to achieve it is through money. ALTHOUGH I'm not limiting myself to this. I found a way (for me) to not limit myself on way of achieving my goals (for example: visualizing having the winning lottery ticket)

What I am doing is visualizing me singing my signature on this painting. I'm feeling how it feels for money not being a concern of mine; to be able to do what I want to do for the most part. How a billionaire would feel. How the texture of the painting feels as I write it in silver like , glittery marker on the corner of the painting.

The trick on making this visualization work is to only sign the painting when I ACHIEVE what I want to achieve. I feel like, for a lack of a better term, the universe knows I will only sing the painting once I achieve what i want to. This allows many other paths to open up; I dont have to rely on limited paths to take. It can be all of them now!

For real though, watch that video because it's worth it.  :-)

Trick Post # 2

*  I have found an affirmation I really like for multiple reasons. 'I love money not being a problem.'  
             Lets say Jim has $1,000,000,000. He is well off, can get just about anything he wants. He see's an item that cost 1,500,000,000. This is a problem for him.
             Now lets say Jim has $100. He cant get what he really want with this. But he is king! Now, money is not a problem.
             Now let's apply the same principles to real life. There is a bill collector, harassing Jim to get $150. We know he doesnt have it. 'oh, it seems we have got the wrong guy'; The system glitches and/or they mess up. The problem was they needed money he doesnt have. Now, there is no problem involving money. The idea behind this affirmation is not to rely on money, but for it to not be a hindrance to you. Those people who knows people? That car cost 10k. Jim has 7k.  But the guy selling it is an old time friend of Jims, or Jim persuades it to drop lower, or... etc. Now the car is 5k and the money is no longer a problem. He didnt get more, but he worked it out to where it didnt matter the amount doesnt matter.

Now I could have put ' I love it when money isnt a problem'   this can work just as good for some people, but not me. The reason is because of the termonology and what I feel it assumes. When-adverb-at a time. Too keep it short, time is another constraint IMO. "When" is implying there is a time when it's not a problem. Well, there must be a time when it is a problem then. 'I dont have a problem with money right now, but i did, and i might. But right now, I dont'      That's my thought process.
          'I love money not being a problem' doesn't assume money was ever a problem. This could have been a world without currency, or turn into a world without one, etc. More possibilities is the goal to this affirmation.

Me understanding the foundation of things helps me build new foundations for new things, and I hope it does for you too. *

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Change + Question.
October 23, 2016, 02:50:49
(modified 10/24)
There's a lot of background to this that is ommited. lazy. Also a TLDR and TLDR2(if you really dont want to read) at the end.

So recently in life, i've been learning lessons. At the base of almost everything ive learned is that I have to change. I have to be who I want to be, but it seems so hard to do.
I can only see benefit but it still just is overwhelming. I can literally feel something in the pit of my stomach; It feels like fear. But its different. If a guy held a gun
to my head, I would experience a different type of fear. I've never had really feeling of anxiety, or having bad social anxiety, but I think this is how they feel when
they say they have it.

What I want to do is open up/be myself 98% (at +80%). I'm feel pretty damn open compared to the majority i feel like (with any friends, acquaintances, even parents!)  but I want to be more than I am. Try saying I love you to your guy friend, or dad, its harder. Its only love; you know the other person will like it, there isnt really any downfall. 

I know at the end, it doesnt matter cause i only have to gain. Yeah, I could get flat out rejected and feel some type of way, but thats dependent on ME. so its a win-nuetral situation.

TLDR; I have a 'fear' of change. I know it will be good, it wont take much. I want to be more open in all aspects. The thing is, no matter how much motivational videos I watch, what I do, I get to a point to where I say, with conviction, 'im going to change'. Then time passes. Ive made no or very little progess (that little progress still matters but it's so on and off, it will take too long for me to get anywhere I desire to be at in time)
    This feeling is holding me back. When I took acid, the mind state I had is something I would want to have in everyday life. I acted moreso how i wanted to be. But sober me cant get past the 'fear' aspect.

What has made you change? Or if you cant relate, what pushed you to 'progress'. Some it might be a family death, being on drugs, ap session, etc.

Monday is the deadline im giving myself to attempt at being who I want to be. It was too much for me to do on one day, plus there are other things in my life piled upon this I have to deal with. (All these thoughts came from today. Some while meditating)
Ill update this and see where I go.   I want to start hanging around like minded people, and this is the first place I thought of. Even if I dont make any connections, I can at least help/ask for help on this wonderful site.

Regardless of replies, thanks for reading this if you did. wish me luck  :wink:
Its know that our thoughts manifest in the astral, and we can create thing in the astral while in the physical. I'm not sure if anyone has used this application, but has anyone created something that would better help you astral project? Ill explain what I'm doing.

So before I sleep, and sometimes during the day, I imagine/visualize a door in the astral. This door does all sorts of neat things like allow people to leave messages, lets you project anywhere (I know you can do that, and everything i mention, but I feel it will make things a lot easier) aids you while you are trying to project (not sure if this will work, but basically the door helps "pull you out" during projection ). You can as the door suggests experiences you should have/ places you should go. Allows you to look in other dreams with their permission, and you can join them by walking through.

The list goes on. Of course the door wont be 100 percent accurate, it could show you a dream no one is dreaming because of your own ideas and such. But, if our thoughts create things in the astral, I think this would be a good application. I would have to test its accuracy (not that accuracy = usefulness) and experiment, and when I do ill tell you what I found.

I'm also trying to test if its possible to find some "thing" in the astral that allows you to store large amounts of information. (i think its possible) So maybe I want to learn how to play the piano. Maybe some "thing" will let me know how to play it, and it effect my physical life.   

Anyone try any of this by chance?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / xMas gift suggestions?
December 02, 2014, 01:14:22
I want to buy my mom something "spiritual" for x-mas (she believes all this stuff we talk about)
I was thinking maybe a crystal necklace, amethyst, but i know little about crystals and how to use them.
Also was thinking some "energy" shirt but couldnt find any.

Just wanted to ask you guys if you have any tools that aid you in (insert subject) and what not.
Will continue research on crystals, just want to know if there is more out there than that. Thanks 
Projected about 3 nights out of the 7 this week, which is incredible. But, maybe I dont realize it, on at least one of them I didnt vibrate (or notice it). Tried to google if its just me or if you can project without it but didnt help. Not that im worried about it.

(leaving out some details for sake of length)
But on the first one, It was kinda like i went into a dream and was so aware that it was a projection instantaneously. My eyes were closed, and eventually i was gazing at the stars everywhere, amazed by the vast about of space there is. I was startling myself when thinking about being at the end of the universe (basically the fear you would get if you physically were sent into space) Then a voice said
      "do you want to be big as the universe?"
      I again got scared, said no, and went back into standing in my room, then it was over. I learned what that lesson was mean for

The second one, I projected out of my bed at a horizontalish angle. I was floating in a certain direction with no control, also it was kinda blurry. I saw a red light in a corner i was floating to. I got really scared and forced myself to get up. Learned a lesson from that too.

The third. I saw some letters on the wall with "limited" and "government." trying to exit, i saw a tall, pink, slim telly tubby and was startled. I knew it was a "scare test" then dismissed it. I had a false awakening and went to my sis's room.

the fourth night I projected 3 times. The first, I projected and slowly feel to the floor horizontallyish with no control of my body, and eyes were blurry. The second, I got up and turned the lights on to test my vision. The third, I got up and heard this sound about a foot above my bed. It was coming from one spot but nothing was there. I also heard my dog whining (he was in real life) so I got up to bring him in.

So thats all. If anyone has any clue on why I cant fully control myself/see clearly that would be cool. I assume its a test, but its harder to figure out the lessons meaning (if it is one). I have a small clue, but maybe its cause im new to this. Also, a year ago when I projected, I also floated horizontallyish through the livingroom with no real control, but I was trying to get there.

Just wanted to share  :-)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Living life!
November 04, 2014, 22:11:52
I know it wont apply to most, but I was a guy who didnt party all high-school, didnt drink, smoke week or any of that. I love socializing and all, but didnt think i was a party guy.
Went to prom and had some fun unexpectedly since it was party like. After that, I knew I would enjoy going to them.
Two years later, second year of college, I go to a Halloween party out of town with my friends (as a ninja if anyone is curious). I HATE the taste of beer, and I didnt want to drink the alcohol cause I really dont like drinking, just wanted to get drunk. (For NSA reasons, the rest is a dream  :wink: ) In this dream, my thoughts were and what i did was...
I just took shots as soon as I could to get drunk. Think 7 total was all I took. And man, it was literally the top 5 moments of my life. I was socializing, dancing, kissing, laughing, and just having a @%#!ing blast!

Anyways, for those who have never done it and assume you wont like it, its worth the chance. Some say all it takes is one time to form a habit and I totally agree, but only a certain age group IMO can really party, and after you hit a certain age its too late to go back to the "good days".

If you do go, always have a DD and GOOD friends that you can TRUST! And watch your drinking. Try to google how much you need or just dont take over 3 shots in 10 minutes to be safe. im 160 lbs, 6ft and it took 7 for me to be in a good state. Moderate yourself, and have others moderate you. My rule is I only and always listened to my SOBER friend. I carried my phone in pocket to make sure we dont get split up and leave together.
And if you go to a party that those frats host, dont worry about cops. Cops there at least literally gave this one party 5 chances in one day before they shut it down and didnt even arrest anyone. I even talked to this security guard at this one sorority place for a while. They know people party and they dont want to ruin good times, cool a.f.
This was kinda a crowded party. Im not sure how much fun it would be if its a smaller one since I like mingling and feel less watched.
So again, dont be super-stupid but try to have fun and live life while you can. much worth. very wow. such fact  :-D

...and then my dream ended
I was reading on reality shifting when I thought of this concept/question.
I've never really thought about it, but when you go into another reality, what happens to the other peoples and ours? I mean, if there are infinite parallel realities and we slip into another from the current one, do we affect our other self's reality? What happens to that mind? Or is it just a place holder until we go into it? Maybe we join it.

And as for the other people, are we affecting theirs? Or is their reality separate, but we see their "reflection" in our own? But what if we go into one that we are rich and there's a poor neighbor you have. You decide to give him millions. Even if its his reflection and he is in his reality, does his reflection affect him?

Maybe there is only one shared reality and evil/not so evil doers try to make it seem there is more for some complicated reason! Who knows  :evil:  :roll:

The list of questions goes on. Feel free to post any more questions, just for the entertainment.
I don't expect anyone to know the answer, but its something just to ponder about.
Do you lean towards a certain way?

Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Bashar
October 11, 2014, 02:48:41
Recently discovered through my mother about Bashar. Supposedly he is an alien that channels through (insert humans name here) to talk to us. There are MANY videos that goes over many topics. Everything he says makes allot of sense to me. This is just one video, about an hour long.

I encourage you to search Bashar and click on a video. Maybe about manifestation. If you like, try using advance search to find playlist for organization purposes. Really intriguing. Changed the way of how I perceived things.