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Jack Houck was someone I came across(his website) when he wrote up his experiences doing spoon-bending PK parties, but I thought this article may be particularly interesting to you guys as it suggests that the Schumann Resonance may hold a key to OBEs for humans. It would make sense that the Earth and humans have a 'resonance' which they share together and which maybe could unlock out greater selves.

Link to the article here

by: Jack Houck


QuoteWhat if the ability to do remote viewing, PK, and other high performance mental techniques could be induced with high-tech means? There is some evidence that there is a mental access window (MAW) when the predominat frequency of an individual's electroencephalogram (EEG) is 7.81 to 7.83 Hz. This is the same frequency range in which slight oscillations in the earth's magnetic field occur, known as "Schumann Resonance". (Interestingly, this frequency also corresponds to REM sleep and hypnogognic imagery.) Houck first learned of the ideas from Dr. Bob Beck when he purchased a simple EEG biofeedback unit from Beck. The unit provides auditory feedback of brain activity to the user. Beck suggested that they make a recording of an input signal of exactly 7.81 Hz. Houck listened to the EEG unit attached to his head in one ear while simultaneously listening to the 7.81 Hz (using frequency modulation, the EEG signal is combined with a 2000 Hz tone so it can be heard) recording in the other ear. After a few minutes of relaxing, the two sounds became very similar, and then --- a full blown out-of-body experience. Of the 45 people who have tried this equipment, approximately one-half have reported either a full blown or partial out-of-body experience. This experience led to evaluating the frequency spectrum of people's EEGs, and has resulted in some correlations with the type of individual. For example, psychics and geniuses have strong components of their EEG frequency in the MAW, even in their awake state.

(The article is underneath this abstract, at the link above.)
I have a problem which I hope someone can help me with. I know I am going out-of-body at night but I am totally unaware of it.

Sometimes when I am asleep and I am waking up, in the last few milliseconds I am aware of coming back into my body. Ages ago, I learned that any dreams of nasty monsters or people chasing you, were only the awareness you have from the physical body's perspective, of the astral body returning to the physical. I never get those nasty monster/people dreams any longer now that I know what they are.

However, I am just not aware of anything, from going to sleep... to those few milliseconds before waking up (and that's not happening very often). I really need to do something to get myself aware or conscious of all that time spent out-of-body. I am wasting good opportunities.

In meditation, I dont seem to be able to focus long enough to stay conscious. Usually I say my mantra for a few minutes and then I blank out completely. Maybe I am just too lazy but the next thing I am conscious of is becoming aware that I am back and the meditation session is over.

I have tried affirmations but up until now, they have not worked to make me more conscious.

So, what do you think is happening here and what can I do to take my consciousness with me out-of-body?