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There is or was someone here going by the name Frank.  Over 3000 posts. Is he still around?
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / getting stuck
October 14, 2020, 15:13:21
A poster Frank commented on getting stuck in the area just above the lucid dreaming area.  He said the novice when in that area might think they are in the astral proper but it is not the astral proper. It's a place where anything you think will be created but you think it's the real astral.  He then adds the way to get out is to realize everything you see is self created from your subconscious upon which it all dissolves. Has anybody had an experience like this and can they add insights tips etc.? 
Welcome to Dreams! / it ain't easy
November 16, 2017, 10:21:41
I've had many slightly lucid dreams lately where things don't seem right  such as 'people just don't go around forgetting where they parked their cars so often' so  I must be dreaming.  but then I think 'it's obviously not a dream because it's real, my friends are here etc.'-so then I continue looking for my car.  Then I wake up to find it was a dream.  Obe coaches tell you that when you become lucid  to do various things to convert into an OBE.  I think they are missing something.  How can you believe it's a dream when it's just as real as waking life?  Maybe that's the key-to understand that we once believed dreams were this smoky whispy unreal thing of the imagination but that actually when dreaming your consciousness is in a very real dimension-not much different than waking life.  Then if you can get a grip on that you actually could use one of the techniques such as demanding 'clarity now' or 'higher self now', or 'obe now'. You'd want to say 'I know it's real but it's still a dream because this isn't my usual waking reality. But anyway keep positive and be patient. :-D 
Quoteget rid of all preconceived ideas about what to expect in alt states
Welcome to Dreams! / out of body operating room
November 03, 2017, 16:12:14
Once I had this dream where I was in an operating room on a gurney and where a guy in medical clothes was saying to me " do you want to be conscious for this or not conscious?  Most don't want to be conscious." I said "unconscious."  The next day my hemorrids were gone.  This lasted a long time but years later they have reoccurred.  I wish I'd have said conscious to see what happened.  It must have been some astral place.
A free book  amazon or a pdf dwnload.    Very good in explaining the thought responsive state when out of body.  This greatly enables you to get beyond fear-since what you think or feel or imagine when out of body will manifest-so if you know this you don't think fearful things. 
Welcome to Astral Chat! / what is love?
June 30, 2012, 11:03:37
What is love? 
Just wondering what percentage of humans can project at least once in a while or who are working on doing it with some regularity.  Let's say age 12 and up.  I used to think very little/very few but now I'm not so sure.  Would one percent be too many?  In my whole life I've only met 2 or 3 who have talked about wanting to have an obe.
Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hola!
March 12, 2012, 09:58:03
I may have been here before a long time ago.  I'm making a new effort at AP.  I first discovered it in about 1966 when a friend and I read a couple books "Projection of the Astral Body" and another.  Then I got into Lobsang Rampa and I know there is controversy about him.  I will say whoever he was he seemed to know a lot about the occult arts.  He mentioned the helpers.  I had a "dream" back then that I was in my basement (symbolic for subconscious) looking out the ground level window when I saw two persons coming waving a lantern. I felt them lifting me up under my arms but fear took over and they left.  I can't help but think how much better my life might be now if only I'd learned to project all those years ago. 
I've had many near projections over the years.  Most recently I was napping on the bed one afternoon when the vibrations started.  Hadn't felt that in years and usually unpleasant but this time they were delicious! like lying in the warm sun on the beach only far better.  I figured 'this has to be good' so I just let it happen.  I felt my astral lift to vertical but still attached at the head.  I tried to break free but it all just subsided.  I'm hoping now to be successful and to improve my life in the sense of a more controlled, capable and peaceful existance and have greater experiences.  I'm also into the Tarot again.  It's based on synchronisity.  Contact me on any of this. :-D