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I was musing the other day in my journal about my NP sidekick. I call her a sidekick tongue-in-cheek, but maybe she really is separate from me. Sometimes it feels so. In addition, I don't necessarily see her as female, 'it' is more male (I'm female). Below is what I wrote.

I've been giving quite a bit of thought to the NP personality of late. Specifically of its awareness.

In my latest simulation with the dream characters who were coming to get me, my first response about having a mirror was totally NP. I had no idea I was going to say that, or even that I had a mirror. My second response where I put my hand through the wall - I'd say that was my lucid self emerging and merging with my NP self. And the third response where I tried to put myself into and through a character was very characteristic of my lucid self.

So perhaps the balance was tipping from my NP self to my lucid self. The more lucid I got, the less likely I was of staying in the dream. Hmmm.

I wonder: Is the NP personality self-aware? Is that even possible? I think so, but it requires a lucidity that isn't how we would normally understand lucidity.

I'd love to hear others' views on this subject. What is your relationship/understanding of your NP personality?

baro-san replied in my dream journal and here is his post:

I'm of the opinion that my non-physical is more self-aware than I am. It is actually like I am one of his many dreams. For him to become lucid in his dream, that is my life, would be when I know that I am his dream. It is exactly as when I am getting lucid in my dream.

Him becoming lucid would help me taylor his dream, my life, using his knowledge and his intentions.

Cool thoughts.  :-)

I feel like I need to process my understanding some more before I can reach any conclusions. It feels like this would be a difficult undertaking because to observe my sidekick, I would have to be there as well - and this rarely happens. Only on occasions when lucidity is slowly brightening do I have a small timespan when we are both aware. Perhaps the way to observe is to note what he/she does in the dream when I'm not around.

I've just re-read the above paragraph and I sound completely nuts.  :-P

Thoughts anyone?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Original Thought
January 17, 2018, 15:52:56
Hi guys and gals

I've been wondering about this lately.

How often do you reckon you have an original thought? Not so much a thought that you believe no-one else has ever thought of, but a thought that seems new to you - one that you've never thought of before.

I rarely get them and it might be because I'm not great at silencing (or lowering the volume) of my mind. Or it might be because I'm not the brightest button on the shirt.  :-D

Another question. What was your latest original thought?

Looking forward to reading the replies.  8-)

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Musically Minded
July 24, 2017, 06:48:23
Hello everyone

As part of your projection practice, do you listen to music to get your astral senses tingling? As well as listening to Robert Monroe (which is part of my meditation routine), I also choose background music while I'm doing other things in order to 'train my brain' for otherwordly adventures. As Tesco says, every little helps.  :-D

My preferences in this regard tend to be soundscapes and some of my favourites are:

  • Carbon Based Lifeforms - specifically World of Sleepers
  • In the Nursery
  • Orb - especially Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
  • The Future Sound of London - particularly Lifeforms

How about you?

A night of many dreams, most of them brief and all-but forgotten. I have vague memories of learning things.

I recall lying in a dream bed being able to see through my eyelids. I lifted my left arm up to see if it would go through the nearest wall. It wouldn't...but it wasn't aching so I knew it wasn't my physical arm. I lifted my right arm and tried the wall - this time the wall yielded and both arms went through.

What was interesting about this one was, once again, my dream consciousness knew I was partially out-of-body (although it didn't realise my arms were dream arms) whilst my waking consciousness was blissfully fast asleep. It's like a deeper layer of lucidity whereby my waking self doesn't need to be disturbed.
Welcome to Dreams! / In Preparation
July 17, 2017, 08:59:55
This last week has been interesting. It feels like I'm being prepared for new adventures. Whilst I want to go on them NOW, I'm also being shown patience. No doubt I'm not quite ready. I'm also learning to listen (not with my physical ears, but with my inner senses).

One day last week I was playing a computer game and decided that at 4pm I'd turn it off and do a meditation session. Totally engrossed in the game, I was only half-aware of the time. At 3.59pm exactly, the internet cut out. I listened.  :-D

In addition, I've had no internet access since Thursday last week. Talk about learning patience.

Then last night two separate dreams. In one I agreed to go with a stranger to a new place. I was told it would be 'different', but wasn't given details. When we walked into his world, everyone was upside-down. Actually, it wasn't that they were upside-down - it was my vision that was upside-down. I feel this dream is advising me I may have to look at things in a completely different way in my forthcoming experiences.

In a later dream, I was staying for a few nights in a training complex. I had only a bedroom and during the day would have to leave the campus. Within the dream, I was asleep and could see through my eyelids. I was also very asleep (I call these dreams druggy dreams as I'm so sluggish) and was asking my OH to slap me across the face to wake me up. I worried how we would spend our time during the day and if I'd be able to cope...then reminded myself that as long as I kept it in my mind that I was dreaming, I'd be fine.

This dream is 'waking me up' in a gentle way. Whilst I wouldn't say I was fully lucid, my dreaming mind knew I was dreaming - and that's all I'm going to need going forward. In fact, I think that will be better for me as I'm less likely to go running around, jumping on people and being daft. I think it will put me in a better mental state for whatever is to come.

Exciting times.  :-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Buddha Tea House
July 08, 2017, 04:44:22
I'm with two friends, K and T, at a nightclub. It's busy, loud and there is live music. We are watching the band and enjoying ourselves. Two lads are looking over at the three of us, so I nudge T in a "you and K are in" kind of way and turn the opposite way.

I see a young man and woman dancing together about 10ft away from me. The man suddenly falls to the ground and slowly goes down to a lying position. She rushes over and shakes him. He comes to, looks a bit dazed, then gets back up. I walk over to him and tap him on the shoulder. I gently tell him not to ignore the fall - he must make sure he gets checked out at a doctor as soon as he can. He kindly waves me away. Later I see them both dancing again.

The evening is coming to an end and I find K and T to see if we are all going back to our hotel together. K remarks that we are not in our usual dress for nightclubbing. I agree and note I'm wearing a long skirt, all the way down to my ankles. We look dressed for an interview rather than a club.

K advises that we are going somewhere else and holds out a slip of paper that says 'Vegetarian Cafe' and an address on it. As is usual in dreams, there is no 'getting to the cafe' - we are there walking through the door. This is a small intimate establishment. It is filling up but it appears we've booked ahead as they let us in despite a queue at the door. The cafe is called 'Buddha Tea House' and is reputed to be the actual one that Buddha visited.

It transpires that this is no ordinary cafe. It's a place to learn the art of tea. There is a waitress who I understood as being a 'sensei'. She had us all seated and was introducing herself and advising us what we should order first when visiting a tea house. She didn't look like a typical waitress, more like one of us in smart clothes.


Sadly, that's all I remember from this non-lucid dream. When I awoke around 4am I went to the loo and once returned thought about the dream, running it through my mind to make it solid. I knew I wouldn't need to write anything down as I was awake for a good hour.

K and T are two people I used to work with in waking life a long time ago. I haven't had any RL contact with them for many years. Yet they regularly appear in dreams, often together but not always. I suspect they are dream guides cloaked in my friends' bodies. Broadly-speaking K is the extrovert, T the introvert. Yin and yang sort of.

I think this dream is an important one - and I think it was NON-lucid for that reason. Sometimes I find it all too easy to dismiss dreams if I've not been particularly conscious...but this one felt a bit special once I'd awoke. It was to do with the following factors:

  • Keywords of Buddha, vegetarian, tea, sensei
  • Sensible clothing - too formal for a nightclub. I deem my long skirt was a sign of 'modesty'
  • The sexual test which I passed - go me, go me, go me!
  • K and T

Whilst there was no obvious message/advice given, I get an overall sense that I'm on the right track, doing things correctly and am embarking in a new direction with regards to spirituality and dreaming.

I did wonder about the guy who fell. He could have been a lucid dreamer who briefly awoke (thereby losing dream consciousness for a few seconds). I often wonder what happens to me in the dream when I briefly awake (although I was able to ask a dream character this one time).

All in all, a simply splendid dream, despite being non-lucid.  :-)
Welcome to Dreams! / The Nearly Star
July 04, 2017, 07:59:47
Earlier in the night I had a dream where a female dream character reminded me of someone - a famous male actor. For the life of me, I couldn't remember his name. I thought and thought and got that his first name was probably Richard. Then I thought some more, bringing his facial image to mind. I couldn't get his second name, but I remembered a film he'd been in. I told her it was the guy from Withnail and I.

Around 3am I awoke and went to the loo. Returned and did a couple of simple affirmations:

I am aware in dreams
I am alert in dreams
I am lucid in dreams

Until I drifted off back to sleep.

OH got up around 5am and this is my prime time for lucid dreaming. I have the bed to myself with no interruptions.


The dream was very mundane. I was at some outdoor restaurant waiting for the waitress to come over and take our order. I'd gone with friends but due to lack of table space ended up sitting with strangers.

Ahead a small jet flew over very low. It had a second smaller jet flying very close to it, almost magnetically connected to within a couple of feet of the first one. A bit like something you might see in Star Wars. A second jet appeared and, looking up, I said out loud, "If one of these jets suddenly crashes, I'll know we are dreaming." Whereupon the second jet crashed to the ground not far from us.

It jolted me awake briefly but then I returned to the dream, somewhat lucid.

The man sitting to my left turned to me and asked, "So, you know you're dreaming, huh?" very casually. I looked at him, smiled and told him I did. I then thanked him for reminding me. I told him that it was rare for someone else to let me know I was dreaming and I was grateful. Then I said, "How do you know I'm dreaming...*brain whirring*... are you lucid dreaming too?"

"Yes," he replied, coolly.

Without getting too excited I then told him I'd just got back into lucid dreaming. We discussed how long we'd both been able to lucid dream (years) and while this discussion was going on, our positions had changed. We were both standing, him directly behind me with his arms around my chest, his hands over my boobs. This felt more 'close' than sexy but the undertones were there. I wasn't bothered about what anyone else might think/say as I knew I was dreaming.

We decided to walk away from the table so we could discuss dreaming privately without distractions or interruptions. He told me he'd got bored of the whole thing, but this experience with another lucid dreamer had renewed his enthusiasm. I told him I was actively focussing on dreaming by reading books, watching films and joining forums. I then asked him what his favourite film about lucid dreaming was. He told me it was a film called The Nearly Star. As he said this, a track began playing in the background of the dream. He asked me mine and after some thought I told him it was Vanilla Sky.

We then discussed our best techniques for staying lucid and prolonging the dream - his was touch, as was mine. I mentioned that I was able to become a hologram when needed and held out my arm to show him. He gripped my arm and squeezed and I mentally did the hologram thing - which didn't work. It began hurting me so he stopped. I tried it with his arm - the exact same. It was as if we were both physically solid.

The music track ended and he told me it was from The Nearly Star. By now I was beginning to wake and even though I asked him mentally to grab hold of me to pull me back into the dream, it didn't work and I awoke knowing I wasn't able to get back.


I hadn't listened to the music during the dream and couldn't recall it once awake, but after a few seconds the tune from a film I watched a couple of weeks ago came back to me. The film is called Cafe de Flore (a great film) and I'd been trying to recall the tune a few days after watching it before giving up. I was surprised at how easily, naturally and casually that little tune returned nearly two weeks later. It made me wonder about the track we'd heard in the dream.

I think the success of this particular experience was twofold. Not only the affirmations in the middle of the night, but the fact that I was so logical, rational and sensible in my earlier dream about Richard E. Grant.

Cool bananas!
Welcome to Dreams! / Out of the Blue Comment
July 03, 2017, 09:10:47
I mean, really. I can usually trace where my dreams come from...but not this comment from a dream character.

Can't remember the details but a shopkeeper (I think) said 'what's that smell' while looking at me walking over. This was said neutrally and not nastily. I asked what she thought it (I) smelled of and she replied...


I mean, really?!!!!
Welcome to Dreams! / Swinging
June 30, 2017, 04:28:14
Over the years I've come to recognise certain triggers that usually (but not always) make me lucid. One of my favourites is swinging. Not only does it happen in deeply relaxed states (MABA), but also during ordinary non-lucid dreams.

Normally I experiment - or play - with the feeling. If I'm in MABA I'll mentally swing higher & higher, sometimes just enjoying the sheer sensation, from tummy wobbles to a breeze on my face. If I want to take it further I used to swing so high and then jump out of my swinging body. That normally shifted the environment and I'd go on my merry way on an adventure...sometimes RTZ OBE or sometimes within a dream/astral. (I use these terms loosely as they mix/match.) Alternatively, I'd be aware enough to realise that I didn't need to escape my swinging body - as my swinging body wasn't the physical so all I needed to do was stop swinging, get up and walk away.

When it occurs during a dream, any of the above happens depending on the level of awareness. Most often I'll swing right out of my dreaming swinging body, thereby creating a third (or second dreaming) body.

Anyway, last night I was doing a bit of mental ping-pong. Just moving focus from the front of my head to the back until I naturally fell asleep. At some point during the night I realised I was swinging in a non-lucid dream. These days I become lucid differently from how it was when I first started lucid dreaming. There is rarely the 'bonk on the head' "I'M DREAMING" moment whereupon I rush around telling everyone in sight that I'm in their dream, or they're in mine. These days, it's a subtle realisation and I've learned to keep quiet.

Last night I didn't quite reach full awareness, but knew something was going on. I remembered that the swinging was a potential effect of the ping-pong technique...and also recalled that I wasn't supposed to be in a 'screen' just yet. So like a numpty, I closed my eyes and waited for a shape to appear. The trouble is I opened my eyes back into the dream and got totally confused. Obviously lucidity was low and within a few seconds I'd lost it completely.

Another very small, but encouraging, experience. It's taught me that I must practise lucidity - that is the key to all these experiences.
Welcome to Dreams! / Back to College
June 25, 2017, 10:59:22
Wandering around a college-type building carrying a plastic bag, I realised I'd got somewhat lost. The people I'd gone with were nowhere to be seen and I couldn't find the reception area. I wasn't that bothered about this, and simply continued wandering around - into classrooms (the one I recall seemed to be for advanced students of science) and the cafeteria. I recall buying a large piece of strawberry tart.

A while later, someone I knew from my childhood passed me in the corridor. He was teaching at the college. I called him by his first name whereupon he looked round exclaiming, "No-one's called me that in a long time!"

I told him who I was and he looked a bit puzzled until I mentioned my dad's name. He warmly greeted me and asked how he could help. I explained my predicament and luckily just then one of my group turned up. She told me that all I needed to know was in the bumph we'd all been given when we arrived ... and mine was in the plastic bag I was carrying around. At this point, my teacher-friend went off to his class satisfied that I had all the information with me.


I was going to dismiss this as a random nonsense dream but having thought about it, I think it's worth posting. Not only does it get me back in the swing of dream-journalling, it also means I'm actively thinking about dreaming (i.e. This Stuff) throughout the day.

I reckon this dream is to do with my newfound return to AP (the practice and the website!). It's good to find out I have everything I already need in my toolbox which I'm still lugging around with me.  :-D
I went to bed very early yesterday. Had a kip for about an hour and then lay awake practising relaxing without mentally falling asleep. This can include a variety of methods, but yesterday it was a case of thinking abstractly, then latching onto those lazy, loopy thoughts and following them.

After a while, I knew I was in the hypnagogic state as I heard my OH noisily putting cutlery away in the kitchen whilst simultaneously sitting next to me in bed reading a newspaper that was rustling. (I wear ear plugs so I knew for sure that both these sounds were non-physical.)

Next thing I noticed was that my astral arms had begun moving on their own ever so slowly upwards. Then the middle of my body started rising too. I thought 'here we go' and remained calm, neutral and curious. My body lifted out approximately 1ft before coming back down, not too quickly. Consciousness rose to full waking with my usual all-over tingles.

I think the reason it ended was because my mind was slightly too awake/alert.

It was brief, it was a tad disappointing, but it was a start.  8-)
Well hello fellow dreamers and oneironauts  :-)

I've not been here for a Very Long Time. Not sure who, if anyone, from the old days is still around. I know Xanth from another forum (hi Xanth!  8-)) and was a moderator here for a while.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to make AP/OBE/LD/whatever my primary hobby once again, so here I am. Already had a small experience last night (which I'll post elsewhere), so that's something. Thought I'd have to start from scratch again, but seems I've jumped right back into it. Woop!

Looking forward to getting to know some/all of you and reading your experiences.  :-D

I posted this in the midst of another thread a few days ago, but got no response, so thought I'd start a thread.

I keep reading from various members about the difference between the astral and lucid dreaming.  The trouble comes about saying the astral is 'other dimensions' whereas lucid dreaming is 'in your head' as it is not really helpful when trying to assimilate one from the other.  So here is a challenge to all who think you know the difference...

You see, I've long stopped labelling my experiences, as they often overlap and mingle into one another.

What I'd really like to know is how do you tell the difference between astral travel and lucid dreams?  How do you know you are in a "different dimension".  How do you know you are in your own subconscious?  What are the obvious differences between the two, so that you are able to tell one from another?

When I have an RTZ OBE and walk through the nearest wall, the environment often drastically changes from that which I was expecting.  Have I walked into the astral or a lucid dream? 

I'm a big fan of phasing, however I cannot separate it from a WILD.  Therefore I phase into (what I would term) a Lucid Dream.  And yet, the phasing pioneers used the word astral or other dimensions. 

I'm really curious about all this because for each of my experiences, I've felt ultra-lucid, colours have been exquisite, I've had normal conversations with beings that appeared to be not of my creation....and so on.  I am not able to distinguish an 'astral' experience from a lucid dream.  The only one I can put to one side and label separately is an RTZ OBE - because for me this involves a feeling of separation from the physical and I end up in a near-replica of the room my physical body is in.

I'm curious to hear your views.  I'm not looking for how many planes there are, or levels.

I want to know in basic and simple language how you tell the difference between them when you are there.

There.  Couldn't be simpler, could it? 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Then and Now
November 23, 2007, 15:43:08

I'm reluctant to post in this section, because it's a bit woo woo for me, but I didn't know where else to put it.

A few months ago, I had a lucid dream (which I posted) about seeing credit card size televisions, showing movies.

About a week ago, I had a semi-lucid dream about a military aircraft that, when landing in the desert (sand), would 'dig itself in' and become invisible, rather like a submarine.

Today, I was in my local supermarket and there was an advertising board.  The board was selling 'gift cards', in the shape and style of credit cards.  They weren't quite what I saw in my dream, but they arrested my attention as I was leaving and I looked at them with interest, because they had different images on them.

That would have been nothing, except for tonight I watched 'The Time Machine' based on a book by H G Wells.  I don't know the book or the film. 

In the film, an alien race grabs its prey and jumps into the sand, taking its prey with it.  It reminded me very much of the machine that dug into the sand.

Both instances happened today, which makes me wonder if there is synchronicity, or meaning.

However, what meaning there might be is totally beyond me.

Any thoughts are groovy!

Hello all

Let's kick this one into touch again, shall we?

Firstly - here are the various ways to get there...


1.  OBE Projection

This can be via an RTZ OBE (Real Time Zone).  The way I would suggest getting to the Island from the RTZ is via a door/window or creating a doorway with your fingers (if you can't find one).  As you go through the door, state your intention to be on the Island when you get through.  This should work, although I did find recently that I needed to go through two doors before the first environment changed.

2.  Astral Projection

If you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, then it could be termed that you have landed in the astral, by-passing the RTZ.  Again, to get to the Island use the methods as outlined in 1.

3.  Lucid Dream

From a lucid dream, follow the same steps as before.  The door/window is not absolute - if you fancy flying through a portal/dimension, then this should work too - I think the more important factor is to state your intention.

4.  Dream

If you find yourself on an Island, this might trigger lucidity - however if you dream of a visit to an Island (even if it is a non-lucid dream), it's worth adding your experience.

5.  Meditation

However you choose to meditate - if you visualize/visit an Island with a great big pyramid in the middle of it - let us know!  :-)

6.  Imagination

I tend to do something that I call 'focused daydreaming' which is similar to Bruce Moen's 'focused attention'.  My method is to sit quietly and relax, but I don't have to go deep.  Earplugs and eyemask are helpful, but not vital.

Mentally, I will imagine myself at the Island and let the scenario unfold.  I control it to a point.  This is the crux.  If you drift, you may find all sorts of 'nonsense' things happening, such as huge pink bunny rabbit hopping over to meet you.  This is akin to the more silly dreamy aspects of a dream, and you will want to avoid them.  If this happens, gently remove the bunnies and continue where you were. 

However, you may find that you are walking along towards the pyramid and someone will appear in your field of vision to the left.  This may have not been in "your script".  This is where you will want to keep alert and see what happens, whilst still having that small element of control, in case it gets silly again.


Of all the above methods, the best to use (imo) is Imagination because you are practically guaranteed to reach the Island.  For all those doubting the power of imagination - try it out.  Write everything down, your emotions, the colours you saw, the clothes you/others wore and so on.  Then add it to this thread and who knows - we may find that some of our posts are very similar.  What's there to lose?  :wink:

Now for the date.

Seems obvious to me - Wednesday 31st October 2007.  Anytime during that day.  Don't worry about time differences - it doesn't seem to matter.

Any questions, feel free to ask.  Good luck everyone - I'll surely be there using my imagination, but I promise to leave my broomstick behind!!  :-P

The next visit will be sometime in November - at a date to be confirmed.


Hi everyone

The usual story.  Wake up, can't sleep.  Countdown to F10 Monroe style.  Felt myself drifting mentally and my body slowly rotating.  It was lovely.  Then I must have entered a dream, and at some point became lucid. 

I was in a market square in a foreign country.  To my right was a very tall rocky mountain, quite close. 

The market stalls were setting up and each one was selling home-made beer.  It seemed that the village/town was renowned for beer.

The stalls were brightly coloured affairs - there were big flags draped over the stalls which were red, yellow and green stripes.  It kind of reminded me of Italy.

An older man was nearby and so I asked him that strange question... "This might sound a tad silly, but do you mind telling me where I am?"

He responded kindly, "We are in Cortexia". 

It sounded like Cortexia, but because I didn't write it down immediately, I'm sort of 70% sure of this.  I know it definitely began with a 'C' and ended sounding like 'xia'. 

At this point I realised I was waking up and managed to re-enter the environment by focusing on the mountain and coloured stalls.

The man was still there and I assumed that Cortexia was just the name of the village/town.  I wanted to know the country.

"Do you mind telling me which country we are in?"

Again, he happily responded with "Lithuania".

'Lithuania' I thought out loud and wondered at the marvel of being in a country I'd hardly even thought about, let alone know where the heck it is!!

Then I awoke properly and said the two words over and over in my mind so I wouldn't forget them.

I've just been googling Cortexia, but nothing substantial.  There is something connected with Lithuania that is Cortesia, but I don't know what it means - it seems to be a common word.  If anyone knows the language of Lithuanians, please let me know what cortesia means.  I've tried to do a word translation on-line, but it doesn't seem to work.

Then I looked up the Lithuanian flag and was happily shocked to find that the colours are red, yellow and green horizontal stripes.  Whether I'd seen this subconsciously somewhere, on TV or whatever, is unknown, but I know that consciously I hadn't a clue what the Lithuanian flag looked like!

What a hoot!!

Does what it says on the tin!

Mine changes from year to year.  What's yours?  :-)

I reckon the new "Love" album is genius.

Sarah  :-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Snow
August 03, 2007, 12:31:49
Hi everyone

In the past few months, I've had various non-lucid dreams about snow.  It is normally snowing when I open the door etc.  In England, it is summer and there won't be sign of snow for months, so I'm not dreaming what I've experienced that particular day.

Last night's was especially strong.  I was looking out through the window and it started snowing - really huge snowflakes coming down.  Very pretty and so on - but I sense that whatever my dream is trying to tell me is not getting through and therefore the snow was a heck of a lot heavier than normal, trying to get my attention.

However, I haven't a clue what it means.

Any ideas, however unusual, are welcome!  :-)

Here's a classic phasing experience from this morning...

I was looking at a place that was deserted.  Buildings, walls and pavements with no one around.  Then I was in the place.

I established that I had now fully phased into the image and was also incredibly lucid.  I was facing a large brick wall and behind me were the sides of houses.  To my right was a big double gate that was slightly ajar, with light streaming through from the gap.  To my left was where I had initially been looking at, a more 'normal' street. 

After a second look around, the big gate seemed the obvious place to go and so I made my way there.  As I passed one of the houses to the side, I noticed a dog was sat in the back yard.  I went to the gate and said "hello", mainly to see its reaction.  The dog looked up at me and then went back to its sleeping position.

I went through.  I was now in a housing estate of sorts.  I faced perhaps 6 houses, all in a slight semi-circular shape.  The 3 houses nearest to me looked occupied, although I couldn't see any people as yet.  There were telltale signs though.  The furthest 3 houses were boarded up at the windows and doors, but not as if they had been vandalized, more like they hadn't yet been finished.  I detected that there were more houses, all very similar further a-field.

In physical reality, my b/f moved in bed next to me and disturbed me enough to bring me back to C1.  I lay there quietly and imagined the place, hoping to bring it back.

Sure enough I was back where I left, only now there was a suitcase on the pavement next to me.  It was bright red and the brand name was 'Little Miss Sunshine'.  Whilst I didn't actually open the case, mentally I knew that inside were some clothes, biscuits, basic provisions and quite a large sum of money, certainly enough to be able to rent somewhere for a while.  The suitcase was one of those hard-backed stand-up ones with wheels and a pull-up handle.

I walked over to the nearest houses and chose to knock at No.4.  I said this out loud, so that I would remember.  It was odd, because there were no trees, plants, flowers or even grass.  It was as if the place had been created basically and functionally. 

Again, b/f turned in bed and I was awake.  I imagined the beginning of the dream, and focused on the large brick wall.  I pretended I was walking towards it, but this time it felt hazy and I wasn't "there".  I reached for the brick wall and touched it while walking, and with the sense of touch, I phased right back into the scene.

I walked up to No.4 with my recently acquired suitcase.  The houses were unusual.  You had to climb a wooden staircase, with perhaps 10 steps to get to the front door.  However, the top of the staircase came halfway up the door.  Anyway, I knocked on the window/door and a figure came out below me. 

"I've come about the room you have to rent.  I'd like to view it," I said. 

"Come on in then, and I'll show you around," said the man. 

He was young, late 20s, ordinary 'bloke next door' type.  He was affable and happy to show me his place.

Now it went a bit strange, because the female who was there to look at the property (who was initially me) was someone else, and I was there with her.  She didn't look like me, but we were together.  The man didn't seem phased by this, although he did seem to be aware of my presence. 

"Firstly, you have your own entrance.  Here."  I was pleased to have my own private entrance.  It was on the ground floor and was a chute.  It was about twice the size of a cat flap and diamond shaped.  I put my hand in and saw that the chute went down.

My companion however was not as happy as I was.

"You are joking, aren't you?  How can we fit in there?"  She looked at me, smiling all over my face. 

I said, "Oh, I've seen these contraptions before... I'm always going through chutes in my..." and tailed off.  For some reason I didn't want to mention that I knew I was dreaming.

The man then said, "There is another entrance, a door at the back too, so you can use that if you wish."  My friend looked relieved.

We used the door and went into our room.  It was simple, functional and a reasonable size, with a very small kitchenette attached.  There was a single bed by one wall and that was it really. 

He proceeded to show us around the rest of the place and said we could use the other rooms as and when, as long as we let him know.  We stood in the lounge and my friend spotted something underneath a desk.  It was a suitcase, just like the one that had turned up next to me outside. 

"Oh, look," she said, "You have the exact same suitcase as me!"  His was a darker colour.  He was continuing towards his kitchen to show us round and although I believe he heard her, he didn't comment. 

I said to my friend, "Yes, and I'd keep quiet about it.  There's something strange going on, with these suitcases."

We followed him and just before the kitchen, he pointed out a small room, which he called his music room. 

My friend said, "oh wow, a purely music room!" and we went in.  It did have a hi-fi on a cupboard, but in addition, there was a big television and two black soft leather chairs with headphones and speakers at the back.  I noticed the speakers and said "with surround sound?" to him.  He got quite animated and said how he loved to watch his DVDs in here.  I noticed a bowl of fruit with some small oranges above apples and a notepad on the side.  The page I could see was full of his writing.  It looked legible and stable, but I wasn't close enough to read it.

The two comfy chairs were actually behind one another.  At the time, it didn't cross my mind that the person on the second chair wouldn't be able to see the television, only the back of the first chair. 

And then back in waking life, b/f decides it's time to get up which jerks me awake too much to be able to return.


I got the impression that if I had explored the other occupied houses, each occupant would have had a 'Little Miss Sunshine' suitcase.  I felt this was the "key" to the place.

Now if only I was proficient enough to be able to get back there again...  :wink:

This morning...

I became lucid and found myself in a big country house.  I was in a downstairs room with other people.  Someone put what looked like ping pong balls into a sink – and this caused the people to be in the right state for an OBE.

As I was already lucid, this didn't matter to me, so I left the room by going through the door (without opening it).  Before I did this, I put my head through first, just to check the environment was stable and clear before I committed.  I've started doing this now, because if I just go through, sometimes I end up not being able to see and losing the experience.

Anyway, I was now in the hallway and I went through the big front door.  I felt a sort of "zzzzzzzzzzzzz" in my body as I went through both doorways.  The gardens were beautiful, with well-maintained lawns and a gorgeous variety of trees.  I noticed the trees and deduced that it was autumn based on the colours, however I also noted that in physical reality it was summer. 

I decided to fly near the trees, just to enjoy the garden and be there for a while.  I lifted off the ground and gently flew around.  It was lovely and especially so because I'm not good at flying and normally lose the experience very soon after lift-off, but this time I managed to stay in the air for a good few minutes.

Then I slowly woke up.  I did my usual staying put and drifting back down to sleep, hoping I could go back there.

I did!  I was back in the same room I'd started from.  The ping-pong ball person said that they had to go and run an errand and wouldn't be long.  One of the other people spotted two balls and put them in the sink, saying "don't worry, I've found some, we'll all be off wandering by the time you get back!"

I took this to mean that the original person was the "boss" and had control over the OBE timing, but luckily for them, another person found two balls.

I went out again and started levitating around.  Same gardens.  This time there were quite a few people dotted around.  I suspected I couldn't be seen, and this did appear to be the case as no-one looked at me.  I wanted to go past a group of people to get to some nice looking area behind them, but I was unable to do this.  It was as if there was a gentle magnet repelling me away.

I moved in the opposite direction and down the gardens.  To my left, there was a canal or river and a few boats were just taking off.  I decided to go and check it out.  I flew onto one of the boats and watched the goings on.  There was some confusion as the passengers had got on the wrong boat by mistake.  This wasn't too much of a worry and about four boats sailed down the river. 

The scenery was really lovely – lots of very green gentle rolling hills and it was incredibly lush.

After a while, I noticed that we were no longer on boats, but appeared to be on a sort of green walkway that moved.  I decided to stand on the walkway (as I had been hovering all this time) and it felt like an airbed or lilo of some sort.  It was very long and we were all on it.

I became aware that the whole four boats were one party and they all knew each other.  The party was held for Joanne.  I've no idea how I knew this – but I did.

Someone said out loud, "This is a funeral walk".  (I now believe that person was the Helper, nudging me to do my bit.)

Of course, a lightbulb came on in my head when I heard this and I quickly went to find Joanne.

I found her.  She was a young girl, possibly no more than 10 years old.  Long brown hair.  Slim.  Pretty face. 

Oh blimey, I thought, this is going to be difficult.

"This is a funeral walk Joanne," I said. 

I watched her to see if she knew what that meant and the implications.  I sensed that she understood what funeral meant, but not that it was her funeral.

"Today, the physical body will die.  But the person inside won't die.  They will simply move to another place."

She looked at me confused and a little scared.  I think she was beginning to grasp that someone was going to die, but still didn't realise who.

"Who's party is it, Joanne?" I asked as gently as possible.

I waited until she realised.  Now she looked terrified. 

"Don't be frightened," I said, "all that will happen is you'll lose this body, but you'll still be you." 

I tried to be as gentle and caring as possible, but I felt I had to explain. 

"I bet you by the end of the day, you will still be alive!" I added with a laugh. 

She smiled at me, out of bravery more than anything.  I noticed that her lips were turning blue and the female Helper was suddenly at her side and picked her up into her arms and reiterated that it was only the body that would die today.

They moved ahead and I felt myself fizzle and woke up.  I suspect I wasn't able to continue where they were going...


I am currently reading Bruce Moen's "Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook" and whilst I haven't started the exercises yet, it is very much on my mind.  I suspect it played a part.

This was very strange to say the least.  It happened early hours this morning.

Awoke at 4am.  Couldn't sleep so counted down Monroe-style.  Very relaxed.  Some time later I started to see images, various random images.  They would stay for a couple of seconds and then disappear to be replaced by something totally different.  One that stood out was an image of 3 clocks, all next to each other horizontally.  They were fairly ornate, the numbers looked correct, but I couldn't read the time as there were little barometers and compasses also on the face of the clock and I would have needed more time to study the clock hands.

Then I saw a building.  I could see the board outside.  I saw the words "HM Wandsworth Prison".  These letters were clear and didn't shift as I looked at them, which is a new one for me.

Rather than watching the scene, I was now in it, completely lucid and decided to explore.  There were two guards standing outside the prison.  They looked bored and were talking to each other.  I went towards them, confident that I couldn't be seen (they made no signs that they'd seen me), and decided to go through one of the guards and into the prison. 

I started picking up speed and as I made contact with the bigger guard, I met total resistance and bounced back off him.  This surprised me very much indeed as I normally go through people no problem!  He didn't seem to notice anything had happened.

Then the scene changed slightly.  The guards were gone and a prisoner had managed to get to the door and was beckoning me in.  He wore light blue trousers and jacket.  I followed him in.

Now it started getting strange, because I became two people.  I was "me" being out of body, but was also the female who had entered the prison after being beckoned in by the prisoner.  At times my consciousness was in this person, and other times I was standing to the side of the person watching them.  I don't think "I" (as in the first me) could be seen.  For the sake of clarity I will use the terms "me" being me consciously OBEing and Female 1 being the person whose body I sometimes inhabited.

I walked around the prison for a while following the man.  Then we sat down and chatted for a while, of what I don't remember.  I was inhabiting Female 1 during this period.  Then I fell asleep on a chair.  :-o

When I awoke, "me" was standing next to Female 1.  There was also another female (Female 2) sat at the other side of Female 1.  Female 2 could see both me and Female 1.  Female 1 was told she had to sign some papers before being let out of the prison.  She asked whether she was pretty and so I looked at her face.  She was attractive and so I told her.  This satisfied her and she went to the desk to get the papers.  As she leaned over the desk, I noticed she had quite a large bum!  As I had this thought, Female 2 said to me, "she may be pretty, but she's got a big arse!" and we chuckled quietly together.

I looked at Female 2 and asked her if she knew me.  We had a bizarre conversation where it became apparent that whilst she didn't know me personally, I was one of her "kind".  There were many of us doing the same thing (whatever that was).  I asked her name and she said, "Cynthia", as if I ought to know already.  I didn't remember her from any previous dreams.

I was starting to get confused because I didn't know quite what I was doing there and whether I was me or Female 1.  It felt a bit like I was in Locale 3 inhabiting Female 1 and not being sure about what Female 1 was doing, therefore not knowing what I should do.

Once the papers were signed, the three of us went to leave the prison.  Cynthia was now a man, but she was still Cynthia (you know what it's like sometimes in dreams).  We stopped at another desk.  I said to Cynthia, "isn't it great when no-one can see you?" 

Female 1 was doing something else at this desk, getting a pass or something, and we were just looking around waiting for her.  There were some little stands with what looked like credit cards on them.  However, they weren't credit cards.  They were televisions.  There were hundreds of them, all showing different films.  I was absolutely taken with these things.  The size and shape and slimness of a credit card being able to show a full length full colour feature film!  They were free and were plentiful.  It was as if they were ten-a-penny.

As I watched them, I saw that Cynthia was now in one of the films and was dying, or dead.  Her insides were hanging out and it was very unpleasant to watch.  Instantly, I knew that "they" were watching us, were able to see us, and had "got" Cynthia, without us being able to do anything.  I also knew it would be me next, if I didn't get out of there.

I turned towards the exit thinking that I'd run for my life, but then had the thought of levitating right through the roof and away as fast as I could.  I figured that would be the quickest way out.

At this thought, I slowly awoke.  Before I opened my eyes, I was left with an image of an orange shiny ceiling (like highly polished wood).  The ceiling was moving and there were little black blobs flying off it.  Even when fully awake (although still with eyes closed), the ceiling image lasted for a good few seconds before fading.


How crazy is that?

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April 15, 2007, 05:56:06
Testing testing 1 - 2 - 3
I like biscuits with my tea.
Hello all

I had an amazing morning today  :-)

By way of background, I am currently reading "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda.  I had finished the chapter about the second gate of dreaming before retiring to bed.  In the second gate, you have to look at dream items briefly and then focus on a distant object, thereby travelling from one dream to another with your faculties in tact.  The focusing on the distant objects should send you there (i.e. to the 'next' dream).

This morning, I awoke, went to the bathroom, returned and lay in bed relaxing. 

I must have had 6 consecutive phasing experiences.  Nothing to do with separating from the physical, but seeing a dream image in my mind and then stepping into it, fully lucid.  In between each one, I semi woke up, but remained in that 'dreamy, slightly not with it' zone.  I managed to re-enter some dreams. 

During the whole session, one of my arms was aching due to being in a slightly awkward position.  I knew I couldn't move it as this would break the spell.  During one of the phasing sessions, I stepped into the dream and thought about my physical arm, noting that it was still aching, while I was in the dream. 

Anyway, here is one of the six experiences.  I'm still a bit gobsmacked to be honest and am not too sure what to make of it.

I was in another place.  I did the exercise again about looking at dream items.  I saw a hill in the distance and zoomed there.  Then I looked around again.  I saw a sea and a man sat on the sea wall.  He had a dog on a lead, I think it was a British bulldog.  As I looked at his face, it came more into view and I recognised him from the dreaming world, but I didn't know how I knew him.  He was an old friend, someone I was very close to. 

I willed myself to him and said, "I know you – how do I know you?"

For some reason, I had zoomed to him but I didn't stop, I carried on zooming past him.  This was not my intention. 

He said, "I am Ameth, Sarah"

I felt myself moving away from him and telepathically asked him what was meant by his comment, as it didn't make sense to me.

I'd already zoomed too far away and woken before he could respond.


At first, I thought he'd said, "I am a Meth, Sarah", but later on in the day I thought again and googled Ameth.  I can honestly say that consciously, I have never heard of the word Ameth and assumed it had no meaning...  :roll:


"Ameth" is Hebrew for "truth." The Sigil of Ameth (or Sigillum Dei Aemeth) is best known as the large, complex circular symbol, with six pointed figures and the names of God and various angels incribed thereon. It is best known in relation to the Enochian workings of Dr. John Dee, as he was instructed to re-create it by angels he contacted during his scrying sessions with Edward Kelly. (The sigil predates Dee, having first appeared in a thirteenth century grimoire; it was later expanded upon by Athanasius Kircher.)

There is also a website which is about Ameth Lodge.  The home page states:

"Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Oriental Templars, or Order of the Temple of the East is dedicated to the high purpose of securing the Liberty of the Individual and his or her advancement in Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Power through Beauty, Courage, and Wit, on the Foundation of Universal Brotherhood.

Interesting huh?  I wonder if I just met my first "angel"?!

Hello all

This was a typical OBE for me these days.  They happen in the morning, after lots of sleep, I get the sensation of leaving my body (rocking/swinging/a knowing I can separate) and then it's as if I'm transported to a lucid dream, rather than the room I'm sleeping in. 

Some background information.  A few days ago I'd been dreaming I was with a group of people (unknown in physical reality).  I became lucid and said to them, "This is Glossop, isn't it?"  They looked at me bemused.  Then I said, "OK, well maybe not Glossop, but it's Derbyshire, isn't it?"  Then I woke up without finding out.  I was lucid for a matter of seconds 

Glossop is a place I used to live in Derbyshire (Glossop being the town, Derbyshire being the County).  I have very strong ties with Derbyshire, although they aren't physical ties as such (in that I wasn't born there), however I adore the countryside and feel very "at one" in Derbyshire.

I have fond memories of Glossop - I lived there from aged 8-15.

For the past few months, I've had the vague awareness that I've been visiting my 'home' "over there" more and more in my dreams.  I feel it's similar to Derbyshire, possibly close in character to Glossop.

Yesterday I took a walk on the beach, sat on a rock and cleared my mind.  What came to me during this quiet time was "you are getting closer to home".  I thought about my 'Glossop' dream and felt I recognised the place, even though I was only lucid for a very brief time.

The above explains part of the experience below.  I don't necessarily feel I was "home", but I was certainly in Glossop, whether the 'real' Glossop or my imagined one, I don't know!

The second poignant point is that earlier on in the morning, I'd been awake and decided to remember the house we lived in for a time in Glossop.  Whilst awake, I 'walked' myself through the house, walking through each room and reliving it.  I did get stuck upstairs - there weren't enough bedrooms and I couldn't for the life of me remember the layout.

So, familiar sensations and out.  I found myself in Glossop, just outside the pub at a junction.  Highly lucid, and very happy to be there.

I walked towards the town.  For some reason, this was mighty difficult.  It was as if I was walking against a magnetic pull the other way.  I was determined and grabbed hold of the wall to pull myself along.  This helped and after a few seconds, I seemed to walk myself out of the strange magnetic field.

The town was reasonably busy.  I watched people, mainly to see if they could see me.  No-one seemed to be aware of me.

I spotted a sign and started reading it, but then thought better of that and wandered into a pub.  The pub was small.  There were perhaps 8 people in there, drinking and quietly chatting.  It was daytime.  On one side of the pub there was a cat and 3 or 4 kittens sat on a settee.  I got the impression this was "their" settee and no customers were allowed there.

I wandered around looking at all the faces.  Again, no-one saw me.  I walked to the cats and started stroking the kitten.  The animals could see me and the kitten responded by standing and stretching towards me, purring madly.  The mother cat looked at me and another kitten started making its way towards me.  Again, I looked at the customers and one man had noticed the cats' reaction.  I could hear him wondering what the cats were doing, what was making them go gooey. 

Then I lost it. 

Sensations again.  Out and turned up in exactly the same spot as the first time - outside the pub at the junction!

I walked towards town again.  There were strange tins on the floor, the size of Pringles containers.  I opened one and found a solitary biscuit.  Then another with two biscuits.  Then I decided that while I was in Glossop, I could go and explore the house I used to live in, to determine the layout for myself properly.  I deduced this was a splendid idea and immediately turned around, striding towards the road. 

I had to pass the junction pub and cross the road.  I wasn't bothered about cars, I knew I'd just go through them, but as I passed one car that was waiting at the junction, I noticed the male passenger had spotted me and was watching me.  This was new - a person being able to see me!  I found the nearest wall and put myself through it, showing off again 

I saw him look in amazement and flap his hands about trying to get the driver's attention, so that the driver could witness what I was doing.  Just my leg was left to come through and as it came through, I lost sight of the car.

I turned and continued, excited to be going to a former home to nosy around. 

I lost it.

Sensations one more.  Same place.  This time I walked along the river, a peaceful place, heading towards another house I lived in while at Glossop. 

The place was deserted this time.  I passed a little shop along the river.  I peered inside and saw two people preparing for the day.  They were bakers.  I deduced that it was very early morning, hence it was so quiet.

Then continuing along the path, I saw a woman.  Instinctively and immediately I knew she was 'astral' and would see me.  She had a herringbone long coat on, quite old-fashioned, and carried a big handbag.  Her attire was akin to my grandparent's era, although she wasn't that old, possibly in her 40s.  Even her hair was old-fashioned.

She was standing still - very patient.

I beamed at her while I walked up to her.  She saw me and smiled in response to my smile. 

"Hello," I said, "How long have you been waiting here?"

"Thirty-three years," she said.

The compassion flooded over me and I knew what must be done. 

Gently I put my hand on her arm.  "Who are you waiting for," I asked, purely to give me time to think about what my next move was. 

At this point, the whole scene was fading before my eyes and I knew I was losing it.  I realised there were no helpers in sight, and felt utterly helpless as she went fuzzy and I slowly woke up.

Damn damn damn.


Hello all

Here is an excerpt from a dream I had last night, where I became extremely lucid and controlled the dream.

Then we were in another room.  People were dancing and there was a bar serving drinks.  I was joining in and got swung around by a man.  I then ended up at the bar with Ruth.  I felt a lot of pain in my fingers and briefly took a look.  The man I'd been swung around by had put numerous long nails/screws into my fingertips and they were bleeding badly.  I looked at the floor and there was already a red puddle and blood dripping from my hands. 

The pain was becoming unbearable and I looked at Ruth next to me, whilst hiding my hands and not moving them due to the pain.  I asked her if she'd take a look at my hands without being horrified and tell me what was wrong with them.  I watched her look at my hands and the horror on her face was enough for me.

I was about to say to her, "OK, this is enough, I'm in too much pain, so I'm going to have to wake myself up," but when I started, I realised that I didn't need to wake up. 

This is when I became totally lucid.

Instead, I said, "It doesn't matter though because this is a dream.  We are dreaming!"  And I brought my hands up and placed them on the bar and looked at them.  They were a sorry state, but I concentrated on the "pain" and realised that it wasn't pain, it was very strong tingling which felt slightly unpleasant.

I willed my hands to be better and normal, and they slowly morphed back to their normal selves, and the blood disappeared.

"See, easy as that," I said.

Ruth looked surprised and pleased and wanted to test out my new "powers".  She came towards my hand with a screwdriver saying, "so you mean to say that if I..."

I stopped her by saying, "let's not push our luck," got hold of the screwdriver and bent the end.


The interesting thing here was as soon as I became lucid, I removed myself from being immersed in the emotion/feelings of the pain and simply observed it.  As I did so, I realised the true nature of the "pain" and was able to let it go and deal with it.

It's quite easy when you're dreaming.  If only I could be as confident in physical reality!  :-D


P.S.  The screws/nails in my fingertips stems from reading a short science fiction story yesterday about a metal man.  :-)

Today's chaotic foray into the astral...

I awoke from a nap and relaxed.  In my minds eye, the environment opened out.  It was a large room, absolutely full of stuff.  Gadgets, furniture, all sorts. 

I don't recall any people.  I walked to the first table and had a look.  I wanted to find something really interesting, something that wouldn't zap me back due to surprise/emotion.  There was what looked like a computer on the table, but it was much smaller, half the size of a laptop.  It was closed and just as I thought I'd open it and went to move my hand, the gadget next to the computer moved in unison with my hand.  This distracted me from the computer and I looked at this "thing" instead.  I have no idea what it was.

It looked like it could have been a table lamp, but it had perhaps 8 or 9 arms/stalks coming off the main piece.  These 8 had something in the end (not bulbs) and they detected movement.  They weren't eyes as I sensed the instrument was inanimate.  It was a very delicate looking piece of equipment.  Whenever I moved, the 8 heads would rearrange themselves slightly.  It was if they were realigning to always be in perfect balance with me, or perhaps to keep the electromagnetic atmosphere exact.  I felt it was somehow connected to the computer.   I don't know for sure, but I was quite fascinated.

I lost it, but stayed very still and watched my mind.  After a few seconds, another image opened out to me.  This was a close up of a white ashtray, a big old fashioned square thing, with a red design on it, possibly one of those cheap trashy things you get on holiday.  There was also something going on to the right of my vision, alas I looked and detected a deep orange colour, but couldn't get any further than that.  I was perhaps too close to it.

Then I realised that I was slightly swaying, feet first as if on a swing.  I mentally willed myself to go faster and soon I was moving in big sways.  I love doing this – it's one of my favourite things.

At the forward sway, I leapt out of my body.  I landed in a heap on the floor and thought I might lose it as my perception was 25% on the floor and 75% in my physical mind.  I concentrated on the feel of the floor and started crawling.  That did the trick!  I stood up and faced the window.  I could hear music.  I couldn't see anything - hey, what's new :roll:

I stuck my head out of the window and looked up the road.  Vision came and the music got louder.  I could feel the temperature difference when my head went through.  It got much cooler outside.  The music was coming from the other end and it was as if there was a carnival, and a float would turn the corner shortly and make its way down my road.  There were one or two people around, although the houses that should have been on the other side were not there.

I lost it, but started swaying again.  I managed to get out.  I felt I was losing it again, so reached for the lamp on the side table.  It is made of taut vertical pieces of string and touching it feels like you are strumming a guitar (sort of).  I found the lamp and started stroking it, using touch as a way to keep me out.  When I felt more in control, I started going towards the window again, but lost it and finally regained full consciousness.


And we believe OBEs are spiritual...?  :-D

Welcome to Metaphysics! / Channeling Thalb
December 26, 2006, 11:24:55
Hi All

An experiment.  I am channeling a being that I will call "Thalb".

I don't believe in channeling.  Let's see what happens.  Questions to Thalb please...

Welcome to Dreams! / Being an Observer in Dreams
September 13, 2006, 08:45:30
I've noticed lately that I seem to be watching a film in my dreams.  I'm not even taking part in the actual dream.  I am watching the film in my mind.  "I" am not participating in the dream.

The films vary.  No theme particularly.

Anybody else get this?  Anyone have any idea what it is when you don't participate in your dreams?  :?

I've just read a post about psi balls.  Now bearing in mind I'm older than the "youth of today" and don't own a TV, I actually haven't got a clue what a psi ball is.  However, after reading the post, I understand that a psi ball is an invisible ball of energy that when thrown can have certain effects.

Reading the post brought back a dream I had the other night.  Hee hee hee.

I was in some dangerous environment and rather than be scared, I must have been ever so slightly lucid (but not much!).  I pointed an imaginary gun at my enemy and "fired" it fully expecting him to fall down dead.  Aha!  He didn't.

He stood stock still and rolled some invisible "something" in his hands.  He then threw this at me.  I at once realised it was a ball of energy and initially thought to myself, "that's rubbish, it won't work."  Then while this ball was in its trajectory, I wondered if in actual fact it was effective in the dreamworld.

I must have been thinking that when it hit me.  Whilst I didn't go up in flames or smash into little pieces, it did knock me over to the ground and stunned me. 

I don't remember anything after that moment, but it was very funny.  Now, thinking back, it reminds me of the Derren Brown programme "The Heist".

:-D :-D :-D

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Music
September 06, 2006, 18:21:28
I'm a huge fan of music and think it is very important.  I occasionally hear a band that makes me have to buy their CD or just literally stop and listen.

Here is the latest band.  (I am a bit [a lot] behind the times because I didn't realise they won the Mercury prize two years ago - gulp).

To me, this band feels like a drug.  When I first heard them, I had to purchase their CD.  On awaiting their CD, I have had to listen to the music every day.  I feel drawn to the music for some unknown reason.  It makes me wonder whether on another (astral) level, I am linked to those particular people.  I just love it.  Absolutely.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about and if so, for what music?

Hello All

I thought it would be interesting to share any "strange" experiences we had as children that we now know to be connected to projecting/projection states.

I'll start...  :-P

Not many to relate.  I had the usual flying dreams when I was younger - I'd fly like Superman over towns and cities.

Experience 1

I would have been about 9 or 10.  I had on my wall a picture that I drew in pastels of a silhouetted rowing boat in the water.  There was a man in the boat.

One night I remember watching the picture, fascinated as the man was actually rowing the boat and the whole scene "came to life".  I could even see the ends of the oars as he rowed (and I hadn't drawn the ends, they were in the water).  The water rippled and he rowed further into the picture, getting smaller and smaller. This seemed to last for a good 20 seconds or so.

Experience 2

Very similar to the first one.  I would have been a bit younger.  I had a poster on my wall about the Highway Code.  It was a promotion at the time and some character called Tufty (a squirrel) was teaching us how to cross the road safely.

Again, I remember looking at the poster at night and watching it come to life.  Tufty was directing the children across the road and he was moving around, looking at me and winking and so on.  I watched transfixed for a while.

Experience 3

I used to stay at my Grandparents occasionally and my bedroom was a little box room.  There was a cupboard in it very close to the bed.

I must have had an experience that was not so pleasant, as I was always afraid of that little cupboard when I went to stay.  It never stopped me from going, but I remember I used to "be asleep" but was able to see inside the cupboard. 

That room was "odd" to me.  There was something different about it.  It had an atmosphere that wasn't familiar and I never liked it.


The first two experiences are most likely astral vision, as it would have been pitch black at night when I saw them.

The third I'm not so sure, perhaps there was some non-physical being living in the room and I was vaguely aware of this, without fully understanding it, thereby making me a little frightened.

Over to you...


Hello All

Thought I'd share my latest foray into the world of weirdness.  Here is last night's escapade.  :-P

I awoke in the night, lay on my back and relaxed using the Monroe technique.

I'm not sure whether I actually fell asleep first, but I know that I had my physical arms above my head and became aware that my second arms were lifting out and floating around on their own – as if they were in space and not bound by gravity.  I let them do this and didn't control them.  I found it really strange because where they "touched" the walls (they didn't), I could literally hear what it should have sounded like if my physical arms touched the walls.  I even thought to myself how bizarre it was that my brain is making up these sounds because it thinks my physical arms are making contact.  I was quite fascinated by this.

Then all of a sudden I am moving head first backwards horizontally.  I want to stay with this and keep calm.  I manage to do so for a good few seconds and realise that I am moving through a tunnel – the tunnel is square in shape, like an elongated cube.  As I realise this, I see turns and twists in the tunnel but lose the momentum and momentarily come round.  I half expect this to happen as I'm still struggling with speed and I was travelling relatively fast (and couldn't see where I was going).

I lowered again and felt my arms floating around above me.  I thought about getting out, but didn't fancy it (how times change!).  I then automatically started moving again, the same way as before.  Again, I managed to keep with it for a few seconds before coming round.

Then I must have fallen asleep properly and ended up having a low level lucid dream.

I enjoyed travelling down the tunnel and hope that eventually I'll be able to stay with the sensation and see what happens next...

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