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in ad robert suggests for a very fast way of achieving the trance state, to just lay down and start doing rope.  he says it should pull you right into trance.  he's right.

if you just want to feel some fast energetic sensations though, try and individually project the different parts of your body that you wish to activate. you can do this even when being very physically active.  when you get the hang of it, it becomes extremely easy.

since projection is near impossible, if not impossible when there is physical tension, this should be a completely mental action.  there won't be any doubt that what you will be experiencing will be energetic sensations, and not slight physical movement on your part.

the first few months that i was using the n.e.w. system, i was having trouble feeling the energy move through me, w/out moving parts of my body along w/ it.  the slightest physical motion will feel similar to what the energy will feel like while moving through you.  you can even physically move so slightly that you won't be able to actually see it w/ your eyes.  this can lead to a false sense of energy raising.  

since it's not possible to project while there is physical tension, it should be cut and dry that every feeling you have while attempting this, is energetic.  

very slowly you can try and project adjoining body parts and this should create some heavy energetic sensations.  pretty soon you should be able to send a wave of attempted projection throughout your entire body.  this will expand your energy body and make you more aware of any energetic movement.  

i've found the easiest way to feel what i'm talking about is to try and imagine what it would feel like if you moved your hand from where it is now, to doing something else.  keep your hands and arm completely still and feel the movement instead.  continue to do this w/ the rest of your body, a little at a time.

this is similar to robert's awareness hand excersize except that there isn't another set of hands that you are pretending to use.  try and imagine that you are trying to pull those set of awareness hands out from your physical hands.  if you are successful you should feel your entire arm trying to project and you will feel some tremendous energetic sensations.
i've found sitting in a chair w/ just your arse on the very end of the seat while in the lotus position to be extremely comfortable.  your knees drop down to a good height and you can adjust that by moving forwards or backwards.  it also feels kinda wierd to have your entire body suspended by just your tailbones while there isn't anything else touching your body.  kinda like your floating in that trance state. sorta.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / active topics
November 01, 2002, 05:23:24
i've debated whether or not to post this as i may be the only one experiencing this but here goes.  when i log on i usually just hit the 'active topics' button at the top of the page.  it seems the most convenient way to stay on top of the posts.  the 'resources' button is directly on top of that.  if you brush your mouse pointer over top of the 'resources' button a drop down list appears.  at the top of the drop down  list there is a 'what's new' menu button.  i like to click fast on the puter probably like most of you .  i log on and go directly to the active topics button and click it.  very close to every time i try and do this i drag the mouse pointer down to the active topics button fast but slowing as i near it, brushing past the 'resources' button and accidentaly bringing up the drop down menu w/ my mouse pointer directly over top of the 'what's new' button, which is then directly over top of the 'active tops' button.  try it if you don't know what i mean.  i always end up clicking the 'what's new' button instead of the 'active topics' button and the funny thing is the term "what's new" comes to mind in a sarcastic taunting inner voice making fun of me sorta for once again clicking the 'what's new' button.  maybe i'm not alone on this and if i am maybe this will subconsciously implant this mis-mouse-point into your brain so i will not be alone anymore. :)


i have read ad a few times and have been doing all of the excersizes and then some for aobut six months now. i havent been able to project yet due to me not being able to relax my neck all of the way. it's a problem that is slowly going away and i should be able to project in no time. it  seems that everytime i start to use  a projection tek, i lift my head up's taken some patience not to be discouraged after trying for so long, but i've come up w/ some new techniques in the process of trying to get out so much, that dont include moving your physical or etheric neck. all of these i recommend while lying down.

 besides all of the techniques in the book the first one that i came up w/ was from something that reminded me of a ride we have at the fair's or carnivals around here. there is a ride called "the gravitron". i'm not sure if everyone knows what this is so ... it can be likened to a very large bowl twice your height and large enough to hold about fifty people around the edge. use your imagination as best you can here as the description might be not so good.

 so if you walked into this big bowl you would pick a  spot along the wall of the bowl to lean up against. this would be your spot for the duration of the ride. each spot contains a very large skateboard type panel that you actually lean on which seperates and connects you from and to the actual wall of the bowl. you lean on it nad the bowl spins around as the ride begins. aftera  minute or two you start to get pushed away from the center of the ride and the skateboard slides to the top of the bowl where it stops. you then are held up there for a minute or two by centrical force. the force is so strong you can spin upside down if you want or sideways or whatever and not fall.the feeling that this ride gives you is somewhat as disorienting as the feeling you get entering  a good level of trance, which is why it reminded me of it.

 now if you can remember waht this feels like and imagine being on that ride when you are about to project, it should push you very hard very fast. you should pop out somewhere near your head. to those of you that have never been on one of these before, the only comparison i can think to make would be something like being sucked out of a moving airplane. if you can imagine what kind of a whole body  pushing/sucking feeling this would be. it's very intense.

 it's funny to note here what an incredible sight it is to see people across from you throw up only to see it splash right back onto them and not fall to the floor until after the ride slows. fortunately i have always been on the other side of the ride when this has happened and not to the right of the person which also has some funnel cake and soda on thier face too.

 the next one is fairly simple and involves the use of your awareness legs as i call them. i dont recall seeing any reference to them in the book but i believe they are easier developed than our hands because of the size of the muscles and the power our legs represent in our minds. when ready to project feel your a legs lifting up as far as you can or feel comfortable imagining and then act as though an imaginary step has just formed underneath of them. use this step to push/slide your upper double body across the floor and out of your physical body. the first time i used this there were tremendous results. also maybe not pushing across the floor but instead pushing yourself into the floor, if you are comfortable w/ a projection into the floor beneath of you . whatever works, works.

 this next one is a little different, but then again so is projecting out of your body and sailing through the stars. when ready, imagine the bed you are lying in and the house supporting it slowly falling or sinking down as you struggle to maintain the position of your double where it is at now. this is kind of like just feeling yourself rising up but helps me out becaues it's kind of like a lazy mans projection, in the sense that the you that you are concentrating on staying where you are at instead of moving somewhere. so it helps me to not move my neck to go w/ the projection.

 i will say that out of all of these the gravitron method and the point awareness method have been most successful in terms of development. the point awareness especially. it states in teh book that it is very effective when mastered and i will agree. i believe i am very good at it but it's a bit tricky to learn at first. i'll be out soon and i'll post any new developments.

 also i've found, for me anyway, it's easier sometimes to attain a level of trance when i m in my bed sprawled out as far as i can be on my back.

Are you sure he isn`t a budhhist ?
As far as i know it sounds like one !
I`ll try it.. sounds good
Thx for the link...

Mike :)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / come on guys
July 25, 2003, 05:47:07
i don't want this to turn into 'one of those' forums as bad as the rest of you. if we keep feeding it though, it will.

Being sacrastic and mean to the kids is what will make this forum like 'one of those' forums. Ok maybe we are thinking about different forums, but my point is every other forum on the net has a negative feel to it. Someone posts and then wonders if one of the "negs" is going to attack them and their post. This forum has endured, probably mostly thanks to the mods, and kept a positive atmosphere. Being mean to someone who is not as evolved as yourself is not helping anyone. So what if some kids come here claiming things we all know they cannot do. It is a great opportunity in my view to teach them the truth and possibly change their lives for the better. For whatever reason someone is drawn to this place, I hope that we can rub off on them and they can leave (well not really leave, but you know) having learned something and been set on a productive path that will help them develop. At some time we were all ignorant of these things. Thankfully someone had patience with us, let us have patience with them and everyone will be better off.

Our new member with the long name (I don't remember is name right now) has actually made an effort. Give him a chance. He has admitted that he cannot do those things he claimed and has been seeking help. He just does not seem very familar with how message boards work. Someone needs to try to explain it to him and help him out.

You don't have any kids do you? [:)]

Love and Peace
Hello Fred,

Yes sir!

C [:D]
does the word "kundalini" have a meaning?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / let's agree
April 29, 2003, 13:49:29
I agree.
I think I know what you mean. Im very careful and i pretty much always hold back with people.  Either that or I explain things in their terms.  Like "do you think God would do that", but I dont actually put my beliefs out there.  

Also about the gossiping thing I understand that too.  But i dont really want to hurt anyone's feelings.. Just around me I change the subject.  

I guess for me it depends on if a person is the type that likes to improve themselves.  If they're introspective im more likely to share things i've found out about myself.  But none of my family is introspective and if I share anything they think im really weird.  

I agree that its better to have their pride.  But I know its hard watching people you care about act in ways you know arent right.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / the time on this forum
April 26, 2003, 23:45:13
hello fredhedd.  since no one else replied to your topic yet i'll try and help.  try going to the personal area info and looking for something like time setting, or time zone setting.  you could even try changing your 'where i live' setting and seeing what comes up.  hope this helps.  
Welcome to Astral Chat! / let's argue
April 22, 2003, 23:23:23
"arguing is so damn fun and great excersize for your brain/mind."

No it's not.

" i think there should be more of it on this forum. friendly, of course but nonetheless fierce."

Well what if I don't? I have opinions too.

"someone bring up something (non-political) that would be contraversial and i will take up the other side of the argument."

Well what if I want the other side?

"it doesn't even have to be something you feel strongly about."

Yes it does. It says so in the unwritten book of rules.

" bring up an argument that you've recently had w/ someone that you've won or lost."


"preferably one that you've won since you've obviously had the better case. let's have some fun."

Fun sucks. I say we all be miserable.

Sorry Fredhedd, couldn't resist! I was reading your post and thought of the Monty Python skit about the argument room. [:D] Actually that's not a bad idea. Okay, I'll try to think of something...

Okay, how about I give you a list of my opinions and you counter them.

I think aliens are real and I say they do exist.

I think weed is healthier than alcohol, when consumed in ways that do not involve smoking it.

I think that the reason seemingly random and/or bad things happen to us is so that we will fully understand the consequences of our actions and the actions of others. Everything happens for a reason, and fate does exist.

Meditation is not just about silencing the internal dialogue. That is just the negative side of it. The positive side must be more important. You are concentrating on something and over time more of your attention and mental resources and energy all go toward the object until you experience a blending with the object. The internal dialogue is a form of mental resources which are not being directed toward the object. If you have to, you can grab those resources by force. This is not the best approach because the meditator is fighting the meditator. It is more tiring and it can cover up the more subtle aspects of the meditation experience.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / alex grey
February 05, 2003, 21:40:23
oh man alex grey is such a badass :)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / smiley face icons
February 01, 2003, 12:31:08
[:)][:(][?][|)][V][:I][:o)][8][^][:(!][:D]InsertI'll second that![:I][V][:o)][8D][:(!][^]I'll [:)][:)][:)][|)][:P]Insert[:O]Insert[:(!][:(!]Insert[:)][:)][:)][8)];)[:X]}:)[8D][B)][:D]Insert[xx(]Insert[:X][xx(][8D][:o)][8][V][?][:(!][^][:D][B)][xx(][8D]}:)[:O][8)][:P]
Welcome to Astral Chat! / milk
January 18, 2003, 20:53:30
Okay, but what does that have to do with the price of camel spit in Arabia?
Yes it is excellent, I am actually a member over there myself and post as Ryan. The only thing that sucks is it costs to post there, but it's like 30 dollars for a year so its not too bad. The money goes to help fund their on going research on lucid dreaming.
I am not quite sure what you are asking, but what I have heard about breathe- you need to breathe deep, which is down into the stomach and out and up. Watching the breathe is usually focusing on 1 particular spot, for instance the spot where your nose meets your face, and feeling the breathe move in and out.
try letting the energy "sit" in your entire body rather than just your stomach. let your energy use the energy rather than just store it. know what i mean?[?]

spiritual combative capability would carry over, but i don't think physical would.

i am not saying this from direct experience, but from what others have said the way the astral works is different from how it works here. there, you intend to do something, you will it to happen. here, you send the right signals to your body, you just do it.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / recall
December 19, 2002, 02:37:22
From what I understand, yes, you could definetly be out-of-body and then lose the memory download that early in the experience...or OB right after you "fall asleep"...

fides quaerens intellectum
Welcome to Astral Chat! / read this post
December 03, 2002, 09:43:25
lol you cant have much to do.


Welcome to Astral Chat! / wawa's
November 30, 2002, 07:48:40
? near what, "wawa's"?


Welcome to Astral Chat! / astral body parts
November 29, 2002, 05:09:38
i was skatebording once and i fell over. my physical body moved down but part of my astral body stayed in the same place for a second or two i think. it felt like when your stoumach drops on a ride but more strange.


Welcome to Astral Chat! / subject
November 12, 2002, 18:32:07
Me, too. I just got home from work a little bit ago. Subject is a bit open for discussion as topics go. It is 44 degrees fahrenheit here, not much wind, and a clear if dark sky. It is 7:30pm on Tuesday the 11th of November. There is some water which will be boiling soon. Does anyone else like miso?

Welcome to Astral Chat! / blah blahb albh
November 07, 2002, 05:20:46
Are there wrong ways and right ways? Or do all paths eventually lead to the same place, only some paths are much longer or much harder than others? Are the longer and harder paths wrong?
I may wish to go to a town that is 5 miles north of me but I start walking south. If I continued on my course I would eventually reach my destination after circling the world, but it would take a lot longer than if I had gone north. Is this way the wrong way, or is it the more difficult way?

Are there spiritual leaders that are as great as in the past? Well how do you measure the "greatness" of a "spiritual leader"? Is one great if they form a religion? Or write a book that many accept? Or proclaim an idea that most consider insane? To me spiritual leaders are not great. Where are they leading us? On the other hand I would consider a spiritual teacher more useful. Maybe I am nit picking here with words but I see a leader as one who leads and tells others what to do where as a teacher teaches others how to be their own, shall we say, leader and thinker. A leader is one with power, which I think we all know in the hands of humans corrupts the one with power. But one who shares the power is then liberated from the such curruption by not trying to be over others but instead help them.
So do I think there are great leaders today, no not really. Do I think there are great teachers today, I would say yes. Why are they not as known today as their past counterparts? I wonder if those great spiritual leaders of the past were actually well known during their time, or were they only known in their area and as time has progressed their ideas have spread and then become well known over centuries. (Note this is measuring greatness in terms of being well known, which seems to be how you are measuring those of the past.) To actually know if anyone during our time is a great spiritual leader or teacher we may have to wait centuries to find out. But if we measure greatness in terms of helpfulness then there maybe many on here that know of many of "greatness".
Another reason why we may not see many great leaders of today may well be a cultural issue. In the past people were use to leaders and looked to others to lead them. I think today we are more independent and seek less leading and more liberation (well for some anyway). So instead of us seeking Bubba of Tennessee to lead us to Enlightenment we seek ideas, which flow rather freely in our age, that we can work into our own beliefs and ideas to seek our own Enlightenment.

the planes are pretty geometrical.  and the gateways to them.  it could be possible you are seeing them very vaguely.

Yes.  It would be kinda like getting caught up with the crowd.  The energy of the moment.  When you just kinda open yourself up to your surroundings.

But if you are doing it on purpose that would be a different issue. IMO.

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.
Count me out. Doing it in the old get-born-a-zillion-times-to-bang-yer-head-at-the-wall method has too many side benefits that I'll opt for that.
And if my existence ended with the knowledge I wouldn't really get anything in the deal?



Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / god acronym
November 01, 2002, 21:35:30
Oh my God!!! That's a good one.

Welcome to Metaphysics! / is god in star wars?
November 01, 2002, 09:23:31

a long, long, time ago
in a galaxy far, far away ....


and when the day arrives
i'll become the sky
and i'll become the sea

and the sea will come to kiss me
for i am going

nothing can stop me now
Welcome to Astral Chat! / perfection
November 01, 2002, 08:49:44
You trying to suck our brains dry?" border=0>

Perfection is an extrapolation from relative goodness. If A is better than B and C is better than B then is there something that is better than anythinhg else, ie. perfect.

Perfection is relative for us. Individuals measure their acts against those of others. If we choose to define ouselves as the center of our individual universes and the only inhabitant therein then conceivably we could define anything we do as perfect. But we have others in our universes and thus a something to compare to.

For a God, if it is a unique being, perfection is absolute as there is nothing to compare with. Since their nis nothing to contrast anything god does is perfect for the god



Welcome to Astral Chat! / morals and forgiveness
November 01, 2002, 05:24:50
Your making me think today fredhedd. :-)  To me....morals is innate.  Even at a very young age I knew stealing was one had to tell me. Well....actually.....I think there's a gray area with alot of things.  For birth control wrong?  Growing up Catholic I always thought it was.  But now....I don't think there's anything wrong with it.   I believe if your not hurting anyone then it can't really be wrong.  But I believe there are some stuff that is easy to decide that its wrong.  Like killing someone else.  No one has to be told that killing is wrong.  You just know it.  

With forgiveness......I don't think you have to ask God to be forgiven.  I mean if you think about it.........God already knows whats in our heart before we ask.   So....I think just wanting to be forgiven....and your truly sorry for whatever you did is enough.

So....if someone kills someone and they believe that all they have to do is ask and they'll be forgiven...I don't think it will work.   They have to be truly sorry to be forgiven.   Words are meaningless.....without the heart.  If you say "I love you" to someone in a mean ugly you think that they're going to give you a pleasant reaction?

Originally posted by fredhedd:
i can't recall most of the projections that i've had.  they happened spntaneously and were very vague.  i do remember opening up my physical eyes once and i was pulled back into my physical.  when moving limbs or any other part of your body do you have a sense of physical movement while on the astral, or do you mentally move yourself and then get a feeling of it?  i remember trying to stay still the few times that i t hought i was out and wondering if i moved would i actually move my body.

As far as I know, I haven't moved my physical body while I was in the astral.  But I would guess that one would be able to tune in and feel any sort of movement, just as one can hear sounds when in the astral that may be present near the physical body.

Keep smiling,

Jeff Mash - Jokes and Humor
Welcome to Astral Chat! / descending vision
October 31, 2002, 14:28:23
Mine seems to drift sideways given half the chance.
I got too distracting to cope with so I started doing meditation with my eyes closed at first. If they open during the meditation they stay focused directly forward and nothing attracts the eyes.



Welcome to Astral Chat! / the time on this forum
October 31, 2002, 14:23:21
The option is on the right side of the screen



9,999 bottles of beer on the wall
9,999 bottles of beer
take one down, pass it around
9,998 bottles of beer on the wall

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.
Well, I believe that incubuses/sucubuses are expressions of your own sexual urges when on the astral, so I would say.... Go with it man!!!



One way to do it is to physically write out a list and then either hold the list or visualize the paper it is written on. You don't have to, though. After you finish sending energy to specific people you can then have a general intent to send energy to all the people at once you have agreed to send energy to. The more awareness you give each person specifically, the better it seems to work. Even so, the expectation from the people you agreed to send energy to plays a big role in the effectiveness of the process.

what happens when one has a stuffy nose" border=0>

On a more serious note,Its impossible for me to just breath out of a certain nostril.This must take alot of time to learn.Interesting stuff!

"your divine awareness awakens all the love in your being.Hating and  fearing forsaken,gone are the guilt and the blame.Your soul forgives,your divinity lives"