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Hello all  :-D

Okay, for the past couple weeks I've been reading the compilation of Franks posts and re-reading Monroes books trying to understand the phasing approach to projection. I figured the first step was reaching a solid Focus 10. I can quite easily enter the mind awake body asleep state associated with Focus 10. I say easily now but its been years since I first attempted reaching that state, now compared to then its a cake walk. Focus 12 confuses me. I cant quite figure out what its supposed to be. I keep reading that its associated with various mental imagery, lights and swirling patterns. I get that immediately upon closing my eyes however. The only difference is that at Focus 10 its much more immediate. In Franks model it seems to me that the switch to Focus 12 would be like entering a WILD. Or is the lucid dream quality beyond Focus 12? Thats basically what Im wondering. I've been re-reading astral dynamics as I study Franks model. My current understanding is that once Focus 10 is reached you have 3 options. 1: Use a technique to move awareness beyond your physical/energetic body into the surrounding area to achieve a RTZ projecton. 2:  Create a mental landscape or dreamscape and engage it with all senses until you phase into it. 3:  Focus on the random mental imagery in a nonchalant way while intending to move beyond it to higher focus levels. What I'm seeking at the moment is entry into the 3D technicolor experience Frank called Focus 2. Im just curious where within the Monroe Focus levels that depth of experience lies. Is it Focus 12 or beyond?
Hello all  :-D

I was a member here way back when it was still associated with Mr. Bruce, and I've kept tabs on the site on and off throughout the years. Cant even recall what my username was so am starting a blank canvas. Ive studied all things occult and esoteric for well over a decade, yet I've taken the patient approach. I never practiced any technique until understanding the why. Am at the point now where I feel I have an intuitive understanding of many esoteric Arts and am beginning to practice them. I was drawn back to this site due to Franks posts. I'm studying the Phasing approach to OBE. I hope to find fellow travelers here to swap experiences with as I travel down the crooked path.

May you all be whole  :-)